Week 3 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 3

It is Saturday night at the movies as Strictly celebrates some of the biggest films in history. The couples must deliver an amazing routine to a classic movie track.

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Last week there were successes. Fantastic. And setbacks. Anastacia


and Brendan cannot perform again. As we said goodbye to our first


celebrity. The couple with the fewest number of viewer votes,


Melvin and Jeannette. This weekly's Movie Week and the stars are lining


up to tell us all about their latest blockbuster. Who was your


inspiration? Elizabeth Taylor... Well, Liz. How did you prepare for


the role? I did a lot of fishing. Spending quite a lot of time with my


toy panda. I asked for a skinny try mocha Geno. I imagine myself as a


monkey. Silly sausage, silly sausage. What can we expect? I wait


I perform, I am. Oscars. Right, let's have a look at this...




Lights, camera, action, it's Movie Week


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing -


A big thank you to our celebrities and professional dancers for that


brilliant routine to some classic songs from


As always, we're coming to you live from Elstree studios


A place where many classic movies have been made.


Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Kings Speech.


And tonight we'll be making a blockbuster


of our own so expect action, drama and romance.


In fact - there's only one thing missing.


Now, unfortunately there will be no sequel for Melvin Odoom, who


last week became our first celebrity to leave the competition.


will be dancing for survival to some of the best known movie songs


TV presenter and singer Louise Redknapp


Star of Judge Rinder, Robert Rinder,


Actress Lesley Joseph and her partner Anton du Beke.


Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapane and her partner AJ Pritchard.


BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba and his partner Joanne Clifton.


Model Daisy Lowe and her partner Aljaz Skorjanec.


Actor and pop star Will Young and his partner Karen Clifton.


From BBC breakfast, Naga Munchetty,


World champion long jumper Greg Rutherford


EastEnders star Tameka Empson and her partner Gorka Marquez.


TV host Laura Whitmore and her partner Giovanni Pernice.


Actor Danny Mac and his partner Oti Mabuse.


Singer Anastacia and her partner Brendan Cole.




What a line up - our stellar cast of 14 stars.


They'd light up any red carpet and tonight they're all hoping


Remember you will be able to vote for your favourite later tonight.


Your votes will be added to the judges' scores to decide


which two couples will face the Dance Off in tomorrow


So let's get started - Opening the show tonight


is is Daisy Lowe and her partner Aljaz Skorjanec.




This week Daisy's doing a Quickstep to "A Spoonful


of Sugar" from Mary Poppins - and if the last two weeks


are anything to go by, this routine could be


It was the first elimination week, how did you find Saturday night? I


was so scared, but when I got to dancing I actually really enjoyed


it. Got a little bone to pick with you. We did an illegal lift. Both


feet came off the ground, that was the ground. He's right, we did it.


This week Daisy at Aljaz are dancing the quick step to a song for Mary


Poppins. I got you a present so we can get into character. Thank you.


You're welcome, Mary Poppins. I hope your choreography is better than


your Dick Van Dyke. It really messy... Lets see if this Mary


Poppins thing really works. The quickstep as a dance is so fast,


there are so many steps. I lost it completely. But it is really fun.


Mary Poppins has magical powers. But for Daisy I want to take those


magical powers and put them into dancing powers. Good... I'm good.


I've had such a giggle learning the quickstep I hope it'll be all right


on the night. It's going to be practically perfect every way.


Dancing the Quickstep from the movie Mary Poppins,




Yes! Well done, Daisy at Aljaz. You make the perfect Mary Poppins.


While you two catch your breath let's


welcome our fabulous live singers Hayley, Lance, Andrea,


Tommy and of course Dave Arch and his brilliant orchestra.


Well done, what an opener. Is Daisy proving to be consistent? She


certainly is. I've got to say, you pulled a lot of stuff out of that


bag and you pulled out all the stops on that quickstep. You really did.


In the quickstep you look for three things, hold, posture, movement.


Lovely hold, great posture, and gorgeous movement down the floor.


Well done. CHEERING Round the whole floor. Bruno. I


think Tess got it right earlier on. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


Daisy! It had such a supreme elegance. It's like Mary Poppins


that has been redesigned by Christian Dior. Beautiful to look


at. And so light on your feet, like you were floating on air. It sent me


on cloud nine. Wonderful. How about you, Craig? I thought the charleston


section is needed to be a little more precise and delivered with a


lighter touch, I thought they were a little bit heavy. BOOING


. Your left shoulder was raised by millimetres, twice. I thought you


followed Aljaz's lead brilliantly and you danced so well together.


Wonderful to see. I love it when he ends on a positive. It was the


neatest footwork I've seen. To be liked and dainty and have long


limbs, when you are tall like you, it's not easy. It was incredibly


impressive. One tiny correction, your upper body could be slightly


more taut. More core strength. It'll only condiment your top line.


Beautiful work. Practically perfect in every way. In


every way. Thank you, Daisy. Come on, Mary. CHEERING


Well done. You adored being Mary Poppins. I did, I really loved it.


Darcey said incredibly impressive. You worked so hard to get that


perfect footwork. Really hard. It's a really hard, fast routine,


quickstep is always tough. To go out first. Brilliant. Well done, Mary.


Scores are in. Ladies and Ferman, the judges have their scores. Craig


Revel Horwood. Seven. Darcey Bussell. Eight. Len Goodman. Eight.


Bruno Tonioli. Eight. Won more than last week. What's so cute is


watching you when Craig gave you a seven. You were both like, that's


fine. If you thought that routine was more fun than flying a kite you


can vote for Daisy and Aljaz when voting opens at the end of the show.


All of the details are on the screen now. Terms and conditions time.


