Week 10 Strictly Come Dancing

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Week 10

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite viewers to join them for an evening of sequins and sparkles as the remaining couples hit the dance floor.

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Last week, seven celebrities eliminated the Blackpool Tower


ballroom. Some took the judges on a Big Dipper ride to remember. That


was a table topping show stopper! Others proved more disappointing


than a rail replacement bus service. You looks like you were playing


hopscotch in an all girls' school. And after the battle of the


Olympians' dance-off, Greg packed his bucket and spade and left. This


week, with the addition of the Cha Cha Challenge, our celebrities are


working around the clock preparing two dances. I'm apprehensive. Going


to get some last-minute practice in. A tough week ahead. Sangakkara I


never thought Strictly would take over my life. We cannot afford to be


complacent. Live from the BBC, this is Strictly


Come Dancing! Please welcome your hosts... Tess Daly. And Claudia


Winkleman! Hello and welcome to Strictly Come


Dancing! In last week's Blackpool special, we witnessed some truly


magnificent performances. Everyone was blown away, even Craig, who


dished out his first ten of the series. It was our two Olympians,


Greg and Claudia, who went head to head in the dance-off. Sadly, it was


Greg who lost out. We are now left with just six celebrities who will


have to raise their game once more because tonight, as well as


performing a new routine, they will be taking part in our first Cha Cha


Challenge. Six couples competing against each other at the same time


on this very dance floor. It's going to be one busy ballroom. And


watching closely will be four people who never miss a trick. Please


welcome the judges. Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood, Darcey Bussell


and Len Goodman. The judges, everyone. Slick! Our


couples are waiting in the wings, limbering up for a night of double


dancing. Let's bring them out here on the double. Please welcome our


Strictly stars. TV presenter and singer Louise Redknapp and her


partner Kevin Clifton. Star of Judge Rinder, Robert Rinder and his


partner Oksana Platero. Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapane and her


partner AJ Pritchard. BBC Sport presenter Ore Oduba and his partner


Joanne Clifton. Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and his partner


Katya Jones. And finally, actor Danny Mac and his partner Oti


Mabuse. Our sensational six, all eager to


entertain and impress not once, but twice tonight and with a place in


next week's quarterfinal up for grabs, the pressure is on. You will


be able to vote for your favourite later. Your votes will be added to


the judges' scores to decide which two couples will face the dance-off


in tomorrow night's results show. It is then down to the judges to decide


who stays in the competition. Dancing for tonight is Danny and his


partner Oti. Last week, they scored the first perfect 40 of the series


and ever since they got back from Blackpool, they have been out


partying. But they were not just celebrating, they were training for


tonight's samba. What a night, dancing along with backing dancers


in front of that audience. Words cannot describe the feeling.


Fantastic. Fabulous! 40 at Blackpool! To entertain people is


all I ever want to do. I am so grateful I had the chance and I am


grateful to do it again. Keep it slow. This week, Danny and I will be


dancing the samba. I am trying to make it a little less carnival and a


bit more jungle, ethnic and tribal. Stop laughing at me! Oti wasn't


laughing at me. As she likes to celebrate the Lidl describe it, she


was celebrating the movement of my body(!). I believe you. To hopefully


get to grips with the dance, Oti has brought me to meet the London School


of samba, because they know a lot more about it than I do. It even


though their style is different, it is about having fun. That boy can


really check his hips. I just hope we can bring that level of fun to


Saturday night. Dancing the samba, Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse.


Listen to that reaction from the audience. Have a look around, Danny.


Tell you what, it's hot in the jungle. Congratulations, storming


start, so different to last week's Charlton. Is there nothing your boy


can't do, Oti? He worked so hard before we hear what the judges


thought, let's welcome our wonderful live singers Hayley, Lance, Andrea,


Tommy and of course Dave Arch and his brilliant orchestra. Well, you


brought the heat, but I know you wanted to bring fun to the dance


floor tonight. Len, did he? Oh, he's a tease. You started slow. Hello, I


thought. A stationary samba walk, hint of a role, and then suddenly,


wallop! Into those promenades, flying around. Natural roles, I tell


you, your hips were like a snake, honestly! It was fierce like a puma,


and hotter and steamier than the Amazonian jungle. It was fabulous!


