Week 4 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 4 Results

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman present another action-packed results show, as one couple leaves the competition and the professional dancers perform a group routine.

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APPLAUSE AND CHEERING this is Strictly Come Dancing: The


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 147 seconds


Results. Please welcome our APPLAUSE AND CHEERING


wow! What a fabulous start to our Sunday Strictly. So, Saturday night


was packed full of surprises, Russell taking his toys to bed and


James throwing his toys out of the pram. The results are in and one


couple will soon be out. Before we reveal who is out let's meet the


people with the sharpest brains and tongues in the business, judges


Craig, Len, Alesha and Bruno. APPLAUSE we will see you brains and


tongues in action soon. First, let's find out what else is on


offer tonight with our Claudia thank you, Tess. Coming up we have


a performance from the gods of the Argentina tango, Vincent and Flavio,


more slow-mo gold from Len's Lens and singing tonight the wonderful


Caro emer walled. First -- Emerald. First a look at Saturday's drama.


Absolutely terrified. I am really looking forward to it. Last-minute


practice. The nerves have kicked in. Everything is shaking. It's all


pretty exciting. You have the performance but you


lacked the technique. It's been a tough week. I felt you were a


little unsure. You do the best job you possibly can and I don't think


that was a bad job. Let's hope we haven't peaked, that's all.


Sexless, cold and stiff. That's probably the biggest insult you can


give somebody. It's just horrible. I found it a sexy week.


Gawky. I don't think you looked comfortable. My mission is to


please Craig, that's what I was put on earth to do. It wasn't my cup of


tea. You know, it's not my cup of tea, well that's Latin, isn't it?


am sitting here giving you a standing ovation. The man! I am


going to get through this! This has been the sweetest bit of cherry I


have had since I have been on the show, for sure. Very excited about


the dance tonight. You were trying to count and you


still went off time. I was out of time, probably, yes. So close to


being good! Samba suits you, full of beans and


energy. Good job. Repetitive? It's time for these guys to stand up and


look at themselves. I don't think you needed that run up the stairs.


Are you crazy, Craig? It was all right. It's a tough business this


one. I thought you were elegant, beautiful, composed. You did a


great job, Holly. Considering the scores tonight I am happy about


that. Chelsee, wasn't she on fire? Two words, first-class. He said


first-class! Best score we have got so far and I am absolutely over the


moon. Walk up the stairs and whisper in


each other's ears, I didn't get it! Actually you are wrong. How can you


possibly say that? It's a matter of opinion on the choreography and


Craig liked it. Len didn't. That's amazing. Was that the first one?


it Anita or Rita Hayworth? It had ease, elegance and sophistication


and I thought it was fabulous. Well done. Wow!. I don't know what to


say, it's a wow! You loved it, the people loved it.


I loved it. That's happy face. have never seen anybody working the


golden locks like that since Jerry Hall. Bruno loved the locks more


than the dancing. I enjoyed myself, that's all I can say.


You have already become a Strictly legend. That suits me. I will go


down in history as a Strictly legend. From sleeping beauty to


night terror. It was brilliant! main thing is they won't forget me


in a bed with a teddy bear. We have no idea. It's up to the public.


It's up to the public. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. What a night.


Who got your votes? The results are In no particular order, the first


couple safe tonight is ps --...


Chelsee and Pasha. APPLAUSE.


Surviving again are... Definitely back next Saturday are...


Also safe tonight are... Dancing again next week are...


In the bottom two tonight and in danger of leaving the competition


are... Rory and Erin. The rest of you will


learn your fate later on. Len, you said that Rory was like


the Government, a lot going on, not all of it good. Are you surprised


that the voters deserted him? more than surprised. I am shocked.


It wasn't his best dance but it was far from his worse dance. I really


can't understand how he can be in jeopardy. I don't think any of us


saw that coming. Will it be tears of a clown for our comedian?


Over to you, Claudia. With me are five overjoyed couples.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. They're over the moon. Chelsee, top of the


leaderboard. I know, wow. Are you so proud of yourself? You should be.


I am so happy. And excited. Yeah, I am loving it. Talking about loving


it, Anita, you looked so emotional on Saturday. I wanted to to climb


in the telly and cuddle you. Did you feel like crying? I was - I


wanted just to know that I was getting better, that was the most


important thing to me. I was really nervous that I might blow it again


and not quite come up to par. When I found that I had improved, I was


so happy, it was just very emotional. Did you ever think it


would mean this much to you? I had a sneaky suspicion I would love it,


but not this much! First ten of the night, can we clap? APPLAUSE. You


had eight number ones, was getting the first ten of the series better?


