Week 4 Results Strictly Come Dancing

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Week 4 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce the results show, as the two couples with the lowest score dance off against each other. There is also a performance from Madness.

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MUSIC: It's a Man's Man's Man's World by James Brown.


MUSIC: I Feel Good (I Got You) by James Brown.


MUSIC: Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown.


This is Strictly Come Dancing ? The Results.


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing -


A massive thank you to our professional


dancers for that amazing James Brown routine.


Last night we saw some tremendous dancing including a mind blowing


jive. You wait all season for one and three come along at once.


Tonight of course we will find out which of our couples are safely


And which will have to permanently Get Up Offa That Thing,


We have combined the judges' scores with your votes,


and the two couples with the lowest points will compete


As always, the decision of who survives the dance-off


MUSIC: Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown.


And Craig Revel Horwood and Darcey Bussell.


Also on the show tonight, we have music from Madness.


And we'll take a detailed look at the dances from Saturday night


Soon we'll reveal the first couple to face the dance-off.


But before we do let's enjoy those highs and lows from Saturday


Week four is when everyone ups their game. The competition is high,


everyone is so good. What's important this time around is to


keep the tears back. I can already feel the nerves bubbling. It made


you feel really real that everyone can go and no one is safe. The


pressure goes through the roof at these moments, you think, do I know


any of the steps? I always start feeling sick around now and think,


can I do this? I'm having the best time, we all are, nobody wants to


go. I can't wait to get into the dance floor. Dancers to the stage.


Let's go! I will enjoy my dance and if I do it twice double the fun. The


crowd is buzzing, the energies in the room, let's do this, kids.


You have such expressive eyes. You execute every move with such


grace and ease and play the part stunningly. You look good, you dance


good and, by golly, you did good. You definitely have hip action.


Europe bomb was going to town. Those lifts were perfect, loved it. When


you hear perfect from a judge, there are not words for that. You've got a


great balance between good dancing, bit of fun and I enjoyed it. Your


facial expressions are on the up, darling. I still got six from Craig.


We will be better next week. I liked the shape, the speed of those


pivots, very good. There were times when I would love the body to


undulate. I will find out what that word is and then I will work on it,


Darcey. A true epic tinged with tragedy. I don't know about holding


out for a hero, I was holding out for a paso. You are mincing around


the stage like an episode of some mothers do have them. Dreadful. Two.


I will learn and come back. The timing was off, sadly, and it was


very messy. But great fun and great character. It was so much fun. The


most fun I've had ever. That is shocking. Shockingly good, I


mean. You looks like a 20-year-old out there. I think you did a


fantastic job, my darling. Eight! I'm half dead! Do you know what, I


loved that. Gorgeous. I can see all of the ability there. I would love


if Kevin pushed you. The footwork, you nailed. Nine! He seemed chuffed


about the footwork. So, yeah, wicked. That was so fast. If you did


that down the M1you would lose your license! If you are in the bottom


two this week I will pick all of my walnuts, I promise you! Nine! I'm


really happy because for me it's just trying to get better every


week. That's a very difficult dance, very impressive. It lacked a bit of


chemistry for me. What? They could have been more of an emotional


connection. I put every step you should do and you delivered it so


well. It wasn't for me, I'm afraid. I loved it and what was stunning was


your topline. I thought your footwork was terrific, well done.


That was the main goal, so achieved! It was right up there with Fred


Astaire. That was one of the best quicksteps I've ever seen. You are


on fire, darling. Nine! A Star is born. The game has finally


changed, darling. You are the one to beat in this competition. Ten! I


promised my wife I wouldn't cry this week. Sorry.


Here's what the leaderboard looked like at the end


Up at the top you can see we have Ore and Joanne with a score of 39


followed by Danny and Oti with 36. Down at the other end is Naga and


Pasha and at the bottom end and Katya with 16. But have your votes


changed everything? 12 couples danced for


survival on Saturday night. Which two will face each


other in the dance-off? The first couple safe


and through to next week is - Daisy and Aljaz show.


