Week 12 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 12 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome viewers to the semi-final results show. Featuring a routine by the professional dancers and a musical performance by Sting.

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This is Strictly Come Dancing ? the semi-final results.


Hello and welcome to the Semi-Final Results show!


Thank you to our professionals dancers for that beautiful routine.


Saturday night saw our couples perform and score 18 10s between


them. But there are only three


places available in next week's grand final, so one


of our remaining four The judges' scores have


been added to your votes and the two couples


with the lowest overall The decision of who stays


and who goes is down And Bruno Tonioli and


Craig Revel Horwood. Also performing on the show


tonight, we are in the presence of rock


royalty - Sting is in the And the judges will take


a closer look at Saturday's routines in the last-ever


ever Len's Lens. Soon we'll find out


which two couples will be in but first, Saturday night's


semi-final had double 11.00am. A big day ahead of me.


Semifinal Saturday. There's four of us left in the


competition. Everyone is so, so good. This might be the last time I


ever dance on the Strictly floor. The nerves backstage are mounting.


They have two dances. Two dances. One changeover. Oh, thinking about


it, freaks me out. They have done so much work to get this far. Nobody


wants to go out. All we have to do now is dance It's so close. I


really, really want it make the finals. One of us is going to be the


winner of the whole series. It is so frustrating. I think everyone


deserves to be in the final. Ladies and gentlemen, five minutes to the


live final. Three, two, one, zero. Semi--final.


It was a quality rumba. Clean and precise. I felt it lacked a little


chemistry Just the narrative missing. You did amazing. You did


amazing. As Brucie would say, "Didn't she do well." I was thrilled


and delighted. I love watching you dance. Same again for the next one.


It lacked for me, Figure 8 rotation in the hip. The flai flamboyance,


flair, hot and steamy Let's go. One down. The energy, the attack was all


there. Well done. It was a fantastic dance. I thought you were dancing


too much with your leading arm. What are you on about? I loved it. I


absolutely loved it. Ore and Joanne are at the top. Our couples still


have one more routine to perform tonight. Here they come, guys. One


down, one to go. Five minutes to get changed, please. Time is ticking.


I thought you would have be a is entuaited the bounce a little more.


So proud of you. You're the best. You danced like you were dancing for


your life - brilliant. . You were weightless and never missed a beat


Two 10s. I can't believe that. Exquisite story-telling. That was


right up my street, I loved it. 10. We have done everything we can. Now


it is out of our hands. Mesmerising. That one-handed lift. I was like


that - oh. I thought it was a wonderful performance. A fabulous


semifinal. This is how the leaderboard looked


at the end of all eight Up at the top Ore and Joanne with a


combined score of 77. And down at the other end, Claudia and AJ with


73. But have your votes at home


changed everything? After twelve weeks of


competition the final is Who will make it,


and who will miss out? In no particular order, the first


finalists of 2016 is... And now the first couple in the


dance off is... Danny and Oti. Louise and Kevin answer Claudia and


AJ, you will have to wait a little longer to find out which of you is


guaranteed a place in the final. Danny and Oti, please come and join


me. Oh, your first time in the dance off, one week away from the final.


How do you feel? Shocked a bit. We were saying, actually, you know,


this is the last dance, if it is the last dance we are going to do I'm


glad it is this one. You danced the American smooth on Saturday night,


and the other dance. Which will you do? The American smooth. Bruno, they


have never been in the dance off. Tonight it matters more than ever,


what is the advice? First, let me say, you have been one of the most


consistently good performers we have ever had. So, relax, enjoy, do


exactly what you do, because what you do is fantastic. Yeah? Yes.


Thank you. Darcey. All of the other judges scored Danny and Oti is 10 on


Saturday. You scored a 9. What more can they do in the dance off? Just


to say I'm totally shocked. I knew this was going to be a really,


really tough competition. It was a stunning performance. But you know,


there are moments where I think - actually you don't look as


comfortable as you normally do, because we expect so much from you.


