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Appeal Night: Part 1

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to offer tonight - there's a lot!


There will be some flashing lights. Have a fabulous night.


Get ready for the biggest night of the year. Children in Need 2016!


The hit musical Aladdin. David Brent is back. Little Mix perform live.


Eddy Redmayne and his fantastic beasts. And please welcome your


host, Graham Norton, Ade Adepitan, Marvin and Rochelle Hume, Greg James


and Tess Daly. Good evening and welcome to Children


in Need 2016. Yes, tonight's the night


to Do Your Thing to help disadvantaged children and young


people all over the UK. As you've just seen,


we've got some new faces running And none of those faces


is as fresh as this one - I'm excited and ready


to Do My Thing - a little All you need to do is be


as incredibly brilliant, funny, warm and loved


as the great Sir Terry Wogan. Yeah, really not helping,


Tess. But on a serious note,


this is our first year without our dear friend


and charismatic leader, Sir Terry. The embodiment of everything


Children in Need And it's up to all of us,


as a team, to continue One thing I'll always remember


about Sir Terry is that he Because of you, Children in Need


helps children across the UK. Because of you, help


is never far away. Your parents always there


for you but she's someone else. Because of you there


is a brighter future. Because of you, there is help


in the toughest times. I knew from that moment


on that they would be OK. You've helped children smile


and laugh, even when life So please, phone tonight and do


something incredible. One thing you must


do tonight, Because of you, Children in Need


can make a difference. Because of you, my child


gets her smile back. You can donate on the BBC


Children in Need website. Use your debit or credit card


or PayPal account. Pay in your fundraising money


at all major banks, building Send a cheque or postal order


to BBC Children in Need. So that's how you can


donate - and whilst we're doing details, let's talk


Gift Aid. It's a brilliant scheme that


means if you're a UK tax payer, Children in Need


can claim back 25p That's an extra 25% on top - at no


extra cost to you! So when you're asked


if you'd like to claim Gift Now, the keen-eyed


amongst you will notice His first wish was to present


Children in Need. His second was for me


to give him a foot rub. Keep waiting mate.


But for my third wish, I'd like an amazing medley


from the cast of West End musical # Every hour or so


where incredible feats are routine # See the dervishes dance


in ridiculous pants # Then romance to your heart's


delight # It's another Arabian night


on in let the magic begin # More often than not


are hotter than hot # A fool


off his guard # Arabian nights


# Shining, shimmering, splendid


# Tell me, princess, now when did you


# A whole new world On a magic carpet ride


# No one to tell us no Or where to go


# I'm like a shooting star I've come so far


# A whole new world To where I used to be


# A whole new world whole new world with you


# Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves


# But master you in luck 'Cause up your sleeves


# You got a brand of magic never fails


# You got some power in your corner now


# Some heavy ammunition in your camp


# And how pizzazz, yahoo


# See all you gotta do is rub that lamp


# Let me take your order Jot it down


# No no no had a friend like me


Somebody, call me an cab, we're takin' it home!


# You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend


# You ain't never had a friend


# You ain't never had a friend, like me


Tonight, we are everywhere -


And if you want to join the conversation, search


This year, schools all across the nation have been


joining the Big Spotacular, raising funds for BBC


Just like Beacon Rise Primary School in Bristol.


# Nothing I can see but you when you dance,


(Pupils here have been wearing spots!)


# I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet... #


And taking part in sponsored spotty challenges.


So, if you've been raising money at school and helping to make this


year's Children In Need appeal Spotacular...


A heartfelt thank you to Danny and Tiki all you


Over the years, you have raised a quite phenomenal amount of


You're on track to raise at least ?5 million!


High fives to all you schoolchildren out there!


But it's not just school children who have been pulling out the stops


to fundraise - here's what else is going on across the UK


It makes me feel good because I know that I am helping somebody else.


My whole family comes to my house and we all watch


We sit on the sofa and eat popcorn whilst watching it.


It's important to remember that wherever you are in the UK,


there's a Children in Need project somewhere near you.


I didn't know you spoke Welsh!


And you at home should be parking your behinds on the sofa,


because here's all the great stuff that's still to come.


up - EastEnders goes back to the 1980s. There is a festive special


from the Time Lord. David Brent is in the studio! And we meet Oscar


winner Eddie Redmayne! Can't wait for that EastEnders


'80s movie tribute! Just think of the fun


you could have with it! Not to mention Ghost Butchers


and of course Mad Max Branning. You got so excited,


you forgot Pat To The Future. Next, I'd like you to meet a lovely


boy called Max. He wants to tell you how your


donations have changed his life It's where the face


forms differently. The ears don't have


ear holes like mine. You're going to be deaf


if you have that. Max has no ear canals,


so although everything inside works, no sound gets in, so he has very


unusual hearing aids. My hearing aids are like special


hearing aids I have. He has implants in his head


which they attach to. The sound goes into those,


vibrates, and then he can hear. With his hearing aids in,


Max's hearing is OK. But it's at night when the problems


begin. In bed, he has to take the hearing


aids out and he can't hear a thing. He would come downstairs,


keep coming down, keep calling. It just made me feel


terrified at night. It got to the point where


he actually did not It's all like silent and it just


freaks me out a bit. It was just really, really difficult


getting him to sleep. It's just the feeling


of being alone. Sometimes the mind


plays tricks on you. Chloe is a specially


trained hearing dog. Thanks to you, she's just one


of many dogs across the UK that support deaf children in their


daily lives. She lies right there and I love


that just because I can Him knowing that he can be


woken by Chloe makes It makes him realise


he is not isolated. It's like having the best friend


in the world times ten next to you. In the past, Max has had people


that have made nasty All of that just chips away,


knocks his confidence. Some people treat me differently


because of the way I look. Now when they say hello to Chloe,


they say hello to me too, and that just makes me


feel so happy. I feel like she's


part of the family. Max, thank you so much


for telling us all about Chloe. You are both wonderful


and we are so happy for you. You've been so generous before,


and for that we thank you. Tonight, we are asking


for your help once more. Tonight, you can help other children


like Max by calling 03457 33 22 33. Standard geographic


charges will apply. Or if you would prefer,


you can donate online I've got twin sisters,


both called Greg, and I hold the world record for bad


jokes told in one minute? It was just a very clever way


of seamlessly linking Because it's time for Rob Brydon,


Lee Mack, David Mitchell and some very important guests


in our Would I Lie To You Children Good evening and welcome


to a very special edition of Would I Lie To You


for Children In Need. On Lee Mack's team tonight,


ten-year-old unicorn And 11-year-old football


mad Jack from Wrexham. And on David Mitchell's team


tonight, nine-year-old self-confessed tomboy


Zara from Nottingham. And nine-year-old aspiring inventor


Adit from Harrow. Ah, now then, there's


a box under the desk. Could you first of all read out


the card, Kitty, that's in there, and then when you've read it out,


place the object on the desk. This is the autograph I got


from Lee Mack after I accidentally Now, Lee, maybe you could read


to us what it was that It certainly sounds


like the sort of joke Very working class


and down-to-earth. Could you change that


to ASDA or Lidl? Lee Mack was in a Waitrose cafe


having a pheasant wrap? I wanted to get his attention,


so I walked over. Kitty, why would you want


to get his attention? So you walked up to him,


and did he seem friendly, Kitty? Yeah.


