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Episode 6

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# Standing in a crowded room and I can't see your face.


# Cause I don't want to walk on my own any more.


# You got a piece of me and honestly.


# I feel like the music sounds better with you.


# I feel like the music sounds better with you.


# And we can build this dream together.


# And if this world runs out of lovers.


# We're all in this together once we know that we are.


# And when you're gone I feel incomplete.


# So if you want the truth I just wanna be part of your symphony.


# Get up everybody, get up everybody.




Hello and welcome to the grand final of Pitch Battle


I am actually doing a Morris dance. That is live and they cannot edit


That is live and they cannot edit that out.


Over the last past five weeks, 30 vocal groups have been whittled


Tonight they'll battle it out in a series of choral challenges!


There will be superstar collaborations, riff-offs,


and even an A Cappella battle until only two choirs


Then you will get to decide who will take home the amazing


?50,000 prize and be crowned Pitch Battle champions!


Voting opens later in the show but get ready now.


You can sign in or register by going to bbc.co.uk/pitchbattle.


Best of all, voting online is free! OK, we have our


And if that wasn't exciting enough, all of our superstar judges are back


to sing with the groups that won their heats.


Please welcome back the sensational Seal.


And finally it's the incredible Nick Jonas.


And performing with the Judges' Wild Card Choir, it's the


And if that wasn't enough, Rita Ora's here too to sing


Time to kick this competition off with Battle One.


But up first, collaborating with Chaka Khan, it's our vocal


We have all been friends since we have been kids and it is the first


time we performed as a group. The split was really cute. I got a bit


stuck. Natalie put so much hype and emotion into it. He said, mummy, I


am so proud of you. I have not experienced anything like this in my


life before. It was amazing to be on stage with Chaka Khan. We cannot


wait to go back onto the stage. Up first, singing with the superstar


guest judge who put them through to tonight's final,


it's Chaka Khan and Scot Soul! # I can read your


thoughts right now. # I can cast a spell


with secrets you can't tell. # But anytime you feel


danger or fear. # Cause I'm every woman


(I'm every woman). # Anything you want done,


baby (anything you baby). APPLAUSE


CHEERING That was so good. Listen, I thought


I was going to miss the boots. But you have come in with some


incredible gold studded beauties. Were you pleased with the group?


Very. Do you think they can win? I think so. I believe in them. Surely,


I believe you brought her some shortbread? Yes. I did not were it,


I am wearing gold so it might have clashed. You do not were it, you eat


it, it is biscuits. I smell something coming up. Now it is time


to meet their competition. I sense a Riff-Off coming


up but first it's time It's our chamber choir


Tring Park 16 who are We are working so hard to get ready


for the final. The end of term is really busy but we are sandwiching


in rehearsals. You can tell they are really close and you can see how


much practice they put into it. Nick is going to step in. We would never


have thought we would be singing with him. I have got to make sure I


am the favourite brother. After singing with Nick we are so ready


and we will get on the stage and smash it. Are you going to win? Yes!


Please welcome to the stage global superstar Nick Jonas


# Do you. to spare me, do you?


# I've been looking for love in all the wrong places.


# I don't like the way you went and told me 'oh well'.


# I have the suspicion you're not being yourself.


# I don't suppose you have a moment to spare me, do you?


# Are just a fancy way of saying I care.


# You're probably somewhere with someone I don't know.


# Listen I don't like the way you went


# I have the suspicion you're not being yourself.


# You're probably somewhere with someone I don't know.


# Are just a fancy way of saying I care.


# And I know I'm talking it ain't fair.


# Hate's just a fancy way a sayin I care.


# Are just a fancy way of saying I care.


CHEERING Oh, my lord.


Huge congratulations to everybody. You wake for one Jonas and two come


along. Nick, it is good to have you here. Joe passed you the baton. Yes,


he did, I tried to step up, but these guys are incredible. Now,


Caitlin, listen, be honest, who is the better singer? Joke or Alnwick?


