Week 6 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 6

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present a bumper bonfire night edition of Strictly Come Dancing. The ten couples try to impress the judges, including Hollywood star Jennifer Grey.

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Last weekend, the nation sunk its teeth into a Hallowe'en spook


tacular. And from the shadows came a witch, a bat - Lots of tricks and


quite a few treats. Not forgetting a devil in disguise. Once again we


were be witched. It was the final nail in the vamp's coffin. This


week, expect fire works. Burning ballroom questions must be answered.


Do you trust me? Who will provide the gun powder? Who will lose the


plot? And who is sitting in Len's chair?


4 Light the fuse, stand well back... It promises to the dynamite.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


From Television Centre, please welcome your hosts, Sir bruce


What a great crowd! Thank you. Hold on, hold on, don't


just stand there, sit down! Good evening ladies, gentlemen and


children. Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing it's nice to see you, to


see you....AUDIENCE: Nice. And it's nice to see you as ever. Are you


looking forward to Bonfire Night? No, they've asked me to light the


fire works. Don't laugh. Are you scared of the explosions? Nigh no.


What then? Well, they say, "Light the blue touch paper then retire!"


What are you laughing at? I've said so many times, so many times I'm


not going to retire. I'm going to keep going until I'm found out.


Quite right too. Our ten remaining couples are ready to light up this


dance floor with explosive routines. But sadly, the fifth couple will


have to leave the competition. Which will shine brightest tonight.


Shall we light the...the fuse! You'll never puff a candle out.


It's all right lit. Any way, it ace time to meet the stars of our show.


Astrologer to the stars, Russell Grant and his partner, Flavia


Cacace. Singing legend Lulu and her partner Brendan Cole. Waterloo


Road's chelsee Healey and her partner Pasha Kovalev, Holly


Valance and her partner Artem Chigvintsev, actress and leading


lady, Anita Dobson and her partner Robin Windsor. Premier ship's


footballer, Robbie Savage and his partner, Ola Jordan.


And finally star of stage and screen, Jason Donovan and his part


er in Kristina Rihanoff. There they all are!


There they all are. By the way, than you for all the money today. I


wasn't actually collecting penny for the Guy, I just dozed off in my


chair and they started throwing money in my lap! Mind you, I didn't


do badly. I made �34 and one Australian dollar. Thanks a bunch,


Holly. Tonight our sparkling stars are


going to be dancing to impress our judges who will be scoring and then


they will be ranked on the leader board. Snu but one couple will be


going up in smoke. And Karen Hardy is joined by Martin


in the Red button box. Our first couple is Lulu and her


partner Brendan. After the show tonight, Lulu has


organised a Bonfire Night party for us all. She's in charge of


everything, the music, the drinks, the food and she said, "Are you


coming Bruce? And I said yes, but will there be a potato in a jacket?


And she said, "Oh, yes, Craig has been invited." I didn't mean it, I


just read it. Here they are in training.


Hallowe'en week was the best Hallowe'en I have ever had in my


whole life. As soon as I took off.... Ooooh,


everyone's eyes are on you and you'd better get this right. Lots


of tricks and quite a few treats. thought the concept was absolutely


great. I loved that exit. I loved Highest score so far - come on!


The tango is so complicated. have to get your face out there,


even though it hurts you for the entire time. I'm going to film


Brendan doing all the steps and pictures at home. That's my


homework. It's pretty hard not having my


partner here to dance with, but I have a pretty good replacement.


Let's tango! Do you think I'm doing a good job?


Do you want this cup of tea, Brendan? Suit yourself. Last week's


points were great and I'd love it to go up this week. What are you


looking at! Dancing the tango, Lulu and Brendan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds




Wonderful, wonderful. Did you like it? I always hover


there. Are you going to do that to Oh, lovely. Why should Craig - his


luck always changes. I get nothing standing here. Any way, whilst you


take a breather and stop kissing me, it's a good time to welcome our


fabulous singers, Dave Arch and his wonderful, wonderful orchestra.


And, of course, not forgetting our judges. Welcome, welcome, judges. I


Now, as Len's on holiday for the week, our guest judge is the star


of the film Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Gray.


Welcome to Britain. And in the words of the wonderful film, Dirty


Dancing, I'd just like to say I hope you have the time of your life.


Oh yes, I've been a dirty dancer since I was 60. I can almost attest


to that. You're getting a bit cheeky all of a sudden!


