Week 4 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 4

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Last weekend our stars Keith they all run regards to Broadway. It was


the feel-good hit of the year. Razzle-dazzle. For some, life was a


cabaret. You put the show in showbusiness. The critics raved.


Others were panned. Cold sponge. And a leading lady was made to look


like an ass. Like applauding you'll. One couple received a wake-up call


they didn't want to hear. The curtain fell. This week it is back


to ballroom basics for our 12 remaining stars. Know where to run.


Nowhere to hide. I am not boasting. It is getting dirty. On the


dancefloor I'm roasting. But we will clean up tonight. This is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Live from Television Centre. Please welcome your hosts, Sir Bruce


Lovely! That is beautiful. Thank you. You are very slinky. Good


evening. Do sit down. I didn't ask you to get up! Sit down. There they


were just staring at me, I was getting worried. Welcome to


Strictly Come Dancing, it is nice to see you, to see you... Nice!


it's nice to see you, Brucie. How are the celebrities this week?


are foreign. I just bumped into Holly, which is always nice. --


they are fine. That is not funny. She said, Bruce, make-up have done


a fantastic job on you. Your face looks amazing, but there's only one


problem. She said, Hallowe'en is You missed it! Anyway, don't worry


about it, but at least she spoke to me. Last week breakfast presenter


Dan Lobb became toast and now there are 12 couples left dancing for


their place on the show and none of them want to get burnt this week.


Early days but standards are higher than ever. This famous floor has


already seen some memorable moments. And tonight will be no exception.


One thing is for certain, they want to get out here and put on a


storming performance. I think they are good to go. We don't want them


to go. It's time to meet the stars He Astrologer to the stars Russell


Grant and his partner Flavia Cacace. Singing legend Lulu and her partner


Brendan Cole. Comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner and his


partner Erin Boag. Waterloo Road's Chelsee Healey and her partner


Pasha Kovalev. Actress and pop princess Holly Valance and her


partner Artem Chigvintsev. Olympic champion boxer Audley Harrison and


his partner Natalie Lowe. McFly's Harry Judd and his partner Aliona


Vilani. Actress Anita Dobson and her partner Robin Windsor.


Premiership football's Robbie Savage and his partner Ola Jordan.


Italian siren Nancy Dell'Olio and her partner Anton Du Beke. The One


Show's Alex Jones and her partner James Jordan. And finally stage and


screen superstar Jason Donovan and Lovely. There they all laugh. There


they all laugh. You're in show business now. Eyes and teeth, eyes


and teeth. Come on! Not you, Robbie. You are fine. I flipped at one end.


Sorry. Tonight power couples will be dancing their socks off. Our


judges will score the routines and they will be ranked on the


leaderboard. The scores will then be combined with the votes from the


viewers. Another couple must leave the competition. If you are a


digital viewer, press the red button for live commentary, we have


Karen Hardy and Kelly Brook. He plenty of digest of biscuits!


digesting of biscuits. Our first couple is Jason Donovan and


Jason is doing the paso doble and he has been wearing a matador out


fit all the time to get into character. This is true, even in


the supermarket. Is that right? That's right. There for two hours.


One shopper said, where on earth do you find the time? He said, while


I should have stuck with you lot. My performance last week, I have to


say I was overwhelmed with the judges. Even Len had a big, cheesy


smile on his face. I will call you the midwife because you keep


delivering. I am blown away that we have become top of the leaderboard


three weeks to arrive. Regardless of the scores, which were


phenomenal, this week I am digging deeper to maintain that. This week,


Christine and I are doing the paso doble. It is proving to be a big


challenge. I am confused. It is the first routine I haven't felt 100%


like I have nailed it. Help me with the dance, I have decided to


Kristina? I have lunch with you and we discussed our routine. And I'm


getting some food and some butter. Kristina, come here. What are you


wearing? My matador is an interesting role, it has put a


smile on my face after a difficult week. But it isn't one of my best


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Dancing the paso doble, Jason How about that? What about it? What


Take another foul. They loved that. Jason, congratulations. What a


wonderful weeks' training you have had. It has been tough. It was a


difficult birth. Take a breather so it is a good time to welcome our


fabulous singers, Dave Arch and his wonderful orchestra. And on the


mandolin, well done. Not forgetting the judges, welcome. That's enough.


The standard of last week's judging even raised the eyebrows of our


judges or at least it would have done if it wasn't for all of that


Botox! He can't move. Craig couldn't move... I would like a


picture of that. Len, start us off. The first thing I look at in the


paso doble is the buttocks. If your buttocks are firm, your posture


will be good and I must say, I had a good look around your buttocks


and they were firm and beautiful. Let me tell you, you got the


performance but you lacked the technique. It looked great... It is


the truth. You look great when you were standing still. You really did.


But the twists and turns were not good. It wasn't your best dance.


But there you are, you did your best. Just think of your buttocks.


You would agree with a lot of that? It has been a tough week. It has


been a difficult birth. Alesha? thought it was another confident


performance. We can't take that away from you. I felt you were a


little unsure, I could feel that from you. It wasn't your strongest.


