The Final Strictly Come Dancing

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The Final

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman present the Strictly Come Dancing grand final. The three remaining couples perform three dances as they battle to be crowned champions.

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It started with 15. Now there are three. You ignite. PS. Stunning.


Fantastic. Months of strenuous training comes down to this, the


final week. Three celebrities with gruelling schedules have never had


it so tough. Just finished our first date's training of final week. It


Takes Two. It is the final. Really nervous. Not only have we got three


dancers, there is loads of press and media. It doesn't stop! No! That is


a day of rehearsal Don. Absolutely crazy week. It is nonstop. These are


our brilliant finalists. It is the fear of what might happen. It is


indescribable. I'm so proud to be there. Being in the final of the


show just was not even an option. It was the realisation of a dream.


Louise, Ore, Danny, one of them will be your champion tonight.


I can't believe how far I have come. All the hard work has come down to


this. Months of training. I can do this.


I'm ready. This is it. This year. The Glitterball Trophy. Could be


mine... And now please welcome... Danny.


Louise. And Ore!


2016 Strictly Come Dancing finalists!


Live from the BBC, this is Strictly Come Dancing the Grand Final!


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing.


Thank you to our professional dancers and finalists for that


That's what you call arriving in style.


Back in September, the days were long, the sun was shining,


and 15 celebrities took their first tentative steps onto this floor.


And after four months of blood, sweat and spray tans,


Tonight, one of them will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champion 2016!


But first, our three finalists must dance three times.


So strap yourselves in and get ready for a huge night of dance.


Also tonight, we have a performance from the amazing Emeli Sande.


Plus, we'll be reuniting the Class of 2016 for one final


Casting an eye over the Grand Final are these wonderful four.


Tonight, they'll be scoring, but those scores


Your votes alone will decide which couple will be crowned this


year's Strictly winners at the end of the show.


Our finalists are backstage, focused, ready and raring to go.


TV presenter and singer Louise Redknapp and her


BBC sports presenter Ore Oduba and his partner, Joanne Clifton.


Actor Danny Mac and his partner, Oti Mabuse.


Every one of them has topped the leaderboard.


Every one of them is dreaming of lifting


First, our couples will perform a dance chosen by the judges.


It's a routine they've done before that the judges


After they've all danced once, we'll open the vote, so you can


Their second dance is something that we've looked


Our finalists will be pulling out all the stops to blow us away


And for their third and final dance, our couples will perform their very


And dancing first for your votes is Ore and his partner, Joanne.


The dance the judges have chosen for them to perform again is that


unforgettable American Smooth to 'Singin' In The Rain'.


We know we'd love to see it again, let's find out why


It still feels so strange to say it, but we are in the final!


It was a fantastic dance! Last Saturday night, it will go down as


one of these best nights in my life. We are in the final! Look at you


two, Ore and Joanne, congratulations. You've been a


revelation. Your talent as a dancer is incredible. We have chosen for


you to repeat that amazing American smooth.


The foxtrot. Really? Are you kidding? I'm not kidding. I remember


it was Gene Kellie, fabulous! The first time you did it, it was only


weeks three and you got 35. All the dances that we have chosen, we think


you will have the potential to get ten across the board. My only advice


is to maintain your frame, this is the bit where you were slightly


leaning over Jo. Keep the lovely wide elbows and beautiful posture,


correct footwork. Only perfection is going to do if you are going to win


this competition. I really feel like we can smash this


one out of the park! Out lot is riding on this dance.


Back then, we only come only, got 35. They gave constructive criticism


and we are working really hard to try to perfect their stance because


we've got to get this one and gone. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


Dancing the American Smooth, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


And what a dance! I think you are happy with that.


This four months has been the biggest honour, beyond both our


wildest dreams. This day has been incredible, I can't believe that


reception, thank you so much! It is amazing! Soak it up.


While you two take it all in, please welcome our superb live singers...


And, of course, Dave Arch and his brilliant orchestra!


You couldn't hear me Ore. I was screaming the whole way through it.


You are... No, I was. You are the boy that brings joy. You were


Singin' in the Rain but my thoughts were only of happiness. Honestly, I


thought it was such a greater number before. You have taken great to an


even greater place. It was brilliant. I love it! Bruno? Fasten


your seat belts, it will be a fantastic night. We are off on a


high. It was such a beautifully crafted tribute to Gene Kelly, but


what I liked about it was it was not an imitation, it was true to the


spirit of a great start but your personality and your talent really


shone through, your cheeky charm. You put so much of yourself into it,


and yet it was true to the brief and a great American Smooth foxtrot as


well. Spot-on. APPLAUSE


Did his frame make you happier that time around, Craig?


Yes, the frame was vastly improved this time. And also you were much


higher up on your toes, which I noticed, but I also noticed you did


not appoint your foot on some sections. It is the final. You have


style, you have substance, it was sophisticated, it was polished and,


you know what, I think you are a miracle. I really do. That is a


miracle, him giving you a compliment!


Darcey? Ore, Joanne, I wish I could play it on rewind. In week three I


said it took my breath away, you made me gasp again. It is heaven.


How you capture the style, the understanding you have on the dance


floor, it all came together and you have pulled it off again. Thank you.


CHEERING It is the final!


The whole gang is back to support you, huge congratulations. When you


first did the dance, Gene Kelly's widow Patricia got into urged to say


that she loved it, she is here this evening. It is an absolute honour


for us. And I believe you have dinner...


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Patricia, thank you for joining us,


it must have been wonderful for you guys to meet. It is hard to top this


experience, it has been an honour and privilege and I have made best


friends on this show, to have Patricia here and to do this


number... You describe it. 39. Each judge went up a mug, you


had to be happy? Amazing. -- each judge went up a mark.


Remember, those scores are for guidance only.


Tonight, your votes alone will decide the winners.


And if your winners are Ore and Joanne, all the details


are on your screen now, and the vote will open


after all three of our couples have danced once.


Terms and conditions coming up later.


But for now, if you are going to vote online,


Do that by going to the website address on screen.


If you are going to vote by phone, please do not call yet,


as the vote is not open, your vote won't count


Our next finalists to take to the floor are Louise


The judges have chosen her Cha-Cha to 'Flashdance' from Movie Week.


