Week 3 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 3

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Last weekend, our Strictly staff lived life to the full. It was


party politics in the ballroom. There was dancing on the top table.


You couldn't wipe the smile off their faces. You put the boy in


flamboyant. But one was driven to the exit. Ahmed Qureia and Vincent.


Tonight, hail a yellow cab to the Strictly Broadway Spectacular. Our


13 stars are giving their regards, and then some. # It's time to play


the music # It's time to light the light. # Why do we come back here


week after week? We'll never know. You would be a Muppet to miss it,


this, is Strictly Come Dancing on APPLAUSE APPLAUSE This is Strictly


Come Dancing! It's a Broadway Special. Please, welcome our


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


O in e Live, from television centre,


please, welcome your hosts. Oh! Can we go any further? Is that


it? I was going to put it right up there, somewhere. Do, sit down. It


really is embarrassing! In a way! Right, good evening, ladies and


gentlemen, and children. Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing, it's nice to


you, to see you, nice! And it is nice to see you tuerbgs b rrbg uci


-- it is nice to see you, too, Bruce, nice to see you tue.


And we have Broadway this week. There is Robbie Savage, he could


star in Hairspray! And Dell, Mamma Mia!! Tonight, we will be having


lots of razzle and dazzle in the ballroom.


We have our 13 remaining performers meeting to give it their all to be


the top of the bill. We wish them all the best luck, we


wish them all to break a leg. It is time to meet the stars of our


show. Yes! Astrologer to the stars, Russ


and his partner, Flavia Cacace. Lulu and her partner, Cole.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


Marvellous! Well, there they all are. In the mix you will find a


talented Australian, a very popular senior citizen, a gorgeous young


pop star and a steamy man-eating Italian. Hang on, a minute, that


sounded more like the judges. Well, tonight, our critics, the


judges are to score the Broadway routines and the celebrities ranked


on the leaderboard. The scores are combined with your votes, one


couple must exit, of course, stage left.


If you are a digital viewer press the red button for live commentary.


Up in the Gods, there is Karen Hardy and Henry Winkler.


He is cool. I've never been so hot in my life.


Our first couple is Holly Valance and her partner, Artem Chigvintsev.


Now, I was chatting to Holly earlier, she was telling me about


the big three sports in Australia. I said which? She said team sport,


individual sport and Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport sport! You


promised you would laugh at that. Any way, here they are in training.


Just before last week's show I got a nice feeling of calm, rather than


sheer terror. So I felt like I got to have a bit more fun with it on


stage. He is like a formula car, with all of the top of the range


equipment, but there are a few gremlins to tune out.


My job is to sell my performance. I could use Jason as inspiration,


last week he was amazing to watch. So I have to put my game face on a


little more. This week it is Broadway week, we are doing a song


from the musical Chicago. I open up in this lovely cage. Go to prison!


I'm meant to be in a jail cell for killing my husband! Working in


Moscow, life is very hard! I was excited to put my student into the


cage. I quite a many teacher. Not eight, seven! Keep moving the hands


away, thank you. If she doesn't do the step right, she has to stay in


the cell. Artem is tough in the training room,


he pushes me very hard. Watch out this week, I may just get


my revenge on the dancefloor. Dancing the tango, Holly Valance


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


You liked that?! Holly, it is over! I didn't recognise you first of all.


I tell you. That was great, well done.


Now, whilst you two get your breath back, it's a good time to welcome


our fabulous singers, Dave Arch and his wonderful Orchestra! And of


course, a welcome to our judges! How could we have a night of


theatre without them? And when I look at them, they remind me of


some great musicals. Bruno is Footloose and probably


fancy free! Alesha, is, of course, a Dream Girl. Len, eats Spamalot!


And right at the end we have got There we are, Len, what did you


think of that opener? Be still, my beating heart! Full of smouldering


intensity. As you cut him from the jail, I saw the blood swelling in


your bosom. I saw when you caught your heel in the prop, you didn't


let that phase you, on with the dance. It was a great start and a


great dance! Well done. You are getting into it now! You


Alesha? Chicago is one of my favourite musicals, sexy, feisty,


dangerous. You were definitely sexy and I could see the actress


emerging in you, especially when you were behind the bar, fantastic.