Thank you! APPLAUSE


Returning to the dance floor next Saturday are -


Laura and Giovanni. APPLAUSE


Thank you, thank you. And now the first couple who will be in


tonight's - Naga and Pasha. The rest of you will have to wait


a little longer to see Naga and Pasha, please come and join




Oh, I'm so sorry, my darling, you're first time in the dance-off, how


does it feel? OK. Nobody wants to be her. Let's get advice from the


judges to see how to deal with this. You thought Naga was more confident


this week, what words of encouragement can you give her?


100%, your confidence was terrific and you came out, really for the


first time you really came out and performed. Keep that level of


performance, keep your timing clear and clean, keep up with Pasha,


lovely, good luck. Keep watching Pasha, good advice. Keep that


beautiful smiling face throughout and we wish you the best of luck.


Claudia, over to you. Five extremely relieved and quite tearful couples


with me now. Sorry, I'm scared this will upset you but hopefully in a


good way, nobody has scored that high at this stage of the


competition. Are you kidding? I'll be honest, I would enjoy it if


you would cry again. Huge congratulations. That Saturday was


beyond belief, the comments. We have had such a great time doing that


jive. It's my favourite one. I've not been more tired but not smiled


so much ever in my life. This whole week is just a dream. Very well


done. Look, he's going again. Laura, your turn. To cry? No, how relieved


are you, you were in the dance-off, you might have thought again


tonight. But your name was said. It is the most nerve wracking thing


ever. It's crazy. Nobody realises until you are there how emotional it


is. Yeah. I just can't take it is much for my nerves. I'm so sorry,


well done. Leslie Anton, my most favourite reaction. Like you won the


lottery. Last week was so dramatic the military the last one to be


called out, I am thrilled. Next week you are playing a clairvoyant? I am.


I am already thrilled. Do you know the results? After doing a jive


after Ore, that must be horrific. No, we are hoping for 40! You might


even get more than that. Daisy, last week you absolutely hated it, you


hate the sound, the noise, the light. It is the most horrific thing


I have ever put myself through. Is it not getting any better? Art of


choice as well. Not getting any easier, the music and the lights. I


love everyone so much and we are so grateful to be here, thank you


everyone who voted. Thank you very much. Well done to all of you.


Performing their new single Mr Apples, please welcome Madness.


# Woe betide you if you wander from God's plan


# Square shouldered, straight as a die


# The righteous truth, he never tell you no lies


# He's heading off up the wrong side of town


# Head of the table at the Rotary Club


# Never unsure of which shoulders he should rub


# Scout leader, a pillar of the Church, Capital Punishment


# He wants to bring back the birch


# Heading off under the wrong side of town


# You're gonna do, you're gonna do yourself in


# You're gonna do, you're gonna do yourself in


Thank you to Madness and our pro dancers Neil and Katya.


Can we do this alone, Len Goodman? Never. Let's welcome Len's Lens!


I would like to talk to you first, if you don't mind about Kevin and


Louise's footwork. You said you loved it. Drag back and her heel.


Look at it! She didn't do it every time but you never see it normally.


Coming back into a lovely heel turn on the balls of your feet and then,


yes, thank you! You said on Saturday night these


things make you happy. Amazing, isn't it? It's sad in a way. It's


adorable. You said she was a bit too right? She was. Explain that, let's


have a look. Over on the right side and then you get the funny right


arm. Look, almost side-by-side. You want it to be straight on? No, no,


right side to right side, look, I will show you with Darcey. Here we


go. Her right chesticle has got to be in line with my body. Her right


arm then goes straight. Then you have lost that because it has gone


too far over. Thank you very much for that.


Darcey, Judge Rinder, you said slight over exaggeration and his


expression changed before he did something, can you explain more?


This is heaven, this bit. He hovers and... Oh! I know he is


emphasising the character but you just don't want that going down to


deep. He just should be up. This is lovely.


What it is, I think, with Judge Rinder, he is a great student. Yes.


