Week 5 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 5

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present a spooky Halloween-themed show, as the couples perform in the hopes of impressing the frightening foursome of Craig, Len, Alesha and Bruno.

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Last weekend in the ballroom, dreams really did come true.


But for some, their world was turned upside down. Not much good


on her feed. Perhaps she's better on her head. Others had their nose


put out of joint. Sexless, cold and stiff. Whispering sweet nothings


and the shout of. Ten! First class. Our favourite comedian left us with


his last impression. Nice to see you, to see you... NICE! Tonight,


it's the monster's ballroom. It's a Hallowe'en spectacular. Who'll keep


their wits about them? I ain't afraid of no ghosts. And who will


turn into quivering wrecks? It's time to turn up the lights and hold


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


on tight. It's fright night on Live from Television Centre,


Hallowe'en special, it's Strictly Come Dancing. Please welcome your


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Live from Television Centre, please welcome your hosts... Bruce Forsyth


The dress will allow no more. a state. Any way, good evening


ladies and gentleman and children. It's Hallowe'en and the time of


year, I didn't expect that! The time of year when the living dead


rise from their grave, stalk to the earth and say "nice to see you, to


see you... NICE! "Aren't you good. It's nice to see you Brucie. It is


Hallowe'en. Hope you're not scared. I am a bit scared. This week, I had


the biggest fright of my life. It was dark and stormy. THUNDER CLAPS


I was alone in the house, when there was a knock at the door.


I got up to open the door. CREEKING NOISE


That was me getting up. LAUGHTER


Then I opened the door. CREEKING Who was there? A tall man in a


cloak. He said Forsyth, face the facts, it's time to pass over to


the other side. What a horrible thing to say! I know, I've told him


before, I'm not going back to ITV! APPLAUSE


Thank you. I don't care what Simon says. I don't care what he says.


Tonight, in the ballroom, we're in for a monster treat. Oh, yes.


our 11 stars give us more thrills and chill that's you can shake a


wooden stake at. That was difficult to say, wasn't it? Tonight was not


for the faint hearted. One couple will face the unthinkable terror of


being eliminated from the competition. I can hear teeth


chattering, nerves jangling. Shall we unleash them? Yes, consider them


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


unleashed. It's time to meet the CHEERING AND APPLAUSE There they


all are, looking like zombies and the undead. I trust you've all


recovered from last week? Goodness gracious. Robbie hurt his nose.


Aneat -- and needed an ice back. Russell hurt his knee and needed an


ice pack. When Alex wore that sexy cat suit, I needed an ice pack. We


had to put Len in the fridge, didn't we? Exactly. Where's Craig?




The traffic was a complete and APPLAUSE


Where would you like to us stick the broom stick? And the first one


who tells him, will go straight through to next week. No vote off,


nothing, straight through. Tonight, it is bone chilling


ballroom all the way. Our stars will be dancing, the judges scoring


and the crumbs will be ranked on the leaderboard. Those score --


dancers will be ranked on the leaderboard. We also have West End


star Adam Garcia with us. Just press the red button.


first couple is Russell Grant and his partner, Flavia.


APPLAUSE Russell is doing the samba. He was


going to copy a great star from the past, Carmen Miranda, you remember


the lady who used to dance with a bowl of fruit on her head? Apples,


bananas and grapes and Russell said, "No pears?" I said "Certainly not,


you don't get anything for a pair!" How soon they forget. We'll do that


again. You don't get anything for a pair! Any way, here they are, good


Last week's performance I actually really enjoyed. In 90 seconds it


told the most amazing nocturnal drama. That's what it was. It was a


nightmare. From Shreeping Beauty to night terror. It all went on in


your mind. He got it. It was brilliant! What nobody knew at that


time is I was having trouble with my legs. But this Hallowe'en,


nothing's going to stop me from dancing the samba.


When we first started training here, I heard my name being called. Due


hear that? I heard some kind of baby cry. It's up there. I looked


up and I saw this presence. Look, see? There's a vibration here that


definitely requires psychic investigation. Russell thinks this


place is haunted. I ain't afraid of no ghost. I'm not going to let him


down. What is going on? Got you! I knew


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


it was Flavia all the time. Are you CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What a pair


you! You she devil. Any way, whilst you two get your breath back, it's


a good time to welcome our fabulous singers, Dave Arch and his


wonderful orchestra. APPLAUSE


Not forgetting our judges. Welcome all of you.


Now if anyone is watching, is worried that we broke health and


safety regulations because we flew Craig into the studio ain broom


stick, let me assure you, he did have a safety harness... Round his




Even Craig liked that one. Len, what did you think of that? I think


when you came through that flame, you caught your bum alight because


you really started dancing. I tell you, there was a few mistakes wents


on unfortunately, I tell you, don't worry about the X Factor, you have


the feel-good factor. Thank you Len. Now Alesha, my love.


The music of Kylie and Russell Grant, what more do we want on


Strictly Come Dancing? You have a great bounce action. The samba


suits you. I know you've had some trouble with your knee, my darling,


but you got the Hallowe'en party started. Well done. And now Bruno?


Russell, you've turned hell no a camp hefpb -- heaven. You went


wrong quite a few times because, you know why, you tried to put the


content in. It went wrong quite a lot. But the fun of it was great.


