Week 6 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 6 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce the results show, as the two couples with the lowest score dance off against each other. Including a performance from Laura Mvula.

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From London, this is Strictly Come Dancing: The Results.


Please welcome your hosts, Tess Daly.


Hello and welcome to our Halloween Results Show.


A big thank you to our professional dancers for that


I tell you what, that is one clock that definitely should have


Saturday night's Halloween show was filled with frights and delights.


Probably Ed fainting when he scored I need. -- scored an eight.


But sadly tonight we have to say goodbye to one couple.


Your votes have been combined with the judges' scores and the two


couples with the lowest overall points will go head


As always the decision of who stays and who goes lies


Also on tonight's show, performing her new single,


Ready Or Not, Laura Mvula will be here.


Plus, the judges will cast a closer eye over Saturday's dances


couples will have to face their demons in tonight's dance-off.


But before we do, here's a reminder of all the performances in last


-- special. It is Halloween, and after last week, I should not be


here, so I will keep a low profile. It is Halloween. We have decided to


be really subtle with make-up. I have never been to a Halloween


party, this is a big deal for me. Is it Halloween? This is a big part of


what this show is about. I am a wedge and I am super happy. The only


person who has not been allowed to dress up as Ore. I am a little


afraid of myself. Going out there is terrifying. It is Halloween every


week. Keep your spirits up. Things are about to go bump in the night.


Counting to an air. Three, two, one, titles. It will be spectacular. That


was a spookily good tango. Absolutely amazing. Strong, a


powerful and meaningful. Wonderful to watch. You came out with power,


with aggression. You do a little pout with the lips. Control the


mouse more. That is the darkest, the strongest we have seen you. I love


it. When people do a standing ovation, if only I could get that


every day. A really nice performance. I love the detail.


There was so much flamenco. Your fill of aggression, full of attack,


then you lack a little bit of authority. I have been trying hard


to be tough. I am not good at it. I was amazed about the intricacy of


some of those steps. I was expecting a lot more from this particular


Charleston. Do not listen to him. It was a great routine overall. You


cannot mess up looking like this. It was laboured, it was leading. The


jives about the sharpness of the kicks and the flicks. It was a


little flat-footed. Four. You have got to know how to flick. I liked


it. That is nice. Natalie, I felt like you were protecting Greg with


this dance. I do not feel like I can judge this as a rumba. Four. I loved


it. It was a brilliant dance. What more can I say. I was bothered by


the amount of mistakes there were. It is a real shame it went horribly


wrong. It is so frustrating. Toxic, addictive, horribly fabulous. I do


not know about supernatural. It was not super and it was not all that


natural, but your best dance. That is an eight.


Bang, wallop. Wonderful. I have to commend you on the detail, the clean


lines. Spot on. We smashed it out of the park. The lifts were fluid and


dramatic. Beautifully smooth. Your footwork was brilliant. It was a


really top notch performance. Nine. Ecstatic, so happy. Laura, the


attack, the focus, the determination. I think that was your


best dance. Amazing. That was so sharp. You were on fire.


Here's how the leaderboard looked at the end of


Joint top, we have Claudia and AJ, and Laura and Giovanni. Have your


votes at home changed everything? Ten couples danced on Saturday


but only nine can go So who is safe and who will face


the most frightening thing this In no particular order, the first


couple through to next week is... Judge Rinder and Oksana.


CHEERING Thank you, thank you. Also back


our... -- also back are... Grade and Natalie.


CHEERING Thank you. Surviving for another


week our... Ed and Katya.


CHEERING Returning to the dance floor next


Saturday... Claudia and AJ.


APPLAUSE Thank you. Know the first couple in


the dance-off. The rest of you, I'm afraid,


will have to wait a little longer APPLAUSE


Dear me. Here we are again. I am so sorry. She is breathing deeply. How


do you feel? A bit out of breath. Did you know what? I want together


that dance more attack. I will do that. Bruno, you said there was


plenty of life left in this partnership. Can you give Daisy a


confidence boost? This girl can raise the dead. While you kidding


me? I am stunned, bewildered. It was a beautiful dance. Fantastic


content, beautiful subtlety. Do not change a thing. Trust me, I have


been around a very long time. You are good.