He might have been with, like... And then I was like, "Oh,


sorry, sorry, sorry." And then we got someone to come


and clear it up. And then I said,


"Can I get your autograph?" And then when you gave it to me,


I was like, OK, wow. They don't care about autographs any


more, it's all this, innit? I don't know if he had his phone


on him, but a selfie, then. You'd have asked for


a selfie on my phone? And then expected me to say,


"Here, have this?" Why didn't you want


to meet her again? Why did you wish


you'd never met her? I think it was to do


with the scalding pain in my legs. And how do we know that that's


a Waitrose napkin? Do you know the difference?


No. Because if you do,


we're in business. Would you like us to pass


you the evidence? "I wish we'd never


met," no full stop. So, what do you think


then, David's team? I don't think you would


write on a napkin. I can play a TV theme


tune on the thing Rob I tell you what, this


is going to be interesting. Well, I don't know, you're so small,


Rob, it's hard to get a perspective. It could be something


you find in a Kinder Egg. Well, you tell us,


you know what it is, Adit. It's not a trumpet, it's not


a trumpet. You say you play the theme tune to a


television show? Yeah.


Which one, which TV show? That's a good question,


which show? OK.


Any others? I can't really remember


the other ones. You see, now we're in this tricky


situation, aren't we, because if we ask him to play it


and he's telling the truth, he will deliberately


not be able to play it, I think if we just discuss it,


and then if it's true, I don't think it's true


because he said he knows how to play a theme tune and he said,


"I can't remember the others." So you're not happy that he's


changing the story. Yeah, my wife's got a similar


face to that. You think it's true and he's


pretending he didn't know what kind of instrument


it was? I'm going with Jack


and saying it's true. PLAYS THEME TO BLACKADDER


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Wow! That noise signals time is up


and it's the end of the show. In real life, lying


is a bit like me. Thank you so much to Rob, Lee,


and David, as well as Jack, Although, obviously


I must stress, honesty That's why I always, 100%, tell


the truth. My advice would be don't breathe


in for the next five or ten minutes. Here's Gaby Roslin to


say a big thank you. Staff and customers here at ASDA


have been helping out And the money, of course, goes to


the young people here in the UK. And this year, they're continuing


their amazing fundraising. Mummy, can she please have this


for Children In Need? Good afternoon,


ladies and gentlemen. Please buy anything you can


for BBC Children In Need. # All the girls on the block


knocking at my door... Come on, ladies, please,


Children In Need. You just go on to the Children


In Need website and there's loads I'm going to pop that there,


and hopefully Mummy's got a little bit of spare change


for Children In Need. Thank you all so much


for your support, and you guys Thank you to the staff and customers


of Asda for Doing Their Thing. Let's find out how much those lovely


people have raised. Now, Greg, what were


you doing in the 1980s? Mainly running around pretending


to be Michelangelo. Well, the rest of country


was obsessed with these things. Well, while Greg struggles


with an old classic, in Walford they're doing


a much better job. EastEnders is going back


in time to celebrate And it all starts with


Albert Square's very own Top Gun. MUSIC: Take My Breath Away by


Berlin. # You ain't seen the best of me yet


# Give me time, I'll make you forget the rest


# I've got more in me # And you can set it free


# I can catch the moon in my hand # Don't you know who I am?


# Remember my name is # Fame


# I'm going to live for ever # I'm going to learn how to fly


# I feel it coming together # People will see me and die


# I'm going to make it to heaven # Light up the sky like a flame


# I'm going to live forever # Baby, remember my name


# Remember, remember, remember. # I had the time of my life, and I


owe it all to you # I want you more than you'll


# Don't be afraid to lose control # You're the one thing I can't get


enough of # So I'll tell you something


# This could be large # Because I have the time of my life


# And I never felt this way before # Yes, I swear it's the truth


# And I owe it all to you... Footloose, kick off the Sunday


shoes Please, Louise, Jack,


get back, come on before we crack # Lose your blues,


everybody cut footloose Huge thanks to the cast


of EastEnders. Every year, you pull out the stops


for Children in Need, Have you managed to


finish your cube, Greg? Peeled off all the stickers and now


every side is black. Or should that be


an interdimensional exclusive? Yes, the Time Lord hasn't been


on our screens all year - until now! This is a never-before-seen, well,


"scene", from the Dr Who Christmas Quiet. Reporter from the daily


Chronicle. Why am I telling you the truth? Spooky, isn't it. This is


America. Who are you? Special agent Dan dangerous from Scotland Yard.


The doctor, for short. They have institutes all over the world but


always in capital cities. Yes, they are. New York is not a capital city,


is it? I would call security, but they might leave you alive. I do not


want any awkward questions about the intruders I was forced to shoot for


my own protection. Good plan. Here's another. Tell them you shot us in


the back in self defence. We'll be laughing all the way to the slab.


Face me now. Maybe not. What is that? Not me. It's like someone


knocking on the window. We are on the 100th floor. Oh, my God, he is


real. Who? The ghost, a masked vigilantes. Mind if I come in?


Impressive. The windows, like everything, is built to withstand a


last equivalent to 400 nuclear explosions. Would you like me to


call a glazier? It's against my personal code to


cause lasting harm to anyone. However, light to moderate injury is


fine. Well, Christmas really has


come early this year! It sure has, Tess -


all I need now is a box of chocolate Round up a couple of badges and head


out to the trampoline! Well, I don't have any trampoline


but I do have some brilliant musical treats coming up for


us all later tonight. There's music from Ellie Goulding,


Olly Murs and Take That - and also the moves to match


in our Strictly Olympians special. Right now, it's time


we said another thank you. And to do it for us,


here's a cheeky trio. Who have been raising money


for BBC Children In Need, which supported projects


all around the UK. This year, they've also teamed up


with British Gymnastics to launch new campaigns to get


the nation active. Gym clubs and leisure centres


nationwide are leaping, In a bid to raise money


for Children In Need. Today at Nottingham City Gymnastics


Club, we've been jumping for Pudsey. We've been jumping in and out


of hoops, jumping ropes. We were so tired but it was worth it


because we've raised lots of money. Thanks to everyone


who's taking part. And don't forget you can


still get your Pudsey ears, wristbands and


key rings in store. Later on tonight, we've got a very


magical sketch for you, set in the world of


witchcraft and wizardry. Did another online


Sorting Hat quiz earlier - That's funny -


I always had you down That is one of the single worst


things anyone has ever said to me. But I'll let it slide,


because I'm so excited about I'm trying to get


through to Pudsey Bear. You'll have to be quick,


I'm reading the news. Large hat, loves custard.