The fun was there. Well done. OK, finish us off, Craig? You are one


wig away darling from being Mystic Meg. There's so much clap on there.


The dancing sadly let you down this evening. The timing was out. Your


kick ball changes are all messed up. You have a great double bounce


action. That was good. That's not too bad. I'd settle for that if I


was you. Wonderful. What a start to the show. Thank you both.


You cuddly little devil you. Kicking off the Hallowe'en special,


dancing the samba in front of 11 million people, how did that feel?


I love the samba, but I did a lot of steps that I shouldn't have done.


Sshhh. They didn't notice. judges did, darling. They're not


daft. The audience didn't. I love the samba and I love Flavia.


got the feel good factor. You've had knee trouble. It didn't show.


No, I've got it strapped up. I have a harness like most of the people


in the show tonight! I might be wheeled on in the future. No I'm


A four from Craig, how do you feel about that snfrplts he's right. I


got too much wrong to warrant more than a four. He's right. I take -D


I'll take over 20. 22 is good. That was my first house in Wembley.


a sign. OK. Who are you going to The couple with the lowest combined


judges scores and your votes will leave the competition. We're off.


Everyone's in high spirits tonight. Over to you, Bruce.


Now, for our next couple, Chelsee Healey and her partner Pasha.


APPLAUSE After finishing on top of the


leaderboard last week, with her quickstep, can Chelsee stay there


with her tango? Let's find out. Here they are in training.


How are you feeling? Nervous. Every week I'm scared before we go on.


The nerves were worth it last week. First class. Know thagt judges


enjoyed the performance, it was a bit of a confidence boost. To be


given such amazing scores, I was over the moon. I'm going to take it


week by week and try our hardest. Yes, dance by dance, week by week...


This week we're dancing a spine tingling tango. It's a very


passionate dance. You should be precise but seductive. Oh, no I'm


not into that. It doesn't suit me. I'm not seductive or sexy. I'm out


of my comfort zone. We did really well last week. We cannot be


complacent. So we're going to a local school to see some truly


scary critics. Here we go. Hello! I had so much fun today


meeting the children. They were so nice. Everybody go inside. Scary


scream, come on. It was scarier dancing in front of the children


than in front of the judges. The children don't care what they say.


That routine was a horror show was ghastly, darling. I'm going to


give it a spooky... Seven! If I can face them, I'm sure I can face the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


What's the matter? Are you all right darling, what's happened? You


messed up a few steps? Just a dress malfunction. Oh, dear. Anything I


can do, don't worry. You're good. Alesha, start us off. Don't worry


darlingment Chelsee, don't worry. Please, you know.


Don't worry at all. Let me tell you, Chelsee, you have nothing to cry


about my darling. You covered that so well. You should be proud of


yourself. It didn't stract from the dance at all. You maintained your


standard from last week. That was clean, sharp, full of attack.


Come on, smile. I want a smile. Chelsee, when you leave this floor,


you need to have a smile on your face because this partnership is


working. It certainly is. You are contenders. It's good. Chelsee my


darling, I tell you one thing, this wicked little witch is a wicked


little dancer! You started very, very well. Obviously, you know,


live shows little incidents happened. Because of that you lost


your footing. But you just did a great dance. You're a great dancer.


You have great musicality. You have a great feel for performance. Don't


worry about it. It happens to everybody. It happens to everybody.


Don't worry, sweet heart. What you did, was good.


Now then Craig? I would have liked to have seen a little bit more


grounded. You sometimes lost flexed knees. Your legs were a bit


straight. You were a bit too on your toes throughout the routine.


You coped with the wardrobe malfunction quite well. Though it


did throw you and that's why it was a bit of a mess towards the end.


But it was feisty, fiery and everything we expected.


Oh, thank you Craig. Even Craig! Now then, Len, will you finish us


off? You were like a Lancashire hot pot. Out you came, all satisfying


and delicious. I thought, honestly, I thought it was a good dance. You


did it very well. Yes, it could have been a bit sharper near the


end, but overall it was fabulous. Well done to the pair of you.


Well done. Off you go. Be proud. Can I just reassure you we saw


absolutely nothing. Oh, thank God for that. Bless her. You did such a


brilliant dance. You were amazing. The audience love today and the


judges loved it. We all loved it. APPLAUSE


Pasha, Bruno says she's a wicked little dancer, are you proud of


your Chelsea? Very proud and the way she handled it all. It shows


one more time that she's great. Alesha said you have upped your


game loost week. Topped the leader -- last week. Topped the loord


board last week. Can you do it again?


A great score. I'm made up. She's made up. All right. Call later if


you don't want Chelsee axed from the competition and you want to see


her dancing again next week. The judges score as loan may not be


enough to save your favourites. Our bogey men boys, the ghoulish girls,


they need your votes. Now for the next couple, Audley


Harrison and his partner, Natalie. APPLAUSE


Audley came up to my earlier today and said, "Bruce, I've seen so many


ghosts and dead people today. I think I might be a medium." I said


"Audley, we know you've lost weight, but you're definitely an extra


large". I'm a medium. He's an extra large. Right, here they are, I like


that one! Here they are in training. My performance last Saturday was


the best that I've danced the foxtrot. I'm telling you this, I'm


sitting here giving you a standing ovation. Well done. To hear the


judges' comments, positive and uplifting, it touched me. As I've


been older I'm more in touch with my velnerblt. -- Vulnerplt. Every


week I turn up and put in a better performance than the one before.