I was hoping it would be a little more feisty and I don't know if it


was when your skirt got caught in your heel, but it lost a little bit


of intent for me. Just at that section, but you picked it up.


right then. Bruno? Don't worry, Holly Smoke, you got me going!


Tantalising. I want to be a criminal! Everybody can queue up to


join you in jail. You are a gorgeous girl and I love the way


you approach your dance. Of course, there was an incident, and because


of that, after a turn, you lost a bit of balance, but God you've got


promises. Plenty! Tell you one thing, Bruno, I don't


think you'll be on a promise! Craig? I really like the bold,


strong story-telling, thought it was full of drama and drive. I


would have liked to have seen a lot more tension however throughout the


entire body. Also, cleaner and sharper, finishing lines. That's


what makes a tango interesting. But what I think is fantastic is


getting out of the costume scenario, it was a bit messy but you got out


of that beautifully. And I very much enjoyed it so thank you.


Wonderful, Holly, be proud about that. Well done Holly and Artem.


Come on Hols, what a smouldering first act! Good job Artem


remembered the key though, so relieved! Kicking off the Broadway


special in front of ten million viewers, a standing ovation in a


packed house. Not bad is it? It's a great start. Wonderful. Holly or


Roxie should I call you? Roxie for today. Roxie for today. Artem


sometimes gives you a hard time in training. Was it quite satisfying


No, he's a delight! Have you seen the terminator in action. Was it


satisfying to wipe him out at the end? I did enjoy killing him.


Revenge is sweet. Let's hope the Great score. Very strong start for


Holly and Artem. Jot down the number and call later in the show


if you think Holly should get a repeat performance next week. Don't


call until we tell you lines are open. The couple with the lowest


combined judges' scores and fewer votes will be Leighing the


competition. We are running on with the show. Back to Bruce.


The next couple, Dan Lobb and his partner Katya Vishilas. Dan was


telling me all about being a breakfast presenter. He said, all


you have to do is get yourself in front of a camera and read all the


words on the autocue. I said, really, I said, that's so simple,


any idiot could do it. He said yes, Bruce, you do.


If he was 12 inches shorter, I'd belt him one. Anyway, here they are


in training. I was super happy with the


performance. We didn't mess up any tricks or lifts and I tried to give


it as much as I could. You were swinging her round like a bag of


cement. It was lumcesuous. Craig's going to continue making up


words, he's going to lose some credibility. He doesn't have any


credibility, so he should just carry on. What we are doing now is


called the fleckerl. No, you are like Craig, making this up. It's


been another hard week. The hours on day break have caught up with me


a little bit. My hip flexer. I should be taking more care of my


body than I am. I'm not getting any younger. A twing. This week, the


music is uplifting. -- twinge. Katya's an actress so I'll take a


lot of tips from her. Yes, I can act. Look at this!


Then back to that! I've got some tall ens there... I think.


Dancing the vee niece waltz, Dan Lobb and Katya Vishilas -- vee


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


Lovely, lovely. You needed a rest. That's a


strenuous dance, that. The Viennese waltz is a killer, really is.


Beautiful. Even loved it. Alesha? Dan, you have so much potential in


your ballroom dancing and certainly look so much more comfortable in


hold. To be honest, generally, you move well around the floor, but I


would have liked to have seen a bit more fluidity overall in your


movement, it just gets a little bit stop-starty. But generally you move


well and I think you will get better.


A bit stop-starty. Bruno? Damn, this is Somebody To Love, Queen,


the emotional musical little, this song should carry you into another


world and you look like a casual acquaintance of Katya. You should


be on her tighter and maybe it's because I had the privilege of


working with Freddie Mercury, for me, you didn't really capture this


at all, the spirit of the song. It was adequate, but for me, I wanted


a much more love and intensity into it. It's not terrible, but a


personal thing. Now then, Craig? You have an awkward nature about


you, generally. The first hold, in that first arm thing, something


went wrong there, I don't know what that was meant to be. You don't


dance between steps and I mean, when you're in the in hold and when


you're out of hold, you stop dancing, you stop dead, you've got


to continue the dance all the way through the movement. Hand shapes,


you need to look at. Your shoulders half way through started rising


further until you had no neck at the end.