Er, no. Wow, Mary,


thank you. Hello, Eddie.


Hello? Mel and Sue keep putting me


through to the wrong people. Eddie Redmayne and a whole


host of surprise guests You can find out exactly


who they are in the next Next, a film from


a very brave family. Here's Nadiya Hussain


to tell you more. I don't know how I'd cope if I found


myself in the situation this next What I do know is that they are


brave and wonderful and that Children in Need was able to help


when help was truly needed. Running and playing sport,


I love it. I think, as long as I can keep


doing that, and the kids, as long as they can see me doing


the things I love, Six years ago, Annette


was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, it's been a constant


presence in her family's life. Your initial urge is to


protect the children. There are times when everything


is fine and then suddenly I'm diagnosed again with something else


and that is scary for them. You struggle to know how you're


going to deal with it. Nobody's got the experience really


to be able to do that. That was one of the most difficult


things. Every time she gets cancer or every


time something happens, The sickness in the bathroom,


everything, they are aware of what's It hurts me to see them having


to deal with this. During these difficult times,


Annette and her children The group centres across the UK


which supports all sorts of families For Annette, Maggie's was just


across the road from where When I was having my last IV


chemotherapy, I looked out of the window to see the kids


joyously playing at Maggie's. I knew, from that moment on,


that they would be OK. That was from one of the kids


days we had. Somebody got too


enthusiastic with red paint. Thomas and Amelia can


go over and just talk They can talk openly


about treatment, about hair falling out, about all sorts of things


and they just feel that Maggie's is about having a space


to talk about feelings but trying to make sure it's not


done in a pushy way. Trying to give kids particularly


a range of different angles to think about how they might express what's


going on for them. It's normal to feel anxious


and a bit frightened, but talking about it can


make a real difference. I wouldn't really talk to anyone


else, I don't think. In July 2015, Annette


was told that her cancer had spread and this time,


it was incurable. We just sat down on the bed one


night and they could tell we were really upset and we just


said to them, you know, things have got really bad and it's


in Mummy's bones and bone marrow. And we just all had a cry


for about an hour and then the first Because of your donations,


Maggie's was there to support It just worries me because I don't


know what's happening next. When I talk about it,


I let out my feelings, The uncertainty for the kids


is something that It's not knowing, not knowing how


they will be able And I want to spend every moment


with them, but I don't know where I'm going to be in six


months' time or a year. I just want them to enjoy


life and be happy. And, to me, it's a comfort knowing


that Maggie's is there for them. Of course, our thoughts


are with you all. And of course, Maggie's


will be there for you all. One of those sessions


with Andrew costs ?30. Without your money -


there are no Andrews. I don't know about you but I really


think we need more people like him. Or donate online at


Pudsey. Now it's time for one of my very


favourite parts of Children in Need. And it was one of Sir Terry's


favourite parts, too - Tonight, 1,580 children have come


together to perform for you. Performing live from nine


towns across the country, they're singing the very


appropriate Lean On Me. And they have all asked that


you please continue # We know that


there's always tomorrow # Lean # And I'll be your


friend # I'll help you carry on # For it won't be long


# Till I'm gonna need # Somebody to lean on # Please


swallow your pride # If I have # Please


swallow your pride # If I have


things you need to borrow of your needs # That you won't let


show # So just call on me brother I just might have a problem that


you'd understand # Lean on me,


when you're not strong # And I'll


be your friend # Till I'm


gonna need # Somebody to lean


# So just call on me, brother when you need a hand


# I just might have a problem that you'd understand


# Call me, if you need a friend


# Till I'm gonna need


# Somebody to lean on




Thank so much to the Children in Need Choir.


Unbelievable, that's what it's all about, kids helping other kids,


beautiful. And while we are all being grateful,


there's someone else who deserves Up and down the country customers


and staff at Lloyds banking group have been fundraising for children


in need. So today I'm in Watford to say a very special thank you on


behalf of Pudsey and those who have contributed are going to get a very


special thank you. Talk us through some of the things you've done.


Climbing Scovell Pike, bath of beans. Charity auctions, pub


quizzes. This is a little token of our appreciation.


Thank you so much to children in need. On behalf of BBC children in


need we'd like to say a huge thank you to all of your kind efforts.


Let's see just how much you've raised, shall we? Can we have a


total? Over five and a half million pounds! Congratulations to everyone


who got stuck in, it's a huge amount. Well done indeed.


What would you say if your all-time favourite band suddenly


The Vengaboys are currently touring in Budapest.


Well, I'm more of a Little Mix kind of girl.


And as it turns out, so are the wonderful members


of the Children in Need-funded project Haringey Shed.


Welcome to Haringey Shed, one of the amazing projects funded


Today the children think they're here to rehearse our


They just think it's an ordinary rehearsal,


but they're in fact in for a little bit of a Little Mix surprise.


Whilst the children are going through their warm-ups,


unbeknown to them, we'll be watching their every move.


We've put a team of workmen in disguise in the studio to really


And the staff and all the volunteers are all involved.


WHOOPING All right, ready, Terry, thanks, mate.


# For a spell that can't be broken potion # I'll make you fall in love


# Boy, you belong to me I got the recipe...


# BANGING AND CLATTERING # It's called Black Magic...


Sorry, we're just trying to do one chorus.


# Take a sip of my secret potion I'll make you fall in love


# For a spell that can't be broken One drop should be enough


# Boy, you belong to me


Black Magic # And it's called Black Magic...


LITTLE MIX: # All the girls on the block knocking at my door


# Want to know what it is make the boys want more


# Take a sip from my secret potion


# I'll make you fall in love


# For a spell that can't be broken


# One drop should be enough


# Boy, you belong to me


I can't believe Little Mix were here.


And it's like my dream world has come true.


We wanted to come down here and see what everyone does here at Haringey


So, what sort of activities do you do here?


We do acting, singing, and playing instruments.


Dancing sometimes, dancing.


So what would you guys say is the best thing


If you mostly come here all the time, then you'll


# Take a sip from the secret potion # One taste and you'll be mine


# It's a spell that can't be broken # It'll keep you up all night


# Boy, you belong to me


# They were really nice and beautiful.


It was really amazing when they just popped out of there because we never


Little Mix were burst out, I was actually crying.