Next week jive. Game on. I can't believe it's your birthday today.


Even though it's my birthday, I have not been slacking. I'm working


extra hard. They will pick awe part, if you're messy, especially in jive.


I think the energy side will suit Audley. But the dance is on the


toes. It's not going to be natural. I never get surprised. Today for my


4040th my wife and daughter came in and gave me a birthday cake. Happy


birthday daddy. It's been four weeks since I've seen my wife and


daughter. It feels great to have them here. Let's see what you've


got. I like seeing my daddy dance because I like twirlg and my daddy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


is the best. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done


Audley and Natalie. Wasn't that great.


Absolutely wonderful. Your little girl will love to see that. She'll


be very proud of her daddy. Bruno? I tell you, you really got into the


spirit of things, big smile, great personality, terrible footwork. All


the kicks an the flicks were thrown away. It was cool and casual, but I


mean the jive is all about the sharpness. It has to be sharp,


precise, the feet have to be pointed. It has to be compact. It's


a very hard dance to do, for anybody, let alone somebody that is


like -- is built like a great big oak. It's hard. You did your best.


He certainly did. Craig, what is on your mind?


did make a gallant effort, my love. You're completely and utterly


physically unsuited for this dance. It was heavy, flat footed,. It was


cumbersome. Lovely smile, though. You have a beautiful smile. And he


got out there and had a go, which is what we love about it. Indeed.


All right Len? I don't get these two. It had rhythm, good timing. I


know it's not the easiest dance for a big guy. You never went wrong.


You kept on the dance the whole way through. I'm not going to be


disappointed. I commend you, well Craig, I won't let anything happen


to you. Alesha? I loved the concept and


idea of the dance this week. I think Craig and Bruno are right. It


needed to be more bouncy and light. The kicks and flicks weren't quite


there for me. It's great to see you going for it. I had a smile


throughout, but I think this dance was a bit out of your comfort zone


this week. I think you'd agree with that. A marvellous effort. We thank


you. Natalie, great job. Come on! Yes, come on up here Audley. That


was so much fun. That looks like so much fun. What a way to end your


birthday week. As Bruno said it's a tough dance for a man of your size.


Flicks and kicks. Lots of them. Suited to a shorter person


definitely. I enjoyed it. I went for it. Back to America this week.


You've had very little training time. He did well. Lovely smile


again, that Craig loves so much. We love that. Craig's going to get


this. Give him a smile. He hasn't scored


me yet, has he? I love you Craig. I love you. Quite a conversation


going on between Audley and Craig. Is Craig still getting that magic


smile after that? Yeah, but he might get the left hook behind it.


That will be for you. A Hallowe'en hook. Do you think your wife and


little girl is proud of daddy? Definitely. I'm doing my best.


go Audley. Make a note of this number: Call later, if you think


Audley's jive packs a punch and you want to see him dancing next


Saturday. Plenty more blood curdling ballroom


on the way, miss it at your peril. Now for our next couple, Alex Jones


and her partner, James. APPLAUSE


A popular couple. Alex says she had been chatting to Craig earlier. He


was explaining all about male witches. I said, that's typical


Craig, he's always talking a lot of warlocks.


LAUGHTER Think about it... I'll wait. Right,


here they are in training. After we danced, I thought it had


gone OK. Then we got in front of the judges and... The only way to


grow is take risks. Push it next time. Sexless, cold and stiff.


Craig's comments were really hard to deal with. I'm going to come


back again next week and just put this one to bed. OK get out of the


cat suit and move on. I bet James has put that there just to scare me.


It's Hallowe'en week and we are dancing the paso doble. Keep your


chin up otherwise you look like that. Alesha's comments last week


were more or less that we need to be more adventurous. Come with me.


Where are we going? That's not what I expected. What did you expect?


don't want to come down that. supposed to take risks. It's


Hallowe'en, we might as well do it in style. How do you do that?


powers. Have fun, babes. Wait! Oh, I think I might be sick. Here I go.


Oh! Here she goes. James, you better join in. Wherever you feel


ready. James, don't let me hang in here. Then this one comes like


flippin Spider-man. A little lift. No, oh, James. I hope I didn't make


too much of a fuss. But it's a lot higher than it looked. Can we go


back to the paso doble now? If you want anger, you'll get it after


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Up you get, Alex! What's going on here? Look at


this. What an ovation. Well done. Look! Are you glad it's over?


little bit. Right, Craig start us off. I quite liked the idea of


Dracula chasing innocent virgin blood and I think you played that


extremely well. APPLAUSE


In fact, it was the complete antithesis of last week. I almost


found it erotic, darling. That probably says a lot more about


me than you actually. We're glad to hear it. Len? I was


expecting like a hammer house of horrors. I was totally wrong. I


liked the confidence that you did that first section on your own.


Then when James joined in, you had intensity. It was dramatic. You had


attack. A little bit too much frock wafting for me. But apart from that,


it was terrific. Well done. Lovely, Alex. Don't worry darling. You're


lovely. Alesha? You had a knock last week, but you've picked


yourself up and you're back on form. I absolutely loved the beginning.


You took a risk, out there on your own and it worked. The whole thing


was atmospheric, the drama was brilliant. You've had a


breakthrough this week, you really have. You've upped your game.


