Week 2 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 2

Grab your glitterballs and join Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman for a sparkling spectacular as all 15 couples hit the dance floor together for the first time.

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Last week, of us.


Live from the BBC, this is Strictly Come Dancing!


Please welcome your hosts - Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman.


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing!


It is going to be a monumental show, because all 15 couples


will be performing on this dance floor tonight.


And sadly, our first couple will leave the competition


I know, we've become quite attached, too.


But one couple must go - those are the rules.


So tonight, everyone will be pulling out all the stops


Remember, tonight, our 15 couples will be dancing live,


not only for the judges' scores, but also to win your votes.


Our celebrities are all backstage shaking with nerves and excitement.


Either that or the air conditioning is on the blink.


They're all desperate to come out here and give it their best shot.


So let's not keep them waiting any longer, it's time to meet...


TV presenter and singer Louise Redknapp and her


Star of Judge Rinder Robert Rinder and his partner, Oksana Platero.


Actress Lesley Joseph and her partner, Anton Du Beke.


TV presenter and radio DJ Melvin Odoom and his partner,


Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapane, and her partner, AJ Pritchard.


BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba and his partner,


Model Daisy Lowe and her partner, Aljaz Skorjanec.


Actor and pop star Will Young and his partner, Karen Clifton.


From BBC Breakfast, Naga Munchetty and her partner, Pasha Kovalev.


World Champion long jumper Greg Rutherford and his


EastEnders star Tameka Empson and her partner, Gorka Marquez.


Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and his


TV host Laura Whitmore, and her partner, Giovanni Pernice.


Actor Danny Mac and his partner, Oti Mabuse.


Singer Anastacia and her partner, Brendan Cole.


If this competition was based on looks alone, we'd be dishing out


All of tonight's scores will be added to last week's, giving


So let's remind ourselves of the leader board.


Up at the top with a score of 32 are Daisy and Aljaz.


And at the other end is Ed and Katya, who scored a 21.


But that's all set to change, because tonight you can


vote for your favourite for the very first time.


The two couples with the lowest combined judges' scores and viewer


votes will face each other in the dance-off in Sunday


So it really is all to play for ? or should that be dance for!


And dancing first for your votes is Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


They are dancing the cha-cha and they're taking


After a week of training they are great at sliding down poles,


but will they be able to climb UP the leaderboard?


I actually think that's the best you have ever danced it. I thought it


was dramatic, well done. We have got to get straight back in the


training, because in week two, someone is going to have to go, and


we are really hoping it's not us. This week, we are dancing the


cha-cha. And we're going to be playing firefighters. Are you


kidding? It is your lucky day, Ore. We are dancing as firefighters and


we would love to get into character. You've come to the right place. It's


the 150th anniversary of the London Fire Brigade, so we've got plenty of


experienced. We're going in the fire engine now. That is the look! I'm


losing control! Look at this! This is what I'm talking about!


Firefighter Clifton! Let's go. Well, I look like a firefighter, I feel


like a firefighter. The question is, can I dance like a firefighter? On


Saturday night, bring it on! That's how it's supposed to look, isn't it?


Dancing the cha-cha-cha, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


Ore, come here! You just raised the temperature in the studio! Well


done! While you cool down, let's welcome our fabulous live singers,


Hayley, Lance, Andrea, Tommy, and of course Dave Archer and his fabulous


orchestra! That was hot! Too hot! What do you think? I tell you what,


I saw Joanne polishing those boots, and the routine could have done with


a little bit more polished. However... However... I liked the


way you came out, it was for long, it was fierce. It was an excellent


performance and better than last week. So well done!


Bruno? Forget the fire extinguisher, you need to get the water cannon out


and cooldown! We like a saucy cha-cha, don't we? I think what


happened is, you put so much energy into it, and it became very clipped.


And sometimes you seems to be racing a little bit with the music. But


overall, the performance was fantastic. The variety of steps was


great, I loved middle section. Just a bit cleaner, OK? . You're very


good at getting your own groove on, and it was very sharp and energetic,


but for me, it look very stiff, particularly in the hip department,


sadly. And that sort of ruined it for me, really. There seemed to be


some emotion... You were selling it, Ore, you really were. You are one


brave guy to come out there. You have to be very confident to produce


those moves, straightaway, first dance of the evening. And you really


gave him a very fast routine, Jo, it was very impressive. It was! You


have very accentuated hands. Thank you! They're little bit freely in


places, so just control those, but generally, you were giving your all,


well done. Not bad comments. A lot to think about. And you want this


studio audience up, that's for sure! Let's hear it for Ore and Joanne!


So scary to go first, that was brilliant. It must have been


terrifying. Can I ask you something, just to confirm, you've never


danced? I've never danced before. What do you want, a certificate? My


favourite thing is watching your wife's face, who was genuinely in


shock. He can do this? She doesn't know, I just go around practising


these high kicks all the time at home. She doesn't know. I'm slightly


shocked and a bit horrified. The scores are in...


Len Goodman said it was a big improvements over very well done.


Saucy, and frilly hands - could not have done better!


If you want to see Ore the fire fighter next week,


either to dance or if you've got your head stuck in some


railings, all the details are on your screen now so you can


vote for him when voting opens at the end of the show.


It's time for the terms and conditions.


Now I don't want to go too over the top,


Brendan, Anton, thank you very much. Here's how it works.


Calls cost 15p, plus any network access charge, and please ask


by visiting bbc.co.uk/strictly, where you will also find


Voting won't open until all our couples have danced.


If you call now, your vote won't count, and you may still be charged.


Please don't vote if you're watching on demand.


You'll need to sign in or register for a BBC Account to vote online.


Even if you registered last year, you still need to sign in again.


And may I suggest you do that right now.


In fact, we're going to make it longer each time!


Our next couple is Claudia Fragapane and her partner AJ Pritchard.


Claudia performed some amazing gymnastics


in her cha-cha last week, but tonight, she's hoping


it will be the judges who go head over heels


Since my name was announced I could feel I was in competition mode. I


was like - let's do this. Being partnered with a gymnast is


interesting. Some judges liked the gymnasts, some weren't pleased? I'm


not a big punter for gymnastics in dancers. I got 26, I want to get


higherer than that. We have the waltz. We need to be calm and slow.