It was the best day I've ever had, ever.




Thank you so much to Old Men Grooving, and of course,


This is about a gorgeous little boy, presented by the one and only Len


Goodman. Children should be able to play,


muck about and have fun, be free. For some children, though,


that's not possible. Some children don't have a sense


of danger so they're not free. Some children need a bit of support


so they can have a childhood. And that's where your


donations come in. I want to say thank you for all


the support you've given If you could call again tonight it


would be really, really great. But first, I'd like you to meet


a lovely little chap called When we get in the car,


he's always intrigued. He doesn't necessarily know


where he's going. You can actually see him getting


gradually more excited as he's He doesn't use any means


of medication apart from his smile He doesn't use any means of


communication apart from his smile Just to see a smile,


it just means everything. When he was just seven months old,


Kristian developed a rare form of epilepsy where


seizures are relentless. He was a tiny little


baby in our arms having His whole body tensing


and shaking uncontrollably. For four years, he didn't have one


day break of seizures. With each seizure it's killing brain


cells so he's starting to regress. For now, Kristian's seizures


are more under control. But he has been left


with profound learning difficulties. He's seven but his brain


is functioning more You have to be near him at all times


because he just doesn't have any real sense of how


to behave in a way. He doesn't have a concept of danger,


so you've got to keep It consumes your whole


life, your whole world. Five years ago, the family were put


in touch with Haven House, a children's hospice supported


by Children in Need that offers It's given Kristian


a special place to play. When you take him there,


it's like, he can't get out He's just gone in the blink


of an eye and he's He knows everyone and


everything in there. Your donations pay for Stacy,


a health care support worker. Kristian is just a lovely little


boy, so full of life. It's just a pleasure to look


after him when he comes here. He will just take your hand and lead


you to wherever he wants to go. They've got everything that


you could possibly think But the biggest thing,


really, is that he can be somewhere He hasn't got somebody behind him


saying, "Don't do that. He's got people saying,


"Here you go. With your support, Children


in Need can help more Little Kristian just has the best


time at Haven House, doesn't he? Now, one of those sessions costs


?20. ?20 to put a smile on his


lovely, lovely face. We are going to keep on saying it


but that is what We are really grateful for anything


you can afford to donate. Please donate online

:11:22.:11:25. or call 03457 Now, Greg, we are coming to the end


of your first ever stint at presenting on Children in Need -


how do you think it's gone? I haven't broken anything,


fallen over and you haven't It's about to get better because


it's time to the big moment, you ready? Huge moment, the very first


Totaliser of the evening. Let's put a figure on your generosity so far.


This is the exciting bit, I love this, let's do it. Can we have our


first Totaliser of children in need 2016? Make it a good one, come on!


What an extraordinary amount of money!


That is an amazing total so far - so thank you, everyone.


But please stay with us and please keep those donations coming in.


Sadly, it's time for the two of us to say goodbye.


But stay right where you are, because Ade Adepitan


and Graham Norton are coming up with all sorts of treats that


Thank you so much, Taz, and loved it, I've had the best time. But I


must go. I'm huge Graham Norton fan, I'm going to go home and watch him.


-- thank you so much Tess. And, whilst we magically turn


into Graham and Ade, here's a look at some of the things


you lovely people have been doing Hello, Pudsey, jumping. BBC Maida


Vale studios? Right, here we go. Pudsey, where he!


Hi, I'm Riz Lateef, and this is School of Rock.




Thank you to the fabulous cast of School of Rock, the talented 10-13


-year-olds who are playing live for us this evening. Welcome back to


this historic Maida Vale studios usually home to some of the greatest


rock, pop and classical music stars. Tonight it is also playing host to


Pudsey and some of the fabulous fundraisers who have been doing


their bit to raise cash here in the capital. Talking of which, in the


next studio there is a very special concert going on. Brenda has been


chatting to one of the performers. Yes, we've been getting sweaty and


rocking with Tess. I'm joined by the legend, shake Stevens. He performed


earlier, how has the atmosphere been? Well put together, the whole


thing, it's really really good. -- Dubai. You've done it with a sore


throat. Unfortunately, yeah, I was in the studios yesterday, it poured


down with rain as I came out. I went on for the cause, didn't want to


disappoint. You certainly haven't disappointed tonight. To listen to


the concert, tune in BBC local radio. Riz. Shakin Stevens doing his


bit for children in need. Let's welcome some of our fabulous


fundraisers. Come on Pudsey stars. Legged two is surely you Alexander


from Russia. The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, have you been


fundraising for Children in Need? Seven years. -- from Ruislip. What


have you been doing? We have been doing an obstacle course. Thank you


so much. And who do we have here? Harlow Gymnastics Club! What sort of


things have you been doing? Jumping, skipping, speed bounces. How many


jumps did you do? 9747! And I know that you raised an amazing ?4000 in


one week - how many people took part? Just over 700 members of all


ages. Thank you. We have had to say a quick word with you, and you


recorded a song with Tony Hadley? We did, right here, last week. And it


is number 24 on iTunes. Download it, help us get to number one! We will


be hearing some more amazing stories from our fundraisers later one. But


we must go back to our band, of 11- to 13-year-olds, School Of Rock.


I want to raise money for people in need and I kind of want to make


Pudsey. Cake sales. Helping other kids that don't really have the


opportunities and facilities we have. You feel like Superman since


you're saving people all over the world.


Graham Norton and Ade Adepitan! Good evening, everybody! Lovely to see


you! Would you look at this? Graham Norton and Ade Adepitan presenting


Children in Need, together at last! Amazing, I wonder if they can work


out who is who? We should have gone with nametags. If you have just


tuned in, you are watching Children in Need, not an old episode of The


Odd Couple. Well, we are a bit odd,


but we're not a couple. The power of Pudsey has


brought us together! Yes, and that's a lot


of pressure, Graham. Not only have we got to style this


out and pretend we're a couple of old pros who know what we're


doing, we also have to raise as much money as possible and have some


seriously big shoes to fill. So let's do Sir Terry proud and make


this a fantastic night. Here's what's coming up


in the next hour. Coming Up, Going For Gold, Its Team


Gb! David Brent! Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne! And Craig David sings the


official Children in Need single! So, Ade, we don't know each other


very well. Do you think we should start off


with some basic questions or something?


Sounds like a great idea. Great, we know each


other much better now. Now, here on Children in Need,


we always encourage you to Do Your And every year, The One Show


take that to the extreme with their gruelling Rickshaw


Challenge. Six young riders set off


from Jedburgh in Scotland last Friday, and have been


pedalling their way 470 miles down the East Coast of England,


raising money and awareness It has been amazing, even as an


athlete, like I am, I appreciate what they do. The weather has been


an immense challenge. We are delighted to say they are about to


cross the finishing line, so we can go to Regent Street and Alex Jones.


