Week 6 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 6 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host another exciting results show, as one couple leaves the competition and the professional dancers perform two more dazzling routines.

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This is Strictly Come Dancing - the # WE RUN THIS






# WE RUN THE WORLD GIRLS # We run this


# Run this, run this # Girls


# Run the world # Girls


# Run the world # Girls


# Run the world # Who will buy it


# I think I need a barber # So, who but this


# I'm just playing # A love we can devour


# You'll do anything For me


# Run the world # Girls


# Run the world # Girls


# Run the world # Girls


# Who are we? # Run the world


# Run this, run this # Who are we?


# The world # Run this, run this


# Who are we? # What do we run?


# We run the world # Run the world


# Girls # D Thank you, girls. What a start to


our Sunday results show. Brilliant! Saturday saw the couples go all out


to impress the judges. We are mid- way through the competition. Who


has the legs to go further? Who will fall at the half-way hurdle?


We will find out soon. First hello to our judges


We have Jennifer Grey. APPLAUSE


Welcome back, Jennifer. Let's see what is in store tonight with


Claudia. It is an entertainment feast tonight. We have the


brilliant boy band Gods - Westlife. Plus one for night only, he's


singing and dancing, he's our very own Sir Bruce Forsyth. First here


is a look at the drama on and back stage. Darling, what a show!


This disperses bad nerves. I feel sick. A dry mouth. Sweaty palms.


Let's get the party started. Ready to do this. Come on!


I'm on first! Lulu I thought was really good


tonight. I don't know what they're putting in your porridge, but I


want some! I have given up hopes of being


Ginger Rodgeers or Jennifer -- Rodgers or Jennifer Grey.


It was enchanting. I had no idea you could be so caring. That is


what you do under pressure, you go out there and put in a good


performance. I have the highest score to date!


That was a samba with sex appeal. The shirt was a slight


distraction...: I don't feel like a sexy person at all. I thought if I


wore less I may feel sexier. I think brun know liked it! He --


Bruno liked it. He liked it. Party girls, jazz, and fun galour.


You brought the dance to life. love this era. I love the clothes.


You are transforming into a dancer and that's what we want to see.


Jason, what a disappointment. I got a little bored throughout it.


I want to feel more lust and more of this. It was not there. It did


not gel. I don't know what to say. For me it was fun. I feel good


about it. Alex's quickstep, I thought she did


a really good job. It's so difficult when your heel is caught


in your costume. I have excitement running down my spine. Classy - it


suited you. We fell over! We fell over, live on the


I didn't really feel the connection. I would like to have seen that more.


He was very stern and stiff of face. Our loves not there any more. You


don't smile if you're not in love with them!


Demeanted and fabulous at the same time. I loved it! The cloud were


going... It was like being in the middle of a bullfight! Astonishing!


It could have been rubbish, but astonishing is good. We do


astonishing! Chelsee came out like a sky rocket tonight.


From one baby to another, keep on dancing like that and nobody's


Can't stop smiling now. Stop smiling!


Holly. First time we've ever seen that. A twist and a swagger. It was


a cool and sophisticated jive. I think that really suits your


personality. As acting as judge, I think it has been a wonderful night.


I think I have done wonders for the show and I think, really send Len


to America. Leave him there, darling.


What a night. Fireworks a plenty. Who dazzled and who disappointed?


The results are in. In no particular order, the first


couple safe tonight is... Anita and Robin.


Thank you! Surviving again are... Holly and


Artem. Definitely back next Saturday are...


Thank you! The next couple saved is... Harry


and Aliona. In the bottom two tonight, and in


danger of leaving the competition are... Audley and Natalie.


The rest of you will learn your fate later on.


So, cailing, this is Audley and nat -- Craig, this is Audley and


Natalie's second time in the bottom two. Do you think tonight may be


their time to go. It is no surprise. We are halfway through the


competition. And the competition is stiff. He's up against people like


Harry and Jason, who are doing really well. I think he's done


amazingly well. You know because we've seen him be really graceful.


We have seen his rise and fall. You know, he's achiefed a lot. I


personally think it's time to wave goodbye.


AUDIENCE: Boos Jennifer, how has it been on the


other side of the table? Nothing harder than being on that side. My


compassion is great. It makes it hard to give any criticism at all,


because I know how hard it is and how hard they are all working. So,


it's much easier here. You have been there. It's been a pleasure


having you with us. Thank you very I have four very happy couples here


- over the moon. I have to tell you, you have more energy than anyone.