Calls cost... Old honours again, this is Movie Week, this is a job


for voice-over man. Calls cost 15p plus any network


access charge and please ask You can vote online for free


at bbc.co.uk/strictly, where you will also find


Terms and Conditions. Voting won't open until all our


couples have danced. Your vote won't count


and you may still be charged. No one wants to leave


the competition, but with the lowest combined judges


score and viewer votes Our next couple is Anastacia


and Brendan Cole. After suffering


an injury last week Anastacia was unable to perform


in the dance-off. But we all know she's a real fighter


and she's back this week - and raring to go, with


a Viennese Waltz from Twilight. Last Saturday was so hard because I


had injured myself. It was haphazard. We decided to


change because of the injuries. I was disappointed. The pain was so


bad and I was in the bottom two. Anastacia and Brendan cannot perform


again. There will be no dance. The couple with the fewest number of


votes will be leaving. I remember thinking, thank you for giving me


this opportunity, universe. We are still here, so well done you.


Anastacia has come to her specialist to find out how her injury will


impact on her dancing. The verdict is better than I thought so I am


going to continue. The couple head straight to the training room and


get cracking on varied team. I want to focus on the soft Anastacia. We


are doing a song from the Twilight movie. The sun itself melts me. I


look forward to a beautiful dance which this one is. I am very excited


about dancing to this on Saturday. CHEERING


Dancing the Viennese Waltz from the Twilight movie,


Anastacia, well done, darling. How are you? Good, very good. You look


beautiful. That is what I call a love story, packed full of romance.


And your first ballroom? My first ever. Ballroom is very beautiful.


Lets see if Bruno agrees. It was very, very nice, my darling. Very


sweet, it was very simple. Very correct. Brendan guided you


beautifully. You have to be careful... It is the mint, I'm


sorry. You have to make sure you don't lose your balance. You have to


go out of the... Sorry, Len! You nearly had his eye out. Any moment


of unsteadiness. Very proper. The shoulders were slightly up,


especially through the pivots. Bruno was right, you were losing balance


going into the turns. Out of turns, I was hoping it would be a little


bit smoother. But I have to say, you have come back with an enormous


sense of confidence, and I think that... Darcey, darling. It had a


beautiful quality from beginning to end. I think people forget that the


DNA use is very difficult. Constantly turning and having to


find your focus and then do the transition and change, that is


difficult to learn especially when you have lights flashing in your


face. You have a beautiful neck and shoulders and I think you could work


that and really indulge in your top line. But very nice, very nice. Len.


It was quiet, understated and it had a class about it. I thought a lovely


rotation. I am glad you're better and I am glad you are dancing


better. Lovely! Feeling better and dancing better. Thank you,


Anastacia. Go and get your schools, Anastacia and Brendan! Come on, up


you come! Good girl, very well done. We have


not seen this Anastacia. I haven't either. Was that a shock? It is very


feminine. I know I am a girl but I did not really realise until today!


You worked incredibly hard. It has been a very big week and we got


really involved in the story of that which really helps, especially in


Movie Week. People know at home what you are trying to be. Very well


done, the scores R.N.. -- R.N.. Five more than last week,


congratulations to both of you. If you liked that routine,


you don't have to wait A Thousand Years to vote for them,


but you do have to wait until voting opens at


the end of the show. All the details are


on your screen now. Don't forget, if you want to vote


online you'll need to sign in I love saying that stuff. It is


thrilling for me. Tests. Our next couple is Danny Mac


and his partner Oti Mabuse. Last week, Danny's Viennese


Waltz saw him joint top This week he's doing


a Paso Doble as Zorro. But the question is -


can this legendary outlaw, Saturday night was brilliant. I


really, really enjoyed doing it. You are a fantastic dancer, you really


are. Being joint top of the Leader Board is pretty incredible. We have


made it through to week three, I cannot wait, let's smash it. This


week we are doing the paso doble. The theme is really cool. I am going


to be Zorro. Danny and Oti head to the armoury of Hampton Court Palace


to learn some fencing skills. Today we are going to give you a taster of


Olympic fencing. I will teach you how to hit, how to attack and then I


will teach you how to defend. Perfect. Danny was actually really,


really good at fencing. I took to it really well. Wreath let's see. I


think Zorro would take you one. I started kind but in the end,


obviously won. I feel totally ready for the paso doble. Let's just hope


I'd then get zero. Dancing the Paso Doble


from the movie The Mask of Zorro, MUSIC: The Train /


El Sombrero Blanco Danny and Oti bringing the house


down! I think they enjoyed it! Hopefully. Very humble. Any fans


might be disappointed that now they get to see that lovely face. How


much did you enjoy that? It was amazing. We work hard all week but


the guys in make up and costume are smashing it. They have a busy week.


Craig, Danny was joint top last week, has he done enough to keep the


competition at bay? Timing, shaping, the lines were all excellent. It was


a very strong, skilful virtuoso performance. Absolutely wonderful.


Darcey? I have to say the body shaping was so impressive. For a guy


to get the curves, the Tuck, I thought with the amount of moves, I


thought it was going to be too much for you, but you were able to create


a pause with every move. You were able to fix those positions. Four


week three, this is amazing. I Len is grinning from ear to ear. Here he


comes, the swashbuckling performance, a beautiful mix of


artistry and power and coming you have pleased me, you have cheered me


up. You did one of my favourite little steps. It was great. I have


never seen him smile. Bruno? He is Danny Banderas, the sharpest blade


in the land! Carlos Acosta when he comes down, what you did, was


everything the paso doble should be, but one thing that I really see --


rarely see is how much flamenco you put in, and it was interwoven so


beautifully, it was just everything I like about paso doble. Ole! They


thought that was just the ticket. Well done.


Danny and O2. Craig has never used the word excellent in week three


before. I thought Janette's head was going to shoot off her shoulders.


How do you do that? I'm happy with that. So happy. Well done. Scores


Irene. Craig Revel Horwood. Nine. Darcey Bussell. Nine. Len Goodman.