Be straight up. You cannot ask that on TV. They are just as good as each


other. Absolutely, the right answer, she will go far. Thank you very


much. Nick, if you wouldn't mind making


your way to the superstar balcony. Gang, come along. Let's heard


ourselves. Gareth, he is already doodling. I am making notes. With


your x-ray vision, tell us the truth and advise these two groups what


they can do to prepare. We are all a bit overwhelmed because the standard


is so high. These are the best of the groups in the series and we have


left so many behind to get to this point. It is stunning and it is


fascinating to see how you bring the energy up to match your superstar


singer. Scot Sole, you brought loads of joy and style and you always give


me that immaculate phrasing. A couple of times you were sitting on


the OS map, but it was exciting. Do not sit on them and always use a


baton. Only one of these groups will go through to the next round, the


other is about to be knocked out of the night's final.


Deciding their fate is the themed Riff-Off!


Let's reveal to the audience at home what your theme is!


Well, all you have to do to succeed tonight is,


You've simply got to be better than the other group.


In tonight's first live Riff-Off, it's Scot Soul versus Tring Park 16!


# I thought love was only true in fairy tales.


# Disappointment haunted all my dreams.


# I can feel something inside me say.


# Really don't think you're strong enough.


# How did you know I needed you so badly.


# How did you know I'd give my heart gladly.


# Yesterday, I was one of the lonely people.


# Now you're lying close to me, making love to me.


# Just listen to the rhythm of my heart.


# There's a chance we can make it now.


# We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down.


# I believe in a thing called love.


# Touching you, God, you're touching me.


# Who knows what miracles you can achieve.


# I think about it every night and day.


There is a lot of love in the room. I'm going to have two separate them,


it is like herding guinea pigs. Scot Soul, the prime mover, a bit of


Gangnam Style there. Did you nanograms -- did you enjoy it? I had


a great time. Just going to leave that there, sorry. Well done, Scot


Soul. And pulling out all the moves, how was that for you? I'm so sorry,


my darling, what is your name? Matt, my best friend, I know you very


well! Matthew! And I had no time for questions. Call me. Very close


friends. Only one group can go through to the next round.


Cleopatra! Do you believe in these groups? I believe very much. Scot


Soul, you guys are so consistent and natural, it comes out very


effortless and synchronised. Tring Park, Matt, what a fantastic


falsetto, gorgeous. You guys, your energy is electric and very


exciting. Now we have five against 16, is that fair? The bottom line is


you get the right five people together and they join their voices


for that Harmony range. And Scot Soul, I cannot understand what you


say when you speak, but when you think you sound like session


singers. Unbelievable. Tring Park, I cannot believe that you are a


classical choir. You're singing pop songs like that and running round in


circles. I picked you up earlier for not living each phrase but there was


so much energy. Absolutely infectious. You are up against a


group with one of the warmest tones in the whole contest so it was a


tough battle. Could we be seeing the winner on stage? Who knows. One


group is about to be eliminated from the finals. It is decision time.


Which group would you like to see go forward into the next round? It is a


hard decision, I love both groups. I had to go with Scot Soul. Gareth,


which group would you like to see progress? Progression is what I've


seen, an amazing change in this group. I'm going to reward that


youthful exuberance, Tring Park. It is down to you, Deke Sharon, which


group would you like to go forward in the next round? Every person on


stage has a bright future. But I'm going to go with Scot Soul. That


means we have to say goodbye to Tring Park. You have been brilliant,


thank you so much. Well done, guys. Natalie, are you able to speak? Yes.


Your thoughts and feelings? We are just over the moon. You guys are


amazing and we never thought we would get this far. Oh, guys. Thank


you. Thank you everybody. Congratulations Scot Soul. Getting


through to the next round. But not the solo battle that you will be


taking on, oh no. The pressure is on because we are stripping away our


band, the next round is all about the vocals as they entered the a


cappella battle. How are you feeling about that? It is a challenge,


something we've never done before. But we're excited. Where are you a


bracelet and all will be good! Spots sold through to the a cappella


battle. Well done. -- Scot Soul. Who is going to be joining them? You


will get your chance to vote for the ultimate winner later in the show.


