Week 6 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 6

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce a Halloween spooktacular as the 10 remaining couples hit the dance floor for a ballroom battle to stay in the show.

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Last week, ten celebrities took to the floor for our dancing delight.


Some shopping, like the stars above. Yet you are an incredible dancer.


While others were in for a shocking surprise. In the end we said goodbye


to Mystic Leslie, just one week short of our strictly Spookstacular.


It was all Hallows Eve and all through the land something strange


had come to land. Brendan, I thought you were feeling better this week?


Could you get me a cup of tea, please? Daisy, come on, we have work


to do. Did you get dressed in the dark this morning? That's not like


you, Giovanni. You could have at least shaved for me today. Stop


slipping, I want to rehearse. As the mood takes on a glittery sheen, this


is Strictly Hallowe'en. Now, that's scary!


MUSIC: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).


Live from the BBC, this is the Strictly Come


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing -


The Halloween Special! Thanks to our professional dancers,


celebrities and judges for a fantastic routine to the track


You Spin Me Round, which was co-written and originally


performed by Pete Burns, who sadly passed away


earlier this week. We send our love out


to his family and friends. Last week Lesley and Anton lost out


to Daisy and Aljaz in the Dance Off and sadly Lesley left


the competition. Tonight, our remaining ten couples


are hoping to thrill you all and watching


them - very closely - will be our frightening foursome.


Our creepy couples have been lurking backstage.


It's time to bring them out from the shadows and into


So please welcome our Strictly stars.


TV presenter and singer Louise Redknapp and her


Star of Judge Rinder, Robert Rinder, and his partner Oksana Platero.


Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapane and her partner AJ Pritchard.


BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba and his partner Joanne Clifton.


Model Daisy Lowe and her partner Aljaz Skorjanec.


World champion long jumper Greg Rutherford and his


Former Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls and his


TV host Laura Whitmore and her partner Giovanni Pernice.


Actor Danny Mac and his partner Oti Mabuse.


Singer Anastacia and her partner Brendan Cole.


Amongst them a couple of bats, a mad scientist and a wicked witch -


all hoping to work their magic on the dance floor tonight.


You will be able to vote for your favourite later on.


Your votes will be added to the judges' scores to decide


which two couples will face the Dance Off in tomorrow


It will then be down to the judges alone to decide who


stays and who goes. And hoping to send a shiver


down your spine first is Louise Redknapp and her


partner Kevin Clifton. Their Halloween routine


playing super villain Harley Quinn from Batman.


It's a fun dance full of comedy, so who better for her to dance it


Last Saturday is the most I've been proud of you on Strictly so far. I


was really scared of the rumba but ended up being pleasantly surprised.


We got a great score, 33, but there were comments from the judges. You


are on a plateau, something has to happen to give you that extra boost.


This is the week that I really need to grow some guts. For Hallowe'en,


Kevin and Louise are becoming Batman's nemesis, the Joker, and his


side quick, Harley Quinn. This week we have the charleston. This is a


chance for us to show the crazy side of Louise. In order to bring out the


silly side of Louise's character, Kevin is taking his role as a joke


at a little too literally. Why did the ghost play football? I don't


know. He liked scoring ghouls. Why didn't he like Strictly Come Dancing


Jamaat he'd didn't have a body to dance with. I think Kevin has the


wrong end of the stick. The Joker is a bad guy and the only bad thing


about Kevin is his jokes! What do you call a fat pumpkin? I don't


know. The plumpkin. I hope our dancing is more than a treat than


Kevin's chokes on Saturday night. Dancing that charleston, Louise


Redknapp and Kevin "Cobweb" Clifton. The dancing duo. No wonder you are


smiling, that was wonderful. What lifts. Before we chat to the judges,


let's say hello to our freakishly good live singers.


Hayley, Lance, Andrea, Tommy and of course Count Dave Arch


I can hear them panting from here. You were keen to push yourself even


harder after last week's comments from the judges. Did she pushed


herself harder? 100%, so animated, honestly. It was a comic book... I


thought the routine was bat Dandy! You were Marvel and there was more


fun than be no! It was absolutely spot on. And from this Joker to


another, Bruno. Oh, yes, bang, wallop, the charleston as pop art.


It was like watching Toni Basil in the master trickster stepping in and


out over Roy Lichtenstein painting, you don't see that in the Tate


Modern, but you see it on Strictly. Unusual. I wasn't expecting that at


all, actually, that's why I found it very interesting, these different


ideas put into that dance and done so well, wonderful.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Craig? I felt it was a little bit


too controlled, if I'm being absolutely honest. But I have to


commend you on the details clean lines that you showed there, the


side-by-side kick session was absolutely amazing. I loved the time


step tap you inserted, that was cute and full of personality. Well done.


CHEERING Darcey. Thank you, Louise, a


dazzling charleston. The details, carefree, you have pulled out the


stops and thank you, because it paid off. Brilliant, brilliant. It paid


off. Thanks to our very own Joker, it's Louise and Kevin.