Seven macro eight... Nine! Bruno Tonioli. Nine. CHEERING


That is the highest score of this series by a long shot. Amazing. You


know what? It makes the hard work worthwhile. Your fiance is here, so


cute. Cheering me on, and my mum. Your mummy dressed as Zorro. Why I


make up, it's perfect. If you dont want Danny to leave


with Oti and get his coati, then vote for them when voting opens


after all our couples have danced. All the details are


on your screen now. Still to come, Mission Impossible,


the Flintstones and Moulin Rouge. Right now it's Lesley Joseph


and her partner Anton Du Beke. They're dancing a quickstep


to a song from the film Easter Parade and they're taking


on the roles made famous I know it's Movie Week guys,


but you could have smartened You were marvellous Saturday night,


did you enjoy it? I loved it them it was great, glad I got all the steps


right. Your seat, GG, flirty, fun. Try to control that. Better marks


than the week before. This week we're going to get more again. One


of my favourite weeks, Movie Week, we've got a cracking movie, we are


doing Easter Parade. And it's the quickstep. What I want to do this


week is absolutely nail it. Posture wise. I know what I'm working on,


and needs to work on his flexibility. He got it wrong. I got


it different, I never get it wrong. Wanting Anton to stretch himself


Lesley takes matters into her own hands with some yoga. Well, I'm


here. Go and get changed. I am changed, I put my jacket on


specially. I can't do yoga in a suit. You can't do yoga in a suit. I


can. How did you get your legs like that? You didn't say stop, I just


twisted. What are you doing? I think it's really helping. I was trying to


get more flexibility into Anton. He is more flexible than I am. Let me


show you some steps. Forward, step...


Dancing the Quickstep from the movie Easter Parade,




That's entertainment. I went wrong. You didn't. You once different. No


wardrobe malfunctions to worry about. You're so fit, giving Anton a


run for his money. Not now, my goodness stop you cover the entire


floor. All that comedy, must have been in your element. We know she


can act. Can she dance, can she breathe? After all that I would have


thought you'd be on the floor out of it. You are fit! That was such a


treat, Lesley, it was spirited, it was fabulously cheeky, the character


came alive. You gave us this beautiful, you know, plenty of dance


content all the way through. There was only times where you're


travelling too much for you to keep up and that is where the technique


gets loose. Maybe you're pushing her a bit, too. So many beautiful


moments. I loved the quirky bits where you spring up. Such a gorgeous


surprise, I loved it. Gorgeous surprise. Len. Lots of references to


the film which I love, but you blended that with some proper


quickstep content, which I thought was fantastic. I'm having all my


joyful little steps tonight, you put a fish tail in, an old-fashioned


step. I can't go into detail. Listen, you're a golden oldie from


the silver screen and I thought you were great. Bruno. My darling,


plenty of spring in your feet. She was going. It was going swimmingly.


I loved the role-play, I loved all the quirky character you put in.


What happened on that corner? Every time you went around that, you went


wrong. I know. Apart from that, which I'm sure next time will be


brilliant, it was wonderful. Craig. Sometimes I thought the footwork


wasn't compact enough, losing efficiency. It was creating a little


bit of gapping between you. The energy, got to say, and the


characterisation, absolutely brilliant. I hope, darling, when I'm


your age, 70, I can whirl around the floor like that. They know a hit


when they see it. Thank you very much, Lesley, you're wonderful,


Lesley and Anton. I'm so sorry I went wrong. You went different. I'm


sorry, I knew it. CHEERING Brilliant. They loved it. As did


you. I saw you and Zoe on it takes to talking about the love of the


quickstep. It was magical the way you are talking about it. Why do you


adore it so much? You fly across the floor when you get the steps right,


you fly and floating his arms, it's lovely, I love it. You must have


loved that Lennon said proper quickstep. Proper quickstep. With


all the fun parts. -- you must have loved that Len said. I haven't had


as much fun as I can remember. Craig Revel Horwood. Six. Darcey Bussell.


Seven. Len Goodman. Seven. Bruno Tonioli. Seven. 27, your highest


score yet. Fantastic. If you don't want to rain


on their Easter Parade, all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens at the end


of the show. There's still all of this to come


on our Movie Special. Are you having a chat? Sorry.


They've got the number, they've written it down. Still all of this


to come on the movie special. I'm trying to approach this week


with optimism and positivity but as oxer and will tell you it doesn't


come naturally to me. What frustrates me with the way I learn,


it falls out of my head like a sieve. It's a really fun dance. I'm


doing it without shoes on and I love dancing barefoot. The American


Smooth is effortless cool. And I don't do effortless and I don't do


cool. Lots to look forward to. Now Daisy's finished her


Mary Poppins' routine, she said Our next couple is Will Young


and his partner Karen Clifton. They're dancing to the song Jai Ho


from the film Slumdog Millionaire and this colourful salsa


inspired by Bollywood - I confided but look what I got for


you, test... -- I can't find it, but look what I got for you, Tess. Last


Saturday I was a mixture of nervousness and then real


excitement. I thought, this is amazing. I missed a bit of the


choreography. I was disappointed. The side-by-side section you messed


up entirely. Five. Five was definitely a shock, the only way is


up from here. This week I'm doing a salsa with a Bollywood theme for


Movie Week. Not only does he have to have all of the technical abilities


for the salsa, but he also needs to remember all the details of


Bollywood dance. Karen has organised a visitor today. Karen invited me


here to incorporate the Bollywood aspect into their dance. Any tips


you can give us? In Bollywood dance it is essential you extend your hand


gestures and hand movements, show the gracing your fingers. Screwing


the light bulbs. I've shown them a few steps, gone over a few of the


hand gestures. They've done amazingly well, I'm so happy and I'm


really rooting for Will. That was absolutely amazing! I've been really


enjoying learning salsa this week, I hope I can bring a bit of Bollywood


to Borehamwood this Saturday. Dancing the salsa from the movie


Slumdog Millionaire, APPLAUSE


CHEERING Jai Ho! A party here in Elstree.


What a colourful routine. Fabulous. Did that get you in the party mood,


Len? It certainly did. Listen, let me say straightaway, Will, I think


you are a terrific dancer. Whatever you had to do you've come out and


not only dancing great, your performance level is great. You've


come here to Borehamwood to do Hollywood and we got Bollywood.


Perfect. I only tell the truth everyone. For me, not enough salsa.


I loved the dance, it was entertaining, it was fun, I enjoyed


it, I thought your dancing was great. But it's a salsa and I would


have liked a soupcon more of the salsa. I got about six or eight bars


in the middle. There are 24 counts of eight of salsa into the routine.


