Week 12 Strictly Come Dancing

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Week 12

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite viewers to join them for the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing, as each of the four couples perform two dances for a chance to progress.

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I can't believe we have made it this far. It's the semi-final. The


semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing. We are one step away from


the final. I didn't think in a million years I'd be here.


Incredible. It's definitely been the hardest week yet. Two dances means


twice as much work. Twice as much pressure, twice as much effort. I


feel like my brain is going to explode. We are going to train


around the clock to make sure we're in that final. I've literally spent


every waking hour in the training room this week. I've had to learn so


many new things to get this far. I'm willing to push myself to the limit.


One wrong step. One slipup. Could be the end. It would break my heart to


go. To leave now Would be a huge void in my life. This is it. I can't


leave now. It's all come down to this. It would mean the world to me


to make the final. Live from the BBC, this is Strictly


Come Dancing - The Semi-Final! Hello and welcome to


Strictly Come Dancing ? Tonight, our remaining couples


will perform not once, but twice. Is everybody ready for


a night of double dancing? In last week's Dance Off,


Ore and Joanne faced Judge Rinder and Oksana and,


sadly, it was Judge Rinder We are now left with


our fantastic four - only three can make it


through to next week's final and they each have two


chances to impress. And with double the dancing,


it's not just our couples Our semi-finalists are backstage,


there's an awful lot resting on tonight as they are all desperate


to reach next week's final. TV presenter and singer,


Louise Redknapp, and her Olympic gymnast, Claudia Fragapane,


and her partner, AJ Pritchard. BBC sports presenter, Ore Oduba,


and his partner, Joanne Clifton. Actor, Danny Mac, and his


partner, Oti Mabuse. There they are, our semi-finalists -


sheer hard work and determination The judges scores for both dances


will be added together to decide where they end up


on the leaderboard. Those scores will be combined


with your votes and the two couples with the lowest overall points


will face the Dance Off in tomorrow Sadly, one of our couples


will not make it through Dancing first tonight is Louise


and her partner Kevin. They're kicking the show


off with a Tango. Last week there were just two


marks separating all four of our semi-finalists,


so this could be the start You smashed it. I really enjoyed it.


Nice to march around and do thigh slapping. You two whipped that


number into perfect shape. We are in the semi-final? Yes. Now I really


have to deliver. First up the tango. I love the sharpness of it. Very


different from any ballroom dance. I have to stay flat footed and stomp a


bit more. I've spent weeks trying to do rise and fall. I think you're


doing an absolutely amazing job. Look at these messages from people


watching the show. Louise, you go all the way, baby. You keep up the


good work. You are absolutely fantastic. We love you. We love you.


We a Allardyce rooting for you. Yee ha! You are gorgeous and so is your


partner! I think Louise and Kevin were good at the waltz. Oh, it was


graceful. Good luck Louise, we hope you win. We are behind you all the


way. Come on, now. Keep on winning. You don't realise how good you are.


You are way better than what you realise you are. Love it, really


kind. It was really so nice to hear such positive messages and it's


definitely helped in giving me the confidence to go and do my very best


on Saturday night. Dancing the Tango,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. MUSIC: Glad All Over


confidence to go and do my of the semi-final, let's


welcome our wonderful live singers - Hayley, Patrick, Andrea,


Tommy and of course Dave Arch Two


Well done. How was that? I me of the Generation Game and as


Bruice would say - didn't That opening leap, so much snap,


crackle and pop. Snap, There was a little moment here... I


know. We all There was a little moment here... I


in that routine. It was fantastic. Well


in that routine. It was fantastic. I wasn't... When I saw


in that routine. It was fantastic. way you actually got all the little


details in the shoulders and the phrasing of the music. It's one of


your greatest qualities. I was thrilled, unexpected and delighted.


Always count on you for musicality. Craig, what did you think? I would


like to have seen more V-shape in the frame and Len is right you were


thrown off balance ever so slightly in one tiny bit. That is small. I


mean, you are dynamic. It was full of content. I totally love watching


you dance. I really do. High praise. They are all noting the content,


Kevin. The attack was stunning. The attitude, as I was saying, the upper


body how you fixed it from the beginning of you lost balance in the


centre. You got shakey and lost your frame. That's so hard. Such a


detailed tango. Lovely, to lose it at the end was such a shame. Really,


otherwise, stunning. Stunning. I think we all agree.