The judges were split on gymnastics. We can get still get a little bit of


gymnastics in there. Claudia Fragapane invites A sdwrovp one of


her classes she teaches. Let's hope Len doesn't find out. I enjoyed


working him hard. Out of time. Sorry. I think his gymnastics needs


more pointed toes and straight legs. He found it difficult at the start


and eased into it. He is really good. Yes. Do you want to see a bit


of our waltz? YEAH! I think the waltz was amazing. I loved it. A 10


from us and hopefully a 10 from Len. Good luck, Claudia and AJ.


Dancing the waltz, Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard!


A waltz with a hint of Romeo and Juliet.


Did our youngest couple pull off a mature performance, Bruno?


It was like watching West Side Story set to a waltz. Maria and Tony swept


away by the power of love. Spinning straight into our hearts. Beautiful


arms, great arch, lovely. Couldn't ask for more than that. I felt like


you were spotting the floor a little bit when you do your turns. Make


sure your head is up and spot in front.


You. I felt you were hyper extending a little bit. No, no, no. And


sometimes... No, no. And your end recovery out of that last spin


wasn't particularly attractive. You lost balance before the Apart from


that end. , he loved it. Darcey. Oh, my goodness, the fluidity you


created. Sorry... The control as well with those moves. Beautiful.


For me, the extension in your back, in that standing spin. Yes.


Immaculate top line. Really, that paid off in your top line. The


difference from last week. Well done. Len. Don't worry about


Claudia, the outlook for you is totally sunny, I'm telling you. Good


hold, good movement. Good technique. Light up my life, you lit up this


ballroom, I'm telling you. Lovely. Thank you, Len, a sunny outlook, one


dark cloud. Claudia is waiting for you upstairs. Well done. Claudia and


AJ. Well done. Well done. You must have


been happy with those judges' comments. I know Craig, it's second


week for Craig! We love him. He gets picky. How did you find the ballroom


At the start it was really hard. I grew into it. I'm speechless. I


don't know how well it went. It was really good. You are so cute. We


have fellow gymnasts here. They must be supporting you - go Claudia. They


have done. The scores are in. Sweet. You must be so proud. Well


done. So happy. If you want to see Claudia


and AJ here next week, all the details are on your screen


now, so you can vote for them when voting opens


at the end of the show. Leslie is in a French restaurant. I


asked what the soup was, apparently, it's soup of the day.


Dancing next tonight is Will Young and his partner, Karen Clifton.


Will's doing a Jive set in the 1950s and to get into the right mood


they went to the movies, but will a trip to a drive-in


How do you feel? I just enjoyed it and getting into the character. The


acting and the interpretations were absolutely brilliant. The best thing


is we got an eight from Craig. I was like, yeah, that's my girl! This


week we Will and I are dancing the jive. I'm enjoying the happiness of


the jive. The 50s, jitterbug, fun. Really? I've got a little surprise


for Karen. Karen, look what I've got. This is amazing. Get in, we


will be late. I love classic cars. As a treat I thought I would take


Karen out for a spin in a 50s American car. Prepare to be amazed!


I thought we should have a night off. We can watch a movie and relax.


Will, you know that Saturday is just around the corner, we don't have


time. Cue the training footage. Look at the feet.


You have to balance... Why have you locked the doors? Your fingers... I


want popcorn. HELP! The plan was to relax, Karen, clearly, had other


ideas. We're going to study this footage until you get everything


correct. Dancing the Jive, Will Young


and Karen Clifton. Come on. You're one happy jiver.


Happy face in place. You have us all rocking there. You have pulled a


muscle? You are still Yeah. Smiling. What a professional. Do you need a


medic right now? Yes. Do you need onele right now. No, I'm all right.


You don't need a medic. I'll have it after. You are a pro. The judges


comments first. He is in pain. Be kind. I must apologise for Bruno's


language. He got a little bit excited earlier on. Again, me.


Behave. Always you. Always me. Let's chat to Craig. Did it get you


rocking this jive? No, it didn't. It was flat footed which made it a


little bit laboured and the side by side section you messed up that


first kick. You messed that up entirely. You did a spin and tried


to get back into. It I found it disappointing, quite frankly.


Darcey, have you a positive spin? I have to say it was a classic


rock-and-roll feel. I love that style with you. You looked in ease


with it, even with a tiny mistake. You did a nice repeat to cover


yourself up. You kept your facial expression, you didn't show it in


your face. When you get relaxed, you don't get that sharp flick and the


kick and the traction, yes. Keep the legs working where you can keep


really cool on top. Thank you. Loved it. Len? For me you are moving like


clockwork, honestly. No messing about, straight into the routine. A


mix of rock-and-roll, jive, what I loved was your energy. You came out


and you went for it. Well done. Went for it. Despite the injury halfway


through. Bruno? I loved the way you always manage to get precisely into


character. You get the style absolutely right. Your performance


level and value is always brilliant. You are such a generous performer.


That is great to see. I love the fact that it was all this mix and


match of rock-and-roll. That is how jive was born there. Was an


incident. It happens to anyone. You know, we overlook it. It happens.


You get a cramp, you miss a step. Overall it was very good. Thank you.


Not bad at all. Plenty to think about. It's only Week Two, after


all. You go and get medical attention.


Claudia will look after you. Will and Karen.




Well done. I'm sorry you are in pain. I love what Bruno said. You


get totally into it. You gave us angry tango and joyful jive? Yes, a


man of many faces. Very cute face. Three down from last week. Len has


gone up one. Let's hold on to that. I'm happy with that. Very well done.


If you enjoyed Will dancing to Rock Around the Clock,


all the details are on your screen now so you can vote


for him when voting opens at the end of the show.


Still to come, Greg dances to the song Jump.


Makes sense, if there was a song called Readin Out Loud,


Next tonight is Lesley Joseph and her partner, Anton Du Beke.


