Week 9 Results Strictly Come Dancing

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Week 9 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman introduce the results show from the world-famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Including performances from Rick Astley and Simple Minds.

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# Hate kids and grandparents, don't turn off that television. It


Strictly Come Dancing. Brought to you direct by the BBC.




From Blackpool, this is Strictly Come Dancing: the results. Please


welcome your hosts. Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman!




Hello and welcome to our Results Show from Blackpool. Huge thank you


to our professional dancers and seven remaining celebrities for that


fantastic routine. I can see you've got all your Blackpool shopping


done. Almost all I need is a stick of rock and a live donkey. On


Saturday night in Blackpool was full of surprises, we had a flying piano,


Peter Kay popping in and Danny and Oti getting the first 40 of the


series. Even Craig stop seven couples danced but only six will


make it through to next week tonight we'll be saying goodbye to one of


our couples. Your votes have been combined with the judges' scores and


the two with the lowest overall points will go head-to-head in the


dance-off. The final decision for who stays who goes live with these


fantastic four. Please welcome the judges! Len Goodman and Darcey


Bussell. Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood!


APPLAUSE Thank you, judges. Also on the show


tonight, with his single, Dance, we have the fantastic Rick Astley! And


performing their classic Don't You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds are


here. Also tonight, we'll be digging deeper into the dances with the help


of Len's Lens. We find out which doubles are safely through to next


week and which are in the dance-off. It was a roller-coaster ride this


week when Strictly came to Blackpool. There's something special


about coming to Blackpool. Even you are in a good mood today. Craig, do


you feel the ten puddle will come out tonight? I'm hoping tonight 's


Darcey this could be it. -- ten puddle.


Come on, Craig. I'm loving Blackpool so far. It's big, bold and full of


glitter. I'm just really proud to have got this far. I'm thrilled to


be at the place which is the home of ballroom dancing. The atmosphere's


building. Does anybody know where the Lewis, anybody? Someone is going


to have to go home at the end of this weekend. Now you can't think


about it is you've just got to enjoy it. We live in five minutes guys, we


are live in five. What we've been waiting for. Let's go. Nerves are


running rampant. And trying to be more excited and nervous. I haven't


a clue who's going home. It doesn't get much better than this.


You were spicier and hotter than a Scotch bonnet. I have never seen a


guy be able to shake their cheeks as well as that. Well, I thought it was


hip- Thai stick -- hiptastic. The energy in their... Claudia, you're


so fine, you're so fine you can jive. One tiny mistake but a


spectacular performance. It's such a terrible shame because that routine


could have scored a ten. I loved the kicks, the flicks were tight, they


were sharp. A I really, truly loved it. Well done,


you were amazing. To my surprise, most of it looks like a jive. It


looks like you were playing hopscotch in an all girls school,


sadly. You need to be a lot of light on your feet. You came down there


and you made Blackpool rock. There was too much power, sadly,


which made it a bit bouncy. Little mistakes but what was great as you


were smiling all the way through. I had fun watching you. Three times a


week at 32. I was desperate for 19. Beauty, artistry, power, fabulous.


Full of drama, full of gorgeous. It was dynamic, it was strong, it was


passionate throughout, well done. It was amazing. Your amazing. -- you


are amazing. The ace in the pack. The charisma, the flare, I loved it.


You are an amazing showman and it's so wonderful to see that. Ten! What


happened? That really was a table topping show


stopper! It was all pure good dancing. I mean it is actually


difficult to distinguish who is not the professional dancer now. One


word, three syllables, darling. Fab-u-lous. Ten. The first 40 of the


series, I'm gobsmacked! What an unforgettable night it was.


This is how the leader board looked at the end of Saturday's


performances. At the top Danny and Oti with a perfect score of 40. At


the other end, Ed and Katya with a score of 23. Have your votes at home


changed everything? Seven couples danced their hearts out to stay in


the competition but only six places remain. Who will be through to next


week and whose journey will end here in Blackpool? The results are in.


In no particular order, the first couple safely through to next week




APPLAUSE And now the first couple in the


dance-off is... -- Claudia and AJ. The rest of you


will learn your fate soon. Claudia and AJ, please come and join me. I'm


so sorry. It's all right. First time in Blackpool and first time in the


dance-off. What is going through your head? Don't make that mistake


again. Craig, you said you might have given Claudia ten had it not


been for the mistake. How important is it for her to get it perfect in


the dance-off? Really important, you have to save your life with this


dance, so I would say go out there, fixed that tiny little hiccup. A bit


more personality, darling. Really just try and enjoy the whole thing.