It was steamy, all right. Bruno, they had the perfect score last


week. How did they do to make? What are you doing to me? At this time at


night, look at the state of me. I am hyperventilating. I don't know if I


need a doctor, a pill, a drink, a cold shower. It was like watching a


Pagan mating ritual. Between magnificent, exotic species. Every


sinew of the body was stretched to the limit, slave to the rhythm.


Those hips were popping off your pelvis! Even for him, that is


excited. By contrast, look at Craig's face. I found the open shirt


a slight distraction, darling. But I have to say, your hip action, we


never get that from a male celebrity. It was incredible. I


loved the tribal nature of it, the isolation was absolutely excellent.


Brilliant. Brilliant from Craig. Darcey? Danny, you have certainly


put the hours in. To achieve that in one week, he has done it. It really


showed. It was like the most perfect samba masterclass. Clean isolations,


travelling, using the dance floor. Outstanding. You cannot top those


comments. Off you go, congratulations. Danny and Oti. That


was so much fun! Oti, I have never seen the samba


like that. Normally, a samba is like a small parrot. That was


extraordinary. And you look surprised when you get such good


comments. You don't know what to expect. We worked all week for it,


but you genuinely don't know what will come from those guys, and they


are the experts. When it is good, it's amazing. The scores are in. The


judges' scores are in. Are you OK? Listen to the audience.


Thank you, gang. That is the first 40 in Strictly history for a samba.


It has never happened. Well done. If you thought Danny and Oti were the


jungle VIPs, all the information you need is on your screen now, so you


can vote for them when the vote opens at the end of the show. Fans


of the terms and conditions. While I read them, it's the perfect


opportunity for everyone to practise for the tartan challenge. Cue the


cha-cha music. Calls cost 50p plus any network access charge.


The vote will not open until after the charter challenge. Please don't


vote until I tell you. If you do, your vote will not count and you may


still be charged. Tess. What a start to the show and a


little bit of Strictly history with it.


Dancing next it's Ore and his partner Joanne.


Ore's gone from being top of the leaderboard,


to being in the dance-off to scoring three tens for last week's


Viennese Waltz but can he stay near the top


I cannot get over that night. Cool, sophisticated, slick. Brilliant.


Three 10s, who would have thought? And to do it in Blackpool ballroom.


I don't think I would have changed a single moment of that night.


Blackpool is awesome, I'm coming back! We have the Paso Doble this


week There have been so many incredible ones this series, we have


to somehow make ours stand out. We haven't done a dance yet where we


have to be angry with each other. Amazing. I am not a very angry


person. This is going to be a little bit of a challenge. Paso is


exhausting. So much to take in. Step-wise there will be a lot of


stamps. And there will be a lot of flamenco hands and wrists and also


the posture which is of a Mateador. You have to maintain that. The


pelvis forward, back up. Lead with this frame. There's so much to


remember with this Paso. One step wrong could be curtains. We have to


make sure we get it absolutely right on Saturday.


Dancing the Paso Doble, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


MUSIC: Everybody Wants To Rule The World.


Just brilliant. They're on their feet. Come on over.


Oh! Just brilliant. Goose pimples throughout that


performance. That was fierce. You are usually such a pussycat, where


did that come from? I don't have much to be angry about, but you try


to channel it for a minute-and-a-half. We are used to a


softer side, what about his angry side? Goose bumps, it was achingly


stylish and original. Different. It was almost like Tom Ford's film


Nocturnal Animals. It was a different take. It was modern and


captured the zeitgeist of now. Yet every element was clear in display.


The lines, the shaping. The attitude. It's different and I


praise you, Joanne, for that. Because it's good reinventing


something that's been around for such a long time and giving it a


modern actual valid twist. Brilliant.


So original. Craig, are we looking at a contender for the


quarter-finals? Potentially. There was an unsure moment down here where


you looked a little bit lost and I didn't believe you. Also, you need


to watch in the Spanish line that the wrist is get towards the body.


But I have to say, it had strength and style and power and the whole


story was extremely engaging, darling. Well done.


