Week 10 Results Strictly Come Dancing

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Week 10 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome viewers to another exciting results show. Pop songstress Ellie Goulding performs her new track Falling for You.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to our annual


Strictly sports day! Everyone is limbering up an good job too, we all


know how easy it is to pull a muscle in the sack race, darling. He's got


his whistle out, and they are off! This is Strictly Come


Dancing ? The Results. Hello, and welcome to


Strictly Come Dancing - The Results. And a huge thank you to our


professional dancers for that fantastic Strictly Sports Day, we're


awarding gold medals all round. Saturday was a night of firsts, the


first-ever Cha Cha Challenge and the first time we have seen a perfect 44


a samba. Massive congratulations, Danny and Oti.


Six couples danced, but there's only room for five in next


So, which Guys And Dolls will make it through?


And who will be feeling Les Miserables at home?


The judges' scores for the dances and the Cha Cha Challenge have been


The two couples with the lowest overall points will go head


The final decision of who stays and who goes lies


And Craig Revel Horwood and Darcey Bussell.


On the show tonight, performing her single


Still Falling For You, it's the wonderful Ellie Goulding.


And the judges will be discussing Saturday's double helping of dance


Soon, we'll find out which of our couples is the first


But before we do, here's a reminder of all the action


from Saturday night, including that ballroom battle,


It is week ten. The celebs have two dancers to perform. Who will succeed


and who will be going home? It's week ten! Double digits! There are


only six of us left. I never thought I would be here as long as this.


Everyone is nervous about the Cha Cha Challenge. The cha-cha is


everybody's toughest dance. The competition keeps ramping up. Id


definitely adds pressure. Get into musicals which is what we are


dancing for tonight. -- getting to Musicals Week. Showtime! The


pressure is on, and we have a Cha Cha Challenge. I cannot wait. That


was so achingly stylish, brilliant. That had style, and the whole story


of it was extremely engaging. A dance of power and purpose. Ten, of


course! Clean, precise, incredible. Your balance, your control. I was


totally taken aback. I thought it was a knockout routine. You did


amazing. Thank you for the Rose, darling, but that is not going to


save you on this occasion. At the beginning, there were lovely, click


to movements, but then you lost focus. You're not always the judges'


number-one choice, but 100%, you're the people's champion. Seven! I


really enjoyed being taught the Tango by you. Most of it was a bit


too spiky. Your individual body parts were moving independently. It


lacked a bigot naturalness. It wasn't your best dance -- it lacked


a bit of naturalness. Effortless. Divine. That dance could be one of


your five a day. Strictly beautiful, my darling. So happy! I think that


is the happiest I have ever been. Your head action was incredible. It


was like the most perfect samba. It was hotter and steamier than the


Amazonian jungle. It was fabulous. Ten! To get the first-ever 40 for a


number in Strictly history! I can't explain how amazing it is. His


welcome all the couples for the Cha Cha Challenge. Whoever comes first


will get an extra six marks, whoever comes second will get an extra five


marks and so on. Give it plenty of Wally. You have to maintain the look


of the dance all the way through and you have to impressed the judges.


Second is Danny and Oti. The winner is Louise and Kevin.


Another brilliant night in the ballroom.


This is how the leader board looked at the end of all


But have your votes at home changed everything?


All six couples want to be there, but only five will make it through.


The first couple safely through to next week is...


And now, the first couple in the dance-off is...


Judge Rinder and. The rest -- Judge Rinder and Oksana.


The rest of you, I'm afraid, will have to wait a little longer


How are you feeling? I want to do my best for this excellent lady here.


That is what matters. Let's speak to the judges and get some advice.


Darcey, we all know how difficult the Rumba is that the male


celebrities. What is your advice for Judge Rinder in the dance-off? The


technique is incredibly difficult and you did an incredibly good job.


The connection between the story, between the two view, if it becomes


more of a relationship and you tell the story through those steps, then


I think it will read so much better. Just go out and enjoy, most


importantly. Len, you said the cat might judge looked a bit taut the


first time. You got one of the toughest dance is on a really tough


week. You have lovely fluidity through your arms, your hip action


was working. Just have a glimpse at each other and try get a bit more


chemistry going. Come on, you can do it. They're all behind you. See you


later for the dance-off. Claudia, over to you. I am here with the


first two couples safely through. You are quarterfinalists. Danny,


what is life like for you? Can you even walk down the street? Are


people shouting, show us your Charleston? Do you get free stuff?


