Week 2 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 2 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman return to host the first results show of the series. One couple leaves the contest, and Barry Gibb performs.

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From London, this is Strictly Come Dancing, The Results. Please welcome


your hosts, Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman!


APPLAUSE Thank you. Lovely.


No problem. Good evening and welcome to strip to


come dancing and our first results show of the series.


And a huge thank you to our dancers, for that romantic and dramatic


routine. And a huge thank you to Dave Arch


and his brilliant orchestra. Yes!


We have the seaside, Fireman 's polls, and Ed Balls on the banjo.


My kind of party, but all parties have to end. Tonight, one couple


will leave the competition after the dance off.


Voting is now closed. The judges' schools have been combined and the


couples with the lowest scores will have to dance again.


The final decision on who stays and who goes is tonight down to four


people. Firm, fair, fearless, and unflappable, or as we like to call


them, the judges! Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.


Craig Revell Horwood and Darcey Bussell.


Lovely as always. Thank you, charges.


Also on the show tonight, the legend that is Barry Gibb performing his


new single, In The Now. And Len's Lens is back.


First, here is what happened on and off the dance floor last night.


Darlings, it is weak two, which means somebody is going to be sent


packing. I think people are a bit more nervous this week. As if


reality has hit home. This is a big deal today. The stars are in there


and they are quaking in their macro boots. Nobody wants to see anybody


leave. Everybody is aggravating a nice. I don't want to lose anyone.


-- aggravatingly nice. I'm very nervous but it is all down to the


audience. Why are you not practising? Because I don't have any


trousers on. What will be will be. We have to redo 40% of the


choreography because I tore my inner scar tissue from surgery from my


mastectomy. And I don't learn easy. I'm like, what's here, who is there?


We are just going to do our best. We are ready, cowboy. Here she is.


Quite panicked but the main thing is I really want to enjoy it. What time


is it? Two minutes until the live show. Showtime! I cannot contain


myself any longer. Honestly, let the good times roll. I'm going in. You


were doing a proper, proper dance. I absolutely loved your character.


Great. Nice arms, good rotation, nice frame, well done. You are a


fantastic dancer, you really are. Loads of content. I thought it was


terrific. Thank you. Well done. You look amazing. You are sleek, flirty,


you are having fun, and that is the great thing to watch. Well done, you


were amazing. I like the fire and the spirit. However, having said


that, your bottom sticks out. I've got a big bottom. I like the drive,


the passion, the intent, it was powerful. You did it! Oh! It was


flat-footed. Laboured. I found it disappointing, to be frank. For me


you were moving just like clockwork. Well done. Five. Eight, I like it!


27, my age. You went from Fred Astaire to Fred insane, you can


actually dance. Unfortunately you have hands like a bricklayer 's


trowel, I'm afraid. Next time you dance, look at your face in the


mirror. It is still quite annoying. I can smile very broadly. I was


taken aback. Very impressive. Seven. We got 27 and I think we can improve


on that this week. Yes. I can see the concentration in your face. I


would have just liked you to have nailed the routine better. Six. It


would have been nice to improve on last week but we were not worse,


which is good. It was sort of mediocre, I'm afraid. Your feet


stomp, you have a funny right shoulder going on, but I enjoyed


your attitude and the fact that you attacked the tango, which you have


got to do. Six. More than 22. We have moved up. Mission accomplished.


We will take it. It is good to see the funny side of Ed Balls. That is


a side I don't think I ever wish to see again. Technically it was a


disaster. You stayed in sync all the way through. You have worked so


hard. Doing a good job, seven! We killed it. Killed it. It was


haphazard for me. It was misplaced. Footwork, as well, and there was no


figure eight rotation in the hips whatsoever. Considering the


situation I still thought you had Anastacia goes crazy and the salsa.


And you gave it all. Because of the injuries we change the routine. To


put somebody out there, change choreography on the day. I can see


you are a perfectionist and it annoys you that you cannot do it to


your full. But what you gave us was your all. Six. Well done. Sorry


about the 22. CHUCKLES


Excellent performance. It was full on. It was fierce. You must be very


confident to attempt those moves. Brilliant. Seven. Absolutely smashed


it. Again! No danger of sinking to the bottom after this one, I tell


you that. I love the fact it was completely caricature. You just set


the scene perfectly. Eight. We are a team. Beautiful arm, great arch,


lovely. Don't worry about Claudia, the outfit for you is totally sunny.