Ten weeks on, she's doing it again - and she's hoping the sequel will be


I just feel incredibly grateful to still be in the competition. Stunt


to have been saved by the public, because I was joint bottom in the


Leader Board. In my head, I was very unsure of what would happen. To get


the opportunity to dance in the final, I can't believe it, I think I


am still in shock. Welcome, my darlings, I bet you are both dying


to know what we have chosen. It is from week three, the cha-cha-cha.


The cha-cha-cha! Outcomes the leotard!


That was not your highest mark but you won the cha-cha-cha Lynch, when


you dance that, we could see such an enormous improvement. This is what


we are after, you get movements when your hip action is to reflect. We


want to see that quality of hip action throughout the dance. -- your


hip action is to refix. You are both capable of maximum points on this.


If you pull this off you could be getting a ten from Len. You have


everything within you to deliver a scorching performance. Good luck, go


for it. I think the cha-cha is quite hard to


understand with accounts and the straight legs. It will be good to


get back out there and get the technique right. I don't know what I


am more scared of, the straight legs or the leotard. It can't be anything


less than perfect. Dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. MUSIC: "Flashdance...


What A Feeling" What a feeling! What a feeling! Yes,


you are in the final. You asked for a scorching


performance. Oh, welcome back, Louise. Scorching


hot! And quite saucy tonight, all saucy on me. More saucy than ever.


The saucier the better. It was like a flashback into the 80s with a


feel-good factor. But apart from that, the cha-cha-cha it self, it


was actually extremely well-placed, precise to, clean, well executed.


Looking good, feeling great! It took me back to the 80s, darling,


too when I did this in a bit in my drag act.


I have to agree, the hip action has come on noticeably. Particularly in


the time sets as well. Technically, so much better. That has happened


largely due to your confidence, that has grown so much over the


programme. So well done. Darcey? We must remember this year


has been such a strong competition, and you are in the final, the only




And you deserve it, Louise, you certainly do. You fall into that


style with such natural ease, it is a joy to watch because you never


overdo it. It is very subtle, you're hip action, how you glance through


your head back, the detail, the energy, it is all that and the


confidence is losing. Len? Firstly, I was very impressed


at the start. You are right there on your own, cha-cha is funny, you are


on the second beta, for a celebrity to pick out the second beta is a


tough job, but few went, right on time. Lots of celebrities and their


professional partners disguise stuff with a fringe and frilly skirts, you


were very exposed. And yet you're hip action was pressed, sharp, a


red-hot cha-cha from a red-hot Redknapp.


Well done. I love you, Len! I can't wait to see the red-hot Redknapp


showdown! It's their show dance next,


and we're all looking Your first dance of the final, they


are so right about confidence. I remember this, week three, you were


like, can I borrow a towel, it is mortifying, and in the final you are


like... Boom! Did you love it? Yes, I feel really grateful to be,


everybody has been so amazing this season, to still be standing here I


feel really lucky. I just wanted to make the most bit and do it us all.


If you want Louise and Kevin to win Strictly Come Dancing, all


So you can vote for them when the vote opens,


after all our couples have danced once.


Dancing next is Danny and his partner, Oti.


When he first performed this routine in Week Four,


the judges thought it was pure class - and he scored four nines.


Can he turn pure class into perfection and


The whole semifinal week was the hardest week. It is tough doing the


two dancers, you have so much going through your week.


You have worked nonstop for the past three months to get to the final.


And to get their means you have to fight one more time. But this time


against somebody that you absolutely love.


Both couples were worth tens, but the couple but had a small edge


was... Danny and Oti. I was so, so happy


but it broke my hoard -- hard to put Claudia out, genuinely.


Congratulations on getting through to the final.


Week four, your dance was the quickstep, and we would love to see


you dance it again. Yes! The reason we wanted to see


this again was that you scored 36, and I think you are capable of


maximum points. You had the style, you set the scene


so beautifully and the choreography, technically, incredibly difficult.


And you were delicious in underlying those wonderful subtleties.


Keep that going. And keep the feeling of Fred Astaire going.


I can't wait! Because it is the final, everything has to be better.


We had to be light on our feet. There will be a lot riding on this.


We definitely need to go out, think back to how fun it was and enjoy it.


Dancing the Quickstep, Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse.


Such showmanship! I saw your dress got caught up. These things happen.


The dance-off last week and the final this week.


Your first of three dances in the final.


I love that dance, I enjoyed it the first time and I did so much that


time. Whatever happens, I'm so happy to be here and it was so nice to do


that again. Craig, what did you think? Timing on


the first pendulum was a bit out. And the promenade section coming


down here, it just went. It was a shame because I was really hoping


and praying that it was going to be absolutely fantastic. But apart from


that, it was bright and lively and elegant and you are a first-class


tonne sub. And you make a wonderful partnership. Darcey. I loved this


stands when I first saw it and I still love it. It's a shame you made


that mistake but this is the competition. It is so hard on me get


this point. But my goodness, the speed, at your composure in your


upper body, it is the most beautiful choreography, Oti, thank you.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Even with those tiny mistakes, as you said,


you are a superb dancer. Thank you. I do have two more


chances tonight. You are a superb dancers. And the


standard of dancing he produced throughout this competition has been


the catalyst to make everyone else dance better. You have set the bar,


your standard of dance is the one that everyone is aiming for. I'm so


disappointed, you did so many nice things. I moaned about too much


conducting, you cut out half of that. You did everything to possibly


please me. But it is live and it is here. There was a pretty big mistake


going on. But you are fantastic, Danny. You truly are!


These things happen. Bruno. Danny, let's forget about that, you have


another two dances, this is in the past. Focus on what you have. You


are one of the best show men we have ever seen. You deliver performances


at 110%, keep doing that. Your technique is spotless! You went


wrong, forget about it, come back and show us what you are made of


because you've got it! Yes!


Danny and Oti! We thought it was absolutely beautiful, can you talk


about the mistake? What happened? I don't know what went wrong, I


thought it was in my body, I will have to watch it back. Maybe forget


that and replay it on YouTube! That is an excellent idea. We made


this in March! You trying so hard, how difficult was it to put three


dancers in this week? It was tough because we worked on the Show Dance


first because that was the brand-new dance. Picking up the old ones was


fun and there are certain bits in your body you are so grateful of,


but that was a long time ago. I know, it was in February.


If Danny and Oti are your champions, then vote for them.


All the information you need is on your screen now.


And the vote opens in just a few moments' time.


All our couples have danced their first dance,


so let's take a look at where that leaves them on the leaderboard.


