Week 4 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 4

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce another evening of sequins and sparkles as the 13 remaining couples hit the dance floor for a ballroom battle to stay in the show.

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Last week Strictly went to the movies. Some delivered a blockbuster


performance. I understand how good that was. Others went straight to


DVD. I cannot believe what I have just seen. A shock dance-off saw


Tameka failing to make the final cut. With Hollywood a distant


memory, it is back to reality. After last week we know we are not safe.


We have to work so hard to be back next week. You are amazing. I cannot


stomach the dance-off. This is Strictly Come Dancing.


Live from the BBC this is Strictly Come Dancing!


Please welcome your hosts Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman.


Hello and Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing!


We saw some incredible routines, including Hollywood,


Bollywood, Robin Hood, and Ed Balls doing that Samba.


But sadly Tameka and Gorka were eliminated from the competition


after losing out to Laura and Giovanni in the Dance Off.


And Tameka wasn't the only celebrity we've had to say goodbye to.


As many of you may know Will Young has withdrawn from the competition


Will, if you are watching we wish you all the best.


Tonight our remaining twelve couples will be pulling out all the stops


to entertain - and impress four very important people.


Our celebrities have spent the last seven days preparing


Now they're ready to come out and deliver


So please welcome our Strictly stars.


TV presenter and singer Louise Redknapp and her


Star of Judge Rinder, Robert Rinder, and his


Actress Lesley Joseph and her partner Anton Du Beke.


Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapane and her partner AJ Pritchard.


BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba and his partner Joanne Clifton.


Model Daisy Lowe and her partner Aljaz Skorjanec.


From BBC Breakfast, Naga Munchetty and her partner Pasha Kovalev.


World Champion long jumper Greg Rutherford and his


Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and his partner Katya Jones.


TV host Laura Whitmore and her partner Giovanni Pernice.


Actor Danny Mac and his partner Oti Mabuse.


Singer Anastacia and her partner Brendan Cole.


There they are, our tremendous twelve.


The group may be getting smaller but we're all expecting big things


You will be able to vote for your favourite later on.


Your votes will be added to the judge's scores to decide


which two couples will face the Dance Off in tomorrow night's


It will then be down to the judges alone to decide who stays


And dancing first to win your votes is Greg Rutherford and his partner


While learning his new routine, he injured his wrist in training.


But he's not going to let that stop him performing his Salsa


Never did I expect I would love dancing as much as I did last week.


Prince of thieves, you are Prince Charming. It was a bull's-eye, well


done. When I really enjoy something I can let go and have fun with it.


This week we have the salsa and we are doing it to Lismore is' Wrapped


Up. We are doing the most ridiculous moves. They need to be executed


personally or they will go horribly wrong.


After suffering an injury Greg heads to the doctor's for advice. I am


nervous and the dance is approaching at speed and I need to be ready. We


are hoping by Saturday it will have gone down and he should be able to


do what he wants to do. We have done so much training and we have to move


on and up our game. It has been a difficult start, but a surprise


visit to the training room will help their spirits. That was the loudest


scream I have ever heard. I absolutely love him, unbelievable. I


have heard that they are doing my son. Can I see the routine? We had


to adapt it, Ollie has seen it and he likes it. I love that. Bosch.


Dancing the Salsa, Greg Rutherford and his partner Natalie Lowe.


A sensational salsa. You were very brave, Natalie. How is


your wrist? He is holding his wrist. That was an epic left at the end.


While you two cool down let's welcome our fabulous


live singers Hayley, Lance, Andrea, Tommy


and of course Dave Arch and his brilliant orchestra.


Let's go to the judges. Did that happen all the fun of the fair? It


was a bit like candy floss, it was tasty mostly, but a bit sticky in


the footwork. Your toes town in a little bit, a bit flat-footed, but


your bottom was going to town. Plenty of rhythm going. It is not


your best, but it is certainly not your worst. That you, Len. The


ladies in the audience were shouting, nice bottom. Keep going,


Tiger. Hurricane Greg hits the south that and shakes it for all it is


worth. Oh, you are an animal. Must do squats tomorrow. I will take you


for a session. I could not take my eyes off it. You had hip action. You


have so much energy that at times it is uncontrolled and you lose your


timing. Your footwork when slightly off because you were so keen to get


at it. You spent so much time in the air, you need a flying licence. But


I appreciate the effort you put in your performance. Just clean it up a


little bit. APPLAUSE


. It needed a lot more rotation in the hip department. It was very


square. However upstairs, your shimmies were absolutely great. You


are treading too heavily in the dance for my liking, which lost a


bit of fluidity. You lost a bit of dignity, darling, when you did that


bottom grind here. It was totally unnecessary. But I love your


enthusiasm and your energy and that lift at the end was brilliant. The


energy just flows out of you. Sometimes even Natalie comes off her


feet as you grab her. She flew out. But that is exactly what it needs,


and plenty of energy. You can calm it down a bit, but the lifts were


perfect for best dance. And the exit as well, you are totally in control


of those. You have lifted all of us. Good night for you, Greg. Off to


Claudia's fun house. Very well done. Opening the show is


terrifying. But what I love is you said, I feel like a doughnut when I


do dancing and you do that and you are amazing. Thank you, it is so far


out of my comfort zone, every time I do something I think I look stupid.


But this one has been teaching me every day and she is doing well.


Also Rob has given me a lot of stick. It is really lovely and we


got it right today and I am so happy. And you had Lismore is come


and visit you. She was more excited about him. Ladies and gentlemen, the


judges have their scores. You are all right with that. We will


If you don't want Greg and Natalie to leave


the competition, all the details are on your screen now.


Now it's everyone's favourite part of the show.


Please welcome the Barber Shop Quartet.


Easy does it. We will do this together. You begin.


access charge, and please ask the bill payer's permission.


I hope you are very every Saturday before Christmas.


where you will also find terms and conditions.