APPLAUSE What the judges said to you, we want


more, and they said we got more, and I have to say what was so sweet, in


the judges' comments, Lerner said something lovely and there was a


shot of your husband going, come on! You must be so happy because what do


they want from me? I know, I wanted to do what they asked of me, Kevin


worked so hard with me all week. It's hard in the rehearsal room but,


when I get there, I try. She has worked so hard this week purely


because of the comments last week. Well done. The scores are in. Ladies


and gentlemen, the judges have the scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Eight.


Darcey Bussell. Nine. Len Goodman. Nine. And Bruno Tonioli. Nine.


You are so polite. Next to you, Kevin is like, yes! Well done. You


must be so happy. If you would like to see Louise and Kevin back next


week, the details are on your screen now. You can vote for them when


voting opens at the end of the show. PHONE RINGS


I've been waiting outside. Excellent news. Guys, the pizza is here.


Please ask the bill payer's permission. Nobody else is


listening. Don't vote yet because your vote


won't count and you may still be charged. Tuck in. Our next couple in


the haunted ballroom is Judge Rinder and his partner, Oksana Platero.


With the help of Oksana Platero Judge Rinder has-been 's deadly


improving the weeks. Tonight, they are doing a paso doble as


butterflies and judge is hoping this routine will give him a chance to


spread his wings. How do you feel about last week? Amazing. I can't


say the dance was brilliant, but just the fun. It's what I wanted to


achieve. Getting eight from Len means the world to me. I felt that


showed we were getting better, and I love it. This week we are doing a


paso doble and you are going to be a moth, like a manly butterfly. Isn't


that an oxymoron? For inspiration, Oksana has taken Judge Rinder to a


butterfly and moth sanctuary. It's magical. You've got the bloom


author. Red lace them. The largest moth in the world. The wingspan can


reach... On this one looks like you. As soon as we came in he started


acting strange. She is scary at times but she wants the best. Hello,


how are you? What? No, I'm dancing the paso doble this week. My


character is a paso doble like moth full of smouldering to rubber --


smouldering terror. I am king of the butterflies. Enjoyed myself in this


incredible butterfly and moth paradise. I feel I can now truly


inhabit the character. Dancing the petrifying paso doble,


Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero the poisonous.


I think the audience enjoyed as much as I did. Great drama from you. I


had so much fun. Was I supposed to? I was trying to be butch and


channelling my inner Craig. You were the richest butterfly I've ever


seen. Was he born to dance? Want to dazzle in his own unique way. I


think you were channelling Natalie Portman in Black Swan when she goes


berserk. It has to be perfect! In fact, there was a lots of paso


You are losing your shape at times. Maybe it is the wings getting in the


way. You had to retain the shaping. But plenty of task -- plenty of paso


doble, and the dragging, darling, folk, you can drag. We know that


Judge always entertains, but is he continuing to improve? The result


was very Silence Of The Lambs. A bit gruesome. But I mean that in a good


way. Your doubles need a bit of work. They need to be into the


ground. But it is your darkest, strongest that I've seen you, which


is fantastic. I thought the shaping was rather good. I love the knee,


brilliant. A bit haphazard at times, but I liked it very much. He liked


it very much. Praise from Craig. Darcey. The paso doble is probably


the most theatrical dance, and you definitely gave your all. The


aggression, I haven't seen it in you. Valiant. There were moments


where you did a little cloud with your lips. If you can control your


mouth a bit more. -- a little pout. Stop but I love the power you gave


to those lunges. They were stretched out and dramatic and you were coming


to the end. I will never get bored watching you, I know this. Now, Len


you gave him an eight last week. How did he do tonight? Iron you deserved


it last week because you came out and danced. Tonight, you were not


flitting about like a moth in a flame, you came out with and


aggression. Your posture was good. The knee walks, I used to do those


35 years ago and I have got a new knee. In 25 years, you will probably


need an operation. You work that last week, you have come out again,


strong, powerful and meaningful. Well done. -- you were good last


week. You must have loved those comments.


You really care what they say. I want to get better each week. I care


what judges say. But its Oksana Platero birthday today. Happy


birthday! I know that you care what they say, so fingers crossed. You


haven't gone down yet in your score. Not yet, but as it is Oksana's


birthday, we hoped they'd be generous. Judges, please reveal your


scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Eight. Darcey Bussel. Eight. Len Goodman.


Eight. Bruno Tonioli. Eight. That is your highest score. You look


emotional. We broke the 13 barrier! On her birthday! Did I mention it is


her birthday? If you don't want these to butterflies to be released


back into the wild, the details are on your screen. Still to come,


Anastacia is a bat and so is Brendan. They eat butterflies in the


wild so if I were you I'd scarper. Next, Claudia Fragapane E and her


partner, AJ Pritchard. A Halloween American Smooth, Claudia will be a


teenage witch and she will be turning a frog into Prince AJ. If


that goes well, she is hoping to turn the judges Laurie panels into


ten. I enjoyed the weekend. Fantastic dancing, a brilliant


endeavour. So pleased we got 32. It was incredible. Since we have won


it, have I got any better? I feel so much more confident. 100%. You are


starting to enjoy the dance on the night. It's refreshing for me to see


how far you have come. With Halloween coinciding with Claudia's


birthday, AJ has got her a present. Will it spell success? That has got


all of the Strictly spells that will help you with every dance. Let's


start with that. With more glitter and sequins in your American Smooth,


let's hope your head doesn't move. This feels weird! Your head is


backwards! It could be a trick or a treat. We don't want two left feet.