Currently, Ore and Joanne at the top with 39, followed by Louise and


Kevin with 38, and at the bottom with 36, Danny and Oti.


But remember, those scores are for guidance.


But first, let me read the Terms and Conditions!


Calls cost 15p, plus any network access charge.


Please get the billpayer's permission before you call.


Or alternatively, you can vote online for free


at, where you will also find full


The vote closes later, and we will be announcing the winner


Please don't try to vote if you're watching On Demand.


As it's the final, we've got a proper superstar to open the vote.


I give you the one and only Len Goodman!


Remember, our couples still have two more dances to perform,


To help you decide, here's a reminder of


their first performances, and the all-important


Vote online or from your mobile, to vote for Ore and Joanne.


For Louise and Kevin, vote online or from your mobile...


And to vote for Danny and Oti, vote online, or from your mobile...


I know, I'm just lowering it into position now.


First up with their show dance are Ore and his partner, Joanne.


The show dance is an opportunity for our celebrities to showcase


everything they've learnt over the series.


Our second stands tonight is a Show Dance. Jo has choreographed routine


and it is big and it is bold. I want to show off every skill that he has


mastered throughout this series. There is Quickstep, there is some


jive and even Viennese waltz, I have pulled out all the stops.


This year, Claudia and I could not wait to see the Showdances so we


went to see how they were getting on.


Let's do the conga! Hello! What you want the public to


get out of watching your show dance? I would love to show them what we


have gone through. What are you most worried about during this routine?


Genuinely worried about falling from a height.


You dancing on a platform? Platforms. If we slip up, there is


no coming back! Get comfortable. We've got a show


dance! Fantastic! So good! You are so


brave, so many things could go wrong potentially!


Good luck! CU for the show dance! Pot that elbow down, what is that?


He throws everything at it, it matters so much to him.


I need a lie down. Delighted. They loved it. This is


the best showcase of what migratory and I bring together. With it being


the final, it you have to go big, but there is no room for a slip-up!


Dancing their Show dance, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


What did you not put in there, it was superb! And you didn't fall, so


relieved! And the banister! The reaction in this room was just


incredible! And well deserved. Thank you!


Did that showcase how much he's grown as a dancer, Darcey?


Well, a round of applause. I have to say that was fun, that was fast and


classic. My cup of tea! When you got up and you were beating out that


rhythm on those drums, that was so difficult. And you were able to


glance at the camera, how you didn't miss one of those! It was close! It


was excellent. I loved the highlights from all the dances you


have done over the competition. They appeared in so many special spots


and they brought back great memories. You did that with such


class, I'm so impressed, well done! We all are! Is saw the one on the


left! Len. Who could ask for anything




ovation. From Len. From novice to this, Bruno.


Exceeding all expectations. A different class altogether. It was a


ballroom -based extravaganza mixing all the best of classic Hollywood,


the glitz and glamour and Broadway. I'm totally razzle-dazzle by it!


Craig? It was like an advanced aerobics step class, that. I am


blown away. I had to say, the cross-section of steps was just


brilliant. Hitch cakes, stabbing, the charleston, it was all in there


and it was brilliant. -- hedge kicks, stepping. Thank you, judges.


Ore and Joanne, well done. When we came to see the show dance we were


like, what? You're making him jump from tiny round things. You must


have been, Jo, let's not do that? You have to run with Jo Clifton,


there is nothing better at choreographed thing a ballroom show


dance. I have fallen in love with this girl, her creativity, her


dedication, her patients and just everything. I had to say, all the


information for all of finalists is on screen, please keep voting. It is


on there, we just put it up. I love your parents, there were shots of


them, they were crying. Your dad flew back early. They must just be


so incredibly proud. Your wife was sobbing. It has been amazing for


you? It has been the best gifts. My dad


wasn't going to come back from Nigeria before Christmas, it is


Christmas come early. This whole experience, I can't believe it. I


turned up in the show a stone yet back in August, she tells me


everyday, I have this suit on... You look like a supermodel.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. And 810 from Craig! Well done. Very well done.


Danny and Oti show-dance with a mirror.


I'm sure he'll have an excellent frame!


We have seen the first perfect score of the final.


Next up and hoping to win your votes is Louise and her partner, Kevin.


For their show dance, they'll be performing


to Whitney Houston's 'One Moment In Time'.


And if it helps Louise win the Glitterball Trophy.


it will be a moment in time she'll never forget.


Our show dance will be the story of Kiwis's journey on Strycova come


dancing. She has gone from being not very confident at the beginning to


losing all of their innovations, I want Louise to show that she can


dance that kind of abandoned. With the show dance there is a lot of


pressure, people want to see what you are really good at. There are no


rules, you can do whatever you like. As normal, Kevin does not come up


with an easy routine. We have lots of lifts, which we have not done of


in this series. It is full of danger. We are taking risks, I did


not want to pay its say. Kevin has given me so much, I would like on


Saturday for him to be really proud. We did not want to play it safe.


We are having a sneak preview. Hello!


What are you trying to get across in the show dance? We wanted to be


emotional, it is quite lyrical. Darcey loves this side of you. We


can't wait to see it. Let's see it. Beautiful!


This is nice! I love a good lift in a show dance.


How many finals, four so far? Will it be his first win?


No pressure, Louise! It is the final, I just had to go out and


smash it on Saturday night. Dancing their Show Dance,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton, Louise and Kevin!


So much riding on these dancers tonight.


What do you think, Len? One moment in time, Louise I am sure this is


one moment in time you will never forget, the night you danced in the


final of Strictly Come Dancing and performed with so much confidence,


so much style. Terrific lifts, dancing right on the edge. It was


knockout. Well done. Lots of risky lifts,


Bruno? The best lift was the one you gave


to my heart. Not just dancing, that is being with your heart. Every bit


of the way, so expressive, so touching, so moving. All your best


qualities right there on show. The fluidity, the joy of dance. That is


what it is all about. That is what it is all about, my darling. Great?


Google very expressive and emotive. I had a problem with the final bit,


because the new macro does not lower to the foot. You had to make sure


that the foot is out, not like a sickle. But what a routine.


Ballroom, classical, modern, contemporary, I absolutely loved it.


I really, really lived. -- loved it. Kevin showing off how lyrical and


fluid you are, how you show that through your body. It could have


been quite daring to certainly wear soft ballet shoes, suddenly to


change from wearing heels, but it made you more expressive, it's made


you feel the floor and how you moved across and how you were in the


beautiful arms of Kevin. It was touching and emotional.