They're doing a Cha Cha set in a champagne bar,


is going to need for this dance, because if there's one thing Lesley


It was magic. You in tail coats, me a lovely pink floaty dress. I was


really thrilled with the way it went. You are a lovely lady. I


thought you danced that beautifully. Well done. Thank you. I look back on


my waltz as a wonderful start and now this week we will have much more


fun. My second dance on Strictly is the cha-cha-cha. A bit scared of


Latin. I haven't got the arms right yet. Hugely looking forward to get


up to speed. This dance is fast. I'm more concerned about me doing it


than her doing it. This number is set in a Parisian restaurant. To get


you in the mood, make me a cup of tea. He is going to have to get into


character. He has to wait on me. I like cups and saucers. The dance is


her toying with me. I think Leslie is enjoying this dance. She has me


waiting on her hand and foot. Anton. How's that? Too tight. Darling, can


you get me some water, please? OK. A straw. Now! Are you feeling in


character? Yes. Good. I think I should change this dance!


Dancing the Cha Cha Cha, Lesley Joseph and Anton Du Beke.


I loved that, Lesley! She's the boss! And you look amazing, you


really do. Did you enjoy it? I loved it. Let's see if the judges liked


it. Darcey Bussell, did you enjoy it? Well, first thing, Lesley, you


have hot little body there. You look at absolutely amazing, I have to


say. You are sleek, cheeky, flirty and fun. You're having a great time


out there, and that is the best thing to watch. The only thing I


would say, you have a free arm which is behind you, and that throws you


sometimes. But he's got you, he's holding onto you. I mean, the


difference, you look amazing. Well done! Len? Like champagne,


cha-cha-cha can be physic and it can be flat. This was full of fizz.


Proper cha-cha-cha, loads of content. And you mixed it in with


all of that fun and enjoyment. I thought it was fantastic, well done!


Thank you. Champagne kicked in, and your back! The original and best,


prowling around. There's plenty of action left on those legs. I mean,


come on, the legs were excellent! Darling, what happens, you're


throwing away your top. You get a little bit excited, you got a little


bit tipsy, didn't you, darling? We are just making it up as we went


along, which we like, which we like very much! So try to control that


Chile you still got it, you've got it, my darling! She's got it. You're


not going to take it away, are you, Craig? Well, I wasn't expecting


that, that's for sure, darling. You certainly shown no sign of


inhibition. But you do throw yourself into it a little bit too


much, and I really could have done without that bum rub, darling. Well,


I've got to enjoy myself somehow, love. To be honest, I could watch it


again, I really could. Well, you could not hope for more than that.


Congratulations, job well done. What a cha-cha-cha. Lesley and Anton!


I remember you saying, I like ballroom but I'm now ready to have


some fun? I loved it, I just loved it. Wonderful, it's a dream. She did


great, didn't she? I just thought you were remarkable. Can I just


complement Craig on that outstanding shirt? Yes, you can! I like it, I


think I will use it next week. Brave, before the scores, but never


mind! The judges' scores are in... 26, more than last week. Happy with


that? Yes. If that restaurant routine


was just what you ordered, all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens


at the end of the show. Now it's time for some


fun with a capital F. Remember this year,


if you want to vote online, you'll need to go to the website and sign


in to your BBC Account, When do you sign in? Now. And you


vote? Later! It's super important to do well this


week. This is the first week when we're going to lose somebody. It's a


bit more nerve-racking. I could not be more out of my comfort zone. The


tango is the complete opposite to the cha-cha-cha. I'm really enjoying


the waltz, there's a story to it, it's quite emotive. The routine is


very energetic. Do me a favour! I'm looking forward to


all that. And Anastasia will be dancing to


some saxophone music. And I don't know if you knew this, but I can


play the saxophone, so I thought I would play a bit. Here we go... I'm


impressed! Thank you. MUSIC CONTINUES Excuse me a second!


Our next couple is Greg Rutherford and his partner, Natalie Lowe.


A dance that is all about keeping hold no matter what,


and Natalie knew just the type of training that


And going to see it now, be proud, it was your first dance ever. Last


week was the most exhilarating, amazing thing I've ever had to do.


Greg could go all the way, my darling! I was thrilled, so happy.


Shall we cracked on? I am ready-ish. This week, we've got the tango. The


tango is difficult, because your holding positions which are very


unnatural. Tango was all about movement, power and posture. I've


come up with an idea to help you with your frame. Oh, yes, what's


that? Don't worry, you will find it a breeze. Greg Rutherford, time to


meet your biggest fan. Welcome to the largest wind tunnel in the UK.


What a nerve I doing in here? If you can maintain your frame in here, you


can do it on the dance floor. Natalie, what are you doing?! For


crying out loud! You have lost the plot! That was amazing. You did so


well maintaining your friend. I think you need to give this a go.


Really? She did that to help me improve my tango hold. I just hope I


can blow her away at the weekend! Dancing the tango,


Greg Rutherford and Natalie Lowe. Come on, Greg! Come on! What a


dramatic end to that tango! Well done, good tango face. I you all


right, my darling? You were a bit nervous about that, won't you? You


surprised everybody last week, you surprised yourself most of all.


Happy with how it went? Just about, you always remember the mistakes


straightaway, so... Say nothing! How did they do, Len? Well, you know,


the thing... Your bum sticks out. That's muscle. I've got a big bum.


Your bum is sticking out, and that tends your top forward, so you're


never really getting your legs underneath your body, because of


this shape. However, having said that, I like the fire and the


spirit, the staccato movement, I like the routine. You've not to


work, in your ballroom, tucked it under! Is that possible? Well, it's


very good for jumping, this big, that's the thing, so I'm really


trying to lose it. Which really trying to get it under! So powerful,


what a handsome man, look at that! You were going like a locomotive at


full same! And I loved that, I loved the commitment choice you have to be


careful, though, not to step it so much choice you have to glide a


tango. The bum, I don't mind at all. I'm sorry, people! I'm getting into


trouble yet again! But make sure you're gliding, not stepping. I'm


watching you! Craig? As a track of as your bottom is, darling, it does


need to go under. And you've got a lost body contact, unfortunately,


you're not creating that wonderful V-shape which this dance needs. But


what I did love from that was the intent and the amount of aggression.