My feet don't feel right. That's because they are left! What are we


going to do? By making our feet a bit faster, hopefully on Halloween


Craig doesn't think it's a disaster. AJ, something is happening to my


feet! Help! Claudia, comeback! Shall we stick to training? I think so!


Dancing the American Smooth, Claudia Fragapane and AJ pumpkin precharge.


-- AJ pumpkin Pritchard. Claudia and AJ. Wow! They were


spellbinding. Gosh. Magical. Did she cast a spell over you lot? I thought


the footwork was very good. You maintained body contact a lot. I


liked the frame, the lifts were fluid and dramatic. It was dynamic.


Well done. Darcey. Beautifully smooth dismounts from every lift. To


be able to take those transitions and iron them out. You had a dress


malfunction on the last but you kept your head up. Every time you come


out of a old, keep your eye level up. I noticed you are looking at the


floor. But spectacular. Well done. It was spellbinding. Lovely flow.


What I like, sometimes people do lifts and they do these great big


lifts but they get on my wick a bit, because they are nothing to do with


it. Your lifts complemented the movement and the fluidity of the


dance, which was lovely. AJ, I was so pleased that you had the


confidence to give Claudia a three step, which is a step I never see.


People cheat and just do a chassis. Your footwork was brilliant. It was


a top-notch performance. Oh, my little witch. There is nothing nasty


about you. Actually, it's all goodness. What a wonderful dance.


They have said all the major points, but there is something else.


Sometimes you tend to be a bit angular, because of your gymnastic


training. Tonight, you were as lyrical and beautiful and rounded as


you should be. So maintained that. It makes all the difference. I know


you worked a lot on that. The fluidity of movement, the extension


of the arms, that's the way to go. Well done. You must be happy with


that. Well done. Claudia and AJ! That's amazing!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done, Claudia, your gymnast


coaches are here in the audience and they were so proud, the rods were


colliding and -- the worlds were colliding and they have supported


you so much. I'm achieving loads because of them. Such a lovely thing


to say. You wanted to show the judges you were smooth and it was


perfect. The scores are in. The judges' scores are in. Craig Revel


Horwood. Nine. Darcey Bussell. Nine. Len Goodman. Nine. Bruno Tonioli.




Very well done. If you loved Claudia and AJ and want to see them back


next week, all the details are on your screen now, so you can vote for


them when voting ends at the end of the show. -- when voting opens at


the end of the show. Still to come, Danny is a hideous creature.


Our next dancers are Anastacia and her partner, Brendan Cole. Last week


Brendan was ill soap Gorka Marquez kindly stepped in. Brendan is back


tonight and they are dancing to a fast-paced meatloaf song, as a pair


of bats. They'll be going at it like a bat out of hell. Watching the


dance was difficult to do, I was so chuffed with what you have done. And


how you both danced together. I was very, very proud. Thank you. It was


one of the magical ones of the night. Thank you. It was one lovely


dance, well done. I was trying to get the best scores because I wanted


you back. We are going to smash 30 this week. The pressure is on. This


week, Anastacia has to transform into what bat for her jive. To the


Batcave, there's not a moment to lose. Today, I got to training and


Brendan had a few surprises for me. Training is vitally important, this


week we are bats. Night-vision is crucial. Let's do this. That's very


dark. Stand on your left foot. No, no! I think I heard him, I'm not


quite sure. Bats have supersonic hearing. I want to see those legs.


With Strictly it's important to have downtime and you have to hang around


now and then. I'm really getting the hang of this, I love it. I think the


most exciting part for me was the fact we were dancing on the ceiling.


All this bat training has really got me into character and I hope I'm not


going to be winging it. On Saturday night. Dancing that jive, Anastacia


and Brendan "Cold Hearted" Cole. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Oh, very good! Come on over. That was frighteningly fast and you have


the stamina to deliver. Yes. Not even out of breath. Welcome back,


Brendan, so glad you are better. So Darcey, my our bats be flying up the


Leader Board? You certainly turned on the energy. You have the


confidence from last week, which is brilliant, because it was a strong,


dynamic character and you used the choreography to come that very nice,


Brendan. It needs to follow through straight to the technique as well. I


would love to have seen in the kickball change, in the bald change,


you are on the balls of your feet and you lift the knees up, it was


just a bit flat-footed for me but generally come as a whole, I really


am president performance. Very good, from Darcey. Len? There was some


tasty bits in there, but there's always things you're not really sure


about and I thought you came out and you gave it a performance which is


great, but Darcey is right, the little clicks you do come more from


the knee and they were a little bit loose, but you came out, you sold


it, you were having fun and that is what the jive is about. Well done.