Are you secretly 14? I wish I was! 62 and I'm not giving in.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I'm going down in the battle. Russell, that


was my favourite reaction under the spotlight. I thought you were


actually going to jump off? I've never been up here before. Flav and


I have to normally wait for the second bit. Did you think you were


bottom of the leaderboard? Not at all. Because the British public are


so wonderful. If they want me to stay, and are happy for me to stay,


we'll stay. If not, I'll go home and start cooking again!


Holly and Artem - I know you are in terrible pain, how difficult was it


for you, he almost could not dance. Were you terrified? It was


frightening. You work hard all week. He was such a professional. He went


on. We didn't change routine. We did -- we had to change routine. We


did not rehearse. The boys are doing routine later and you cannot


take part. The assistant Corrie og grapher will do it in your place.


Can we clap him because he's in pain. Now they are the biggest


selling band of the decade, who after 14 years, 14 number ones and


44 million album sales are about to embark on their fell wear tour. It


is their first announcement since announcing their split. It is


possible I might cry. Please # Everybody's looking for that


something # One thing that makes it all


complete # You find it in strange places


# Places you never knew it could be # Some find it in the face of their


children # Some find it in the lover's eyes


# Who can deny the joy it brings # You find that special thing


# You're flying without wings # Some find it in the morning


# Some in their sol tarry live -- solitary lives


# You find knit the works of others # Oh, you find it in the deep est


# And when you know how much that means


# You found that special thing # You're flying without wings


# So, it makes me see # You've got to fight for every


dream # You know


# Which one you let go # Would have made you complete


# Well, for me, it's waking up besides you


# To watch the sun rise on your face


# To know that I can say I love you # In any given time or place


# It's little things that only I know


# Those are the things that make you mine


# And it's not flying without wings # You're my special thing


# I'm flying without wings # The place my life begins


# I'm flying without wings # And there's the joy you bring


The best song ever! Thank you so much. If this is where we talk


about things in detail. Of course, there is a fifth member of the


group, and it is... Thank you so much for coming up and joining us


where we can really bisect the dances. First ball, I have a


surprise clipped. This is what the camera caught from Lulu. There you


are, happy as a clam! Clapping... He is more interested in Jennifer!


And there we go! Brendan was less happy. Let's talk about Harry and


Aliona. You love Harry. Are we going to get to see it again?


What was so magnificent? Was at his top? His attitude? He is tired, it


is sharp, he is Manley, he has quick -- great it swivelling hips.


-- he is tied to. You loved him. Let's talk about Anita. You have


said she is now a dancer? She is a real inspiration and I can totally


identify with her. When she came to the competition, she had a passion


for dance. And that is what exudes from her. She is having the best


time. She is 62 and she is an inspiration


to so many women. Look at her. use the word synchronicity. And


they were banged on the? Yes. Real dynamite. So much potential. There


was so much detail in this dance routine, I cannot tell you. From


the heads and the foot work, and also, you are into the ground in


this dance. And a lot of steps on the off beatable stop the


syncopation. It has to be on the one, which is so difficult to do.


She is a raw talent. The audience agree with you. Everybody really


liked Alex and James. This is what she had to cope with. Bless her!


don't know whether you can see. was a very demanding routine but


she carried on like a real trouper. She never got the level of


performance. A look at bad. She is doing it. Look at her face! Filled


the air with glamour! She did it beautifully. But the balance and


the content of the dance and the delivery was the best for me she


has ever done this series. Fantastic. I have a surprise clip


for you. This is a treat. Holly ran through the dance and here she is...


She is just dancing and somebody comes in to help. There she is,


bravely during the rehearsal. Who comes in? There he is! Bruce


Forsyth! Absolutely brilliant. Nice footwork. I don't know what he is


doing. He is just delighted! Very good. Oh, yes! We always have to


end... With what? Be King. I have moved in with him. He is the dream.


Look at his face. He is loving Strictly Come Dancing more than


anyone. Absolutely brilliant! not as clean as the other one.


Thank you so much, guys. But he loved the ball! That is it. The


judges! Now please welcome the man who has


put the letter K into Saturday night. It is our very own Sir Bruce


# Young and foolish, # Why is it wrong to be young and


foolish, # We haven't long to be?


# Soon enough the carefree days, the sunlit days go by.


# Soon enough the bluebird has to fly.


# We were foolish. # One day we fell in love.


# Now we wonder, # What we were dreaming of.


# Smiling in the sunlight. # Laughing in the rain.


# I wish that we were young and # Yes, we were foolish.


# One day we fell in love. # Now we wonder,


# What on earth we were dreaming of. # Smiling in the sunlight.


# Laughing in the rain. # I wish that we were young.


# I so wish we could be young and Fabulous! Thank you very much. You


are very, very kind. And what about this band? What about them? Thank


So often a fun comes the 5th. It is results time. -- after the fund.