Voting won't open until all our couples have danced.


So please don't call yet as your vote won't


count and you may still be charged!


Our next couple is Laura Whitmore and her partner, Giovanni Perniche.


After last week's salsa landed her in the dance-off,


Laura is determined to do better with her quickstep tonight.


So this week in training she enlisted the help


Apparently - with a couple of treats and a tummy rub!


I enjoyed the performance on Saturday. I just wanted to go out


there with as much energy as possible and show something a little


bit different than the week before. That show girl has got va-va-voom.


This is one of the hottest, everything I like salsas that I've


ever seen. How did you feel in the dance-off? It's not a nice feeling.


I tried to let it give me a boost to keep my place. Laura and Giovanni. I


want to fight for this. This week we're learning the quickstep, like


fast. How quick? We need a lot of stamina. We need endurance. I think


I know someone who can help. Who? He's got great moves. Who's that?


Mick Jagger. The Rolling Stones are the best band ever apparently Mick


Jagger is coming here to help us with the quickstep. Wow! Joe, Mick's


here. Here he is. Me and dog, not really best friend. I brought my dog


to rehearsals. He has a lot of stamina, great moves. I couldn't


believe how excited Giovanni was. Apparently he thought he was going


to be someone else. It's not the same from the Rolling Stones. This


one is a dog. Mick, what do you think? Yes! I was


thrilled when Mick gave us ten points, because if anyone knows


anything about the quickstep, it's my dog Mick Jagger.


Dancing the quickstep, Laura Whitmore and her partner,


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, wow. That was fast. You've come


back fighting. That was really fun. It hasn't dented your confidence.


Good girl. Bruno, you loved Laura's routine last week. You scored her a


nine. What do you think tonight? Are you kidding me? There are no speed


limits on Strictly. You did that down the M 1, you lose your license.


I think I felt a sonic boom. That was so fast, so complicated, so


difficult, yet performed with such ease. It was fantastic.


APPLAUSE There is one section there, where


you went from a charleston into a pendulum, brilliant. The


acceleration across, it just was fantastic, darling, you deserve to


be here. I'm telling you. Thank you. Craig? I thought you both covered


the floor very, very well. The charleston section I have to say was


absolutely stand-outish, wonderful moment. I did, at times, think you


were fighting each other a little bit in hold. That's only because of


the speed of it. Then I was thinking about that head banging moment. I


didn't know whether that was a love or hate section. I decided at the


end to love it. Well done. What a relief. So glad you said that.


Darcey, they were in the dance-off last week, better tonight? Oh, yes.


Laura, fabulously fast. My God, it was busy down below, wasn't it! Was


it? On the stage, that was definitely my favourite bit. When


you're on the spot moving like, that stunning. When you travelled, I do


believe, for me, in the top line, just your right shoulder seems to


roll in. That's where you take the effort. My gosh, you were


travelling. That was fast. Very impressive. Well done, thank you


Bruno. Len? Your head got a little bit overexaggerated at times. It was


a little bit strained. However, having said that, plenty of lights,


plenty of cameras, plenty of action. Honestly, flat out, no larking


about. If you're in the bottom two this week, I'm going to pickle my


walnuts - I promise you! APPLAUSE


Looks like you're a ballroom girl to me. Thank you judges, positive


comments all round. Off you go to Claudia.


APPLAUSE Well done, baby. You know what we


all completely love about you, sometimes being in the dance-off,


bit of a shock. You spend like a couple of days bringing yourself


back. You didn't. You were like, right, fine. Kind of want to prove


yourself to be here and everyone's so good any way. This man is


brilliant. He worked me hard during the week. Thank you. That was so


fast. Lovely to hear when Bruno is like, "You are fantastic." I saw


your face. Oh, OK. Thanks very much. The scores are in.


Well done. Are you over the moon? That's your highest score. Yeah.


Very well done. Thanks very much. Quite emotional. Lovely.


If you think they blitzed that ballroom routine, vote for them,


all the details are on your screen now and voting opens


Still to come, Claudia and AJ are dancing students.


Still to come, Ed Balls dances with a dragon.


Dancing next is Anastacia and her partner, Brendan Cole.


She's dancing the first rumba of the series.


Head Judge Len, what should we be looking out for in this dance?


You know, I know certain members of this gang here like it a bit


raunchy, I think it's like a developing love story. It's a


courtship. I don't like it if it's too raunchy. You want to see nice


hip action. You want to see chemistry. You want to see lovely


foot work. I'm looking forward to it. I think Anastacia will do a good


job, that's my feeling. So am I. Good. Thank you very much.


Let's see how they got on in training.


Good weekend. Thank you. You too, big daddy. It was a massive way to


come back. A good dance, a very, very clean, classy, confident dance.


You've come back with an enormous sense of confidence. I think that is


brilliant. Positivity coming our way. I love that feeling. I think we


can use that. It was great. This week we have the rumba. It is a very


soft, emotional, passionate dance. Lovely to feel that confidence when


you're in your comfort zone with the microphone in your hand and apply


that to the dance. To tap into the passion and confidence, Anastacia is


putting on a one-woman performance for Brendan. I'm going to sing you a


song because I can do that in my sleep. You don't have to pay. This


is a free concert. I am very at home singing. I feel very at one with who


I am, with what I'm sharing. # And you know I'm doing the rumba


this week # And I just don't know the


technique# So good to see Anastacia doing what


she's really passionate about. She's so in the moment. We have to get


that and her into what we do. # I don't want to go, yeah baby. #


Thank you for my applause. You're welcome. The rumba is about passion.


You're amazing! I'm extremely passionate when I sing. So if I


could bring that to the dance floor, thumbs up.


Dancing the rumba, Anastacia and Brendan Cole.


MUSIC: The Way We Were by Barbara Streisand.