Welcome, welcome, welcome. I think we're going to start with you,


Jennifer. What did you think of that offering? Well, how gorgeous


are you? That was phenomenal. I've been looking so forward to seeing


you dance and I was not disappointed. And I have just one


question; I don't know what they're putting in your porridge, but I


want some. I loved it. Obviously there were little slip-ups, but I


just loved everything about you. And aleavia, my lovely. - aleavia.


Lulu, there's always a little mishap about you, we expect it. But


it doesn't throw you. We commend you to that. But half way through


the routine you lost that upper strength and I want you to maintain


it throughout the whole dance. But you are improving and it was


wonderful to watch. Thank you very much. Now then, Bruno. Lulu, you


drive me crazy! You started so well, the Queen and mean with the heart


of stone, look like he smelled. But then what happened? Oh, gone. And


then the frame went. He was dragging you around at the end.


You've got to keep your performance going all the way through, because


you are able to do it. You did it last week. But this week,


somehow....I Have to rehearse more. More hours.


Sorry, what was that? Sorry, Bruce, carry on. In Len's absence, by the


way, Craig, you are tonight's Head Judge! Sorry about that e Brendan


Well, the head and the placement for me was very, very poor. You


were looking down an awful lot. I'm sure Brendan has told you about


that. And the frame. You keep miming, which is driving me mad.


I sometimes say the words. Yes, you need to stop that. But I thought


you had a lovely moment up on the bridge, a beautiful ronay, and I


loved the routine. Hold on. I'd just like to say on


behalf of all the dancers and the celebs it's an absolute honour to


have Jennifer on the panel tonight. Yes, Brendan. Well done, Lulu,


kicking off our fire works night in style. A few wobbles there. Yes,


but it was fun. I enjoyed it. Jennifer loved everything about it.


She's coming on leaps and bounds, your girl.. She's getting there.


And kissing Craig. It seemed to We'll go with that. Kiss Craig


harder next time! What do you think? Call this number:


When the phone lines open later on, if you want Lulu to re-light her


bonfire next week. How does that sound? It really makes me want to


somehow! # Wayyy-yaaaa-a. Fire work night tonight, Lulu has


set it all off. Back to you, Bruce Our next couple is Audley Harrison


and his partner, Natalie. What a nice guy he is. Audley was


telling me that he hates fire work night. I said why? He said, "The


rockets get right up my nose." I said" it's your own fault, you


shouldn't be so tall !" what a stupid joke! Here they are in


training. Last week, I really let my hair down and let myself go.


did make a gallant effort, my love. You're completely and utterly


unsuited for this dance, but a lovely smile. He's cruising for a


bruising. It's the second time I've been in the bottom two. So I take


it on the chin like a man. This week, we are doing the Viennese


waltz, and OMG it's a tough dance. Viennese waltz is about changing


momentum and direction quickly. We have to get him on his feet.


judges are coming down tough. And there are strong dancers and strong


performers and I really need to get my technique up. I've been idea.


What? Let's go old school. We're both competitive and want to


do well. One, two, three, two, two, three. I think you're ready.


Let's dance! Dancing the Viennese waltz, Audley


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


MUSIC: "I'm With You" What about that!


Wonderful! You definitely have a certain grace about you. When he


moves his arms, it's beautiful. Alesha, start us off. Audley, I


much prefer you in ballroom dancing. You had such nice control and


everything was carefully placed without being contrived. But I want


you to take ownership of the dance and be confident in leading Natalie,


you're so charming and really endearing. You should be proud.


I had no idea you could be so delicate and careful and caring.


You treated her like a Princeess, like a precious china doll. You


loved every moment to be with her. But you have to be careful. The


drive, there's a continuous drive through the dance so you must never


stop the movement. At times you stopped the dance and it looked a


little bit like you were walking, but overall, a very, very nice


dance. Now Craig? When you do step, turn,


step, you need to spot with her head. Your hands still need shaping,


but I can see you've been working on it. And your head is doing some


training things, as is the tongue! I couldn't watch your foot work


because her tongue kept hang out of your head!


The point is, Natalie didn't tread on it. Carry on? Oh, no, darling,


it could take all night. Jennifer, finish us off if you will. Well, I


thought it was Audely enchanting. And it was great considering you


have a size 16 shoe. 17. But I think you could use a little more


fire and be a little more dynamic. Take charge of the dance and be the


master of it. But he does have a certain grace? Oh, yes.


