Week 5 Strictly Come Dancing

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Week 5

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce another evening of glitter and glamour as the 11 remaining couples hit the dance floor for a ballroom battle to stay in the show.

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Last week our celebrities exploded on to the Strictly dancefloor. With


Ore setting the scoreboard on fire. This week our celebrities will have


to dig even deeper. Each week that goes by we have to push harder and


harder. There's so many steps, so much choreography. I'm working so


hard this week. You have to make sure your dance is fantastic. I want


to show the judges I can dance. This competition is so hot, it is on


fire! I have found it really stressful. I will do the best I can.


Everybody is trying incredibly hard. Everyone is getting better and


better every week. Every week. You have to believe in yourself. When


you move from the training room to the studio it suddenly becomes real.


Rehearsing here on the Strictly dancefloor really gets your heart


racing. I know I've got to give it my absolute all. I do not want to be


in that Dance Off. Live from the BBC, this


is Strictly Come Dancing! Hello and welcome to


Strictly Come Dancing. Last week we saw some


incredible routines, including an energetic


Charleston from Lesley, a superb quickstep from Danny, and


that unforgettable jive from Ore. It was a routine so good,


it made three of our judges reach for their


10 paddles and Ore And sadly, after losing


out to Anastacia and Brendan in the Dance


Off, Naga and Pasha became the fourth


couple to leave the Speaking of Brendan, as many of you


know, he's been ill this week, so the brilliant Gorka has kindly


stepped in and will be dancing with Anastacia tonight.


APPLAUSE. All of our couples are backstage,


desperate to come out here and entertain you all again, so


please welcome our Strictly stars. TV presenter and singer,


Louise Redknapp, and her Star of Judge Rinder,


Robert Rinder, and his partner, Actress Lesley Joseph


and her partner, Olympic gymnast Claudia


Fragapane and her BBC sports presenter,


Ore Oduba, and his partner, Model Daisy Lowe and her


partner, Aljaz Skorjanec. World champion longjumper


Greg Rutherford and his Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls,


and his partner, Katya Jones. Actor Danny Mac, and his


partner, Oti Mabuse. And singer Anastacia




Also, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have


Laura has injured her ankle and she's currently resting at home,


so won't be able to dance with Giovanni tonight.


Laura, if you're watching, we wish you a speedy


I hope you've remembered your dancing shoes.


Now, we do have ten couples ready to pull out all


the stops in their performances tonight and you


will be able to vote for your favourite later on.


Your votes will be added to the judges' scores to


decide which two couples will face the Dance Off


It's then down to our judges alone to decide who


And with the standard so high, I really don't envy their task.


Dancing first tonight is Judge Rinder and his


For this week's jive, the Judge will be a GI and


Oksana is hoping her little soldier will get a salute


from the judges, and a quick march through to


How do you think last week went? Not so good. I wanted really badly tole


prove. When you go out there and it doesn't live up to what you expected


and what you hoped for, it's just so frustrating. It's like I see you


overthinking, and you don't need to. I think there's a lot of quality in


there and we want to see that now. I want to get to the end, look at you


and think, yeah, that was the best we could have done it. This week we


are really going to come out and just dance. I'm doing a jive this


week. We have very little time to train, because I work during the


week, so it is really hard to remember the steps. How do you find


training this week? Oh dear, well, I've had eight cases today and I'm


finding it really hard to remember the steps. You need to come to my


court and see what's happening. I who love to come and watch. Oksana


goes to see how hard Judge Rinder really works. He is terrifying, not


to me, but to other people. I had the curious daydream today. Madam


Oksana, you are charged with filling my brain. Are you guilty or not


guilty? Not guilty. Of course you are guilty. I sentence you to 10


years in jail. It was disappointing but then there she was teaching me


even more dance. If I can remember the steps in my courtroom, hopefully


I can remember the dance on Saturday night.


Dancing the jive, Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero.


Oh yes! They're on their feet for you Judge Rinder! I loved it.


She's really putting you through your paces.


I have to thank her. Isn't she marvellous? Deliciously terrifying.


The pair of you are marvellous together.


While you two stand at ease, let's welcome our fabulous


live singers - Hayley, Lance, Andrea, Tommy and of


course Dave Arch and his brilliant orchestra.


I know how much you wanted to impress this week. Len, did he? I


don't know what you just said, so I can't anticipates that. Did he


impress you, darling? Hey? He impressed me immensely. You...


CHEERING. You put the camp into boot camp, you really do. A lovely mix.


It was like the history of jive. You got a bit of jitterbug, Linde, rock


'n' roll, into some jive. Full of energy, full of enthusiasm. You did


a step called the toe heel survive el. Could have had a bit more


survive el in it, but I will tell you what, that was as tight as a


bugle boy's cheeks. Right on it. Well done!


CHEERING. You impressed the head judge. Bruno? Talk about jumpy. You


were bouncing around like Jiminy Cricket in camp camouflage. You


weren't just dancing. You were erupting. Among the steps your legs


were so high it looked like a can-can. Then I thought you were


going to fall on your butt. The last survive sell you did, it was


something to behold. I have to say, the energy and enthusiasm you put


into it, it is not perfect but it is eminently watchable.


CHEERING. Absolutely watchable. Craig, last week you said there was


a dancer hidden within Judge Rinder. Did that dancer emerge tonight?


Well, die like the fact you dance with tempestuous abandon. That's a


very good thing. However, for me it was a little bit flat-footed. It


needed to be a lot more precision in there. There needs to be retraction


on those kicks, my darling. I did however love the one-handed scart


wheel. Not easy to do. CHEERING. Great start. Thank you


Craig. Darcey? It was one hard routine that you gave him, Oksana.