Well done. You didn't like the tango, did you? Every time I watched


you training you were like, I have to be stompy, this doesn't make


sense. Did you enjoy that? I did. Every dance you learn it's a new


experience. You start off really nervous. I'm nervous until I've


finished it. Then I'm, I love it. Now I like it. Well done. The scores


are in. The judges' scores are in. Lovely to get a 10. How do you feel?


Is Fingers crossed. All right, fingers crossed.


If you want to keep Louise and Kevin in the competition,


all the information you need is on your screen now so you can


vote for them when the vote opens later in the show.


It's time for the terms and conditions.


I need to be very clear about the fact you can't vote


until all our couples have danced twice.


So just to hammer it home, I've prepared a few


Calls cost 15p plus any network access charge and, please, ask


Plus you can vote for free online at bbc.co.uk/strictly.


The vote won't open until all our couples have danced twice -


yes, twice - so, please, don't vote until I tell you.


If you do, your vote won't count and you may be charged.


If you are at home having a second birthday tomorrow, let us know. We


have a whole lot of stuff for you. Tess.


Our next couple are semi-finalists are Danny and his partner, Oti.


Their first routine is a dance packe with drama and tension.


It's actually a Salsa, but this is the semi-final and every


single dance tonight will have us on the edge of our seats.


Saturday night I was terrified. I tangoed to a disco song. That


routine was so fast. It would have taken one wrong step and we were


wrong. You have to step forward on your heel, that was lacking here and


there. You have to fix that. We made it to the semi-final. I'm just so


glad people kept us in. I honestly don't know if I could have done that


routine again. Our first dance this week is a salsa.


The last Latin we did went really well. I'd love to pick up where we


left off, go out there and smash this one. Because it's such a big


week I have a treat for I can't wait you. . Good luck, Danny, we loved


your samba. We love your muscles. Go, Danny. Go Oti. Come on Danny.


That was the cutest kid. The support from the public has been just


remarkable. You have the best moves. Bless them. We are rooting for you.


Good luck, mate. I can't explain how overwhelming it is to know that


people you never even met want you to do well. We are only here because


of them, and I'm having the time of my life. Come on, Danny, you can do


it. CHEERING. Dancing the Salsa,


Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse. Wow, that reaction from the


audience! The hips are hypnotic! Yes, Bruno!


Yes! I am loving it! I love the flap boy apes, the flair. -- flamboyance.


The flair. All the sequence of the underarms, so fluid, you never lost


control. She was going into places that actually never thought


possible. Oti, my darling, you are a very naughty girl and that was a


very naughty Salsa! Loved it. Loved it. You would. Naughty boy.


Will that salsa fast-track Danny to the final, Craig? It lacked for me


figure eight rotation in the hip and that's - and the forward and back


basic, that really was the only thing missing. And really difficult


preparation grips for those lifts which were absolutely amazing! Yes


the lifts were phenomenal. Three or nearly four, I mean, the detail,


such intricate fabulous lifts. Oti, you really put him to test. All the


beautiful turns, you kept it free. Maybe I would have loved more


wildness from you. It was funny, you were slightly tentative, only in the


basics. I did feel there could have been more attitude. Look at his




He's fallen off his chair. First time, semifinals t had to happen.


Have you put your back out, love? Are you all right? It was still a


fabulous salsa. Thanks, Darcey. Len? Well, it was like my breakfast


porridge, tasty, satisfying, with a bit of Oti flavour. Come on! The


salsa comes from Cuba and it was like a Cuban evening, hot and


steamy! Oh, yes. Your bum... I am a little bit - don't start - I am


leaning towards Craig, on occasions - I am not even going to say it now.


You have upset me. Listen, you are a fantastic dancer. Whatever happens


tonight, you're fantastic. No disputing that. Thank you, judges.


You made Bruno fall off his chair for the first time this series. See


you later for the American Smooth. Danny and Oti!