Bruno? Talk about embracing the character. Totally batty on the


borderline bonkers! I mean, I love the fact you went into Tina Turner


for a moment. Whatever works, you are going to do it. I love that, I


love when somebody gives all they've got, but they are right, the jive is


all on the sharpness of the kicks and the slick, very quick


retraction, the pump action, it has to bleed pin sharp and you really --


it has to be pin sharp and that is one thing we look at, it is very


important for this dance. But performance wise, a treat. Thank


you. Was at a trade -- treat for you, Craig? No, it was flat-footed,


laboured, leading to come a torpid, it lacked any... Sluggish? She had


speed! I'm only being honest, darling. It had a lovely smile. I


love your outfit. Thank you. Thank you, judges. We all loved it. Thank


you, Anastasia and Brendan. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


We loved it up here, it's so lovely to have you back. You two worked so


hard this week on the kicks and the flicks. It was a good, strong dance,


we loved it in training. Hair, make-up, costume, unbelievable!


APPLAUSE This is all done by hand, this is


not put on each and every moment is done by hand. It took me hours.


The scores are in. Will the judges Parisse -- please reveal the scores?


Craig Revel Horwood. Four. Darcey Bussell. Seven. Len Goodman. Seven.


Bruno Tonioli. Seven. I know, you didn't like the four. If you would


like to keep Anastasia and Brendan in the competition, all the details


are on your screen now, so you can vote for them when voting opens at


the end of the show. Still to come, Laura is in a baggy Grim Reaper's


cloak, she couldn't get one in the right size. -- scythe. Our next


creepy couple is Danny Mac and his partner, Oti Mabuse. They are going


to be a Hallowe'en couple getting married, I don't know what the


wedding will be like but looking at the State of them I think the hen


and stag dos must have been pretty good! Sorry! I was in two minds


about the rumba, I wanted to do it because I love a challenge, turns


out it went so well. It was a masculine performance. I could watch


you all night. I couldn't believe the score. You knocked it out of the


park, I'm so proud of you, Danny Mac. It's Hallowe'en week will stop


we are dancing the foxtrot to take me to church. -- to Take Me To


Church. Great song. You have to be cool, calm and collected. Oti has


some spooky surprises in store for Danny. Meet me at the church.


Because it's Hallowe'en I thought I'd play a few tricks on Danny.


What's this? Something doesn't feel quite right. I don't know what on


earth is going on. I swear I've seen those cobwebs, there's bats, I don't


know where Oti is. I can hear music. I hope it's Oti. If anyone ever find


this video... Tell Craig I was sorry I was never good enough for a ten.


Oti? Is that you? Danny, where have you been? We need to practice. I


have had all the scares I can handle for this week, so I hope there are


no frights on the night. Dancing the frightful foxtrot, Danny Mac and Oti




So sorry, so sorry. Oh, come over, darling, you just raised the roof.


All right? Are you whispering something in her ear? Sorry. Sorry?


It didn't go to plan. I'm sure we'll hear about it. She's got you on that


shortly do already. That was the cause of it. You two are brilliant


together, what do you think, Len? I was bewitched, bothered and


bewildered, bewitched by the performance, bothered by the amount


of mistakes there were, it's so hard, you have to be in line then


you have to go outside of your partner, and I was bewildered by the


elastic appendage! I didn't quite get that at all. However, in having


said that you got sway going in there which is so hard to do.


Listen, we all make mistakes, there were a couple in there but I'm sure


you'll be back and it will all be forgotten. Well done.


APPLAUSE Carried on, that's amazing. Bruno.


You went for the hauntingly Gothic, almost operatic high drama and a few


dramas on the footwork as well! You pushed the boundaries on the


concept, which I is, the puppet on a string. It's very, very difficult,


but usually you don't do any mistakes. It happens to anyone. You


did a couple of foot faults, you stepped on her! But actually what


you did right was very, very good. So you know, just move over next


time, and do better. Craig? Really sad, that could have been ten,


actually, because I loved the concept, I liked the modern


theatrical nurse to it, I the appendage, that you were bothered


by, I thought it was great. It's just a real shape -- shame it all


went horribly wrong. Darcey? I think it's because you really stretched


yourself and the choreography was really interesting. I loved you made


it very difficult working with that, having to loop your arm underneath,


it came out again, I mean really, I give it to you. It was impressive.


It is a shame when you don't get the balance books I think it was because


you were overly shut -- stretching with long, gliding moves and you got


off balance but I have to say it was terrific. Even with those mistakes.


It's a live show, it happens. Off you go. Enjoy your honeymoon.


Oh, I'm so sorry. You were so looking forward to doing the


foxtrot. I know that training has been amazing, and he was holding


onto you. What happened? At least Oti managed to pull me back into


position. At least we got to the end. Thank you. Well done. You did


brilliantly. Scores are in. Be judges have their scores. Craig


Revel Horwood. Seven. Darcey Bussel. Eight. Len Goodman. Seven. Bruno


Tonioli. Eight. 30, still good. It's your lowest score. Not bad for a


lowest score. It's really not. If you enjoyed this couple staying till


death do us part and, by the look of them, that could be any time soon,


extraordinary make-up. There is still lots more to come.