Fiery, wasn't it? Well, the boys have said it all, I loved the drive,


the passion, the intent, I like the buttocks as well. But when they are


that accentuated, as Bruno said, you have got to watch that. And it just


helps the upper body. What it was powerful. Thank you very much! Get


those popular buttocks upstairs! Well done! Standing ovation for Greg


and Natalie. We were screaming up here. When you finished, she was


screaming in my ear, he's a genius! You have never danced before, and to


do that, because I know you get terrified, and everybody said,


brilliant intent. How do you do that? I guessed I get into


competition mode. But I have been terrified all day, and we had a


couple of bad rehearsals as well, which is really worrying when you're


coming into something like this. You've done it now! The scores are


in... One less than last week, but you


will take that? We will take that. If you enjoyed Greg


and Natalie's tango, then all the details are on your screen


now, so you can vote for them when voting opens


at the end of the show. Still to come, Laura and Giovanni


dance under the stairs... Our next couple is Tameka Empson


and her partner, Gorka Marquez. Their Charleston is


set at the seaside, with sandcastles, deck


chairs and beach huts. They're even hoping for a paddle -


well, four to be exact, Craig! I really enjoyed Saturday.


You told me to go out there and own it, and that's what I did. The most


perfect, dramatic thing I've seen. I'll take that. Thank you Darcey. It


was a corka. This week I'm doing the Charleston. Shimmy, shimmy. Our


theme for this week is the seaside. Have you been to the British


seaside? No, never. No! Come and I'll show you. So, what do you


think? Are you telling me this is the seaside. Where are the palm


trees, the sand? Don't worry. I'm going to show you a good time. Come


on! My experience at the seaside has


been unbelievable. I loved everything. Doing the Charleston on


Brighton Pier was such a lovely feeling. It was just so fitting.


These fish and chips are amazing. If our dance is as amazing as this,


we're going to knock the competition out of the water.


Dancing the Charleston, Tameka Empson and Gorka Marquez.


You lost something. They are on their feet in the studio. Have a


look! First Charleston of the series. You brought the character.


That must have been right up your street? Right up my street and down


the street. Oh, right. You got down. Did this dance suit Tameka? Oh, yes.


She was the Queen, Dee leerious fun of the right on. No danger of


sinking to the bottom after this turn, I tell you that. Great. Oh,


lovely. Can you imagine what he will be like by Christmas. Thank you,


Bruno. Craig? A nice amount of swivel. A little bit more cross


would have been delicious. It was completely character driven. I


thought that was absolutely brilliant. Getting up from the floor


seemed to be problematic. Then you made up for that, darling... It was


a rough sea, it was a rough sea... Lovely stuff. Yes. Do me a favour!


He's smiling. Darcey? I love your character. You just set the scene


perfectly. I was in your movie. You were swimming through this


competition. If you come up with characters like that, it's just to


die for. I loved. It the details. That little kick and the drag.


They're great. Well done. Thank you, Darcey. Len? Fun at the seaside. The


tide is going out, but I tell you, you're not going anywhere.


APPLAUSE Thank you. Thank you, judges. Praise across the board. The


Charleston suits you, doesn't it? It's all right. It's Allardyce


right. Make your way up to Claudia. Thank you, guys.


CHEERING AND Do me a favour. We were screaming


our heads off. Can I ask you, how are you fitting it all in,


Charleston, EastEnders through the week? Yes, it's hard.


You find a way. You find a way. The thing about it is, I'm not too


stressed, everything I do I love. I love my family. I love EastEnders


and I love dancing. So, yes! You juggle it, you know. Just waving at


your daughter. I know she's watching. Hi. Which one? Anyone. It


doesn't matter. I talk to all of them and just hope.


Doing all right. Up on last week. Very well done.


now so you can vote for them when voting opens at the end


Still to come, Melvin dances in a hotel lift.


It's a routine that has its ups and downs.


Dancing next is Laura Whitmore and her partner, Giovanni Pernice.


It's a routine where you should feel like your floating on air,


and Giovanni knew just the place to get Laura in the mood.


So what do you think about last week OK, but it could have been better. I


thought the whole thing was a little bit unstable. You can give it more


intention. First out, first-class, well done. I want to give so much


more. I'm going to take everything they said and learn from it and


then, hopefully, put on a good performance this week, like I know I


can. This week we are dancing the waltz to If I Ain't Got You. I have


an idea to get Laura in the mood for this dance. Are you taking me to a


being ro concert, my favourite. We are going to climb... To the top.


Yes, we are. Giovanni brought me here to climb to the top of the O2,


which is under the stars. Let's go. I'm feeling petrified. I didn't


think I was afraid of heights, but that's quite high. Yes. How cool is


this. The view was awesome. It's crazy, you kind of see all of


London, all of it. Not to just be up here, but to dance up here, it's


pretty impressive. Dancing here is an amazing feeling. He has pulled


out all the stops bringing me and preparing me for the waltz. I hope I


can pull out a star performance on Saturday night.


Dancing the Waltz, Laura Whitmore and Giovanni Pernice.


Laura. That was so graceful. You should be over the moon with that?


Hey, I was technically under the moon. Let's hope you will not come


down-to-earth because it's Craig. Hi? Hi. I think you skipped a little


bit out of that back, sort of, standing spin moment. I have to say,


it was absolutely gorgeous that routine. I loved the punctuation. It


was romantic without being over sentimental or soppy. I really,


really enjoyed it a lot. Thank you. Darcey? Laura, the emotion and


elegance and this beautifully extended back where you did that


unfolding at the front, like that. The control, to be able to sustain


that, stunning. Beautiful work. APPLAUSE You look a bit emotional


there? It's very emotional. Len? Your frame was good. I loved the


standing spin. It was fast and it was clean. Beautiful throwaway


oversway. I love the mix of light, speed and then slow. A solid


performance. Well done. Brown owe, do you agree? So silky smooth. Such


sophistication and demure. It had an intensity. It was like watching two


dances combined into one. It just had a very special quality that I


love. I love when things I haven't seen interpreted this way before.


Excellent. Praise from the judges. Someone is more at home in the


ballroom, possibly. Off you go. Go and see Claudia. Well done, my


darling. Laura and Giovanni. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE Well done. You are the biggest


Strictly super fan we ever had. I look at your face and I think you're


going to cry It's so emotional. Can you believe it's happening It's


like, when I'm behind stage, this is Strictly, I can see how it all


works. The judges scores are in. Highest score of the night. Are you


going object all right Yes. Well done.