APPLAUSE We wish you all the very best. Go


and attack it. We will see you later in the dance-off. Claudia, offer to


you. I'm joined by the first four couples


to have escaped the dance-off. Judge Rinder and Oksana, all you


wanted was to get better and to get 30. Congratulations. Each week we


just want to get better. Are teachers work so hard to make us


better each week. How are you going to come back next


week and feel confident? That's tough. We put our absolute heart and


soul into that. To get the same scores as the week before is


difficult because we tried hard to be better. So just back to the


drawing board, I guess. Also on the good news, the lovely public who


were watching, they kept you in. I know. Absolutely wonderful. I really


do hope everyone votes for us. We tried really hard. Again, fantastic


teacher here. Very well done. Huge congratulations. Top of the


leaderboard Saturday night. Just as AJ got rid of the gymnastics habits,


if you like, you are back in training for the Championships in


March. Will that be totally weird for you all week? I've got to be


very straight and do certain kinds of things. With AJ you've got to


lunge, to this and that and have your hands straight and gosh it will


be confusing but I'll be fine. All right, huge luck with both training


sessions. Ed, congratulations, not bottom of the leaderboard. I can


hardly believe it, improvement on last week. All the people who've


done our hair, make-up and costumes have been amazing. They have. Now


time for some music, performing, Ready Or Not, please welcome Laura


Mvula. # Ready or not


# Here I come # You can't hide


# Gonna find you # And make you happy


# Ready or not # Here I come


# You can't hide # Wanna love you


# And make you love me # You can run away


# Uh baby # I've got a lot of love


# Any where you go # My whole heart got to know


# Hey, baby # You get all the love


# Ready or not # Here I come


# You can't run #


Gonna find you # And make you happy, yes


# Ready or not # Here I come


# Gonna love you # And make you love me, yeah


# Ready or not # Here I come


# Ready or not # Here I come


# You can't hide # Ready or not


# Here I come # You can't hide


# Wanna find you # And make you love me


# Wanna love you # And make you love me


# You can't run away # From this love I've got, oh baby


# Hey baby, cos I've got a lot of love


# Any where you go # My whole heart got to know


# Hey baby, you get all the love # Ready or not, here I come


# You can't hide # Gonna find you


# And make you love me # Ready or not


# Here I come # You can hide


# Gonna love you # And make you love me #




Huge thank you to Laura Mvula and also to her dancers for that


routine. If you happened to spot something strange on the dance


floor, who you gonna call? The judges, everyone!


# Ghostbusters... Thank you so much. We now dissect


things that happened on Saturday night. Couldn't we do it alone,


Craig? No, darling. Please welcome Len's Lens. Len Goodman, what I love


has taken 14 series for this to happen, group number, you flying,


let's have a reminder. You look so cute and slightly terrified.


I know Craig is a past master of flying on guitars, I'd never done


it. It was high. It is! We had to cuddle. Let me talk to you about


Claudia and AJ. You loved their footwork, you said it took a lot of


effort. Let's have a look. This is called the hill turn. Feet together,


then on to the toe, yes thank you, should have a heel now, love it,


yes, couple of little spins. Here they are, turning, turning, turning.


Then, further step and then the three steps. Look how she's drawing


back off the heel into another heel. I tell you, unless you've done


ballroom dancing, you do not appreciate how difficult that is in


addition to all the razzamatazz. That was brilliant. She's great.


Thank you very much. I'm pleased when you are delighted. Danny's


lunges, Darcey, we are going to have a look at his stumble now. You said


it might be because he's too... He came off balance and you have to


control it. See there, he just anticipated because his wait and


balance, his momentum's going forward and he's got to hold back.


Incredibly difficult but they are also tied together which makes it


even harder. Such a shame, he was so disappointed. Difficult to pick


yourself back up. Really hard. Craig, can I talk to you about Judge


Rinder? Please do. Brilliant Saturday night. You loved his knee


walks. Here is a reminder. Why so good? A lovely knee spin, then it


takes great courage to control the whole thing and also, you have to be


on balance. I thought he did a really good job. He's calmed the


facial expresses down, taken it that bit more seriously which I'm


absolutely adoring and I really, really enjoyed that. Thank you so




Bruno, I want to talk to you about Laura and Giovanni. You said


specifically the sharpness in the tango, here is the reminder. Whack,


whiplash! And hot as hell! But actually, it has to be on the beat


and on time. The whole dance actually, purely as a tango was


wonderful. She could not have put more into it if she wanted to.