Really, to get through it, your enthusiasm obviously takes over and


gets a little bit carried away, but what you packed into there, the


tricks, the tours, the kicks were a bit wild, a bit high, but I loved




Let's hope the people at home loved it as much as we did. Well done.


Left, right! Very, very well done. I remembered


the steps! You are quite hard on yourself, you have said, all you


want is to finish the dance and say, have I done it right? I just


listened to the music and had so much fun! It is lovely that you had


that, the standing ovation, and your mum is in the audience! There she


is! I hope you have got the right person, oh, yes! These goals are in.


The judges have their scores. Craig Revel Horwood...


Six. Darcey Bussell. Eight. Len Goodman. Aid. Bruno Tonioli. Seven.


Are you all right with that? It is an improvement, I know Craig meant


seven, I am sure he did. He probably couldn't find it under the table,


poor darling. If you want to see Judge


Rinder and Oksana back next week in our Halloween


special, all the details are on your screen now,


so you can vote for them when voting opens at


the end of the show. Now, I have some


exciting news tonight. We're joined by Strictly superfans


Steve and Rod. Hi! Thank you very much! What are


your favourite things about the show?


I love the costumes, and the dancing.


Well, you've come to the right place.


Calls cost 15p plus any network access charge and...


I'll have to say this, he can't pronounce his Ps.


Please ask the bill payer's permission.


Yes, by visiting bbc.co.uk/strictly, where you will


Voting won't open until all our couples have danced,


so please don't call yet, as your vote won't count


and you may still be charged. Tess.


Our next couple is Lesley Joseph and her partner, Anton Du Beke.


and Lesley is going to be a fortune teller.


She starts the routine by gazing into a crystal ball


and would love to see herself here next week.


It was good last week, I was really pleased. Brilliant. I thought it


went very well. You showed brilliant energy, you kept on going until the


end. It was strong, vibrant, I loved it. You are improving every week,


with energy and personality. You know I am really enjoying it, and I


cannot wait to see what this week old install. The tango! I need to


play a fortune-telling in my tango, so he has been showing me some of


his fortune-telling prowess. Can you read tea leaves? Yeah, I can, it


says you are going to finish top of the Leader Board - or something like


that. Secondly, we had cards, quite extraordinary. A Glitterball! Four


tens! Standing ovation from the judges! That is what I want. That


looks like a perfect result. Thirdly, the crystal ball. I can see


Craig smiling! Oh, the glasses cracked. I can see Blackpool Tower,


I can say blackball Our! Yes! I can see me kneeling, I see the Queen,


arise Sir Anton Du Beke for services to dance! No-one can predict the


future, so fingers crossed I remember the steps and we stay in


another week. Dancing the tango,


Lesley Joseph and Anton Du Beke. Goodness me! Absolutely brilliant,


come on over, they are on their feet, you smashed it. Absolutely


smashed it, Madam Lola and Sir Anton, I have never seen you so


stern! She has broken character! What do you see for Lesley in your


crystal ball? Well, I can see Mystic Lesley, so intense, she really


cracked the crystal ball, and Anton's back, by the look of it. You


were hanging on to him like the alive, he is mine, I am never going


to let him go! Really attached for ever. You know what you want, don't


you, girl? You are going to get it! I love your intent city, I love the


way you acted. Unfortunately, a lot of the steps, you messed it up a


little bit. Just a couple of times. Then it becomes Skippy, the tango


always glides, you cannot skip, and because of your attachment and the


intensity, you were literally like that! No shoulders, no neck, keep


away from him, make him want you. I can barely resist myself! That is


the understatement of the evening! Craig, last week you were shocked by


how good Lesley is, what about tonight? Well, not the same, sadly.


This should be danced on one level, and Bruno is right, you were going


up and down through the whole thing, there were stumbles, I felt like


your neck was very stiff, I was missing the V shape that you need to


create, your right shoulder was up. This is not really a dance for you.


Darcey. Well, I enjoyed the amount of dance content you had. The amount


you have picked up in one week coming he gave you everything, and


you nearly achieved it all. Wonderful, nice, short head snaps


and all of that, you were achieving those. I know it is difficult when


you haven't got the frame, which is hard, to create that drama and that


intensity that you need in a tango. That is all we're missing, that


neck, you have to lower and relax your shoulders. But the energy was


there, you still did a very good job. Darcey, thank you very much.


Len. It was all there! The steps, the mood, staccato, musicality.


Unfortunately, there were one or two little incidents along the way, but


you are going to get them if you are dancing with Anton! You were


spot-on, Anton, pull it together, William?! Well done, Lesley.


Thank you, judges. I know you want to see what the future holds, well


done, my darling, Lesley! I made a mistake, didn't I? I know!


We absolutely loved it up here, but I saw the disappointment. I know, I


went wrong in a couple of places, it is difficult to have passion and be


relaxed at the same time, the passion makes you want to grab them!


Darcey loved the intensity. Look at him, he has got my eyeliner! What I


loved about it, your positivity each week, you love it, you always do. I


have got the jive next week. I know you are desperate to do it. The


scores are in. Five. Darcey Bussell. Six. Len


Goodman. Seven! Bruno Tonioli. Six. It is not your worst score, that is


the good news! It is not my best either!


If you want Lesley and Anton to be here next week,


all the details are on your screen now, so you can vote


for them when voting opens at the end of the show.


Still to come, Anastacia is in the park with a Pot Noodle.


Next on the floor is Greg Rutherford and his partner, Natalie Lowe.


For an athlete with no dance experience,


Greg has been consistently good so far.


This week, he's dancing the cha-cha, and Natalie decided a visit


to where he won gold in 2012 would be the perfect place


to keep him, quite literally, on track.