Go and get ready for your Argentine Tango next.


The information for all three couples is on your screen right now.


You made Bruno cry! Bless him. It was very touching, and your face


when you did that running, I am sure it is not called running...! You


look so happy, so full of joy. I am really happy to be here. So relieved


to get him into the final? I was so petrified we would not.


I love your husband Jamie, who was like, please don't Barry is me, then


he was on It Takes To this week, sobbing. -- please don't embarrass


me. Everybody is loving it. Plus the cast of 2016 take to the


floor for one final time. Get ready for gymnastics, facial choreography


and a spot of Gangnam Style. Dancing next, in a bid to be


crowned your champion, Danny and his partner,


Oti. Over the series, Danny has topped


the leaderboard more than any other finalist,


scoring two perfect 40s on the way. So expectations are high for


a spectacular show dance tonight. Our second dance of the night will


be the show dance. Anything goes, no rules, we will push the limits,


because that is what O2 does. The show dance is a combination between


Argentine tango, paso and contemporary dance. It has every


right to be the most incredible dance of the night. I just really,


really hope I can get there and bring that for her.


We are about to go and see Danny and Oti's showdowns.


How are you, guys? Tess and Claudia came to visit us, which was


brilliant. It was so lovely to see them out of the studio. It starts


off with him being shy and not able to find himself on the show until


the end, when he is the man that he is today. It is really intense,


really fiery. Fire rears good. Would you mind if we watched? I don't


mind. It is nerve wracking having them in, the training room is such a


safe environment, but you could not have two more positive people in the


room, at the same time. Don't drop! They are so in sync.


Nice! It feels like set a day night is just around the corner. Dramatic


but heartfelt, it showcased everything you do so well. The


expectation is so high, I don't want to let Oti down. It has to be


perfect. Dancing their Show Dance,


Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse. The Mac is back!


CHEERING The Mac is back!


You said you wanted The Mac is back!


firework of passion! The intensity, Everything you do has a meaning.


Everything makes sense. It is perfectly fitted to


Everything makes sense. It is what did you think, Craig?


Two words, totally brilliant! CHEERING AND


Two words, totally brilliant! like a stand-off between you, a


great mix of like a stand-off between you, a


was clean, the timing. But fabulously wild at


well done. We enjoyed the magic.


The vote is still open, and the information for all three


You can keep voting until the vote closes later in the show.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. They are screaming for you up here!


Your fiance, she didn't breed throughout. She is sitting with your


mother and your grandma who were like that... Oti, that choreography,


did you go, we will be banking a mirror? I will jump through it, it


is quite intense. Is that what you wanted? All of that, I wanted the


fire and the drama that he has inside him. Not a what people see


that in the series. Yes, he is so smiley. He is so passionate and


intense anti-enjoys being here and I love working with him. Well done.


Ten! Yes! Congratulations, well done. I tell you what, thank


goodness, otherwise these guys would have gone down and they would have


hurt the judges! Very well done. Each of our couples have


performed two routines, and they all have one to go -


their favourite of the series. Before that, let's have a look


at the leaderboard. At the top, Ore and Joanne, with a


joint score of 79 and joint second, Louise and Kevin and Danny and Oti,


But don't forget, that is only a guide.


Calls cost 15p, plus any network access charge.


Please get the billpayer's permission before you call.


Or alternatively, you can vote online for free


at, where you will also find full


The vote closes later and we will be announcing your winner


Please don't try to vote if you're watching On Demand.


Remember, our couples still have one more dance to perform,


To help you decide, here's a reminder of their


first two performances, and the all-important


More dancing still to come, when each of our couples


perform their favourite routine from the past 13 weeks.


Every one of them has their eye on the Glitterball Trophy tonight,


and here is why it would mean so much to win.


I have loved every single second of this entire Strictly adventure. My


life has changed because of the show. When I look back, I can't


believe what we had been through to get here.


Being in Strictly, I think I have learned is to be more fearless. I


used to sit at home and think, I don't know how anybody has got the


nerve to go out and do that live on a Saturday night. To dance in front


of millions of people on the TV is something so exhilarating!


You go through so many different emotions while you are doing


Strictly. Physically, mentally, emotionally, you invest everything


in the show. All of that effort has finally paid off and we are here, in


with a shout of lifting the Glitterball Trophy.


I would love to win Strictly because I think he deserves to win it more


than anybody! It would be the best way of thanking the best dance


partner I could ask for for everything she has given me. The


lift that Glitterball with Oti would just mean the world to me. If I got


to win the Glitterball Trophy, it would have pride of place on the


Christmas dinner table! I definitely think that is something you would


want to tell the grandchildren about. It would be the greatest


achievement of my life. It would be something I'm proud of for ever.


It would mean so much to all three of our finalists.


And they have just one last chance to win your votes.


First to perform their favourite routine of the series


is Ore and his partner, Joanne.


This Jive scored them 39 out of 40 first time


Can they improve on that score and possibly run


I knew I was going to enjoy this, but I could not have imagined I


would enjoy it as much as I have. This series of Strictly for me has


been absolutely incredible. I didn't know that I could achieve the things


that I have done. I watched some of our performances back and you almost


think, who is that guy? Seeing his progress from a non-dancer to this


moment is unbelievable for me. Movies week was when my Strictly


dream really came to life. When we dance it, you could feel there was


magic. I'm astounded how good that was!


Need in the rain was when the dream was realised, Jive was when it was


blown out of the water. He just went out there and he absolutely smashed


it, which I'm very proud about. A star is born! Is to get the three


tenors, cue the a gain! -- tens. It is not nice being in the


dance-off, it is devastating. This thing that you now love could be


gone. Just like that. But you have to go through the lows to appreciate


Baha'is. Having this experience with Joel on my side has made it even


more special -- to appreciate Baha'is. I had no idea that I would


make one of the best friends I have in the world. Ore is one of the


kindest and sweetest people I have ever met in my entire life. I have


found an absolute best friend forever will stop it has just been


incredible. He has been wonderful. You could not


do this without the support of the people closest to you. If it was not


for my wife, I would not have been able to do this.


Ore makes me so proud because he works so hard, he really amazes me


every single week. I'm the proudest wife. You are amazing and I love you


so, so much. I'm so glad that we get to do this


Jive a gain. We know what it takes to get 39 so we are going to put


everything into getting that extra mark. It is our last dance together.