And Bruno? Alex, haunting, voluptuous with a hint of madness.


Your strength from last week has improved so much. You're linking


the lines. Your assertive. You're in character. That's the way to


proceed. Well done. What a lovely night for you. Off


you go. Well done Alex. Thank you. That's


what I call a dance resurrection. You own won Craig over, he said


"almost erotic". There was room for improvement after last week. Alesha


said back on form, a breakthrough. Did you feel that? I enjoyed it a


bit more this time. I mean, I think I looked scared... Look at James.


guess she finds it easier to be aggressive with me rather than


romantic. I don't understand why. Can you smile for us? Thank you.


Even Dracula is happy. Brilliant score. Call later in the show, if


you think Alex should bring the ballroom back to life again next


weekend. Don't bite her! All our 11 stars have been training all week


from dawn till dusk. But one couple will be leaving this weekend. They


need your votes. Next up is Holly Valance and her


partner, Artem. APPLAUSE


Another popular lady. How about this, they're dancing the American


smooth to Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Holly is a fan of the great


composers and said to me, "Bruce, if Beethoven was alive today, he


would have loved listening to you entertain." Wasn't that nice! Base


ofb, hang on a -- Beethoven, hang on, he was deaf, wasn't he? Deaf as


a post! For goodness sake, I'll get you for that. Here they are in


training. Last week I danced the Viennese


waltz. It was really pretty. I didn't feel like I got a feeling


out of doing it. A bit bump I I thought. I watched myself and just


think it looks like a dog's breakfast.


We're always missing something every week. We're not making it


perfect. You can be amazing. You have to focus and give it even more.


Holly is giving what she think sz 100%. But I don't think Holly


understands how good she can be. This week is Hallowe'en week. I'm


dancing the American smooth to Swan Lake.


Hallowe'en is my absolute favourite holiday of the year. Are you


kidding me? We've been training really hard. We're going to take a


bit of a break. We're going to go to a theme park.


We've got nothing to fear. What are you doing to me? Why are you here?


SCREAMING You go first. I can't handle this.


Oh, my God. Where's Artem? This is ridiculous.


We have training to get to. anyone finds this footage, I didn't


make it. Kara I love you. Sorry I didn't make it to rehearsals.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


What is wrong with you. I thought CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done


Holly and Artem. Well done, indeed.


Listen to that and look at this. Enjoy it. Look.


Absolutely lovely. Are you pleased? I know the clocks go back later


tonight, to be honest I'd like them to go back right now and let's see


it again. I thought it was terrific. I really did. Could have done with


a little bit more in hold for me, Artem. You know I'm a bit finicy in


that respect. What a number. It was terrific. Well done. What a number.


Beautiful music. Alesha? You both look incredible. This is my


favourite concept so far. I have to say, you create some beautiful


lines and shapes. There was nothing about it conventional. It was


original. You were magnificent Holly. I have to tell you, for me,


this is the dance that shows you're a real contender in this


competition now. Another breakthrough. Yeah. Lovely.


Now then, Bruno? When I heard that you were going to attempt Swan Lake,


the music is so difficult, I thought, she's gone barmyi. She's


lost the plot. But you've succeeded. You produced a performance of great


style, great artistry. As she said, your top lines were just exquisite.


Beautiful. What about that? And you haven't heard from Craig yet.


high risk and perilous concept, to not have a dress on, to cover up


the legs, particularly in foxtrot The music was wonderful. Dave and


the orchestra! Off you go. Be proud my darling. And Artem, well done


indeed. APPLAUSE


Wow! The haunting, fabulous routine. Bruno said it was high risk, but


high quality. We loved it. You got a standing ovation in the studio.


It's amazing. It's been my favourite dance so far. I loved it.


I think it was the audience's favourite dance. How many times due


go round? Six. Do you need a sick bucket? I'm OK. Alesha says you're


a contender now. You started out so strong in the competition, second


week one. How much do you want to be back at the top? So, so much. We


worked so hard this week. 35 out of 40! All that hard work


paid off. Best score of the night so far. What a routine. Call later


if you want Holly to swan into next week and dance again. How much


would that mean to you? Please call! She wants to be here. Still


to come, we unleash more creatures of the night. We have Anita, Robbie,


Jason, Harry and it will come as no surprise that Lulu is as batty as


ever. It's enough to give you goose bumps.


Right our next couple tonight is Nancy Dell'Olio and her partner,


Anton. What about these two! They're


dancing the rumba and for this dance Nancy has to pretend she's


completely in love with Anton. LAUGHTER


I said well Anton can definitely give you some tips on that... He's


been in love with himself for years. APPLAUSE


Who else does? Maybe his mother. Here they are in training.


Last Saturday, I was bitterly disappointed with myself. This time


particularly because I knew I could do much better. It was one of those,


it started off on the wrong foot. It's a shame because it could have


been good. I know you messed up after the dip thing really badly.


You still went off time. She's not much good on her feet. Perhaps


she's better on her head. # Shot down in a blaze of glory #


What can you do. It's Saturday night syndrome. That was suppose --


we're so close to being good. week is Hallowe'en and we're


dancing the rumba. It is essentially the dance of love.


about just a kiss? I don't want a kiss. Nancy said we need a coffin.


It has to be sparkly, Strictly. I got her a coffin.


