Week 5 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 5 Results

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It's a spooky Hallowe'en special. It's Strictly Come Dancing: the


Results. # I'm just an average man with an


average life # I work from 9.00 to 5.00


# Hey, hell # I pay the price


# All I want to do # Is be left alone


# But why do # I always feel like


# I'm in the Twilight Zone # I always feel like somebody's


watching me # And I have no privacy


# I always feel like # Somebody's watching me


# Tell me, is it just a dream? # When I come home at night


# I close the toor real tight # People call me on the phone


# I'm trying to avoid # But can the people on TV see me?


# Or am I just paranoid? # I always feel like somebody's


watching me # And I have no privacy


# Whoa, Whoa, Whoa # I always feel like


# Somebody's watching me # I don't know anymore. Are the


neighbours watching me # Well, is the mailman watching me?


# Tell me - # And I don't feel safe anymore


# What a mess # I wonder who is watching me now


# The IRS? # I always feel like


# Somebody's watching me # And I have no privacy


# Whoa, Whoa, Whoa shot I always feel like somebody's watching me


# Tell me # Is it just a dream?


Hang on a minute. This is not right. That's better. Back where you


belong. So a spooky start to Sunday's Strictly Hallowe'en


results. Your scores have been combined with the judge's, and


tonight, Hallowe'en will claim its next victim.


(Evil laugh) But first, let's say hello to the people who make the


Addams Family look positively normal. It's our judges.


APPLAUSE There they go. Is the broomstick in


for an MOT tonight, Craig? absolutely. I am getting one built


especially for my home. It's in the garage, darling. Absolutely. We'll


hear for them in a little while, but first, let's see what tricks or


treats are in store tonight with our Claudia. Thank you. It's treats


all around tonight. We have a special performance from the


devilishly handsome boy band The Wanted, plus, more spell-binding


slow-mo from Len's lens. First, though, let's hop onboard the ghost


train - choo-choo - destination, Saturday night.


(Playing: Theme song to the Addams It was a marvellous evening, magic


- magic. I am saying magic. There you are. Don't worry about the X


Factor. You've got the feel-good factor. You have turned Hayleigh


Mason into camp heaven. Unfortunately, you went wrong one


too many times. I feel I could have done it much, much better. Onwards


and upwards, they say. You coped with the wardrobe malfunction well,


though it did throw you. That's why it was a bit of a mess towards the


end. It's OK. You have nothing to cry about, my darling. You covered


that so well. You should be proud of yourself. You handled that well.


It's all right. No. That was fun, fun, fun. You're completely and


utterly physically unsuited for this, I am afraid. The judges were


tough on me this week. Great smile, personality, terrible footwork. If


you look down at my feet, you ain't going to be happy! Five! I think


you played that extremely well. Woo-hoo! Haunting, voluptuous with


a hint of madness. Give me a kiss.


LAUGHTER When I heard Holly was going to do


Swan Lake, I thought this was going to be a disastrous. But what a


number. It was terrific. Nine. is my favourite Hallowe'en so far.


I have to be honest - you're a walking disaster. I am getting a


little bit bored of that lift now. It was not my idea. Oh! I think it


is fair - they are too hot, definitely. Four! You're too cool


for school. I can't say I agree with you. I agree. He is without


doubt, one of the best male-born dancers I have seen, ever!


# Bad! # You really, really went for it, so well done. I felt like


you had to lead a little bit more. Your hands were on occasion like


soup ladles, darling. Four. He's not marking it right in my opinion.


It's not a four. Come on, baby. Don't be upset. I am. Gutted.


# She's just a devil woman! # Fantastic actress, Anita. You were


quite scary out there. I never knew you could play so evil. She's going


to get you at the end! Love it, love it, love it.


# Highway to hell # I'm quite partial to the flying


myself, actually. What Lulu lacked in technique she truly made up for


in entertainment. I am proud of what we did tonight. It was fun.


There's a new moon out tonight, and I flew right through it.


# You wish # You wish #


I thought that was absolutely fab- u-lous. Last week you took a dip.


You're back. Well done. Woo-hoo! Nine. Nine. Nine. 10. 10! Yeah!


had the good, the bad and the ugly, and I loved it - what fun. What


enjoyment. Who will survive Hallowe'en's horrors, and who faces


couple safe tonight is: Lulu and Brendan.


James. Well done. Back in the ballroom next Saturday are: Jason


and Kristina. show are: Chelsee and Pasha.


And now in the bottom two tonight and in danger of leaving the


competition are: Audley and Natalie. The rest of you


will have to wait to discover your fate.


Len, the jive is a tough dance for big guys. I mean, you said that


Audley had rhythm. He had timing are you disappointed to see him in


the bottom two? I am disappointed, but I had a feeling he might be


because he's got size 17 feet. He's 6'6" or whatever, and the jive is


all about being compact and sharp and fast. You know, it's a shame


because this competition quite often is about getting the wrong


dance at the wrong week, and I think that's what happened for


Audley. Last week his foxtrot I thought was beautiful, and he's had


to do a jive which didn't suit him, and I am sorry, but I had a feeling


it may be. Thank you very much. Will he live to fight another day?