You're a fantastic, fantastic dancer. Good luck.


Len, you said's jive was crisp, full on, sharp, what more can she do? As


far as the dancing is concerned there is nothing more to do. There


was that little incident, so focus and concentrate, come out, Neil the


routine. You should never have been in the dance-off. You're too good a


dancer. Thank you, judges. Are you going to take the advice on board?


Definitely, yes. We'll see you later on in the dance-off. Claudia, over


to you. I have the first two sex couples


with me. Danny Cummins you turned around to Ore and said, it's only


us, where has everybody gone? It's crazy. Congratulations, first 40,


perfect score. Well done, you trained so hard. You did 11 hours


one day last week, you must be on cloud nine. So much, we really, like


you need to put the hours in to learn the thing. It's good, we put


the hours in and when it pays off its so good. I can't think -- thank


Oti enough. Ore, well done, three tens, shall we ignore Craig's score?


You can, you can, that was just the most incredible night. Being in this


building. To be here, to dance on that stage with this audience. And


then to get that score. It was the highest scoring Viennese waltz of


the series. Was it? That, OK, our guys, our partners, our friends,


everything is down to them. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much,


we'll find out who else is safely through. Now it's time for some


music. Please welcome the very brilliant Simple Minds!


# I'll be alone dancing You know it baby


# Tell me your troubles and doubts


# Giving me everything inside and out


# Think of the tender things that we were working on


# Slow change may pull us apart


# When the light gets into your heart


# Down, down, down Rain keeps falling


# It's my feeling we'll win in the end


# Vanity and security touch your defenses


# Going to take you apart you know it baby


# Don't you forget about me together at heart, baby


# Don't you forget about me


Thank you to Simple Minds. Now time to welcome our very own Blackpool


illuminations. It's the judges. # That's the way, I like it, aha,


aha# Thank you so much. Good. Love you,


Goodman. This is when you assess things you saw on Saturday night.


Can we do this alone? Impossible. No way, please welcome Len's Lens.


Len's Lens. There you G I would like to talk to you about Louise and


Kevin. You said there is something magical about pasos in Blackpool.


There is something about the paso doble. So many terrific ones. Look


at the way this floor bounces by the way. It is incredible. It is such a


powerful dance and the hall is big and they just come out. Plenty of


vim and vigour. This was brilliant. It was such a brilliant paso doble.


Thank you so much. Thank you, Len. Darcey, can we talk about Ore and


Joanne and the never-ending fleckerl. It was so beautiful. I


don't think people realise how difficult to be able to do a


fleckerl, that consecutively. You get so dizzy. You could veer off the


centre of the stage and start travelling across the dance floor.


He did a brilliant job. He has a slight little incline quite cute,


amazing job. You all marked him incredibly highly, apart from you,


Craig. Darcey, this is your reaction when you see Craig's paddle, as it


were. Look, having a real go at him. Oi, what are you doing, like a


younger sister? I didn't understand that. Please, explain. You know, he


is such a good performer, Ore as well, I didn't understand why you


marked it so low. I thought I made myself very clear, as you said


yourself, his head did incline to the right. One tiny little thing.


Let's in the carry on. I feel bad for him. But, Craig, unbelievably,


so early on, if you like, found his 10.


CHEERS As I say, I was trying not, to I was


looking for faults. That was amazing. The technique he has is


absolutely wonderful. The timing was exceptional. He is a total and


thorough joy to watch. He is wonderful. They are going nuts.


Thank you so much, Craig, and also, Darcey. Look at your reaction to his


10. So cute. Oh, no. I can't look! # LAUGHTER


But it was so sweet. A 10 from you is sort of, it is like a real


unicorn coming into the room. . Yes, exactly. Let's hear it for the


judges. So far two couples have made it through to next week. But who


will be joining them? Thanks, Claudia. So who is safe and


who will face Claudia and AJ in the dance-off? Time to find out. In no


particular order, safely through to next week are...


Back it dance again next Saturday are... -- back to dance.