Hurricane Greg hits the salsa and shakes it for all it is worth! The


lift at the end, it was going to be an epic talking point. That lived at


the end was absolutely brilliant! I am chuffed to bits that we nailed


it. Your bum was going to town, oh yes! It was a good finish to what


had been a really tough week. This week, we are doing the cha-cha.


There are no heel leads, there is a lovely straightening of the knee,


which Greg has never done before. The steps are so precise, I'm going


to be so exposed, I have to nail it and show I have got good will would


work. It is a different challenge to what


Greg faced at the 2012 Olympics, and Natalie has got a treat lined up. I


brought into the Olympic Park stadium for some inspiration for


Saturday night. I love at here, London 2012 was huge for me,


hopefully I can bring their performance on Saturday. Outside of


the training room, getting onto the track, it has definitely helped.


This is sacred ground to me, the best training session we have had


for the cha-cha. For being so fantastic and training, I thought I


would give him a surprise. I have a piece of the London 2012 track that


you won gold on. Wow! Where did you get that from? You didn't just pick


it up, did you?! That is incredible. I am hoping this is a good omen to


keep me on track for a good score on Saturday night.


Dancing the cha-cha-cha, Greg Rutherford and Natalie Lowe.


CHEERING. Well done. Oh yes! Absolutely brilliant! Come on.


CHEERING. Dave Arch doing dance music. Yes, Dave. That was a proper


party dance. And very intense. You raised the roof in here. I know


you've been working so hard on that footwork. How did you find it,


Craig? Well, one good thing is you did show Natalie off in this dance,


and that's what it's about. But sadly it looked very stiff. You are


pigeon toed and naturally bow of leg, which makes you an Olympic


champion but in this particular dance you have to try to rectify


that and lose less of the gap by turning your feet out a little bit.


And especially the walks. They are very awkward. They difficult to do


and this dance I'm afraid really did expose all the stuff that you really


can't do, sadly. That's the thing about the cha-cha characters it is


very exposing isn't it? Darcey? You must remember, Greg, you've


accomplished so much every week... CHEERING. Every dance. There will


always be one dance that isn't yours. Sadly this one is not your


dance, OK? You will come back stronger, but it is just unfortunate


if you can't straighten your knees very well or if you can't turn out


the lower leg. But really, as a whole, you had your gorgeous


Natalie. Just enjoy it for what it is, yeah? Don't get down on this.


Come back stronger. APPLAUSE. Len? We mustn't forget,


you're an athlete. You've never danced before. You're right out


here, not in your comfort zone at all. I must say, you didn't, if I


can go into your brain, you didn't look comfortable and confident. I


think that had a lot to do with it. I don't think you really liked the


cha-cha-cha. I'm not sure, but it was like you had the attitude, oh, I


don't like this, and that sort of came out a little bit. There was a


horrendous blunder early on but you disguised it, covered it up. I


thought you gave it a great lot of content, Natalie, Cuban breaks here,


there and everywhere. Listen, you did a great job, be proud of


yourself. Well done. APPLAUSE. Bruno? Listen, I always


love your heroic, muscular stance. So statuesque, framing your partner


so beautifully, very caring about your girl. I love to see that in a


man. And, I think what happened, you stiffened up a little bit. That's


why... Sometimes you overattack a dance, especially the cha-cha-cha,


when you have to have such smooth hip action that comes from the foot.


If you overattack it, you stomp it and the hips won't happen. I am sure


next time you do it, will you be fabulous.


APPLAUSE. Thank you judges. We all loved it. You started the party


here. Go and join Claudia's party upstairs.


CHEERING. Well done. You know what was so


sweet, the moment you finished that dance, you turned to Natalie and


said, sorry. We had a couple of good rehearsals today, and this morning


it seemed to be working. And then annoyingly with this one I haven't


been retaining it. I've been trying to hard all week, put so much into


it but it hasn't come in. I'm sorry about that. No, don't be, you gave


it absolutely. You're sparkly. Rihanna go have loved it.


That's better. 24. Everyone was shocked by the 4. Everyone behind me


went, what! As Darcey said, come back stronger. If we have to do it


later, we'll do it better. They found love, and if you can,


find a pen, jot down All the details are on your screen


now, and voting opens Don't forget if you want to vote


online, you'll need to register Three couples have danced,


and there's still all this to come. Brendan's not feeling well, so we


have Gorka coming in to help the routine until my Brendan is ready to


go back. I will do whatever Kevin throws at me. Whether I do it


correctly or not is another story. I'm really scare of the rumba.


It's such an honour to go on that floor and dance these wonderful


dances with a great band and a wonderful partner. I hope to do my


best, and I'm going to. APPLAUSE.


Brendan was unable to train and still isn't well enough to dance


with Anastacia tonight. Get well soon, Brendan, from all of us.


Stepping into his shoes is Gorka Marquez. Here he is with Anastacia


in training. I wished my score was higher. It was


disappointing, because I worked really hard. I was focused on making


my arms more girly. Such expressive arms. The reality of what I see in


the competition, it was very hard. Anastacia and Brendan. I want to


stay in as long as I can. This week Anastacia and Brendan... Hold it


right there. Brendan, you look different! It's Gorka. You are my


temporary new partner, as Brendan isn't feeling well. So this week we


are doing the quickstep. Quickstep is one of the most fast numbers we


are going to do. We are going to travel around all the floor very


fast. We are going to have so much fun, you will love it. OK, I'm


excited. It will be interesting to work with another another person. I


want to be a good student and want to have Brendan be really proud.


Turn your head. It is really important especially for Anastacia


to keep always this projection like outside. Now change. Gorka has been


motivating me to have great posture. Everything has to be relaxed from


here. I say to her, if you keep here, Brendan is going to be happy.