Over to you, Claudia. Thank you very much, Tess. I have five safe,


joyful couples. There is joy in the room. Alex, congratulations. Last


week, grumpy Craig, sexless. This week he found it erotic. Are you


delighted or ever so slightly alarmed? No, delighted. He said


that. I was just worried it was going to come to an end. We dusted


ourselves off. It was a break- through week he said. Do you feel


like that? Yeah. Your eyelashs are amazing. You flew. How do you feel?


You must be still on cloud nine. am still flying. They said the


choreography was brilliant. They loved it. Brendan did a great job,


and I loved flying. You were so brilliant, and then you were in


tears. I wanted to jump through the telly. I feel a bit daft now.


be silly. Did you think there had been a gift? What do you think


happened? I don't want to say gift. Do you know what, it has been


really hard this week. I was a bit nervous about coming on. OK. Well,


you were absolutely brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and you're


going to love this. There is something to sink your fans into


now. They're Britain's hottest boy band who in one year have taken the


world by storm. Here with their exclusive performance of their


brand new single Lightning, please welcome The Wanted.


# You're in control # Pressing pause on my heartbeat


# Someone stole all the air # So I can't speak


# Now I know # The chase is on


# I feel as though # My time has come


# How many times do I fly through your head space?


# Now it's speeding away from the safe place


# Yeah, your skin # Your touch


# The kiss # You rush too much


# And here it comes # When your lips touch mine


# It's the kiss of life # I know


# I know that it's a little bit frightening


# We might as well be playing with lightning.


# We touch like # Like it's out first time


# Oh, oh # I know it's a light frightening


# We might as well be playing with lightning now


# Oh, oh # Just you and me and the coats in


the back room # Learning things they don't teach


in the classroom # Now you're here


# I feel the fear # Now everything is oh, so clear


# I have been addicted to you since the first hit


# Out of control like a surge of electric


# Yeah, your skin, your touch # The kiss


# The rush so much # And here it comes


# When your lips touch mine # It's the kiss of life


# I know it's a little bit frightening


# We might as well be playing with lightning


# We touch like # Like it's our first time


# Oh, oh # I know it's a little bit


frightening # We might as well be playing with


lightning # Now...


# Oh, oh # Oh, oh oh, oh


# Oh, oh # Your skin


# The touch # The kiss


# Too much # Your skin


# The touch # The kiss


# The rush # Your skin


# The touch # The kiss too much


# The rush # When your lips touch mine


# It's the kiss of life # I know


# I know that it's a little bit frightening


# We might as well be playing with lightning


# We touch like # Like it's our first time


# Oh, oh # I know it's a little bit


frightening # We might as well be playing with


lightning now # Oh, oh #


Amazing. Now it's time to please welcome the judges.


APPLAUSE Now, of course, we could not do


this section alone. We need to be joined by... Len's lens.


(Evil laugh) Right? Scary. This is where we look


at the real details. Look how beautifuls that, and you can


dissect certain movements. First off, we've got a surprise clip for


you, Len, because Kristina put a spell on Jason. She put a spell on


you. You're going to love this. Here we go. Look. Look. I was


practising - I was practising that Bewitched, and I wasn't sure I


could wiggle my nose and then go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, then


whatever the score was. I couldn't do it. Can I just say something -


we have all had a little practising. You did it for 14 seconds. Yeah,


well, I am a perfectionist. I thought, this is ridiculous. I've


got quite a big bugle. This will work. Unfortunately, no. I had to


give up. Alex and James, you loved them. Let's just have a look at


this clip in slow-mo. Here she is - so beautiful. Do you know what I


like? Last week she got a bit of a hammering, and I'm sure she has


come back this week - her nerves were a little bit jangled, but she


had the confidence to come out and perform on her own. That's one of


the keys. You have to risk it if you want the biscuit. Full on Kate


Bush - Ka-ba-bush - ya-ya. It was like Kate Bush was here. It's


uncanny. We have a surprise clip for you because always this believe


face, serene, adorable, just smiling, willing them on, then this.