We all loved it. Everybody loved Beautiful choreography. Audley, you


brought the A game tonight. Yes. Enchanting and endearing. Have you


ever been called "delicate" before? No! Some mixed comments from the


judges, but it won't wipe the smile off your face? ONo, Definitely,


that was the best we've danced that dance. I loved it. And we can't see


An eight, there. That's our highest score to date. Is it? Yes. Good man,


Audley! All right, make a note of this


number: Call later on if you want to keep


Audley clear of the bottom two. You don't want that fight on your hands,


do you? No. The judges' scores may not be enough to save your


favourite alone. Don't leave it to chance. Now our next couple, Harry


Judd and his partner, Aliona. Oh, you're wild about Harry. Well, last


week, Harry impressed the judges with his terrifying tango. Can he


do the same this week with a sexy samba? Nigh let's find out. Here


they are in training. There was a lot to be learned about


last week, but I felt the judges' comments were fair. I'm from the


world of ballroom dancing and I want to see more than eight bars in


hold. Art is subjective and for me, you were the king and Queen again


tonight. She looks at me and said, "Next


week could be quite challenging. Samba, from what Aliona has told me


it has to be sexy in the hip action. It will be interesting to see if ki


pull it off. It's really hard to make it look comfortable. What I


expect from you in the samba is a lot of hip action.


Are you listening? Yeah, yeah. Sorry, bounce. It's not enough just


to have the bounce. Are you listening to me? Yes. Samba is a


sexy dance. Harry! Yes. I have the perfect


thing to get you into the mood for samba. Awesome.


Come on. This is so not what I had Dancing the samba, Harry Judd and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Look at this, Harry! What about it! That was great. Well


done. The pair of you, that was really something.


Absolutely wonderful. You certainly got this lot up. Bruno? Harry! That


was a samba full of pecksappeal and intriguing glimpses of what your


hips can do. But because you're so good, I have to opponent out that


it has to be full of abandonment, the samba. Your bounces were full


of push, instead of let it happen. You're a very good dancer, but this


one was slightly forced. You have to let it flow out of your body.


Out of your body, not my body. much flow have you got in your


body? Plenty, Bruce. Too much. Just relax, if possible. Craig, what did


you think? Well, the shirt was a slight distraction, I've got to be


honest! But I did notice, however, your


bounce action was almost non- existant and a little awkward, only


on the voltas, but you mastered everything else. I thought it was


absolutely fantastic. Well done, Craig. Thank out.


Jennifer, what did you think? Harry. You don't mind if I call you


Harry, do you. Well, if my husband wasn't so attractive and here in


the studio audience tonight, I might have found that vaguey


exciting! And I wouldn't mind to see you let go a little more.


Really? What did you think, Alesha? I'm not sure Latin comes as easy to


you as ballroom dancing. You definitely look more comfortable in


hold. I think you're having fun, but I want to see you really


capture the spirit of the dance. Kick it up a notch, don't be afraid


and really go for it. I'd just like to warn Harry, don't


Yes, Harry, a standing ovation. And dirty dancing in front of Jennifer


Gray. How was that? It was fun. I must admit I was very nervous for


me. But you're a drummer, you have rhythm, why do you found it so


tough? It's the bouncing and the hips, but I got through it and


that's thanks to Aliona. She's It's still a great score. Yes,


thank you. No tens from Alesha this week. She said, "Kick it up a


notch." Absolutely. I'll do that. Remember to call if you thought


Harry's samba was scintillating and you want him back for more. Next


week, all our couples will need your votes. Our next couple are


Anita Dobson and her partner, Robin. Anita is doing the Charleston. It's


a dance from the 1920s. What a decade that was. The Wall Street


crash. Prohibition, and the General Strike. But the 1920s weren't all


bad. It saw the birth of jazz, the birth of television and the birth


of Bruce Forsyth! Oh, I just love a happy ending!


Here they are in training. Last Saturday I was very nervous


because this has been the hardest dance to date. She was the most


nervous I've ever seen Anita. I got mind my little gravestone I


was OK. Acting ten. I've had 50 years of standing like an actress,


and now I suddenly have to stand like an L shape. But I'll get there.


We are doing the Charleston, which is hots of hands and legs and


jumping around. Gangsters, molls. might look like a gangster, but the


similarity ends there. You could be a gangster. Dancers!, I'm


surrounded by namby-pamby dancers. If I didn't dance you wouldn't give


I think we should just stoic the regular Charleston, don't you?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Dancing the Charleston, Anita Oh, Anita, look at this!