Still good, but I felt like most of the character of the dance was


projected in your face. I wanted in equal balance between technique and


passion. You can't deny that. You lit up the room and you create an


atmosphere and it was a great performance, but not your best so


far. Too long in the supermarket! Bruno? Jason... You try to make a


big meal out of his paso doble and you got indigestion. The face


looked like you were tuning -- during the scenery, but the feet


were off timing. A lot of it, you were not on top of it. Losing the


timing again on a Queen song. It was not your best performance.


Craig? You need to keep your shoulders down at all times,


particularly in lunges and particularly when you take


Kristina's weight. You tend to do that when you take her weight. You


need to follow through all the lines you create. You created the


line and then it ended rather than following through. You were lifting


your knees too high. A real shame, actually, because the intention was


there. I agree with all those comments. That is good to know.


Taking it all on board. It still Come on, Jase. Jason's passionate


paso. You gave it all. Len said it wasn't your best dance. Do you


agree? Well, it's been a tough week. I think all of us have felt quite


fatigued this week and I think... Nancy is saying yes. It's been a


whirlwind for us. All the judges' comments were absolutely fair. It's


a very different dance than I have done so far. But next week's


another week and we will give it 100%, as we have done in the last


four weeks. I don't doubt it, Jason. Of course, you have been in


character... If we are here! have been in character all week,


has he left the building yet, this character? I don't know actually.


The moustache has definitely left the building building, that's


27 out of 40. Not your strongest score. But as I say, I think fair


comments and next week's another week. Onwards and upwards. Dancing


to Queen, a member of Queen in the audience, did that add to pressure?


I hope we did Brian's song and Queen's song justice. I think we


did. I think so, what do you think? APPLAUSE. I think so. All right,


jot down the number. Lines open later in the show, if you want


Jason to be dancing again next week. Don't call until we let you know


lines are open, your vote won't count and you maybe charged. The


couple with the lowest combined scores and votes will be leaving


the competition. One down, plenty more rippers to go, right sport! We


are going to spoil you tonight. Yes, we are, was that ripers or


knickers? Now, for our next couple Alex Jones and her partner, James.


From The One Show, lovely Alex. Lovely girl. Tonight they're doing


the rumba and it's a dance of love where the man woos the woman.


Before the show started Alex said to me I am going to get wooed


tonight, I said looking at that costume I think you are going to be


very wooed. Who put that Jonathan Ross joke in my autocue?! Well,


don't do it! Heads will woll. Training, here they are in


training! Last week we were both over the


moon with the performance. For me you are the most improved dancer,


it was wonderful. We were third on the leaderboard after Saturday's


show and I have recorded it. I don't want to be negative, but it


may not happen again. I freeze- framed it a couple of times on


Sunday to see how it looked. Nice! Who would have thought it?


Definitely not pls James -- not James. We made a good cat


impression. Alex Jones, let's get ready to rumba! Think sexily.


actually dreading this week because everybody says it means being sexy,


which I am not that into. He is an amazing dancer and he is very sexy


when he dances, but will I feel sexy? No, because I can't dance the


rumba. Tomorrow when I see you I # I want you to be true


# I just wanna make love to you... I tried, I just hope sexiness is in


the eye of the beholder. Dancing the rumba, Alex Jones and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Hello, look out! Wonderful, James.


My darling, that was lovely. That was so lovely. Really affected me.


I didn't know lace curtains could be so sexy. Right, Alesha, darling.


Firstly, you are sexy, so we will forget about that little thing. The


beginning section was beautiful, so romantic. Throughout the dance I


thought you had nice arms, nice control. The The only thing with


you is you play it a little safe. I think you are so much better than


you think. The only way to grow is to take risks, just go for it. Push


it next time, OK. But well done. Very encouraging. It really was.


Bruno. Alex, you look sinfully sexy. I tell you, we - everybody should


be gasping for air after this. But you were so demure and he is tapbt.


-- hesitant. You have to get into it, especially on the hips. You


never use them to the full extent. You never went for him really with


passion and sex appeal. But you have to play it, my darling. You


really have to. You have got everything anybody would wish for.


Use it! If he does that again I should move


back. Craig? Sexless, cold and stiff. Hold on a minute. Is that


it? AUDIENCE: Boo! There was no hip action whatsoever. You spent four


counts of eight just on your knees. There wasn't a lot. The public seem


to like it. APPLAUSE. Let them decide, darling. Oh, let


them decide, darling! Len, was he talking to you? The public judge


mainly on effectuatity. We spend a lifetime watching and teaching so


our criteria are different to the public. For me, as a performance it


was good. But there was too much on the floor, for me. Bar after bar


before she got up. There was a lack of hip action, I am not saying it


was a terrible dance, because it wasn't. It had romance and you


looked absolutely stunning. However, I would have liked to have seen a


little bit more content for me. Overall, good job. Well done, off


you go both of you. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. There they go, Alex and


James. Come on, darling. It was a


ravishing rumba. We all thought so up here, right? Craig was a bit


harsh. Do you have you have overcome your fear of being sexy?


Obviously not! I mean, you know, I just... I tried. I think you are


fabulously sexy in that jumpsuit. You look fine. The rumba is the


dance of love. Who were you imagining you were dancing with?