This is the end, can you believe it, of the sixth ritual challenge. They


will be coming under the Christmas lights after the ride of a lifetime.


And what a ride it spin. Eight days of early starts. Then the


crowds come out, six young men and women, coming-of-age in front of our


eyes, giving all they've got. Even though they have less than most of


us, they've touched your hearts. And you've responded more generously


than ever before. Team Rickshaw has conquered the east coast. Now, it's


time for the West End. Yes, they are bringing it home, everybody! This is


the moment we've all been waiting for. Team Rickshaw 2016, with Andy


in the saddle. Here they come! # I'd bare my soul


to a total stranger APPLAUSE


CHEERING Come on, come on! Ebony! Wow! We're


here! You are here! Give us the total. Apparently, it's going to be


predicted behind us. Last night it was at 1.4 million. What are we


going to see? What have Britain and the UK donated? Let's have a look.


It's 3 million! Thank you, thank you come thank you


to everybody who has donated. And I mean, guys, seriously, ?3.5 million!


What do you want to say to all of those lovely people who donated?


Just look down that lens. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank


you! Thank you so much for coming to support us and thank you. You have


all been wonderful and made this challenge what it is. Thank you,


thank you, Graham and Ade, it's back to you. Thank you to all of you, and


all of the one Show team. It was incredible. Absolutely amazing.


Tonight, what we are doing could not be more simple. We are here to


support children in the UK need help. That's it, nothing complicated


about it. Some children need help, and we are all here to give it to


them. Here is James McAvoy to tell you more.


A family I'll call the Martins to protect their identity.


But what I'm about to tell you is true.


There's Mum, Dad and five lovely children.


Two years ago, one of the children, a little girl, was diagnosed


You don't need me to tell you how devastated


Their lives were and still are shattered.


And then, unbearably, just three months later,


a second child in the family was diagnosed with the same kind


She's had to undergo surgery and intensive chemotherapy just


As any family coping with a severe illness will tell you,


caring for a child in hospital is all-consuming.


The strain on the family is immense and this is a family already


Mum stayed at home to look after three of the children and Dad


gave up his job to become a full-time carer at the hospital.


The loss of income has meant that the family,


The little one-year-old is now at home but the side effects


of chemotherapy means that she's very sick.


Her sheets have to be washed constantly and her mattress


The family just don't have the money to buy new ones.


This family has been through so much.


But, thanks to your donations to Children in Need,


an organisation called Buttle UK has been able to help.


They supply emergency essentials for families living


Thanks to you, they were able to provide a grant that bought


She now has somewhere warm and dry to sleep and,


There are 3.9 million children living in poverty in the UK.


It's not their fault that they find themselves in this situation.


And every year, Buttle UK receives thousands of applications


The simple fact is, they cannot afford to fund all of them.


You can help by calling 03457 33 22 33 or visiting


Look, I'm new to Children in Need, I'm new to all of this and I have


never asked for money on TV before so bear with me - but I grew up


And I remember being at Stoke Mandeville Hospital


and Children in Need helping my friends


there get wheelchairs so they could play sport.


If you can donate tonight, then thank you.


The number to call is 03457 33 22 33.


Where else can you see the former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer


perform a Gangnam Style salsa dressed as Psy from Korea?


If you're watching, Ed, don't worry we're laughing


But while Balls and Company head up to Blackpool,


Strictly opened up their dancefloor to Children in Need


Back in Rio, they were going for gold - but tonight,


Team GB are vying for the Pudsey-on-a-glitterball trophy.


From the Children Strictly ballroom, this is the Strictly


Please welcome your hosts, Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman.


A big hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing's


CHEERING Going for gold tonight are for medal winning


They have been limbering up backstage and are ready to go.


So let's welcome them - our Children in Need stars!


Gold medal-winning canoeist Joe Clarke and his partner Janette


Hockey gold medallist Hollie Webb and her partner Neil Jones.


Taekwondo silver medallist Lutalo Muhammad and his


And two-time gold medal-winner rower Helen Glover and her


CHEERING There they are, our fantastic four.


They lit up Rio this summer and are hoping to light up this


All four of our couples will compete in one special group performance,


but they'll be judged individually, and only one couple will walk


away with the Children in Need Pudsey trophy.


And not only are they rising to the Strictly challenge tonight,


they're also hoping to raise lots of money for thousands


of disadvantaged children living right here in the UK.


There's no voting tonight, as our Children in Need champion


will be chosen by four very important people.


The number is: pick up the phone.


Please, please donate anything you can.


Our athletes obviously trained hard for the Rio Games,


but how hard have they trained for tonight?


I'm Hollie Webb, and I was a member of the women's Team GB hockey team.


And I was the one who took the winning penalty.


It was the greatest moment of my entire life.


Actually, I probably shouldn't say that, it should have


been when I got engaged, definitely was.


I'm Helen Glover, and I'm two-time Olympic rowing champion.


Glover and Stanning defend their Olympic title!


Steve and I got married three weeks after the Olympics.


He did Strictly, actually, in 2014 - he's really, really intrigued


I'm Lutalo Muhammad, Olympic silver medallist


In my Olympic final, I was leading up till the last second.


Each time I do watch it, I do feel some of the same emotion.


I was so close to being Olympic champion!


I mean, I don't cry or anything - I'm far too manly for that.


I'm Joe Clarke, I'm a kayaker, and I won gold in


One of the first things my mum said to me was, "When are


Training's going really well.


The harder I try, the more confused I'm getting.


I'm really scared that my mind's just going to go blank.


Really nervous - probably more nervous than I was at the Olympics.


She's worked me really hard and never given me any rest


so hopefully it's worth it in the end and I can win


CHEERING Dancing for the Pudsey Glitterball Trophy,


MUSIC: The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga


OK, while our athletes cool down, let's take a moment to thank our


Hailey, Lance, Andrea, Tommy and of course,


let's not forget Dave Arch and his amazing orchestra.


So they are choosing our champion tonight -


let's find out if the judges think our athletes


are on the right track with that performance.


Well, may I just say first of all, thank you so much for giving


Hear, hear. APPLAUSE It was brilliant, well done.


Craig, our athletes are of course incredibly fit, they're also


Well, yes, it did, as a matter of fact, and I'm very proud of them


But I'm going to be talking a little bit about Hollie.


I'm going to say, if I could ever play hockey, darling,


You are absolutely amazing at that.


Well, I can't believe, actually, all of you, how much


But I have to say, I couldn't take my eyes off your


Divine lines that you made, lovely lunge at the very end.


So who will be crowned Children in Need champions?