Happy Brendan, grumpy Brendan. As the week draws to a close Anastacia


is given the news that Brendan still isn't well enough to dance this


weekend. The amazing Gorka is going to be my Prince Charming. We are


going to do a greet performance and we want to make Brendan very proud.


Get well, young man. CHEERING.


Dancing the quickstep, Anastacia and Gorka Marquez.


CHEERING. Yes! Well done, Anastacia and Gorka!


That was my kind of quickstep, let me tell you. Well done, darling.


Come here. Thank you for stepping, in Gorka the corker. Gorka makes me


walka. Makes me wanna work. Understand song must have meant a


lot to you because it's your home town. It did, the my Granada is


upstairs going, you go, girl. You go! How have they done, Darcey? That


was such a lovely surprise. You are so light on your feet.


APPLAUSE. What I really love is the pendulum step in this corner. It was


beautifully instructed. Really nice. And you flowed off. There were many


stops and starts which makes it difficult for that continuity and


keeping the flow. There were moments where it could have been smoother


and you could have lent out, but this was one lovely dance. Well


done. Wasn't it judge? Well done. Was it your kind of dance, Len? It


was 100%. Getting a new partner is a bit like getting a new pair of


shoes. It's awesome? It takes a while to get them broken in and


comfortable. But you looked in your comfort zone. Light and bright, fun


and frivolous. It was easy on the eye. I don't want to upset Brendan,


but it was your best dance. CHEERING. A bit of Spain does


wonders to you. I tell you. You were like a lick coquettish swinger. You


couldn't wait to jump into action. I love The Verve, the renewed energy.


Light on your feet, great musicality, mind the gap though. The


gapping. Be careful. Don't get carried away and into your own


world. Lovely, very, very nice. Thank you.


APPLAUSE. Dance Off last week, Craig, better this week? Well,


there's no gap now, darling, but there certainly was through that


dance and you could have felled a tree through it. It was that bad


Darcey. You need body contact in this and that's what makes it


difficult. However, all that being said, it was, as the other judges


say, very light and I wasn't expecting that. You flew across the


stage... APPLAUSE. I thought you performed it


absolutely brilliantly. Thank you. Crew Craig. I'm sure Brendan is very


proud of you Anastacia and Gorka. CHEERING. Very well done and thank


you so much, Gorka. Like a superhero, he said, I'll help. But


confusing for you to go hi, I'm Anastacia? All the pros are amazing.


I'm so lucky to have been able to dance with two, let alone one. They


are so good. Thank you so much. My pleasure. They said it is your best


dance. I know Brendan is unwell at home. Would like to send a message


to him? Brendan, get busy, we've got to go to work next week.


That's your highest school ever. You are top of the leaderboard.


If you loved Anastacia and Gorka's quickstep and want to keep


her in the competition, you can vote for them when voting


Still to come, Ed is looking for the way to Amarillo.


Our next couple is Louise Redknapp and her partner, Kevin Clifton.


Tonight, Louise and Kevin are doing a tender loving rumba set


Tonight, Louise and Kevin are doing a tender emotional rumba set


in the most romantic city in the world.


How did you find Saturday night? It was good, I really enjoyed it. I


like the foxtrot. I was apprehensive going into it, because it was


ballroom. I thought I loved the Latin for some reason. It felt


different from everything else. Was that a standing ovation and your


technique was amazing. I was delighted with how you did. Get in!


Check out you and your footwork. I think it's my favourite so far. The


rumba this week. We've got to conquer the theme of our dance. It


just so happens our dance is set in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. We are


going to Paris! Of course we are. Right, welcome to France. Today


we've got to fit in as much research as possible. And some shopping? I


don't know about that, Redknapp, but we are going here first. So here we


are in Paris. Rumba walks, here we development Kevin! Straighten that


back, Quasimodo. Because the theme is dancing under


the Eiffel tower, it was important to come and understand that. Kevin


has made me do the rumba walk down the shots Elysee, under the Eiffel


tower, anywhere there was space for me to do it, I did it. The rumba is


definitely the hardest I have done so far, and I have to go out and


just do my best on Saturday night. Dancing the rumba,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. C'est magnifique! You really brought


the romance of Paris alive, delightful! What is on your mind,


then? It was a dance in France and getting an Eiffel was delightful!


You are consistently good, no-one, if any of these judges say you are


not good, they are not telling the truth. You are consistently good.


But for me, you were on a plateau, you know? You are on this plateau,


and something has got to happen to give you that extra boost, because


there is one or two others that are also on a plateau but it is a little


bit higher. We have got to come out now and dance with that clarity and


purity, but also a little bit more wow! Well done. Bruno?


# Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise... #


I went into French mode, but it was distinguished, elegant, very chic,


and there was a sequence of turns, it was like watching Gene Kellie in


American In Paris, I absolutely loved the cultural references that


are so relevant, and you gave it that French tone, that flavour,


thanks to Kevin as well. And to me, that is what it needed.


Were you feeling the romance, Craig? Well, for me, it lacked excitement,


I have got to admit. There was nothing really dangerous about it.


It was romantic! You need to accentuate your hips a little bit


more, but I suppose at least you got a free trip to Paris out of it,


darling. However...! That being said, you have wonderful lyricism,


which I think is brilliant. APPLAUSE


Darcey? Louise, it was one classy rumba, you bring out the best in


her, Kevin, you really do. Beautiful quality, beautiful relationship


between you. I would love a little bit more tension when you caressed


the floor. Like the boys are saying, you have all the ability to be at


the top of the Leader Board, and you are getting there, going in the


right direction, but just keep working, exaggerate those moves.