And the standing spin was also very flat. You needed to get up on your


toes. Len, control yourself?! come to praise Dan, not to bury


him! Oh, yes! I thought your frame was


good, footwork overall was good. You're a very tall chap and it's


difficult. You're not an actor, you know, some of these judges want too


much. It's Broadway Week. You are supposed to interpret a character.


OK, hold your horses old sausage, will ya! OK, you are not the


greatest actor of a dance, but you're all trying to get through


the dance as best you can and I think that's what you did. So well


done. Thanks, listen. And it's only week


two. Off you go. We thought it was great, Dan.


Off you go, up those stairs. APPLAUSE


Go, Dan! Star turn tonight. You are a leading man on Broadway. How did


it feel? Felt good. This one felt like we were actually dancing.


the drama and the romance, we don't get to see that on Daybreak, do


you? If you look closely, there's something between me and my


colleague on a daily basis. He's not showbiz but he's getting there.


Give it your best and see what happens. The scores are in!


24. Happy with that? Yeah. number to call is on the screen:


If you're desperate for Dan to grace the dance floor next week,


ring. You would like that, Dan, wouldn't you? Of course, who


wouldn't?! Back to Bruce. For our next couple, Anita Dobson and her


partner, Robin. Lovely Anita. Gorgeous.


Let's find out how a West End star's been getting on with a


Broadway Jive. Here they are in training.


Last week, I felt disappointed in myself because I felt I could have


done better. I looked like a little doll on acid.


It was like Bonnie Langford being chased by a dalmatian. It's good to


be having that stuff pointed out. We are doing a jive to a song from


hair spray. You are going to so be in hair spri. As a cleaner...


help her get in the mood, who help better to help her than Leanne


Jones from Hair spray, the movie. She was adorable and brought us a


goody bag. We need a blue bow as well. Getting into the hair spray


spirit. Leanne being here I think is what I personally needed. She


actually could explain what it felt like to perform that number. This


is the chorus, motion on the ocean or the sun in the sky. Leanne's


given an extra charge that we needed. You can't stop the beat...


Can't wait to see how they do on Saturday, hopefully tens all round.


I hope we do OK and whatever happens, we are going to sell to it


the hilt! Dancing the jive, Anita Dobson and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Look at these people, look! Anita,


look at these people. Well done, Anita. Why didn't you


have a jive night at the Queen Vic, you would brighten them all up, so


miserable there. You have brightened it all up. Your


performance level and character essentially is always great. The


thing though, on the jive, you have to be a little sharper and your


timing sometimes wasn't quite there. Maybe you were taken by his quiff,


looks like dancing with a cockatoo. A bit more precise and cleaner on


the kicks and flicks, yes. For me I thought it was messy. On


the kicks and the flicks you have to straight.your legs, point your


toes. Pick up your feet a little more, but I loved the


characterisation, I thought that was brilliant! APPLAUSE


Now, then, Len? Three words, fun, energy ic, tern takening! APPLAUSE


And, we'll finish up with you, Alesha? I don't think the people at


home will give two hoots that you didn't point you toes. You came out,


performed it, it was entertaining and you lit up the room and you


should be proud! You're a dramatic actress, I'm so proud of you, the


way you had a go. Thank you again, off you go, the pair of you, lovely.


Off you go! APPLAUSE Come on, you two! Just tell me


where you have hidden robin? It is his alter e gorbgs o.


Our leading lady, -- It is his alter ego.


Our leading lady, did it help? did help, but I need to work more


on my technique. Well, the jive is the quickest


dance so far, how did you find it? He dances so fast on his feet.


You didn't break a sweat, Anita! 27 out of 40, happy with that?


bad. Now, remember, one celebrity must


leave the competition, they all have to put in show-stopping


performances tonight. No pressure, guys.