Yes, you lovely lady. You look gorgeous. Thank you. Delightful. You


showed your vulnerable side there. Lovely. You wanted to bring the


passion, didn't you? I was just trying to bring something. Are you


feeling the love, Craig? Yes. Half-and-half really. The four, one


section of it, where you go through the movement, I thought you lost a


bit of fluidity. It became somewhat stilled, not over the top stealthed,


just -- stilted. You kicked Brendan's toe on the sweep through.


The Ronde was very strong. I loved that section. Hand shaping is


exquisite, darling. Lovely story telling. That's a lot coming from


him. He's a hands man. Darcey. You have such stressive arms. They're


beautiful. It's like you're playing the music with your arms and your


hands. They really read really well. You have lovely shapes as well. I


would love the body to undulate. Oh, hello. I'll let you know later. Just


so we get one move flowing into the next. Just the moments of staticness


where I would love to see the continuity. We can do that.


Len, did you get what you were looking for? To a degree. I didn't


mind it at all. There was a lot of lines and there was a lot of


wiggles. I didn't - don't get aggressive, I know what you're like.


I would have liked a tad more rumba content in there. No, yes. But we


didn't get that quite. But what I did like was the lovely, fluid arms.


I liked the light and shade, the speed of them pivots, stopped, move


on, lovely. You could straighten your legs on the swivels. I never


talk about you Brendan, because you're perfect. Of course he is! It


wasn't great, but I tell you what it was very, very good. Well done.


Thank you Len. Bruno, finish us off. Very lady like. Very glamorous. Very


subtle. It was like watching a series of movie stars images, Rita


Hayworth Eva Gardener. I like that. You got into these looks very, very


well. I tend to agree with my colleagues, you hit one thing, but


it has to flow, as Len said earlier, into another continuously. There is


never a sense of stopping in rumba. It is relentless, it's like wave


upon wave beating you, driven by passion and sex appeal. Actually I


could have done with a bit more of that. You know like the first week,


when you went... Ha-ha. For me, that is to my taste. I have to say, it


was tasteful. And very romantic. Lots of love in


this room for you tonight. Thank you very much. Off you go to Claudia.


Anastacia and Brendan. APPLAUSE


Well done. The rumba is the hardest dance. Everybody can see everything


because it is so slow. It is quite intimidating and I am dancing to


Barbra Streisand and you cannot make out that way. You have to keep a


simple and classy. Done job. And you did. The scores are in.


The same as last week, happy with that? Yes.


If you enjoyed that routine to a song about memories,


All the details are on your screen now and voting opens


Still to come, Naga climbs out of a giant clown. I hope she does not


pull a muscle! Next to the floor is


Claudia Fragapane and her Last week's jaw-dropping


Charleston saw them joint They even got a nine from Craig,


either that or he was so blown away, he accidentally held his


six upside down. That was absolutely brilliant. I was


really happy, I enjoyed it so much and I am in my element. Getting nine


from Craig was incredible. I was so ecstatic, all 49 as much. I am so


grateful to be through and I am loving all my time here. This week


we have got the foxtrot. Will it be slow? Yes. It will be a challenge.


The concept is in the school corridor with lockers, it will be


incredible. AJ has lined up a surprise visit for cloudier's


teachers. I hope she has done her homework. I left school at couple of


years ago and I was stunned that they came. They liked your work, so


I thought I would see what they thought of your dancing. Having


taught her PE at school it is great to see her carrying through with her


gymnastics and now with her Strictly Come Dancing career. Her foxtrot was


amazing and I was stunned by how graceful she was on the dance floor.


Time for the Judge's scores. Please be nice. Wonderful. Fabulous


darling. They scored us all tens. I am so proud of you, you get a gold


I am so proud of you, you get a gold star.


Dancing the foxtrot, Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard.


MUSIC: I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen.


You two are adorable. I think the audience really like you two.


Darcey, did you? It is the story you create, that young love all the way


through. You have really stretched her. I was .txt that they knew to


travel and collide and what is stunning is that top line. You have


the strongest form. To be able to sustain that every time you get into


hold is a strong point that you have and that is impressive. You really


put your mind to it and I can see you have been working really hard as


well. Len, joint top of the Leader Board lastly, how did she do this


week? I thought she did very well. What you have to understand is you


are young and modern. I am old and traditional. I am not that old.


There is a bit of a conflict. It is a foxtrot. It had a flavour of


American Smooth going into that dance. However, I must say you


pleased me greatly over here because you did a lovely he'll turn in your


hover across. I thought your footwork was terrific. Overall, for


your class I am going to say first rate, well done. Goldstar, A+ from


her teacher. Look at them, the ideal teenage dream team. They are so


enthusiastic and keen to please. I could see how much you tried to get


the technique of the foxtrot and hold. All the steps perfectly


placed. But something happened, you were out of an underarm turn and you


went on the wrong foot or something. No. No, it is me, I need to go to


Spec Savers! But when you try so hard, make sure that you do not show


it. You should never look angular. You should always look flowing. You


are so good, but you can always get better. Greg. There was a bit of


gapping and it lacked for me grace and elegance. Over here it looked


like an acrobatic move rather than something beautiful. I did not think


the burst out of hold represented the foxtrot or misrepresented the


foxtrot entirely. It was not for me. It was all going so well until we


got to you, Greg. Cloudier is upstairs. That was amazing. We


absolutely love it up here and you have been working so hard. You said


she worked hard under enormous pressure. Is he a difficult task


master? Yes, definitely. He will turn small steps into big steps. I


think Len said hovercraft. I am going to check that.


If you loved that routine, then vote for Claudia and AJ.


All the details are on your screen now, and voting opens


If you want to vote online, you'll need to sign in or register


The routine is being approached with gusto, it is fast and fun and there


is a great story and I am looking forward to it. Today is the first


day I have ever twirled a cape round in a dance studio. This foxtrot


looks smooth and elegant, but there is so much going into it. I am


having so much fun, it is happy and cheery and it is good for me and I


am the most excited about this one than I have been for any of the


He's going to be a conductor of a band, and the whole thing


Our next couple is Ed Balls and his partner, Katya Jones.