The charleston is all about swivel. You've got to make sure your feet do


a swivelling motion. That's too fast, it's weird. I knew it was


going to be for long but I wasn't prepared for how demanding it is. It


takes over your life. This week I've got a much better feeling and I hope


I can hold the position is well and looked strong and have a good dance.


At the beginning, I said I didn't want to do any lacking but, to my


surprise, I quite like it. -- any lacking. Be paso doble is energetic.


When I get it right, it is the best. Looking forward to all that,


especially Ed's routine is a mad scientist. I borrowed his science


lab to make myself an elixir of youth. Wouldn't hurt to knock if you


years. Excuse me while I give it a go. OK, our next couple is Laura


Whitmore her partner, Giovanni Pernice. After missing last week's


show due to an ankle injury, Laura is back and ready to go with a


Halloween tango to die for. How are you getting on with that elixir of


youth? Not as well as I'd hoped... Missed you best Saturday. I missed


being there. Laura has injured ankle. I was watching at home and


not part of it. It was horrible. As devastated as I was, you have to


move on. Is a new week and a new dance you are feeling good.


Terrifying tango training starts well but then something weird


happened. Just another day. I was just polishing of my tango steps and


all of a sudden it felt like there was something in the room. Something


watching us. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye. It was a dark


presence. Laura, come with me. Joe was so scared. I was strangely drawn


to him. He was hypnotic. Dance moves -- his dance moves were not from


this world. It was clear it was some sort of Demon. A fun Demon. It was


so great and I went -- I was so brave and I went to rescue Laura.


OK, enough. And it was Anton. I couldn't stay away. I wanted a


chance to dance again. Can you blame me? I love Halloween. Dancing be


terrifying tango, Laura Whitmore and Giovanni "Poltergeist" Pernice.


Plenty of passion. How does it feel to be back? It's great. I love


dance. Lovely having you back. Bruno, you are Laura's biggest fan.


Were you tantalised? You are jolly enough to lead me to damnation. You


are the sexiest ghouls I have ever seen. A spookily good tango. You've


got the looks of a winner. That was so sharp, right on it, precise


musicality. And you managed to put in a little tease. O'Connor I love


those things. With the shoulders. You were on fire! Oh, I love those


things. Your left hand was bothering me because the thumb should be just


in his pit. You started in a nice way but then it started closing in


and becoming very odd. A small thing for an extremely amazing...


CHEERING Laura, the attack, the focus, the determination, it's great


to see you on this dance floor. I really enjoyed the mix of those


sharp, snapping hips but then the quality of the feminine that you


were able to give at the same time was really, really nice. I think it


was your best dance. Darcey thinks it was your best dance. Look at Len.


Zebedee do.! There was plenty of zip and hardly any doodah. Your footwork


could have been better but sharp and full of passion and chemistry. Your


best dance, no question. Darcey is right. Well done, Laura. Laura and


Giovanni! Well done. I thought you might burst


into tears. Noted at this stage. What a way to come back because I


know you have been in terrible pain. I think the pain helps. You kind of


channel eight just I love doing that dance. -- you glad of channel it. I


love doing that dance. How did she do? Really well. Well done. Really


good. The judges have their scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Nine. Reed


Darcey Bussel. Nine. Len Goodman. Nine. And Bruno Tonioli. Nine. 36!


Can you believe it? You are joint top of the Leader Board. There is


always more tears. If you would like to see Laura and Giovanni back next


week, all the information you need is on your screen. Don't really cry.


I want you to be happy. Voting opens at the end of the show. Well done.


Still to come, Olympian Greg jumps out of his skin, which I believe is


a new personal best. Next is Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton. For their


Halloween charleston, they'll be the grotesque owners of a sweet shop and


they've actually got real sweet and I managed to get some gobstoppers


for Craig. Open wide... I was so nervous before that dance.


I've never been that nervous. He worked so hard and all that work


really paid off. You are an incredible dancer. That meant so


much. 36?! That was amazing. It's Halloween week and we are dancing be


charleston. These steps are so fast and intricate. You have to


concentrate. My Halloween nightmare has already begun... Begun... When


you think of Halloween, what's the first thing that comes to mind?


Ghosts. Another one? Monsters. Pumpkins! That as well. Joanne


brought me to one of the UK's biggest pumpkin farms to get me in


the mood. We had a pumpkin farming competition. I definitely won. There


we go. Wow, that is like looking into a mirror. We have had a


spooktacular day at the pumpkin farm. Here's hoping we can carve up


a great routine on Saturday. Dancing a chilling charleston, Ore Oduba and


Joanne "Cackling" Clifton. What a charleston! , way from the


sweeties will stop no offence, but you two look hideous. We dressed up


for the occasion. Right then, still eating marshmallows? Don't worry.