We have had moments to savour but I really want this to be one we never,


ever forget. Come here!


Learning to dance is a real adventure and I have loved every


Dancing their Jive, in a bid to be your Strictly


Come Dancing Champions, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton.


I know that's your favourite, but I think a few other


Your stamina is unreal, did you enjoyed it, Craig? I can't bear it,


you are so good! I have nothing to complain about, I hate that!


Absolutely virtuosic! My favourite Craig comment ever!


Darcey. I was impressed in week four and even more impressed. How do you


keep that cool? The repetition, the stamina. The sharpness and the


cleanness of those kicks and flicks. You know how to perfect, you know


how to work and that is a true dancer.


Has he done enough? Well, it is people like you that give me the


most pleasure on Strictly. People with no dance background at all. And


gradually, as the weeks go by, you grow to love dancing and we grow to


love watching Hugh. Ore, you are in the spirit of Strictly. What a


lovely thing to say. Bruno. I'm so glad I was right the first time


around. Your star is shining brighter than ever! That was sheer


perfection! Sheer perfection, he is the spirit


of Strictly. They are stamping their feet in appreciation in the studio


audience. Goodness me! I think they liked it. That is your last dance


together tonight. They've done all they


can, but have you? The information for all three


finalists is on the screen now, CHEERING


Well done. Very, very well done. That is


your... I don't want to say it because I don't want to make you


cry, that is the last time you will dance together.


I know you wanted to give it absolutely everything. When I met


you in Roehampton and it was August, September and you were like, I will


last two weeks maximum, EU are in the final. Can I just say thank you


for working so hard? You are speechless. I don't know how you are


going back to the football, but we will see. Good luck with that. There


is a swimming gala in Hull next week, good luck with that!


CHEERING That is 40.


Very, very well done. Tameka almost just exploded. Are you happy? This


girl is everything. Thank you. Danny loses his shirt


in the rainforest. If you're playing cards


against the animals, don't. The next couple with their last


chance to impress you tonight is Louise and her partner,


Kevin. Their favourite dance is the


Argentine Tango, from Week Seven. It's a dance that's packed


with drama, tension and emotion. And it's perfect for tonight,


as this could be the routine that I'm kind of shocked, excited,


amazed. In a million years I never thought I'd be here until the very


end of Strictly. It's been absolutely incredible.


I've had the most amazing series. I've learnt some incredible dancers.


Who gets to learn the Argentine tango and the Viennese waltz? These


are not just things that you get the opportunity to learn.


I think my breakthrough moment, I had a week where Len said I had


plateaued. Something had to happen to give you the extra boost.


I thought, I can carry on doing what I am doing or really try to up my


game. The Argentine tango was the first


time I got ten. I really and truly loved it.


It was such a great dance. I was proud as punch.


There is something extra special about watching her just living every


dance. The paso at Blackpool was my most memorable dance. When I watch


it I am shocked that I did that, because I know what I am like, I am


not that fears. I was blown away tonight with that.


Fantastic. Good god I truly do not think I would still be in this


competition without Kevin as apartment. He has been brilliant and


we laugh from the moment we come into training until we go home.


I feel like I have found a really good friend. Her confidence, I know


she was battling at the beginning and she keeps saying she does not


want to let me down. There is nothing but she can do that


would let me down. It is an experience that you have


together that I think only if you're in it you can really appreciate what


it is about. I am going to cry. So proud of her, so to see her grow


and do better and better has been lovely to see, it takes your breath


away. Bring back the Glitterball Trophy,


we love you. Don't forget, keep dancing!


I just had to go at the Argentine tango again with more gusto.


I think that it is not like this is our last week training. I am really


going to miss you. It's going to be really strange.


What I have learned through this experience, don't have any regrets,


give it everything you have in life. I will definitely walk away with a


heart full of pride, without a shadow of the doubt.


It has been incredible. VO: Dancing their Argentine Tango,


in a bid to be your Strictly Come Dancing Champions,


Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton. Oh, they are on their feet in the


studio. Lovely, Louise. I love it when you do drama.


We thought it was good the first time


Darcey, what did you think the second time


One special Argentine tango. The intensity you brought again, the


power, the control, the balance and every recovery from every lunch and


lift was perfect. You are one beautiful lady of the night.


Stunning. Len? Throughout the series, you have


been, and I have to do this, forgive me, my most consistent dancer. You


have never had a... Seven! It has been eight and above the whole time.


Watching that dance shows why, you truly deserve to be in this final.


APPLAUSE Would they be worthy winners, Bruno?


What do you expect after this Argentine sparkler? I'm telling you,


sultry, sensuous, quality of movement astonishing. But what you


have that really thrills me is the way that you approach the musical


phrasing in the dance. Nothing is ever even, you managed to stretch a


phrase right to the last moment until you go to the next faster bit,


hold back, go into it with a musicality that is absolutely


gorgeous. APPLAUSE


Craig? I'm so pleased that the audience at


home are deciding, because that was superlative, darling.


That's what the judges think, but it's up to the viewers


Who do you want to lift the Glitterball Trophy?


All the information you need to vote is on screen now.


That was phenomenal. It was your favourite dance, what has been your


favourite thing about Strictly? For me, the whole experience has just


been... It's been really incredible, I wasn't expecting to love that the


way have. I've met some amazing people, danced with a great guy


every day who has taught me so much, just being part of it has been


incredible. We love that dance. Well done. The


scores are written. -- in. Look at your face. Well done, Kevin


and Louise. It'll be like a school


reunion, but fun. And now with their final


throw of the dice, it's Danny and his partner,


Oti. Their favourite


routine is the Samba. It's the only Samba in Strictly


history that's ever This is Danny and Oti's last chance


to prove they deserve to be Strictly has easily been the best


experience of my life, without a shadow of a doubt. That performance


on a Saturday night is the best feeling, there is nothing else I


have done that even compares. We are so lucky to have this opportunity.


This show has been going so well. It is a different challenge each week


but I seem to be overcoming it, up until that foxtrot. There is a


stumble and my body did not know what it would do next. Thankfully, I


had the most incredible person drag me to the next point of my memory


and we managed to pick it up. This entire experience is nothing


without Oti. She has been the most amazing teacher. And not just about


how to dance. About myself as well. You got this. I've had literally the


best partner anybody could ever ask for.


The charleston at Blackpool was pretty special. Fantastic.