But, please, go out and enjoy and do it as exactly as you did on Saturday


night. Thank you very much. The pressure is on because


later you will be I am joined with Ore and Joanne who


are through to next week's final. By the way, you two, I have never seen


more shocked - you are a sports broadcaster. You have had no dance


training, you are in the final of Strictly Come Dancing. How do you


feel? Oh, oh. Do you know what... It just means everything and to get


there is the biggest thank you to everybody, my wife my family, all of


our friends, especially this person, putting in the hours over and over.


And everybody at home. So, little Joanne Clifton, that face


on you. How do you feel? You are in the final? I can't believe T we were


happy to get to Blackpool. And -- I can't believe it. We were happy to


get to Blackpool. He has come from nowhere to get to the final of


Strictly Come Dancing. Thank you for working so hard.


Soon we'll find out who will be joining them in the final but first


Singing One Fine Day, please welcome, Sting.


# Optimists say the future's just a place we've never been


# Histories say we're doomed to make the same mistakes again


# I guess I'll wake up smarter one fine day


# Apologists say the weather's just a cycle we can't change


# Scientists say we've pushed those cycles way beyond


# Dear leaders, please do something quick


# But hey, we'll all be grateful one fine day?


# Today the Northwest Passage just got found


# Three penguins and a bear got drowned


# Seems things are worse than some had feared


# Who knows what else we're going to find


# So do you trust your head or heart when things all seem to fall apart?


# I guess we'll wake up smarter one fine day


# When snakes can talk and pigs will fly


# And we'll all be so much wiser one fine day.#


Thank you, Sting, and, of course, our professional


Now, with the final in sight, it's also going to be a


big week for our good friends on It Takes Two


Do you want the best guests? Of course you do. We are strictly a


list. Tess and Claudia bring the gossip, Len gives his verdict, and


former champions will be helping us prepare for next week's big final.


Join me every week night on BBC Two. Remember, you can also head


to bbc.co.uk/strictly for more Now let's delve deeper


into the dances for the last time this year,


please welcome the judges. This is weight you expand on some


think you have noted on Saturday night. Can we do it alone? Not


possible. That's welcome Len's Lens for the last time. First of all, I


would love to talk to you about Louise's maypole. I like the


old-fashioned steps. Coming up now. It is to be called the maypole. When


I danced, it would have been one of the highlights of the performance.


But things have gone on. It looks like a little innocent step. But I


like to see it, it takes me back, we like to reminisce. Of course, it is


a classic. The maypole. Let's hear it for the maypole. Can I talk to


you about Claudia and AJ? You loved her floor pattern, she covered every


part of the floor. She is going right to the end. Look at how they


weave and calf. When I coach people, I say you have to imagine the


pattern you do on the dance floor, it is important that you fill the


dance floor, and it gives the steps more depth. Let me ask you about the


figure of eight. I wanted more hip action, especially in this section.


It need that little figure of eight, darling. Do it! I am excited. A bit


more of that, darling. That is brilliant. Thank you so much! That


was amazing. Bruno, I would like to talk to you about Ore and the


Argentine Tango. Especially the jump or the lift. Look at the man, who is


in charge? Master and Commander. She snapped into his hands. When you are


performing, it is easy to attract attention when you are busy. The


hardest thing to do is to command a stage or a screen when you are doing


very little. It is all to do with the energy that comes from inside


you, and you are commanding the world around you. That is what he


did. Thank you so much. I keep on mentioning it, in case anybody


forgets, this is our last ever Len's Lens. I know! Before this comes to


an end, it is time to look back, we have had so many fun moments. Here


are just a few of them. Welcome the judges!


The wonderful judges. This is where we talk about the


details of Saturday night. Not in a thousand years! That would be crazy!


Len's Lens! It has taken 14 serious for this to happen, you flying! The


armpit! What you are supposed to do, so, he'll, swivel. I will say a


style, I would like you to pull a face. Pull yourself together! You


flaunt a ten, you don't flaunt a nine. Thank you very much.


Thank you so much for coming up here, thank you to the judges.