Darcey. Ore it certainly was, it was dramatic, intense. The focus was


there from the beginning to end. What you have is a very supple upper


body, that back which really helps to produce those shapes and curves,


and then you have those lovely long arms to get that nice rounded shape


which really worked. Very, very nice. Len. Atmosphere, a dance of


power and purpose. I don't think I have ever seen anyone get that


amount of shaping during the twist and turns and the cape. They were so


strong. Unfortunately, on that second cape a little incident


occurred, I think. Maybe I am wrong. But you can only go... Are you going


to boo me for telling the truth? It was a wonderful Paso Doble. You


showed a totally different side to your character and I congratulate


you. Well done. Congratulations, you can't be angry


after those comments. The smile is back. Off you go. Beautiful job. Ore


and Joanne! . APPLAUSE AND


CHEERING Well done. The judges called it


dramatic, intense, a different kind of Paso Doble and also you are the


friendliest boy in the whole world. Did you find it hard all week? I


look at Jo and she has such an angry face, am I doing something wrong? I


am biting my lip not to smile. The judges' scores are in.


Well done. Still an excellent score. If you


would like to keep Ore and Joe avn in the competition all the details


are on the screen now and you can vote when voting opens at the end of


the show. Still to come judge Rinder pretends to be a dance student and


Oksana pretends to be his teacher. Dancing next in the ballroom


is Louise and her partner Kevin. It's been wonderful watching


Louise's Strictly transformation. So who better to join her


in training this week than the man who's been supporting her every inch


of the way - her husband Jamie. How was Blackpool for you? It was


even more special in real life. You ales feel a little bit special when


you get a 10 from Len. Head judge Len. You smashed it. This week we


are dancing the waltz. It's a romantic dance. I am not really


romantic at the best of times. Kevin has arranged for somebody to come in


and help me get romantic. Fingers crossed it's George Clooney. Hey


guys. You thought it was Clooney. Kevin has invited me to try to bring


romance to Louise. Let's get into character. Last week you were


fierce, this week you have to be romantic. Is he really as close as


that? Other foot. Are you not feeling romantic? It's made me


laugh. Stop laughing. I have already died inside. Stop laughing, we want


romance. For the first time in years me and Jamie danced together, but


giggling but still danced together. Stop laughing, get romantic! Kevin,


take over. Good luck. We are so proud of you. The boys and I will be


watching on Saturday night cheering you on.


Dancing the Waltz, Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton.


Oh, so, so graceful, Louise. Beautiful. Like a Princess.


Gorgeous. I am sure you made Jamie and the boys proud. Craig, Louise is


the highest scoring female of the series so far. Did she maintain that


standard tonight? Louise always maintains standards. Absolutely love


your dancing. You need to watch your shoulders raising slightly through


the jazz sections, they still need to be down. But grace, fluidity,


style. Movement around the floor was absolutely incredible. I just could


watch you all night. I really could. Craig could watch you all night. So


could we. Darcey. It's effortless, your style, the two of you together.


I think what's lovely is the narrative is told through your


steps. It's like this relationship building as the waltz builds. You


don't get him to hold until the very end. It's really a piece of magic


and what's even better is the artistry of how you play with the


music is even more divine. It really is. And those finger turns, to have


that beautiful concession right to the end and not losing balance and


being straight on the line, straight on the money. Fabulous. Len, you


scored Louise a 10 last week. Is she still your top girl? I tell you


this, we have been treated to three fantastic dances. That dance could


be one of your five-a--day. It's so good to watch. It was cracking.


Don't listen up there... What's he on about? It was brilliant.


Brilliant. Bruno, what do you think? Strictly beautiful, my darling.


Quality of movement, the interpretation of the music. Above


all, it's your phrasing. Your musical phrasing is impeccable.


Impeccable. You must be on cloud nine after those comments. Let's


hope for some 10s. Off you go, Louise and Kevin!




Well done, darling. I know you found this week quite difficult going back


into hold. You kept going, we saw you with your husband, adorable. You


found it tricky. For me it was the hardest week. I don't know what it


was. You have to be controlled and I think I possibly drove Kevin


slightly mad this week. So, thank you. Never, it's not possible. The


scores are in. A beautiful 10.