Unbelievable. Fabulous. It was incredible to get that first 40 when


all of the judges agreed. My family and friends are the


greatest people in the world. He is genuinely the nicest guy you will


ever, ever meet. Every week you seems to grow in confidence. You are


almost there, I hope you can win. Smash it and bring that little home.


I could not be proud of. To have them behind you the whole way means


so much. My beautiful, gorgeous fiancee has


been there for me when I have not necessarily been there for her.


She has made this possible, they all have, and I could never, ever have


done it without them. He has just made me the happiest


person, so thank you for that, Danny Mac.


We get to dance favourite dance, which is going to be...


The samba! We chose the samba because it was the highlight of the


series for us. It was the first time I went out and I was myself on the


dance floor, having the time of my life.


This has been the best experience ever, and if it is going to end, it


should end with a bang. This dance has to be exactly what it


was the first time, fun, full of energy and represent everything we


have been through. We are at team. Yes, we are. Let's go out and do


that one last time. Yes. VO: Dancing their Samba,


in a bid to be your Strictly Come Dancing Champions,


Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse. You brought the house down! Danny


Mac and Oti! Oh, my goodness me! That was heart! Goodness me! I think


people wanted to join in with you, myself included!


The make-up lady came up to my room and she decided not to put any on.


She said, you can't improve on perfection! It was perfect last time


and if anything, it had a little more control and it was even more


perfect this time round. Bruno. I feel restless, like a caged


animal! I tell you, you were two magnificent animals. Sex on legs!


Another one for the history books. It will never be forgotten, I


guarantee you. I think you are right, Bruno!


Steady on! Craig. One word, three syllables, beginning with...


Fabulous! Darcey. I have to say anything, but


the articulation of those body isolations and your very very


abandonment, my gosh! A winning combination! And Unforgettable


samba. Yes! One for the history books. Oti


is crying. They've done all they can.


On screen now is the all-important information you need to vote


Danny... Thanks, everyone! That must have


felt amazing for you both? Look at you! Ukraine because it went well or


it is the last time you will be dancing together? Are you crying.


Both! I don't like crying on TV! Talk to Ore. Sorry, sorry. Everyone.


It was so fantastic. You must have adored that dance. I absolutely


loved it first time and I just wanted to go out and have the best


time. Oti has taught me so much. These guys have been incredible, the


audience, this entire thing. It is just incredible.


I'm so, so grateful. All right, thank you so much.


Danny and Oti are the last couple to perform, so let's have a look


Well done. At the top, Ore and Joanne with a score of 119. Joint


second, Louise and Kevin, Danny and Oti, 116.


But those scores are purely for guidance and do not count


And you have approximately ten more minutes to vote for your champions.


Calls cost 15p, plus any network access charge.


Please get the billpayer's permission before you call.


Or alternatively, you can vote online for free


at, where you will also find full


Please don't try to vote if you're watching On Demand.


To help you decide, here's a reminder of all nine


performances from our finalists and the all-important


For Ore and Joanne, call 6 22 52 06 from your mobile,


For Louise and Kevin, call 6 22 52 01 from your mobile,


For Danny and Oti, call 6 22 52 14 from your mobile,


They are all amazing, but only one can win.


Very soon, we will find out which of our finalists will


But first, it's been an incredible series - we've


thoroughly enjoyed it - and many of you wanted to


share with us why you've loved watching Strictly


Strictly this year was amazing. It gets better and better each time.


The costumes and the make-up. The music absolutely just fills the


place! Saturday night is fantastic and it would not be the same without


Strictly. The dancing has been amazing this year. I love the paso


doble Louise in Blackpool. She is really good, I was so impressed. My


favourite dance of the series was Aljaz and Daisy and 33 macro. I


loved Naga. And I loved Laura. She is so good. We loved Tameka and if


she had stayed, she would find her feet. I loved Claudia. The attention


to detail and the way she perfected them in one week was superb.


Remember when she did the Argentine tango? Your balance and control, I


was totally taken away. I love Darcey. She always sees the


positive. The like this in your feet was not what I was expecting. The


Quickstep. She did that charleston and the high kick. Anton du Beke,


you would want him to be your partner, very charming. The


professional dancers had been amazing this year. I love a bit of


Brendan! Remember when he was ill? You look different. He came to the


rescue and was the knight in shining armour for Anastascia. The dancers


have been amazing. I like AJ. Katya was brilliant. She choreographed to


bring the best out of him. I like Oksana. Judge Rinder is phenomenal.


He has been a big surprise. This remind you of anybody? Greg was


brilliant, he did it for the gingers! You lost a bit of dignity


when you did that bottom grind. I was made up! I have only got a four!


Craig this year has been nicer than any other year. Fantastic!


Brilliant! Incredible! What has happened to Craig? Fabulous! The


talent has been amazing. The men have stolen the show. Danny Mac was


brilliant. Oti is a brilliant choreography. I'm hyperventilating!


Bruno never fails to make me laugh. He is very one point. What are you


doing to me? My favourite bit was the Bollywood dancing. It was fun!


We should do that! Do you remember Melvin? Why did he have two weeks so


soon shaking like that? That is a winning move. Ore normally sit


there, did you think he had that in him? He is fantastic, and knew he


would be brilliant. I have never seen a celebrity cry so much in this


series! I thought he had something in his eyes. I loved Tameka! She is


also crying. Claudia and Tess, Strictly all over. The dancing has


been out of this world. It really has. In terms of my own enjoyment of


it, I would also say two words, Ed Balls. Somebody stop me! Ed Balls


may does want to go and learn how to dance. Ed Balls, you are more like


Lottery balls! You never know what will happen next. Gangnam. You would


never think that was Ed Balls a politician. I don't know how he will


get back to politics after that. 100%, you are the people's champion!


Who will they were yet to replace Len? Len, we are really going to


miss you! Goodman, Goodman, great man! Well done! Se-ven!! Come on!


The best we ever! The entire production has been pretty


fantastic. I don't know how I will thought my Saturday nights!