The rare occasions I get out of the rehearsal room, the response has


been lovely. Everyone is so supportive. Everyone just loves this


show. It is amazing to get that much positive energy. Louise, the


camaraderie between you all is so strong. Are you going to get


competitive now, is that even in your nature? We all get on really


well and we have all become friends. Everyone says it every year, but


this year it has been really genuine and true. For me, the day you start


looking at your friends as competition is the day you don't


enjoy dancing so much, so I am just going to carry on enjoying going out


there dancing and wishing these guys the best of luck. Such a lovely


answer. Very soon, we will find that the next couples to go through.


But now, singing Still Falling For You, let's hear it


# This love is like fire and ice


# This love is like rain and blue skies


# We've had our share of mistakes


# But all your flaws and scars are mine


# You are all for me


# This love shining brighter than gold


# This love is never growing old


# But all your flaws and scars are mine


# And just like that


# No one can lift me, catch me, the way that you do


# Falling, crash into my arms


# You are all for me


# No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do


Thank you, Ellie, and, of course, Kevin and Karen.


Very good dancing. This is when you dissect the dancers from Saturday


night. Can we do it alone? Never! Please welcome Len's Lens! I would


like to talk about Ore and Joanne, you had never seen shaping like it.


Incredible. The boy is the Matador, the girl is the cake, you sweep her


across. Look at this. Look at the back. If I could expand, I will use


this hanky as though it were a red rag to a ball. As the ball comes


galloping past, this is where he shapes. That is what we are seeing,


the shaping as the ball goes by. Thank you so much, that was lovely.


Claudia and AJ, we thought it was amazing, the Argentinian tango. What


was so great was how she held it. Her core strength, her upper body


strength is amazing. She does not change at all, her legs are just


moving with it, it is beautiful. Very sustained. On the of planet


Earth, what she have to do to get a ten? Thank you! She is now feeling


the character, getting sultry and moody, the drama is coming through,


but it has two click between them, we have to feel it coming off each


other, through the dance. Craig, let's talk about Louise's shoulders,


the other judges gave her a ten, you said her shoulders were hunched.


Slightly raised. In this clip, you will see what I mean. It is as if


she is going to push him away, I understand that, but it is better if


the shoulders of Feystown. Expressing, darling. Shoulders down,


nobody likes a raised shoulder and no neck. We know that. I was the


only one that spotted at. The others didn't. Let's leave it there. True


no, we have to mention the 44 the samba. Danny and Oti, what made it


so perfect? He was on fire. A force of nature. All the technicality of


the gangs was there in the composition -- of the ants. He made


it so natural, so real. You forgot about the dance, you saw two people


really into it. It is unforgettable. I got goose bumps, the best male fan


but we have ever seen. Thank you. So far, two couples have secured a


place next week. Three couples are waiting very


nervously, but who will be safe That means, Claudia and AJ, Ed and


Katya, one of you is safe. I can reveal that the couple


in the bottom two tonight, who will compete in


the dance-off, is... Ed and Katya. Claudia and AJ,


congratulations, you through to next Saturday. Ed and Katya, come over


and join me. Sorry, your first time here. What is


going through your head? I am thinking it is the most fabulous


dance and I am looking forward to doing it again. We are looking


forward to seeing it again. It is nerve wracking, what is your advice?


Keep the entertainment value going, because that is your ace. That is


what you have got working for you. On Saturday your footwork and timing


were muddy, it has to be cleaner and sharper, but keep the entertainment.


Craig, you have been quite critical, can you give him a boost now? No,


not really. What I am saying is this, I have secretly enjoyed your


dancing, but I have got to sit here and judge it with a Judge's hat on,


but what you provide is fantastic entertainment, it has been


brilliant, I would go out there and go even more mad with the entire


thing, darling. There is no top you can go over at this point. We wish


you the best of luck, and we will see you again. In the dance off.


Two more very relieved couples with me now.


I thought you were going to faint! Well done, brilliant comments on


Saturday, but how livid are you you have not had a ten? I am desperate


for a ten, I really wanted, I don't know what we are going to do to get


one, but we will have to go out with a bank next week. I can't thank the


public enough, it means a lot. You were 15, and now it is bidding out,


how difficult is it, saying goodbye to people? It is the worst, we


started this is one massive family, and it is so sad to see people go


each week, which is why we are so grateful to be given another chance


to be in another week and to get to dance, because it is the best thing


we have ever done. Joanne, it is musicals week, who is Ore playing?