This week Ed is doing the paso doble, and he'll be taking


on the role of a knight rescuing a damsel in distress.


Can our Sir Lancelot turn into Sir dance a lot?


Last Saturday went really well and you were amazing. That is me, I had


to go for it. You are not the best dancer, but you are definitely the


most fun. When we were finished the crowd went wild. You feel the energy


in the room and that is what keeps you going. The hard work paid off.


The scores are much higher than I thought I would ever achieve, so I


am proud of getting 23 and 24. In the paso doble to the Bonnie Tyler


song, there is a maiden and she needs and night to rescue her. Help,


where is my hero? I am a novice knight, but she has got a plan. Get


ready to be suited and booted, you are off for some training. You are


going to learn the skills that you need to be able to save me. I can


hardly move. Stop complaining, you have to do some combat training to


save me from the Dragon. When I watched him a fight with the sword


in his hand he looked so handsome and brave. I think this Dragon is in


big trouble. I have done my training and now I can save my princess. I


can now finally slay that paso doble on Saturday.


Dancing the paso doble, Ed Balls and Katya Jones.


MUSIC: Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.


Sir Dance-a-lot. Ole! What a marvellous night. -- what a


marvellous knight you make. I know a few little things went wrong. A few


things went wrong. Was that a knight to remember? ? I don't know about


holding out for a hero. I was holding out for a paso. BOO Don't be


so cruel. Give over. Oi, give over. Do you know Ed, over the years


there's been quite a few balls on Strictly. We had Zoe Ball, Johnny


Ball, Bobby Ball did the Christmas special. We even had Michael Ball


last week singing and not one of them has picked up the Glitterball.


I'm not sure that you are, but I tell you this, you won't lose it for


lack of trying. CHEERING


Because you come out and give it your all. Well done.


Got to be commended for that. Bruno. Mr Ed Balls present the dragon


slayer. A true epic, tinged in tragedy, mostly because of the


shaping. I mean, keep going. It was like you were directing traffic.


That's not paso doble, that's a deemented traffic war don. Then you


had a tantrum with the cape. You didn't know where the hell it was


going to end up. It looked like a spin drier. For a strange reason,


somehow I liked it. But I have to... APPLAUSE


We all liked it. Entertaining. You're not going to


get a high score, though. Craig, you scored Ed a measly four last week.


How about tonight? Oh, dear. I don't think it's going anywhere


near a four tonight. You were mincing around that stage, darling,


like you were in an episode of Some Mothers Do' Ave' EmU made Frank


Spencer look butch. The shaping was terrible. It was stompy. There


wasn't a hint of any Mata corps in there -- madador in there,


gesticulating wildly, passion-less. Dreadful, really dreadful. Darcey?


There was plenty of performance in there, just some of the wrong


performance, but that's fine. There was gusto. You were going for it.


That's what we expect now, which is fabulous. Thank you for that. It is


a shame that you made that balls up. But it was the armography that was


the most upsetting. I'm sure you have created better armography than


that. It was very hard and straight. No surf, no shape. Next time. I will


work on that. Please. Definitely. You're a good knight, you've given


us a great night. Sir Balls and lady Katya.


APPLAUSE We went nuts for it up here. Did you


hear them stamping. You go home and watch the comments and then you take


it seriously. Of course, because you have to learn and do better every


week. That's what I've been trying to do. Today was not the best. We


were so much better in rehearsals. I'm still learning and doing my


best. Thank you so much. The scores are in:


Goodness me. Never mind that. That's not the lowest paso score. That's


fair. You're saying it's fair. Everyone cuddle him.


If Ed is the hero you've been holding out for,


all the details are on your screen now, so you can vote


for them when voting opens at the end of the show.


Well done, Ed. Louise and Kevin are watching television, if it's in the


night garden, please don't tell me what happens, I taped it.


Dancing next is Naga Munchetty and her partner, Pasha Kovalev.


Their Charleston is set under water to a song called


Naga is the mermaid and Pasha is a deep-sea diver.


Fingers crossed the judges will fall for them -


Good job last weekend. Thanks. I know it was quite... Intense. A


stressful Glynning. The -- beginning. The buckle didn't want to


unbuckle. Well recovered. Enjoyed it though. You are better than you


think you are. You've got to come out and show us. That really


resonated. I need to believe that I can do the dances and not worry


about comparing myself to other people. And just focus on us, go out


and enjoy it. Good job. This week in her


charleston Naga is looking forward to playing a mermaid. Pasha wants


thatta out of the training -- Naga out of the training room. I'm here.


You took it quite literal. We're thot getting in the water. Amazing.


It's quite good. I wanted you to meet your new friends. Hi. Make


yourself comfortable and get ready for the dance. So we can make a


splash with this dance, can't we? What? Dancing in an under water


tunnel gave us the chance to feel how it would be dancing on the water


with the fish around us. I think I could stay here for hours. I know we


are finished here. We have to go back to flipping - I mean dancing.


This has really helped me. I'm channelling my inner mermaid for


Saturday night. I think it's going to go swimmingly.


Dancing the Charleston, Naga Munchetty and Pasha Kovalev.


MUSIC: Minnie the Mermaid by Firehouse Five Plus Two.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, that was wonderful. Well done.


They're on their feet over there. That made a big splash with the


audience. I love the wig. First time you've had to embrace comedy. Well


done, my lovely. What do you think, Bruno? Fun under water, a bit


slippery on dry land, but then again, from a mermaid you would


expect that. I was finding my legs. I have to say, most of the time, you


were on it. Not all the way through, because the charleston is all about


keeping the very, very sharp scissor action. You lost timing in a little


section in the middle, but great fun and great character.