You just need to sign in or register by going to bbc.co.uk/pitchbattle


where you will also find full terms and conditions.


But first out of the choral trap, it's the Portsmouth University


Portsmouth University Gospel choir make my heart flutter, so exciting.


They have a real sense of team. The final battle puts every emotion into


the song. Portsmouth University Gospel choir showed fight and I


admire that. To shared the stage with Seal, he's a legend. We're more


than ready to go back into battle. We are in it to it. -- to win it.


Please welcome superstar singer Seal with his heat's winners,


The Portsmouth University Gospel Choir!


# But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.


# But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.


# But I still haven't found what I'm looking for.


Seal, you still haven't found what you're looking for? Perhaps a


49-year-old from Leatherhead. If you don't tell anyone, I want. You have


met your match! Heaven! How was that for you? This whole thing is just


the most amazing experience. Even to be standing next to Seal. He is all


right, isn't he, quite cute. Thank you so much, you were incredible.


Now time to hear from their competition.


it's our university cappella group All The King's Men with Bebe Rexha!


All the Kings men bringing a very choral sound to pop. We owe


everything to the fact that we all sang enquirers when we were younger.


They stole the show for me. Just something I have seen before. As a


group of friends there is no words to describe it. This is the biggest


opportunity we have ever had. It feels everything has been leading up


to this moment, this final. Please welcome to the stage singing


with their superstar guest judge Bebe Rexha,


it's All the King's Men! # Ooh I'm sorry I'm


not the most pretty. # It could be anybody, tell me,


are you that somebody? # Don't matter who you are,


just love me the way I are. # Don't matter who you


are, just love me the Oh, my goodness. Wow. Wow. Now,... I


really love these guys. I can tell. I drove five hours in traffic and I


wanted to see them and I wanted the best for them. Last time you said


you would pay to see them. How much will they charge? Am I getting a


commission? Lovely to see you. Bebe on the BBC. George, how was it


sharing the stage with this goddess? Completely unreal to perform with a


musician of Bebe's talent. Thank you.


Come on in, Portsmouth. Come right here. Cling close. Now, gang. Let us


find out what the judges thought. Deke, I think it is time to hear


some of your trademark low energy banter is. We have got two very


different choir is standing before you. What did they do to impress


you? They are both the same age, but there the similarities differ.


Portsmouth, your performance was so close to perfection it was


statistically insignificant. You were flawlessly beautiful and I want


to go and buy that record right now. But... That was difficult. What you


are doing is exactly right, it is three or four part harmony. On the


other hand, what you guys did not do was not perfect, but it is more


difficult. You guys did a flawless somersault, a perfect ten, but the


difficulty level was not as hard. You did a double and a gerbil


somersault. It is a singing competition, Deke.


Only one of these two groups will go through to the next round.


The other, well I'm afraid we will be bidding you a final farewell.


Deciding their fate is the themed Rip-Off!


Deciding their fate is the themed Riff-Off!


Let's reveal to the audience at home what your theme is!


Crazy horses, crazy horses! Literally no one got that reference.


Very Best of luck, everyone. See you later.


It's Portsmouth University Gospel Choir versus All the King's Men!


# You've got that something, what can I do?


# Woah cra-a-zy, but it feels alright.


# Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night.


# Crazy crazy crazy 'til we see the sun.


# I know we only met but let's pretend it's love.


# And never never never stop for an-y-one.


# Wanna live wanna live wann live wanna live while we're young.


# Wanna live wanna live wann live wanna live while we're...


# I'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying.


# And I know it's stupid to be mad about the boy.


# I'm feeling quite insane and young again.


# And all because I'm mad about the boy.


# In a world full of people there's only some want to fly-y-y.


# But we're never gonna survive unless.


# No no never gonna to survive unless


# I look and stare so deep in your eyes.


# I touch on you more and more every time.


# When you leave I'm begging you not to go.


# Call your name two or three times in a row.


# Your love's got me looking so crazy right now.


# Lookin so crazy your love's got me looking.


CHEERING Oh, my word. Too much love again.