Willy Wonka! A small gift from us to you.


Next week is Musicals Week on Strictly, but let's not make


Next week it is musicals week. Please do come along. We will work


so hard to perfect our technique. We will spontaneously burst into song.


It is musicals week. Musical week. I am so nervous I am shaking. All of


the terms and conditions for me. Book your seat. For the musical


week! You would both love to be treading


the boards with the rest But only one of them


will survive tonight's dance-off. It is your first, how much did you


want to stay in? More than I can possibly say, especially for her. I


am not joking when I say it is just the most fun and the most enjoyed


you can have. He loves and respects you so much, what encouragement can


you give him? I love him right back, it is a special dance for us, just


enjoy and be in the moment. Enormous luck. Judge Rinder and Oksana. We


know how much you have enjoyed your experience, we have enjoyed it with


you, how are you going to attack it? We have always tried to get as much


chance content in and to entertain, and Katya has never compromised on


teaching me, but we have made it fun, and we need to get the balance


right and do our best. You have pushed him so hard, what do you want


to say to him? He delivered every time I pushed him hard, he made so


many people happy. I am your number one fan, I cannot wait to do it.


Lovely. Soon, we will ask the judges


to decide who is To dance for their place in the


quarterfinal, it is Judge Rinder and Oksana.


They gave it their all, but now fighting for a place in the


quarterfinal, it is Ed and Katya. We're about to find out


which of you is through to next week and which of you is leaving


the competition tonight. Based on the dance-off alone,


I'm about to ask each of you the name of the couple


you think deserves to be saved The couple with the most votes


will stay in the competition, meaning the other couple is out


of Strictly Come Dancing. In the event of a tie,


head judge Len, you will SPEAKER: Judge Rinder and Oksana,


double, this is it. Craig, who are you going


to save, and why? I would like to save Judge Rinder


and Oksana. Darcey, who do you think deserves


to stay in the competition, and why? The couple I would like to save,


just on their better technical ability, is Judge Rinder and Oksana.


That is two votes for Judge Rinder and Oksana. If Bruno votes to save


you, you are through to next week. Bruno, who do you want to stay


in Strictly Come Dancing, and why? Well, I have to choose the better


dancers. Judge Rinder and Oksana. That means we are going to have to


say goodbye to Ed and Katya. Congratulations, Judge Rinder and


Oksana, you are through to the quarterfinals. Len, did you agree? I


would have agreed, yes. Ed and Katya! Oh, led that! Thou are on


their feet in the studio. They are all very sad to see you go. We


really are going to miss you. Do you think you might carry on dancing? Of


course. If people watching have had half the fun I have had learning to


dance with Katya, they must have had a complete blast, because it has


been such a fabulous thing. The judges, all the supporters, the


make-up team, the wardrobe, in particular, that band are the best


in the world. It is just wonderful. But above all, the only reason we


have been able to learn and detainees because of Katya. It is


the first series. She is going to go on to be a total knockout Strictly


star. She's the best. Absolutely amazing. She is brilliant. To all


the people who have kept me in this long, thank you. I've had a


wonderful time. We have a wonderful time along with you every step of


the way. Katya, darling, you have tears and I haven't got a tissue for


you. Is there anything you would like to say to Ed? So much! I


absolutely love this man. It has been my first series and I couldn't


have wished the better. Thank you so much. Thank you for the good times.


I'm afraid I have to send you off for your last dance. We haven't


practised that! Ed and Katya, ladies and gentlemen!


They will join Zoe on Monday's It Takes Two at 6:30pm on BBC Two,


and there's even more backstage gossip to be found


Tess and I will be back next Saturday at 7pm


for the Strictly Musicals Special, when our couples will


bring the glamour of Broadway to the ballroom.


But for now, dancing us out, it is the wonderful Ed and Katya.


If you ask people about Strictly 2016, there was a two words - Ed


Balls. He is decent, and funny and passionate and authentic. Ed will be


hugely missed. He was such a big personality around here. All of us


really looked forward to watching Ed's numbers every week. I am so


happy to be through to the quarterfinals. I was so worried but


when my name got called out, I am so grateful to everyone who voted for


us because I am having the time of my life. No words describe what it


means to


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome viewers to another exciting results show. The judges' scores and public votes have been combined, and the two couples with the lowest scores dance off against each other, before six couples become five.

Pop songstress Ellie Goulding performs her new track Falling for You, and the professional dancers perform another amazing group routine.