If you loved Laura and Giovanni, all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens at


Still to come. Ed does the Charleston dressed as a cowboy. Ed.


You're welcome. You really are welcome.


Our next couple is Melvin O'Doom and his partner Janette Manrara.


For their Tango they're taking on the role of hotel bellboys.


And just like the finest hotels, I know they are going


Our dance is all about fun, crazy hats. I enjoyed it. An iron board is


less stiff. I mean, I've never been compared to an ironing board before.


We can take it, week one. I'm happy we got through it. Melvin wakes up


early to do his radio show. Sometimes I get here and find him


like this. Rise and shine. Dreaming about doing the tango. Because he is


showing dedication to the dance, Janette is stepping into his shoes


for the day. A very early day. It's so dark outside. Morning. How are


you Hello. Feeling It's really early. It is early. 7.05am. We are


here until 10.00am. I'm fine. I will have more energy than normal. We


have a special guest on the show... He's working so hard. We see him


everything morning coming in. He looks so tired. You have made him


not moody. There you go. I don't have the energy. Bring it home for


the team. Yes. Good luck. You will be great. We can relax? No, we have


a full day of rehearsals. No. Come on. It's a very long day. That


doesn't mean I will stop pushing him because I want him to deliver on


Saturday night. Dancing the tango, Melvin Odoom


and Janette Manrara. APPLAUSE


across the dance floor. I could see, Come on, you two, I loved you, that


was the first time I have ever seen you not smile. It's so hard to look


angry in that dance. But they said there was improvement. Yes, and I'm


happy with that. And I like the fact that at the age of 36, you had never


had coffee before, until Strictly. The scores are in.


23, well done, that's up on last week.


If you enjoyed that Tango and you want to keep Melvin


and Janette in the competition, all the details are on your screen


now so you can vote for them when voting opens at the end


Dancing next is Louise Redknapp and her partner, Kevin Clifton.


a dance that requires a lot of spins, something that has been


She should talk to Ed Balls, he knows a few spin doctors!


Could not be more happy about how it went. That floated my boat, totally.


Floated Len's boat! We're working on the Viennese waltz, and it's all


about the terms. The Viennese waltz gives me that motion sickness. With


the threat of Louise decorating the dance floor, Kevin has come up with


a cunning plan which will help her get over her dizziness. Kevin, why


have you brought me to the woods? We are going zorbing. Once you've been


zorbing, nothing can be as bad as that. See you at the bottom! It


seems a long way down. Here she goes!


Well done! Would you rather do that again or do the Viennese waltz?


Viennese waltz! Yes! After doing that, the Phoenix waltz on Saturday


SHOULD be a piece of cake! Dancing the Viennese waltz,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. All that rotation -


how are you feeling A little bit dizzy! We have got a


bucket on stand-by, don't worry. Len, you had high expectations? Yes,


I was very excited, because I spotted the first fleckle of the


year! Nice frame, got a little bit lumpy, but I think that was the


speed on the movement. But actually, you're a fantastic dancer, well


done. Bruno? It was exquisitely lyrical. Your arms move like water,


like Darcey Bussell. All those beautiful extensions, I adore that.


In your spins, the synchronisation, that was beautiful, absolutely


beautiful. Craig? I thought it was a little too much rise and fall, but


apart from that, I thought it was expressive and smooth, completely


controlled, I thought - gorgeous. Darcey, she's just been compared to


you! Louise, the quality you sustained throughout the whole of


the dance, and that is difficult. Especially as your spinning. But


what you have is, you understand how to fill out every beat of that music


- does lyrical arms, as Bruno says, they finish the last minute of every


beat. Stunning. Got to be happy with that? Going a bit misty around the


eyes! Thank you very much to our judges for those positive comments.


Full house, well done! Well done, beautiful. Very well done. I also


saw, you get so dizzy, so how was it for you? Still dizzy! Also, I


realise that you had totally forgotten the routine. You were


going, how does it go again? What is the first step?! And you remembered


tonight? Well, you did not tell me if you did forget it! The scores are


in... One more than last week, and your


joint top of the leaderboard. Very well done.


If you want to see Louise and Kevin come back next


week then vote for them, all the details are on your screen


now and voting opens after all our couples have danced.


And remember the deal - if you want to vote online, you'll


need to go to the website and sign in or register for a BBC Account


I'm slightly worried about the legal implications, if I drop her. I'm


having difficulty remembering the order of the steps. We go that way


and then that way. It's driving me a bit... I'm looking forward to doing


my first Latin dance. On national television, looking at the camera


and going... I'm not quite used to it yet.


It's Anastacia and her partner Brendan Cole.


Due to Anastasia suffering an injury in rehearsals, they have had to


re-choreograph. That will not stop her channelling her in Anastasia.


That's right. I was really pleased with last weekend, we did a great


dance. I was nervous that I disappointed you. I love it,


darlings! We can just pretend that spin more still exist in dance. It


wasn't perfect. I don't want perfect, I want you. This week


Brendan is trying to help Anastasia get into character for her sizzling


dance. So it's very Latin, right? It's like, you're my boyfriend. No,


you're not! I think it's working, she is feeling like she could be in


Buenos Aires. Latina is feisty and flirty and passionate, and of


course, a little loca. I think I've created a monster. I think I've


channelled my inner Latina Anastasia, and Brendan says I'm


going to do great on Saturday. Dancing the Salsa,


Anastacia and Brendan Cole. Well done, Anastacia. And Brendan.


You've had a difficult day today with the injury and all and you


still gave it your everything. So well done. Thank you. Very, very


brave. I know that took a lot. Let's see what the judges think?


Considering the situation I still thought you had Anastacia goes gaga.


You gave it all up here, obviously... You could have done


with much more action, how am I going to say that... Down stairs.


O-. The hip side. I know there was a problem. That restrained you.


Obviously, the performance facially and with intentions were right. It


needs much more moves down there for the next time when you will be fit.


Yeah? OK. Craig. I thought the under arm turns, all of them, were very


clunky. It was happen haz for me. Replaced foot work. No rotation in


the hips whatsoever. I will disagree. OK going side to side. The


armography was not fluid. After the back bend you Wembley Stadium up and


Chancellor of the Exchequered Brendan across the face. That was so


part of our choreography. I would have done that too, darling. I try


not to take up too much time. We had a great couple of lifts in there.