Thank you. Craig. Yes, the timing was off, sadly. It was very messy.


It wasn't clean enough. There was no cross, there was no swivel. You put


your body into it, unfortunately it wasn't translated to the feet. Did


it make you smile? The smile was wonderful, darling. But it didn't


stop the lift looking like she was being harpooned. It was messy.


You're a mermaid. He's a bit crabby. Really you have worked so hard at


the characterisation. It was fun, it was quirky. There was lots of energy


through. It I think you got so excited that everything was working


so well, it's just when you came out of the lift you went wrong with the


timing. Understandably, because it has made such an improvement, well


done. Well done. Naga did have confidence


issues, you thought last week, Len, did you think better tonight? 100%.


You certainly came out of your shell. Honestly. Plenty of motion in


the ocean. I remember once you, Craig, saying, I didn't like the


charleston because it was too neat and precise. Now you've changed your


mind, this is too slapstick and fun. I don't get what you're on about.


I'm telling you, you came out, you sold it. First time I've seen you


really confident. First time I think I've seen you smile. You really came


out and give it a good go. Well done.


We all really enjoy seeing your fun side. Keep smiling. Off you go to


Claudia. Naga and Pasha!


APPLAUSE Very, very well done you two. It's


like a new Naga. It was like the char son you went, oh, my God this


whole thing... It's so much fun. Loved it all week. Been the best


week. Well done. The scores are in: 24, Brendan Cole shouting "under


marked" best eyebrows I've ever seen in many my life -- in my life.


If you liked the sheer scale of that Mermaid routine and you don't


want this half-woman, half-fish to go, all the details


are on your screen now, and voting opens at the end


Still to come, Danny is conducting an orchestra. Bizarre job swap


moment. Dave Arch is doing a quickstep - we haven't told him.


Dancing next and hoping to impress is Louise Redknapp


APPLAUSE In their routine Louise uses a TV


remote to control Kevin and make him dance with her.


We could re-wind him back to the last time he said something nice...


Last week, for me, was like one of those moments I'll never forget. The


bit where I went to the judges, Bruno was actually doing the same


move I was doing. I could feel my smile getting bigger and bigger. I


think I knew most of the steps. You passed the audition. You were great.


That in itself made my night. Really proud of you. You smashed it. Every


day there's a bigger spring in my step. I love it a little bit more


each day. It's Tuesday. I'm on my way to go and meet Kevin. I'm doing


the foxtrot, which is all back in hold. Ballroom shoes at the ready.


Fortunately for you, you've come into Strictly on a year where the


standard is so incredibly high. I'm struggling with lots. But the heel


spin, definitely. Means that we've got to keep the pressure on in


training as much as possible. Come on, I can do this. Foxtrot is


different to anything we've done so far. It's a new set of rules for


Louise There's so much going into it. I'm pretty exhausted. Feet and


calves will be killing tonight. I am practising at all hours. I spent all


last week having straight legs. This week's all about getting down into


my knees, making it smooth. Need to push through and technically nail


the foxtrot. Now it's like you feel more comfortable being there. I'm


practising here. I'm practising loads at home. I really hope it all


pays off on Saturday night. Dancing the foxtrot,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. MUSIC: Tears Dry on Their Own


by Amy Winehouse. APPLAUSE


Just gorgeous. Come here, sweetheart. You look


beautiful. I know you have been working so hard, dancing day and


night, dancing at home. Did she learn it technically? I really and


truly enjoyed that performance. You have a fantastic sense of rhythm and


musicality and it was clean and engaging, gorgeous. I loved how you


set the scene from the beginning because the narrative went into the


dance and you continued that and how you extended. Sometimes you look


incredibly comfortable. I think it is because you are an natural


dancer. I would love if Kevin could push you because the confidence is


flowing. You just get a little bit relying on that natural quality that


you have, which is stunning, that now I want you to drive her. I can


see all the ability there, but I want a little bit more. Show it off.


Len. Excellent footwork. Very well done. You must have worked very


hard. You were even on occasions drawing back of your heel. The


problem was you got a little bit too far on Kevin's right side. Instead


of being right to right centre, you were absolutely on his right side,


which made your right arm stretched out a little bit. Well, it is the


truth. What is the matter with you? I am going to give you a good mark


because the footwork you nailed it. A lady that hot will always win the


argument. It was a delicious soap opera set to music, danced


exquisitely. The storytelling was brilliant. You execute every move


with such grace and ease and you play the part stunningly. What more


can I say? It was great. We have high expectations for you. Off you


go to Claudia. Well done. CHEERING


Well done, you must have been over the moon.


Len said excellent footwork and I know you tried so hard. I did. You


are doing it on the school run. I was doing it in my slippers in the


morning. You got on my feet. I was watching your mother and your mother


in law's phase and they were holding hands. The scores are in.


That is your first nine and your highest scorer.


If you want them to be on TV next week and not


All the details are on your screen now, so you can vote for them


when voting opens at the end of the show.


Still to come, Daisy dances to a George Michael song


Apparently she's been careless with her Whispa.


Our next couple is Danny Mac and his partner Oti Mabuse.


Last week Danny wowed the judges with his Paso Doble.


Len was particularly impressed when he did the Coup de Pique.


But after the flying start he's had to the series,


has Danny 'Coup de peaked' too soon.


Last week was the hardest routine we had. Did you enjoy it? Yes, until


the judges started speaking. The timing, the shaping, the lines were


excellent. It was incredible. 49s, I am so happy. It made it all


worthwhile. This week's style is the quick step which I know nothing


about. It is a very fun dance and people are supposed to jump up and


enjoy it. The character he is playing is a conductor of an


orchestra. I have a surprise for you and it is right in here. Are you


ready? I think so. Hello. I brought Danny here because we have a quick


step and he has to be the conductor of an orchestra. You have come to


the right place. What do I do? Conducting is interpreting the music


and conveying it through gesture, or dancing in your case. It turns out I


am a terrible conductor. I think this young lady was a bit off, but


apart from that it was ace. Let me go. Needless to say, she was


marvellous. Conducting may not be my forte, but hopefully I will have no


trouble on Saturday night. My jokes always fall flat!