Delivery for Nancy Dell'Olio. she grateful? What is this?


It's so horrible, disgusting to see this. I'm not going to rehearse


today. I'm not going there. You're joking. Have a look inside. You


might like it. It's luxury. Look at that, spiders and everything.


You're going to love it. I knew that you were a nightmare, but this


is the end. You never know how it's going to go


on the live show. I'm not going to perform in that kofpb. -- coffin. I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


want crystal all over, glamorous. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What a story!


Get him out of there. I left a sandwich in there when I was having


a nap this afternoon. All right Anton? What happened?


What's the mat sner Don't talk to me about the boa again. I told you,


no boa. She's a boa constrictor this one. Did you enjoy that?


I do enjoy. It was difficult, at the start getting out of the coffin.


I suggest it, but when I saw the coffin in rehearsal studio, I said,


I must be crazy. We saw that. Alesha darling? Nancy, I think


you're a sexy woman and you know how to work it. But you're a


walking disaster. Sorry Craig stealing your word. Your legs are


so far apart and that's not very feminine. No, I'm being serious.


It's very ploddy and just the lift, it's so unflattering. You both


should have stayed in the coffin, but having said that, I'm sure the


viewers at home will love it. I didn't like it.


Don't go any further. Right. Bueno? Oh, napbs -- Bruno? Nancy, emerging


from the coffin, looking like the Queen of the night but you danced


like the walking dead. It was like walking Bond Street, designer gear.


I said many times, have you to listen to the music. If you don't


listen to the music all your steps are gangling all over the place.


You're a beautiful woman. Concentrate, focus on the music.


Feel it in your body. Use it with the music, my darling. Because this


is like a big plonky number. Oh, dear. I'm very surprised.


Craig? Don't let him start as well. Haven't we had enough. Come on.


Craig has to have his say. He must? Dance horriblus darling. You see, I


told you. The moment you stepped out of that sarcophagus, darling,


was the moment it all went horribly wrong. Anton I'm getting bored of


that lift now, can we change it please, if you're here next week.


It was not my idea. It was also illegal. If you're here next week,


if you're here next week... You do the choreography OK? Is that fair?


You do it Nancy darling. Len? was interesting listening to you


all chat ago way. The rumba, the dance of love. There were moments


of Mills and Boon and moments of meals on wheels. It was a mixture.


You did a few basic steps. It waents all bad. I didn't mind it


really. -- It wasn't all bad. I didn't mind it really. Nancy, don't


take it to heart. You do the choreography. He's keeping you back.


Off you go. That was a rumba with a difference.


Was there a part of you athat wanted to nail the coffin lid shut


with Anton in it? What a night this has turned out to be. I will never


paint the skreeling again I tell you. Look at the state of it. --


ceiling. Len said moments of Mills & Boon and moments of meals on


wheels, what's all that about? don't know. Are we going to throw


the boa in the coffin? No, we're going to use it next week. Do we


have a problem with the boa? No. The scores are in. You think it's


Ouch, 14 out of 40. What do you think? Write down this number and


call later if you thought Nancy's rumba was spookily good and you'd


like to see her dance next week. think I'm looking a bit under the


weather myself. You're not yourself. None of our stars want their


ballroom dreams buried. But without your votes your favourite will be


in grave danger. Can we get a costume to put a zip in that? We're


about to delve into the twilight zone. I want to be like Artem. Look


at that, cor. I think we're ready. Next tonight, there's another show


going on up there. Next tonight is Harry Judd and his partner Aliona.


CHEERING Oh, popular! What a popular young


man. He's doing so well. Harry told me


for this dance he will take on the role of a vampire and Aliona will


scare him off with lots of cloves of garlic. He wanted my opinion. I


said "Personally I prefer Aliona dancing with no cloves...


$$TRANSMIT" of garlic! Who's working that autocue, hey? It


should have come up after the vampire.


Made me look a fool. You understand don't you? Of course you do. Here


they are in training. Last Saturday the dance wents


really well, but it did cause a few arguments. I didn't get it. I


didn't get that bit. Actually you're wrong. How can you possibly


say that? It was amazing to get the first ten. I can't expect that


every week. But I've got to keep doing my best. That could become


our thing, but we need to practice -- practise it. Better. This week


it's Hallowe'en week. We are dancing the tango. The song we're


dancing to is called Psycho Killer, which is pretty intense. More angry.


Aliona seems to think I have a dark side. Harry's dark side wasn't


coming out as easily as I hoped. Soy cooked up an old family -- so I


cooked up an old family recipe. Where are we? The scariest place in


the UK. Come on. This must be bringing out your dark side...


Harry? Harry, where are you? It's not funny any more. Where are you?!


My Princess of darkness, let's tango.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


You do have a dark side. I like it. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You cannot


stop it. They love Harry! I tell you, look at them. Enjoy this,


Harry and Aliona. That is beautiful. Well done.


They're just wild about Harry... I tell you. You're away there son.


Bruno start us off. Intense, hypnotic, erotic, I can feel your


power getting stronger and stronger. You can bite as much as you like,


as long as you keep dancing like this. It was great.


Craig? Full of intent. Full of purpose. Full of aggression. I


thought, I loved the story telling. That was fantastic. I'd like to


have seen a bit more in hold, however. But the tango that you did


do, I thought you did very, very well.