Extend yourself more. Good work. They want to keep pushing you, they


know you can do it! Louise and Kevin!




Well done! You got a standing ovation, I have to ask you, we have


got to say hello to your mother-in-law. She had an accident,


and she said, the only thing I care about, I must say my


daughter-in-law. She was in the ambulance, she was saying, I need to


be well for Saturday night and Strictly! You enjoyed that, didn't


you? I found it so hard, you are so exposed in a rumba, everything is


slow, you are trying to feel the music, but I loved doing it, Kevin


is the start. The scores are in. The judges have their scores, Craig


Revel Horwood. Eight! Darcey Bussell. Eight! Len Goodman. Eight!


Bruno Tonioli. Nine! Yes! You were getting eights,


saying, this is fine, then you got the nine!


If Louise and Kevin are always on your mind, vote for them.


All the details are on your screen now.


Still to come, Daisy is dancing to a song about body parts.


Could be Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes, Knees And Toes.


# Heads, shoulders, knees and toes! #


Dancing next in the ballroom is Ed Balls and his partner, Katya Jones.


and they're going to be playing the part of hitchhikers.


I just hope Ed holds his thumb in the right place,


or there'll be hell to pay from Craig.


No, darling, down, down! See what I mean?! There we go! Last Saturday


did not really go to plan. My mind blanked, and suddenly I was doing


this. It looks like you were directing traffic, what is this?!


You were mincing around like you were in an episode of Some Mothers


Do Have 'Em! The marks were low. On the positive side, we are getting


better. This week we are dancing American


Smooth foxtrot. After the comments from the judges, I think Ed is


really determined to get the dancing right, the technique, the footwork.


Open left leg a bit more. I find the little things difficult. Compared to


the last few weeks, with this big character, how are you feeling the


American Smooth? I want to entertain people, but I want to show you can


learn and get better. I know you can do it. Ed came in this week really


determined to impress the judges with his proper dancing. Is that


right? Perfect! Better! I have shown I can throw myself into it and


perform, but I want to show that we can do the dance steps, and I am


learning and getting better. Learn once me to show I can do it, this is


my week to prove it. -- Len. Dancing the American smooth,


Ed Balls and Katya Jones. MUSIC: "Is This The Way


To Amarillo?" Oh! Oh, look, they are doing the


lift again! No, no! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


It went so well in Ozil, and it went very well there. It was ambitious!


That is the way to entertain! Oh! Bruno, you have never doubted Ed's


efforts, but is is dancing improving? Are you kidding?! One


thing is for sure, you are never going to join the Royal Ballet, I


will tell you that! That ride nearly ended in disaster, I thought, my


God, he is going to drop! There is one thing I have to say, you always


take us places I would never expect. LAUGHTER


But there was a point where you just tried, he went into the hold, you


tried to do a proper foxtrot, OK, he can actually do it. Then you go all


over the place, like you read the hitchhiker's guide to ballroom


backwards! You can do it, I really do think you can, it is just you


have to be consistent, do not overstretch yourself in the Carlos


Acosta lift, they are not going to happen, love, I will tell you that!


He is trying so very hard. APPLAUSE


Craig? Well, that was the antithesis, I am afraid, of smooth.


Plodding, pedestrian, I felt he were fighting one another all the way


through. Absolutely no style whatsoever out of the hold. And this


dance, you are allowed to do three lifts, you did four, three of which,


I thought, were very good. But that horrific one, darling, you really


didn't need to demonstrate afterwards, because it wasn't that


good. It was a risky move, he wanted to prove he can do it. It is a


really good lift! It is a good lift. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


I could do it to you as well, I think!


We could try that in the bar later. We will try up later! Darcey! You


did start incredibly well, and the lift that you did achieve... I mean,


you do have the strength to do it, and it is just a shame that you did


stumble there. But, you know, like show, things go wrong, even in a


live show, and it was a shame that you were not able to recover out of


it. It is the kind of thing where you have to find your composure,


make a mistake, get back on the programme, focus. I note you can do


it, you tried again, which was great! Comeback next year... Next




No, thank God! We know you have it in you, so comeback next week! You


have got it in you, Ed. What is going on?! This is the trouble with


hitchhiking, you always get a dodgy lift!


LAUGHTER Now, in your defence, and totally


against Craig, let me say, OK, you got into hold, you started off a


further step, lovely, reverse turn, Federer finished, a little bit of


dancing, into a weave. All of that section, I thought, was terrific,


and you were on the way, it was just a rotten shame that your big


spectacular moment went a bit pear shaped. But well done, I liked


watching you! Don't we all?! Thank you very much, Ed and Catania! --


Katya. Ed! That lift looked incredibly


complicated. I'm pleased you showed us what it was going to be. You


enjoyed it though? I loved doing the lift. It was fabulous. We invented


it this week. Really, the two of you? It was the glitterball special.


It was going to be dedicated to Tony Curtis and Peter Kay. But after


that, I won't. Ed, the good news is that it is


better than last week, yes? Yes, but not as good as the week before. The


other good news, you've had your first spray tan. I did.


CHEERING. Well done. If I come back, do I do a full Jeremy Vine, the


whole lot? Of course you do. Let's not pull on that string! If you


If you want Ed and Katya back If you here and dancing


in our Hallowe'en special next week, then vote for them.


All the details are on your screen now, and voting opens


If you want to vote online you will need to register first.


This week we've got to somehow keep the composure with the waltz. It's


going be difficult but I'm really up for the challenge. Can we dance now,


please? The Charleston is 1920s flapper girls, lots of ankle swivels


and it is about having a good time. I've been finding it really, really


difficult. The routine is so fast. I feel like my brain is going to


explode. There's a long way to go. Switch and


catch. Hopefully come Saturday night we'll be ready to rumba.