Wonderful, absolutely great. Thank you, all. It was like being


born again. That was so exciting. Craig? You lost a little bit of


swivel and you were a little bit behind, but you really brought the


dance to life. I loved it. Jennifer? Well, now I see why


you're a national treasure. You was beautiful, great spirit. You could


point the toes a little bit more, but it was beautiful. Alesha?


did lose timing on occasions but it was light, cute, fun and you


totally captured the spirit of the dance and I personally think you're


achieving what you set out to do in this competition, you're turning


into a dancer. Anita, characterisation, perfect, jazz,


booze and fun galore. But a couple of mistakes, and you lost the


timing of the hands a few times, that's it! That's all! It was


wonderful. Off you go. Be proud.


Yes, Anita, Anita! It's safe to say, blonds do have more fun. Yes, they


do. You're an inspiration, where do you get your energy from? I love it.


You're like a teenager. Alesha said, "You are transforming into a


dancer." That's the best thing anybody could have said to me, I


just love it. There you are.


Call this number later on if you thought Anita, our national


treasure, had rhythm and you'd like to see her shake her thing next


Saturday. None of our dancers want this to


finish just yet. Back to Bruce. Next up is Jason Donovan and his


partner, Kristina. A very popular young man sneefplt now they're


doing the rumba, and it's Jason's first romantic dance and to help


his confidence, he needs to know if there are any ladies in the


audience who would like to get a bit romantic with him? LOTS OF


SCREAMS AND SHOUTS I'm sorry, Jason, not one! But I did ask. Here they


are in training. Last Saturday was an incredible


evening. Alesha's ten. What can I say?! She'll be happy with me.


I am. This week we're doing a rumba, the dance of love. That's always


interesting when I mention that at home because the kids look at me


and go, "Oh, daddy ." I want a more romantic side from you. Think of


your first date, or something like this. Well, it's been a while since


I had one of thoughs, but... Jason, you are a bad, bad man.


Ladies. Oh. Kristina. Oh, Jason. Oh, you smell overpowering. Why, thank


you. This Cologne is one quarter spice, three quarters grrrrrr. Miss


Rihanoff, you look delicious, dance with me.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Dancing the rumba, Jason Donovan Wonderful, wonderful!


That was like a bit of poetry. Jennifer, will you start us off.


love that song and I love what you did with it, you just killed me


softly with that rumba, my friend, but I think you need to dig deeper


and connect more to your sexy, beautiful partner. I want to feel


more tension and lust and wow! That's it.


All right, I think that's enough. You got me going there for a moment.


Alesha? The rumba is such a difficult dance, and I appreciate


that, and I commend you for getting through it, but please forgive me,


I got a little bit bored throughout it. But I think it was contrived.


You're doing all your teacher told you to do, but it lacked that


little bit of spark and drive. Don't forget, Joe Calzzgi!


Jason, it did feel contrived. Do I look at her? The whole thing didn't


gel compared to your unusual standards. I thought it was just a


little bit too serious and earnest, if I'm honest. And it did expose


you. Latin fingers, too many sharp stops. Just not working through the


four and the one. It's a hard dance. Don't worry about it. I'm not


worried. Thank you so much for all your comments. Very valid points.


Well, Jason, you were the love panther, but the judges were a


little bit catty there. Yeah, it's a hard balance to find the


character within and being precise with the dance moves. I think


that's probably the key to the rumba, but I enjoyed the dance, I


have to say, and it seemed to sit with me in a really nice place as


shape. Alesha wanted more romance, is there more to give? I think


there is. But this was a different style. You seemed a little bit


nervous? Not as bad as the last few weeks. No, no, definitely not. I'm


a bit dry in the mouth at the moment. Let's see if the scores


28 out of 406789 Not your strongest score. I think,


as always, they're very fair comments and it's hard when you're


involved in a dance to look on the outside. But I do take the comments


on board and we'll dig deeper if we're here next week. If you want


to see him dig deeper, write this number down and call later if you


want Jason back here giving it some on the dance floor next week. Still


to come, Russell and Robbie. And our gorgeous girls, Chelsee and


Holly. Our next couple tonight is Alex


Jones and her partner James. Another popular couple. James told


me that after the show this evening he's organised a nice romantic


Bonfire Night party just for him and Alex! AUDIENCE: Ooh! I said,


"That's nice, when will the fire works start?" he said, "What Ola


finds out!" Here they are in training.