-- outlook. Very happy. You have such natural movement. You are sassy


and flirty. I am hooked. I want some more now. Eight. Oh! So happy with


30. I cannot believe it. It was absolutely gorgeous, that


routine. I really, really enjoyed it a lot. Laura, the emotion, the


elegance you brought, stunning. Oh, so silky smooth. #k38ent. -


excellent. Eight. The man is a magician. Next


week, it is 48. It was exquisitely lyrical.


Your arms moved like water. That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


I thought gorgeous. You are a terrific dancer, well done.


8. That was really like watching a


waltzing heart-throb. You acted like a star. Everything was so crystal


clear. The story was brilliant. It was a sort of a modern twist on a


traditional dance which I enjoyed very much. Fantastic. 8. We did it,


we did it. APPLAUSE


What a night. Every couple giving it everything they have. But will it be


enough to stay in the competition? Here is how the leaderboard looks


after the performances from the last two weekends. Up in the top and in


joint first place is Louise and Kevin and Danny and Oti, both with a


score of 63. At the other end is Melvin and Janette with a score of


45 and below them, down at the bottom is Ed and Katya, with a score


of 44. But that's only half the story. Your votes at home may have


changed all of that. Who could be going home tonight? The results are


in. In no particular order, the first couple safely through to next


week is... Thank you. Oh, thanks. Also back


are... Louise and Kevin. Come on! Thank


you. Returning to the dance floor again


next Saturday are... And now, the first couple who will


fight for survival in the dance off is...


Anastasia and Brendan. The rest of you, I'm afraid, you will have to


wait until later to find out your fate. Anastasia and Brendan, please


come down and join me. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE You are not done yet, hon. So, you


came out here, you gave it your absolute all, how are you feeling?


I'm just scared to do it. I'm scared to hurt myself. I will do it because


this is is what my process is, and this is what the show is but I'm


very scared to hurt myself. That's just the honest truth. We don't want


you to hurt yourself. Let's get some advice from the judges. Craig you


said Anastasia had problems with her footwork. What can she do to rectify


this? I would think of not concentrating on the underarm turns


but concentrate on getting that wonderful figure 8 action in your


hips and really just let the face, you have a wonderful face, and


wonderful actress, let that live through the dance and don't worry


too much about the arms. OK. Darcey, you said Anastasia's salsa was hot,


it was spicy. What other key ingredients does she need to add?


Well, she oozes attitude all the way through. Keep hold of that. You are


such a natural performance. It sells it, I promise you.


You just have to sell it. OK. OK, we will see you later. Very best of


luck. Over to Claudia. You have six


extremely relieved couples here. Well done to all of you. Lesley, it


suddenly got serious? It got really serious. We are all nervous wrecks.


Thrilled to go through but it is serious. You so want to be there. It


is just that noise. All of you going from ahhh to oh. Next week you are


doing a tango. And we are not talking the fizz side. It's going to


be another fast and furious one again. I think that Gorka, who I


have named the corka is going to be Vin Diesel and I'm the chick in the


passenger seat. I cannot wait. You have never danced before. You just


looked scared. Did you think it might be it? I was terrified. I


thought - I never, ever want to have the tango again in my life and there


was a risk of that happening. I'm so relieved not to have to do it again.


Daisy, I cannot wait, movie week. You are playing... Mary Poppins.


Everyone watching all went - yes! Louise, top of the leaderboard you


must still just be like - yeah, top of the leaderboard? I'm grateful I'm


sat here and get to do it again next week. So, yes, all good. You look so


relieved, you and Karen. I know you are a massive fan of the show. You


look so tearful, still I feel like I'm back in Pop Idol. I had a big


flashback, so there is no Simon Cowell, so that's nice. He is here


tonight! I'm joking. Well done all of you. Six couples are safe. But


who will be facing Anastasia and Brendan in the dance off? We will


find out soon but first of all ladies and gentlemen, with his brand


new single In The Now, it's Barry Gibb.