No-one wants to flop on Broadway, isn't that right, Bruce? That is so


right, Tess, well, I can't hear, can I? There is another famous


Jones here tonight, my famous singer Jack Jones! APPLAUSE


He is over here for a few weeks. Welcome, Jack, it is always lovely


to see you in this country. Now, for our next couple, Alex Jones and


her partner, James. APPLAUSE


Now, during her routine last week, Alex sat on John Prescott's lap! I


told Alex that John had to go to the hospital after the show. She


asked if she had hurt him, but I said no, no, he needed a plastic


surgeon to get the smile off his face. We don't see him smile much,


do we? No! Here they are in training.


After her left and right problems, Alex is finally heading in the


right direction. Alex, you can dance, you just have


to believe it. Nobody has said that to me. I'm not convinced yet. No,


you are not. Controlling the nerves is an issue.


We have having fun in the studio and she gets into here and it is


like... Skapgs scream! ALEX NEVER SPEAKS ABOUT BEING Alex never


speaks about being nervous in the training room. I have been going to


skpreem tactics. I really don't want to go in here.


Are you nervous? Jirbgs if I go wrong, try leaving! Don't you do it.


I will kill you. I was terrified, standing in the wings, but I really


enjoyed it. Not many people can say that they have danced on the West


End stage. They all started standing up. I thought they were


leaving, but they stood up and clapped. I'm so pleased that is


over. Maybe we can do it every week, well, not every week.


-- dancing the Viennese waltz, Alex MUSIC: Memory


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That was great! Look, leek here,


look behind. It was great. When you did that at the end, I thought that


AnneWiddecombe was coming out! Craig? That was clever, James, that


was simple, uncomplicated, she is in hold, it gives her ever


advantage. The only thing I would say is I would like to see it be a


little more daring, that is the only thing, but I have to say I


loved it. I really loved it. Craig loved it! Settle for that.


Don't go any further. Len? It was simple, but it was simply


beautiful! Thank you. I know the rugby, the Welsh rugby


team didn't win, but I tell you, tonight you're a winner. That was


great. Beautiful. I saw a tear in Len's eye, there,


Alesha? Absolutely beautiful, Alex. For me, you are the most improved


tanser. You looked elegant. Dreamy, you kept your composure, you told a


story, it was wonderful. Lovely.


Bruno? Alex, those open figures, it was like watching a magical bird,


stretching its wings for the first time, ready to take flight and


taking us all into a wonderful, wonderful ride. It was, as Len said,


absolutely beautiful in its simplicity.


Thank you. I would settle for that. You can't


ask for more. Get off quick before they change their mind! Off you go!


APPLAUSE Come on, Alex! Wow! Unforgettable!


Thank you, Tess. Alesha says most improved. Do you


remember where you were a couple of weeks ago? Well, Bambi! James is a


great teacher. What do you think, James? I agree!


About Alex's progress? She has improved immensely. When she said


she had never danced, I thought everyone has danced before, but I


realised she had not. She has come a long way.


Come a long way in a short time! The scores are in! Ladies and


gentlemen the judges have their Yes! What about that, then? 32. You


have to start believing now. You are a dancer. Well done, Alex and


James. Come on!


Now, don't go dialling yet as the lines are not open.


Right, next up. Next up we have Rory Bremner and his partner Erin.


Do you know, Rory even does great impressions of sportsmen. I said


what about Wayne Rooney? Can you do an impression of him? He said yes,


he kicked me in the shins! Come on, that was a good joke! I'm waiting


here! That's it, now the applause should have stopped... Then! Right!


Here they are, in training Rory Rory left a lasting impression on


the judges but for all of the wrong reasons.


You were wrong. It was like a sticky strip.


He was right. Shall we go again! The thing about me, is I am a bit


of a chameleon, I like to adapt and look the part, but I will have to


learn to have to be a slightly calmer chameleon.


No! What is that? Erin wants me to have a top hat and a cane. I get


frustrated. I can't do it at this stage.