From Len, a 10. Well done. 39. If you want to see


Louise and Kevin waltz into next week's musical special all the


details are on the screen now. You can vote for them after the cha-cha


challenge. If you want to vote online you will need to sign in or


register if you haven't already. We still have all of this to come.


Because this dance is slow, you're a lot more exposed in your technique,


so the technique has to be really good. It's awesome. The tango is not


only sharp and staccato, but also quite low and driving and stamping


along. We can't stop for lunch. It's going to be wild. Argentine tango


has to be very strong, fierce, passionate. That just feels weird.


Just get it out there. I am looking forward to all of that. What have


you got there, Claud? Is the camera that Ed will be using for his


routine. I want to take a selfie, but I don't know how it works. Why


don't you just use my smartphone? That is genius! Thank you. Hello,


Ed. Can you show me how your camera works, please? All right, meet you


there. Thanks, Tess. Next tonight, Judge Rinder and his partner Oksana.


This week, they are doing the rumba, the dance of love, which is perfect


for the judge. He loves dancing, he loves being on Strictly and he loves


having Oksana as a partner. Let's just hope our judges are feeling the


love as well. How did you feel about the Blackpool experience? I will


never forget it. I have never seen a guy shake their cheeks as well as


that. I thought it was hiptastic. I forgot the steps but I felt like I


was having a party. What a way of ending such a fantastic night.


Uplifting, fabulous. This week, we are doing the rumba and I was a bit


apprehensive about it. But the dance Oksana has choreographed is


genuinely so beautiful. It is a story of how a teacher can come into


your life and make you a dancer. All you have to do is lead on her. From


the dance that I was most nervous about, it has quickly become the


dance I am most looking forward to expressing. There is somebody I want


Oksana to meet. She was a special teacher to me and this seems like a


perfect opportunity. She is the person who did all the school plays


and opened my eyes to the world. When I see Rob dance, I am so proud.


It's been such a privilege to have two such amazing teachers who


believe in me. And when the teachers believe, you can do anything.


Dancing the rumba, Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero.


Well done! You looked like you were lost in the dance. Did we lose you


for a moment? You really did. Definitely not the best dance, but


I've got the best teacher. Lovely! Did he embraced the character in the


story of the dance, Darcey? It's difficult, because the narrative you


were playing was slightly different for a rumba especially on the


relationship between you. For me, I don't think it gave a purpose to all


those moves. The narrative didn't follow through for me. That was a


shame. It is incredibly difficult for a man to feel that fluid and


have that confidence in those fluid moves. You created some nice


extensions and nice lines, and you were using the floor. But I didn't


feel comfortable. The wait was a bit far back at times. You didn't look


as steady on your feet. It wasn't your best dance. Len? Not your best


dance, but it certainly wasn't your best dance. I thought you had nice


fluidity through your arm. New managed to get the hip action.


Funnily enough, it looked a bit taut. It lacked a bit of naturalness


to it. It was like, put that on there. That was what I felt. But


this is a terrifically difficult dance for the men and I thought you


coped admirably. Bruno? Don't worry, darling, everything is beautiful at


the ballet. And you took your ballet lessons seriously. Of course at


times, you did look like the dying swan. There was a lot of plunging


and swaying, and very lyrical. But sometimes, you turned into a funky


chicken. Instead of keeping it going, you were going kind of


staccato, with the white backwards. That stopped the beautiful lyricism


that at times, you had through your arms. It is very hard. It was a


brave attempt to, my darling. Have you got a bit of love for the judge,


Craig? I thought most of it was a bit too spiky. By thought it looked


a bit awkward on you, to be honest. And I felt that your individual body


parts were moving independently of your core, which was a shame. You


need to be able to bring the whole thing together and you would have a


lovely dance. What I love about you is that you are earnest, and that is


commendable. Mixed comments from the judges, but we love you. Off you go.


Judge Rinder and Oksana. I don't want you to be disheartened.


You were worried about this dance, but then you loved the story. I


loved it so much. And your teacher is here, Wendy. Not Wendy, she is


Miss! All right, Miss! It has been the story of our journey, but it is


true. Our teachers are amazing. The scores are in.


