Week 5 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 5 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce the results show, as the two couples with the lowest score dance off against each other. There is also a performance from LeAnn Rimes.

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# Everything today is thoroughly modern


# Everything today makes yesterday slow


# Raise your skirts and bob your hair


# Have you seen the way they kiss in the movies


# Painting lips and pencil lining your brow


# So beat the drums 'Cause here comes


# They think is odd and Sodom and Gomorrah-ble!


# Everything today is thoroughly modern


# Everything today is starting to go


# So beat the drums 'cause here comes thoroughly


This is Strictly Come Dancing ? The Results.


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing ? The Results!


A huge thank you to our professional dancers for starting the show


I got bin bags, a hole punch and ten bread rolls.


Ten couples performed, but one couple will leave tonight.


Your votes have been combined with the judges' scores,


and the two couples with the lowest overall points will go head


The final decision of who stays and who goes is down to the judges!


And Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli.


Tonight, performing her new single How To Kiss A Boy, we have country


And the judges will be taking a closer look at Saturday's dances


Soon we'll find out which couples are through to next week


and which two will be in the Dance Off.


But first, here is every step, swivel, and samba roll


It's week five, who will go this week? I'm very proud of is of making


it this far. Every week, it becomes more terrifying. I didn't think I'd


get beyond the first couple of weeks. The numbers are going down,


it's extra pressure. Everyone is determined not to be in the Dance


Off. We could be out. Everybody isn't safe, somebody has to go home


at some point. It's heartbreaking when people have to go. I really


want to get through next week. It would be amazing to get through to


Hallowe'en, when all the bells and whistles come out. In five, ladies


and gents. Good luck. I'm praying for fantastic dancing.


It's showtime. It was quiet, it was calm and it was sophisticated. I


have to say the energy and enthusiasm is unwatchable. It was


all the air. Unfortunately, there were one or two little incidents


along the way. I'm happy and I thought you did a wonderful


charleston. At the very end you get tired and that crispness goes. I'm


being really picky here, because I loved it. It was the hardest one.


Full house, eight. Four of young, darling, after this. The girl had


every single step you would expect. You are like a tornado, darling,


going around the glitter ball. Good on you, young hearts run free. You


were bouncing around like Jiminy Cricket. The texts were a bit wild,


a bit high, but I loved it. For the first time I enjoyed every single


Milli second of that. I have to say that was such a lovely surprise, you


are so light on your feet. It could have been smoother, but well done. I


don't want to upset Brendan, but your best dance. Eight. That was the


antithesis of smooth stop plodding, pedestrian, I felt you were fighting


one another all the way through. This is the trouble with


hitchhiking. You always get dodgy lift. One thing is for sure, you're


never going to join the Royal Ballet, I tell you that. Two. At


least we showed people at the end what we could have done. Yes. The


waltz looks very awkward and this dance did expose all the stuff that


you really can't do. There will always be one dance that isn't


yours. Sadly, this one is not your dance. Just enjoy it for what it is,


don't get down on this, come back stronger. It really wasn't a good


performance. For me, it's so frustrating. Mystic Leslie, I love


your intensity, I love the way you acted. Unfortunately a lot of steps,


you messed it up a little bit. This dance should be danced on one level


and you were going up and down through the whole thing. I don't


think this is a dance really for you. So frustrating. So annoying.


APPLAUSE It was one classy rumba. You have


all the ability to be top of the Leader Board. It was like watching


Lesley Carroll and Gene Kellie in American in Paris. The sister Katie,


very chic. I couldn't have asked for better comments. Nine. I'm so proud,


that was awesome, I loved dancing with her. It was a masculine


performance. You are consistently excellent dancer. I love, love, love


watching you. I could watch you all night. Nine. It's calm, it's


elegant. You were able to produce something which such control. It


irresistible. You two look so good together. You are just incredible.


Having the time of my life dancing with her. It was amazing.


What a show and this is how the Leader Board looked at the end of


Saturday's performances. At the top we have Ore and Joanne, followed by


Danny and Oti. At the bottom, Ed and Katya, with 18. Your votes may have


changed everything. Which two will face each other in the Dance Off?


The results are in. In no particular order, the first


couple safely through to next week is...




Thank you! Well done. Thank you. Thank you. Also back to dance again


our... Cloudier and AJ.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE -- Claudia and AJ. So good, so


happy. Thank you. Surviving for another week are...




O! The fourth couple returning next Saturday are...


Judge Rinder and Oksana. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


And now the first couple into night's Dance Off is...


It's Lesley and Anton. The rest of you will have to wait a little


longer to find out if you through. Lesley and Anton, please come and


join me. APPLAUSE


Don't worry, don't worry. Come here, sweetheart. Oh, look at your lips


cover your face, I'm so sorry. You must be disappointed. You find


yourself in the Dance Off. Yes, a bit. Just strange. Of course, nobody


wants to be here. Let's get some advice from the judges. Len, have


you any words of encouragement ahead of the Dance Off? This was a full on


proper tango. It had lovely staccato action and had a mood about it.