I have to say to him to calm down and put all of that energy into his


feet. I know I shouldn't beat myself up, that is Craig's job.


This show is getting madder and madder. Last week it was John


Prescott, this week it is blier blier blier, thank God it was him


and not Tony. -- Lionel Blair, thank God it was


him and not Tony. He knows what he is doing,


hopefully on the night so will I! Dancing the quickstep, Rory Bremner


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Rory Bremner! Rory, don't miss this


moment. I tell you, well done. I loved the Charleston bit. Well, I


tell you what, Fred Astaire did not turn in his grave, but I think he


may have fidgeted a bit! Len, start us off.


You, on Broadway, that was it. The right song, the right style, the


right routine. Your best dance, well done, Rory! Thank you.


Don't leave Erin out there. Alesha? You really enjoyed that,


didn't you, Rory? You held the character of the dance from


beginning to end. The timing was great, the framing was great. The


quickstep is your dance. That is your dance.


Erin is the best, but that was fantastic.


Bruno? All of the razzle and dazzle of the great white way, Mr Showbiz,


but just be care wfl the trout pout! -- but just be care wfl the


trout pout! Craig? Talking about trout pout! Now, I didn't mean


that! I didn't even read it, it came out of my head! I'm sorry to


put a dampner on this, but the hands, you are leaning over,


Redcarin and the posture is not great, but, it was full of style,


it was full of panache, it was full of confidence, I think you did a


brilliant job. A brilliant job, how about that! Go


on, Rory, go on, Erin. Go on up those stairs! APPLAUSE


Here comes the quick sterp! We tip our hat, Rory.


Well, I owe it all to Erin, she is the Queen of ballroom. I owe it all


to her. Did you like it up there? I loved


it. It is a classic look. You inhabit the suit.


It suited you. Lionel Blair helped you out. He know as little bit


about Broadway, did he give you any tips? He was wonderful. He said he


was more nervous than I was. Thank you very much.


The number to call later: Till co-come, our ballroom guys,


Robbie, Harry, Audley, Jason and Russell. And, girls, Chelsee and


Nancy. It's razzamatazz time! Razzamatazz Tess! Our next couple


is Lulu and her partner, Brendan Cole! Yes, now, Lulu, last week,


she danced in front of a massive big mirror, nine feet tall by four


feet wide. I said to her, she said to me rather, I wonder where it


came from, I said my bathroom, I use it when I shave my chin!


Now that's not funny. That is NOT funny. See, the good jokes you miss


and that joke you have a go at me. Right, I'm getting angry now. Her


they are in training. -- theer they are in training.


Last week, I was nervous. Absolutely beautiful. I breathed


deeply. Focused. I think it really helped me. You played it with the


emotional fragility of a teenager in love whose heart was just about


to be broken. What an improvement on last week. Well done. Great


improvement. I'm like a cluts. week we are doing the most


beautiful track of music from the Phantom Of The Opera. I can't do


this, I can't. I'm not anywhere near elegant. No-one's expecting


you to be Braille yant at the moment. -- brilliant. I need to


change her mindset. You need to go, boom, boom, boom. Bren Brendan


decided to bring in some masks today. Do you think this will give


me inspiration to dance. Oh, Andrew, you've never been better. Whether


she gets it on the night is another story.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


Dancing the rumba, Lulu and Brendan CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Yeah, you did it, baby! Lovely, Lulu. Well done, my darling, well


done. Look at them here! Oh! And the music and the singing, it was


all so beautiful. Magical, thank you so much, guys, just amazing.


And the singing was gorgeous. Absolutely. All right, we are going


to start off with you, Alesha? felt really nervous for you, but


you did it again, a great story and you told it brilliantly. It was


romantic and you played it with sensitivity and you are elegant.


Don't let me hear you say that again! You are very elegant.


can't believe how good you are playing that person being seduced


by the dark, is she going to give in and deliver at the end of the


story. I was expecting a rock chick and you are so lyrical and fluid.


You missed a few passes because the choreography was very, very


difficult, but otherwise, very well done. Thank you. Thank you.


about you, huh?! Craig? Illegal lifts will not be tolerated, I'm


afraid, and will be penalised and I think you are playing with fire. I


think you're doing your celebrity a disservice by putting them in.