Yeah, yeah. Every time! Clever boy. She's one of the hottest new stars


of 2011 with her unique blend of jazz and pop. Here performing the


very catchy That Man, please # I'm in a little bit of trouble


# And I'm in real deep # From the beginning to the end


# He was no more than a friend to # The thought is makin' me hazy


# I think I better sit down # Cos like the sweetest serenade


# Bet he knows he's got it made with me


# Twisting round on a carousel # This speed's too much to stop


# One second I'm thinkin' # I'm feelin' the lust and then I


feel a lot # Ooh, that man is like a flame


# And, ooh, that man plays me like a game


# My only sin is I can't win # Ooh, I wanna love that man


# Ooh, that man is on my list # And, ooh, that man I wanna kiss


# My only sin is I can't win # Ooh, I wanna love that man


# Now it's like I'm on a mission headed everywhere


# And if it takes a little long # And it feels a little wrong who


cares? # My baby fits the description and


does it easily # A little Gable, some Astaire


# When he dances I can hardly breathe


# Someone call a doctor # Need some help to rescue me


# One second I'm thinkin' I must be lost


# And he keeps on findin' me # Ooh, that man is like a flame


# And, ooh, that man plays me like a game


# My only sin is I can't win # Ooh, I wanna love that man


# Ooh, that man is on my list # And, ooh, that man I wanna kiss


# My only sin is I can't win # Da-da-da-da-da dah! Da-do do do


# Ooh, I'm gonna find that man # Do do do do do do do do do do


# You bet ya, I'm gonna find that # Dodo bep dodo bep dodododo bep


# Yeah! I'm gonna find that man # I'm gonna find that, I'm gonna


# Ooh, that man is like a flame # And, ooh, that man plays me like


a game # My only sin is I can't win


# Ooh, I wanna love that man # Ooh, that man is on my list


# And, ooh, that man I wanna kiss # My only sin is I can't win


Brilliant. It's time to welcome our judges. This is the time when I am


up here, we do Isaac and look at things in detail. You could say


Its haunting. Len's lens picks up brilliant details. We've got


something we have loved that you don't know about. Let me show you


this. During Lulu and Brendan, who decides to have a go on the


trumpet? Len Goodman! Nothing came out! I tried it and thought, come


on. You would think it would be easy to blow out one end and spout


out the other. We are going to leave that there. Let's talk about


Anita and Robin. That horizontal Anita and Robin. That horizontal


Robin got a bit of speed up... Look how she goes. A good flash of her


knickers. Then she comes down so beautifully as well. We have spent


many years listening to you talk about he'll Leeds. He'll turns.


I've always pretended to know what together, turn on your heel and


That is quite a difficult thing to do. Her feet could have been


together but I'm not going to be pedantic. It was lovely. Alesha,


let's talk about the Jai rating. Look at his face. He is like an


animal. That is absolutely genius. If this man doesn't get a hair


product advert after this a show I will eat my arm! And so more dire


rating. The wonderful Rory. I think he did so well. It's a shame he is


in the bottom two. That man's hips moved it really well. We always


want hip action. He gave that to us. Craig, we've got something very


special for you. This is for everybody. We are going to be quiet


because we're going to listen to the sound up. Mrs Nancy and Anton.


I wanted to make Craig Revel Horwood smile. I am so pleased we


don't get the opportunity of hearing that every night. That was


- her neck Cracker, it was like Into the lobster claw and then down.


That was the best bit of the entire routine. I do like her, I think


she's got a great personality. It's just heard dancer needs to start


matching that. She is great fun. Talking of great fun. Bruno, I feel


bad that we show it every week and I will go and cuddle him... It is


delicious. Have a look at this man's face. The jury in it. You see


the dream is turning into a nightmare. It's all going on in his


own head. He is lost in oblivion. He gets into bed. Night night!