She's going to be dancing a samba underneath a giant mirrorball


that's going to be dangling from the ceiling.


I know, and I'm holding it up for her.


Our next couple to take to the floor is Ore Oduba


They're dancing a waltz, and Ore starts off under a spotlight.


I don't think we need it - if this is anything like last week's


jive, he'll be lighting the floor up all on his own.


That was better than even the way it happened in my dreams. I couldn't


believe what happened. You are the one to beat in this competition.


What?! What is he talking about. A star is born. That's when I couldn't


hold it in. 10! You know me. A cuddle. Let's not speak, just


cuddle. This week from the quickness of last week's jive we are on to the


smooth class of the waltz. So we are going to slow things down. They


might be slowing things down in the training room but life is busier


than ever for Ore and Joanne is going along for the ride. We are in


Manchester, the Paralympic and Olympic parade is going through the


streets of the city. Let's go on the float. I do have for you a Team GB


bracelet. Excuse me. It's an absolute treat. Manchester looking


resplendent mere. We have had a bit of rain but you can hear the cheers.


Ore! As soon as he saw me, he ran to the back of the float and said, is


that alright? I said yeah, but we are doing the waltz. I have some


gold medal-winning athletes. Can you teach me? Good luck Ore for this


Saturday. The best of luck. It is a winning atmosphere. We've just got


to try and tap into that and bring some of it to Saturday night.


CHEERING. Dancing the waltz, Ore Oduba


and Joanne Clifton. Brilliant from Ore and Joanne. Come


on over. Oh, breathtaking. What an amazing performance from our singer,


Andrea. Yes! A beautiful voice. As for you, we saw your softer side


tonight, didn't we? Slowing things down after that jive. Yeah, that was


hard. Euro managementic side. It's there somewhere. He was top of the


leaderboard last week, Craig, how did he do tonight? Extremely well.


This is normally done in 4-4 time but the orchestra did it in 3-4 time


to marry it into a waltz. A the fraying was wonderful. There was


rise and fall, which was delicious. A bit of swing and sway. The


storytelling. The you are just incredible.


CHEERING. Darcey? Well, I feel the same. It's calm. It's elegant. You


are able to produce something with such control, it's not easy. You


still had great energy as you moved across the dancefloor, which also is


hard, but there was lovely moments of stillness. Stillness. You were


able to hold on to your frame. You had moments of a little right


shoulder popping up now and then, but beautiful control. Well done.


APPLAUSE. Len? It was quiet, it was calm and it was sophisticated.


People think the waltz is like a dainty, small dance, it's not. It's


a big, flowing, full on dance, and you showed that. I loved that hover.


I did. My old dance teacher used to say the hardest thing to do is


nothing, and to just stop and hold that for a bar and then come out.


Gorgeous. A little bit of a problem with that turning lock. It got a bit


sticky over there. However, having said that, you are an incredible


dancer. CHEERING. Bruno? Love is in the air.


It's irresistible. You two look so good together. They've all explained


the technical merits of the dance, but I want to go further. What you


have is a connection and a chemistry that is outstanding. You seem to


communicate through moves effortlessly. You have a connection


within the tune and the music that's outstanding. So wonderful to see.


Every week you surprise me, you really do.


APPLAUSE. The judges loved it and I think this audience will always love


you too. Off you go, well done. Ore and Joanne!


CHEERING. Well done. Ore and Joanne. Craig just said you were incredible.


I don't know what just happened. So did Len. It is quite hard, that


pressure What they don't know is just before we started that dance my


knees went, absolutely shot. I was shivering. So nervous. It's been a


really difficult week. This is the one with the control and just the


pressure from last week, it was a really nerve-racking week, but she


was so patient with me, my mate, coach, my better dancing half. So


patient. I'm chuffed. So, so chuffed.


Well done. Top of the leaderboard. Really, really good.


If you don't want Ore and Joanne waltzing off


the show, all the details are on your screen now.


So you can vote for them when voting opens at the end of the show.


Still to come, Danny is doing a rumba to the Sam Smith


Our next couple is Daisy Lowe and her partner, Aljaz Skorjanec.


This week they're taking on the charleston,


and they're going to start off the routine in the dark.


Not only is this a first for Strictly, but it also means


the judges might not be able to spot if they make any mistakes.


They will, they definitely will. I loved dancing that dance with you.


It felt like we were completely in the moment and everything else fell


away and I was just there with you. It was really special. Long, languid


move it is, very difficult to control and sustain. To get that


balance every time you stretched out, very impressive. There was no


hiccups, no mistakes. It just sort of flowed the whole way through. A


terrifically difficult dance and I thought you did a terrifically good


job. It was beautiful. Honestly. But this week we are dancing the


Charleston to a song called Happy Feet. My feet are very happy this


week. We are going to start in the dark dressed all the black. The only


thing that's going to be visible is white gloves and white shoes. I


thought to get you used to functioning in the dark, here they


serve food in the pitch black. Enjoy your food, Daisy. Yeah, bon appetit.


Yum, is that chicken? I don't think I have anything on my fork. Eating


in the dark was delicious and hilarious. My nose was slightly


injured. He fed me a full breast of chicken at the end of a full... Yes!


Sorry, shall we do some promise. Loved dancing in the dark. Hopefully


on Saturday night we c illuminate the dancefloor.


CHEERING. Dancing the Charleston,


Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec. Oh, that was superb, come on, Aljaz!