CHEERING Very nice of you to say that to me,


but I must say, most of them I didn't recognise. They weren't.


Probably my fault. You are the expert. Turn up, keep up and shut up


is my other advice. It's only a joke, Will. It worked 15 years ago


for me, I'll give it a go. He's a traditionalist, our Len. All I have


to say is, hooray for Bollywood with a lovely salsa. I loved the flavour,


it was exotic, uplifting, very very colourful, very joyful. And there


was a lot of aspect of it that reminds me of contemporary thrown in


there. I thought the whole thing was wonderful, actually. Craig. There


was definitely enough salsa in there for me and I absolutely adored the


mix. Very brave of you to even attempt that. You danced it really,


really cleanly. The isolation in all the Red Bull stuff was absolutely


brilliant. Well done. -- ripple stuff.


What I noticed straightaway was how effortlessly you got Karen into


those lifts. With the preparation that, I could not even see it. It


was beautifully done. I loved the interesting mix of the two styles


together. A big hit with the audience as well. It is well and


Karen! So, Craig adored it and they thought


it was great because you took an two dances and I know you love Darcey. I


must say I love men as well and I did not want to come across as


disrespectful cash back I really love Len as well stop he is the Don


of ballroom. Thank you, the scores R.N..


If you loved Will and Karen's salsa all the details are on your screen


now, so you can vote for them when voting opens


Still to come, Judge Rinder goes to Bedrock.


Dancing next is Naga Munchetty and her partner Pasha Kovalev.


Last week, Naga was challenged by her Cha Cha.


This week she's doing a tango to a song from a Tom Cruise film


and shes hoping that getting through to next week won't be


How did you feel on Saturday? We were working on trying to feel the


dance more than do the steps. Gutted about the judges' comments. All I


want you to do is get the confidence. Nail the routine and


then get the characters. This week it is Movie Week and we are going to


be doing an amazing movie, Mission Impossible. All the Mission


Impossibles. Do is fabulous. We are doing the tango. For us to nail it


you have to think nothing but the tango. I want the music to follow


you everywhere around. Night, Pasha, see you tomorrow. Everywhere I have


gone, I have heard that theme tune to Mission Impossible. It is there


when I am walking down the street, it is when I am in the supermarket.


It is everywhere. It is following me around, I am sure. Pasha! I want you


to practice as much as you can, it is for your own good. All this extra


practice, I just hope it helps on Saturday night.


Naga Munchetty and Pasha Kovalev, your mission is to dance the Tango.


Come on over. Well done, the pair of you. I know it took longer than you


expected to get out of that harness but you did a great job of catching


up. And you look very foxy. I love the catsuit. Bruno, over to you. She


definitely looks the part. She looks like a sultry, slinky, super spy.


But sometimes you hit a couple of lines which are brilliant but then


you seem to lose focus will stop you stumbled a little bit there. Then


you go back on it and it looks great. Do you lose confidence? I


wonder why. The potential is there. It seems like you are losing focus,


do you know what I mean? Moment of brilliance and then link, what has


gone wrong that? There she goes again. Keep confident in yourself,


keep the strength going through the body all the way through believing


in yourself because you have got it. Don't doubt it. I thought the


footwork was very sloppy and careless and at times I thought a


little bit hasty. It needed to be stronger and more extreme lines


throughout. And you are not closing when you're meant to close and I


think that through you off balance at times. But I have to say, I love


the concept and I love the drama will stop Darcey? I think you really


suit a moody spy. You have this lovely pout on your lips all the way


through and the intent and drama was there from the beginning. But Bruno


is right, it is the focus. I think it is with your eyes. It is very


difficult when you flip around but if you can find something to focus


on every time you flick back, even if it is at Pasha, when you can,


that will help the balance. An incredibly difficult tango but such


an improvement, really. Len? Let me say first of all, that is your best


dance to date. That is the starting point. You have got to be as crisp


as a Pringle when you are dancing the tango. It is sharp, right on the


bottom. When you stop, you stop. A little bit was lacking and I think


that you had the flexed knees which I was looking for, lovely. You got


the hold nice and compact, lovely. I think you get nervous. What do I


know? When it is all over and you look back, I think if anything is


going to stop you, it is your nerves. You are better than you


think you are and you have just got to come out and show us. Great


advice. Take it on board. I will. Thank you, judges, off you go. No


other and Pasha. -- Naga and Pasha. Look at you, no wood in on wires. Is


Len right you don't feel confident? It is natural to feel nervous. It is


something I have battled with. It is Mission Impossible! You are learning


to dance but you are also learning to perform. The scores R.N.. -- the


scores are in. That is your highest score yet. You


must feel very proud. Very proud. If you enjoyed Naga


and Pasha's tango all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens at the end


of the show. Still to come, Ore is


singing in the rain. Could be awkward, this is a


dancing competition. Our next couple is Judge Rinder


and his partner Oksana Platero. And for this dance Judge Rinder


will be taking on the role of Fred, Yes, it's time to


Meet The Flintstones. How did you feel about your


performance last week? I really enjoyed it. This is the first


routine where I relaxed into it and had fun. Next time you dance look at


your face in the mirror, it is still quite annoying. Poor Craig. When


this is finished I might take him to a happy farm. I will pull off more


faces than we ever did. This week, Judge Rinder is dancing the


charleston as Fred Flintstone. How did he master the character? I


bought a beautiful portrait of one of the most profound characters of


the 20th century. Sometimes Judge Rinder takes things just a little


too seriously. Fred, I want to do justice on the night. Justice? What


do you mean? I want to work out what is going on in that chiselled head


of yours. You have just got to let go and enjoy your self,


yabba-dabba-do! Yabba-dabba-do I have got it, hearing Fred speak to


me will definitely help my dance on Saturday night.


Dancing the Charleston from the movie The Flintstones,


Oh, my oh my! You have rocked this studio, that is the shot. Last week


Fred Astaire, this week Fred Flintstone. I missed a few steps but


never mind! Hopefully nobody noticed. Craig, did you enjoyed that


trip to bedrock? All those ghastly gawping facial expressions, darling,


actually came into their own this week. You had a bit of a tight


swivel, darling, on the left side and you missed time to the first


charleston step. And also you misjudged the lift that sweeps


around. You never actually stepped over the Lady's legs, sadly, but I


love the energy. I loved the routine and I loved the handspring. Darcey?