On the whole, James and I were really pleased with last week's


dance. It was the complete antithesis of last week and I


almost found it erotic. You've upped your game.


The quickstep is probably the hardest dance we've done so far.


Don't talk to me at all this week, I'm just going to hammer you.


are a dillion steps in a minute. It's challenging and tiring.


Hence... Quickstep. Not slow step. I'm going to push you harder and


harder every single day. You thought it was tough today? Wait


until tomorrow. Dancing with the devil.


You're here tot for the quickstep. James has had an opportunity to


unleash his inner Sergeant. Go, go, go! Move!


I always knew he was firey, but this morning, he he's really gone


for it. You have one more challenge, Dancing the quickstep, Alex Jones


MUSIC: Don't don'ts If It Ain't Got MUSIC: "It Don't Mean A Thing If It


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Up to that fall, your improvement in the last three weeks has been


incredible. Alesha? I loved that part of the


routine! Extra point. I know there were a few mistakes and you lost


your frame at the end, but it was classy, sophisticated. It really


suited you. When you're tired, keep working, keep pushing because you


are going from strength to strength. The girl were Wales, you're doing


good! Alex, you started out in sparkling form and I had frizles


running down my spine. But you messed up your foot work a couple


of times but it doesn't matter because overall I thought it was


great. And Craig? Some small timing issues


and that was largely due to your heel caught in the dress, and I


thought you dealt with that amazingly well. You really packed a


punch in that dance and it was full of personality. Thank you.


And Jennifer? Yes, Alex, your quickstep was like a fine champagne,


it was bubbly, ef vesant and it made me feel great. Well done.


What are you like, you lot. What happened? Did you get your heel


caught in the dress. It was ashame. And we both went over. It was


supposed to be like that. It looks like James's boot camp worked.


not going back next week. To boot 31 out of 40 and you made Jennifer


Gray giddy. Joo that wasn't me? it was definitely Alex. Phone this


number if you want Alex to take to the floor again. Oh, yes.


Next tonight it's Robbie Savage and his partner, Ola.


Another popular couple. They are doing the waltz. This is a dance


packed with rise and fall. Robbie has no problem at all with the rise


but every time it comes to the fall he rolls around, he's in agony


looking for a penalty! Old habits die hard. Here they are in training.


Last week, when I danced the paso I was in my element. I loved it. I


loved the beginning with the cape and the spinning of Ola. I loved


everything about it it's a shame the judges didn't feel the same way.


I would have liked a bit more savage. Your hands were like soup


ladles. After everything I threw at it I was genuinely surprised by the


comments. And the four, what does he want from me? Strictly has taken


over my life. I played football for years and years, but everybody just


talks about dancing. That's Robbie. You do know what I did before


dancing? Oh, yes, you were a famous hairdresser. I can't go to the gym


without somebody mentioning dancing. Keep dancing!


Here, mate, let me give you a hand with that. Thanks. I want you to


know you're an inspiration. Thanks mate. Yes, I want to be a


professional dancer now. But I'm a football. He gives it all that, but


he is a dancer now. Dancing the waltz, Robbie Savage


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Lovely, well done. It's a shame about that little tip at the end.


Yes. Very controlled, very poised, slightly heart broken. That was the


part, wasn't it. You're most correct performance to date. You


need to put much more phrasing into the roles.


Craig. Fantastic rise and fall, but, for me, devoid of any emotion. I


think you could at least have smiled once through it and you were


very tense and angry as well. that's what love is. It's tense.


Jennifer? That's what I love about this competition, it gives someone


like you, who has natural grace and athleticism, and it gives you a


chance to bring all of that to the drans floor and transform into a


dancer. And it's very exciting to watch. That said, I would like to


see you loosen up and have more chem street - chepls tree with this


beautiful sexy woman in your arms. I didn't see that I did. Sorry.


Alesha. I thought you danced it very well, Robbie. And although I


could feel a little bit of tension where you were concentrating, I did


see the emotion. T he was all full of love and that's why he was all


pent up. Here he is. Give us a smile, Robbie,


I'm missing it. There! So, Craig wanted a smile,


but it was part of the story. it was.