And Len? You see, Harry, please don't think I have a downer on you


or Aliona, because I haven't. Honestly. You see, I watch a tango,


I want to see more than eight bars in hold. Now I thought it was a


terrific number. It was sharp, all that stuff on the chair was


together. It was very, very crisp and enjoyable. But you know, I'm


from a world different to our other judges. I'm from the world of


ballroom dancing. This is a tango and I want to see...


I do not lie. I want to see more than eight bars in the tango hold.


What's annoying, when you are in hold, you are fantastic.


APPLAUSE Worth thinking about that. And


Alesha? I do agree with Len a bit. It's by no means a criticism


because you played it so well. Har ery, you're too cool for school.


Art is subjective and for me you created a beautiful piece of dance.


The quing and queen of tango tonight. -- King and queen of tango


tonight. Well done. We're just wild about Harry.


APPLAUSE Yes the king and queen of tango are


in the house. Craig says full of intent and aggression. Where have


you been hiding that tark side? Aliona brought it out in me this


week. Chablg the aggression. being really hard core in training.


Is it scary leading a rofegsal? Very scary. It's frightening enough


being out there to start with. And it's hard to talk with these teeth


in as well. Your band mates are here again. Do you reckon they


could cut it? Not a chance. 34 out of 40. Another ten. The


second of the competition. You owned it.


Amazing. Thank you. The number to call later : If our Harry's


terrifying tango thrilled you and you want to see him dance again


next Saturday. At bbc.co.uk/strictly you can keep up


to date with everything ballroom. And follow us on Twitter as well.


Time for our next couple, Robbie Savage and his partner, Ola.


Another popular couple, so many popular couples this year. During


his dance last week, Robbie slid on his knees towards the camera, over


there actually, slid right the way across and didn't stop in time. The


impact almost broke his nose. After the show, we called for an


ambulance. They took him straight to the hairdressers.


LAUGHTER It's true. I'm telling you the


truth. Well he wanted to have his hair


done before he went to hospital. When I go to the doctors I always


wear a clean vest. Here they are... LAUGHTER


Here they are in training. Last week, Robbie really got into


his dance. He was the love man. We're love men, hey! You loved it.


The people loved it. I loved it. Give it to me Ola! Last Saturday I


hurt my nose, too much enthusiasm. I was supposed to stop before the


camera. Overshot it, straight into the camera. Bang, nose... Really


sore. Because it's Hallowe'en week, you have to face your worst


nightmare. Which is what? You don't know what it is. The make-under.


Make-under, what's that? Let the make-under begin.


# Sexy, everything about you's so sexy


# You don't even know what you've got... #


Perfect. Now come with me and I'll show you a surprise.


Open your eyes. Wow. I am ugly.


# UGLY, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly. #


I've faced my worst fears today. Can you imagine looking at me all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What about Absolutely, Robbie, well done.


Craig, oh, dear... You didn't know where to look for the best.


LAUGHTER Oh, we're going to start off with


you as well. We really could have done without all the hip thrusts


and particularly the end one in my face, darling. Technically it


needed a bit more drive. There needed a lot more arch in it. I


felt that you had to load a bit more. Your hands were on occasion


like soup ladles, darling. Apart from all that, I suppose, it was


amazing. LAUGHTER




Good. What


Good. What a


Good. What a jump


Good. What a jump to get up there. You look here, the way he jumped on


the top, it's fantastic. Len? was a little bit disconcerting when


you kept thrusting your wobbly bits all offer the shop. I saw the


Robbie, but I would have liked a bit more savage. You didn't give it


as much as I expected. You're a ballroom boy, not so much a Latin


guy. You've got to work on getting the Latin to the same standard that


your ballroom dancing is. It was good. Especially when you jumped up.


Len, we all jumped that. We really D Alesha? I say keep thrusting. Put


it in every dance, honestly. It just works. It was a bit erratic at


times. The cape work was brilliant. I disagree with the boys. I thought


you had real purpose and intent throughout. You really went for it,


well done. You're right Alesha.. The cape was


excellent. I forgot about that. Bruno? Yes, Rob, that was bad gone


mental. The forward thrust with that scared the hell out of me. Go


for it if you've got it, isn't it? You know what you're good at now.


We all know what he's good at. like the bit about artistry...


it. Don't say any more. Bruno is lost for words. Thank goodness.


I've waited for this day. It was wonderful. Off you go, the pair of


you. Ola and Robbie! APPLAUSE


Who's bad?! Standing ovation in the studio. You nearly took Craig's eye


out... With your knee! My nose. got stuck into that paso. Did it


feel good? Loved every minute of it. We loved it too. Yeah, come on.


wanted more savage is there more to give? Hopefully. We got a whole lot


26, and keep thrusting. All right Robbie. Call this number: Call


later if you thought Robbie paso was bad, in a good way and you'd


like a replay. Tonight has been a white knuckle ride. None of our


stars want this week to be the final destination. They'll all need


your votes. Wasn't that brilliant. Back to you Bruce.


Our next couple is Anita Dobson and her partner, Robin.


So many lovely couples in this show. Anita, she's done dramatic scenes


on television, dramatic scenes in theatre, even dramatic scenes in


Shakespeare. That's the last thing we need this week, another drama


queen. Don't want to mention any names,


but follow my eyes. Here they are in training.