I love the crazy caveman as well. You are very cute as a caveman!


Darcey, stop, stop! No, utterly charming. There were moments when


you could do more swivel. Overall, you never fail to give us a fabulous


performance. It is brilliant. Len. I'm going to give that a U


certificate, you entertained, you made us all smile, but you made a


few mistakes along the way. But I like your attitude. Because all of


us are dancers and there's not one of us that hasn't gone out and made


mistakes, and you have to say, well, it's one of those things. There were


quite a few moments in there that were little bit anxious. I wouldn't


worry about them, I think he's cute. He is cute, I love it. I'm so sorry,


Oksana, the Strictly cares. Stand back. It was like watching Judge


Neanderthals gone mental. He hammered that charleston so much


that the timing went extinct. You have to keep timing my darling,


performance is always good. If you lose timing you can cover it up and


pick it up again. In the first half it was really out, you were making


it up as you went along. But always funny and always great to watch.


Always great to watch. That face was made for charleston. Judge Rinder


and Oksana. We absolutely loved it, we didn't


see one mistake. Darcey said utterly charming. She made you go a bit


giddy. She did, I don't know what the caveman responds to it is.


Darcey, Ugg. That'll do! The scores R.N..


Ladies and gentlemen, the judges' scores R.N.. Craig Revel Horwood.


Seven. Darcey Bussell. A cute eight. Len Goodman. Sorry, it's six. Bruno


Tonioli. Six. Same score as last week. Strange scoring. Seven and


eight, lovely. Let's focus on those. If you don't want this caveman


to become extinct all the details are on your screen now so you can


vote for them when voting opens They are pointing so you


absolutely have the details. Still to come, Laura is wondering


if she can do a dance Next up is Ore Oduba


and his partner Joanne Clifton. This week Ore is dancing


to Singing In The Rain and taking on the role


made famous by Gene Kelly. Gene Kelly was a professional


dancer with a lifetime's Ore is a sports presenter who's done


a few weeks on Strictly. How cool was that Europe and the


whole show? I absolutely loved it, it was a real pleasure. It was nerve


wracking but it was amazing at the same time. Forget the fire


extinguisher, you need to get out the water cannon to cool down after


this. So saucy, you are. I'm very proud of you. Thanks, coach. The


song we are dancing to for Movie Week is Singing in the Rain by the


legendary Gene Kelly. How I'm going to be effortlessly cool I have no


idea. I really need you to get dancing in the rain. I need to


channel my inner Gene Kelly, this is impossible, we can't do it. Not to


fear. Joe has an idea. Why are we here dressed like this?


We are dancing to singing in the rain, I want you to practice dancing


in the rain. But there is no rain. OK, that's cool. Something about


dancing in water gives you this wanton abandon. It's been such fun


bringing Ore to the Olympic Park he's such a laugh, he's up for


anything. All we can do now is hope our Americans move goes down a storm


on Saturday night. Twitch American Smooth.


Dancing the American Smooth from the movie Singin' In The Rain,


MUSIC: Singin' In The Rain wonderful. Standing ovation, Ore. Is


that a little tear? No, it's just the rain. In your eyes. All of that


umbrella choreography, the one-handed catch, brilliant. How was


it a step into Gene Kelly's shoes? Pressure, lots of pressure.


Incredible job, let's see if you gave the judges a glorious feeling.


You certainly captured the sophistication of that dance. I


yam... You took my breath away I have to say. Beautifully


choreographed. I loved. Ore, your timing is brilliant. And the


physical attributes you have are identical to Gene Kelly. It's


perfect. Really. What I think is incredibly difficult, all of that


physicality you put into it and then you are able to slow it down and


control it at the very end, which is not easy. CHEERING


That dance is your best danced so far.


OK. Sorry. That's all right. Len. I have to agree regarding the routine,


Jo, I thought the routine was fantastic. Ore you interpret it


fantastically. When I heard it was Singing in the Rain, it's so


difficult to give a dance like that, which everyone knows, to give it,


you know, to justify it and give it a twist. But you did. And lots of


Foxtrot references going through it. I'm astounded how good that was.


I'm going to cry! Bruno. I think Gene Kelly himself would be proud


because you took... What happened here, you took all the right


references but then you gave your own personality, you shone through


it. You weren't giving a parody of Gene Kelly, it was you all the time,


dancing as well. Bringing your own character. Down to the twinkle in


your eye, down to every little nuance. Credit to you for such


splendid choreography. Critical acclaim from the judges. It's OK,


I'm fine. Craig. I thought you were leaning over Jo... Shut up! You


could have been on your toes more, especially on the stairs. I thought


the routine was absolutely outstanding. A proper, proper


showman. Thank you, judges, you dry off upstairs. And your little eyes,




Well done. Well done to you. I mean, Ore, I wanted to zoom down and


cuddle you. It's a lot to take you're a sports presenter, you've


never danced, and they haven't gushed like for years. Stop bashing.


I didn't mean it like that. ! Gushing. It's an emotional week


because I know how much Jo loves this song and style love dance. I


wanted to make you proud. I think I did. You really did. Ladies and


gentlemen, the judges have their score. Craig Revel Horwood. Eight.


Darcey Bussell. A classy nine. Len Goodman. Nine! Bruno Tonioli. Nine.


That is your highest score by miles. You're crying, Jo's Ryan. I might


also... Are you over the moon? It's a big deal. -- Jo's crying. I love


Tameka, Tameka's also crying. No, no, no. This is week three, guys,


just imagine. If Singing In The Rain had


you cheering on your sofa, and you want to see Ore and Joanne


again next week, then vote for them. All the details are on your screen


now and voting opens at the end It's the transformation of dances,


there's nothing similar apart from keeping in time to the music. It's


fiery, it's feisty. And it's very, very different from last week. We've


been working a lot on technique. We need to be on point with these


things. Sorry! I love doing routine that make you huff and puff, I


haven't felt like that since the Olympics. The dream hasn't stopped


for me yet. More costumes, more dances. With this dance I'm totally


outside my comfort zone, this is way beyond what I was expecting.