Tonight, the judges will make a group decision, while they confer,


Now remember, there is no voting at home tonight,


but we really want you to help them raise as much money as possible


for Children in Need, so don't forget, every penny


And the number to call is: right here in the UK.


So now it's time to see who is going to take home


On behalf of all the judges, Len, as head judge, can you please tell


May I first say, if they gave out medals for commitment and effort,


you'd all be gold medallists, because you were brilliant.


But we have come to a conclusion, and our winners and Children in Need


Oh, I don't believe it!


You came so close to winning gold in Rio.


I just want to say a big thank you to the judges,


And of course to my lovely dance partner Karen.


Brilliant, thank you so much for taking part.


A huge thank you to all our couples and to you at home for


We'll be back very soon, but in the meantime...


Well done to all our Olympians and of course congratulations


to Lutalo Mohammed for bringing home the gold!


It was the flying kicks that done it. It was amazing. Got some moves


like that, Graham? No. And I'm sure you'll all be delighted


to know, that finally puts us Actually, I was out in Rio


for the Paralympics No. Not even basketball. You want I


could do a few baskets. That's notreally


what I was thinking. Here's Matt Baker to tell


you about someone brilliant. Of all of my involvement


with Children in Need, the thing that I love the most


is meeting so many remarkable youngsters and I get to see


first-hand how much your donations mean to them and how they give them


a chance to make the most Youngsters like Seb,


who you're about to meet now. And, despite facing the biggest


of challenges in life, his determination to just keep


on going is humbling and I'm sure 'It's Seb and Ben up a tree.'


as inspirational as I do. Seb


and Ben, always Seb and Ben. They were always outside,


always playing. They've grown up doing


so many things together. They played football


on Saturdays, rugby on Sundays. 'Go!' Seb is very competitive


in pretty much everything. On 13th April 2014, the boys played


in their first rugby tournament. We just expected to have a good


journey back. Have a laugh on the bus


with all our friends. We were just travelling along


and then suddenly I just heard this shout of, "Stop the bus,


stop the bus!" And I turned round to the guy next


to me and the door Somebody shouted, "Somebody's fallen


out. Seb had gone under the back


wheels of the coach. The coach had run


over his right leg. I got there, held his hands


and told him I was here. He just looked at me and said,


"Am I going to die, Daddy?" Seb's injuries were so severe that


doctors had no choice but to amputate his right leg


above the knee and he had to be And they told us it's a severe brain


injury and to expect that, you know, when Seb wakes up,


he's going to be a different boy. When Seb came out of his coma,


the first time I saw him he kind of just looked at me and was kind


of like crying. He was frustrated he


couldn't talk to me. At that point in time,


we'd got no idea where to go next. After five months in hospital,


Seb's family turned to The Children's Trust,


a rehabilitation centre for children It is supported by your donations


to Children in Need. When Seb came to us he had a lot


of difficulties, a lot of problems It was so hard for him because Seb


was always used to succeeding. He'd lost a lot of skills,


but he was bright, cheeky and raring to go and very keen


to progress with his rehab. With sheer determination


and constant support, Seb started to learn many things


all over again. The Children's Trust


were by his side all the way. And in December 2014,


Seb came home. After my accident,


I wanted to get strong. But then, now I realise


it's not impossible. You've just got to put your mind


to it and you can do anything. Seb can do whatever


he wants, really. There's nobody that's


going to stop him. Playing with your brother,


playing with your mates. I missed it so much and I'm pleased


I can do it again. That's what The Children's Trust


has done to help me. I tell you what is fantastic, Seb,


you are. Look at you now, just brilliant.


As you saw, Seb was given a huge amount of support


by the Children's Trust and we need to keep supporting


You know how to do that by now I think but just in case


You can donate online at Pudsey or you can


Thank you. Right, there's a whole load


of amazing work going on around the country this time of year,


so let's take a look at how BBC Children in Need is supporting


just introduce to you a gorgeous and brave little girl, Chloe, who is


here with her mother and brother. Clue is in remission from a rare


form of cancer of the nervous system, very hard to treat - how has


she handled what she has been through? It's been very, very


difficult, the first year especially. She was diagnosed three


years ago and she spent nine months in hospital as an inpatient having


chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery. She's proved she's a little fighter.


Brave little girl, how much did you miss your brother? A lot. He's


sitting next to you. How tough was it for you, James? It was tough


seeing Chloe go through so much pain, and sometimes I was not able


to be next to her encouraging to be strong, which she always has been.


And I'm very proud of her rouble and you can see how close the two of


them are. Karen, the charity Spread A Smile Has Helped In What Kind Of


Ways? The Best Therapy For Children Going Through These Treatments Is A


Smile And The Laughter. They Come In To Visit Us In Hospital, She Spent A


Day Is Not Being Able To Go Out Of The Room. They Bring In The Jewish


Is, Fairies, Face Painting. She Would Ask Me Every Day Whether They


Were Coming Or Not. It Is All She Wanted Was To See Them! -- They


Would Bring In Magicians, Fairies And Face Painting. Amazing children.


We are still here at Maida Vale studios with our live band. It has


been a big week for you guys, opening in the West End. Were you


nervous? I was really nervous. But when we started getting to the


shows, it's just a really good experience. And now you're here


raising money for Children in Need. APPLAUSE


From that, to sponge the teacher, because that is what this school in


Hillingdon did. What was the best bit wanted we got our revenge back


and we just had a laugh, really. And this is the teacher! How was it for


you? Absolutely freezing but really good fun. They all joined in and


were fantastic. It was worth all the sponging, considering you raised


?950! And with us also, you raised money streaming, gaming, on an


international level? Yes, we did. We and six others streamed games for 24


hours straight. Re-raised ?550 for Children in Need. A big thank you to


all the fundraisers and two Pudsey, and to all of you who have donated


so far. There's still time to do so. For place which is steeped in


musical history, a big thank you, and we leave you with ample school


of rock. -- we leave you with School Of Rock.


We just want to remind you that your donations reach every corner of the


country. There are 24 projects


in Belfast. And 11 in Fife.


Very impressive Ade. So how many projects


in Swindon? Six.


Umm?Gateshead? But not as amazing as whoever


made this map knowing And whilst we're saying Cheers,


it's time for another huge thank you - and this one goes to these


very special people. We are at the Post Office to take to


give a huge thank you to the Post Office staff. Up and down the


country they have been raising money for Children in Need to help


projects all around the UK. We have decided to let the staff have well


earned break while we hold the fort! Can I have some Australian dollars,


please? Well, Australia is a long way away. Have you got the Children


in Need fundraising packs? Children in Need! I think that's it, signed,


sealed, delivered. A huge thanks to the customers!