I'm not looking forward to the scores. They're probably going to


be bad. Would you want Robbie to romance you, ladies? Yes. Six weeks


ago would you have thought you would say, "I love dancing." Well,


six weeks ago, to have performed in front of millions of people, it


would be unbelievele. He's very nervous. He can hardly talk.


29 out of 40. Come on, Robbie, I'm missing the teeth. There they can.


Call this number later in the show if you want Robbie to give extra


time next week. How much would that mean, Robbie? Yeah, I love it.


And you can go to our web site for all the latest gossip. Time for our


next couple, Russell Grant and his partner, Flavia.


What a popular pair! Now, Russell and Flavia are massive fans of


Jennifer Gray's film, Dirty Dancing and as a tribute they wanted to


copy the iblgonic dearthy dance -- oip the iconic Dirty Dancing lift.


Well, like you, I was worried so I telephoned Russell and asked, "How


is it going?" and he said, "Not very well, Flavia keeps dropping


me." Here they are in training.


Last week, the pressure of being first on to the dance floor took


its toll on Russell. I did not quite feel in the groove and I


think that's due to the fact that you're working on an empty tank.


Unfortunately, you went wrong quite a lot. The timing was out.


But you still got the Hallowe'en party started. The music of Kylie


Minogue, and dancing of Russell Grant, what more do we want? Kylie


men yoing actually tweeted me. It made my night. The paso doble is


not a natural dance for Russell. It's very dramatic and all about


the attack. I have a surprise for him, which I think he's going to


love in more ways than one. Get in there!


I'm running! He scores!


I've turned rather good at this. I think I've learnt now, I know how


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Dancing the paso doble, Russell MUSIC: "Carmen" You've done it


again, look at this! Oh, you've done it a gene, the pair


of you. Wonderful. The wonderful thing is you really


look as if you know what you're doing. Thank you. I don't really.


Craig? Craig's face! I'm not laughing, honestly.


Astonishing! Is that it? He's lost for words.


Jennifer? Well, I'm looking at your stars, Russell and if you keep


entertaining everyone like that, you'll be here for a while.


I think you're right. Alesha? enough of the strength and drive I


usually like to A paso, but I always love your interpretation of


the dance, Russell. I laufrd and smiled with you the whole - laughed


and smiled with you the whole way. It was brilliant.


You really loved riding that bull you didn't want to go off, but once


you started it was good. It was a proper paso. It was Benny Hill's


version of the paso, but everything was there, the steps and the hands


that do dishes. I loved it! Everybody loved it. They all loved


Oh, Russell, you do not let us down, do you my darling. I hope not.


Every single person in the studio had a huge smile on their face. And


Craig had one word, astonishing. I'm happy with that. Macho, how did


you find that? Well, I want to thank the rugby club for all they


did. Thank you, boys, you taught me how to do the paso. And Bruno


called it demented but fabulous. loved that.


24 out of 40. He's got Kylie's backing now. Has he got yours? If


so, call this number later on if you loved the passion in Russell's


paso and you want to see him struting his stuff again next week.


Why wouldn't you? Tomorrow night in our results show,


sadly two of our dancers will be in danger and it's getting harder to


say goodbye. Our next couple is Chelsee Healey


and her partner, Pasha. Chelsee is one of those people who is always


on her mobile phone. I said to her earlier, "Can I use your mobile?"


and she said, "Of course, do you want to twitter, look at a couple


of e-mails, or Apps or use the internet?" and said, "I just want


to make a phone call." Here they are in training.. Last


week's performance, I had a little bit of a wardrobe function. I was


so upset at the time, but looking back on it, I know the first part


of the dance went really well. She's a wicked little dancer.


have to forget about what happened. A brand new week. This week it's a


Charleston. It's very high energy, so we need to make sure all our


hands and arm positions are precise. The feeling is, it's like polishing


a mirror. It's all about the hands, hands, hands. It's time to turn to


the tried and tested form of teaching. Put this on and meet me


in the car park. Left hand wax on, right hand, wax off. Get to work!


4 Paint the fence. Oh, come on, Pasha, I've done


everything you wanted me to do. I've painted the fence, washed the


car and picturesed. Show me wax on, Dancing the Charleston, Chelsee


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Oh, look. That's all for you, darling. Well


done, you've had a good week. Jennifer, if you will start us off.


Chelsee, you're the baby in the competition, well, from one baby to


another, you keep dancing like that and nobody's going to put you in


the corner. Well put, Jennifer, lovely. And you


Alesha? This dance really, really suits you, your timing is great


apart from one or two places and it was a really high-energy dance.