Too much hugging, I am going into separate them. Come on, gangs. I


have to separate you out, darling. Are you feeling this? This is


unbelievable, this is amazing. Now, how did it feel doing the old Crazy


in front of the man himself? It is amazing, to sing it on its own is


amazing, but to sing it in front of him... I know, it is so weird


looking up there, it is like my CD collection come to life. I cannot


deal with it. 400 million records have been sold collectively by that


bunch. Oh, my goodness. Please tell me that you are Rob. You are Rob.


Yes. A spitting image of the young roofers Sule. Is anyone with me? I


noticed you were doing amazing singing and some trumpeting in


there. We like playing around with sounds in rehearsing and we wanted


to try it out. Multitasking, lovely Rob. Judges, only one can go through


to the next round. Gareth, you have to give me some comments. I feel


like Bruno Tonioli and I want to stand up, it was so great. Do it.


All The King's Men, sometimes feedback about a cappella is that it


is cold, but you brought heart and fronted it, but you are up against a


immensely warm and passionate group, that let you down a bit, but


fabulous. I would be standing. Both groups brought something really


different but really great to the show. Portsmouth, you are so warm.


You guys are so lovable and exciting and the energy is great. There are


some cheery issues, but there were chewing issues with All The King's


Men as well. But you do so many creative things that I love. One


group is about to be cast out of the final. It is decision time. Gareth,


which group would you like to see going forward into the next round?


The group I want to see in the next round, despite a fantastic


performance here, is All The King's Men. Which group would you like to


see going through tonight? You are both amazing, well done, I am going


with Portsmouth. Deke, the decision lies with you all stop it is up to


you. He is in tatters. Which group would you like to see going through


to the next round? I want both of your albums, but based upon the


incredible risks, I have got to go with All The King's Men. Which means


very sadly we have to say goodbye to Portsmouth University Gospel Choir.


Oh, guys, just amazing. There is a lot of hugging going on. Thank you.


Now, listen, going through to the a cappella battles is All The King's


Men. Are you prepared for this? George, the pressure is on. Yes, it


is and we will give it our all. We better believe it. She is off. You


cannot stop her. We now know that All The King's Men will be joining


Scot Sole in the a cappella round. But now, let's meet tonight's final


two groups about to take to the stage for their Superstar


Collaborations. And up first, it's our


vocal harmony group, the Leeds Contemporary Singers


with Will Young! Leeds take what we think about the


choir and do something for this generation. There is something very


fresh about them and it excites me. When he walked towards as I got him


in the headlight. We are going to win it. The next day I was back at


work and they were back doing exams. But they could not stop smiling. To


get this opportunity to perform in front of millions will be amazing


and that will give us the extra bit of a fight for the final.


Singing with their Superstar Guest Judge, it's Will Young


# You're making me feel like you and I could be real.


# I can't keep wasting my time on your game.


# I can't keep wasting my time on your game.


Will, it is emotional. I have to say, lovely to see you. You always


bring it when you come. Local what we have got, the sleeveless onesie.


But hey, look at Kelis, I have got to bring it. You could swap. Leeds,


Hannah, you have got a big fan in Will Young. What was that like for


you? We absolutely love him. We are massive fan. He came up with this


idea the day after we were the winners, he is amazing. I just


wanted to shine myself! Come closer, you are too far away! Time to meet


their competition. from Aberystwyth, it's Sgarmes


with Jermaine Jackson! This is the first competition we


have ever entered and it was all about the nerves. We really wanted


it. Hey, Sgarmes, you are the wild card. I am just overwhelmed to have


met such a legend. Amazing. We always had music in our house


growing up, the Jacksons always were part of that. You have sole and


feeling on stage. I hope that we do him proud. Please welcome pop legend


Jermaine Jackson and Sgarmes. # Where there is love,


I'll be there. # Build my world


of dreams around you. # I'll be there with


a love that's strong. # I'll be your strength,


I'll keep holdin' on. # If you should ever


find someone new. Jermaine Jackson, so nice to see


you. Nice to be here. This is too much. I am touching a Jackson. Come


along, this is all too much. So good to have you here. Happy to be here.


