Week 3 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 3 Results

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This is Strictly Come Dancing, the Broadway Results. Please welcome


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 143 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yes! What a great way to kick off Sunday's


Strictly. Now Saturday night saw our couples


make their Broadway debut, delivering high drama and dazzling


dancing. You voted. The judges scored and tonight, the final


curtain will fall on the couple with the lowest combined points.


First, let's meet the people who like to make a song and dance about


just about everything, they're our judges - Craig, Len, Alesha and




We'll hear from them later. Now let's see what else is on the bill


tonight with the divine Miss Claudia.


APPLAUSE Thank you Tess. We have the best


show in town tonight, with an exclusive performance from the


stars of Footloose. Another look through Len's Lens and the legend


that is Susan Boyle, right here in the studio. First, here's all the


drama both on stage and back stage from Saturday night. What a night.


I loved it. # Oh, what a night #


I'm excited. # There's no business, like show


business... Timing babe, it's all about timing. I'm starting to get


Tantalising behind bars, I want to be a criminal. I saw the little


thing when your heel got caught in your frock. You didn't let that


faze you at all. I'm bummed out about my skirt. You have an awkward


nature about you generally. that all right? It was good. You


were a little bit nervous. course, something to do with live


television. You moved well, but I would have liked more fluidity


after all. I can't make them say nice things. There's no point


worrying about it really. Three words - fun, energetic,


entertaining. I'd love to see somebody else at 62 dance a jive


like that, that fast. It was fantastic. I don't think


anybody else could do that job. bless! You kept your composure. You


told a story. It was wonderful. It was like watching a magical bird.


It was simple, but very, very effective.


Rory was the surprise of the night though. Yeah. Wasn't he just.


best dance. Well done, Rory! Dancing-wise it's been the best


night of my life. Illegal lifts will not be tolerated, I'm afraid.


We're bad. Five. You have to break eggs to make an omelette and


sometimes you have to break rules to make a routine complete. Seven!


We're so bad. So bad. She's going to be great tonight. I can feel it


in my water. It actually looked like a tango. It was like a


plodding mule, truthing through mud. No, no. No comment about Craig's


comments. You have to recognise an effort and improvement when it's


visible. From the waist up you're joyful and


full of verve. It's from the waist down. I did say at some point I


would trip over my feet and today, I tripped over my feet. You've got


the right attitude for this competition. You're a hard worker.


You came out, strode around the floor with intent and determination.


How, how, how can I resist you? can't believe it. I were dance --


I'm a dancer, well, not yet. ( Eight! I would advise a more


masculine approach for this particular dance. I think Craig's


jealous. Last week you put the boy in flamboyant. This week you put


the show in show business. When I got to my favourite bit, I


so wanted to join in singing. If she's happy, I'm happy. We come


together as a pair. Stu-pen-dous! I'm going to call you


the midwife because you keep delivering. Nine. Nine. Nine.


It's very haphazard and just too disco. I can make it not disco


though. Just need to tighten up on a few little things. I love


watching you dance. All greased up, rippling muscles. I love Bruno. I


gave him a wink back tonight. pulled it out of the bag today,


finally. Apparently I've arrived. This is good news.


I don't anyone to really go home. know. My dressing room is this way.


So, our 13 stars have made their Broadway debut, but who's worthy of


an encore. The results are in. In no particular order, the first


couple safely through to next week couple safely through to next week


is... Audley and Natalie! Also safe are... Alex and James.


The next couple safe is... Rory and Erin!


Surviving another week are... Holly and Artem!


Back on the dance floor next Saturday are... Anita and Robin!


Also safe, for another week are... Robbie and Ola!


And now finding themselves in the bottom two tonight and in danger of


leaving the competition... Dan and Katya. The rest of you will


discover your fate later on. So Len, Dan and Katya in the bottom


of two. Is that a surprise? It is, do you know, I thought Dan did a


really good job, with a very difficult dance. You know, it's got


to have a lot of emotion about it. It's a romantic dance. In addition


to that, it's quite a simple dance, just the rotation. I thought his


frame was good. His foot work was good. I don't think he deserves to


be where he is. APPLAUSE


Thank you. Over to you Claudia. Thank you Tess. I have six over the


moon couples here. CHEERING


Audley, your face! Bottom two last week, was there a bit of you who


thought it might happen again? Definitely. I'm so thankful to the


people who have kept us in the show. Massive congratulations and you as


well, Rory. You looked surprised. Len said it was your dance. Yeah,


well, Erin, where's Erin, there you are! That's not Erin. What's your


name again? She's so good with ballroom. I was in good hands.


Everyone was nervous. The band played through the different styles.