Because of the injuries we decided this morning to change the


choreography. To put somebody out there, change choreography on the


day... Very brave. It wassout standing. Credit where it's due.


Thank you. Darcey. The salsa has to be hot and spicy. You have no


problem with that. There is plenty of that, thank You. Thank you. I can


see you are a perfectionist. It annoys you that you can't do it to


your full. What you did give us was great, thank you. Len. Craig's


philosophy is never leave a turn unstoned. You came out, you gave it


your all. That is all you can do. Considering you have an injury, you


have had to totally change the choreography. I felt you did a good


job. Well done. APPLAUSE We'll take that one. We all


applaud you because you are brilliant. Thank you. We know you


have had a tough day. Go and get some TLC. Claudia.


APPLAUSE Very, very well done. Most of the judges absolutely loved it.


They loved the sauciness, the attitude, did you enjoy it out there


Is I adore the salsa for me not to be able to do it 100%, which is a


bummer, I'm going to do it in a club somewhere with you. We will do it in


a club. Do it somewhere where no-one judges me. Give me me a salsa. If


you tell me... The scores are in. 22. That's OK. It's OK. I want to be


22. I am 22. Thank you, I appreciate it, guys.


If you want Anastacia and Brendan to stay in the competition


you can vote for them after all of our couples


have danced, the details are on your screen now.


Naga is behind a curtain. She be preparing for her cha-cha or playing


hide-and-seek. Tess. Our next couple to dance is Ed Balls


and his partner, Katya Jones. Last week's Waltz saw them


at the bottom of the leaderboard. It's a routine that's packed


with fun and it's just the thing to put a smile on Ed's face,


a spring in his step and, fingers crossed,


a leg up the leaderboard. The first week is over. I was so


proud. I was so chuffed. I was disappointed because I made a


mistake. You went horribly wrong going across at the beginning. I


think the most important thing I'm taking on board is what Darcey said.


Think of a story to give you direction and then build on that


character. I've got to learn from that. If you come bottom of the


leaderboard, then the only way is up. This week our dance is


Charleston. Ah, Charleston. After last week, which was quite serene


and conservative, this time we have to go for it. She doesn't like it


when I'm concentrating in a frowny way. Stop. Character is going to be


everything. Yes, better. We really concentrated on showing a totally


different Ed, I think we're going to succeed. The idea I'm turning to the


camera and going... It isn't me. I don't want to let her down and be


the first to go home. Charleston is a dance where you have to go for it,


full-throttle. Are you focused? Yep. I might be more comfortable walking


over Westminster Bridge in a suit. Put on my Charleston head and - off


we go! Dancing the Charleston,


Ed Balls and Katya Jones. Ed, look at the room. I know! They


loved it. APPLAUSE I love that you came over


here and you went "boom" you gave that everything. Full-throttle and


the kitchen sink. Darcey said, get in character. We got in character


and we went for it. You did. Thank you very much. Thank you. Oh, we


loved it. Let's see if Craig did. Bottom of the leaderboard, he's


teasing you now. He was bottom of the leaderboard last week, Craig.


Tell us he was better tonight? Stop it, stop it. He can't standstill.


That's a sight I don't think I ever wish to see again.


BOOING This dance is meant to be goofy, I'm afraid that is the wrong


side of goofy. Novp O! Sadly, it did have an air of desperation about it


as well. There was no cross, no swivel, technically inaccurate...


Craig! Oh, yes. Even for you, Craig. What about the character, what about


the energy? You were oozing it. Well done. I have to say, I didn't think


I was going to see that musical bounce through your body, all the


way through. You stayed in sync all the way through. Yes. I was not


expecting that. You have worked so hard, I can see. She's been


absolutely brilliant. Very good teacher. Brill yanlt. Stayed in


character as well. He is still in it, Darcey. Len, you are laughing?


You have been to the country before and didn't do very well. But... But


tonight... We did win three elections! He got you. You came out


with enthusiasm. You got stuck in. I liked the routine. Listen, people


are not stupid. You got a standing ovation because it was so much fun.


APPLAUSE Bruno. I cannot believe it. What a


comeback, Tony Blair would be proud, I tell you that. It's good you can


see the funny side of both. He faffing around like a rouster. You


never lost time. You were doing a proper, proper dance. You should be


You should be proud. Proud. We enjoyed it immensely. Thank you. Go


and see Claudia, Ed. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE Well done you took the judges'


comments on board. You were like, this is what I will do. I will put


my Charleston head on. Is I never knew I had one. To be honest with


you, I was wochg throughout that routine your wife's face. It was a


picture. She was like - oh, there's my boy. She was excellent. I think


she wants to learn it. He could do it better than me. You can do it in


the kitchen tomorrow. The judges scores are in.


You go - again! You have to be happy. We worked so hard. So many


people make this show work behind-the-scenes. They helped me so


much. Thank you to everybody. It's been fabulous. Thank you. If you


enjoyed that country routine, slap your thigh and shout "ye-har" and


vote for them. All the details are on your screen now. Voting opens at


the end of the show. Still to come, two words - Judge Rinder. Nuf said.


Tess. Our next couple is Naga Munchetty


and her partner Pasha Kovalev. It's a challenging dance that


requires a lot of hip movement, but has it got Naga saying


hip, hip, hooray? Week one, first bands. Right


afterwards, I was really down. You did one step too many, which mess


due up a bit. You do have a wonderful, wonderful potential. So I


feel quite good about that. This week, we're doing cha-cha-cha, and


it's so important to get Naga's Hibs going. What am I struggling with?


Lots of hips. So pressure is bringing someone in to help. Doing


the cha-cha-cha, it's pretty hip intensive. We're hoping that this


will help you loosen up those hips. Hips, hips, hips. It was good fun


but it was all about getting the hips moving. I think we're getting


there. She was brilliant, actually! You could see a big befriends


straightaway. You've totally nailed the basics, so let's have a go.