Throughout the dance, which I think you spoke about, there was one or


two little blunders. Now, what we've got to do is come back out, keep


that mood, keep that aggressive feel, just iron out those couple of


mistakes. Go on, girl. APPLAUSE


Four couple safely through to the Halloween Special. All of a sudden


it has got a very serious. All of you are just, like, I would like


somebody to exhale in a minute! Louise, you got nine for your rumba.


When you finish, do you think, it's OK, I'm safe? You can never feel


safe, no matter what your score is. You want the public to enjoy it,


that is what you are relying on. Ore, you are playing a grotesque


shopkeeper next week? How happy are you? I'm ecstatic. It was such an


emotional day. I have not stopped shaking since I finished that dance!


Doing it with one of my best mates, just so over the moon to be doing it


again. And I get to be grotesque next week. I can't wait! Not in a


weird way. You know what is so sweet, the minute that Tess says


your name, everybody goes like that, and you say, thank you, thank you.


These are our teachers. Teachers are incredible, whatever teaching they


have done. Somebody that invests all of their emotional and creative


character, and they help you, and you just want to thank them at the


end of it. It is their work that makes you look good. So moving! You


are happy with him, aren't you? You are doing the American smooth next


week, you are playing a witch, are you already thrilled about the fact


that you through and will be for Halloween? I can't wait, I've never


dressed up for Halloween, it will be pretty good. What is AJ playing?


Frog! Makes total sense. Performing her new single


How To Kiss A Boy, please # You've got no


choice but to believe # Hope ain't necessary


when you never had a doubt # You just know it will


work out, don't you? Thank you to Leann Rimes


and our brilliant professional thank you very much. My favourite


entrance ever. This is when you dissect sections of Saturday night.


Maybe you hadn't had time to talk about it? Please welcome Len's


Lense. I would like to start with you and talk about Judge Rinder and


his swivel. The toe heel swivel? That's good, swivelling? No, not


swivelling. Now I have seen it in slow motion, I wish I hadn't seen


that. What you are supposed to do, it is what it says. Toe, heel and


then you cross. But you have to get the swivel. If you don't get that


swivel, it's wrong. When I was a kid, I loved that step, when I first


danced. I used to practice it in the hall. At the bottom of the banister


was a big ball that are used to hold. Because you need something.


Then I snapped it off. My mum went absolutely ballistic! Did she? Thank


you so much for that information. That was like a gift to us all.


Darcey, I would like to talk to you about Anastacia and Gorka. You


mentioned the pendulum swing? Yes, she goes out to the side again. And


again. And then out. It's lovely. The feet come together nicely.


Great. Really neat. Can I ask you about Greg and Natalie? You gave him


a really low score. He said he was pigeon toed. He is a gold medal


winning Olympian. Extraordinary, he's never done this before. Looking


at this clip, can you explain? The reason I gave him a low score is


because of his feet. You can see he is very pigeon toed, flat-footed.


It's not good. It's not great. Instead of standing, like this... Go


on! He needs to be slightly turned out. He does that, when he walks.


That's not great. Very smart shoes, if you don't mind me saying. Bruno,


I would like to talk about Ed and Katya. You were worried about the


huge lift, when it went a bit wrong. I thought she was going to bash her


head, I was very worried. She could have bashed her head on the floor. A


man, man, he caught her? It was very entertaining. Entertaining, but very


dangerous. But he showed he could do it perfectly. Look at that. Calling


that perfection, a brave attempt. He did it twice. Let's hear it for the


judges. Thank you so much. One couple are already in the dance-off.


Who will be joining them? Tess? Who is safe and who will be dancing for


survival? It's time to find out. In no particular order, safely


through to next week are... Back to dance again next Saturday


are... That means Greg and Natalie and


Daisy and Aljaz, one of you is safe and one is in the dance-off. The


couple that will compete in the dance-off is...


Daisy and Aljaz. So, Greg and Natalie, congratulations. You are


through to next Saturday. Daisy and Aljaz, please come and join me.


Goodness me. A huge gasp. You must be surprised to find yourself in the


dance-off? Well, I love that dance, so it's OK. I'm happy to do it again


and keep the energy up. Always looking on the bright side. You said


Daisy had some timing issues, how should she improve that? My main


point is stamina. You need to keep your energy going all the way to the


end, so the last lift is fresh as the first time you do a swivel. You


are a fantastic dancer. Obviously you should not be here. The great


British public have voted and you are, and it is your time to turn


their minds around. You are brilliant. Best of luck, sweetheart.


We will see you later, in the dance-off. I am here with the rest


of the couples, all completely relieved and over the moon. Ed, you


are through. Halloween week, you are playing a mad scientist. How excited


are you? It's amazing to be back with another chance, only because


people have voted for us. Thanks for giving us a chance and we will try


to do better next week. Greg, you did not like the cha-cha. Your face


when there was the heartbeat music, and you were so surprised, sorry,


I'm not doing that? It was not for me. We put in nowhere near as good a


performance as some of the others. I really thought it was us in the


dance-off. I can't thank people enough for keeping us in, we are


loving what we are doing. Hopefully I can improve on what was a bad


week. Anti-Semites. Anastacia, my favourite reaction, I think, ever?