They were the heroes. APPLAUSE


Absolutely brilliant. You did fantastically well. Thank you very


much. Now we have a very special treat for you now. They've jetted


in from America to perform exclusively for us. Please welcome


the stars of the brand new Footloose movie, hof hof hof and


Kenny Wormald! -- Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald! # Where have all


the good men gone the good men gone


# And where are all the gods? # Where's the street-wise Hercules


# To fight the rising odds? Shret # Isn't there a white knight


upon a fiery steed? # Late at night I toss and I turn


# and dream of what I need # I need a hero


#I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light # He's gotta be


sure # And it's gotta be soon # And he's gotta be larger than life #


Through the wind and the chill and the rain # And the storm and the


raging flood # Oh, his approach is like a fire in my blood # I need a


hero # I'm holding out for a hero # 'til the morning light # He's gotta


be sure # And it's gotta be soon # and he's gotta be larger than life


# Been working so hard, # I'm punching my card # Eight hours. #


For what? # I'm punching my card


# Eight hours, for what? # Oh, tell me what I got


# I get this feeling # time's still holding me down


# I'll hit the ceiling # Or else I'll tear up this town


# Tonight I gotta cut loose, footloose


# Kick off your Sunday shoes # Please, Louise


# Pull me offa my knees # Jack, get back


# Com on before we crack # Lose your blues


# Everybody cut footloose # Whoah


# we got to turn you around # And put your feet on the ground


# Kick off your Sunday shoes # Please, Louise


# Pull me offa my knees # Jack, get back


# Come on before we crack # Lose your blues


# Everybody cut, everybody cut # Everybody cut, Everybody cut


Absolutely amazing. Please welcome our brilliant judges!


APPLAUSE Thank you so much for coming up


here. We're talking about details. Because there's a fifth member of


the group. Len's Lens. Of course. Look, it picks up some


wonderful details. So you can discuss and die sect.


-- disect. Len I'm starting with you. Go on. You want to talk about


Lulu and Brendan. Because you had a bit of a Barney on Saturday night.


A little bi. My feeling was that Craig went overly grumpy. I wanted


to come to their defence. I'm one of those upstanding young men who


normally doesn't like the lifts and if anyone does them. However, on


this occasion, I felt it fitted the music beautifully. It's against the


rules. You and your rules. You're getting on my wick a bit. Look at


Lulu's face. This is the rumba, every detail is magnified because


of the fact it's such a slow dance, it's even slower now. Look at her


angelic face. A hint of lip gloss. Oh, come on Lulu-bell! She's Dewey


and juicy. She looked lovely. For a rumba, which is a very, very


difficult dance, I thought she did a great job. I know there was the


lift. And who knows, without the lift, it could have been an eight


from me. You mentioned omelettes, who doesn't love them? Everyone


loves an omelette. Let's talk about Alex and James. Up said it was


beautiful. It really was. You all beautiful. It really was. You all


loved it. Oh, look. Stunning. Alex is so elgant. It was a simple


routine, but she executed it perfectly. I couldn't fault it.


They're so in sync as well. It was dreamy. That's what you want. You


want to look at a ballroom routine and be swept away. You don't want


to think of the out of place thumb. With that dance you could just


enjoy it. Craig, let's talk about Nancy and Anton. You didn't like it,


even though, I mean, I think Bruno you said there was more content...


Look at this. Look at the state of it, darling. You're just bitter for


the sake of it. You have to recognise improvement. My point was


that she was slamming around the dance floor and not really actually


dancing. And that was my problem with it darling. I don't know what


you were looking at. Don't have an argument. Let's talk about Jason


and Kristina. He went from hmm... From mucho macho to mucho campo.


Switching character, he's on it. Masculine. Look. I'm going to get


you! Oh, yeah, determined, strong, powerful. Look at this! Camp as a


row of tents. We were screaming, to switch


character, it's insane. Bruno in slow mo is funnier. That's a great


slow mo is funnier. That's a great skill to switch on a six pence. You


have a whole West End show in one- and-a-half minutes. We also caught,


you were so happy with it. Let me show you this clip of Len holding


Jason's nine paddle. LAUGHTER


APPLAUSE A stunner. Now my favourite clip of


the night. Look at this, wait a minute. Here we go. He's going


He's adorable. Thank you the judges! Now they say that Strictly


is all hard work. But I can reveal that behind-the-scenes sometimes


it's a bit of a holiday. Right now they're all following in the


footsteps of their camp leader. It's all just show business. Oh, I


thank you. I'm going to finish in the


spotlight. No, I want to finish in the spotlight. It's mine. Have you


seen what I'm wearing? I'm going to steal the show. I want to take this


to Another Level, darling. Look at that, no glitter. How am I supposed


Six couples have received Broadway success, what about the rest? Back


to you Tess. Thank you. Six couples left, one of


you is in danger tonight. But which one? It's time to find out.