Have you sung with choirs before? Tell you the truth this is my first


time and they are sensational. The feeling, the emotion. What they do


makes me do more. So God. Hedge, are you all right, are you coping? I'm


very emotional, everyone is in tears. Wipe yourself down. I think


I'm having a bit of a crisis. Hedge, you have the best name in the whole


studio. Really I think you have said it all, the emotion is there, it has


been incredible. I'm going now, we need to settle ourselves. Let's


bring back Leeds can to greet singers now. And for now given up


for Jermaine Jackson. -- contemporary singers.


We are in tatters, absolute tatters. Please use the sleeve. Not on the


nose, if possible. Now Kelis, what are your thoughts? Leeds, sonically


that blend is so beautiful, masterful. You are the perfect


summary broke, technique oriented and then all that heart which I


love. And then Sgarmes obviously, you guys know, I love you guys, you


have a family feeling, it is so special and what this is all about.


There's one place left in the next round, but who is worthy


Deciding their fate is the final themed Rif-Off.


Let's reveal to the audience at home what your theme is.


I hereby decree that the theme is Royalty!


Who will become homecoming queen and who will receive a royal wave


In tonight's third and final live Riff-Off by quite


literally royal appointment, it's the Leeds Contemporary


# Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.


# That kind of lux just ain't for us.


# We crave a different kind a buzz.


# But if you want a play with me you better learn the rules.


# Buys an eight by twelve four bit room.


# I wanna feel like you've let me go.


# Let go of every thing, let go, let go.


# You can dance, you can jive.


# Ooh ooh see that girl, watch that scene.


# To absolutely drive you wild, wild.


APPLAUSE. Oh my goodness. The bar is being


raised ever higher. Enough of the chitchat. We are not at a cocktail


party. Get into your groups. That was an absolutely brilliant version


of dancing Queen. So wonderful. Enjoyable or stressful? Very


enjoyable, we thought we should play to our strengths and something


different. So good. Sgarmes, I get the feeling you rather liked being


up on the balcony. It is nice to rock out with the band a little bit.


And they are an amazing band. Extraordinary. Lovely stuff. Only


one group can go through. Let's hear from our own king of the castle,


Deke Sharon, as an American, did you love that Rafa off? It was


fantastic. Let me start with Sgarmes, you sing with so much love


and even though it is not perfect some of the time, I often do not


care and that is about the highest compliment you can get. For people


who work all day with this kind of stuff. You made me well up with


tears when you were singing I'll be there. But I have to say comic you


said you were playing to your strengths but everything is your


strength. You sing with precision, you have got swagger.


It is wonderful, it is such a pleasure to listen to you, Leeds,


you are the guys to beat. One group is about to face the chop. Judges,


it is decision time. Deke, which group would you like to see


progressing into the next round. These guys need to go pro, it is


Leeds. Kelis, which group would you like to see going through to the


next round. As much as my heart goes out, I have to go with Leeds as


well. So we do have a winner. But, Gareth, out of interest which group


would you have gone with? Leads all the way for me, they are fantastic.


We have got to say goodbye to Sgarmes. You were absolutely super.


This is a very intense group hug. Congratulations, you were brilliant.


Leeds, well done. Go and give yourself some knighthoods. A final


round of applause for Leeds contemporary singers and Sgarmes. We


are walking and talking at the same time. Now.


So, three groups are left in the running to win Pitch Battle


and as it's the final, we thought we'd ramp


It's time for the A Cappella Battles.


Our groups are now going to have to sing A Cappella so no help


from our quite frankly amazing band whatsoever.


You heard, put down your drum sticks, drummer Neil!


But as luck might have it, we have a fella who knows a lot


That's right, it's our very own Deke Sharon.