Incredible comeback, don't you agree? Yes, OK. Thank you very much.


APPLAUSE. Finally, I have two words for you,


ooh and ah, let's have a listen. # Ooh, ah, ooh, ah, ooh, ah.


Memorable. Thank you so much. Let's hear it for the judges.


APPLAUSE. Thank you. Four couples have made it


through to next week but who will be joining them? Tess?


Thanks Claudia. Which couple will be facing Daisy and Aljaz in the


dance-off? It's time to find out. In no particular order, the fifth


couple to return next week is... Louise and Kevin.


Yeah! Thank you. Back to dance again next Saturday


are... Ore and Joanne.


Oh, thank you. Laura and Giovanni.


Yes! Thank you, thank you.


So that means an station ya and Brendan and Danny and of thety, one


of you is safe, one of you is in the dance-off, I can reveal the couple


in the bottom two tonight who will compete in the dance-off is...


Anna station ya and Brendan -- Anastasia and Brendan. Anastacia and


Brendan come and join me. APPLAUSE.


Here we go again. You have been here before. Yes. What is going through


your head right now? That I didn't do kicks and flicks, yes. It's that


I don't know those things. Let's talk to Darcey. You said their jive


had energy but lacked technique. How can Anastacia improve the dance-off?


Well, you are a great little match you two. Get your weight forward, on


to the balls and get that flick, that retraction on those kicks, get


the knees up. It was great fun watching, I hope you had great fun


dancing it. Thank you for the advice. We are all


behind you. We'll see you later on in the dance-off. Best of luck.


Claudia, over to you. Thank you, I'm here with the rest of


the couples safely through to next week. How happy are you all and


quite emotional? Don't make me cry. Every time I look at you you cry.


You look after them, Joanne. The sobers. Well done Laura, you were


top of the leaderboard on Saturday and then to be through you must be


over the moon? You just don't know because the standard is so high and


everyone is giving everything to this and we are all so close, you


feel it for everyone else and when we are all standing up there, we are


all feeling it for everyone else. I said it to you before, can you stop


doing this bit? ! Not really but we'll try. Huge congratulations.


Well done. Next week, the salsa. Loads of lifts. Is that good news or


bad news? It's good news because it means I don't have to wear this! You


look awesome. This has been tormenting OK. I'm so, so grateful


to be given another chance because Jo and the whole team that put this


together have been incredible and worked so hard, they have been so


patient with me so I'm so, so glad that we get to do this again. The


salsa, bring it on, no beard! No beard. Very well done, you looked


incredibly nervous under those lights. It was nerve-racking, you


know, the dance last night didn't go perfectly but there are worse thing


happening in the world than messing up a foxtrot. Over it, glad we don't


have to do it again. Very, very well done. Oti can you bounce him back,


he already seems quite bouncy. He needs to bounce me back! No, no, no,


please don't be sad, you did great. Louise, can't say these words


without exploding, you are doing an Argentine tango next week. Yes. I


don't quite know what that means but everyone keeps going "ooh". Good


luck! Well done! Kevin she's going to be fantastic. She is. I'm proud


of her this week. Len said we might have plateaued last week so to come


on this week and do better than we did before, amazing, really proud of


her. Well done to all of you. If a week of Strictly isn't enough for


you, you can tune into Zoe Ball every night on BBC Two.


Fear not, we are full of treats here at It Takes Two. We have had


hair-raising moments. Frighteningly good fun.


And ghoulish surprises. So, for a terrifyingly good time,


join me Zoe Ball for It Takes Two on Monday 6. 30, BBC Two.


Thank you, zoo. Zoe. We are here with our couples. One of them will


leave tonight. Previous scores mean absolutely nothing. Whichever couple


impresses the judges most with their next dance is through. Anastacia,


you fantastic creature, are you quite excited about kicking and


flicking again? I'm actually really excited so I think that's just what


I'm going to do, is kick and flick my way through Meatloaf which is


what Len likes me to do, Len likes Meatloaf so... We all like that.