So far one couple have made it through to next


Two couples left, both desperate to make it


through to the final but only one of them is


Louise and Kevin and Claudia and AJ, one of you is in the final, one of


you is in the dance off. I can reveal the couple in the bottom two


tonight who will be in the dance off is... Claudia and AJ. Louise and


Kevin, congratulations, you through to the grand final. Claudia and AJ,


please come and join me. Come on, Claudia. Dear me. You must


be very disappointed. I am, but we will go for it. Let's talk to the


judges. They scored 38 on Saturday, your highest score in the series,


what more can they do? You are an Olympian. You have gone out to get a


gold medal and put everything on the line. You have got nerves of steel.


Keep that attitude, think it is like an Olympic event, keep that, nerves


can make or break. Hold your nerve and come out and dance like you did.


Let's talk to Craig. On Saturday you said they were dancing like they


were dancing for their lives. They are now. They are, and the reason I


did not give you both a ten was for a very small reason, a tiny bit of


capping. You can try and keep your body is connected just a tiny bit


more, that will help a lot, but you have grown not only as a dancer but


as a performer, emotionally. It is so wonderful to see. You are only


one dance away from the final, we are all behind you.


I am here with Louise and Kevin, through to the final.


Congratulations, you were joint bottom of the leaderboard on


Saturday, what would you like to say to the people who voted for you? I


am so grateful, I have made a friend for life, I am incredibly grateful,


I am too shocked to talk. Look at you! You are so sweet. This is your


fourth final. You are going up against your sister. How proud are


you of Louise? How are you feeling about the whole thing? I am so proud


of her. Since the first week she has been so lovely to work with. She has


been amazing in training. I feel like I have found a friend for life,


I could not be more proud of her. And kid to everybody who voted, and


I could not be more proud of Ore and my sister. You have done it.


We started in September with 15 very excited


couples, all eager to enter the ballroom.


Next week one couple will be crowned the


champions of Strictly Come Dancing 2016.


And it's been a journey none of them will forget.


Wellcome, the stars of Strictly Come Dancing 2016. 12 weeks ago, 15


couples rocketed onto the dance floor. Give it your all. After three


gruelling months,... Nerves running rampant. The star of the show. For


couples are approaching the final countdown. I can't contain myself


any longer. All the hard work, it has all come down to this. You are


running out of time, you feel the panic. Ready to do this. I will give


it everything. There is only one question on everyone's's lips. Who


will raise the glitter ball trophy in the 2016 final?


We are here with Danny and Oti and Claudia and AJ, hoping to make it


through to the grand final. It all comes down to the dance off.


This is your first, are you in shock? Not at this point. Everyone


is so good. There is nobody that does not deserve to be in that


final. What words of encouragement can you give him? Danny has been


amazing throughout this season, especially for me, he has allowed me


to do so much. We just have to put our heart on the dance floor and


enjoy it. Enormous luck, thank you so much. Danny and Oti. Go and get


into your positions. Claudia and AJ, you have come so far


in this competition, you have learned so much. How much would it


mean to be in the final's it would mean the world. We have worked so


hard in training. I started off not so confident person, I have grown so


much confidence. I feel like a bigger, better person, thanks to AJ.


Your first series, you have made it through to the semifinals, what do


you want to say? Thank you, I am so proud of you, you have come so far,


it has been an inspiration. There is only one place available in the


final, this is the last and the most important dance off of the series.


First to dance a game, it is Danny and Sauber. -- Danny and Oti.


Danny and Oti have done their best to impress the judges and now,


hoping to win that last place in the final, Claudia and AJ.


What an incredible dance off. Danny and Oti, Claudia and AJ have done


everything they can. Now it is down to the judges


to choose the couple they want to send


through to the final. With just one mark between them on


Saturday night. It is not going to be easy. But judges, it's time to


decide. Based on the dance off


alone, I'm about to ask each of you the name


of the couple you think deserves to be saved and your reason


for saving them. The couple with the most


votes will stay in the competition, meaning


the other couple is In the event of a tie


head judge, Len, you Danny and Oti and Claudia and AJ,


this is it. Craig, who would you like to send through to the final


and why? Both couples I have to say in that dance off were worth 10,


equally. APPLAUSE


It is so difficult but I would really like to save Danny and Oti.