Especially Claudia's Bugsy Malone routine.


They're using custard pies made with real cream.


I'm hoping they'll have some spare we might be able to reach.


Dancing next is Laura Whitmore and her partner Giovanni Pernice.


Last week's waltz saw them riding high on the Leaderboard.


And Laura was so happy she's been swinging from the rooftops all week.


She hasn't come back down yet. Saturday night you were absolutely


fantastic. Such sophistication, demure. And yet it had such a


sizzling passionate intensity. Excellent. Absolutely gorgeous, that


routine. Gorgeous! Every week I'm trying to learn a bit


more, to improve on the first week was really nice. This week we are


dancing a salsa. The song is from the movie Moulin Rouge. Salsa is


very different to last week. Very fast. Lots of lists. And it hurts. I


miss the wall. Hours salsa is not just about the I want a spectacular,


spectacular beginning. What about flying? In order to fulfil


Giovanni's vision, they had to the studio to practice their big


entrance. It's high. Can we go higher? Before I even get the dance,


I have to get down to their, unhook myself, get down the stairs. I'm not


going to lie to you, I'm not feeling the most confident at the moment.


I'm going to try and make it look as elegant as possible but in my head


all I'm going to think is, please don't fall over.


Dancing the salsa from the movie Moulin Rouge,


Oh, my goodness! You reached new heights there, my love! That lift at


the end, you must have been terrified. The first one, the last


one, all of them. Did they turn the Moulin Rouge red-hot? It was a


little bit on the raunchy side for me! What are you doing? It is not


your turn yet, Bruno? Bruno does like the raunchy. And I am not a big


punter for it. Give over. But what I like, first, let me say URA to refit


dancer. -- you are a terrific dancer. You have come out and you're


going for it and in going for that dance, I know the salsa is a fast


dance but it has to have elements of finesse about it and they were


lacking occasionally. You are going into the lists and the little


moments, but as I said, you are a great dancer, you will be here for


ages. Go on, Bruno, your turn! I am telling you, the showgirl has


va-va-voom coming out of every pore! You bring the dead back to life!


This was the hottest, sexiest, everything that I like. You look


stunning, your energy was fantastic. I was gobsmacked! Craig? I thought


you through little bit too much of everything into it and lost a little


bit of control. It did look entirely natural on you at times. You need to


knock out when you do the shoulder lift. I saw your body go down and


then you remembered to lock out. But I loved the series of spins. Very


impressive. Darcey? You meant business, you certainly did. You


came on that floor and you sold it. You were popping isolations in every


step. It was really impressive. But otherwise, there were moments of


dysfunction. More the preparations to your lifts. They got to look


rather ungainly. If you I am both out you will have a finished


performance but not bad for week three. Not bad for week three. Well


done, my love. Head up to Claudia. Laura, Giovanni! My favourite thing


all through it was you saying I miss the waltz! Len said you were a


terrific dancer. That means a lot. And it also means a lot to your mum.


There she is! The scores are in. Nine! Give it to me! Well done,


Giovanni. If you enjoyed seeing an Irish girl


do a Cuban dance with an Italian man in a French nightclub,


all the details are on your screen now so you can vote for them


when voting opens at the end Still to come, Claudia and AJ


are playing 13-year-old kids. Dancing next on our Movie Week


special is Greg Rutherford Last week Greg was criticized


by the judges for doing his tango Tonight he's doing an American


Smooth and he's determined to have it tucked in,


no ifs and definitely no butts. How did you feel about last week's


show? The overriding comment was not about the dancing as such but about


my bum. Your bum sticks out. You have got a big bump. In your


ballroom, tuck it under. This week we will have to keep it under


control. The dance this week is the American Smooth. I love the American


Smooth. I love the elegance, the drive, the lifts. This week we have


the best theme. It is Robin Herd, everything I do, I do it for you --


robin hood. To get you into the mood, I have brought you this!


Brilliant. How do I look? Perfect. Greg is such a natural archer. He is


unbelievable. This hat is staying on. It is an incredible hat. I feel


like I am Robin Hood. Tens across the board, I will settle for that. I


hope I can hit some high scores on Saturday night.


Dancing the American Smooth from the movie Robin Hood:


Prince of Thieves, Greg Rutherford and Natalie Lowe.


Beautiful! Beautiful American Smooth. They are on their feet in


the studio. Everyone is all of a quiver. OK, Natalie? Is that a


little tear. First dancing, now acting, he is a natural. Bruno, did


that do it for you? For get about Prince Of Thieves, you are Prince


Charming! The connection between you two tonight was absolutely wonderful


to watch. I do it know how you taught him being a girl to lead so


well. At no time I felt that you were actually pushing him, he was


taking control of the situation, guiding you beautifully. It was just


wonderful and your strength, I thought that last lift! But I have


to say, I was so pleasantly surprised at how well you do, Greg.


Beautiful. Craig? It lacked form at a little bit of swing and sway and


that is the only thing that would have given it a little bit more


style. But I have to say, you're storytelling throughout that, both


of you, was gorgeous. An entrancing partnership. I love this


partnership, I really do. Darcey? It was a beautiful smooth quality,


every time you came in to hold, it was stunning. Even with all that


leather run, I couldn't see your bottom or anything else. There is a


lovely story being told all the way through. Even with those impressive


lifts which were incredibly impressive, they just didn't have


the same quality as the rest of the dance for me. I would have loved


them not to have had that power and I think the quality would have been


smoother all the way through. Both of you are very strong dancers, very


athletic. You were like a rocket nearly. If you could just calm that


down then you will have a great finished performance. But you up


your game every week, you really do. Len? There was lovely chemistry, I


love the air of romance. There was the right amount of stuff in hold


and out of hold. I don't know if it is that doublet or liberty bodice


but no sign of a bum! It was a ball side, well done! Ball fly! He has


hit the target with the judges and the audience -- bulls eye.