Thank you. Deke, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. You know all about


a cappella. How hard is it to sing? It is the hardest. These people are


singing without any safety net and one person goes out of tune and the


whole thing can unravel. It is high stakes, live television. Anything


can happen. Is it easier if there is a large group? Can you hide in the


background? Not always. Take heed, groups, Alfredo a cappella has


spoken. Up first group that has been mustering support to home. The


community support around Loch Lomond has been amazing. It is lovely to


put on a special show for the people that mean the world for us. We would


love to win the final for them. A cappella is something the Scots have


never done before. There is only five of us. If they have a larger


group, they can create a fuller sound. We want to show Gareth Malone


that we can do this. Performing their a cappella song it is Scot


Sole. # Yes, I do, I believe


that one day I will be. # Where I was right


there right next to you. # And it's hard the days


just seem so dark. # The moon and the stars


are nothing without you. # No words can explain


the way I'm missing you. # Deny this emptiness,


this hole that I'm in. # These tears they


tell their own story. # Told me not to cry


when you were gone. # But the feeling's overwhelming,


it's much too strong. # I don't want to be


here if I can't be with you. CHEERING


Spine tingling stuff. Feeling the pressure next it is a


group that has been preparing for the final by getting down with the


kids. Because it is a cappella at the judges will be expecting a


different level from us. It is what we are all about. They should be


detailed, exciting and innovative. The expectation is huge. It will be


a challenge for us to up our game for this performance. We have been


doing workshops and the coolest thing is seeing people who have


watched the programme and they want to do it themselves. The kids


supporting as is one of the best things and we would love to be able


to win for them. # Why does love always


feel like a battlefield. # We could pretend we


are friends tonight. # And in the morning we'll wake up


and we'll be alright. # Why does love always


feel like a battlefield. # Guess you better go


and get your armour. Finally, it is Leeds Contemporary


Singers Who Hope A Winter Night Will Be The Final Thing. With Our


Arrangement It Is Unique To Our Sound And Our Style. They Are Not An


A Cappella Group Because They Have Got All The Tools. We Could Not Do


This Without Our Friends And Family. For Us To Become Champions Would be


everything for our group. And here they are, it is Leeds


Contemporary Singers. # I have given all myself


all that I had left to give. # All the reasons


I confront, no more # Tell me what would


be enough, be enough, # If you're still


searching for something. # We'll never see


how far we've come. # Take my heart back


from your hands. # And my pride back


from your sheets. # If you're still


searching for something. # If you're still


searching for something. # We'll never see


how far we've come. Well done, goodness me. That must


have been absolutely terrifying. Natalie, how was that singing


completely without a ban? Different, very emotional. It was about the


people who cannot be in the audience tonight. Todd, do you feel there is


a bit of pressure because you are an a cappella group already. Was there


double pressure on you? Yes, absolutely. There is so much high


risk and high expectation and anything can happen. Thomas, hello.


You let rip. You gave that everything. How was it? Yes, we have


never done anything like this before but we really enjoyed it. We knew we


were in good hands because of Atkin's arrangement. Well done,


Atkin. Now, they were all amazing that only two can make it through to


face the viewer vote. Any of the groups surprise you? It was not a


surprise for me that All The King's Men owned a cappella. It was not


your finest, but you have the skills for that. But a real surprise for me


to see the other groups. Natalie, that solo was wonderful and you were


beautifully supported. I loved it and it was a challenge getting the


clean lines and need a solo like that is a challenge. But over here,


when it gelled, boy, did it gelled. Amazing. As much as the jail on your


head tonight, Gareth. You had a big hit with a song called a cappella


which you sang with a band. Yes, I did. I can use metaphors like you


know. What did you think? It is such a challenge to sing a cappella and


it is your domain and it is beautiful and it worked. Scot Soul,


there are things that you can work on. Leeds, it did take a second to


get there, but once you got in it was beautiful. For the final time,


judges, you have one decision to make before you relinquish control


to the viewing public. Decide who you want to put through to the final


battle. Are you ready? Gareth, please tell


us the first group you would like to see go through to the final battle


and viewer vote. This is going to be an amazing final sing. The group I


would like to put through, I have championed you since the beginning,


it is All The King's Men. All The King's Men, you are through to the


final battle. Only one group can join you, will it be Scot Soul or


Leeds Contemporary Singers. Kelis, which group would you like to put


through to the final battle and viewer vote? Scot Soul, I have loved


you from the beginning and if you want to be in this you can take it


on the road and do it but I have to say, Leeds Contemporary Singers, you


guys rock my world. APPLAUSE. I'm afraid Scot Soul, that


means your time with us is at an end. We absolutely loved having you


on the show. I am giving you big waves from over here. Ladies and


gentlemen, a massive round of applause for Scot Soul.