# You're only my destination destination


# I need you here in the now


# All my life is so wrapped up in you


# I found the love and I can't get enough


# I'm only happy when I hear you moan


# You speak the pleasure within


# We claim that summer darling


# And time is standing still


# All my life I never felt this way before


# I'm learning what I never knew


# I may be lonely but I'm not alone


# And we don't need conversation


# I'm only happy when I hear you moan#




Thank you to bare and to our pros gee vane and Janette. Now it is time


for the return of Len's Lens. Let's bring on the judges.


Thank you so much. ! Oh, yeah. This is when you get the


chance to dissect the dances. Maybe you have more time than you would on


Saturday night. We can't do it alone, we, Len? Never. Please


welcome, Len's Lens. Len's Lens. All right, let's talk about Daisy and


Aljaz first. You deducted a point for their illegal lift. Let's remind


ourselves of it. It was borderline, really... I wouldn't say that was a


lift, it was a turn. She wouldn't have been able to do it on her own


and both legs were off the floor. There are certain dances like


Charleston, American smooth, Argentine tango and so on that you


can do lift in, cha-cha-cha unfortunately isn't one, if you are


not careful you end up with a liftfest. I thought - clach it down,


early doors. I'm pleased that has been clarified. Darcey, I would love


to talk to you about Danny. You said it was a bit skippy. Let's remind


our se.s you talk me through it. That's what he does. He generates a


lot of energy, he comes up so high in the two, three. More like a


sashay he is creating. Instead he needs to glide and not the head


coming up and down like this. OK, fine. Craig, can I talk to you about


Claudia and AJ. You said there was hyperextension. Yes. I never want to


disagree with you It happens with people from an acro background.


That's brilliant. It it is very rare. I know in a celebrity. I know


it is. You are saying she was leaning back... Too far, I thought.


Well, she went into it. It was a slow part of the music. She had to


fill that bar of music. Exactly. So extended and extended and out she


came, beautiful. Sorry, Craig. Thank you, Len, you are absolutely right.


All right. Bruno, we have a brilliant audio clip. This is how


much Tameka enjoyed her dance. Ha, ha, ha. .


She was... You are on it, baby. Give it to me honey. How much did you loo


love her character? I adored it. Look the you, you were loving it. I


was just checking it. Everybody, all the swivel action - she had that


swivel action. I was counting it and doing it as she Z look, she did it.


And the performance was just out of this world. She was excellent, I


loved it. OK. Thank you so much. Thank you to the judges. Now so far


six couples are safely through to next week, but who will be joining


them and who is's Strictly story ends tonight? Tess.


Eight couples still waiting to learn their macro state. One of those


couples will face Anastacia and Brendan in the dance off for the


first time this series. Let's find out who it will be. -- to learn


their fate. The next safe couple are... Judge


Rinder and Oksana. Back to dance again next Saturday


are... Danny and Oti. Surviving to next Saturday are...


Ore and Joanne. -- also through are... Ed and Katya.


We did it. Thank you. Melvin, you will be in the dance


off. Naga and Pasha, you return next week.


You have been working so hard. How disappointed are you? Really


disappointed. But we will do it again and we will smash it. You will


smash it. That is the word of the week. Let's talk to the judges.


Then, you said you did not think Melvin would be moving on out this


week. To be honest, I didn't... OK, it wasn't the most fantastic, it


wasn't 5-star, but it was totally acceptable for the second week of


dancing. I am surprised you are there.


APPLAUSE Bruneau, you said Melvin brought the


enthusiasm and he brought the energy. What else can he bring to


the dance off? -- Bruno. Keep going because it works. You have to be


more precise. Sometimes when you want something so much you overdo


it. So there are little creases that you need to iron out. Just relax, go


out there, enjoy it, and do exactly the same because it is good!


APPLAUSE And smash it. We will see you later


in the dance off. We wish you the best. Claudia, over to you.