Me! What do you mean? When you are out there, I don't know, you can't


think of a lot. I was just looking at James. Can I also quickly say


probably on behalf of all the professional dancers here it would


be nice if the judges stopped commenting on our choreography,


also we have been in the business a long, long time and we know what we


are doing. I know what is best for Alex. It might be best - yeah,


25, not a bad score. I think the four is ridiculous. Take that up


with Craig later on. Please be quiet! Call later if you thought


Alex was wonderful tonight and you would like to see her back on the


floor next Saturday. One thing's for sure all our stars want to keep


dancing and stay in the competition. Thank you, Anton. Your votes will


be vital. Back to you, Bruce. For our next couple, Rory Bremner


and his partner, Erin. APPLAUSE. Popular man. I noticed Rory staring


at me during rehearsals. I said to him, are you studying the


mannerisms of the legend that that has become Bruce foresite,


improving -- Forsythe, improving your impression of me? He said no,


your flies are open. Are they all right now?


Saturday was one of the best nights of my life, certainly the best


dancing night. I was so happy. best dance, well done, Rory. Quick


step is your dance. Next to the glitterball Alesha's smile is the


brightest thing on the dance floor. This week we will be dancing the


cha-cha-cha. It could be a bit of a cha-cha-challenge. It's going to be


fun, exciting, sexy, flamboyant. Come on. Are you talking about me?


Yes. We have work to do. Star date Tuesday, Erin's mission continues


to transform me into a sex God. We all know that I am a middle-aged


Scotsman. You are going against the habits of a lifetime. I have to


keep telling Erin she is fighting 50 years as self-consciousness. It


might surprise to you hear I am quite shy being me. It's not an


impression I do very well. I must be a terrible lover. She continues


to maintain when she tells me to be butch, I am camp. Did that not do


it for you? I am wired wrong, you press the button you get camp.


bit more butch. I said I am doing cha-cha, and he went hell! Bruno,


this one is for you. Dancing the cha-cha-cha, Rory


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Well done! Let's hear it. That was great. Bruno? For you are like a


cocky Rooster! Very, very funny, but you have to be careful because


you have to take the steps on the ball of your feet. That gets the


correct hip action and you lost it a couple of times, but very funny.


Entertainment. Craig? Gauche, Gorky. Looked uncomfortable doing this


dance and it was largely due to your hair replacement and flat-


Very different dances and I think you have found it difficult. Yes.


Len? You are like the government, there is a lot going on and not all


of it is good. I like the New York section and I thought you were


crisp. By and large you kept on time, especially when you were


flaunting yourself along the right Unfortunately the dire rating


wasn't my cup of tea. The rest of it I found OK. -- just a rating.


Alesha? Your work ethic is brilliant and you always commit.


That is all your professional dancer can ask of you. I thought it


was entertaining and I enjoyed it so well done. Well done. You are a


Shimmying up the stairs! A cha-cha, no one can say you didn't throw


yourself into that. We are the government, but we are a coalition.


Those hits. They told the truth out there. I have lost a stone. I have


a lot a lot of Stone's! A stone here. You are going for it every


week. Thank you, what are you doing after the show? Will the judges


It is worth a vote, what do you reckon? If you want Rory to dance


to the music again next week. Lines will be open after all of the


brilliant couples have performed. Now for our next couple, Audley


Now then, Len ask me earlier what chance Audley would be doing


tonight. I said he will be doing the foxtrot. Len said is that


because it is elegant and for sophisticated? Eyes at no it is


because he wants to and who will stop in? Any time you like,


Last weekend, dancing, I had a little hiccup. From the waist up


your a joyful and full of verve. From the waist down we have to get


a little bit better. Today I tripped over my feet. I want to


lose two stone in weight. Keep me on for as long as you want to keep


me on, I will keep dancing. This week I am doing a foxtrot. This


will be more challenging. You're not a boxer now, you are a dancer.


My feet, my feet, I have nightmares about rise and fall. I might have


to give you a ballet lesson. The footwork in foxtrot has to be foot


on -- spot on. I don't like ballet. No way am I doing ballet. I am a


boxer, we don't do ballet. Good, OK. I actually had a great time.


really did benefit him hugely. Gorgeous! Proper respect. You are


making me look bad, get out! I think it helped me be more graceful


and more elegant. It definitely added something to my dancing and


it will add something to my boxing. The foxtrot, the foxtrot, what


should it be? Audley Harrison will do it gracefully. Dancing the


foxtrot, Audley Harrison and MUSIC: "I Just Don't Know What To


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


They are pleased with you, Natalie is pleased with you, I am pleased


with you, that was wonderful. You went around, it was lovely.


Congratulations. I don't care what they say. Craig? I am seeing some


improvement. But it doesn't need a swing, Sway, the pivot turns were a


little bit mean. A little bit of filling going on. But I really and


truly liked it. Well done, Audley. I told you so. Len? I like this


week when there are so many different dances. For problem is,


some dances are more challenging than others and it is trying to get


a balance. You have just done a foxtrot, which is probably the


hardest technically to do. I am telling you this, I am sitting here


giving you a standing ovation, well done. I can't believe I agree with


you all! Alesha, don't spoil it. love that you rise to the challenge.