We just have to win the Cha Cha Challenge. Of course! If you loved


Judge Rinder and Oksana's rumba and want to see them back to dance again


next week, all the details are on your screen. You can vote for them


when voting opens at the end of the show. Still to come, Claudia dance


is on a six foot cube. It is what you could call a square dance. Tess.


Dancing next in the ballroom is Ed and his partner Katya.


During his time on Strictly, Ed has embraced quite a few challenges,


rescuing a damsel in distress, flying a piano and doing a salsa -


Gangnam Style! Tonight, he will be a male model on a photo shoot. We


can't wait to see him strike a pose. It was the greatest privilege to


dance in Blackpool, coming down from the ceiling playing flaming piano


was fabulous. You made Blackpool rock. We didn't manage to impress


Craig, though. It looked like you were playing hopscotch in an all


girls' school. We will just have to work hard. Let's smash it. This


week, we are back to ballroom, doing tango. The character you are going


to be playing is a male model. I'm excited because I have brought in a


male model, Paul, to help add get into character for the tango. I am


pleased you are here. Let's see what you have got. I was thinking


something like... To sell this tango, I have got to get character


with toys and determination. Paul has got to tell me how he does it.


He just lay down, and he looked cool. I gave him some pointers.


Hopefully, everything I have learned today, I can put into practice on


the catwalk on Saturday night. Dancing the tango, Ed Balls and


Katya Jones. Oh, Ed! On their feet. It is always


a joy, isn't it? Shaking your little tush on the catwalk. Nice pout, by


the way. Was that a model performance? You were dancing to


great's signature song, I can't get no satisfaction! Ed Balls, you are


more like lottery balls. You never know what is going to come out next.


But I've got to say, plenty of tango content. It wasn't just larking


about and messing around. Listen, you're not always the judges' number


one choice, but 100%, you're the people's champion. Bruno. You make


Zoolander look like a beginner! But I have to say, Ed, Ed Balls' weekly


fix always hits the spot. You're like junk food. You know you


shouldn't have it, but you can't help wanting more!


Do you want more, Craig? No, thank you. Thank you for the rose,


darling, but that's not going to save you on this occasion. Your


frame, you are completely hunched over, splayed hands, sloppy feet on


kick ball changes. I have to say, committed. I think, darling, after


that you should be committed. Darcey. At the beginning your focus


was great. That was outstanding. Then you started to lose it. I think


you got carried away, whoever you were channelling, was it Mick


Jagger? Lovely clipped movements and I did see, as Len said, some tango


there. Suddenly you lost focus and that was a shame because I really


thought there was going to be something good here. It's weird,


just the stalking moments got a little bit bouncy, got to soften


those knees, keep the shoulders down. I think you got carried away


with your character, but nice. He loves a character. Throws himself


into it. Can't fault the commitment. Thank you, off to Claudia. Ed and




CHEERING Ed, we think you are magnificent.


You have to follow Gangnam and then coming in on a piano and then that.


You work really hard. Male model, it's not really me. You say that,


you look magnificent. We loved it. The scores are in.


Same score as last week. You do - you focus on the good. That was a


nice 7 from Len. Fabulous. Excellent and you have the cha-cha challenge.


Which I think we might win. We all think that, Ed. If you think Ed has


moves like Jagger and want to see hm and Katya back next week all the


information is on the screen now. You can vote for them at the end of


the show. You don't have long to wait. There is only one couple left


to dance before the cha-cha challenge.


The next couple is Claudia and her partner AJ.


This week they're doing a dramatic Argentine Tango and after the shock


of being in last week's dance-off, poor Claudia knows all about drama.


Last Saturday was a little bit nerve-wracking because we were


starting first and I wanted to do well. I wanted to get the party


started. It was full-on, it was sharp. There was a little moment


early on. Mistakes happen to the best of us, you picked it up and


continued. Being in the dance-off was horrible. I knew you had an even


better performance in you. To get saved and to be there another week I


feel grateful for that and I do not want to be in that dance-off again.


The Argentine tango is an epic dance, it's speed, quick turns and


fast footwork, that's why I am going to take you go-carting. You do know


I can't drive. Treat it like the dance floor, attack corners but keep


the precision. Don't lose tempo, most importantly, don't finish last.