Three, two, one... All of this is making me go a bit loopy. I never


thought doing, who who would be the answer. It's certainly got me moving


my hips. Dancing the cha-cha-cha,


Naga Munchetty and Pasha Kovalev. Well done! Naga and Pasha, what a


transformation. Tina Turner would-be per! Are you enjoying the new look?


You're wearing it well! Darcey, did she do? Well, for a start, you look


absolutely stunning! I think you'd better wear one of those on Actress


TV. I think my editor would have fit. You look amazing, and you


started particularly well. I just fear that I can see the


concentration in your face. That's the only thing that worries me, that


you're slightly disconnect, because you're focusing so much on getting


everything correct. That's the only thing I lose. Or I want you to do is


get that confidence, and focus on Pasha, don't think about anybody


else, just him and everything he's told you. Len? Well, there was a lot


of mistakes in that, but... I mean, there was! There was a lot of


mistakes going on - what I like, you had that sultry sort of character


going. So I liked that, the feel of it. I would have just like due to


have nailed the routine better. I think that's the first thing you've


got to do, nail the routine, then work on the character. Bruno? Well,


I loved the vamped up to the max look. The that, only Naomi Campbell


could work that better. But what happens is, you do everything, but


your tension doesn't carry the body all the way through. So instead of


being right on it all the time, but at the way she walks the walk, look


at that intensity through the body. You just lose it and then it looks


like you're stumbling. You're not actually doing that badly, it's


because your energy falls off. You really have to work on that. Look at


our professional girls, look how no Amy walks, because you have to have


that within you, because you have the talent. -- look at how Naomi


walks. It was spiky, it was flat-footed, your arms lacked any


sort of placement. Timing and balance issues, riddled with


mistakes, not a great one. I want to say thank you, judges, but I'm not


sure. Thank you very much! Well done, off Yugo! Naga and Pasha! We


thought it was completely magnificent. You do get really


scared, don't you? Yes. Protected you prefer the Latin to the waltz?


Yes, a bit. Dobbie scared, it's going to be fine. The scores are


in... That's exactly the same score as


last week. Yes, and look at that character. I walked in the room, and


I was like... Amazing! If you thought Naga


and her Private Dancer were Simply The Best,


she'd be a Proud Mary if you voted for her when voting opens


at the end of the show. Next, it's Judge Rinder


and his partner Oksana Platero. This week they're doing


the American Smooth. It's a dance that has


all the glamour of old Hollywood, but will it be good enough


to see him through to next You know what? I feel good after the


weekend. I listen to everything you had to say, which is, you're not a


dancer, yet, just have fun! Great gusto and personality. It was


extraordinary. I think it deserves better scores, but it definitely.


Audience over. So this week is the American smooth foxtrot. I really


like this dance because I love Fred Astaire, and it has that sort of


quality. My grandparents were very much the generation of Fred Astaire


and Ginger Rogers. They are coming to date, and they have danced their


whole lives. It was partly the reason that I did Strictly. So I'm


really excited for them to see it. What we've seen today is absolutely


amazing. I couldn't believe it, I was so impressed. Grandparents love


the foxtrot, and that they came and that they enjoyed it, means a lot to


me. Best part was, I got to see my grandfather dancing with Oxana.


Although this man who is nearly 90 was better than me within a few


minutes. Absolutely brilliant! Dancing the American smooth,


Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero. I certainly hope so. They're


adorable! They're so much better than me. Hello, everybody! You were


channelling Fred Astaire. Well, sort of, yes. How did he do, Len? The


parts in hold I thought were elegant. Parts out of hold I thought


were a little bit wild. And you got access to with heel leads, you were


sticking them heels in anywhere you could. But I had my that, at least


you were attempting to get the footwork. As I said previously,


elegant, my set style, and better than last week. Bruno? My darling,


you went from Fred Astaire to Fred Insein. Both were equally


entertaining. So straight in the hold, mental on your lifts. But I


tell you, you really had an amazing effect. And you can actually dance,


you know. You can dance! Craig? Unfortunately, you have hands like a


bricklayer's trowel. You need to get some shaping through those ugly


hands. And you need to calm down. You're very, you're dancing is very


noisy. And it needs to be a little bit quieter, darling. Really, look


in the mirror next time. You dance, look at your face in the mirror.


It's still quite annoying. We love that faced! How dare he? You're just


jealous I can smile this broadly, I think, Craig. Darcey? For me, what


surprised me in, how I usually athletic, how smoothly you lifted


Oksana, you made it look so simple, those are difficult lifts. And I was


taken aback, it was very impressive, well done. I thought on the whole it


was good. Very well done! I'm just thrilled I didn't drop her. Those


were very difficult lifts. Apparently if you drop the dancer,


you have to pay for it. The scores are in.


Are you happy, Oksana? It was beautiful, it was fantastic. To keep


them in the competition, you must vote for them.


To keep Judge Rinder and Oksana in the competition,


you must vote for them - all the details are


Next up is Daisy Lowe and her partner Aljaz Skorjanec.


They topped the leaderboard last week, but they can't


This week's dance is set in the 1950's, so to get


into character they went ten pin bowling.


Here's hoping they strike it lucky again tonight.


I'm still amazed about how our waltz came across. I was so proud of you.


Last Saturday was a moment I am so proud of, I will never forget it. I


am still in shock about what the judges said. I don't think I have


ever seen a dance better than that for week one, ever. I just can't


wait for Week Two. For Week Two, I'm quite excited because it is a Latin


dance, I'm looking forward to having some fun. We're going to be working


in an American diner, in the 1950s. I figure the best way to get you


into characteristic take you bowling. I'm in my 1950s American


attire, I've got my milkshake, let's bowl! Come on, Daisy! I definitely


hope that Daisy is going to be better with her dancing shoes, than


she was in her bowling shoes. My bowling wasn't great. Let's just


hope that on Saturday night I will be better with my cha-cha-cha.


Dancing the Cha Cha Cha, Daisy Lowe and Aljaz Skorjanec.