In no particular order, safely through to next week are... Lulu


and Brendan! APPLAUSE


Dancing again next Saturday are... Harry and Aliona!


APPLAUSE The next couple safe is... Jason


and Kristina! APPLAUSE


Surviving another week are... Russell and Flavia!


So that means Chelsee and Pasha and Nancy and Anton, one of you is safe,


one of you is in the bottom two. I can reveal that the couple in the


bottom two tonight is... Nancy and Anton.


So Chelsee and Pasha, congratulations, you're through to


next Saturday. APPLAUSE


Now Bruno, you said that Nancy had improved a lot this week. Are you


disappointed to see her in the bottom two? Yes, I am. There is a


great sense of anticipation every time she turns up. It's almost like


lighting a firecracker, you never know if she's going to burn you or


you're going to be safe. You never know. But I have to admit, she was


better. She was better in the tango. She did a good job. I think she has


the potential to improve more. I would like to see that. OK. Showing


improvement, yes. After all Rome was not built in a day. Thank you


Bruno. Over to you Claudia. OK, she was catapoulted from West


Lothian obscurity to worldwide fame. She has become a singing phenomenon.


Here, with Unchained Melody, hold hands, please welcome, the one and


only, Susan Boyle! # Oh, my love


# My darling # I hunger for your touch


# Are you still mine? # I need your love


# God speed your love # to me


# Lonely rivers flow # To the sea


# Wait for me # I'll be coming home


# My darling # I hunger for your touch


# Are you still mine? # I need your love


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 143 seconds


Absolutely brilliant. Dan, are you shocked? Alesha said you were


getting better and better, are you surprised to find yourself in the


bottom two? I was in the bottom three with the judges. I shouldn't


be too shocked. It's always a surprise. You want to do your best.


If you go through to next week, will awe tack it? Yeah, yeah of


course. Will you listen to me more? Say yes, just say yes. Nancy, oh,


my goodness. Some of the judges were harsh. Bruno said, we've seen


content, this is different. How sad would you be to leave? Of course,


you be sad because so much that we still have to do it. Definitely


would be sad. Because it's strictly is such incredible, magical world


you entered. So just the beginning of this coverage, so I would be sad.


Good luck to both of you. Dan or Nancy is about to leave their


dancing days behind. Here's how they've entertained us. There's


nothing that can prepare you for the whirlwind that is Strictly Come


Dancing. A couple of highlights, one would be not messing up any


steps in the first waltz that we did. And not falling over during my


flip at the beginning of our salsa routine. The reason that I want to


stay in the competition and keep going is because I'm involved in


something, which I really want to do and that's to learn how to dance.


The best part of being in Strictly is definitely is about learning,


dancing with Anton will be subject of my next book. I'm not going to


say everything here otherwise you're not going to buy the book.


Definite love to stay in the competition. I want to continue


laughing. There's so much I have to learn. Strictly Come Dancing is a


Magic World to join in. APPLAUSE


Dan and Katya, and Nancy and Anton, one of you is about to leave the


competition for good. It's the moment of truth. Dan, Bruno said


you looked like a casual acquaintance of Katya's. Nancy,


Craig said it was like a plodding mule, truthing through mud. --


trudging through mud. Did the public agree? I can now reveal that


the couple leaving tonight is... Dan and Katya. That means Nancy and


Anton, we'll see you next week. Come on, guys.


I'm so sorry. What have you enjoyed most about


this experience, it's been brief, I hope it's been fun. Just dancing


with kautsa. It's a won opportunity to dance with somebody who is so


talented. Anything you want to say to Dan? I loved every moment of it.


I loved my tennis lesson, thank you. I didn't get to get up at 3.30am.


No. You can still do that if you want.


LAUGHTER It's been a pleasure. Short, but


very sweet. Off you go and prepare for your


last dance. Thank you very much. Come in my darling. A sad goodbye


to our second couple, Dan and Katya. They join Zoe on Monday, It Takes


Two, 6.30pm, BBC Two. For Non Stop news and skhruesives go to


bbc.co.uk/ Strictly. We're back in the ballroom next Saturday, 6.25pm.


Now with their final dance, it's life


# Always look on the bright side of -- light side of life


# If life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've for gotten


# That's to laugh and smile and dance and sing


# When you're feeling in the dumps, don't be silly chumps


# Just purse your lips and whistle that's the thing


# And always look on the bright side of life


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman welcome you to what looks like being another exciting results show. Thirteen become twelve, as once the judges' scores have been combined with viewer votes the lowest scoring couple will sadly have to leave the competition.

Plus our professional dancers treat you to a very special West Side Story dance mash-up, and the stars of the brand new 2011 film version of Footloose cut loose on the dance floor with an exclusive performance just for us.

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