Dancing the quickstep Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse.


MUSIC: I Won't Dance by Fred Astaire.


CHEERING You certainly did dance.


So much complicated content in there. Well done. It just keeps on


going. It was pure class. How was it? That was pure class. When you


were up on the stage I could not wait for it to start. What you


produce up there I wanted you to get on the dance floor and I thought,


yes, and he could do it and you sailed. It was outstanding. You led


her, you were in control of the dance and that is something that is


very difficult for a male celebrity to be able to do. That is one of the


best, classic, quickstep 's I have ever seen. Len? There were some


lovely touches and you got a bit of subway going which you do not see


happening. Up on there it got on my wick in the end. It was a tad too


long. But once you came down here you looked good and you danced good


and by Godley, you did good. He did as all good. The talented Danny in a


dazzling display of dancing. It was exciting, right up there with Fred


Astaire. I love that style and it has been revived with such energy


and you performed it with such zest. It was like being back in these


Hollywood movies. It was absolutely wonderful. We will stop at Fred


Astaire. Danny Mac, you are on fire, darling! Craig is applauding. I


think I might need a lie down. Off you go to Claudia.


CHEERING Well done, I want to talk about the


dance, but can I confirm your magnificent man dresses her dogs,


Bailey and Barney, to match the outfits every week.


This is tonight. Word as Rowell last week? This is amazing, can you send


in everything you have. You wanted to do the quickstep. And I was a kid


I have wanted to dress up like this and dance like that and I have


always wanted to try, so that was an amazing feeling.


Well done. The same as last week. Very well done, the highest score of


the night. That is ridiculous. Your dancing is ridiculous.


If you thought Danny and Oti hit the right notey,


all the details are on your screen now, so you can vote


for them when voting opens at the end of the show.


If you want to vote online, you'll need to sign in or register


I love learning to dance. I am having such a joy doing it. Every


week I say, this is my favourite dance. Anyone who can waltz can do a


marathon. This dance is so much more open than I thought it was going to


be. Even now I am panting like a dog in the desert, I am enjoying it. I


am loving the experience so much, everyone is so exceptional at


dancing it is making me quite scared this week.


Yes, I can't wait to see Daisy's routine.


She's dancing to the George Michael song Careless something.


(Whispers) She's dancing to the George Michael


It's Daisy Lowe her dance partner, Aljaz Skorjanec.


Last week, Daisy danced as the children's favourite Mary Poppins.


Tonight she's getting all grown up with an intimate rumba.


But will this passionate performance get our judges all loved up?


Last Saturday, I was so excited that we got to do a movie of our


quickstep. We look so good. My favourite part was clicking my


fingers and then you appeared, I was really chuffed with that. It was the


neatest footwork I have seen. That was special feedback because I am


completely in love with her. Super colour of a tool is that a


commission mark good job. Thanks. This week I am excited about doing


the rumba. At the moment we are putting more attention into the


technique. Keep your toes on the floor. I am going to have to be a


bit strict this week. I would have thought it would be difficult to


take Al-Jazeera you see when he is cracking the whip, but he is quite


scary. When he is found, you know he means business. I really want to


push her because I know we can go a step higher. I have been doing some


homework. It is frustrating getting it wrong. Over and over again. Let's


do this again. I feel she has so much potential and talent and I want


to dig into that and make sure we deliver a beautiful dance this


weekend. And again. I am happy I have put the hard work in this


weekend, I am happy to get on that dance floor and do it justice.


Dancing the rumba, Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec.


MUSIC: Careless Whisper by George Michael.


Walk those lovely legs over here, lady.


You didn't just walk it, you stalked it. It was gorgeous, nothing


careless about that, darling. Rumbas are notoriously difficult. What did


you think? You're totally correct. It's a bit like Len's lens. It's


slowed so you see any plunders. You're not lazy, Daisy, because you


have worked hard. I love, see, little things please me. I can't


help myself. I love that forward half, then out to fan. Then you even


got the eighth a turn as you closed. Yes, shut up. And into another. I


love all that little. The things that get passed by. I liked them. I


thought it was a terrifically difficult dance and you did a


terrifically good job. Thank you so much. Careless whispers, more like


breathless judge. I am tingling all overment I'm shivering. I'm panting


to the point of turning. Oh, you do things to me. Your intint in the


dance was just spectacular. -- intent. Seriously now, we talk about


content a lot. You had in there every single rumba step that you


would want to see in a rumba. You didn't skip out anything. Even the


most difficult. You kept the flow going most of it. Just at one time


you stopped a little bit the flow, maybe because you felt a little bit


insecure, but I'm telling you what you put into this dance is what we


should see in every rumba. Next time, be more fluid, all the way


through. Not just in some moves. I loved it.


Hard work is paying off. Craig. I thought your free arm lacked a


little direction and definition. By that I mean a tone and resistance as


the arm goes out. It seems to just land there and then waft around a


bit without any sort of strength behind it. You have to be able to


make it fluid and not stiff, obviously, but have tone and


resistance. I do think it lacked a little bit of chemistry for me.


What? I know my colleagues probably don't agrow with me. But I -- agree


with me. I think there could have been more of an emotional


connection. Goodness me. I was feeling it. I don't. Darcey


disagrees. I do not agree with you. You use your whole body to stress


that emotion without doubt. Long, languid moves. Very difficult to


control and sustain. To get that balance every time you stretched


out, very impressive. I mean, really. That is a very difficult


dance. Do not listen to him. A lot of love for the judges. We've fallen


in love with your rumba. Off you go to Claudia, well done, darling.