Your fellow dancers are all so proud of you. Did you enjoy that more than


the tango? So much. This week has been incredible. Natalie has been so


incredibly patient with me. Tuesday was not going well at all but we


turned it around. Very well done. The scores are in. Ladies and


gentlemen, the judges have their scores.


You look so happy, Natalie, well done!


If you enjoyed Greg playing an Archer, the Robin Hood variety,


not one from Radio 4, then all the details


are on your screen now so you can vote for them when voting opens


If you want to vote online, don't forget to sign in or register


Next up is Claudia Fragapane and her partner AJ Pritchard.


They're doing a charleston to a song from Bugsy Malone, the movie famous


I think I'll make myself scarce, this could get messy.


Last Saturday was the waltz. It was amazing. I really enjoyed myself out


there. Light of my life? You lit up this ballroom! I was a bit


disappointed when I got a six from Craig. ... He will of the


charleston. He can give us a ten. We have had some good charlestons on


Strictly so far but ours will be the best. We have been working really


hard in training but now it is time to have some fun. We are recreating


a custard pie fight. Those kids in the film are so cheeky and you have


to be super cheeky just like them! Hopefully Claudia has had fun


throwing these pies in my face and hopefully the audience will enjoy it


as much as this. Let's hope AJ does not take my pranks too seriously.


AJ! Dancing the charleston from the movie Bugsy Malone, Claudia


Fragapane and AJ Pritchard. CHEERING




For AJ! Did you get a little bit, Darcey? Come here, my darling, can


you see? For AJ, all that training, look how she repays you. Oh my


goodness, you brought the house down here tonight. It was the nominal. I


apologise. Are you all right, judges? You have tissues. He told me


to hit it hard. It's his fault. There are more custard pies, Craig,


it's your turn. Technically I have to say that was absolutely


brilliant. CHEERING That is worth a custard pie in the


face. Darcey. Even the speed didn't affect you, it was made for you.


Absolutely outstanding. Len. What a marvellous combination, there was


clever choreography, slick tricks, and slapstick. I think even the cake


was made by Paul Hollywood. As we are at the movies. Well done. No


soggy bottoms around here. You went off like a rocket. You're an amazing


dancer. What I really love it, I'm seeing you act. You act beautifully.


You really are a double threat, my darling. Love it. A blockbuster,


outstanding. Thank you, judges. Get yourselves cleaned off, AJ. Well


done. You look divine. She went for it.


You were so cute, you said committee told me to do it fast. Let's take


some of that. You must have been so happy with those comments as well.


So happy, can't believe them, I've got such an incredible teacher. He's


quite a hard task master, isn't it? Just wipe it on me. I'm washing it.


It was fantastic. The scores are in. Craig Revel Horwood. Nine. Darcey


Bussell. Nine. Len Goodman. Nine. And Bruno Tonioli. Nine. CHEERING


APPLAUSE Well done for me you haven't got


higher than a six from Craig, must feel fantastic. Joint top leader on


the Leader Board. If you If you loved Claudia and AJ,


all the details are on your screen now so you can vote for them


when voting opens at look at you! Still to come, I'm only


going to say this once, Ed Balls. Samba. Oh, yeah.


Our next couple is Tameka Empson and her partner Gorka Marquez.


As it's Movie Week all our celebrities are getting


And that should be no problem for Tameka.


She's already won an award for her acting this week.


Last week with the charleston was great, the moment it started I just


felt I was in a silent movie. I absolutely love your character, you


just set the scene perfectly. I hated waiting for the result.


Tameka and Gorka. That was such a relief. The dream still goes on.


This week for Movie Week I will be performing the tango. It's fast,


it's serious, and I'm going to have to really work at this one. Having


been nominated for an inside soap award for her work on EastEnders,


Tameka and Gorka hit the red carpet. This week is Movie Week and I've


brought Gorka here to the Oscars of the soap world. It's time to present


the award for funniest female. Quick stabbing her way to victory it is


Tameka Empson from EastEnders. Thank you very much for this award, it


means a lot. And of course, keep dancing! When I'm with Tameka it's


amazing on the red carpet everyone was like, Tameka, Tameka. Crazy. I'm


glad I won this award. Now I'm hoping this will motivate me


Saturday night. LAUGHTER Thank you.


Dancing the Tango from the movie Beverly Hills Cop,


Tameka and Gorka. The heat was definitely an! You look good in


uniform. Thank you. What you think Darcey? I have to say, you take the


job seriously. The intent, the attack, the drama, the focus your


eyes was great. I think you even felt scared, didn't you?


Occasionally. There were only moment I would have loved it to be crisper,


more clipped, each transition. Each change in the move. If you could get


that crisper change and turn. Fix that top line. But really, as a


whole, it was a great, great dams. You have plenty of attack and intent


and focus. The thing that distracted for me was your past year. You've


got to try and just left, lift up that rib cage. Lifted to shift it.


Then... That's what you've got to do. Little bit over the top. But


well done. No doubt who's in charge there. I've got a job to do, I'm


going to do it. Nobody's going to stop me and I'm going to do it well.


And that's what you did. I loved your commitment. You're like a


laser-guided missile, nothing is going to stop you. I thought you


were leading at times actually, she was taking over. I won't mind you


looking after my street, nobody's going to mess around with that girl.


I want you on my side. Just make sure the past year, you know,


correct that, but I thought your performance was brilliant. Craig.


Your hand position was changeable, largely due to your left elbow


collapsing on occasion. You need to create more of a V shape but you


covered the floor aggressively. That's a good point! Actually. I


thought that part was wonderful, darling.


Hello, hello, hello, hello. It was your favourite, was it? Do it, do


it. You had so much fun with the charleston ULI, I don't want to be


all serious. I know, it was a very hard week this week. You won an


award. I won an award which is good. Thank you, thank you to those who


voted. The scores are in. We'll be judges please reveal that


score? Craig Revel Horwood. Six. Darcey Bussell. Seven. Len Goodman.