Look at him! The surprise, I got my teddy! You cannot but enjoy. He is


just so lovely. Let's hear it for the judges. I have a question. What


is scarier than Craig's smile? And Anton's test head? The answer is in


next week's Halloween special. Be afraid! The Strictly stars fuel


their fear as Halloween draws near. Hello. Open the door, Holly. Open


Hello, it's only me. Can I borrow What?! You never get it out of the


bottle first time. Will is there? Robbie, you do know the lights work,


What? Thank goodness I found you. What is all the screaming, is


everyone all right? She stuck a pin in me. I dropped my coffee! There


is one thing more that has got them Craig is very scary. Who will be


haunting the ballroom next week? Six couples left, but who is safe


and who is in danger? Time to find In no particular order, back on the


dance floor next Saturday are... Rosso and Flavia. Thank you, thank


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 147 seconds


Keeping their place in the show The next couple safe is... Jason


So that means Nancy and Anton and Alex and James. One of you is safe,


one of you is in the bottom two. I can reveal that the couple in the


bottom two tonight is... Nancy and So Alex and James, congratulations.


Craig, you said that you think Nancy has talent beneath the


surface. Are you worried that we might not get the chance to see it


then? Yes, it is certainly lurking somewhere beneath the surface. I


know she does have a lot more to offer. And I will miss her campus.


I am secretly enjoying her struggle from the gutter. What are you


A real treat for you now with an Argentine tango featuring more


kicks than Robbie's legs and more flicks than his hair. Please


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 147 seconds


Brilliant. Tonight's bottom two couples are here. Rory and Erin, in


the bottom two. What went wrong? didn't dance well enough. The


difference between success and failure can be a laps of


concentration or a false step. Erin does not deserve to be in the


bottom two. You did great. She's such an inspiration and a real


ambassador for dance, it's been great to work with her. How much


would you love to be here next week? You don't know how much you


miss it until you are in danger of losing it. It's been a real


privilege to work with all the dancers. I would miss it like a


limb, I really would. Nancy, you are here for the second time. Are


you surprised? Did you think I am safe, I am a cape, I am OK this


week? I am disappointed because I knew I could do much better. And


there was a dance that I felt we were doing fantastic in rehearsal


and live show, it's something that you can't - it's unpredictable. So,


of course I am sad. Lovely to see you but I don't want to be here.


quite. Understood. Anton, it's hall owe wean -- Hallowe'en next week,


if you make it through how scary could you two be for the judges?


have been frightening enough. you. Now either Rory or Nancy are


about to dance their last dance. Here's how they've entertained.


am enjoying the dancing with Anton. Yes, we will be quite sad to go.


It's been a great experience of life, much more than dancing,


Strictly is a great lesson. If I stay in the competition I


definitely can tell you it would be definitely worth it.


This has been an absolutely amazing experience. If you told me a few


weeks ago that I would be in fake tan and see Quinns shimmying on the


dancefloor I would would have thought you were mad. I would love


to stay in because you never know what's coming next. Your partner


comes in on Monday and says guess what, we are dancing the rumba. I


go great. What's a rumba? I have loved it, the dancing, the training.


I have loved the the friends I have met. It's been a wonderful


experience. Rory and Erin, and Nancy and Anton,


one of you is about to leave the competition for good.


It's the moment of truth. Rory, Bruno said you were like a


cocky rooster chasing around the yard. Nancy, Len said you're not


much good on your feet, perhaps you are better on your head. But did


the public agree? I can now reveal that the couple leaving tonight


is... Rory and Erin.


It means Nancy and Anton, we will see you next week. I am so sorry.


You definitely did not want to be here. What's been your Strictly


highlight? Close second was shimmying next to John Prescott,


but it would have to be the quickstep, it was the best dance of


my life. Thank you for choreographying it and dancing with


me. Thank you. Erin, have you anything you would like to say to


Rory? Yes, I just want to say you have been completely and utterly


wonderful. Don't be too nice. have been so wonderful, I want you


to hold your head high because you have you have done great. Thank you.


Hear-hear, ladies and gentlemen. You left a lasting impression on


all of us here. Thank you so much. Thank you. Off you go and prepare


for your last dance. Rory Bremner and Erin, ladies and gentlemen.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Sad goodbye to Rory and Erin. They'll join Zoe


on Monday's It Takess Two. If you can't wait until then for your next


ballroom fix you can go to our website. We will be back with a


Hallowe'en special next Saturday. Now with their final dance, it's


the brilliant Rory and Erin. # If I could turn back time


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman throw open the doors to another action-packed results show. Once viewers' votes have been added to the judges' scores, the couple at the bottom of the leaderboard will have to leave the competition, and no-one wants it to be them.

The professional dancers perform a spectacular group routine, and Vincent and Flavia tear up the dance floor with an unmissable Argentine tango.

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