APPLAUSE Danny and Oti, well done. Two


dances. You are such a team. How has your week been, is it confusing? Did


you keep thinking am I doing the American smooth? It's been busy. We


said at the beginning whatever happens, let's enjoy it, because if


it's our last you want to make the most of of it. You don't want to


worry all week and go out disappointed. You would rather go


out enjoying it. Well done. The scores are in.


My favourite thing is listening to these guys. They would give you 80


if they could. If you want to keep them


in the competition, all the information you need


is on your screen now so you can vote for Danny and Oti


when the vote opens, after all our couples


have danced twice. Still to come, Ore and Joanne


put crash helmets on. What a coincidence,


that's how I do my hair. Dancing next is Claudia


and her partner, AJ. Last week, they got their


first 10 of the series. But it's not just the judges who've


been impressed by their dancing. Claudia's been a big hit with people


all over the country. Last week you got the first 10. I


couldn't stop smiling and laughing all the way through. You are a


terrific dancer and you are a bundle of joy. And you didn't drop me, so


it was all right. The first dance this week is the rumba. Doing things


slower and really just feeling the music. I don't think people realise


how hard it is. You completely change 12 years of gymnastics to


three days of doing a rumba. It's been a challenge, I have the right


thing to motivate Claudia. Good luck, Claudia am. Your Argentine


tango was fantastic. Go, Claudia and AJ. Bring the glitterball back for


us! We are right behind you. Bristol, love it. I love the


Charleston you did, get to the final and nail it. AJ, please don't drop


Claudia. Good luck, Claudia! Claudia to win, definitely for the short


people. Yes! You are the greatest gymnast and the greatest dancer.


She's so good. It's nice that everyone's really enjoyed our


routines and how far we progressed and I want to keep making everyone


proud. Dancing the Rumba,


Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard. Well done, my darling!


Such a mature performance. Love that. We were all lost in there with


you then for a moment. Wonderful. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Well done. Craig, they have two chance chances to impress you


tonight, how was the first? I thought it was a little bit square,


if I am being completely honest. The held moments seemed to stop dead,


rather than continue the flow of the dance. You are hitting all the


positions but I felt it lacked a little bit of chemistry because of


that. I tell you what, I did love, and of course we expect from a


gymnast, beautiful moves with the unfolding of the leg and a beautiful


pointed foot, you had total control throughout. You really truly are


wonderful, darling. Not wrong there. Do you think Claudia embraced the


character of the rumba sufficiently, Darcey? There are some wonderful


moments, definitely. Some beautiful things. As Craig said, how you


extend and unfold those legs. There were lots of those moves. It was how


you fill out the music and everything but there has to be an


emotional connection and I was trying to watch that you had eye


contact but it's like this intent that has to follow through in the


move. It's not just doing the actions that you are asked off, it's


having a connection with the emotion. This is a very difficult


thing and you do that with experience and life experience and


you are young and this is the hardest challenge for you and I can


see that. But there are some very, very special things in there. It's


just that narrative that really has to shine through that is just


missing. You are so young and you are great


mates. Len? You are dressed as my favourite Quality Street. I tell you


what, that was a quality rumba. It was clean. It was precise. Always


under total control. I don't know the technical terms because it's


ballet, but there was a lot of cocking your leg up. Is that the...


There was a lot of those that didn't get on my nerves because you did


them beautifully. I would have liked more hip action here and there, but


as I think somebody said, you are a lovely dancer, you really are.


Beautiful control. Bruno? As always, wonderfully placed shapes beautiful,


patterns beautiful. Lines, you can do these lines as wonderful as


anyone. You know what it is with the hip action in the rumba, when you


started it, it has to continue through the body. It's almost like


a... He is up again! Don't point at me! It brings a sense of maturity to


it. You are a very young girl and you are playing it at a light level,


it needs a slight more intense attitude and keep that flow, not


just stopping here. It has to go all the way through, but beautifully


done. That's your first dance. The


quickstep is later. Looking forward to that. Off you go, it's Claudia




We loved it. Are you disappointed by the judges remarks. Your fellow


professionals were like - what? We thought it was magnificent. They


said you were a beautiful dancer and they wanted more connection. We


worked hard on all the steps and connecting. I'm a little bit


disappointed. But it's OK. Have you another dance to do. We thought we


were absolutely amazing. They are shouting, "under marked."