Seven. Bruno Tonioli. Eight. If you think it would be criminal


for Tameka to leave the competition all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens


at the end of the show. Still to come, Louise


is doing "fish dance". Next, hoping for rave reviews, Ed


Balls and his partner Katya Jones. We saw a different


side to Ed last week But after such a flamboyant


routine will he be toning Not really ? he's painted his face


green, he's wearing a yellow suit Can't wait! Things went brilliantly


Saturday. We're a team and we were brilliant. You totally owned floor.


# Because I want to be a cowboy #. That a site I don't think I ever


want to see again. People are not stupid. You got a standing ovation.


The public saved us this time but next week let's also try not be


bottom of the Leader Board. That would great, wouldn't it? What are


we doing next week? It's from the movie the mask. It is the samba. I


don't really know what they samba even is. It's all about a man who


finds a mask and when he put it on he becomes this wild character.


Can't pull it off. When you wear this, you are not Ed Balls any more,


you are the mass. -- you are The Mask. The Mask took over. Somebody


stop me! I must say I was a bit traumatised. If Ed can put this much


personality into his dance we'll be fine on Saturday night. Strictly!


Dancing the samba from the movie The Mask,


Oh, hello? Wreath you were smoking at that you sure work, Ed. Oh, my


goodness me. Was that smoking, Len? What is great is the anticipation


when you are coming out, what is going to happen. I have got to


congratulate you. Because you haven't taken the easy option. You


could easily, which we have seen before with the less talented


dancers, the pro is doing everything but you have given it full routines


with lots going on. And it is great to see you out there having a go.


Ed, you are not the best dancer but you are definitely the most fun.


CHEERING Bruno? I see the Green Party is


having a resurgence, and based on that, I will join in. I mean, I am


telling you, I was expecting some kind of samba dance. You could not


have given more impact to that performance. All the Jim Carey


phrases. That was complete lunacy and to give -- totally wonderful. I


know it is crazy, but I like it! And we are all crazy. I cannot quite


believe what I have just been witnessed to and I am sure the


nation is with me on that, darling. I think somebody must have put


something in my water. It was driven but the void, sadly, of any samba. I


like that you relent wished any sort of technique associated with this


dance. I thought my to Fuego was not that bad. And you started with a


vault. What do you out of life? There you go! He is taking this very


seriously, Ed. Darcey? 100% crazy, fabulous, I couldn't take my eyes


off you. But you know what is great, you have definitely embodied the


character and I want you to hold on to that for the rest of the


competition. Fingers crossed. We love it. He has done it again, off


you go to Claudia. Ed and Katya, we were screaming for


you up here! Absolutely extraordinary. The best thing was


your wife's face. She was going, I love him, this is happening. How are


your kids taking this situation? It is definitely embarrassing but I


have been saying all week, somebody stop me! I cannot speak! The scores


are in. Ladies and gentlemen, the judges have their scores.


Smoking! Seven. Bruno Tonioli. Piping! Seven. You see, it is


fantastic. I can't stop staring at you. That politician in a suit,


where has he gone. He has gone to party!


If you want to keep Ed and Katya in the competition,


all the details are on your screen now so you can vote


for them when voting opens at the end of the show.


Last week's Viennese Waltz saw her score 32


What a feeling it must have been to be joint top of the Leaderboard.


And coincidentally What A Feeling is what she's dancing to tonight.


I was just so thrilled to bits about Saturday. Beautiful, absolutely


beautiful. I am so proud of you. You danced really beautifully. I spotted


the first fleckerl of the year. You are joint top of the Leader Board,


very well done. This week, cha-cha-cha, Movie Week, we are


doing Flashdance. I used to do the routine in my living room when I was


12 years of age. It was my dream. Some girls like princesses. I liked


a girl who was a welder who could really do some moves. We should put


you in that situation. In my living room? Guess, I have got some


legwarmers to help! Very proud of mum and Kevin's dancing. We think


she will do well. That was fun. If I can just forget about the millions


of people watching at home then I will be fine on Saturday night!


Dancing the Cha Cha Cha from the movie Flashdance,


What a show stopper. Come here. It from the movie Flashdance,


What a show stopper. Come here. It is safe to say you past that


audition. It was wonderful. Bruno? It was so good. It took me back to


the 80s. I knew the steps. All the cha-cha-cha you put in was actually


very good. You have such a wonderful foot placement. I love the way you


caress the floor when you change position. So nice, so precise and it


is good for us to see what you have got, my darling! You passed the


audition and you were great! Great rhythm, great timing, you just need


to watch your hip action which can be extended more. I loved the


routine. Well done. Darcey? I think every time you are given a style you


make the most of it and I love this because this really suits you. It is


a great look, hang onto this one. You looked so much more confident


and in control of it. I really enjoyed it. A beautiful smile was in


place throughout. Was that a fitting finale for our movie night, Len?


People there with the cha-cha-cha you have to be sharp, crisp and


clean, but you have also got to show the rhythm. To get all those


elements together is a tricky job but I must say you did. But may I


also say, I have had a fantastic night with all of our couples. It


has been fabulous! Thank you, Len. Thank you so much, judges. Go and


get the party started. Thank you, Louise and Kevin!


Well done to both of you. Was I right that you said earlier, I have


forgotten? I forget all the time and panic and then I get out there and


enjoy it. The scores are in. The judges have their scores.


Are you happy. When you got that seven, you said, I'm sorry? You were


fabulous. If you'd love these two to make it


through to next week, all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens


in a couple of minutes time. Everyone has made their movie week


debut and it's time to look You can change all of that by


picking up the phone or going online and voting for your favourite.


And I can announce that the vote is now...


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Please get the bill payer's permission before you call.


Or alternatively you can vote online for free


at bbc.co.uk/strictly where you will also


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To help you decide, here's a reminder of


tonight's performances and the all important vote information.


It is Saturday night at the movies as Strictly celebrates some of the biggest films in history. We are now down to 14 couples, and every one of them has to deliver an amazing routine to a classic movie track to stay in the competition. Who will get into character and deliver award-winning performances, and who will be flops at the box office? Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host an evening full of sparkling moves, iconic songs and plenty of surprises.