This stance is so difficult. You can see the concentration in your


face. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed we are and it becomes


more enjoyable to watch, but you did a good job and you should be


proud. Bruno? I am going to get through this. You lost it a couple


of times, but covered it very well. It is very hard. You look almost


very like, but it is difficult to pass through. It is the most


difficult dance and you did as well as you could. Natalie, you did a


marvellous job. You really did. Off Come on, Audley. There you go.


dress came undone. Wardrobe malfunction! Are you safe? I hope


so. Craig liked it. The most difficult ballroom dance. From


Boxing de ballet, did it help? Definitely. The comments really


helped me, my knee was playing up and I didn't think I would get them


back. But it was the right time. The best we have danced. When it


counted. What I love about you, you are relishing this whole experience.


It is great, it is a tough challenge, but having a lot of fun.


25 out of 40. What is next week? Break dancing? I couldn't break


dance if I tried. Punch in this Still to come tonight, Harry,


Russell and Robbie. And a luscious ladies, Holly, Lulu, Chelsee and


Anita. Two words, come on! Our next couple is Nancy Dell'Olio


and her part that... Wait for it! Nancy told me she is determined to


improve her dancing. She has actually been taking tips from a


previous contestants. I said what a good idea, who were you taking tips


from? She said Ann Widdecombe. She is here tonight, hello! How are


you? Lovely to see you. It is a pity you missed Edwina. And Edwina


is here! What has surprised! I told you, Edwina, I said you wouldn't


get very far in this competition because you couldn't wiggle your


bottom. I remember you saying to me, why is that? I said we all know you


lost your seat years ago. A political joke, think about it! A


bit of satire. Forget it. Here they are in training. Political satire,


Never again. Here they are in Last week I had a very bad


performance. I loved the music and the costume and my acting and my


dance. It was very well received. Down in the bottom spot, Nancy and


Anton du Beke. I am so happy that the viewers kept me in. The paso


doble is the dance of the bullfighter. The man being the


matador and the Lady being the Cape. I have put together a little


surprise. I thought we could go somewhere that will conjure up the


feelings of the paso doble and the matador. I think he is probably


taking meted Madrid. You will love this. Where else could be the place


to get into spirit? Come on. This is not Madrid! I will be right


behind you. About 40 paces. Maybe I will shut the gate. I don't know


why you're doing this to me. think you will get the spirit of


the dance. I don't want to get the spirit of the dance. You must be


joking. You are doing well. Listen, there's no way you can make me


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Dancing the paso doble, Nancy At last you smiled, Anton at the


end. That was wonderful. Nice to see you. That was fantastic.


Absolutely. Were you the cloak or the bull? What you think? I thought


you were the cloak. Why he keep me with my head all the time upside


down... There must be a reason, dear. There is a reason. When our


head upside down we get more oxygen, more blood. He thinks it's a way to


improve. He never thought of that, did he? Oxygen. I am going to start


with her upside down next week. It might help the dance.


That was marvellous. Sorry to keep you waiting, judges. Perhaps it's


because she's not much good on her feet, she's better on her head.


dear! It's an observation. Listen, there was more content. There was


more content. You are a game girl. You had that that throw and the


feet. I enjoyed it really. A lot going on. It was entertaining. Well


done. Lovely, thank you, Len. I am I am glad we waited for you.


Alesha? There's something about you, dancy. I am in-- Nancy. I am


intrigued every time you step on the floor. You were a bit of a rag


doll being thrown about by Anton, but I loved it. It was great.


now then. Fabulous with your legs in the air, especially when you are


wrapped around him like cling film. I wish you stayed there all the way


through. You were trying to count and you still went off time. It's


almost impossible to do! How can you actually count and go off time?


But great effort. Not quite a successful as it could have been,


but great to watch. It was a great effort. Finish us off, Craig?


like a paso set in Oaklahoma with the amount of skipping going on.


Anton, lift-city. Please, one of them might class as a throw but it


was full of lifts. They're all a bit of a chuck, if I am honest.


Nancy, you messed up after the dip really badly. I understand that was


your fault. But I think that secretly there is talent beneath


the surface. I think we really need to invest in that.


By the way, Anton, I have been dying to ask you this, have you


ever danced with a Nancy before? Can I kiss you? Up you go, up the


Well done, my darling. You stand there. It was close. Does the paso


come naturally to you. What sort of a question is that to ask! How did


she make the part of the bull look glamorous? Don't you start, Anton!


She's not the bull! I am the cape. Cape! Bottom two last week. Don't


want that in your life again, do you? No. No. We hope not. So close,


I can't tell you how close that was. Well, 18 out of 40. OK, write this


number down, they're going to need you. Call later. I can't tell you


how good it was going to be. None of our stars want to have a


nightmare tonight - do you know what's happening next week? I have


done the number. Who cares about next week, give them the number!


Next week is the Strictly Hallowe'en special and who would


want to get the chop before that? Not you, Anton. No. Did you give


the number. Back to you, Bruce. Our next couple is Lulu and her


partner, Brendan. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING.