Thank you, I am with the rest of the safe couples who are relieved. Ed,


your face, and Katya 's reaction, did you think you would be in the


dance off? Of course. I always expected to be in it. A part of me


is a bit disappointed because I so enjoyed it I want to do it again. Do


not say that to the voting public. You are very pleased. I know. And


the fake tan issue is still a thing. Judge, you will be here next week,


tell the group the film and the character. I allowed to? Am going to


be a Flintstone. CHUCKLES


Naga, your name was last, how relieved were you? So relieved. I'm


so sad to see our friends in the bottom two and things in a dance


off. But so pleased we get to be here next week. Everybody looks


shell-shocked. Up until now it has been fun. Test reads out the names,


there is the music and everybody thinks it is awful. -- Tess. It is


awful. You are shaking. To hear your name called out this fantastic.


Thank you everybody for voting. It is nice to be here. Danny, you must


have been confident. Did you think you were through? Not at all.


Nothing prepared me for that. The music and Tess taking her time.


Nightmare. Lauren, you said I don't like that bit. -- Laura. It is the


only part of the show I don't like. Maybe change that. Claudia, you were


a gymnast, now I dance, are you looking forward to the Charleston?


Definitely, I can't wait to go out there and move my hips. Our couples


have been training hard for next week which is movie week. Before all


good movies, of course, there is a trailer.


In the year 2016, our leading men and women have set the standard


higher than ever before. They will work together against all the odds.


Do this. You can do this. One of them will end up on the cutting room


floor. I'm so confused. I don't understand. What steps am I doing?


Expect a dance extravaganza. From the people who brought you Anton Du


Beke eating a slice of cake. It is Strictly movie week coming to a


dance floor near you. As we know, Anastacia performed


while injured on Saturday night. Earlier she said she was worried


about dancing again with her injury. A decision has been made, Anastacia


and Brendan cannot perform again. In this situation under the rules of


Strictly Come Dancing that means they cannot be a dance off, but we


can still give you the results. The couple with the fewest number of


viewer votes will sadly be leaving Strictly Come Dancing. Over to you,


Tess. Because of the situation it is in


the hands of the public. Anastacia and Brendan, Melvin and Janette,


this is it. One of you will be leaving Strickler come dancing. I


can reveal that the couple with the fewest viewer votes and therefore


out of the competition is: It is Melvin and Janette.


APPLAUSE That means we are going to have to


say goodbye to Melvin and Janette. Come and join me. Congratulations,


we will see you next week. Anastacia and Brendan, I got a lovely


cuddle... We are so sorry to see you go after such a short time. I just


need to say, every single person on this show, the contestants, the


dancers, the judges, everyone is absolutely amazing. It is a blessing


to be on this show and thank you to Janette, it's been a great


experience. CHEERING


We have loved getting to know you. It has been all too short, the time


was spent with you. Is there anything you would like to say to


Melvin, Janette? In this industry you get to meet lots of different


people. Melvin is one of those who is unique and you never forget. Even


from the first moment you meet him, he has such a beautiful soul, such a


gorgeous smile, an infectious personality, and I want to thank you


for making this albeit short and extremely great experience. It has


been a treat to watch you dance. We are going to get to see you one more


time. Yes. APPLAUSE


We have loved watching Melvin and Janette. They will join the amazing


Zoe Ball on Monday on It Takes Two. We will be back next week for some


blockbuster performances and our -- in our movie special.


But for the last time, it is Melvin and Janette.


Melvin has given us so many jokes and smiles. We are heartbroken to


see them leave this evening. A bittersweet experience, it really


is. Any outcome would be sad and is sad. I feel awful. I just wish I


could have danced. Feel great to be through to next week. I am


exhausted. I loved it. I loved it. It is sad. I love how calm he is, we


are so excited! Chuffed to bits. Week number three come here we come.


I find out what my next challenge is on Monday. It will always be a


difficult one. I am just so pleased


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman return as your hosts for an unforgettable evening of Strictly drama, in the first results show of the series. The judges' scores and public votes are in and the two couples with the lowest score dance off against each other, and one of them will chasse out of the competition for good. Plus our professional dancers will be treating us to a spectacular routine accompanying the legendary Barry Gibb.