Hold on. Here we go. LAUGHTER


A trick, and then a treat! Let's talk about holly and Artem. You


loved them. The audience went nuts. Here is the clip. They do this


amazing spin. Talk us through it. What I loved about it is it wasn't


conventional. It was really unique, and I think Holly stepped up her


game this week. Artem is so clever. It was my favourite concept. What


was lovely is it was really effortless. There was no straining


in his face. It just flowed. It was lovely. I don't want to be


pernickety, but why didn't that get a ten? Not enough content for me -


not enough foxtrot. I loved the spin. I just felt like it went on


too long. There were some ballet-ic steps that were cleverly put


together. It's stunning, what he did, but because there is some


attitude - purely from a ballet point of view, they weren't quite


there, but overall... I had to ask. I was at home shouting ten to


myself! Craig, we have a fantastic clip of you. This is the brilliant


Robbie Savage jumping on your desk. Your face and Len's face were


fantastic. Look at you, Craig. LAUGHTER


Len loves it. Oh, look. LAUGHTER


Bruno, let me talk to you about the musical performances - Audley on


the piano, then Russell playing the bong oh, I believe. Let's have a


look. Both of them doing it with gusto. Going for it - the belly


bong oh - give it to me, honey! They were not the best dancers, but


they got the spirit of it. Look at him! I was born this way - go for


it! The thing I have to say overall - everybody really had wonderful


concepts. They may not have been technically perfect, some of them,


but overall, they all really embraced the spirit of the night on


Saturday. It was brilliant. The dancers, the celebrities - they did


a fantastic - I have enjoyed it enormously. Obviously, we have to


score. We have to do our job, but as a member of the public, I


thought they were stunning, all of them, regardless of the scores.


Everyone is totally agreeing with you. We can never end this item.


Even if we do this in four years' time, I'm still going to show him.


Look at him move that tail. That's the best costume I have ever seen.


There it is. Look at that face. Somewhere between Hell Boy and Hell


Girl. He was brilliant. Guys, thank you very much. Let's hear it for


Now the dreaded red light is about to be switched on again, but who


will be under it? Back to you, Tess. Thanks, Claudia. Five couples left,


but who's safe, and who is in In no particular order surviving


Dancing again next Saturday are: Russell and Flavio. Thank you.


Thank you. Safe for another week are: Harry and Aliona Vilani.


So that means Robbie and Ola and Nancy and Anton, one of you is safe,


one in the bottom two. I can reveal the couple in the bottom two


tonight is: Nancy and Anton. So Robbie and Ola,


congratulations. You're through to next Saturday.


APPLAUSE So Bruno, this is Nancy's third


time in the bottom two. Do you think it's her time to go? Well,


listen - there is one thing I have to explain - she's been in the


bottom two three times, saved by the nation three times. I do


understand the appeal. In a perverse way somebody so beautiful


but yet so clueless on the dancefloor makes this almost like


must-see television. I want to see her again. Can she get any worse? I


have no idea. LAUGHTER


No, but it still is wonderful to see because she goes for it - badly


- but she goes for it! Will it be a case of third time unlucky? We'll


have to see. Over to you, Claudia. Thank you, Tess. Here with a


bewitching American smooth guaranteeed to make your toes tap


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 162 seconds


and spine a tingle, please welcome two couples are here. I am so sorry,


Audley. The judges said the jive is just a very difficult dance. If you


stay another week, have you got better dances in you, do you think?


Definitely. I think the ballroom dances are more suitable to me, but


I tried, but - I gave it my all, but that dance is a real tough


dance to master especially someone my size and my small feet. Yes,


let's not mention the feet ever again. Nancy, we keep meeting like


this. Yes. Is the rumba the final nail in the coffin, do you think? I


feel bad asking - but I had to. ask. No. OK. Fantastic! You enjoyed


it, though? To be in a coffin? dance. I do enjoy it, but I need to


watch it again because I think definitely the judge is being too


mean to us definitely, but I definitely will watch it and see.


OK. All right. If I enjoy it, I did. Brilliant. And with that, we are


done. Either Audley or Nancy are about to bid goodbye to Strictly.


Here's what we'll miss. It is already my third time in the bottom


two. You never want to surrender. The thing is nothing make you more


happy when people are laughing with you. I can't ask for more. I want


to keep going. I still have a lot of energies to carry on. The best


thing about being part of Strictly is that I get to dance every single


day. Wow. It doesn't even feel like I'm working. I'm having so much fun.


I've danced. I am losing weight. But there's a lot more to come from


Audley Harrison. Twinkle toes is competition for good - the moment


of truth. Audley, Craig said heavy, flat-footed and cumbersome. Nancy,


Alesha said you should have stayed in the coffin. But did the public


agree? I can now reveal that the couple leaving tonight is: Nancy


and Anton. It's OK. That means Audley and Natalie, we'll see you


next week. Nancy and Anton, please come and join me. As we said


earlier, never a dull moment. What will you miss most about Strictly?


Let me think about it! LAUGHTER


I will miss many moments, of course. It has been so a full-on experience


that we - sorry. Give it to me. Wardrobe malfunction - we don't


need anymore! Exactly. It's another one. Well, of course it's difficult


to say now, but of course I'll miss a lot. It was a lot of fun, and I


learned dancing - partly, even though the judges don't agree.


Anton, what would you like to say to Nancy? I tell you what I'm going


to miss the most. I'm just going to miss Nancy. I'm going to miss you.


You are a superstar. You are absolutely lovely. Thank you very


much, Anton. I have had the most lovely time. Off you go. I'm so


sorry. Ladies and gentlemen, Nancy and Anton. Before we go, it's a sad


goodbye to another couple. It Takes Two is at 6.30 on BBC Two. If you


can't wait until then for your next ballroom fix, head to our website.


We'll be back at 6.25pm next Saturday. Len won't be here next


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