Right, this week they've been getting into the sexy samba. Here


Last week Lulu and Brendan attempted to raise their game on


the dancefloor, quite literally. Illegal lifts will not be tolerated.


The look in Craig's eye told me he would have done the same thing.


Sometimes you have to break rules to make a routine complete. I am


glad we did it. You and me both, baby. Fourth from the bottom, that


is progress. This week it's it's samba. I am


loving the samba! I think we are going to have more fun. I want to


feel that this dance is going only in a positive direction. Wembley,


here we come. Exactly. I think Lulu is messing with my mind. How are


you doing the most difficult dance in the Latin section, just like


that? You know how much you love this dance. Yeah, I love it. Guess


what, it's the one dance I always get kicked out of Strictly on.


cannot believe that he didn't tell me that there's a curse around the


samba, for him. I can't begin to tell you how scared I was about


this week. Four times, because of the samba. I am having none of that,


we are going forward. I am not going to let him down. We are not


going to be out. This curse is over. Let's do, Lulu! Bring it on!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Dancing the samba, Lulu and Brendan APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Thank you,


Lulu and Brendan. What a lovely number. Great fun, it really was.


The wonderful number to - oh, thrilled for you, sweetheart.


Alesha? As soon as you started dancing I thought yes, samba suits


you, full of beans and energy. Good job. That's it. That sums it up.


Bruno? Bubbly. A couple of mistakes, though. While you always do it?!


Stop doing it. You got caught. it, Lulu. Len? Craig next. I would


like to have seen more content. You didn't need that great big run up


the stairs, that wasted more time, because this dance did suit you and


you did have a bit of bounce action going on. Finally something that


you appear actually rather better at. A bit of praise. We had one


minute and 15 seconds of content, I think that's enough for you, Lulu.


Len? Well, I liked the gusto and enthusiasm of the whole affair, and


it got in the carnival spirit which is the samba. For me it was a


little bit of repetition, that's what I am saying. All you have to


do is turn up, keep up and shut up! Like the old days of variety, that


was. All done. You have all finished. Up you go.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Come on. Lulu got the party started


up here. Order, James. OK, Craig said it suited you. Did you find


your swing with the samba? I did, I found my rhythm. You enjoyed that.


You picked it up a lot quicker in training this week. Yeah, I did.


Quite something really. She's messing with my mind. One week it's


three weeks and the next week it's a day. She's very good. Good girl,


25 out of 40. Call this number when phone lines open later if you want


the legend that's Lulu to break Brendan's curse and be back on the


dancefloor next week. Don't mention the curse of the samba! OK, we


still have lots of scrumptious ballroom to come. Anyone hungry for


more? Over to you, Bruce. We are hungry for more. I am


starving anyway. Next is Holly and her partner, Artem.


Last week when Holly danced there was a massive cage on the


dancefloor. Do you remember, just here. I said, fancy spending all


week rehearsing in a cage. How did you feel? She said sick as a


Parrott. Pretty Holly! Never mind. Right, here they are in training.


Last week Holly proved herself a smooth criminal on the dance floor.


Everybody will queue up to join you in jail. This week I am a little


low on the ladder and it's going to make me hungrier to impress the


judges and get back up the top. waltz is very classical. My idea of


dancing is generally around a handbag and now I have to earn


elegance and grace. You should not do this, especially holding the


pole. Holly hasn't not the natural ladylike ability. We have to work


on that. And who better than Queen ofet quit to help Holly work on


that. Holly needs to feel she is a Princess. Fluid arms. Gently,


gently. Amazing. Artem, why are you giggling? We will have you doing


this in a minute. I am going to race you. Now give me a bit of how


now, brown cow. How now, brown cow. That's very league. That was a --


regal. Holly, you are actually beginning to look like a Princess.


Wonderful. Artem, I think you need a bit more practice.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Dancing the sreu the Viennese waltz, Holly and Artem, that was great.


Lovely atmosphere, well done both of you. Bruno? Great story telling,


a 1,000 ways to strike a lamp-post. Very fluid and romantic, but a


bit... I can't say that word. You could be amazing, you really have


to focus and give it even more. You could be great. You're right, it is


there. Craig? A little bit bumpy in places. It could have been a little


more extreme. I loved the story telling, you Mr Hand pass just over


here, but I thought the whole thing was gorgeous. OK. It was pretty, it


was light and fluffy. I got fed up Anyway... Once you got in the hold,


you must step forward on your heels. Did you not get told that? Yes.


was all right, it was light and fluffy and lovely. Alesha?


thought you were elegant, beautiful come -- beautiful and composed, you


Here she comes. The Lady of the ballroom. How much of a lady did


you feel out there? A bit of annoyed myself for missing that


hand it. It is OK. Live television. Not that we are hard on ourselves.


Very graceful. This calls are in. - 30 out of 40. It has equalled your


top score. Lucky 30. Call if you want our Aussie corker back on the


dance floor next week. Sound good? That will do. Go to the website for


exclusive training footage and plenty of backstage gossip.


Time for our next couple, Chelsee Apparently Chelsee is called


Chelsee because her parents are big fans of Chelsee Football Club. I


said to her, think yourself lucky they weren't fan birds -- fans of


Accrington Stanley! Accrington Stanley, come and have your tea.