Judge Rinder and Oksana. That means, Greg and Natalie, Ed and


Katya, one of you is safe, one of you is in the dance off. I can


reveal the couple in the bottom two tonight who will compete in the


dance-off is... Greg and Natalie. So, Ed and Katya, congratulations,


you are through to next Saturday. Greg and Natalie, please come and


join me. Nobody wants to be standing here


with me at this time. You were here last week, here again. We have been


quite relaxed and said up there, if it happens again, one more dance and


try and nail everything that we got wrong, well, what I got wrong,


Natalie never gets it wrong. So we just have to hope for the best and


go for it. Advice from the judges. Bruno, you scored Greg and Natalie


an 8 on the night. You enjoyed the routine. How can he improve? First


let me say, keep that wonderful light-hearted, fun feeling you had.


It is good to see you having a good time. So don't tense up. Try to


smooth the foot work a little bit. Don't put so much pressure on the


feet because it gives you that kind of bouncy look that doesn't quite go


with the dance. Otherwise, enjoy it. Thank you. Darcey, you wanted Greg


to achieve a little bit more control in the quickstep. How should he best


go about that? You have an extraordinary natural power. It is


trying to cut down some bit of that. What is wonderful is you travel and


give so much but you can actually cut it down. You give more than


anybody else, because it is so natural in you. Go out, just as you


did, enjoy it just as you did on Saturday night.


We wish you the best of luck and we will see you in the dance off later


on. Claudia. Thank you, Tess. I'm here with the


rest of our saved couples who are all quite shocked, extremely happy.


Judge Rinder, the sigh of relief, everybody heard it. You are still


our only celebrity couple - your score has never gone down Like you


said, it is a couple. This is my teacher. What you want is to get


better every week , and I have the best teacher.


Louise, you are usually smiley, are you glad you have the waltz next


week and can go back to being happy? Yes, just glad I have another week


and another opportunity to learn a new dance. Ed, you scored 29.


Another week. What would you like to say to the voting public? Well, it


is the only reason we are here, from everyone we voted. We are working


hard, we are giving a chance to see Katya's wonderful choreography every


week and we don't want it to stop, thank you.


Well, now time for some music, please welcome the one and only Mr


Rick Astley. # God walks home


through the local park. # Meets the devil


with a broken heart. # He says "I've been let down


by the armies of darkness. # Now the devil thanks God


and he's on his way. # Skip in his stride,


what a beautiful day. # And then along comes a slacker


with some fun in his hand. # Beelzebub knows he's


got to save this man. # And the devil says


"I've got the cure. # The trees became


a multitude of angels. # And the benches


in the park rose up. # And the benches


in the park rose up. # And they dance with God


and Beelzebub. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE Huge thanks to Rick Astley and our


brilliant professional dancers. If you need Strictly seven days a week,


make sure you catch is away on It Takes Two. The big Blackpool weekend


is almost over for another year but don't worry, the party never stops


here at It Takes Two. That went really well! That was a


disaster. Can I touch your moustache? Come on, Craig, we can do


it. Come to the party with me, Zoe Ball, every week night on BBC Two.


Thank you to the wonderful Zoe We're here with cloudy and AJ, Greg and


Natalie, professional athletes. We're expecting one very competitive


dance-off. -- Claudia and AJ. Your dance on Saturday was brilliant, you


loved it, is their part of you that things, I get to do this again.


Definitely, the backing dancers were amazing the music was great, I want


to go out and enjoy myself. AJ, your first dance-off, what words of


encouragement do you have for Claudia? Go out there, enjoy it,


have an awesome time, awesome audience, it's going to be


fantastic. Thank you so much come enormous luck to both of you. Please


get into position. Let's hear it for Claudia and AJ. Good luck. Greg,


massive achievement to make it to Blackpool. You are a novice, no


dancing experience, you've done so well to get this far. How much do


you want to be back next week? I never want this to end to be honest,


I'm so lucky I've made such a close friend with Nat. My time is spent


with Nat in the studio, trying to learn these dances. We're trying our


best. We'd love to carry on because it's wonderful. It really is a very


very special experience. You have got a great friendship. What advice


have you got for him now when it matters most quitting Mark honestly


I've been living a dream dancing with you, I want you to go out there


and do exactly what you've done all week. We have the best week, you are


improving every week. You are the best. Go out there and enjoy


yourself. That's the spirit. The judges will decide who stays and who


goes. It's going to be tough tonight. First dance to keep their


place in the ballroom, Claudia and AJ! CHEERING




CHEERING Well done. Thank you! Thank you,


thank you, thank you. Oti and AJ gave it everything. Will that stands


in this very special venue be their last? Fighting for their place in


Strictly Come Dancing, it's Greg and Natalie.