Thank you so much to Naima, Abdul, Ishmail, Carmen and Jonny -


And of course thanks also to the customers and staff


of The Post Office for doing their thing for Children


Absolutely fantastic work, congratulations


Next up we've got one of our biggest treats of the night,


which comes from the set of the biggest film of the year.


Yes, the whole planet is incredibly excited,


because JK Rowling has invited us into her


Nox! Ooh - how romantic.


Before Harry Potter, there was Newt Scamander.


So put down those wands, grab yourself a butterbeer.


Please get behind this year's Children in Need.


Sorry, I didn't mean to bother a Paralympian hero,




I'm just trying to get through to Pudsey Bear, please.


Look, when we went to the interview for this job, after we lost our last


one, you said that you knew how this all worked.


Yes, thank you, that would be lovely.


What do you mean, "Let's try this one"?


Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne speaking.


Semi-invisible, beard, squirts ink out of his


Let me guess, let me guess, let me guess.


Gelatinous, large hat, loves custard!


Er, no.


Destroyed three galaxies with his megasonic death ray!


Well, I don't know who you're talking about.


How on earth did we manage to patch him through to a transdimensional


Might be because I spilt my banana milkshake on the console.


Orange and raspberry Victoria sponge sandwich cake.


Sorry, I didn't have it that time, but I think I've got it...


The dispute over pay conditions has been formally settled.


You'll have to be quick - I'm reading the news.


We can't seem to find Pudsey there.


Have you seen him, by any chance?


I think you've got the wrong number.


That's great, but that's quite enough cake, thank you.


I'll just pop it down here, should you want it.


Simon, hi there, it's Eddie Redmayne here.


I like you, but I'm afraid it's a big fat no from me.


Get off.


Come on, make it quick - I'm busy.


Well, it's obvious what's happened here.


You've clearly been put through to me by the Twit Twins


You've made fundamental errors and shown a total lack


of leadership, and for that reason, you're fired.


(Fired?!) You're fired.


Oh, was he talking about us or Eddie?


Eddie, hello, we're struggling to put you through -


Don't put me on hold, please don't...


# We were making love by Wednesday # And on Thursday


and Friday and Saturday # We chilled on Sunday # I met this


# I wish these guys would hurry up, man.


# ..Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday...


I think we'll have to try another one.


You've reached Major Tim Peake.


I thought that you were back on earth now.


It's just, I really miss space.


Hello, you're through to National Treasure Graham Norton.


No, I'm done now.


Mel and Sue keep putting me through to the wrong


Things are really hotting up in the Premier League.


Technically, we have no idea what we're doing.


Try that!


I am just trying to get hold of Pudsey Bear.


Oh, and you're saying that Jamie Dornan is some kind


of superfan who has his room covered in Pudsey teddies and Pudsey posters


Well, you know, you're wrong, OK?


There's a very high chance this next one is going to be Pudsey.


As it's Children in Need today, we are taking requests all day long.


What is your name and where are you from?

:02:07.:02:10. name's Eddie and I'm from London.


What song can we play for you today?


Mary thought you might like a slice of Battenburg cake.


(Just leave it there.) I'll just leave it here.


PHONE RINGS Hello, Britney Spears speaking.


Who's Pudsey?


No, I didn't actually get your number, I was...


DISCONNECTION, STEADY BEEP is definitely Pudsey.


This year on Children in Need, please, whatever you do,


Instead, I urge you, please, to show your support


by calling 03457 33 22 33 and donate what you can.


Or if you'd like to donate online, please go to


Your money really does make a massive,


massive amount of difference, so thank you.


Thanks to Eddie Redmayne, JK Rowling and all at Fantastic


Beasts And Where To Find Them for supporting Children


And as if by magic, here's Eddie Redmayne again to tell


you why your donations are so very important.


Tonight, just by watching Children in Need, you are showing


your support to families all across the country.


Tonight, by donating, you will be offering


They've never given up hope and I think you'll agree


Edward was six when Henry was born, so he'd spent six years as an only


child and all he ever wanted really was a little brother


When he was just six months old, Henry became extremely ill.


Instinctively I knew it was very, very serious, but I was not


expecting them to tell me he had a brain tumour and I can


just remember crying and crying and crying.


Over the next year, Henry went through a course


When Henry was poorly, Edward was very unsettled


because I was spending more and more time at the hospital with Henry.


He was worrying and it was just coming out in his behaviour.


For a six-year-old little boy, it was a really tough time.


And that's when Edward was introduced to Anne,


a play therapist to help them understand his brother's illness.


I think that was really important for him and it was just for him.


Somebody really special to come and see him and that really made


Henry spent a year in hospital but his treatment was successful.


We were starting to feel maybe we wouldn't need to be looking back.


We booked a really special holiday to Florida.


I don't think he really believed it was happening cos he kept


asking me, "Are we really going to Disney World?"


But less than a week after telling him we discovered


The family were told the dreadful news that Edward, too,


A different kind from his brother's but one which required


When they told me about the cancer thing, it was just a really scared,


Edward started a course of chemotherapy on the same


ward his younger brother had been to.


To be back with Edward was just something we'd never ever


They started him on a really intensive chemo which made him


He said, "Mum, it makes you want to give up on life."


It's not something a child should ever have to think about.


I said to him, "We will get through it."


I'll never forget the look on his face.


Because of your donations, Anne is back to support


It's really difficult to live with uncertainty and,


so having that space, that play therapy time,


helps them to work through those issues and just try to make a little


Have you got a bit of time off before you go back to clinic?


She's kind of someone else there for you.


Your parents were always there for you, but


And Anne will be there for Edward and Henry,


I've kind of got one focus at the minute to try to get back up


and walking so I can kind of walk around and do stuff.


That's probably the biggest thing that I plan to do.


Nobody knows what's around the corner.


Just living with uncertainty all the time, it changes you.


Hope that the boys will have a really good future.


Now it's absolutely clear that Edward and Henry have both been


It costs ?40 for one of those sessions.


?40 for someone Edward says himself is really special.


But we need more Annes to support Children like Edward.


And for that we need your donations.


brilliant thing - but it is nothing without your support.


You've have all been doing an incredible amount of fundraising


for months now and we couldn't be more thankful.


BBC Radio 2 have also been doing their bit,


Once again, the listeners of Radio 2 have had their foot to the throttle


in the race to raise money for Children In Need.


You turned out in your thousands for some four-wheel


Cars, the music, family fun, it's just been amazing.


You had afternoon tea and danced with me, Len Goodman.


Len Goodman's Tea For Two, for Children In Need.


And you gave generously during our daily auctions


21,000 for Thursday, 25,000 for Wednesday,


A grand total of ?115,370.


So, on behalf of BBC Children In Need, thank




Massive thanks to all the listeners who took part, in all the auctions


Let's see how much they raised. fundraising extravaganza.


