Week 3 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 3 Results

It is time for another couple to leave the show as movie weekend builds to its finale, and Michael Ball and Alfie Boe perform a classic track from a Hollywood blockbuster.

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MUSIC: "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic".


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Strictly Come


Hello and welcome to Strictly's Movie Week Results show.


And a huge thank you to our professional dancers for that scene


Last night was brilliant. We had Ed Balls doing a samba. Mission


impossible. That's what we thought, but actually he did rather well.


Sadly one couple's time on Strictly will end tonight. The two couples


with the lowest overall points will face each other in the dance-off.


The decision of who stays and who goes is down to these fantastic


four. It's the judges! And Darcey Bussell and


Craig Revel Horwood! I love how they freestyle


that routine every week. Also on the show tonight,


Michael Ball and Alfie Boe will be performing the song


"Somewhere" from the classic APPLAUSE


And we take a close-up look at the dances with Len's Lens.


Soon we'll reveal the first couple in tonight's Dance Off.


But before that, here's all the starring roles


from Strictly's Saturday night at the movies.


Roll the cameras. Its Movie Week and it's time for action. The atmosphere


backstage is great, we're all really excited, we are dancing to films


that we love. I can't wait. This is what it's all about. The show goes


on on Strictly, I love it. The pressure's on everyone now. OK, it's


time to get into character. There's a big queue for hair and


make-up. I've gone red. Lovingly have. People in lots of different


costumes. It's my favourite week of all time. All celebrities and


dancers to the set. I hope there's glamour, sparkle, plenty of


Hollywood. Lights, camera, action. I love a night at the pictures. It's


Showtime! I loved the flavour, it was exotic, very, very joyful. For


week three, this is amazing. So nice, so precise, and it's good to


see what you've got. This was one of the hottest salsas


that I'd ever seen. It's got to have elements of finesse about it and


they were lacking. You were losing balance going into terms. I have to


say you've come back with an enormous sense of confidence. A good


comeback. Very good comeback, it was a nice dance, thank you very much. I


would have loved its to be crisper and more clipped from each


transition. Your commitment, you're like a laser-guided missile. You did


amazing. Thank you very much, loving it. You're a golden oldie from the


silver screen and I thought you was great.


You made a few mistakes along the way. All those ghastly facial


expressions, darling... Came into their own in this particular dance.


By Larry Craig liked my face. Well, it was inevitable that he would. You


hit a couple of lines in position, brilliant, then you seemed to lose


focus. I think you get nervous. I still have nerves to battle and I


will. I can't quite believe what I've just been witness to. That was


complete lunacy, and totally wonderful. Smoking! Thought dancing


was great but I would have liked more of the salsa. There was


definitely enough salsa in there for me and I absolutely adored the mix.


You look so much more confident and in control of it. You passed the


audition and you look great! I had the time of my life out there.


That's good. It was the neatest footwork I've seen. Lovely hold a


great posture. Like you were floating on air. Wonderful.


The connection between you two tonight was absolutely wonderful to


watch. Your storytelling was gorgeous.


Timing, shaping, the Lions, excellent. Service the lines.


Beautiful mix of artistry and power. I don't believe it!


I am astounded how good that was. I think Gene Kelly himself would be


proud. That was absolutely brilliant. What


I really love now, I'm seeing you act. You act beautifully. Absolutely


outstanding. Nine! We got nine! From Craig!


Here's a reminder of how those performances left our couples


Down at the other end of the table, passion and Naga followed by Ed and


Katya. It's only half of the story, your votes at home they have changed


all of that. I'm about to announce the first couple who will be facing


this week's dance-off. The results are in.


The first couple safe and through to next week is...


Cloudier and AJ! CHEERING Collection Claudia


The next couple back to dance again are...


Judge Rinder and Oksana! APPLAUSE CHEERING


Returning to the ballroom next week are...


The first couple who will be fighting for survival


Laura and Giovanni. The rest of you have to wait until later in the show


to find out your fate. Laura and Giovanni please come and join me.


I'm so sorry, my darling, nobody wants to be in this position. Shock


in the room. What's going through your head right now? I don't know,


just got to go out there and give it everything. Give it more. Give it


everything. Because this is it. Let's get some advice from the


judges. Great, you said Laura through too much into the dance.