If anything, too good a student. I would like to see him be more


natural. Actually, we need to put him in a character now where he can


take himself more seriously. More elegant? Yes. He's got it. Bruno, RA


and Joanne's jive. It was just... Phenomenal. APPLAUSE


Sensational! Look at this. Look at those kicks. One thing, we keep


going on about the jive, the harder stance, why? You need to maintain


the pumping action like a spring, a coiled spring that keeps going all


the time. Yes. Kicks and flicks, everybody does them but it is the


retraction, not just the action. Also coming back? Like a praying


Mantis. He just does it beautifully. It was astonishing. Stunning. Very


well done. The final thing is for all four of you. Often, we are


watching your faces while the dance is happening and you are looking,


concentrating, the four of you, during Ore's jive. Look at you.


LAUGHTER I love it. Thank you so much, judges


. Soon I'll be joined by the five


remaining couples safely So let's find out who


that's going to be. No-one wants to be in the dance-off,


but one couple will face Naga and Pasha to fight


for their place on Strictly. In no particular order,


through to next week are - Back to dance again


next Saturday are - That means Anastacia and Brenton and


Ed and catty, one of you are safe and the other is in the dance-off.


-- and Katya. I can reveal that the couple


in the bottom two tonight who will compete


in the dance-off is: Anastacia and Brendan. Ed and Katya,


congratulations, you are through to next Saturday.


Come on, sweetheart. Come on over. Come on, darling.


I can dance-off, though, let's go for it. That's the attitude. Let's


get some advice from the judges, how to attack it. Please. Craig, you


said there wasn't enough low in their rumba, how can they make it


more fluid? Keep the dance moving. If you feel tempted to stop dead in


your tracks, don't, let the dance live ever so slightly. Into the one


beat of this. Just think of all the positives, you had beautiful arms


and hands. There is a lot to enjoy, wonderful chemistry together. Enjoy


it. APPLAUSE We wish you the best of luck, we


will see you later in the dance-off. I am joined by the rest


of our saved couples. They are over the moon and a bit


shaky. Ed Balls, I don't want to bring this up but you are right at


the bottom of the Leader Board, what would you like to say to the people


who voted for you? We are working hard. I am trying to learn, trying


to do better but we are only still in the show because of the people


voting for us. It is such a fabulous experience. We have another week and


we will try to work hard, this is so big, thank you, thank you so much.


APPLAUSE Thank you. You were quite emotional.


I think it is Ore, it is genuinely catching. If I could catch his jive,


that would be even better. LAUGHTER That's fantastic. Well done, you


have the rumba, it's a difficult dance for a male celebrity, are you


ready to tackle it? I am as ready as I am every Monday. I have Oti, the


most amazing teacher and choreographer, if I have half a


chance it is because of her. Thank you so much. APPLAUSE


Louise, Darcey says she wants Kevin to push you harder, are you ready? I


thought he was quite strict in the training room. He is! I don't know


what's next week will hold. What will it hold? If Darcey once harder,


that is what she will get. You have the samba next week, that is


already, we are thrilled about that. Definitely. We will bring out the


sass in it. Good girl. Watching you wait for your name, it was almost


like you were doing sort of Olympic breathing. Everyone else is nervous


but you were breathing, doing like, I didn't know whether you are going


to give birth. How relieved are you? Unbelievable. Everybody has the


horrible sensation, thinking this is going to end because we are having


such a good time. The thought of not being able to do this next week is


horrible. I want to carry on. Thank you to everybody who has voted for


us, you've done a lot. Thank you so much. APPLAUSE


You don't need to wait long for your next fix of Strictly,


because the fantastic Zoe Ball is on It Takes Two,


Monday to Friday can be a very difficult time in the life of the


average Strictly viewer but luckily at it takes to, we have the perfect


remedy for your withdrawal symptoms. First, at some moments like this.


Throw in some of this. And just for good measure, a fume at moments like


this: I'm smoking. -- a few moments. Join me, Zoe Ball for It Takes Two


at 6:30pm on BBC Two every weekday. APPLAUSE


So which of our couples will be leaving Strictly tonight and joining


The Leader Board and previous scores mean nothing now.