Here they are in training. Last week I was so scared because I


didn't feel I was 100% in the head. What I laugh, you come out and give


it some welly. A bit too disco. just get too excited. When it is


music I like, I can't help myself. I need to calm down. Chelsee's work


at Waterloo Road takes a lot of time out of our practice and this


week I need to see her. If Chelsee can't come to me, I had better go


to Chelsee. Chelsee, he knew what! Difficult to find. Will you have


some time to practise today? I have It was so good that he could come


It was even better that I got a bit of time to practise the quickstep.


I don't know how Chelsee does it. The Church -- the schedule is


pretty tough and we are all rooting Now I have seen how hard she works


and I am surprised she has any time and energy at all after she has


done the work here to go and dance. I have been crazy bezique this week,


but I am hoping the extra rehearsals will pay off. -- crazy


busy. Dancing the quickstep, Chelsee he leat and Pasha Kovalev.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Look! Look at this. That his fee you and Pasha. -- that is for you


and Pasha. He got his flight, no problem. What a lovely reception


you had. Craig. Two words, first class. I like that, that is clever.


Len? Pasha, you check in and I tell you this, Chelsee, tomorrow night


you will not be checking out. Chelsee, lovely. Alesha? You guys


have great chemistry, which is one of the key ingredients. Chelsee,


you delivered it, you did a fantastic routine. The only


criticism was that it tended to soon, I wanted to see more. Well


done. Bruno? Chelsee, the pocket Rocket, is awesome. Higher than you


can possibly reach. Great. Be proud. Chelsee on Strictly Airlines. First


class. You have been so busy with Waterloo Road this week, so few


training hours, but you wouldn't know, what is your secret? I am


loving it. It is making me... are loving it. Are you impressed


with what she can achieve in such a short space of time? It is amazing


because she doesn't have time at all. I don't know how that came out.


You are really good. You are not Well deserved, Chelsee. Well done.


They are on their feet up here. Call if you don't want Chelsee to


disembark here or here. We still have a lot more to come from a


wobble run stars. Strictly is flying tonight. Back to you,


Captain Bruce. Next tonight it is Harry Judd and


his Palmer, Aliona. - partner. After they impressed the judges


last week with a built-in jive, that really was good, how would


Harry cope with the change of tempo for the warts? Let's find out. --


Last week was a breakthrough week. Leather-clad, rippling muscles,


action-packed. Harry, you have finally arrived. It means a lot to


get praise from Craig. But at the same time it means I have to keep


working hard and keep the standard high. It is a very old fashioned


dance and it is miles away from anything I have done before. In the


routine there is a romantic moment. There is a little hand touch and a


whisper and a kiss. I have to get my romantic hat on. You have to


feel more romantic. I am romantic. But in this danced it is hard.


There should be some kind of self- help guide. Why the long face? Not


having much luck with the ladies? Never fear, it is time to root with


the walnuts. First, find yourself a fine filly. She looks game. Maybe


pay the lady a compliment. Your hair looks nice and address his


purple. Excellent. Strike while the iron is hot. Would you like to


dance? Good. Taking her hand, gently pull the female towards you.


And dance. And remember, the man should always lead. That's it, you


have cracked it. You have certainly won this lady's heart. Bravo, old


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


boy. He Harry Judd and Aliona APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Beautiful.


Lovely. That had everything about it, the posture was good. Another


good week. Now you are a quick learner, I tell you that. Len?


distraught. I tell you what the first half was fantastic. I am


telling you, Harry, hold, posture, beautiful footwork. More rise and


fall than Jordan jogging. It had everything. Then what do you do?


Let's mess it all up, walk up the stairs and whisper in each other's


ears. I didn't get it. I didn't get that bit. Why didn't you keep in


hold? Listen, I loved it, I thought this is a ten, this is a ten! Oh,


Harry, do me a favour. Can I speak. As a celebrity on this show you


simply have to get on with the choreography you are given and I am


not going to penalise you for the whisper in the ear. You make


ballroom dancing look cool. You have your own style and that was


exquisite. I worried about the going up the


stairs as well. You are a smooth operator. You can whisper in my ear


any time. Elegant, poised. The musical phrasing was superb. You


got the sway, you were on rising on every bar. The stairs is a question


of interpretation. When you take the turn and doing in shadow, that


you have to check your lines and your hands. It's a tiny little


thing, but superb. Every little beat, almost like the drums. I


noticed that myself. Craig? really loved the whispering and the


whole story-telling. I think Len, actually, you are wrong. Don't be


so stupid! How can you possibly say that? It's getting personal now.


was dancing - Harry, it was a ten. I am not saying he didn't. Harry


didn't do the choreography. I can only judge what I see and that's


what I have to judge. I am not saying it's your fault. Let's


practise the shadow together. the whole, I think everybody loved


it. Will you behave yourself. It was wonderful, Harry. Aliona, it


was great. Off you. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING.