You have a Quickstep coming up. Are you looked forward to it? Yeah, I'm


going to bring it. Good, girl. If you want to keep Ore


and Joanne in the competition, all the information you need


is on your screen now so you can vote for them when the vote opens


at the end of the show. Our next couple is Ore


and his partner, Joanne. Last week, he survived


the dance-off, and being here in the semi-final


means everything to Ore, but can tonight's Quickstep take him


all the way to the final? I hope so. I absolutely loved that


Foxtrot, it was the most magical week I think I've ever had. I think


the pressure of the quarter finals maybe got to me. A couple of little


unsteady moments for me in those hovers. It's Ore and Joanne.


Thankfully, we are still here. I don't want to go home. I am a'


willing to put everything on the line. We are in the semi-finals.


We're in the semi-finals! Our first dance this week is the Quickstep. I


want it to be a Quickstep that everybody goes -- wow. Yes. You


cover so much ground and at serious speed. If you can't keep up, then


good night. Sorry, sorry. Today I brought in to training some messages


of support from the public. Good luck, we have enjoyed watching you


every week. Good luck, we think you've done amazingly well. Thanks.


I loved your jive. Good luck for the semi-final. Oh, yes. Get those kicks


and flicks. We love you. We thought your jive was amazing. Good You have


been luck. Great from the beginning. Keep up the hard work. Good luck,


Ore and Joanne. See you in the finals. That is the motivation.


We have to make sure... We do them proud. We do that. Let's do it.


Dancing the Quickstep, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


Soak it up. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Listen to that


reaction. Your mum is so proud. Your first dance of the semi-final, how


did it feel? The most amazing thing EVER! We are with you there. They


are dancing for a place in the final, Darcey. What do you think?


Wow, you came alive. You certainly did. It was terrific foot work. I


thought you were on your bike as you sped past us across the dance floor.


It's very difficult with that music. You could have got carried away. You


kept and composed. Sometimes you worked hard at not opening up your


frame. Jo was saying - no, stay, stay. She does that. The energy, the


attack, the focus was all there. Well done. Len. I don't know if that


motorbike is a Triumph, I tell you what, that Quickstep was. Quickstep,


speed and control. You had both of those. The key to it is - move fast,


but don't look rushed. You never did. You looked under complete


control throughout the dance. It was a fantastic dance.


I think I might cry in a minute. Did that get you Reeved up Bruno, it


don't take much. Did it just. Firing ing up. Rocking that leather look


and shaking it to the foundations. What is very difficult is getting a


theme and leaving the theme, being totally into character,


rock-and-roll, sexy, cheeky and yet the Quickstep was perfectically


identifiable as a fantastic dance. Second standing ovation. I don't


think I've ever seen this before. Craig, please don't spoil it. Jo set


a high standard in that and didn't make it easy, which I think is a


good thing. However, I think your posture was suffering slightly I


thought you were dancing a little bit too much with your leading arm.


There was one - What are you on about! I'm talking about... Bruno,


help me out here. You make it. You just say... I do not make it, Len,


I'm not making things up. Why would I make something up? There was one


moment that wasn't actually in sync. There was... Strangely, only you saw


that, Craig. We loved it. Thank you so much judges for your comments.


Please don't fall out. They are bowing it to you. Are you a


sport presenter. You didn't dance at your own wedding. You are in the


semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing. I love seeing your parents face.


They have flown here. Your dad flew in early from Niger yachl he was


screaming as you were dancing - in a good way, I should say. The scores


are in. Well done. Well done. You have an


Argentine Tango next. My parents are here with my wife. Coming from


Nigeria, I want to do them proud. They have never seen me do anything,


let alone dance. This one will be for them. I'm having the bs time.


Thank you! If you want to keep Ore


and Joanne in the competition, all the information you need


is on your screen now so you can vote for them when the vote opens


at the end of the show. So, all our couples have now danced


once which means we've reached the half-way point


in our semi-final. Let's take a look


at the leaderboard. At the top, correct, Ore and Joanne


are at the top. At the other end, still with 35, Claudia and AJ.