Stunning. Chelsee the fabulous flapper,


driving to the limit. And the choreography was excellent.


Craig? Synchronisity was excellent, apart from where the costume came


off, and that was the only time you Oh, wow! Jennifer Gray said,


"Nobody's going to put baby in the corner" the quote of the series.


You put in more training this time, do you think it paid off? It looked


like it. Yes. I always think I can do better, but I tried the best.


You got a standing ovation. I know. We're half way through the


competition now, Pasha do you think chelgsee can be a contender? -


Chelsee can be a contender? That is a big score! Safe to say


you're happy about that? I'm so happy.


Let's see the wax on wax off one more time. Wax on, wax off. That's


lovely. The number to ring is this if you enjoyed our Chelsee's


Charleston and you want our flapper back having a right good time next


week. This is unmiserable. Back to Bruce. Time now for our last couple,


Holly Valance, and her partner Artem.


Another very popular couple. Last week, Holly and Artem took on the


role of a pair of love-struck swans when they danced to Swan Lake.


Remember, the music was beautiful. They were so elegant. Half way


through, there was a lovely old couple over there, sitting there,


and they started throwing bread. Here they are in training. Not the


old couple - Holly and Artem. Last week's American smooth was


fantastic. You were magnificent, Holly. This shows you're a real


contender in this competition. Getting our highest score yet of 35


was the icing on the cake. The jive. This week we're doing the


jive, one of the fastest dances you'll ever do. I'm a bit of a


sloth. I don't move very fast. I can't do it that fast. This is the


level of the music and this is the level of Holly. I find the speed of


the jive really hard. So I have aged a little mission to help. The


jive's a really fast dance. I don't know if it necessarily suits me,


but I think this is going to help me get in the mood. Let's


This is fun! That knocked my socks off!


Now the jive will seem slow. Yes, it will seem like a slow waltz at


the moment. You're going down. Dancing the jive, Holly Valance and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Look at this, Holly, you've done it. Shame about the braces. I nearly


rushed on to fix it, but I thought I'd better not. Alesha? Hony, you


looked exhausted through that. It was a cool and sophisticated jive.


And that suits your personality. I liked it a lot. Bruno? It was a


jive with a twist and a swagger. An element of rock and swing into it.


Very creative, very, very different, very, very cool, the girl's on top!


I liked it a lot. That's what I liked about it, you


were very cool. Craig? I absolutely loved that concept, I thought it


was brilliant. And finally, Holly, some energy from you. You're


normally very laid back, Australian. We need to see a lot more of that!


Jennifer? That was not a traditional jive and you took a lot


of chances with it and I think it really paid off I was really


thrilled to see it. Oh, Artem has had a bad leg.


How hot was that, what a finale. Artem had an jury this afternoon


and he's limping. I don't know how you do it, the show must go on.


He's been incredible. We had to alter it a little bit. There was


littlely smoke coming off your feet, Holly. It's still coming off. I


need a lie down. How did it feel? That was awesome, it was so quick.


It was the funest dance so far and his choreography is so cool. Do you


reckon be your mate, David Walliams liked it? Apaid him off before he


came! A great score from the judges. Are


you happy with that? Yes. What can we expect next week if you're still


in the competition? Something really slow! But not too laid back


and Australian? No, it's a blood pressure thing!


Make a note of this number and call if you don't want our ballroom


Belle to run away from the competition. You don't want that,


Holly? Absolutely not. Let's look Now, remember, you can, of course,


change all that, because the phone lines are now open!


The lines will close at 8.15 tonight. A little bit earlier.


Voting details can be found on the website. And here's a reminder of


all of tonight's routines and the all-important numbers. What a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Well, what a night. What a night. I hope you agree that our stars gave


us a perfect night of ballroom. But sadly, one couple with the lowest


combined scores will leave the competition. That's right. Make


sure you pick up the phone because your votes can change everything.


Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present a bumper bonfire night edition of Strictly Come Dancing. Only 10 couples remain as the action hots up. Expect fireworks as the celebrities do their best to try and impress the judges.

Hollywood star Jennifer Grey foxtrots into Strictly Come Dancing, stepping into Len Goodman's shoes for a week; she joins Craig Revel Horwood, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli.

Voting lines will open at the end of the show. Once the judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the lowest scoring couple will sadly have to leave the competition in Sunday night's results show.

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