I was so nervous because I never drove before. Which one is to go?


Also I wanted to win. Claudia was so slow at driving. I must have lapped


her at least four times. Aj! I was trying to be really competitive. I


am upset I got beaten but I took it like a true Olympian. Let's hope I


am better at dancing than driving on Saturday night.


Dancing the Argentine Tango, Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard.


Breathtaking! Incredible performance. You put your heart and


soul... She's back with a powerful performance. She doesn't want to be


in the dance-off again. How did she do tonight? Those lifts, my darling,


it was a tour de force. I can like a Red Arrow in a spectacular aerial


display. I thought you were never going to land! When you land you are


always strong, controlled, precise. Always very well placed and what I


like to see now and you are doing it tonight, you are developing a


dramatic persona. You are starting to play the part more. Engage with


the character, not just... Continue to do that. That's the way to


progress for you. Craig. I thought your legs could be a little bit


looser for the gaunchos, I felt you were placing your legs in positions


rather than being reactionary, but it didn't stop me loving it. Clean,


precise, incredible. Incredible. Darcey. What Craig said, your


balance, your control, no wonder - you were turning during those,


nobody could do that. The strength to be able to produce those lifts,


so stunningly, keeping the topline so calm is really impressive. I was


totally taken aback. And, sorry, and, you were creating a - producing


a sultry, moody character that now is a good, good thing. OK. This is a


new Claudia we are seeing. This relationship has to build. I want to


see more. A We like it. Len. What I love, you have total control over


what you are doing. It was a mix of frisky and risky. Frisky in the


movement. Risky lifts. Pulled them all off. I thought it was a knockout


routine. I thought you did a great job. Amazing performance and amazing


comments. What a way to bounce back after last week's dance-off. We


loved it. Claudia and AJ, well done. APPLAUSE AND


CHEERING Well done. What a comeback. I know


being in the dance-off is horrible. The pros said that was the best


chory for an Argentine tango, honestly, Natalie was blown away.


You liked being fierce. I loved it. I went for it so much, at the end my


toe popped out of my shoes. That's how much I went for it. It was


fantastic. AJ, you said this might be your best dance. I loved it, it


was the best week, doing the tricks and learning lifts, it was crazy and


to pull it off on the night. Thank you so much, it was amazing. You are


a great teacher. The scores are in. Same score you have had the last few


weeks. We would have all given it at least 90. Just so you know. If you


don't want Claudia and AJ crying a river all the details are on the


screen now. So you can vote for them when the vote opens after the Cha


Cha Challenge. You two have to get ready. You have approximately three


minutes. While they get changed


for the Cha-Cha Challenge, But with a maximum of 6 extra marks


up for grabs tonight, Over the years, we've had


a Waltzathon, we've had a Quickstepathon, but we've never


had a Cha-Cha Challenge. It's a Strictly first. But what


exactly is it, how does it work? And what does it even mean? Honestly, I


have no idea. But thankfully we know a man who does. Len. It's back. The


chance to see all six couples on the floor at the same time. This year


there is a Latin twist with all the couples dancing a cha-cha-cha. Hold


on, like any dancing competition, there are rules. There will be six


couples in the cha-cha challenge. The professionals have drawn out of


a hat which spot on the dance floor they're going to begin. So it's all


above board. Rule two, once the music starts they must keep dancing


for the duration of the music. Halfway through the challenge


couples will be told to switch positions with the couple next to


them. This way everyone gets the same amount of time in front of us,


the judges. Rule three, no lifts. If any couple is deemed to have done a


lift they will get no marks and will be disqualified.


Rule four, make sure you get your technique right. We want to see good


footwork, lovely hip action, rhythmic interpretation. So make


sure you get it right on the night. Lastly, they will get their scores


at the end of the dance. The weakest couple in the opinion of the judges


will get the score of one. However, the strongest couple will get a


score of six. The scoring will be added to the scores from the


previous dance. This has the potential to well and truly shake up


the leaderboard. Couples, get out there and cha-cha like you have


never done before. APPLAUSE


Thank you very much, Len. Whoever comes first in the cha-cha challenge


will get an extra six marks, second will get five marks and so on until


the bottom couple will receive the one extra mark. Those will be added


to the existing scores. Now, Len, this feels a bit harsh. Our couples


have never heard the music they're about to dance to. Why is that?