Thank you. We love them. Goodbye, guys. I know we will see more of


them. Huge congratulations to All The King's Men and Leeds


Contemporary Singers, you are through to the viewer vote. The


power now lies with you, dear viewers. The judges can no longer


make any decisions. You have the power.


So what are you waiting for because voting is now open!


You can vote for your favourite group right now.


You've got just over ten minutes so get voting!


Full terms and conditions are on the website and remember


please don't try to vote if you are watching On Demand.


It will not work and you will feel silly. Finalists, All The King's


Men, let's take another look at them, monochrome bards. You're


looking slightly Gothic. I am massively backpedalling. What is it


going to mean to you to win tonight? It would mean the world. It would be


the icing on the cake and to sing with guys like these, that is the


dream for us. It is not cool to talk about money but Thomas, what would


you spend the prize money on? Not you personally, the group! We want


to invest in the group. This group we have is new, we started it for


the show and we would like to keep going after the show whatever


happens tonight. Thank you so much. I'm sure that Will Young will be


keeping a close eye on whatever happens. I love you all. Thank you


so much. They're about to go head-to-head in the final battle. So


your vote counts and if you have not made up your mind let me remind you


using the power of montage. # Tell me, are you that somebody?


# Don't matter who you are... # Got me looking so crazy right


now... # Battlefield, a battlefield.


# Why does love always feel like a battlefield?


# What are you going to do? # Always the same.


# Every day. # I cant be wasting my time on your


game. # You can dance, you can jive.


# Having the time of your life. # See that girl, watch that scene...


# What is love... # Higher, higher...


And they are competing for the ?50,000 prize and the trophy. If you


still need help deciding the winner I have just the thing. Singing for


your votes, the final battle with all The King's Men versus Leeds


Contemporary Singers. # There's a fire


starting in my heart. # Reaching a fever pitch,


and it's bringing me out the dark. # Finally, I can see


you crystal clear. # Go ahead and sell me out,


and I'll lay your ship bare. # The scars of your


love remind me of us. # They keep me thinking


that we almost had it # The scars of your


love, they leave me # I can't help feeling #


We could have had it all. # You had my heart


inside of your hand # Throw your soul


through every open door. # Count your blessings


to find what you look for. # Turn your sorrow


into treasured gold. # You'll pay me back in kind


and reap just what you sow. # (Rollin in the deep).


you never had met me). # You had my heart


inside of your hand. # You had my heart


inside of your hand. Come along now. Breaking up. You


only have a couple of minutes left to vote and if you have not already


voted make sure you do it now. Superstars, look at them up there,


that balcony of superstars. We'll, it is like Madame Tussaud's but with


a lot less wax. These guys are both deserving winners. How the public


going to decide? I do not know. For me myself it was an absolute


pleasure to hear both these groups. I have a love and affinity obviously


with you guys. Add also an appreciation of fantastic singing


ability and talent with you guys as well so thank you both. Bebe Rexha,


All King's Men have done so well. I want to thank them so much for


letting me yell at them yesterday! No matter what happens, the groups


are so incredibly talented. You guys are amazing as well. I'm just proud


to be here. I'm sitting next to Seal! For me to be here right now


amongst these people, I feel I am the newcomer. So just awesome to be


here and I'm so proud of you guys. I know how hard it is to be in the


music business. Just do it, just push, keep going.


This really is your last chance as the voting will close in just


Well it's been an amazing six weeks with so many


great choirs and groups, superstar guest judges


But, as the end is near, and we face the final curtain,


I know we all want to see the unseen footage from Gareth Malone's


dressing room but instead, let's take a misty eyed look back


This is pitch battle. We have seen some amazing talent over the last


five or six weeks. Jazz, Opera, hip-hop, is unbelievable. I love


that. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an


outbreak of vocal warfare. This seemed riff off. Take the roof off.