Daisy and Aljaz! APPLAUSE


Very, very well done. You know what's so adorable, I heard you say


this week, Strictly is the best experience of your life It is.


You're really enjoying yourself. Even when he gets strict like this


week. I think it's important that he's strict with me. I want to be


better. You did great. I can be stricter.


Scores are in. Same score as last week. You're so


cute. With the seven, you went, "That's OK. I'm pleased."


If that Careless Whisper routine had you shouting


All the details are on your screen now, so you can vote for them


when voting opens at the end of the show.


Still to come, Lesley and Anton dance to the song


Does anyone know what dance they're doing?


Dancing next is Judge Rinder and his partner Oksana Platero.


They're doing a Viennese Waltz to the song 'Boom Bang a Bang'.


It's the song that won Lulu the Eurovision Song Contest,


and our Judge is hoping, it won't get 'nil-point',


I'm going to give that a U certificate, you entertained, you


made us all smile but you made a few mistakes along the way. It's a shame


because the rehearsal was going so well. I want to do better next week.


You're very cute as a caveman. I want to say that made my day, but it


made my life really. Made me feel like I'm in competition. I think


he's cute. Two women competing for me. A phrase I never thought I'd


use, to be honest. This week it's the Viennese waltz to one of the


most beautiful and memorable songs of all time. It's Lulu's Boom Bang a


Bang. A personal favourite. What's really difficult about the Viennese


waltz? You need to make sure you're not going to get too dizzy and fall.


I'm very, very dizzy. Welcome to Viennese waltz. Making it round the


room is a challenge. You've got to go round and round, and round and


round - sorry, another question, I'm feeling a bit sick. The really hard


thing is to be calm enough to enjoy it and let it flow. That's hard when


you're as nervous as I am all the time. Think about it less. Relax.


OK. When it flows, it's effortless and beautiful. When it doesn't, it


looks like a horrible crash. I love the Viennese waltz. I want to get it


right. One thing I want more than anything is for the hearts of the


judges to go boom bang-a about bang. Dancing the Viennese Waltz,


Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero I'm loving the lederhosen. Isn't it


marvellous. It is. Like Boris Becker. I know! I look like a young


Boris Becker. LAUGHTER


He might beg to differ. Bruno, did that flow for you? I have to say, it


was unusually restrained by your usual standard. Don't you think? You


went straight in hold, lots of proper Viennese waltz content. You


did it quite well overall. Be careful don't swing your arms like


cow bells. I know, you know, a bit more fluid. A bit more graceful, I'm


sorry, I've got a cold. I have to say, I was impressed because you


don't have to do craziness all the time because you can actually dance


when you want to. You can dance. Did your heart go


boom bang-a--bang, Craig? No, it did not. But I can say this, your facial


expressions are on the up, darling. Improving. Until the second part,


where I think you lost that. You went into that goofy thing and the


open mouth scenario came back. You know, there is a dancer, a delicious


dancer actually hidden underneath all of that. I just can't wait to


see it, my love. He's teasing you. Darcey. It's true,


when you're in hold, you're actually in control of the dance. I really


feel there is going to be some lovely quality throughout. I


wouldn't say this to other people, I don't you to overexaggerate. It's


only when you come out of hold, don't get upset. It's only when you


come out of hold I see the preparation. I see you overthinking.


You don't need to. I mean, I think it grinded a bit with the narrative,


the story you were telling, but I don't think you need that. There's a


lot of quality in there, as the boys have said already. I think we want


to see that now. Bringing the dancer out. Len. I


liked it. I liked the rotation, natural turns, reverse turns. I


enjoyed that. I once told - trust me, I once told someone who was a


bit like you, a few committeedic elements -- comedic elements, you


are a about thor dancer. -- you are a better dancer. He cut them out and


he went home the next week! Do what you do. You have a great balance


between good dancing, a bit of fun and I enjoy it.


So great to watch. We all enjoy it. We love what you do. Keep doing it.


Take your lady and your lederhosen upstairs to Claudia.


APPLAUSE We absolutely loved it. Quite


differing views there. Some of them saying be serious. Then Len going,


you're hillarious, continue. You ask three lawyers the same question, you


get three different answers. Same with the judges. Isn't she


beautiful. My Heidi. I know. The scores are in.


27, are you all right with that? Same score as the last two weeks.


Well done. ( If you loved Judge Rinder


and Oksana, vote for them. All the details are on your screen


now, so you can vote for them when voting opens at the end


of the show. They really can. Still to come Ore


does something with a 1960s flavour, could be a jive or a crispy pancake


and Angel Delight. Right, now it's Lesley Joseph


and her partner, Anton Du Beke. This week they're


doing a Charleston. It's a dance that involves a lot


of cheeky moves, fun choreography I've got a feeling they could


be quite good at it. I really loved that dance. I thought


you were brilliant and I love what you did. You are a golden oldie from


the silver screen and I thought you were great. To be left literally to


the last to be told you are saved, I did not think it could be that nerve


wracking, but I am pleased we are through. This week's training takes


many miles away from Elstree in Malta due to her busy schedule. I am


here on holiday... Training. Leslie is filming and it is very exciting.


I don't know where she gets her energy from. How is it going? Very


well. I know you are busy, but this week we are doing the charleston. I


need you on set. I need to work. I went on set at five o'clock and I


worked off at eight o'clock and I was training for three hours. It was


exhausting. She is busy and she is a fitting it all in and doing a


tremendous job. They are all going to come and watch us do the number.


Do you know how nerve wracking that will be? If you can do it in front


of them, you can do it in front of everyone. You were fantastic. We are


really proud of her. She gives 100%. You are amazing, honestly. Good


luck, we are rooting for you, we are right behind you. You will be


brilliant, you always are. You will be brilliant,


you always are. Dancing the Charleston,


Lesley Joseph and Anton Du Beke. MUSIC: Won't You Charleston with me?