Whether they return next week or leave the competition is down


Do you know what I love about you? You are in the dance-off, doing the


dance and you are a little bit, bring it. It's my nature, to go into


things positively and have a great outlook, no matter what it is. It is


a wonderful opportunity to be here and be alive. Whatever happens, it's


great. Very good answer. What is your advice for this lovely girl? We


will keep doing what we have been doing in training, we are dancing to


a beautiful track, Barbra Streisand, can't go wrong. Enormous luck.


Please get into position. Good luck. Naga and passion, you will be


dancing second tonight, what can you say to give some encouragement? That


smile is back. I don't want that smile to be gone. It was your best


dance so far. Let's go down there and enjoy it. Have some fun, that is


what the charleston is about. How much do you want to be here next


week? I don't want it to stop, I love every moment is training with


this guy and performing. I am having the best time, I don't want it to


stop. None of our couples want


to say goodbye to Strictly Dancing first to stay


in the competition, it's - MUSIC: The Way We Were by Barbra


Streisand. Anastacia and Brendan have done


their very best and now dancing to impress the judges and stay in the


competition, it is Naga and Pasha. MUSIC: Minnie the Mermaid by Phil


Harris. Well done both of you,


there is nothing more you can do. Sadly only one couple


will be back next week. Based on the dance-off alone,


I am about to ask each of you the name of


the couple you think deserves to be saved


and your reason for saving them. The couple with the most


votes will stay in the competition, meaning


the other couple is In the event of a tie,


head judge Len, you Anastacia and Brendan, and Naga and


Pasha, the best of luck to both of you. Craig, who are you going to


save and why? The couple who I thought danced the best in this


dance-off this evening was Anastacia and Brendan.


APPLAUSE Well done, Anastacia and Brendan,


that is one vote for you. Darcey, who do you think deserves to stay in


the competition and why? It's always incredibly difficult when we get to


this and I find it very hard but the couple I would like to save because


of their performance value and natural artistry is Anastacia and


Brendan. That is two votes for Anastacia and Brendan. If Bruno


votes to save you you are through to next Saturday. Bruno, who do you


want to stay in Strictly Come Dancing and why? I will go for the


couple that I think has the much cleaner, slicker, more rounded


performance, very convincing tonight.


Anastacia and Brendan. That means we are going to have to say goodbye to


Naga and Pasha. Please, come and join us. Len, I know it won't change


the result but did you agree with your colleagues? I agree with my


colleagues, Anastacia and Brendan. Congratulations, Anastacia and


Brendan, we will see you next week. Well done. Naga and Pasha, I'm so


sorry to see you go. You've been a brilliant couple. What


has been your highlight? This week, will getting to work with Pasha and


getting to know him has been unbelievable, thank you for your


patience, you have been brilliant with your choreography and been the


best teacher I've ever had. Thank you, you've been the best student


I've ever had. And we got her show face out on Saturday in the


charleston. I'm so sorry. It was great, it was your best performance.


Don't say that! It was your best performance, you are going out on a


high, we thoroughly enjoyed watching you dance. Off you go, my darling,


and prepare for your last dance. It's so hard saying goodbye, isn't


it? We are all going to miss Naga and Pasha. They will join Zoe on It


Takes Two on Monday at 6:30pm. And for more Strictly news,


gossip and online exclusives head to our website -


BBC.co.uk/Strictly. Tess and I will be back


next Saturday at 6:35pm But for now, for their


final dance it's: MUSIC: Never Can Say Goodbye


by The Jackson 5 I'm really going to miss her, I


loved watching her charleston. So relieved to be through, gutted to


lose Naga. I've enjoyed every part of the show, even if it is a dance.


We don't want to stop, we can do better than this. Absolutely. I feel


so relieved to get to learn another dance, it's brilliant. Next week


with the jive I want to come out from the beginning going, I'm back.


I'm so glad that I didn't mess it up. No, you didn't, we did it! We


did it! So magic I didn't think we could top last weekend. Bring on


week five. We made it Semi... ..finals.


I think the flavour's perfect.


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome you to another exciting results show full of dance drama. The judges' scores and public votes have been combined, and the two couples with the lowest score will dance off against each other before 13 couples become 12. Who will survive another week, and who will be twirling off the dance floor?

There is also a performance from Madness, and the professional dancers perform a spectacular routine.