Keep dancing! Thank you for spreading


the Strictly love. And we'll be recreating


some of those memorable moments when this year's


cast return to the floor The vote will be closing


in less than five minutes so if you want your


favourite couple to be crowned Strictly champions,


vote now - you don't Please welcome the


wonderful Emeli Sande. # We hold the future


in the palm of our hands # I'm talking 'bout


the forever, baby # And we've run out


of all the silver and gold # Will you still wanna


be my someone to hold? # See, I would


you, but you already know # It's bringing in my


heart like thunder Thank you to the brilliant


Emeli Sande and, of course, our fantastic pro


dancers Giovanni and Close the laptop, hang up


the phone, the vote is now Please don't call as your vote


won't count and you We will be announcing


the winners very shortly. While the vote is counted


and independently verified let's focus


on one particular man. He's been here since the very


beginning, heading up the judging panel,


casting an eye over the routines and quietly


pickling his walnuts. He calls himself a cup of tea


in a world of skinny We, are of course,


talking about Len Goodman. The one and only.


When you consider how long Len and I have been judging, it is quite


unbelievable we're here now, so many series later. How do you describe


Len Goodman? The perfect gentleman. Let is brilliant, clever, kind.


Really good fun. Bites at the screen. The perfect gent. He


commands authority. Has an aura about him. Very, very down-to-earth,


no-nonsense. That is what I like about him.


He has the passion for the knowledge but here's a great entertainer as


well. He brings joy to people. They were


fantastic. That is why people love him.


You want all the judges to like you, but you want Len to love you. He is


the man you want to impress. He is the person you look to for the big


moments. Fantastic choreography. Getting a


ten from Len feel so special. To get a ten from Len is what it is all


about. He actually gave me a standing


ovation, that was one of the best feelings.


If you know you're not going to get a ten, you would really like a


seven. I love him. He has the best


one-liners. I'm going to pickle my walnuts. Winner, winner, chicken


dinner! A go! Such a character. A gem of a performance.


He is a ballroom genius. I think Len sums up Strictly Come Dancing. For


me, he will be sorely missed. It has been amazing and I have made


not only a fantastic colleague but a very, very good friend. You are


extraordinarily and I will miss you. From the bottom of our hearts, we


love you. You will always be a part of this


family, we will miss you every week. Thank you for the lattice, thank you


for the memories. I love you, we will miss you.


I am going to miss our giggles, but fingers crossed I get to dance with


you on that dance floor again. CHEERING


They won't stop, I don't blame them. CHEERING


Len, thank you so much. We'll miss you terribly, what will


you miss most about Strictly? I will miss everything about the


show. I promise you. I will miss just turning up and the anticipation


of what is going to occur. I will miss what I consider the three best


judges on television on any of these type of shows. Being close to the


band and listening to the fabulous singers. I will miss you. I think


the whole thing, it is like a big machine with cogs. And every cog has


to work to make the whole thing happen. You know, we will miss you,


Len, you would miss any of the cogs, that is what makes Strictly into


Strictly. I will miss it all. Thank you so much, Len.


You've given us so many unforgettable moments


over the past 14 series, but what's your stand-out moment?


With a classic ballroom routine for our classic ballroom boy -


Len, this is just for you - please welcome our


# May each day in the week be a good day


# And may all of your hopes turn to wishes


May all of your daydreams be memories.


# Bay all of your memories be sweet. # The weeks turn two months.


# And the months into years. The ruck there will be sadness and joy.


# There will be laughter and tears. # But one thing I prayed, to heaven


above. # May each of your days be a day


full of love. # May each day in the year


be a good day # May each dawn find you


happy and gay # And may all of your


days be as lovely # As the one you shared


with me today # May each day of your life


be a good day Thank you to our amazing


professional dancers. They'll be back on the floor very


soon for a massive group number That was so beautiful. Wasn't it?


Thank you, Len. APPLAUSE


CHEERING You are a gentleman.


We met them back back in September, when the pros returned


from Planet Strictly and were paired up with their brand new partners.


And I think they all agree their time on the show has


It is quite nice to be back. Like coming home. That first day standing


behind the rocket, waiting to be revealed. I was so nervous. Just


before it took off I turned to Lesley and said, is it too late to


promote? And then the rocket went up.


It just felt like a dream, is this really happening? Are we really


doing this? People were cheering us, we had to


do a catwalk procession. You had press,.


That is what it felt like, you were actually on the show. It was the


most magical, sparkling experience of my life. Such an incredible buzz,


the anticipation, who would you be partnered with?


I thought, who will play Pammy with? Oksana! I had an intuitive sense


that we would hit it off. AJ! Being paired with Janette was the best


thing about the show for me. When I got Anton I leapt in the air and


landed, luckily, he caught me. Started dancing! I really loved the


training. You became enthralled in wanting to learn these dancers.


Trying to retrain your feet. My body did not know what had hit it. Sweat


in my eyes. Ridiculous. I learned very early that dancing was as much


about what you don't move as what you do. There is so much more to


dancing when you realise. I was terrified on the first live


show, I did not know what to expect, the lights and the audience, a bit


daunting. Breathe deeply and concentrate. This is it. Showtime!


It was the most crazy, extraordinary and deliciously frightening


experience I could ever remember. I will enjoy every single moment. A


brilliant, brilliant sensation. One I will remember forever. Those 90


seconds of dancing, no one can ever take away from you. I was really


quite scared of going in front of the judges, I remember the fear.


Once you have rehearsed for a whole week you do not want to hear


anything negative. That is a site I don't think I ever


wish to see again. Craik was tough but there was always


a twinkle in his eye. Bruno makes you feel so at ease. You would bring


the dead back to life! Eagle-eyed Len knows everything, the ballroom


expert. At the end of the waltz, Darcey said, get into character and


performed the dance. Two weeks later I had a green face. Theme weeks are


what makes Strictly Come Dancing. Movie Week was great fun, I was a


spy. Halloween week was amazing. The costumes, colour and atmosphere were


extraordinary. Plus I got to come down on a wire, it is the most fun I


have pretty much ever had. Strictly is a roller-coaster, highs and lows.


Probably the most difficult thing on the show is dancing off against


someone you have loved seeing grow. I don't think anybody can prepare


for the red light. The dance-off is so hard, you want


to do as well as you can stay in this incredible competition.


I always knew our time would run out, I could never match the quality


of the guys in the final. I never knew how much doing Strictly


was going to end in meaning to me. Never did I expect to love dance,


that has been, for me, the most incredible change.


You can't beat that. My Strictly experience was everything and more


than I thought it would be. An experience like no other. I'm so


pleased I took part, it has made me more confident as a person.


Strictly has reminded me that however difficult something maybe,


if you invest all your passion you can succeed in anything. It has been


an amazing reminder. It has been very joyous, something I


am grateful to have been part of. I learned to dance, I laughed, I


loved it and would not have missed it for the world. Exciting. Sparkly.