Come on over. Come on. We won't forget you in a hurry, Daisy. Did


you enjoy showing off your fun side this week? It was fun having a


giggle up there. Yeah. That lovely smile. Top of the leaderboard last


week. Bruno, how did she do last night? Daisy always serves a hot


dish and an even hotter cha-cha-cha. Oozing natural sex appeal. I'm


hooked. I want some more, please, now! Craig. The upper body lacked a


bit of attack. You should have attacked the upper body like you did


below. You lost a straight leg on occasion,


but I really enjoyed it. Thank goodness for that. Darcey? You are


such a natural mover. I are sassy, flirty, your attitude. You have the


eyes on him. That was brilliant. I was... You had a lot of technique. I


couldn't take my eyes off those legs. They are far too - take them


away. You are going to go far. That is great. High praise from Darcey.


Len. You are equally at home in ballroom and Latin. You did a lift,


that was a lift and... The throw thing was a lift. In my opinion.


Both feet came off the ground. Cha-cha-cha is one of the dances


where you musn't do that. So, oi, you, cut out the lifts, sunshine.


He's a stickler for the rules, our Len. We all loved it. Thank you very


much. Off you go. Daisy and Aljaz. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE We adored it. You love the emotion of the waltz, you were so.


Hay I was. I have a bow in high hair. A little skirt. Ballroom or


Latin, which suits Daisy more? Both. A good answer. The scores are in.


Had to deduct a point, seven. Are you happy. Two less than last weeks.


Still a fantastic score. If that left you hungry for more,


all the details are on your screen now so you can vote for them


when voting opens at the end of the show.


Our final couple on the floor are Danny Mac and his


Last week Danny wowed everyone with his superb Cha Cha.


Len thought he'd fallen asleep and woken up in week 10!


But this week Danny has got a new challenge, Ballroom,


Last Saturday night was probably one of the best experiences of my life.


You were amazing. You smashed it. 100% you are a contender. It's


flattering he thinks I am a contender after. That there is a lot


to do before I can think that far ahead. This week we are doing the


Viennese waltz. Last week went better than we could ever have


hoped. So this week the pressure is really on. The posture in the


Viennese waltz is the most important things. I'm struggling with the


posture. It's alien to me. It needs a lot of work. Put your butt in. I


have a surprise for you. Oti decided to bring in some apparatus. It was


some handle bars I wear around my neck to put my posture in the right


place. You are ready for week two. I'm feeling it. My neck hurt, my


shoulders hurt. My arms hurt. I'm tired. I need to go to Show me the


bed. Posture. Yes, yes! As long as I can get the holds, the posture and


the steps right, I might have half a chance.


Dancing the Viennese Waltz, Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse.


That was wonderful to watch. Standing ovation for you Danny Mac.


You did so well. More drama than an


episode of Hollyoaks. Slightly, yeah. So much drama. You


would never tear anyone apart, would you, Craig? No, never. Not after


that anyway. I think you are a fantastic dancer. You really are.


APPLAUSE The American Smooth moment I was in two minds about. I actually


ended up loving it. I thought that was absolutely brilliant that


section there. You got a bit skippy in the second part of that Viennese.


You lost the smoothness of it, but, wow, fantastic. Darcey? Yeah, Danny,


your focus, the intent you have to do really well. I can see it. You're


really aiming for the top here. Very early on. It's elegant. The way you


held your top line all the way through. I would only say, I would


agree with Craig, you do get skippy. I think that's because you are


trying to travel and trying to push out too much. You get those little


in between and missing that glide. Occasionally, it hits the spot.


Overall a very nice dance. Very nice, indeed. Len? I wasn't exactly


transported to old Vienna, if I'm honest with you. It was a modern


twist on a traditional dance which I enjoyed very much. SCEREAMING


What a shocker. In hold you have to keep your head to the left... On the


pivot. You have to get the head to the left and keep it there.


Terrific. Well done. Great dance. Reending on a high Bruno? It was


like watching a waltzing heart-throb. A Viennese waltz put


together by ten sees Williams. Dancing is not just doing steps,


it's the intention behind it, telling a story, acting it. You


acted like a star. Everything was so crystal clear. The story was


brilliant. You would drive through the movement with intention. That is


what I like to see. Something that gets me going and you did. I'm sure


all of this studio is going with you.


APPLAUSE Yes, the judges are happy. I hope you are happy with those


comments. Well done. Claudia is waiting with your scores. It's Danny


and Oti. Well done you! Beautiful choreography. You work so


hard at this. You really care, don't you? A lot of things in this I was


really struggling with. We had four days to do it, as everyone did. You


have to focus on the things you can't get. Well done. The scores are


in. Well done. More than last week. Very


well done. If the thought of losing Danny


and Oti gets your goatie - forgive me, Oti - all the details


you need to vote for him are on your screen now and voting


opens in just a few minutes. All of our couples have now danced


and no one wants to be first to go but sadly one couple must


leave this weekend. So let's take a look


at our leaderboard. We're carrying over the judges'


scores from last week, But you can change all that


by picking up the phone or going online and voting


for your favourite. I have big news, Jake


is here to open the phone lines. Jake.


APPLAUSE Calls cost 15p plus any


network access charge. Please get the bill


payer's permission before you call. Or alternatively you can vote online


for free at bbc.co.uk/strictly where you will also find full


terms and conditions. Voting closes tonight at 8.45pm


so please don't vote To help you decide, here's


a reminder of tonight's performances We've seen a mammoth


marathon of dance. Sadly, one of our celebrities must


leave the competition. If you don't want your favourite


to make an early exit, please, make sure you pick up the phone


or go online to vote. We'll be back tomorrow at 7.15pm


with our Results Show. The two couples with the lowest


combined judges' scores and your votes will face each other


in our first dance-off. Our judges then have the tough


task of deciding who And we have music from Bee Gees


legend, Barry Gibb. We also have a stupendous


tango routine from our I watched them rehearsing -


jaws will drop. So for all that and to find out


which one our 15 will be the first to go make sure you tune


in for our Results Show tomorrow Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.


Fight fire with fire. Everyone's living these amazing


lives and I'm stuck.


Grab your glitterballs and join Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman for a sparkling spectacular as all 15 couples hit the dance floor, together for the first time, in a dance floor spectacular. Every step counts as the judges' scores from last week are combined with those from this show. The celebrities are dancing for survival as the two lowest-scoring couples will face the dreaded dance-off in Sunday's Results Show.

The pressure is on. No-one wants to be the first to leave the competition.