Otherwise everyone can do it. are, from your point of view with


that music, would you have done anything other than that? Yes, I


would have stuck to the rules. Actually, you know what happened,


Craig... They're the rules of ball rooment -- ballroom. We talked


about it and discussed it and that was the best thing for the dance.


My granddaughter wanted it in, she watched us when we did it and went


"yeah", so we wanted it in. Len? You have to break eggs to make an


omelette and sometimes you have to break rules to make a routine


complete and that's what you did. Thanks, Len. Every week you've got


better and better. Well done. are getting better and better.


Emotion and story-telling. Hello, Broadway! Here I come...


A Phantom-inspired rumba, the dance of love. Who thought you two would


be doing that a few weeks ago? Patrick Swayze. I feel like


Jennifer Gray. That's where we went wrong, she was in the wrong


blooming musical. It didn't go wrong, that's the point. It's so


inspiring, Phantom Of The Opera, the choreography and to teach Lulu


it, I had a great time, thank you very much. You said you couldn't do


it, you did it Lulu, you go, girl, the scores are in! The judges have


It's a decent score. Call when the phone lines open later if you want


Lulu to come back for an encore next week. How does that sound?


granddaughter would love it. Ready for more star turns, ladies and


gents? They're off. Ready, Brucie? Next tonight is Nancy Dell'Olio and


her partner, Anton. Now, Nancy came to my dressing room


earlier today and said, I'm very upset, Bruce, everyone thinks I


fancy you. It isn't fair. I said, can't we talk about this later,


Nancy, there isn't enough room for us in this wardrobe. She was all


over me. I hate to be hunted. Anyway... I love to be hunted


really. But here they are in training.


Everybody will see what happen tonight. Last week, I felt very


proud. Not because it was perfect, it was not perfect. I didn't look


down at any stage, but I could feel there was a bit of kicking and


smuttering going on. I loved it, for the judges it was another story.


Absolutely no idea where you went. What counts is the people loved it.


Pull me up... This week, we are doing tango from a musical. If you


try to resist, I'm going to use this. I'm trying to take control.


No, we do this first... No, we do this first. You can go your own way.


At the end, because he's very smart, he knows that my ideas are better.


I'm going to invite the Italian ambassador to come to see the show.


You get your guest list sorted out, I'll do the choreography. I haven't


gone with her ideas because they're rubbish. Don't get me wrong, I


don't mind her way. Your feet near my head? Are you mad?! She's not


the right one. It's impossible. Dancing the tango, Nancy Dell'Olio


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Come to Brucie! May I say something.


You invite me to come to your dressing, I do not remember?! I


mean, unbelievable, just for my reputation. There's another show


going on over there! Come here, you naughty boy. I know I did invite


you and you came to my dressing room No, you invite me... I know I


did. We've done that! I think... You were really the tempestuous


tempt res, I love the bit on the chair, peekaboo, you see me, you


see me not. It actually looked like a tango and you actually looked


like you can dance. Carry on this way, much, much improved! OK, OK,


OK?! Gracia! Craig? I don't know what Bruno was


watching. She was better. Darling, it was like a plodding mule


trudging through mud. The only accents were when you threw her


into her position. That is plod ck accents, they're in the music which


we try to accentuate. You have to recognise an improvement when it's


visible for us all to see. Len, Len, I'm sure... It was so terrible last


week, anything would have been a blooming improvement. There was


lots of style, but no substance. I'm so disappointed. I'm not giving


him a putt again. Never ever after this. Alesha? I liked the intro,


the drama, you were totally in character, I loved the story-


telling, so I applaud you on that, but you knead to strengthen your


body from head-to-toe but it was an improvement from last week.


improvement. Don't listen to them! I'm going to make you my favourite.


Thank you, Bruce. Off you go, my Come on! Come up here, you two.


Magnifico, Nancy. At least there was great story telling.


Yes, but he tried to finish the story.