Congratulations to everyone at Radio 2. Home of ghost of the brilliant


Graham Norton show, Saturdays 10-1. Very nice of you to mention. I must


remember to show up tomorrow. Now as much as Ade and I are proud


and honoured to be here tonight, Children in Need has always been


about one lovely man. And one man who can


never be replaced. Sir Terry Wogan is sadly no longer


with us but will never be forgotten. He was our hero and he will always


be in our hearts, particularly We know there have been many


tributes, but we wanted to make one just for his work


on Children in Need. Let's remind ourselves of how


very brilliant he was. Tonight is a very important night


for the nation's children, a chance for us all to do something like


changing for the people who need it most. We've got our usual


meticulously crafted running order. My dear, you are another shot. In


many ways can you have something of the Time Lord about you. What does


he think he's doing? We need your help so very badly.


In the years to come I'll be coming on here on crutches but they won't


get rid of me. I'm astounded and astonished at the


generosity of the British public. Remember every single penny goes to


make a difference to children's lives in the United Kingdom. Thank




Sir Terry Wogan. We wanted to find a way


to honour his memory So here to tell you more is another


lovely Wogan, Sir Terry's son Lovely to have you here. It's quite


heavy, that. Could you explain to people how important children in


need was to your dad. I mean, it was his favourite night of the year.


Mainly because the money raised tonight, and throughout the year,


actually made a difference. Two people who need it. And that's why


he loved it. But on a personal note, my mother, Helen, Catherine, Alan


and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all the letters,


cards, and, of course, thank you to the BBC, for all the amazing


tributes. We are hugely as a family. APPLAUSE


CHEERING You're here for a special reason, I


believe this is something to do with it. Explain to us white you are here


tonight. It's actually all Matt Baker's fault. He came up with the


idea. He came up with the fundraiser of


the year award, and it is about people who have gone above and


beyond, who have raised not necessarily enormous amounts of


money, but who have showed determination and creativity, and


people who inspire other people to do great things. And have you found


a winner? Yes, we have. And this is why they've won.


When I was six years old, I was watching the Children In Need


show, I saw Terry Wogan who gave me inspiration to start


I was on holiday and I saw living statues that inspired


This year, it's bigger and better, and I'm doing 12 shopping centres.


So I've been fundraising for over half my life.


Advice for other children would be, no matter how big or how small,


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the first


Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year - Lauchlan


from West Lothian! Lauchlan congratulations!


It's quite heavy, I warn you. I think he can manage it.


Congratulations, what inspired you to get involved in this? Well, I won


Pudsey Bear in a raffle in primary one, when I was five. That year, I


watched the Children in Need show, and once I saw everything on it, I


decided to fund raise the following year. Well done, that's incredible.


How did you feel when you found out you won? Well, I only found out I'd


won this morning, when my brothers woke me up with confetti candles,


congratulating me! Listen, you should be so proud of yourself and I


know that Sir Terry would be so proud of you. Mark? Now, Dad always


said that Children in Need was the thing that he was most proud of his


entire career. He said he was just one player in a massive team, and


that you are at home were the real stars. It was always about helping


the children for him. I know he would want you to watch next film.


It's a really important one. Here's Sheridan Smith.


We say thank you to many people on nights like this but the biggest


thank you of all needs to go to the brave families who let


Many of them have lived with unimaginable pain and grief


but they want to thank the people who have helped them.


That's why this next family want to talk to you.


Theirs is a heartbreaking story, but please, please stay with it.


When Abigail was born, we thought we'd got a perfect family.


As long as they're healthy, what more could you ask for?


He looked after her, sat with her, played


The first words out of his mouth were, "She's a little cutie."


You don't expect them both to be the same,


but we definitely knew there was something wrong.


When Abigail was just one, she was diagnosed with a life


limiting condition that would cause progressive damage


It was like we were going to lose our little girl.


They told us that she had three to four years.


We had to prepare then that that was all we were going to get


and be thankful that we got her, which we was.


As Abigail's condition got worse, her family turned to Claire House,


a children's hospice supported by your donations.


Thanks to your generosity, amazing play therapists are able


to give families much-needed care and support.


Claire House did really help us a lot.


And Harrison, as well, when he went to Claire House,


he could play with her, sit with her, swim with her.


In the beginning, she could still do all that.


She'd laugh at him and he thought it was fantastic just


to watch her giggle, just because he could make her laugh.


We like to think as she got older, and as Harrison got older,


they would have been like that, they'd have been close.


Just five days before her second birthday, Abigail died.


The day after she died, we wouldn't have probably got up


that morning but we had to because we had Harrison


and even though he was upset, and hurting, he'd lost his sister,


So we just carried on the best we could.


We had time for doing stuff with Harrison.


Everything he asked - "I want to play rugby."


"I want to play golf." OK, we look into that.


You have a child and they want to do something, why say no


because you never know what's going to happen?


He started complaining of a sore leg and we just...


They called us in and said it's broke.


And I'm thinking, he's just fractured his leg, you know.


The bone had fractured because there was something growing


In April 2014, the family were given the unbearable news that


Harrison's treatment started straight away and he had


an operation to remove the tumour from his leg.


When he came round, his first words were,


And he said, "Well, at least my pain is gone."


He said to the doctor, "I know you've done your best.


With Harrison facing many new challenges, once


again, the family turned to Claire House for support.


Right from when I met him, Harrison was just gorgeous.


He was going through treatment, had a rough time.


He couldn't join in the same things his friends were doing


so we talked about things he'd like to do and we said,


one by one, we'll try and work through and


So we just chatted about anything he fancied doing and he came


So every few weeks to months or so we'd arrange a nice treat


and we did do some really good stuff.


Having a smile on his face was enough for us.


For a while I think he forgot he was ill.


It got worse and we ended up in a high dependency unit.


And even then he sat up talking and was laughing and joking.


Told us he was sorry for causing all this fuss.


There's not a minute of any day that I don't think about the pair of them


They was both happy no matter what was wrong.


She used to laugh and giggle until she couldn't and he did


Without Claire House there's a lot of things we wouldn't have done.


Here now, with the official Children in Need single -


I'd ask you to remember that wonderful hospices


like the one you've just seen, mainly depend on donations


# But I've been called into the light


# Something about you makes me stronger


# But all the lows, they feel like highs


# The tears will fall when my eyes close


# Try to say the words but make no sound


# Show me that you'll always be around


# But time let us down


Wow! That was beautiful! Really, really good. Massive thank you to


Craig David, everybody! It's time for the totaliser,


everybody. Let's see how much you brilliant people have raised so far.


Here we go. Thank you! Amazing amount of money.


And now... It's time for us to go off to BBC Two for Marvin and


Rochelle. See you


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