Come on, Harry. You smooth operator you. If I had a pound for every


time Russell said "I loved it", he did love it. Cheers. Did you love


it? I did. I enjoyed myself. I found it the hardest week. How did


you find the pace of the waltz? took a while to get into, not until


last night, Thursday night, that I started to get the timing and the


count and everything. Not an easy dance. Do you reckon on the next


McFly tour you are going to step out from behind the drum kit?


skipper is here tonight, Tom. I will have to have a word with him.


He will be doing the dancing from Yes, Harry, that is the first ten


of the series. Wow. How does that feel? I am a bit shocked. I can


tell you are shocked. Speechless. Wow. Well deserved. Thank you.


call this number later if you want Harry to waltz into next week's


show. That sound good to you, Harry? Sounds perfect. All right.


Russell, Anita and Robbie are going to let their feet do the talking


very soon. Will they be fluent in the


ballroom? We have tens up here. Back to you, Bruce. Stop arguing


over there, the pair of you. Or I will split you up. The next couple


is Anita Dobson and her partner, Robin. Last week Anita did an


amazing jive that was full of energy and we were struggling to


believe that she really is 62. She told - really, it was fantastic.


She told me today Bruce, I have the body of a 30-year-old. I said we


all know you have the body of a 30- year-old, but when the series


finishes you have got to give Robin back.


APPLAUSE. Oh, thank you! And in the same condition as we gave him to


you. Here they are in training. Last week I really enjoyed


performing, it was just bliss. energetic, entertaining. When we


finished and the audience were standing up, that was lovely. It


was really thrilling for me. would love to see somebody else at


62 dance with that much energy. It was fantastic. I don't think


there's anybody else that could do that job. This week we are doing


the American smooth. I find this dance romantic and very classy.


need to feel like a Hollywood movie star. It's going to be great to


take it back to the Hollywood era and the epitome of sophistication


and elegance. When women dressed up and looked beautiful and men had


top hat and tails. Fred and Ginger floating around the silver screen.


When I was a little girl I used to watch the movies on a Sunday and


think how would it feel to be a move skwreu star? -- movie star?


This is a little bit of that magic. The dress was wonderful. The make-


up was to die for. Hair, you know, done to a dream. That's how I am


imagining myself. From the gentleman at the bar. I am hoping


this Saturday our Hollywood moment Dancing the American smooth, Anita


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Lovely. Anita and Robin, well done.


We all loved that. You are a revelation, I tell you. Well done.


Alesha? This dance fits you so well. You captured the American smooth,


the spirit of that really well. Just need to straighten your legs,


on occasion they were really bent. Apart from that, you did a


brilliant job. The lifts were so daring and you should be proud of


yourself. It was a great job. agree. Don't look so scared. Bruno?


Is it aRita or -- Anita or Rita Haywood? It had the lovely 40s feel.


One part was a bit dodgy, but all the rest I liked. Two down, two to


go. Craig? There were a couple of little mishaps throughout. But


nothing major. You lost body contact quite a lot throughout. But


I loved it. It was sophisticated. It was classy. You are a pro.


really are. Len? It's the little things I like and you did two heel


turns which is which is a technical step and beautiful, up on to the


balls of your feet. I like those little touches T had ease, elegance


and sophistication and I thought it was fabulous. Well done. There you


are. Well done. How are you feeling? Well done, Robin and Anita.


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING. Yes, Anita brings the glamour. Are


you still shaking? I am. Look at you. She's been so nervous about


this dance all day long. How are you feeling now? The same! You can


breathe now. You pulled it off, you looked like a movie star, did you


feel like one? At moments, yes. Oscar-worthy. You have a great


partnership, can you imagine a time when you are not dancing with your


Bobby? No. Doesn't want that to happen. I love that you have a


little nickname for him. Don't worry, it's not going to happen


this week hopefully. Are you going to take that billboard home with


Brilliant score! Your little face through all of that. Couldn't


believe you were getting eights. Thank you! Well done. Call this


number later in the show if Anita's American smooth got under your skin


and you would love to see her dance again next Saturday. Are you


crying? No, no! Just a bit. Remember if you don't want our


celebrities to face the terror of missing next weekend's Hallowe'en


special, it's going to be good, then you know what to do. Your


votes will make all the difference. Your favourites need your votes.


Back to you, Bruce. Thank you. Next tonight it's Robbie


Savage and his partner, Ola. Very, very popular couple indeed.


Robbie is really enjoying the dancing but he told me some of the


old football habits are causing him problems. I said what do you mean?


He said at the end of the dance I keep trying to swap shirts with Ola.


I said, well you be careful, son. If James catches you, he will swap


something with you. Punches. He is a strong boy. Anyway, here they are


Last week was absolutely brilliant. Robbie did a fabulous job again.


get 30, I am improving each week and that's all you can ask for.


are becoming one of the contenders in this competition. I never


thought I would be a contender. All I can do is improve. It shows hard


work pays off. To be the best in this competition Robbie's got to


sort out his nerves and I have a plan. Match day programmes, half-


time dancing with Robbie Savage! Ola thinks it will help my nerves


but I think she's the one that will be scared. I am so nervous. Now you


show how it feels like for me on Saturday. People think Craig is


hard to please but he is a pussy cat compared to 20,000 football


fans. I am scared they're going to boo us. Me being on the football


pitch of Reading is the equivalent of Ola being on the dance floor.