Last week I wasn't really feeling the -- that I was improving at the


rate I wanted to. I needed a confidence boost. That's what I got.


It was sophisticated, classy and you are a consummate pro. After the


comments, when I saw an eight come up from Craig, I was so thrilled


and shocked. Then when four eights came up, I was ecstatic. You can't


quite believe you're getting eights? No, thank you. I'm so happy.


I've improved. This week is Hallowe'en week and we are dancing


the terrifying tango. I love it, but it's very scary. My challenge


this week is to find the character of the devil woman. I'm working


really hard to release the devil in me. I really shouldn't, oh, go on


skhrats -- Go on! Go for it. Yeah. Nothing scares me about Anita.


Though this week is Hallowe'en week and I'm seeing there's a devil


inside. I want you to draw a big circle, all the way around. We go


again. Are you paying attention, Anita? Yes, of course I am. I've


tried really hard all week to get this character right. I hope on the


night I can really bring out the devil in me.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE How about that, Anita, that was, hey! Please


don't, you scared me. It was definitely the Queen Vic landlady


there for a moment. I really liked it. There was a lot of tango


content. You got into hold and went into the dance. You lost a step


they called the chase. You lost your timing on that. You know where


I mean, don't you? I do. probably don't. But Robin does.


Your posture is the weakest thing. You are too vertical. Yeah, it's


hard to do. I really enjoyed it. I know that to do a proper tango is


far more gruelling and time constraining than just standing


side by side and mincing around. So well done.


Well done indeed. Alesha? You're a fantastic actress. I loved the


drama. You were quite scary out there. She is. You need to spend a


bit of time perfecting your hold. Once you master that, it will get


you to the next level. Apart from that, you're brilliant. Well done.


I never knew you could play so evil. Watch it. Don't trust the scarlet


woman with the devil inside. You portray every aspect of your


character with every step. It's great to watch. She is right. You


have to work on the frame. That will help you a lot to give the


correct lines in the dance. Otherwise very good.


Absolutely. And Craig? Acting ten, top line three. You need to meet


the top line in the middle somewhere. Absolutely, I loved the


routine though. I really, really did.


Lovely, well done both of you. Anita, off you go then and Robin.


Breathe, breathe. How are the nerve that's week? Ooohhhh... I know


you're very nervous. I said "Not as nervous as last week?" She said


"More nervous." Alesha loved the drama. What do people shout in the


street, is it still Angie? They go Another great score. OK, call later


if you think Anita's tango was devilishly good and you'd love to


see her back in the ballroom for more. Remember all of our couples


need your votes. One couple will be leaving in tomorrow night's results


show. Time now for our next couple Lulu


and her partner, Brendan. APPLAUSE


Now she was riding high last week with the samba. But can she take


off with the paso doble? Let's find out. Here they are in training.


Last week Lulu was determined to break the curse of the samba.


the one dance I always get kicked out of Strictly on. Ti, was a bit


repetitious. Brendan took that to heart a bit. Repetitive in what way.


We had promenade runs, whisks, walks, locks... It's hard not to


take it personally. I would have liked a little bit more content.


You're telling me there's a lack of content? Six. Come on, it wasn't


In my routine I'm channelling a bat from hell.


# Like a bat out of hell... # After last week Lulu wanted more


excitement. Can I wear a big bat dress. I hope I'm bringing that


everything I've thrown at her. quite a lot to think about.


wants a challenge, I think I've given her a challenge. Pull tight.


I'm going to learn how to fly. Oh, no, it feels really horrible.


That's more like it. I don't know if I'm going to be terrified or


just have the best time. It is time to fly. I'm going for the first -


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


terrified. Nice one Lu. Fantastic. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Come back


here! Brendan, well done, the pair of you.


I tell you, absolutely... APPLAUSE


Here they are. Look at this Lulu! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Absolutely. A


standing ovation. Well done. You are brave.


You really are. Made Craig lock a bit silly, didn't it? -- look.


Bruno? I tell you, you handled all those tricks with great panache.


Another thing, you didn't go wrong tonight. I counted all the way


through, I thought, oh, she's going to lose it. She's going to lose it.


You didn't lose it! You did it well. You were strong and you were


powerful. All right then. Let's see what Craig thought. I'm quite


partial to a bit of flying myself actually.


I thought the concept was absolutely great, Brendan,


fantastic work. I loved that exit. Really theatrical. Just when you're


in hold, I felt it was a battle for spremcy. I felt like you were just


trying to, you were always catching up to Brendan. That's the paso


doble, that's the idea. The fight and the cape. Not running and


trying to catch up, Bruno. Oh, God. I loved it. All right, Len is


looking pen sieve. Lots of tricks and quite a few treats. Now you


know what the problem is, you're a little bit soft in the body. And


Brendan is trying to lead you in the chassis capes and you're too


willowy. He can't use it. It's all about reaction and action. That was


missing. But what entertainment, I loved it! Exactly. And Alesha.


amazing entrance. I love your determination. It was a really


brave attempt. You should be proud this week. You did a good job.


Really, really good job. And you're still my favourite. I'm still your


favourite? Go on. And Brendan as well. Off you go!


You took off there. I was flying. You were. Did you enjoy the view?


loved it up there. We all want a go now. Can I just say, wardrobe, the


flyers, the crew getting on and off, they've done a phenomenal job.