Sweets in his hair, what's going on? Top of the Leader Board the last two


weeks, how did they do, Craig? It's your supporting leg that is the


problem in this charleston and it's mainly to do with swivelling. Your


left foot occasionally swivels, your right foot never swivels. The first


thing that you should do, even if it's all day when you are learning a


charleston, is really only concentrate on that one thing, then


start, and I'm surprised it wasn't there because I'm expecting a lot


more from this particular charleston, particularly without


swivels, then it's not a charleston, so you have shot yourself in the


foot, so to speak. However, the placement of the dance is always


very good, technically I think it's very good in that way, and your


timing is always very good, except when you missed the lift and as soon


as you got back into charleston Basic, you were completely out of


time. It was... Oh! It was out of time. It wasn't perfect, was it?


Your characterisation was absolutely brilliant.


APPLAUSE Positive in the end. Ore, it really


wasn't that bad, don't listen to him. It was sweet, cheeky, neat, a


great routine overall. CHEERING


There was one moment when you got out of Cink-macro, that -- out of


sync, the two of you, you recovered quickly, but I did find it's like


you have springs built into your shoes or something. There's this


natural, it's wonderful actually to watch, I saw that in the jive, but


really you just don't tire at all. You made everything looked very


easy, so well done. APPLAUSE


He's broken sweat and that beer. Len? There was plenty of creeks and


I was amazed, especially at the early stages at the intricacy of


some of those steps, and they were right on point, together. I can't


agree with Craig about the Chaston. OK, you could have put more


charleston in, but the charleston I thought was terrific. OK, you're


tempted a lift over there, that little fling over the shoulder which


went a little bit dodgy, and you lost synchronicity for a bit, but


overall there was a terrific routine and I thought it was great.


APPLAUSE Bruno, what do you think? You are


the cuddly monster I have ever seen! You're like a werewolf on a sugar


high. With enough energy to sell it back to the National Grid, I tell


you. What you put on that dance both creatively and in effort is


fantastic. Actually, it was perfectly in sync, until the mishap


with lift but the new carried on spend the delay. -- you carried on


splendidly. You're a fantastic dancer, with a fantastic dance.


Thank you, we end on a high judges' comments. Ore and Joanne.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE No, no, no, are you disappointed? A


little bit, yes, I've never missed that lift in the whole time we


rehearsed it. I had a mind blank and the whole time I didn't want to drop


her, thankfully not on her face but I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You did well,


don't be down, I promise, the scores are in. Ladies and gentlemen, the


judges have the scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Six. Darcey Bussell. Eight.


Len Goodman. Nine. Bruno Tonioli. Nine. So you got two nines, a proper


pick and mix score situation. There's so much left in the beard if


she wants any more! If you would like to see Ore and Joanne back next


week, all the details are on your screen now so you can vote for them


when voting opens at the end of the show. Still to come, Daisy dances a


paso doble and Ed takes on the cha-cha. Tess. Ewan-macro dancing


next is Greg Rutherford and his partner, Natalie Rowe. Greg is


playing the part of an Edwardian gentleman who finds the ghost of his


long lost love, but will he be able to capture the spirit of the rumba?


Last Saturday night obviously it wasn't the perfect performance. How


did you feel? It's more disappointment than anything else. I


wanted it to be good and then it was horrendous. Ed looked very stiff,


the walks looked awkward. The dance did expose all the stuff you really


can't do, sadly. Don't get down, come back stronger. I'm incredibly


thankful to be given the opportunity to dance again. I hope I can perform


a lot better than I did last week. This week, they are dancing a


haunting rumba and Natalie wants Greg to play a ghostly ghoul in the


routine. Greg, where better to train than this old spooky house. Very


spooky, I can't wait to get inside and see what it's like. I need you


to get into the spirit of being a ghost, so try and think like a


ghost. No. At first I thought she's obviously lost the plot here. Try


one more time. But after awhile I turned into a ghost. Are you OK? You


are looking a bit. I am feeling light on my feet. It was so much


fun, I walked through walls and scared her a bit. Sorry, I couldn't


help myself. What could be better on Hallowe'en week? This isn't working,


we are having too much fun. I will have to be the ghost in this dance.


Back to practice. Hopefully we can use this Blue Peter goings-on from


this haunted Mansion and put them into our rumba on Saturday night. --


ghostly goings-on. Dancing the rumba, Greg Rutherford and Natalie


"Loathsome" Lowe. Oh, you just gave the audience goose


bumps! And that acting, brilliant, Oscar worthy. The rumba has been


your favourite dance so far, hasn't it crush Maggie it has, everyone was


saying you will hate it but Natalie said, stick with it and I have loved


this week. I can't explain it. It's been really brilliant. She's been so


incredible. Quite incredible. Darcey, you wanted him to come back


stronger this week. Did he? I can definitely see you gain some


confidence, as you said, you have enjoyed this process because this is


another very difficult dance for the man and this was a fast, furious


rumba, quite different to what I was expecting. It was passionate, you


had plenty of drama, and you produced some really nice long lines


and especially that deep lunch, when you were holding Natalie was lovely.