I have to say I really enjoyed it. First, they didn't boo us. I didn't


expect them to cheer. Dancing in front of 20,000 football fans, not


a problem. Dancing on a Saturday night, terrifying.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Dancing the jive, Robbie Savage and Look at this. I love the bit on the


football field, that was marvellous. Well done, well done. You are good


at the kicks and flicks. That was his stock in trade. Get out of it.


Bruno. Robbie, because you are worth it. I have never seen anybody


working the Goldilocks like that. Not since Jerry Hall. -- golden


locks. Give it to me, Ola! Technically, it wasn't perfect.


That is an understatement, but I All right. Craig? Sorry to spoil


the mood. Plodding, kicks and flicks was sloppy. He wasn't


pointing his feet. But I absolutely adored the characterisation, I


thought you did that brilliantly and you went for it. You certainly


went for it. Len? Listen, you loved it, the people loved it, I loved it.


No problem! Everybody loves it. Alesha? Everything the guys said,


the hair fluffing, the thrusting. Your energy was under different


level tonight, it was great to see you having such a good time,


brilliant entertainment, well done. Yes! He shoots, he scores. We loved


it, they were on their feet in the ballroom. Did you love that?


Craig said, technically not the best, but I just loved it.


Brilliant. Your energy was amazing. Have you been surprised by the


amount of support you have got from football fans? Incredible. I have


to say Ola is a fantastic teacher. Gary Speed is here tonight. Wales


27 out of 40. Pick up the phones later. If you want to be Robbie to


be in the squad for next Saturday's big bull run match. Do you want


extra time? In tomorrow night's results show, it is crunch time as


a third couple will be leaving. But now, there's a dream performance


that you will not want to miss. Time now for our next couple,


Russell Grant and his partner, By now, Russell was telling me that


because he did so well last week, Flavia got him a present. She got


him a special tracksuit made with the letter are all over it. When he


saw it, he said I can't wear it. He said I don't want to walk past


people and hear then say look at I thought that was funny. Here they


Last week Latino loving Russell attempted his first ballroom dance,


Broadway style. I would advise a more masculine approach. I can't


stop laughing when I think about Craig's comments. A little more


Rambo. A lot of celebrities were Rambo. Harry, Jason was in pink.


Can you imagine me as Rambo? I don't think so. This week I am


dancing the tango to the song Sweet Dreams. If I could just get a


little bit more sleep, maybe I could get some of my own. Perchance


Waking Watty, it is time to dance. Really? How wonderful. This is like


a dream come true. # I am on top of the world looking


down on creation. I feel I'm on top of the world. You are, look. It is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Dancing the tango, Russell Grant Is he all right? Flavia, go and get


him. How about that? Look at these people. Russell, you really


captured the nation. This is marvellous. I have never seen you


having such a good time either. Craig? I think it is very good that


you are giving Mickey's know a bit of a go, darling. However, those


shoulders, those ones, don't really belong. And your head didn't really


look as though it belonged to you sometimes. It belonged to us.


it was entertaining. Len? Your head was like that nodding dog think


sometimes. It was all too whimsical and airy fairy. Having said that,


there is a charm about you and you are very endearing. People like you


and I like you. That sums it up. Alesha? Russell, it wasn't the best


tango I have ever seen, but I appreciated your interpretation of


it. For me, you are too nice to do a menacing tango. I look forward to


seeing you in the jive. It is hard. You have already become a Strictly


legend. Bruno? Russell, I think I've got it. From Sleeping Beauty


tonight terrors. It all went on in your mind. Twists and turns, the


horror of it. I thought it was brilliant! Insane but brilliant!


Absolutely marvellous. Don't leave He's there! He's coming on tour.


Dreams do come true on Strictly. You don't ever want to wake up from


this, do you? No, a bit of a nightmare, really. Sweet dreams! Of


the judges didn't think it was a nightmare. Bruno understood it. He


understood the whole story line. Happy days. What is the reaction


like from people when you're out and about? Unbelievable. People are


just so fantastic, they are so kind and generous. They walk in and


dance for us. People are just so fantastic. It is worth doing this


just to be in touch with the people again. Your loving every single


24 out of 40. Halloway next week, what have you got for us? --


Hallowe'en. I am back to Latin and it will be the samba. Your loving


the Latin. I am losing the macho next week. Right. The number to


If you think it is written in the stars for Russell. I have a feeling


he would like that. That is it, all of the couples have given their all


to the cause and then some. Let's He remember, you can change that


because the phone lines are now open! Calls cost 15p from BT


landline. Lines close at 8:45pm tonight. Give them the Number Ten!


Rules can be found on the website. To help you decide, here is a


reminder of tonight's cracking routines and the all-important


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Wonderful. Great, all of you. I think you'll agree the standard


from our stars tonight was out of this world. Sadly the couple with


the lowest votes from the view was combined with the judges' scores


will be going home to put their feet up. But no one deserves to go,


I mean that. Make sure you pick up the phone and have your so because


it could all change. Nobody is safe. Your stars need you. In the results


showed tomorrow at 7:25pm, Test and Claudia will say goodbye to our


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