By The Boyfriend. APPLAUSE


Leslie and Anton, you have a very busy week,


but it does not slow you down. You do not disappoint. There she


keep surprising you, Craig? Yes, you do. That is shocking... Shockingly


good. I do not know how you get through it. I could never keep that


much stamina going for that length of time. It is absolutely


incredible. You shocked me each time. It was strong and vibrant. You


ran out of steam a little bit at the end with the swivel and the cross,


but I loved it. I was exhausted watching you. You bring such a


cheeky, fun, naughty, little girl to this. And the confidence, that


showed with the amount of dance content. Those high kicks and,


Anton, you are having a great time dancing with her. I could not keep


up dancing with her. It is your birthday this week I understand...


APPLAUSE That was definitely your best dance


to date and if you keep that up, you will have many happy returns! Well


done. You always deliver, you were the


perfect gangster mole. You looked like a 20-year-old out there. Apart


from the characterisation and the personality, you are great actor, so


you do that perfectly. Your timing was right on it and you were placed


correctly and you did not lose your time and your performance was very


high all the way through. I think you did a fantastic job, my darling.


Fantastic comets, what a lovely birthday present. This is the first


time I can talk, it has taken me until now. Many happy returns.


He is having the time of his life. What an extraordinary schedule. I am


up at five every morning filming and he has been out in Malta by the


swimming pool, and then we have been training. It is exhausting. It has


been very hectic. Your daughter is here. The scores are in.


Your highest score. She is a dream, dream! That you very much. If you


want to see them back next week, please vote for them. All the


details are on your screen. Just one more couple left to dance.


And our final couple is Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


Last week, Ore's American Smooth wowed us all and he landed


This week, he's doing the jive, and we've got some tissues ready


Last Saturday was one of the best night of my life. Amazing, just


amazing. I am astounded how good that was. It was just such an


emotional night. So for me it has just lit up. I could not believe


Gene Kelly's widow coming. He would have been proud. I cannot believe


it. It was unbelievable. This week we are dancing the jive and you need


stamina and energy and loads of flips. This is not for the


faint-hearted or slow footed. What are we going to do to up my game?


There is one place I can take you where footwork, stamina, energy and


performance is important. You can practice all your kicks and your


stamina and your performance. Wow, Wembley. I have brought him to


Wembley Stadium to practice his kicks and his flips. We are at


Wembley. He came here today thinking he was going to have a kickabout


with a ball. No way. She has had me jiving everywhere, up the stairs and


in the dressing room and in the panel. I have not stopped jiving


since I got here. Yes! Are you having a nap. No, I am tired from


all the jiving. Unbelievable. Saturday night, I am coming to get


Saturday night, I am coming to get you.


Dancing the jive, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


Oh, my goodness me! Wow! I have not seen a reaction like this in a long


time in this studio. U2 better not run away anywhere, you are


brilliant. Antarctica. Dicey, your comments last week made him very


emotional, will he bring his tissues again? No, I will need those


tissues. How you understand each dance that is thrown at you, you


just take it on board. You are one athlete. The stamina is


unbelievable. To be able to get that retraction on each of those kicks.


And what you did over there, and none of them failed with the energy


and the attack that you gave them. Outstanding. You have set the so


high that jive. It was so impressive. It was show stopping,


jaw-dropping, eye-popping jive. Listen, I thought last week was


fantastic. You have had a week. A week or four days or five days.


Listen, move over, Jay. We might need tissues on stand-by.


Bruno, you were standing up. Ladies and gentlemen, a star is born. You


have a runaway jive as good as anybody you have ever seen. It is


the trinity of a jive with Jill, Jay and barley. The momentum and the


synchronicity. Again I have to congratulate you for putting very


imaginative touches into it. The swinging 60s, but you never lost the


jive. It drove through the dancer constantly. You never lost it. You


were on it. Trying so hard. Craig. The game has finally changed,


darling, you either to beat. You know what? I hope Danny Mac was


watching that because he has got a big load of competition. It is on. I


am so sorry I have got no tissues for you. You are trying so hard to


keep it in. You are amazing. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


For you. For you. Not again! We really love you for it. It was all


about for you, you wanted to beat Jay. They said, "Move over Jay."


You're the one to beat. Well done. This is the dance I've loved the


most. Jo absolutely packed it full just because I know she wanted me to


remember it. You're so cute. Ah, stop crying! Very well done. The


scores are in. CHEERING Yes! Well done.


Are you all right? He's all right. No, I'm not. That is extraordinary.


Week four. Really, well done to you. We need tissues! We've got tissues.


Well done. If you enjoyed Ore and Joanne's jive


to Runaway Baby and want to see them dancing again in next week's show,


then vote for them, all the details are on your screen now and voting


opens in just a few moments' time. That was honestly, better than my


own wedding. All our couples have danced. It's


time to take a look at the - I do hope he's not watching - look at the


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where you will also Please don't try to vote


if you're watching On Demand. To help you decide, here's


a reminder of tonight's performances and the all


important vote information. We've witnessed some


truly dazzling routines. Every one of our 12 couples have


given everything they've Don't forget voting closes


at 8.45pm, so you don't have long to vote


for your favourites. We'd love to keep them


all in the competition, but two couples will have to face


each other in the dance-off on tomorrow night's


Results Show at 7.15pm. And sadly one of those two


couples will be eliminated We also have an excellent


James Brown-inspired routine from our professional dancers,


and a performance from Suggs For all that, make sure you tune


in at 7.15pm tomorrow night. We'll see you then,


and in the meantime... Semi... ..finals.


I think the flavour's perfect.


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite you to join them for another evening of sequins and sparkles as the 13 remaining couples hit the dance floor for a ballroom battle to stay in the show. Once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the two lowest scoring couples will perform again in the dreaded dance-off in the results show.