APPLAUSE Pulled out all the stops tonight.


Fair point. ( Lulu, Bruno said you didn't go wrong. How much of a


relief was that? I prayed all week for that, just to hear Bruno say


those words. Your prayers were answered. Craig loved it. Let's


hope your prayers are answered when 29! You're flying high Lulu, well


done. We'll take it. Call when the phone lines open later if you want


Lulu to take the highway back to the ballroom next week. We've got


one more treat to enjoy and what a treat.


Finally tonight it's Jason Donovan and his partner Kristina.


CHEERING A popular young man. Very popular.


Now Jason told me today that he once saw a ghost during a trip to


London. I said "Oh, whereabouts?" He said the bloody tower. I said


all right, I only bloomin' asked. It's hard to believe he's


Australian sometimes. Any way, here they are in training.


Last Saturday, I think the comments were justified. You tried to make a


big meal out of this paso. And you got indigestion. Did I find it


difficult? Yes. Does it stress me out? Yes. You've got to enjoy each


week because this week might be my last week.


This week we're dancing the quickstep. My fault. It's quick and


it's tough. I need a break. I need five minutes, babe. Babe, do you


mind if I have five minutes? Jason... Jason, I'm the ghost of


Strictly past. I have words of wisdom for you. It is not necessary


to show your chest hair. OK. You're not Crocodile Dundee. Jason? Jason.


Katya. I'm the ghost of Strictly present. I bring even wiser words


of wisdom. Dance every dance as if it were your last. I should know.


OK Katya. Jason, hey Jason... I'm the ghost of Strictly yet to come,


Kristina deserves to have a fighter this year otherwise you'll have me


to answer to. Oh, yes Sir. Jason, wake up. You look like you've seen


a ghost. Funny you should say that. Hey Joe, are you all right? Oh, God.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


APPLAUSE How about them! Kristina and Jason,


look at that. You should be very proud. A


beautiful number. What a finish to the show. It's absolutely wonderful.


Wonderful. All right then, now then, Craig? Stone the flamin crows mate.


Terrible accent, I've really lost it. I thought that was absolutely


fab-u-lus! However... Oh. There were a couple of mistakes.


spotted it yeah. It would have been perfect are otherwise. So what, you


made a tiny mistake. Some of them have had a tango and they haven't


even done a tango. He's done a little mistake and you're picking


on him. Let me reiterate what Brendan said, the make up, the hair,


the costume people, the production has been fantastic and as far as


I'm concerned, you have been fantastic as well. Last week you


took a dip. You're back! Well done. CHEERING


Back where you belong. You're right the production has been wonderful


tonight. Alesha? It was so cute. You were charming throughout. It


was interesting, brilliant routine. Well done Jason.


Loved the number. Choice of number was marvellous. Kristina, you did a


good job. Bruno? Bewitchingly brilliant and slightly barmyi. I


liked that you put in great concept, great choreography, you're back on


track. Well I can't add to it. Off you go.


Go on. Climb those stairs or fly up. Yes. Here he is. The king of the


quickstep. Len says you're back, that must feel good. There were a


few mistakes there, but I have to say I had a chat to Harry before


about counting and I really sort of got that stuck in my head. I think


it helped me out a lot. Centre. There was a bit of a wrong


direction in my spin I think. But that's life, noi. Nobody noticed.


That's the longest standing ovation so far this series. He's a


perfectist. May we see the nose wiggle one more time. That deserves


a score all by itself. Will you be trick or treating this weekend?


With the kids, yeah on Monday. Once I relax from the quickstep, I think.


You might want to keep the make up on. Yes! I have to say, I look


rather scary. And that's a good thing. If you're still in the


competition, what treat have you got in store next weekend? Next


week is the rumba. Are we allowed to say that? I think we are. That's


scary. Is it scary! We'll get there. I look forward to it. The scores


37 out of 40! Congratulations. That's our biggest score of the


series. Thank you so much. Wow. Really well done. The number to


call for Jason and Kristina: When lines open shortly, if Jason's


performance bewitched you and you want him back next week. How does


that sound to you? Yes. I'm speechless. Thank you. All our


couples have brought us bone rattling ballroom to die for. Have


you had fun? Yes! We've loved it. Remember, you could change all that.


Lines close at 8.45pm. Voting details can be found at


bbc.co.uk/strictly. Russell is kissing everybody. He's just


spreading the love. To help you decide who gets your vote, here's a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


reminder of tonight's gruesome Well I hope you'll agree that our


Hallowe'en special has been a scream. Sadly for a couple with the


lowest combined score will get the chop from the competition. Make


sure you pick up the phone. Your votes can and do change everything.


Nobody in this competition is safe without you. Your stars need you.


Yes. In the results show tomorrow at 7.25pm, Tess and Claudia will


say goodbye to our fourth couple. I'll be back in the ballroom at


It is Fright Night on Strictly Come Dancing, as Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present a spooky Halloween-themed show. Will the 11 remaining couples give a scary performance, or can they trick the frightening foursome of Craig, Len, Alesha and Bruno into giving them a treat of a score?

Voting lines open at the end of the show. Once judges' scores have been added to viewer votes, the lowest scoring couple will sadly have to leave the competition in Sunday night's results show.

Includes a big Halloween-themed opening number featuring all of the celebrities and their partners.

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