What do you think she should strip out of it? I wouldn't suggest giving


too much more, darling, it was all there. I would look out for being


fluid within the dance. Just trying to make that all worked beautifully.


You are a wonderful, wonderful dancer. And I cannot believe you are


here. Huge sighs of relief


all round up here. Everybody is shaking. Louise, what's


it like? You looked so happy, hearing your name. Screamed loud in


his ear. It was brilliant. Ed, you were a cowboy, are you having a good


time? I'm told there is a princess who needs rescuing from a dragon,


and somebody has to step in. It's going to be you, well done. Cloudy,


did it make it less scary that you are joint top of the Leader Board?


-- Claudia. Did you think you would be all right? Not really. I prayed


that the public would vote. Fantastic, well done. Danny, you


have the quickstep next week. We're slightly obsessed by your feet, we


look at them and want to touch them. Thank you. How fast are you going to


be in the quickstep, like lightning? I will be as fast as Oti wants me to


be, won't I? Oti is completely in charge. Just by using your face


alone, Judge Rinder, tell me how you feel about getting through. Oh, it's


nice. Naga, did you think you were in the Dance Off? I really did. The


scores showed, the public has been so supportive and Pasha has worked


amazingly. I'm so pleased to be here. So pleased to be here. Really


very well done, Naga, well done. Sex couples safely through to next week.


Later, we'll find out who will be joining them but first, time or some


music. Singing Somewhere from West side story, please welcome Michael


Ball and Alfie Boe. CHEERING


# Somewhere # Somewhere we'll find a new way of


living # We'll find a way of forgiving


# Time together with time to spare


# Hold my hand and we're halfway there


# Hold my hand and I'll take you there


Thank you, Michael and Alfie, and of course our professional


Now it's time to delve into Saturday night's dances.


This is where we expand on what you sat on Saturday night. We need to


welcome Len's Lens. First of all, how much you all loved movie night?


We've got a clip, especially of you, Bruno, dancing to Louise and Kevin.


Look at you, off you go! I knew the moves already. You knew all the


moves but it was brilliant, it was weak through. They were sensational.


Len, I'm going to ask you about a couple of moves you've mentioned and


you've had to finish, but first of all, Danny and Oti. Coup de pique.


I'm going to show you it. It's one of the last steps you learning paso.


It was apt, because it was the Gay Blade stabbing, it's a stabbing


move, lift up, back and close. APPLAUSE


I love that. You also mentioned Leslie's fishtail move. That's in


her quickstep. Here she goes. Then into a lock, lovely. That's the


shape of a fish's tale. I'll show you that now. You've had your moneys


worth. You've done a lock step, you check, boom, boom, boom. It's like a


fish's tale. It's not really like a fish's tale. But that's what it's


called. APPLAUSE


It's a fishtail. You said the lifts were almost too strong. We went


nuts. They are so impressive, really impressive, but what I wanted is


that smooth, it's the attack that goes into it, you want to hide the


attacker. It's like not showing any effort. They are tall, strong


dancers. Greg is superb but it was too powerful. I wanted to keep that


smooth quality. The rest of us were like, yes. It was pretty great.


Craig, Judge Rinder's facial expressions. Every week, you have


said put them away, put them in a cupboard, I don't want to see them.


However, on Saturday night, in his charleston, you were delighted.


Here's a reminder of his face. Look at him! You can't have a lot of


character seep through. The eyebrows. I'm going to say a style


and I'd like you to pull a face. You ready? I could do this for days.


Rumba. Oh! That is edible. Tango. And finally, charleston. Thank you,


the fantastic judges. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Six couples are the fans will be back to dance next week.


Now it's time to find out who will be joining them,


One of them will join Laura and Giovanni in the Dance Off, let's


find out who that is. Remember, this is in no particular order. Safely


through to next week are... Ore and Joanne.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Returning next week is...


Back to dance again will be... Will and Karen.


Returning to Strictly next Saturday are...