Our couples still have one more routine to perform tonight,


Remember the vote won't open until all couples


We still have all this still to come.


My two dances couldn't be more different. The samba, everything is


moving, it's that is bounce, that hip action. I feel like my brain is


just filled with choreography. Straight knees, up or down? So much


going on. I'm loving the Quickstep. It's so cool. I'm jumping all over


the place. I love it. With the Argentine tango you have to make


sure your movements are snappy. It's got to pop. Now, everything counts.


Can't wait to see what is coming up. Danny and Oti will be dancing by a


lake. Yes, I'm doing a bit


of fishing in it. Every time you go near a prop


you let it go and it's a disaster. Not in the semi-final,


I've glued my hands to it. It's time to welcome back Louise


and her partner, Kevin. Over the series, Louise has gained


plenty of supporters But can she gain a place


in next week's final? Let's find out what


the judges have to say. Louise, what a class act. How


consistent has this girl been? She has a lovely emotion she's able to


deliver through her moves. It's rare to see. I, for the first three or


four weeks, was a little bit disappointed with Louise. She


plateaued. The Rumba lacked the necessary excitement. You have to


stretch out those lines. It's frustrating when you can see someone


who can produce them, she wasn't. You have to grow into loving dances.


This Argentine tango was the moment that something clicked. Beautiful


shaping in the arms. She nailed the sultry, sensual quality that we've


never seen before. She can do it. She's grown so much as a dancer with


the confidence level. I think that's all she was lacking. She has a


delicious amount of musicality. That is what I love watching. Louise is


doing the samba this week. Samba always is very, very tricky. You


have to get that party atmosphere. Yes. But still get technique and


rhythm. Nigh I don't know if Louise is a party animal. We will have to


wait and see. I just think, when you watch the samba, all parts of the


body are doing something different. This samba could be thes difference


of me staying in the competition and getting to the final or going home.


If ever there is a time I musn't hold back, I think it's going to be


on this dance. Dancing the Samba,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. I am so proud of you, well done.


You didn't hold back, did you, you party animal! Loved it.


That was your last dance and your last shot at the final. Len, how did


she do? You know, last week I said the quickstep lacked a little bit of


content. Well, you have gone overboard. You even did the maypole,


I haven't seen that ever! Must be 50 years old. You came out full of


rhythm and attitude. What I love is you performed the dance and earlier


on that's what you weren't doing, but now you are coming out and


performing. You hung on a bit in the pivots. But overall what a great


samba. Congratulations. Bruno. Oh, how tooty-fruity was that samba?


It's easy to capture the colour and the flavour of the samba, you know,


shake it about and jump up and down, but what you did is you put in an


incredible amount of content. You really made it very hard for


yourself because it's probably one of the hardest dances to do. Yes,


there was a moment... Oops, where am I? Oh, I am back in, I know what I


am doing. I have to appreciate the fact that you stacked this dance


with everything you could possibly put in. Great.


Craig. For me there wasn't enough of upper body energy or resistance in


the top half of your body. I thought you could have made the bounce a


little bit more, but you are dancing to Kevin who just goes mad! But what


a vivacious performance, incredible. Darcey. A classic samba. The joy in


your face from the beginning, I loved all the backward rocks. The


tautness in your upper body, not what he was saying, I thought was


all there. It's just keeping all that detail until the very end. That


energy has to stay as high as possible and I always can tell when


you are coming to the end and I don't want to know that, it was


still absolutely charming and I did notice you were flirting a little


bit with your partner, which was very nice. They've done all they can


but will it be enough? Let's hope so. It's Louise and Kevin! Off you


go. I am going to use the word journey


because you have been on one. Can we remind that when you started you


were self-conscious and didn't want to do it and now you are wearing a


fringe dress and a fruit hat. I didn't believe it. Now and again I


catch a glimpse of myself and I am like, is that me in that hat? Well


done. The scores are in. If you want to see Louise and Kevin


through to next week's final all the information you need


is on your screen now so you can vote for them when the vote opens


at the end of the show. Still to come, Claudia dances


to When You're Smiling, which I believe is


Craig's theme tune. You got that right! He is smiling


now. Back for their second dance


are Danny and his partner, Oti. Since he was joint top


of the leaderboard on week two Danny He is now looking forward ?