Brendan? For my girl, Aljaz and Daisy, leave nothing in the dressing


room, make this our best performance and see what happens. Thank you so


much. Enormous luck, please get into position. Anastacia and Brendan.


Come on, baby! APPLAUSE


How are you going to attack that dance-off? I am going to try really


hard to stay tough the rated. I love doing the paso doble. It is going to


be great. I will give it more shaping and go for it. Enjoy it. She


did so well in the dance-off last week. What does she have to do? The


exact same as last week. She performed the Charleston so well in


the dance-off. The paso doble yesterday was brilliant. I cannot


wait to see it again. Good luck, darling. Good luck to both of you.


Right now, dancing to stay on Strictly, it is Anastacia and


Brendan. Well done. Thank you. Anastacia and


Brendan have done all they can. No, dancing to stay in the competition,


it is Daisy and Aljaz. MUSIC: "Don't Let Me


Be Misunderstood" CHEERING


, one. -- come on. Thank you. One of you will come back next week,


one of you will leave tonight. Based on the dance-off alone,


I'm about to ask each of you the name of the couple


you think deserves to be saved The couple with the most votes


will stay in the competition, meaning the other couple is out


of Strictly Come Dancing. In the event of a tie,


head judge Len, you will Anastacia and Brendan, add Daisy and


Aljaz, this is it. Craig, who are you


going to save and why? I would like to save the more


powerful and better dancer on the night, and I believe that couple to


be Daisy and Aljaz. That is one vote for you.


Darcey, who do you think deserves to stay in the competition and why?


It is tough when people are in the dance-off. It is hard to make this


choice, but the couple I would like to save for their dance quality and


performance is Daisy and Aljaz. It is two votes for Daisy and Aljaz. If


Bruno votes for them, they will stay next week.


Bruno, who do you want to stay in Strictly Come Dancing and why?


First, I want to say that both couples put up a fierce fight. I


like that. I would like to choose the couple that gave me more


satisfying content, quality of movement, power of performance,


Daisy and Aljaz. That means we are saying goodbye to Anastacia and


Brendan. Please come and join us. Len, I know it makes no difference,


but did you agree? Yes, I did agree, Daisy and Aljaz were my winners.


Congratulations Daisy and Aljaz. We will see you next week. Anastacia,


we are really going to miss you in this competition. What has been your


personal highlight. Do not say dancing the polka. I have really


enjoyed being here. I am sorry to get emotional. This was a place for


me to get to know my female. This place allowed me to do that, the


head and they make up, the production. The judges gave me great


comments. You guys are amazing, the way you run this family. It is


beautiful. Out there in the UK, you know why you're watching the show,


it is amazing. And you are amazing. Thank you for everything. Do you


know what? # I am not out of love.


# Strictly. This programme will miss you, I will miss you. Thank you for


teaching me so much about everything and being a fantastic partner.


APPLAUSE Off you go for one last dance. I am


sorry to send you away. We are going to really miss Anastacia and


Brendan. They will join Zoe on Monday's It


Takes Two at 6:30 on BBC Two. You can also head to


bbc.co.uk/strictly, where you'll Claudia and I will be back next


Saturday at 6:55 when our couples take to the floor with nine


brand-new routines. For now, dancing aside, it is the


truly wonderful Anastacia and Brendan.


It does not get any easier. Anastacia, I applied. She was an


amazing person. She looked after me so much. When someone goes through


as extraordinary as she is, it feels sad. I am so grateful I get to fight


another week with you. We are down to the last nine. The competition is


incredibly difficult. I am so happy. We are through another week? Week


seven. That was our best dance. I loved it. It is great to go through.


It is a beautiful, beautiful samba. I do not even know what samba means.


To be MICK: All you've got to do


is show up. When were you going to tell


Whitney about the loan? MICK: All you've got to do


is show up. Everything that could go wrong


went wrong yesterday. and you've got to do it


before the wedding.


Pumpkins at the ready as Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome you to a results show full of freaky Halloween delights. The judges' scores and public votes have been combined and the two couples with the lowest score will dance off against each other, before Halloween claims its next victim and 10 couples become nine. Laura Mvula will be awakening the werewolves inside us with her new track Ready or Not Troy, and don't miss our professionals as they deliver a bewitching group routine. So which couples will be treated to another week on Strictly and who will be spirited away from the competition for good.