APPLAUSE So that means Lesley and Anton and


to meet grand Gorka, one of you is safe, one of you is in the Dance Off


-- Tameka and Gorka. The couple in the bottom two who will com peed in


the Dance Off is... -- they will compete in the Dance Off is...


Tameka and Gorka. Lesley and Anton, congratulations, you are through to


next week. Tameka and Gorka, please come and join me.


APPLAUSE Come here, sweetheart.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE High, sweetie. How are you feeling,


you must be disappointed to be in this position? Yes, but it's at that


point in the competition where one couple is going to go home. If I can


be as bold, I don't want to go home, so I have to pull out what I can.


So, yeah. That's right. Bless you. Yes. Shall we ask this little lot.


Len, you said Tameka had issues with her posture. What's your advice?


What I love about her, you give it 110%, if that's a number. You come


out and really give it your all and we must keep that, keep that attack


and intensity. Just try and lift your rib cage of little bit. If you


can't and you forget about it, don't worry. The thing, do what you do


great and that perform. Perform it. APPLAUSE


I know. I'll suck it up. I'm going to hurt it. Thank you. Thank you


very much, judges, we wish you all the very best in a little while.


Thank you, guys. The best of luck in the Dance Off. Here with the rest of


our stage couples, some of them actually can't speak. Leslie has


become hysterical. Let's begin with you, Ore. It was a very emotional


Saturday night for you. How do you feel to be back for another week?


I'm overwhelmed to get to do it again. It was such an emotional


night, I know how much it meant to Jo and she's one of my best mates.


I'd stops crying now so it's fine. Daisy, I can't watch you go through


that because you take it, don't cry, well, you can, you take it quite


badly, that music. I don't know what to do with you. The relief. The


relief, but it's traumatising. It's really, it's like nothing else I've


ever experienced. It's horrible. We love everyone, it feels like our


family and I don't want anyone to go home. So this is traumatic. I know,


I'm so sorry. Anastacia you looked completely surprised. You could say


that. What would you like to say to the people who voted for you? I love


you, I'm truly grateful and I love being part of the show so thank you


very much. We love you being here, thank you so much.


APPLAUSE Greg, those athletic lifts, I


believe you've got more lifts next week. We do, hopefully even more


epic. More epic, because I feel you could just lift up this whole sofa


with your little finger. Your absolute strength. Leslie, who is


half crying, half laughing, I don't know what to do with you. You were


so relieved. You were saying to Anton, is this fine, not fine? Where


should I go? I didn't know whether we were in or not, I had no idea


until we got up here now, whether we were in or not. I'm traumatised. I'm


here to tell you that you are in, very well done. That's my job. Will,


we can't wait to see your Viennese waltz next Rabbit week and also when


Tess is reading out the names everybody else is looking hopeful


and you are like this. You just can't bear it as well.


I look at the floor and I'm like, there's a spider. I find it so scary


that I think, don't think about it. Whatever happens happens. Fair


enough. You look down, you laugh, you lift. We've all got a job to do.


If Strictly at the weekend isn't enough for you,


then you must watch the absolutely brilliant Zoe Ball on It Takes Two


It's nearly a wrap for Movie Week but our a list of have been


delivering award-winning scenes all week on it takes to. We've had high


drama. And the odd comic moment, too. Horror! For your daily front


row seat to the world of Strictly, joins me, Zoe Ball, for It Takes


Two. So which of our two Dance Off


couples will be leaving the competition and joining Zoe


on the sofa tomorrow? Laura and Giovanni, Tameka Gorka,


previous scores mean absolutely nothing. Whether you come back next


week or leave the competition tonight is down to the next dance.


First off, how do you feel? First are you going to go and smash it? It


might be my last Time to dance on Strictly, I'm going to make it as


good as possible. What advice do you have for your girl, absolutely the


same as before, I really enjoyed it, so do the same, absolutely the same.


Please go and get into position. Let's hear it for law and Giovanni.


-- Laura and Giovanni. Lovely Tameka Gorka, you will be dancing second.


How are you going to approach this dance-off? I'm just going to do what


the dance is and just give it a bit more gusto and look at my framing.


Yeah. Any words of encouragement? I've been so proud of her from the


first day, so yes, do what she knows to do, and enjoy. High-5 on that.