I would have loved to have seen more rumba dans content, it would have


been nice to see that, but what you produced and how the intensity


between you was very nice. But yeah, I loved how you presented it. During


APPLAUSE Len? There's no doubting your


commitment. You come out and you come out every week 100%, giving it


everything. I don't think I have but I think others have mentioned


sometimes your toes are turned in and I can see you've worked on that,


your toe was out. You can see improvement there. I would have


liked... Dancing is a balance between performance and technique.


Sometimes you get too much technique and it lacks performance. This one,


full of performance, I'd have liked a little bit more hip action and a


bit more technique but great to watch, well done. Always great to


watch, Bruno? You definitely embraced the dramatic persona, the


tormented lost soul, it was like Heathcliff and Cathy reunited, the


Wuthering Heights for the last dance. Oh, my God, I love seeing


that, I really do, coming out of your shell as a performer. Great!


Just a little bit of DW 40 on the hips and it will do the trick.


Craig? Natalie, I felt you were protecting Greg with this dance with


wild, show stopping positions, and lines that will make the audience


applaud and everything. I don't feel like can judge this dance as the


rumba. I can judge it probably is a showdown dance or a contemporary


dance that is passionate and engaging, but sadly, for me, it


wasn't anything I think to do with rumba. If you had done this dance in


a showdowns week then it would have been a ten, you know. I absolutely


loved the dance but I feel like I can't judge it properly. So tends


that are never going to happen for him. Don't spoil it, it was his


favourite dance. We loved it, ladies and gentlemen, didn't we?


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We loved, no, no, why are you sad?


Because of what Craig said. Don't be so stupid. You've worked so hard


this week and to do all those things you do there, you are brilliant and


I'm so proud of you and you are amazing. Darling, you didn't, you


absolutely didn't, it was much more exciting than a normal rumba is what


I would have said. LAUGHTER


They are very boring, did I say that out loud? You are fantastic and you


must be so happy about the seat because you worked so hard on that.


I put a lawful lot into that, we have tried incredibly hard. -- I put


an awful lot into that. I've never done anything like that in my life


and to take on a character and do something, I really have enjoyed


that. You are brilliant, Greg. APPLAUSE


Well done, honestly, don't worry. Don't listen to the first one,


maybe! The scores are in. The judges' scores are in. Craig Revel


Horwood. Four. Darcey Bussell. Seven. Len Goodman. Seven. And Bruno


Tonioli. Eight. APPLAUSE


That's more than last week, OK? Well done both of you. Can we all cuddle


Natalie, if you wouldn't mind? If you enjoyed Greg and Natalie's rumba


and want to see them through to next week, the details are on the screen


and you can vote when voting opens at the end of the show. Still to


come, Ed tries a very dangerous experiment. I do hope it's not


another lift. Are you OK? Next up is Daisy Lowe and her


partner, Ali Oscar and marriage. -- Aljaz Scorjanec. She's hoping with


Hallowe'en paso doble sat on the Day of the Dead will bring her dancing


career back to life. Daisy and Aljaz. Last week was my


last -- worst fears realised. You should not be here. The great


British public have voted. Turn their minds around. Being in the


bottom two made me realise I really want to be here. I'm just so


grateful I get to be there to dance for another week. This week we're


doing a paso doble. I love the spirit of it so much, but it's


really hard. No, not very good at that. I'm just terrified of being in


the bottom two again. Last weekend was really scary. Last weekend has


been playing on my mind so, as it's Halloween, I'm going to get Aljaz


out of the training room and have some fun. Our theme is day of the


dead and will be wearing make up so I thought I'd go to the best make up


artist in town, and she's having a party. I've brought you to my little


sister, Becky. I don't think that Aljaz was expecting what I had in


store for him. My sister makes me so happy. I feel like myself again. If


our dance is half as good as our make up, we're ill -- we're in for a


real treat. Dancing feet petrifying paso doble, Daisy Lowe and Aljaz


"Scary" Skorjanec. MUSIC: Don't Let Me Be


Misunderstood. Come on, Daisy. Lovely to see that


fighting spirit. Are you all right? Yes? I don't like missing out. I


know you've been a bit down this week. A little bit. Challenging, but


you came back strong. Did they bring the dog alive? Oh, yes. You did the


twist turns, which I have seen a lot, but I had never seen any girl


be able to put those turns in with the heel, because of the speed. You


captured it. It was a bit hit and miss. Sometimes, I was like, go one,


Daisy, because you were four of aggression, then you'd get to


another bit and it would loosen up a bit. It lacked a bit of authority.


Overall, a very accomplished paso doble. Well done. Bruno, has she


done enough to avoid the dance-off? I'm sure there is plenty of life


left in this fascinating creature. What I love about it is the detail.


So much flamenco. Apart from what Len said, it's something we look


for. I love to see it. True flavour of Spain. Of course, the ladies


sometimes has to be a bit coquettish and teasing, and I love that. Hair


and make up, I have to say... Day of the dead celebrations in Mexico


City. It is mesmerising. The choreography was great, you look


fantastic and I adored the dance. Yes. Craig. I loved the amount of


detail in the arms and hands. You've gone to a lot of trouble. You are


not always leading with the rest, but that is small. A bit more


hyperextension, I think, to create a broader Spanish line, but I loved


the dance. Yes, Aljaz! I have to say, bringing something else to your


performance now. It's lovely to see that dramatic, strong Daisy. I would


only say that I could see a bit more exaggeration in the body shapes.