hoping to secure a place Can he maintain this


incredible standard? Let's find out what


the judges think. Danny Mac, what a talent. Looks


brilliant, dances sensationally. What a showman. He is the one to


beat. That samba, they threw everything at it. He had to produce


that hip movement, so clean and so exact. It's the first samba to ever


get 40. What I loved about this Argentine tango, OK it didn't have


that intimate mood, at first I was dubious about it, however, the


precision. It's quick and sharp and to the point and he also tells a


magnificent story. It was absolutely incredible. That Charleston in


Blackpool. Absolutely stunning. That shows you the showmanship. Difficult


and rhythm changes constantly. It was the first time I couldn't


identify that he was not the professional dancer. Coming up to


the final my worry is that the routines are going to get


overcomplex and he will struggle to perform. They're all neck-and-neck.


One false move and you're gone. This week Danny is going to be doing the


American Smooth. I think this will really suit him. He is a little bit


of a Gene Kelly. He certainly knows how to move, doesn't he? It's been a


while since we have done a dance like this so it's a great time to be


bringing it out. For Danny and I to impress the judges we have to bring


something new to the table because it's the dance that could get us to


the final. I would love nothing more than to take Oti through to the


final of this competition. To go out at this stage will be devastating.


Dancing the American Smooth, Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse.


Oh my goodness! That was incredible! So much trust between... Thank


goodness you caught her! My heart was in my mouth. I was like that all


week. I am not surprised. She came at you like a bullet! OK. You judges


all loved the lifts in the salsa, what about those lifts? I was


totally and completely swept away by the motion and emotion of this


dance. What I like, you put in some elements of contemporary jazz into


it that were just perfect. And enhancing the story. It really was


exquisite story-telling. Craig. I hope you agree. That was right up my


street. I loved it! Finally, not a negative word to be


heard. Darcey. You achieved controlled quality all the way


through the rotations and then that lovely pivot. Some really nice


things, the transitions out of some of those lifts. There was one lift


for me that looked very clumsy and that is the only one that - that


swivel around the waist looked out of context. Otherwise, stunning.


Len, you said in the judges' report that Danny is the one to beat. Do


you still agree? Well, on that dance I have to agree with Craig now, that


is right up my alley! I tell you that. I know what you are thinking,


I know, you are thinking I only did natural turns, there was no reverse


turns, but you did the natural turns so beautifully I am going to forgive


you. Thank you judges. Go and get your


second set of scores. Danny and Oti! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


Well done. Getting remarks like that after you have worked so hard must


mean everything. It really does. Oti honestly, you are extraordinary.


That jump, I was like... The scores are in.


If you want to see Danny and Oti in the final


then all the information is on your screen now so you can


vote for them when voting opens at the end of show.


If you want to vote online you have to sign in or register if you


haven't already. Still to come, more double dancing. If you are playing


that game where you have a small drink every time we say double


dancing, you might want to lie down. Tess.


About to dance for the second time tonight is Claudia


Over the series, Claudia has really put her heart and soul into Strictly


and it's beginning to pay dividends because it's got her all


But can she make it to the final three?


Claudia. Little Miss Dynamite. What I love, she comes out, full on, flat


out and full of attack. Nothing safe. AJ's done a great job. Movie


week, her Bugsy Malone, it was perfect. It was her. You could tell


she loved every minute. Technically that was absolutely brilliant!


I don't think I have ever seen any girl do better footwork than her


American smooth Hallowe'en week. She has something special, I love


watching her. She has an incredible reserve of energy. Those lifts in


that Argentine tango, incredible. Precise. Claudia I have a problem


with, she doesn't commit emotionally to any of the dances, I love what


she does with her body but it's what inside her body and soul coming out,


you have to tell the story. Emotional impact, not just because


you can nail the moves, but nail the mood. This week Claudia is doing the


quickstep, I am looking forward to that, she's fast and furious. Will


she be elegant and romantic? Her place in the final is dependent on


whether or not she can actually sell the character. I really want to


impress the judges with my quickstep and show them I can get my emotional


side out and I want to perform to my best and tell an amazing story to


touch everyone's hearts at home. Dancing the Quickstep,


Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard. Did that get you smiling, Craig? It


did. I absolutely loved the end of that routine. It was just a


fantastic finish. You kept character. It looked like you were


dancing for your life. Brilliant. Dancing for your lives, indeed for


the final. You look lovely when you smile, you should do it more often.