Only one can make it through. First to compete in the dance-off, please


show some support for Laura and Giovanni!


Laura and Giovanni have done all they can, now it's the turn of


Tameka and Gorka to fight for their place on Strictly.




Well done to you both. We'll now find out which of our couples is


about to dance again next week. Judges, time to decide.


Based on the dance-off alone, I'm about to ask you the name of the


couple you think deserves to be saved, and your reason why. The


trouble with the most votes will stay in the competition meaning the


other couple is leaving the ballroom. In the event of a tie,


head Judge Len will have the casting vote. Laura and Giovanni, Tameka and


Gorka, this is it. Craig, who are you going to save and why? Well,


this is, I have to say, a little bit of a nightmare, I don't feel I've


been in this position before. To be honest I can normally make a clear


decision but both couples were extraordinary, one couple really


flew through the routine better than they had previously and the other


couple I thought even bettered that. The couple I thought bettered that


was Laura and Giovanni. Congratulations, that's one vote for


you. Darcey, who do you think deserves to stay in the competition?


Again, I'm at them both exactly the same in the main show. Seeing them


again tonight, Dave both made an improvement. Cleaned up the attack.


Incredibly difficult to make a choice. For me, because it was a


stronger focus and intent into the performance, I'm going to save


Tameka and Gorka. CHEERING Congratulations, Tameka and Gorka.


One vote apiece. Bruno, who do you want to stay in stricter come


dancing? Let me say, these girls are fantastic. You two shouldn't even be


here. Both great performers. You gave it all you had. But I think out


of the two performances, the standout one was from Laura and


Giovanni. It is two votes to one to Laura and Giovanni. Head judge Len


has the casting vote. Whichever couple he now chooses will stay in


Strictly Come Dancing. Len, who are you going to save? Tell us why. As


my colleagues have said, they both came out and they really went for


the dance. It was full on, attack, as Bruno said, in my opinion,


neither should be in the dance-off. That's the nature of the thing. I've


got to go with the couple I felt gave the more polished performance,


and that is Laura and Giovanni. That means we're going to have to say


goodbye to Tameka and Gorka. Please come and join me. Congratulations,


Laura and Giovanni, we'll see you next week.


Thank you. Weight they're on their feet, look in the studio, for you.


It's been too brief. It has been. We're going to miss you, have you


enjoyed your time? I have enjoyed my time immensely, I really have you


guys watch it at home. It's really lovely to be a part of it. I'm


grateful, so thank you. Never a dull moment with you, Tameka, you've been


an absolute joy and a pleasure. Gorka, anything you'd like to say to


Tameka? She knows already everything. Thank you. Thank you for


being such an amazing partner, for teaching so many things in this new


world for me. And thank you for being such an amazing person. Can I


just say? That Gorka is such a lovely person. I think he is a great


asset to the show. And you have shown me so much passion, so much


patience, motivation. And I love you, I really do, I think you are a


great person. You are a great dancer. Don't change, OK? I love you


very much, Gorka, don't change. Off you go. Prepare for your last dance.


We have loved watching them dance, you can see more of Tameka and Gorka


when they join Zoe and the team on Monday's It Takes Two. For Strictly


news and gossip go to the website. We'll be back next Saturday at


6:30pm when the remaining couples take to the floor with 13 brand-new


routines. And it will be unlucky! Now, for their final scene on


Strictly Come Dancing is out, it is Tameka and Gorka.


It's just all become really real. When this happens, genuinely, it's


really crashing. Tonight really proves no one is safe. Each week is


a bonus. We're still here, we survived. I can smile now for the


first time tonight. To be in the top three week three is just mind


blowing. I'm really really happy to get through it. Delighted to be


through, absolutely delighted. All thanks to this lovely lady. I'm not


how to top this thing. Where next? I can't wait for week, absolutely


buzzing. You rumba me next week. MUSIC: Hoppipolla


by Sigur Ros


It is time for another couple to leave the show as movie weekend builds to its finale. The only sequel in Strictly is the dreaded dance-off, and no-one wants to find themselves in the bottom two.

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe perform a classic track from a Hollywood blockbuster.