Both couples have given it their all, well done to you both. We'll


now find out which couple will be back to dance again next week.


Judges, it's time to decide. Based on the dance-off alone I'm


about to ask you to name the couple you think deserve to be savoured and


your reason for saving them. The couple with the most votes will stay


in the competition, the other couple is out of Strictly Come Dancing. In


the event of a tight head judge lender will have the casting vote.


Claudia and AJ, Greg and Natalie, this is it. Craig, who are you going


to save and why? Both couples I thought improved enormously and I


don't want to say goodbye to either of these couples. I have great


respect for them. But closer to perfection for me, and the couple


I'd like to save, Claudia and AJ. One-vote for you. Darcey, who do you


think deserves to stay in the competition and why? It's really


tough to see both of these couples in the dance-off and they did such a


better performance tonight. But the couple I would like to save, because


of stronger technique, was Claudia and AJ. Two votes for you, Claudia


and AJ. If Bruno also votes to save you, we will, indeed, see you next


Saturday. Bruno who do you want to stay in Strictly Come Dancing and


why? First let me say so much fun watching both of you tonight. You


brought so much energy and fun to both dances. But I had to pick the


couple I thought were stronger technically, content wise,


performance wise, Claudia and AJ. We're going to have to say goodbye


to Greg and Natalie. So sorry. Come and join me. Claudia and AJ


congratulations, we'll see you next week. I know it makes a difference


to the overall result but did you agree with your fellow judges, Len?


I would have agreed with Claudia and AJ.


I can't believe it's over, I'm so sorry.


You're on your feet bear on their feet in the Tower ballroom. Giving


you a lovely sendoff. How much did you enjoy the


experience? We've loved having you. It's been one of the most incredible


things in my life. I'm getting a bit teary, sorry. You haven't even got a


tissue. You've got one there. I've been very lucky in my life, I've


done some amazing things, this truly is one of the best things I've done.


I've made such a good friend, so... It's lovely to hear. Oh my goodness.


Very emotional. You should be very proud of your achievements, you made


it all the way to Blackpool. I hope you are proud. It's again so, so


special. You're an amazing man and you've never had any dance


experience and you got out there and you've shown the you can dance.


Starting up again! Honestly, this has been the most incredible


experience of my life. Dancing every Saturday night with you. I wouldn't


change it for the world, sorry we couldn't get you any further. It's


fine. All the way to Blackpool. You guys have been absolutely wonderful.


Fantastic. I'm sorry to say these words, please go and take your place


for one last dance. No! For Greg and Natalie the competition


is over, they will join Zoe on Monday for It Takes Two at 6:30pm on


BBC Two. We'll be back next Saturday at 7pm


with the remaining six couples battling it out once more. Extra


marks up for grabs as they take to the floor together in our first ever


chatter chap. -- cha-cha-cha. Dancing is out, the


wonderful Greg and Natalie. MUSIC: Bye Bye Love MUSIC: Bye Bye


Love. MUSIC: Bye Bye Love - Everly


Brothers. APPLAUSE


CHEERING The Olympics... Again here. We've


got a really good friendship. I hate for him to go, I'm really sad. Our


cup of tea breaks, our chill out times, he's a lovely guy. I really


enjoyed watching him dance and progress every week. You go through


the experience hand-in-hand with somebody and he very much held mine.


That's why I'm going to miss him so much. The journey Greg has gone on


to become not just a gold medallist but a dancer is astonishing. 40


score and we are through to next week! This week has just been a


belter. I'll never forget this with even bigger stars, even bigger


laughs and even bigger surprises.


Grab your donkeys and hold on to your Kiss Me Quick hats as Strictly welcomes you to another exciting results show, set in the magical Blackpool Tower Ballroom. The judges' scores and public votes have been combined and the two couples with the lowest score will dance off against each other, before seven couples become six. Featuring performances from pop superstar Rick Astley and Scottish rockers Simple Minds.