It is my first time trying to get these genes on. The mike drop. Every


single episode there has been shock and awe and surprise.


Damn, Daniel. We have some incredible solos.


What about those standards! The best thing about this contest is people


coming together to make music and singing together for the sheer joy


of it. I love how it is so inclusive, people of all abilities.


The people you get singing as a group is amazing. It is all about


people getting up and singing, ordinary people doing this. That is


what singing in acquire should be. -- are quiet. If you have not yet


voted it is too late. The time to choose your favourite is over. The


vote is now closed. Vote closed. Whilst we verify the results let's


carry on with the party. We have a very special guest for you. I hope


she has brought some snacks. Herewith a song written especially


for her by Ed Sheeran, I can feel her aura. It is Rita Ora!


# I woke up with a fear this morning.


# But I can taste you on the tip of my tongue.


# You're by my side and we've got smoke in our lungs.


# Last night we were way up kissing in the


# And then you say love 'baby lets go back to my flat'.


# And when we wake up never had a feeling like that.


# I got a reason so man, put that record on again.


# I don't wanna hear sad songs anymore.


# I found my heart up in this place tonight.


# Don't wanna sing mad songs anymore.


# Cause your song's got me feeling like I'm.


# I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love.


# Yeah you know, your song's got me feeling like I'm.


# I'm not proud, but I'm usually the type of girl


# When I kiss your lips feel my heart beat thump.


# And now we're way up dancing on the


# And then we make love right there on your


# And then you say love 'this is what it's


# So keep on kissing my mouth and put that


# I don't wanna hear sad songs anymore.


# I found my heart up in this place tonight.


# Don't wanna sing mad songs anymore.


# Cause your song's got me feeling like I'm.


# I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love.


# Yeah you know, your song's got me feeling like I'm.


# I don't wanna hear sad songs anymore.


# I found my heart up in this place tonight.


# Don't wanna sing mad songs anymore.


# Cause your song's got me feeling like I'm.


# I don't wanna hear sad songs anymore.


# I found my heart up in this place tonight.


# Don't wanna sing mad songs anymore.


# Cause your song's got me feeling like I'm.


# I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love.


# Yeah you know, your song's got me feeling like I'm?


CHEERING Rita Ora, everybody. Amazing. I love


her. Now, the winner has been chosen by you, the great British public,


and it is now time to reveal our champions. Into Pitch Battle style,


our two groups will sing one final song. Kelis, are you ready to reveal


who the viewers have chosen as the champions. I am ready. Not now. I am


so excited. Performing Say A Little Prayer, it is All The King's Men and


Leeds Contemporary Choir. # For ever and ever


you'll stay in my heart. # For ever and ever


we never will part. # Together, together


that's how it must be. # To live without you would only


mean heartbreak for me. # For ever and ever


you'll stay in my heart # For ever and ever


we never will part. # Together, together


that's how it must be. # To live without you would only


mean heartbreak for me. You guys have won it.


CHEERING Now, ladies and gentlemen, your


winners, it is Leeds Contemporary Choir.


Now, Leeds, there is a lot of excitement here. How are we feeling?


Can anyone speak at this point? Adam can always speak. Come on, Adam. Oh,


my God. That really happen? It did. Thank you to everyone, it has been


an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you to all you guys. We should


say thank you to the amazing runners-up, All The King's Men, we


love you. Well done, guys. One more time, let's hear it for our


champions, Leeds Contemporary Singers. That is, it is all over. No


more show stoppers. No more showstoppers,


no more dramatic Riff-Off's, no more A Cappella and saddest


of all, no more Deke Speak! Thanks to Chris and our live band,


to all of our superstar guest judges - Seal, Bebe Rexha,


Will Young, Chaka Khan, Nick Jonas and Jermaine Jackson,


to our quite frankly brilliant judges Deke Sharon,


Kelis and Gareth Malone! But most of all thanks


to all of the incredible choirs


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