Darcey. It was light, energetic. I loved the routine. One moment you


were like carving up the dance floor. It was stunning how the


patterns how they curled. You went right to the edge of the dance


floor. Really impressive. You had a generous top line throughout. You


are one fit girl. You really are. I have to say. There was only tiny


moments where there was slight gapping. Oh, stop. We are being


picky here. This is the semi-finals. This is your dance. It's fabulous.


Len. For me, you have gone from gymnastic to fantastic. Oh! The


thing is, I've done ballroom, I've danced hundreds and thousands of


Quicksteps, I know the difficulty when there is a height difference.


You overcame that with this dance. I congratulate you both. Fair point.


Very impressive. Bruno. This dance suits you down to a tee. You were


like a ray of sunshine out there. What was extraordinary was your foot


work. You both had spring and sprint and you were weightless and you


never missed a beat on this dance. Another thing you did, you did turns


with sway in which, you know... I don't I've seen it this season.


Probably the first time FAB-U-LOUS. Indeed. They are dancing for their


lives. Stealing Craig's catchphrase. I'm so proud of you. Off you go.


So happy. You train so hard. You said you had to unlearn all of your


gymnast training especially for that dance. Doing gymnastics and dancing


is the opposite. AJ had to work hard with me. I can't thank you enough.


You had a tough week, but they said it was your dance.


That is your highest score. Fantastic. Your first 10 from Len.


Right time to get one, the semi-final!


If you want to see Claudia and AJ in the final all the information


you need is on your screen now so you can vote for them


when the vote opens at the end of the show.


You don't have long to wait because we have just one


Our final couple to take to the floor again is


It's been a topsy-turvy series for Ore.


He's shed tears of joy, he's been top of the leaderboard


and he's also survived two Dance Offs.


What next for Ore - a place in the final?


Ore with lovely Joanne. They perform so well together. Wh when they dance


they are completely unite and in tune. You know what I love about


them, he is so emotional. Other ray has passion. Do you remember that


jive early on? That was the surprise of the season. His flexibility, his


strength, his stamina, I was not expecting that. Look at that foot


work. Speed an flare. It was a pure jive. It was brill yanlt. A star is


born. I will throw a number out to you Singing In The Rain. How


incredible was that? The quality, the style. His acting skills. It all


was just like a perfect rounded performance. I was shocked. Ore


really needs to work on hisify work. He has a small tendency to turn his


feet in. Pigeon toed. In the la tin dances -- his. He is doing the


Argentine tango for a place in the final. All that emotion and passion


will come out. I can't wait. I'm excited about this dance. We have to


throw ourselves fully into it. Go big, or go home. I'm hoping we can


capture the intensity and the passion. We really need to make sure


that this is the most powerful Argentine tango this Strictly has


ever seen. Dancing the Argentine Tango,


Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton. What a dance to end the semi-final.


So powerful. So intense. You brought out the big guns for that one, Ore.


Wow. I won't be able to get that out of my head for quite a while. What


did you think Darcey? Fast and furious Argentine tango. Difficult


to express that Space passion when it's that speed. You found moments


of intensity. The tension was lovely. It really was. That


one-handed lift, you caught her. That was extraordinary. That was,


really... I was like that, ah! You do have this lovely quality, you are


an attentive partner. That really showed. You don't take your eyes off


her. That is very special in Argentine tango. The risk... The


risk at the end. Create that beat. That half beat to catch that finish.


It was perfect. Was that worthy of a place in in the final, Len? I have


to say, what amazes me, Ore, you can make a case out for the other three,


but you are a gymnast or they have been on musical theatre and stuff.