When you are told, you have to make a bit more effort to create bad


shape, because I could see you side on all the way through. But still


really nice. Treats from the judges. Well done, Daisy and Aljaz!


Go on! Very well done. I know it's horrible, dance-off, and all week


you are like, I just want to try. You trained so hard. You are the


most smiley creature on earth and to have to do that and be all stern...


It was quite difficult! I looked really when I smiled today. Ladies


and gentlemen, the scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Eight. Darcey Bussel.


Eight. Len Goodman. Eight. Bruno Tonioli. Nine. Well done. Happy,


Aljaz? I'm happy. I don't look happy, but I am. Witch if you


thought that was brilliant, will be details are on your screen so you


can vote for Daisy and Aljaz when voting opens later. To vote online,


you'll need to sign in or register if you haven't already. We have got


one couple left to dance. Our final frightening couple is Ed


Balls and his partner, Katya Jones. For their Halloween cha-cha, they


are going to be mad scientists. Never mind mad, if Craig gives them


two for the third row -- third week running, they'll be livid. I enjoyed


doing an American Smooth foxtrot. The only thing any body will


remember is the fact that our dramatic lift didn't quite work out.


# You raise me up... I thought you were going to drop


her! The main reason you didn't want to be in the dance-off was because


you didn't want to do the lift again. But we did better. We can't


play safe. For Halloween, Ed is doing a chilling cha-cha-cha. Ed has


been acting a bit strange this week. He's been locking himself away for


hours and hours. If my calculations are correct, this should work. He


told me he's got a great idea how we can get the highest scores this


week. It's working! It's hopeless, darling. You thought there were


dance steps in my dance! One of the best I've ever seen. Thank you. Ed,


you are fabulous... Fabulous... Fabulous... No! The only way to get


highest scores from Craig is to get back to the training room. Dancing


the cha-cha-cha argh, Ed Balls and Katya "Jeepers" Jones.


We did it! O'Connor Ed! Look at this!


You look fantastic. Oh, well done. He never plays it safe, does he?


Thank you. From a mad scientist to a mad judge. Let's see. Toxic,


addictive, horribly fabulous! You went for those like a jackhammer.


You went from kind of mincing to baldly to triumphant. -- to ballsy.


I have to say, it was a triumph. Tell me you are not going to be


reaching for that two paddle again, Craig. It won't be a two that's for


sure, darling. It was moving spasmodically, darling.


Convulsively. I didn't know where it was going to go next. It was like


some terrible washing machine on the spin cycle. I've never seen anything


so bizarre. He's smiling. Made you happy, didn't he? It was on time.


Craig. I've never seen him laugh like that. Darcey. Iron I have to


admit, I'm so pleased you were here. -- I have to admit, I'm so pleased


you were there. I might be mad, but I absolutely loved that. You were on


time, the attitude, the confidence, you delivered quite a lot of


cha-cha, actually. But not a lot of straight leg. It felt straight to


me! Len. How about the supernatural. It wasn't super and it wasn't all


that natural, but it was so much fun. Wasn't it. Lots and lots of


cha-cha. They were a bit funny, but nice, strong pressure through your


feet in that Cuban break. You kept right on time. Your best dance.


CHEERING Your best dance, cha-cha. Fingers crossed. Off you go, Ed and


catchier. -- catchier. I hope you had... You seem to have


broken Craig. He was smiling and laughing. Did you think it would be


this good? I love Latin. I still love it. Even if Craig gives us two.


The judges have their scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Four. Darcey Bussel.


Seven. Len Goodman. Seven. And Bruno Tonioli. It's probably never going


to happen again. Eight. CHEERING


Well done, Ed. If you don't want these scientists to leave, you need


to vote for Ed and Katya. The vote will open in a few moments. All our


couples have done all that they can to impress the judges at you at home


so, before we open the boat, let's take a look at the Leader Board. At


the top, Claudio and AJ and Laura and Giovanni both have 36.


You can go online and vote for your favourite. I can announce that the


vote is now open. You need the bill payer's position.


You can vote online for free. It doesn't work if I can't read it!


You'll find full terms and conditions. Please don't try to vote


if you are watching on demand. To vote for Louise and Kevin, vote


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Oksana... We've had spine chilling


charlestons, a terrifying tango Remember voting closes at 8.45pm


tonight, so you don't have much All of our spooky celebrities


are relying on your support even scarier on tomorrow


night's Result Show, as the two couples with the lowest


combined judges' score and viewer


Strictly does Halloween! Get ready for the fright of your life and join Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman as our 10 remaining couples hit the dance floor, for a spooktacular ballroom battle. Voting lines open at the end of the show, and once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the two lowest-scoring couples will perform again in the deadly dance-off in the results show.