Five couples left, one in danger. But which one? It is time to find


out. In no particular order, surviving


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Brilliant! The next couple safe is... Chelsee




Thank you. Thank you. Back in the ballroom next Saturday


are... Robbie and ol la. -- Ola.




So, that means Jason and Kristina and Lulu and ben Dan, one of you is


-- Brendan, one of you is safe, one of you is in the bottom two. I can


reveal the couple in the bottom two tonight is... Lulu and Brendan.


So Dave and Kristina, congratulations -- Jason and


Kristina, congratulations. Lulu in the bottom two. I am very surprised.


In a way I understand it. Where she gets it right, she can be very,


very good, but she keeps getting her knickers in a twist. She has to


be consistent. She has to really raise to the level of the


performance week after week. Not getting it right one week and wrong


the next. That, I think, would help. I am


still shocked. So am I. Over to you, Claudia.


Thank you, Tess. Now it is the boy's turn with a brilliant routine


which will leave you feeling good. Please welcome our amazing


professionals. # It's drifting on by


# You know how I feel # It's a new day


# And I'm feeling Gooood # You know how I feel


# It's a new dawn # A new day


# For me new day # Now dawn


# And I'm feeling good # Butterflies, all having fun


# Sleep until the day is done # And this whole world, is a new


world # Stepped up high


# You know how I feel # It's a new dawn


# A new day # A new life


# For me and I'm feeling good # It's a new day


# I'm feeling good # It's a new day


# I'm feeling good # It's a new day


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE D absolutely brilliant! Tonight's


bottom celebrities are here. Audley, you must be now just annoyed for


being in the bottom two, I imagine. It must make you quite grumpy!


feel like Beyonce - # I'm a survivor # # Keep on surviving #


Are you in shock? Did you think on Saturday night maybe I'll end up in


Saturday night maybe I'll end up in the bottom two? I think most


weeksvy been waiting to be in the bottom two. I am surprised I have


got this far. I am thrilled to have made it this far. If you get


through to next week, what else will you give it? Everything I've


got. The ballroom dream is about to end for Audley or Lulu. Here's what


This is a public service announcement - I'm here in the


bottom two again! What are we going to do, public? Coming on Strictly


Come Dancing has definitely help med. When I came on the show my


waist size was 44. Currently I am 41. I want to go back to waist size


38. The public have been wonderful. As I say, the show must go on,


hopefully with me, but even without me I'll be tuning in and watching


the show. Strictly Come Dancing is another


world. I have joined a new universe. The feeling I get when I walk on to


the Strictly dance floor is absolute excitement and terror, at


the same time. I want to stay in Strictly so that


I can get over the nerves of every time I go on that floor, life on a


Saturday night. I might not be the greatest dance, I love it.


-- dancer, but I love it. Audley and Natalie and Lulu and Brendan,


one of you is about to leave the competition for good. It's the


moment of truth. Audley, Craig said "I couldn't


watch your footwork because your tongue was hanging out of your


head." Lulu, Alesha said, there always


seems to be a little mishap, but did the public agree? I can now


reveal the couple leaving tonight That means Audley and Natalie,


we'll see you next week. Lulu and Brendan, would you please come and


join me. APPLAUSE Nobody saw it coming.


I think there is a lot of shock in the studio. What has been your


Strictly highlight? Everything about Strictly has been amazing.


The people in front of the camera, the people behind the camera, the


audience, the judges. I mean the whole thing has been.... I would


never have missed it for a minute. It's just a very special experience.


And Brendan, is there anything you would like to say to Lulu? "Glad


I'm not going to see you on Monday!" This is one over those


shows. We are excited to be part of the experience. It will be very sad


not being here next week. That is the show. Somebody goes each week.


I would like to say well done to the show and well done to Lulu.


has been a pleasure watching you. You have been amazing. I didn't see


it coming. Off you go for your last dance, if you don't mind.


We're shocked. I know! Sadly Lulu and Brendan are now out of the


competition. They will join Zoe on competition. They will join Zoe on


Monday on It takes Two. D go to our website, and you can follow BBC's


Strictly on Twitter. Thank you to Jennifer Grey for being our guest.


Bruce and I and Len will be back next Saturday. With their final


dance floor # As the music dies


# Something in your eyes # Caught by the silver screen


# I'm never going to dance again # Guilty feeling


# Got no rhythm # Though it's easy to pretend


# I know you're not a fool # Should have done better than to


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host another exciting results show. Once viewer votes have been added to the judges' scores, the couple with the lowest combined points will have to leave the competition. The professional dancers also wow the audience with two more dazzling routines.

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