You have no dance experience. You are a sports broadcaster. You've


come out and danced with so much precision. You took it - come here,


girl. No larking about. It was so full and intense. I thought it was a


terrific wonderful performance. Well done. Well done. Bruno. Mesmerising.


I could hardly breathe because of the magnetic, hypnotic intensity of


that dance. I held my breath all the way through. First, you produced


some of the most beautiful pictures and lines we've seen tonight,


absolutely, trust me. And, you conducted yourself. I don't know if


I was watching a lion tamer or a magician. She was on the floor,


prowling like a lioness. Snap your finger, cradling her like a lovely


pet. Always the boss. I'm telling you, that was outstanding. There you


are. Outstanding. Craig you gave him a controversial eight for their


Quickstep, is that better? Yes, it was better, as a matter-of-fact.


However, you did lose balance on one of the llunges. Which was such a


shame. . -- you should be so proud of yourself. Teaching him to dance


like that, Jo, is justs just extraordinary. It really, really is.


Brav row. Extraordinary, perfect, we absolutely loved it. Let's see where


that leaves you on the leaderboard. So well done. Ore and Joanne, off


you go. You were so looking forward to that


dance. Did it live up to your expectations? More than. I don't get


to show that a, yeah, careful, you are on telly, I don't get to show


that side of me often, that intense. We have washed so hard. She has been


patient with me. -- worked. 39. The last time you got that was


Week 4. Are you happy? I can't put it into words. My mum and dad are


here. I know. They are. Your wife was crying throughout. If you want


these two to make it to the final all the information you need is on


your screen now. So you can vote for Ore and Joanne


when the vote opens very shortly. All of our couples have performed


two routines and soon we will hear from all of them about why getting


to the final means so much. Remember, you're voting


for your Strictly Come And, I can confirm,


the vote is now... Calls cost 15p plus any


network access charge. Please get the bill payer's


permission before you call. Or alternatively you can vote online


for free at bbc.co.uk/strictly where you will also find full


terms and conditions. Please don't try to vote


if you're watching On Demand. To help you decide, here's


a reminder of tonight's performances and the all


important vote information. All four of our remaining couples


have given it their all But only three can it


make it to next week. No one wants to fall


at the final hurdle. Here is why Louise, Ore,


Danny and Claudia want to be there. We are one step away from the climax


of this series. No one wants to see anybody go home. I can't believe I


have come so far in this competition. This is the final


hurdle. Regardless of where you are on that leaderboard, you are not


safe. Ore and Joanne... Standing under that spotlight has never got


easier. You are waiting there and you just think you are in the bottom


two automatically. Those few moments are just horrible. It's like you can


hear a pin drop. Danny and Oti!


The relief that floods your body is indescribable. I am grateful that


the elimination process is only going to happen one more time. It


would be horrible to fall at the last hurdle because I want to make


it to the final. I am going to say it now, I want to be in the final.


It would mean the world to me. Every one of our celebrities


would love to be in the final next week and they've danced their hearts


out in a spectacular semi-final They're all relying on your


support to help them Voting closes at 8.40pm tonight,


so you don't have much longer Your votes could help them avoid


the last dance-off of the series in tomorrow night's Results show


at 7.20pm when, sadly, one more couple will be eliminated


from Strictly Come Dancing. Also on tomorrow's show our


professional dancers will perform Imagine Planet Earth


but in the Ballroom. And we have a very special


performance from the music So for all of that and to find out


which of our stars will be dancing in the final please join us


tomorrow at 7.20pm. That's 7.20pm,


but in the meantime... The roads we walk have demons


beneath them... ..and yours have been waiting


for a very long time.


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite you to join them for the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing!

Fifteen couples started the competition back in September but, three months on and hundreds of dances later, they have been whittled down to just four. Tonight it will be heartbreak for one couple because only three can make it through to the grand final. Tonight will be doubly difficult for the four remaining couples, as each must perform two dances for a chance to win a place in the Strictly grand final. Voting lines will open at the end of the show. Once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the two lowest-scoring couples will perform again in the dreaded dance-off in the results show. There is only space for three couples in the final, so who is within touching distance of the glitterball, and who will be waltzing out of the competition at the last hurdle?