Well, that's what you get in a normal ballroom or Latin


competition. There's no rehearsals, no knowing what the music is. You


have to take what you are given and get out there, stay on time. Keep


rhythmic and give it plenty of welly! All the couples have changed


positions midway through the challenge. Remind us why. It gives


us as judges another opportunity to see them from different angles so we


don't miss anything. Thank you very much. Bruno, what does it take to


win, what are you looking for? First, you have to stand out for the


right reasons. Ed. No, the thing you have to maintain the look of the


dance all the way through. You can not start doing improvisations


styles that are not the cha-cha. Obviously, timing, the correct


motion especially on elusive hip action, don't stop and start because


we are going to stop it. Impress the judges with your performance value.


Thank you very much. The wait is finally over. It's time


for the cha-cha challenge to commence.


Please welcome all the Can all couples please now change


positions. That was fantastic. Thank you all


very much. What a visual feast. Let's see what the judges thought.


Bruno, our first Cha Cha Challenge. What did you think? That was nerve


wracking for me, let alone you! First, let me say how wonderful it


is to see all of you having improved so much from which one. You all did


a very good job. And you all maintained a gnat truck cha-cha-cha.


You didn't go out in tangents. You could see it action going


everywhere. Not everyone had the correct timing, but you have to


expect in a situation like this, you never heard the music, but all of


you did a wonderful job. We are still discussing. Craig, how close


was it? To ask, they all looked magnificent. Oh, they weren't,


darling. Rest assured. No, it was actually very difficult. We were


screaming up here and having arguments about the whole thing. We


have only just sorted it out, but what fun. Bruno is right, it's


amazing to see so much wonderful hip action, all in this space. So, there


is an extra six marks up for grabs for the winning couple. This could


turn the leaderboard on its head. Solar, starting with sixth place,


please reveal the results of the Cha Cha Challenge. In sixth place is Ed


and Katya. This place is Judge Rinder and Oksana. Fourth place is


Claudia and AJ. Third place is Ore and Joanne. Second is Danny and Oti.


Which means our winner is Louise and Kevin. Oh, yes! Thank you very much,


the judges. So, Louise and Kevin came first in the Cha Cha Challenge


and get an extra six marks. Congratulations to you both. And


commiserations to add and Katya, who finished last and receive just one


extra mark. Let's see how those marks have affected the leaderboard.


But it is not about the judges' score tonight. You can change


everything by picking up the phone or going online to vote for your


favourites. Judges, I know you have worked hard tonight. You have been


mind-blowing, but I have one more job for you. Please help me out.


Audience, we will do it together. Three, two, one, the vote is...


Open! Thank you very much. The vote closes at 8.30 five. Please


don't try to vote if you are watching undermined. Here is a


reminder of our couples' routines and the all-important vote


information. It's been a busy night in the


ballroom. Our six stars have dazzled on the dance floor and now they are


relying on you, so pick up the phone or go online to give them your


support. Voting closes at 8.35 tonight, so you don't have much


longer to vote for your favourite couple. Your votes could help them


avoid the dance-off in tomorrow night's results show when sadly, one


more couple will be eliminated from stricter come dancing. Only five can


make it through to next week's quarterfinal, when Strictly goes to


the musicals, and no one wants to miss out. Also tomorrow, we have a


special performance from Ellie Goulding. And we have a spectacular


sports day themed routine from our professional dancers. I will


abbreviate if you bring the spoons. Michael McIntyre is coming up next.


Join us tomorrow night at the slightly later time of 7.20. In the


meantime... Keep dancing!


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite viewers to join them for an evening of sequins and sparkles as the remaining couples hit the ballroom floor. The competition is at melting point as the six surviving couples dance not once, but twice, pivoting, twisting and turning to keep the glitterball trophy in their sights. After performing their routine, all six couples compete on the dance floor at the same time in the Cha Cha Challenge to earn valuable extra marks from the judges.

Voting lines will open at the end of the show. Once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the two lowest-scoring couples will perform again in the dreaded dance-off in the results show.