That was superb, so original! We have never seen done like that


before. Lots of happy hands for you. They were so lovely, you capture the


quirky playfulness of the silent movies, you are in there, and that


was just heaven, your style really suited you, not easy when you are


tall, because you have to be really contained to achieve all those


moves, especially with the white shoes and white gloves, very


revealing of the technique, so well done, well done! Very good! I would


only say, at the very end, you get tired, and the crispness goes just


in the moves. No, it wasn't bad, I am being really picky, because I


loved it. Just tighten up the core, get it around in those lifts, but it


is difficult to do those at the end. Well done! You have got happy feet,


I am happy, I know everyone in here is happy, and ideal you did a


wonderful charleston, well done! Bruno? Wonderful, clever, full of


joy, smart concept, it was like watching Betty Boop coming back to


life, I loved it, very nice indeed. Did it give you a happy face? Yes, a


very happy face. Mistakes are going to be amplified considerably with


those big old white shoes, but you danced on the off beads, slightly


late, tired, but I loved it, I thought it was brilliant. Lovely to


see something different, take those happy feet up to Claudia! Yes!


CHEERING So different from last week's rumba,


you were like, what, what am I doing?!


I am very warm in all the clothes! The scores are in. Craig Revel


Horwood. Eight. Darcey Bussell. Eight. Len Goodman. And other eight.


And Bruno Tonioli. Fauldhouse, eight!


Well done, Aljaz, that was amazing. If you enjoyed their Happy Feet,


use your happy fingers to vote All the details you need


are on your screen now. You can vote for them when voting


opens at the end of the show. Still to come,


Claudia tries some samba rolls. Our next couple was going to be


Laura Whitmore and her partner, But as we mentioned earlier,


Laura has injured her ankle and is therefore unable


to perform tonight. Here's what happened


during the week. I really enjoyed the quickstep, I


had loads of fun. It was nerve wracking, especially since I was in


the dance of the week before, but I really had fun doing it. Plenty of


lights, plenty of cameras, plenty of action. If you are in the bottom two


this week, I am going to pickle my walnuts, I promise! I just want to


get better every week, so I was really happy.


This week, I am learning how to jive, and I am so excited. With the


jive, it is fast, but it is also about the steps. Jive is quite a


difficult stance, you have a lot of kicks, a lot of stamina. Jive is my


favourite dance, so I want to make sure that it is going to be good.


During the week, all the training is starting to take its toll on Laura.


Laura got an injury on the ankle. I have put too much pressure on it, I


have not been 100%. The left leg is grand, but I have an issue with the


right. As the week continues, the pain gets worse, so Laura is seen by


a Strictly physio for assessment. The physio has just said that I


cannot dance. I am just really gutted because of the dance as well,


because from before I started Strictly, the one I wanted to learn


was the jive. I am devastated, but I have to look forward to getting


better, think about resting it and sorting myself out for next week,


which is the most important thing. Laura, if you're watching,


we send you all our love. Laura and Giovanni will not be up


for the viewer vote tonight. They have been given a bye through


to next week. The medics have said she should be fit enough to danced


then. I know you are both devastated, and it is your


favourite, are you all right? Yes, we are both a little bit sad, but


jive is my favourite, she was learning forward to learn it, but it


is about the health, so maybe it is better this way, I think it is


better this way. I know she is watching at home, do you have a


message? Yes, all of us, we are missing you, get rest, looking


forward for the next week, it is going to be a different stance.


Thank you very much. Thank you, we send all our love.


Dancing next is Danny Mac and his partner, Oti Mabuse.


Danny will be the first male celebrity


It's a notoriously difficult dance for the men to master,


but if anyone can do it, Dan's the man.


The weekend was amazing. It was the best. The judges were pretty pleased


with you. It was absolutely wonderful! Outstanding! You are on


fire! You look good, you dance good, and by golly you did good! Nine! It


was the most incredible feeling. This week we have got the eight, I


think it is going to take so much focus and concentration. Buys this


feels so weird. The rumba is a very technical dance, it requires


precision and balance. To help with the precision and balance, Oti has


an idea. I have come to the circus to try my hand at tightrope walking.


The same stills you need for a rumba, balance, precision, really


strong core. You expect me to do that?! That is really good! To be a


tightrope walker, you have to be strong, you have to be flexible, you


have to have good balance. Restarted off really shaky, but he looked


pretty good towards the end. Really good, look at you! Yeah! It has been


really fun at the circus, and I think this is going to help my


technique in the rumba this week. I just hope my performance isn't


ropey! I have got to stop this. Dancing the rumba,


Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse. Oh, yes! Oh,


easy. -- you smoothly. My legs were Oh, yes! Oh,


little bit staccato, which was not so pleasant. However,


little bit staccato, which was not I loved very nice, you stuck a turn


in. I loved very nice, you stuck a turn


you like it? One thing is for sure, those


you like it? One thing is for sure, subtlety, and you did it overall


very well, subtlety, and you did it overall


became a bit jagged, but I am telling you, I would


became a bit jagged, but I am Not any dance-off! I would like to


see it Not any dance-off! I would like to


much attack for me. Too much powering


much attack for me. Too much than rumba. But I love, love,


much attack for me. Too much Darcey? I have to agree with the


boys, you have Darcey? I have to agree with the


was very consistent as well. You know, you


was very consistent as well. You for rumba. I know,


was very consistent as well. You Well done, are you all right after


that? I am, I just did not want to fall over, that was my main focus!


Were you thinking that while you were doing it? I had her in my arms


for a few of the bits, it could have been carnage! And you did not want


to show your chest, I believe? I had a big argument with costume but they


ran out of buttons. Don't be never so about it, it is working for us on


every level, I cannot even look at it, it has become a thing! It is


your grandma's 82nd birthday. Happy birthday, Nanna! The scores are in.