Exhilarating. Incredible. Just incredible.


Three months ago, we confused 15 celebrities with talk of kicks,


They listened, they learned, and now they're back.


Please welcome, for one final time...


We'll announce your winner in just a few moments' time.


And while this series will soon come to an end,


we do have something very special for you on Christmas Day.


Hello and welcome to Strictly Come Dancing. The Christmas Special.


Merry Christmas! It promises to be a blockbuster of a


show! Bring on the pigs in blankets! I have got to say you got my bed


balls bouncing! Gorka, I'm here! Please welcome Matt


Goss! Amazing. Yes!


Don't miss that on Christmas Day at 6:45pm.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Ed Balls, you even capable? When you


walk down the street, do people shout, just do Gangnam. They do it


in the playground, the station, it is wonderful. The show is made by


the people at home and vote and join in and they love it and we love it


enjoying it so much, such a special experience, thank you. Thank you so


much. When a lot of people finish the show, they say, I'm going to


continue to dance and they've an enormous leap. But you have


continued! Thank you to Strictly and Aljaz, I will dance every day for


the rest of my life! It is sweet to have totally taken it on. 100%, I


love it so much and I can't live a day without dancing any more, I


really can't, so thank you. Thank you so much. Tameka, are you happy


with the finalists? We have missed you so much, can you stay here every


day? I'm available, we could work it out, guys! Let me tell you, the


final is so, I can't find the right words right now. Good, that is one


word! But the energy is so good. But we are in it together! We are, and I


have said the camaraderie is extraordinary. I'm not making it up,


you two, you have started going on holiday together! Together on


Christmas Day! That is the beauty of the show, you get close as a group


and we had the opportunity to go on holiday together and we had a good


time! Everybody is invited! Were going! Strictly love!


We will soon find out whether you have chosen Ore,


Louise or Danny as your Strictly champion, but here's our judges'


This series has been fantastic. The most unpredictable, surprising,


entertaining Strictly ever! The standard of dancing is


absolutely unbelievable! Danny, the ultimate showman. What a


dance delight. Danny boy! The amount of detail that has gone into their


dances is outstanding. The charleston and Blackpool. The acting


and the telling the story, I adored that. You could not even tell he was


not one of the professionals. Spectacular levels. Full of fun and


entertainment. Danny is the only guy that has ever had a 40 for a samba.


It was a masterclass in how to deliver the best technique.


It had to be four tens. Ten! Louise, great dancer, wonderful


musicality. She has this lovely, natural charm about her. She looks


so graceful. There is an elegance. Louise was not very confident in the


beginning. And the nerves were just, you could see her covered in them.


I'm shaking! And then she did one routine that just changed


everything. She did the Argentine tango and we


saw a different lady on the dance floor! She showed personality, she


was doing the kicks and the flicks. They proved they deserve a place in


the final. In week ten, we had a beautiful


waltz and you saw she had the confidence to perform on her own.


She has grown into a really fantastic dancer.


Ore was a surprise. For someone that has never trained before, to have


that amount of technique is extraordinary. His emotional


commitment is outstanding. What I love the Ore, he goes out and he


just gives it everything. Great technique, great musicality. He


always nail is not just the dance, but a different character.


Suave, slightly cheeky magical character. Ore's jive, one of the


best I have seen on Strictly. Everybody went mad for it. That was


when I thought, you have a chance of getting to the final.


The final three deserve to be there because they are extraordinary. They


all have something very special to give. All of them really could have


been the win as any other season. If I have got to leave after any


If I have got to leave after any series, I'm so glad it is this one.


Hundreds of hours in the training room, three months of performing


live all boil down to this one moment.


Who will be the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2016?


The votes have been counted and independently verified


and I can now reveal the Strictly Come Dancing


I know! I don't want to make it worse. Look at your mum and dad!


Look at your mum's face. Joanne, congratulations! Can you speak? Come


forward. How does it feel? You are champions.


OK, before you left the Glitterball, let's talk to the runners-up, Louise


and Kevin, congratulations, you made it this far.


Your sister is the winner. How much have you loved it? It has been


incredible, amazing experience, everyone is amazing. I have made


amazing friends and had the pleasure of watching my family here every


week and I love you all very much. And the pleasure of dancing with


Kevin. Thank you, let's hear it for Louise and Kevin. And now our other


runners-up, Danny and Oti, you came so close and you have done such an


incredible job and entertained everybody. Have you enjoyed


yourself? I have made no secret about this being one of the best


experiences of my life. It is incredible, so glad I have done it


and met this woman, she has brought the best out of me, things I never


thought I could do in a billion years and I'm so grateful to


everybody who voted and the entire Strictly family. And the


professionals have been so amazing! You've been wonderful, thank you so


much. Before we make this official and


hand over this trophy, Ore, can you speak? Would you like to say


anything to Joanne? I love you with all of my heart. I'm so speechless,


I just wanted to say thank you. I want to say thank you for everything


that you have given me. You are the most incredible person. This has


been the most incredible experience of my life, I have learned to dance,


I have made a best friend, I have been on the show that I love for 12


years. Every single one of you... I know you are watching. Happy


birthday, France! Make up, the hair, the judges, Len. Claudia, Tess. And


this is for you. Thank you. I'm speechless. I just can't believe...


Just thank you for working so hard and you have become a dancer.


You are a dancer! So sweet! We have greater pleasure in presenting the


Glitterball Trophy to Ore and Joanne! Your Strictly Come Dancing




A huge thank you to all our amazing couples, to our wonderful judges.


Len, we are going to miss you and we wish you all


And, of course, thank you to every single one


Don't forget, we'll all be back for our Christmas special


on Christmas Day at 6:45pm on BBC One.


And all that's left is for us to say a big congratulations


For one last dance, it is Ore and Joanne!


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman invite you to join them for the Strictly Come Dancing grand final. The three remaining couples perform three dances as they battle to be crowned champions of Strictly 2016. They have to deliver a spectacular showdance and reprise one of their routines from the series, chosen by the judges. In a final bid for viewer votes, each couple performs the routine they hope will secure them victory.

While the judges comment on and score the performances, it is for guidance only as it's all down to the viewers' vote to decide who will be the winning couple. Plus a performance from Emeli Sande, the Strictly celebrities of 2016 return for one last group performance, and Strictly says goodbye to head judge Len Goodman in the most spectacular fashion.