You kept screaming, and then you screamed again, sorry. -- Anastacia,


you have my favourite reaction. Your best score and dance, through


to next week? He did really well, stepping in for Brendan. So


supportive, thank you, thank you. Danny, you are doing a foxtrot next


week? Halloween week. You can put your clothes back on! Of course you


can. As if dancing live is not scary enough, next week it is Halloween.


Can you come here for a second? Really enjoying it. Why did you do


that? Happy Halloween! That is Halloween


week, next Saturday. Lesley and Anton, Daisy and Aljaz would both


love to be there, but it comes down to this. It was a brilliant tango,


is part of you excited about doing it again? It is rather nice to do it


again. It is going to be good. This time it is going to be perfect? I'm


going to try. And on, what would you like to say to your brilliant girl?


Do what you do, you are amazing. If it was down to me, I would have put


you into the final in the first week. Thank you so much, enormous


luck. Lesley and Anton! Daisy and Aljaz, Halloween Special next week.


How much do you want to be there? I would love to be there so much. It


is down to the judges. Lesley is such a terrific dancer, I wish them


all the best. You are a fantastic partnership, what words of


encouragement the want to give? Really, from day one, she comes in


every single week and there are some beautiful dancers. So proud and


honoured to be her partner. You did a great job last night, and I can't


wait to do it again. You guys are just too adorable! The judges will


have to decide who stays and who goes.


Lesley and Anton have done all they can to stay in the competition and


are fighting for a place in next week's Hallowe'en special, now it's


Daisy and Aljaz. week's Hallowe'en special, now it's


Daisy and week's Hallowe'en special, now it's


only one couple can return next week. Judges, it's time to decide


who will -- who that will be. Based on the Dance Off alone I'm about to


ask you the name of the couple you deserve to be saved and your reason


for saving them. The couple with the most votes will stay in the


competition. In the event of a tie, head Judge Len will have the casting


vote. This is it. Craig, who are you going to save, and why? Well, I love


both couples for completely different reasons, but for me


tonight just for precision, for an improved performance in this


particular Dance Off, and finishing on time, the couple I'd like to


save, Daisy and Aljaz. Daisy and Aljaz, one vote for you. Darcey, who


do you think deserves to stay in the competition, and why? Again, this is


very difficult. I wouldn't want these two couples here at all and to


choose between them is very difficult. But the couple I would


like to save because of a cleanness and quality of their dance was Daisy




That is two votes for Daisy and Aljaz. Is -- with Bruno votes save


you you are through to next week's Hallowe'en special. Bruno, who do


you want to stay on Strictly Come Dancing and why? I is both of these


girls for many different reasons, they are gorgeous, look at them, but


I have to choose the stronger dance and every act is backed, technique


and performance, and for that reason I'm choosing to save Daisy and


Aljaz. We have to say goodbye to Lesley and Anton. Daisy and Aljaz,


congratulations. We'll see you next Saturday. Len, it won't change the


result but did you agree question might I disagree, I would have saved


Daisy and Aljaz. Thank you very much. -- I did agree. I would have


saved Daisy and Aljaz. Come over here, darling. We have absolutely


loved watching you dance. You are a joy and inspiration to watch. No one


wants you to leave, quite honestly. Come here, Anton, what's been your


highlight? I don't know, I think learning a new dance every week has


been lovely, working with him has been an absolute joy and we have


laughed a lot. It's been just a lovely, lovely journey and it's come


to an end and that's absolutely fine. We've loved it. What will you


miss most is to mark him. Anton, what would you like to say the


Lesley? I know you've got a fantastic relationship. I'd like to


say thank you very much. You enriched my holes quickly experience


this year. Dancing with you has been an absolute joy. -- new enriched my


experience this year. It's down to you and you are an absolute joy. I


love you dearly. Lovely, lovely words. We'll miss due next week, we


have really enjoyed watching the pair of you. I'm going to send you


off for your last dance. Oh, gosh, sorry!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You can see the brilliant Lesley and


Anton on it takes to when they joined Zoe at 6:30pm on BBC Two. You


can head to bbc.co.uk/strictly for exclusive backstage gossip. For now,


dancing about is the lovely and wonderful Lesley and Anton.


MUSIC: "Right Back Where We Started From"


I'm absolutely gutted to see Lesley go. I'm going to miss her more than


I can articulate without getting upset. Being in the bottom two is


really tough and to see Leslie Day was heartbreaking. The idea is


bounce back. I need to be better. I'm enjoying every single second of


this. I don't want it to end. I'm made up, actually. I was hoping to


get through to Hallowe'en and now I am. We're doing the cha-cha-cha,


which I'm not sure is going to be my dance but we


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome you to another exciting results show full of dance drama and a performance from superstar LeAnn Rimes.

The judges' scores and public votes have been combined, and the two couples with the lowest score will dance off against each other before 11 couples become 10. Who will survive another week and who will be cha cha cha-ing their way off Strictly?