Danny and Oti one vote for you. You are one step closer to the final.


Darcey who do you think deserves to stay in the competition, and why?


Both performed to such an outstanding level tonight. It makes


it very hard to choose between them. outstanding level tonight. It makes


it very hard to choose between them. The couple that had a small edge


over the other, was Danny and Oti. Two votes to Danny and Oti. About


Bruno chooses to save them, that means they are indeed through to the


final. Bruno, who do you think deserves to be a finalist and why? I


would like to congratulate you. You were both excellent. I have to


go with the couple that have an edge in artistry and emotional impact.


For that reason, I choose Darcey and Oti. That means we have to say


goodbye to Claudia and AJ. Please come and join us. Danny and Oti,


congratulations, you are through to the grand final.


Len, I know it doesn't make any difference. I was in agreement. You


agree with your fellow judges. Thank you so much.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh my word. You have been so popular


and so wonderful. You have come so far. All the way to the semifinal.


Don't cry, darling. Can you believe it is all over? I can't believe I


have made it this far to be honest. Everyone is so lovely. I am just so


happy that I've made it this far and everyone has has been incredible and


to come out and not be as confident as I was. I feel like a different


person now, all thanks to this show. What would you like to say to your


professional partner, AJ? Oh, you have been absolutely amazing. You


really have pushed me to the best of my ability and boosted my


confidence. It is all thanks to you. AJ Claudia has brought you to the


semifinal in your first series. What would you like to say? I'm just so


proud of her. How far she has come. They are both crying.


You have entertained and enthralled us all over


taking a look back at your Strictly story.


Strictly is an amazing thing to do. It's been an incredible experience.


I'm becoming a dancer. It's been a dream. Light up my life. You lit up


this ballroom. Lovely. I I can't imagine doing Strictly


without AJ I can't put it into words. To be partnered with Claudia


is amazing. It is just an inspiration to have him teach me how


to dance I feel like we've really bonded together. It is a friendship


for life, 100%. I'm no stranger to hard work. So when I was coming into


this I thought it was going to be easy. I didn't realise how hard you


have to work on every single detail Take me back to gymnastics. The week


I did the Argentine tanning yolks I never knew I could be so fierce or


strong. My favourite dance was the Charleston. That was brilliant.


Hitting AJ with a pie in the face was the icing on the cake. All my


family have said I have been enjoying life so much more. I can't


tell you how much I've loved this experience.


APPLAUSE So many good memories. We will not


forget what a great couple you have been. We will not forget that Lion


King salsa in musical week. You guys have been incredible. I'm so sorry,


I have to ask you. Give me your tissue. Do you want to keep yours?


AJ and Claudia. Haven't they been brilliant?


APPLAUSE Claudia and AJ will join Zoe next


week on It Takes Two. Next Saturday your votes


alone will decide the Strictly Come Dancing


Champions of 2016 in our Kevin and Joanne, Danny and owe tie


and Kevin and Louise. But now, for the final time. One


last time, it is Claudia and AJ. She was amazing and it's always hard


to see someone go. Especially as talented as Claudia. It's so hard


standing there not knowing whether you deserve to go through over


someone else that definitely deserves to be in the final. She's


showed everybody she's not just a gymnast, she's an amazing woman.


It's devastating to lose her. So blessed and so lucky that we made


it. That was the best you have ever danced it. Just absolutely as proud


as punch to be here. We're in the final. What?


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome you to the big one - it's the results show which reveals the three couples that will reach the grand final of Strictly Come Dancing. The judges' scores and public votes have been combined, and the two couples with the lowest score will dance off against each other, before four couples become three. The professional dancers will also be taking to the floor with another incredible routine. Plus a musical performance by Sting.