Ladies and gentlemen, the judges have their schools, Craig Revel


Horwood. Eight. Darcey Bussell. And nine. Len Goodman. Nine. Bruno


Tonioli. Nine! I was not expecting that! You are


second on the leader board so far. If you liked that, put down your TV


remote and vote for them, all the details are on screen now. Voting


opens at the end of the show, only one couple left to dance.


Our final couple tonight is Claudia Fragapani


This week they're doing a samba, and it's going to have a disco vibe.


But will this dance under a mirrorball get them


one step closer to picking up the Glitterball?


I really loved it at there, doing the foxtrot, it is so bad I got the


steps wrong. You really put your mind to it, I can see you have been


working hard, so well done. What did you think? So happy, it was great. I


am so proud of you from week one to week five, I know the foxtrot was so


hard, it was amazing on the night. Thank you. This week we're doing the


samba, it is fast, fierce, it is super complicated. Oh, gosh! Pivot,


pivot. I have been finding it really, really difficult. That was


not the normal speed. Some of the technical stuff we have been


learning, it has gone in one ear and out the other. Release the core,


that gymnastics training. Try not to get angry! No anger, take the anger


out on the step. He says I need to loosen up my rib cage. Samba is very


rhythmical, very free, I need you to relax and loosen up. It is really


hard, I have done 12 years of gymnastics, being fixed and still,


so this is a challenge in four days. It is our most intense, fastest, the


hardest choreography we have done so far. That is the speed you are


dealing with. If I slip up or forget any of the moves and Saturday night,


it will go horribly wrong. Take me back to gymnastics!


Dancing the samba, Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard!


Amazing. Look at that for a reaction! Well done. That's what I


call a glitterball and that's what I call a Samba. Brilliant job. Soak it


up. Reversing 12 years of gymnastics in just six days, not easy. Did that


make your young heart run free, Bruno? Forever young, darling, after


this. I wanted to enjoy it so much. You've got the biggest disco ball I


have ever seen. You put so much stuff into that samba, the girl had


every single step you would expect. You did that on purpose to make it


harder for you. The pressure. Oh my God the pressure is so difficult to


do and you did it overall very well. But there is just one little thing,


my darling, don't rush the music. Don't go ahead of it. Because it is


like, oh my God! Is she going to do it? You can do it. Take it ease.


Stay on it. Don't overrush it. Never change the music, but fantastic


dancing. APPLAUSE. The samba rolls were


awesome. Craig? It was a little bit then ittic, you were like a tornado,


darling. BOOING.. Please. The bounce action


unfortunately suffered because of the speed of it but I have to say an


absolutely brilliant endeavour. Really, really good.


APPLAUSE. Darcey? I have to say, at first I was getting really excited


when you strutted down those steps you meant business, but it was a


problem. I did feel you were being overpushed to travel. And to step


out. As the speed got faster and then you lose the finesse of the


steps. We weren't getting the right action. That was the only thing that


really bothered me, but I see you have it all. Don't lose confidence,


because you are a natural performer. You've gained so much with this


competition. Don't lose it now, OK? APPLAUSE. Thank you. He threw some


tough choreography at you, to be fair. Len? The last couple and then


the party starts, so that's great. I know you looked at me with that


boyish little face of yours. I did enjoy those stationary samba walks,


because you did them slow and oily, which I enjoyed. Let me tell you the


truth and I don't care if you boo, because it's the truth. You exactly


ties technique... Oh... For the speed of the music. I saw you on the


VT working on hip action in the voltas. She couldn't do it. It was


too fast. It all became hectic. However, having said that, you are a


beautiful dancer. I enjoyed the party spirit so good on you, and


young hearts run free. APPLAUSE. He loved the party spirit.


Our pocket rocket lit up that floor. Up you go. Claudia and AJ.


CHEERING. Well done! Craig said it was a brilliant endeavour. It was


hard. You put so much in, there AJ. You do that on purpose just to show


off Claudia's brilliant moves. That's true. I love about you two,


you are always so positive and you can be quite negative, you go, I'm


rubbish, when you are amazing. But he is doing such a good job isn't


ehe? He is. Is. He's doing a really good job.


CHEERING. That's 32. Two more than last week. I'm so happy with that.


If you enjoyed Claudia and AJ's samba and want to see them back next


week for our Halloween special, all the details you need to vote


and voting will open in just a few moments.


All our couples have done everything they can to impress


the judges and you at home, so before we open the vote,


let's take a look at the leaderboard.


Ore and Joanne are at the top with a score of 36.


But remember you can change all that by picking up the phone


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So brace yourselves, because voting is now open.


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Please get the bill payer's permission before you call.


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To help you decide, here's a reminder of tonight's performances


and the all-important vote information.


All of our couples have done everything they possibly can,


Our celebrities are relying on your support to stay in the competition.


Voting closes at 8:45 tonight, so you don't have much longer


Next week is our Hallowe'en special, and they all want to be there.


Your votes could help them avoid the dreaded dance-off in tomorrow


night's results show at 7:15, when sadly one more couple


will be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing.


Also tomorrow night American country star LeAnn Rimes will be


here performing her new single, How To Kiss A Boy.


And we have a brilliant routine from our professional dancers


that includes tap dancing and all four of our judges.


Make sure you tune in at 7:15 tomorrow night for all of that.


We'll see you then, and in the meantime...


BBC One presents a special evening with Michael Buble...


BBC One presents a special evening with Michael Buble...


I think of it as an excuse to throw a party.


..featuring new and classic songs... # Cry me a river... #


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite you to join them for another evening of glitter and glamour. The competition intensifies as our 11 remaining couples hit the dance floor and do ballroom battle to stay in the running for the glitterball trophy. Voting lines will open at the end of the show. Once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the two lowest-scoring couples will perform again in the dreaded dance-off in the results show.