They kept talking! I tried to finish it off at the end there. I


was trying to steal a kiss! Were you really? I didn't mean to


interrupt that stkhrap Wow, goodness me! You were not supposed


to kiss me back, what's the matter with you! I think we'll go to the


20 out of 40. Which bits of the dancing worked


best, then? Yours or Nancy's? Nancy's! Call later if you want


Nancy to be flying around the Thank you, Tess. Time for our next


couple, Audley Harrison and his partner, Natalie.


Good. Now, after being in the bottom two last week can Audley,


with his size subpoena shoes, impress with the quickstep? Let's


find out. Here they are in training. Despite being up on the judges'


scorecards... You look like you have a bit of groove going, and a


bit of hip rotation. Audley just about managed to save


himself from the knock-out row. Keep dancing, Edwina, keep dancing!


It is Broadway, we are doing the quickstep.


Our song is called Too Darn Hot. I think that Audley will be


definitely feeling the heat. You know how intense your boxing


training can get? Yep. I thought I would step things up a little bit


this week, are you ready to sweat? Yeah, let's do it. Mr Harrisons


what are you doing? We're not here to relax, we are here to dance!


This is about 100 degrees, this crazy girls has me running, I'm A


Celebrity Dancer and dancing in 100 degrees. You can see how hot it is


here. I am working really hard. This week we don't want to be in


the bottom two. No pain no, gain! Dancing the quickstep, Audley


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


Audley! Well done. Thank you.


You did a great job there. You are right, it is too darn hot


in here as well. Craig, start us off? The timing was out in the


beginning. All of the Charleston sections you have to put a lot more


energy in to. It let the side down. I thought it was much, much lighter


than I had anticipated. I thought you would come out heavy,


but I really loved all of the acting through it. Well done.


Great. Great. Len? This was a little dangerous,


that little slide through, you could have ruined your prospects


there! Now, listen, it is a dance to, which, from up the top you are


joyful and full of verve, but it is from the waist down you have to get


better in the footwork, but I have to say, I agree with Craig, ha-ha!


I do agree with him. Alesha? There was a lot of great


footwork, I clearly commend you for that. You have the right attitude


for the competition, you are a hard worker, but work on the feet and


get a bit of spring in your step, but for a big guy, you didn't do


too bad. Come on, I think he did incredible


serve boards and he has to navigate one of the most difficult dances in


the ballroom show. He did remarkably well.


Audley, you did very well. You are my favourite. You are my favourite


too! Come on, then. Yes, Audley. Come on, my love. Too darn hot it


looked darn quick! Well done. You are a huge heavyweight boxer, you


are not used to moving your feet that quick? Not at all. I did say


at some point I would trip over my feet. That was today.


Is it true, you are now back to your fighting weight? I am coming


close. I have lost a stone. It is getting Strictly Fit. The


Bottom two last week, Audley, you don't want to thereby again, do


you? No. We don't. We tried to work really hard this week. I feel good


about the dance. Go on, Audley, give it some.


Now, our next couple is Robbie Savage and his partner, Ola Jordan.


Now last week Robbie got a standing ovation. He was over the moon. I


said to him when was the last time you saw a crowd stand up and cheer


like that, he said when he got sent off! He told me he used to carry a


red card in his pocket, in case the referee forgot his. I thought I


would say that, I don't know why. It is like working in one of those


rotten clubs. Any way, here they are in training.


# Today this could be # The greatest day much our lives...


# I have to say that was one of the best nights of my life. You little


beauty! I'm telling you! I thought Robbie was going to start crying.


It was really lovely for him. was showbiz and I loved it.


judges' scores have given me the belief I can get up to 29. Can I


continue that? I will have to wait and see.


We had Robbie's kids coming into training. They were so sweet.


Seeing the kids gave me a massive lift. This week we're dancing the


tango. One, two! I cannot spin. That is horrible. Even one spin, I


don't know where I am. This could turn into Sickly Come Dancing! I am


a bit of a big girl's blouse! never heard anyone mooning so much.


It is hard this week. Seriously. Hard, mate. Knackered! Is he


telling you how hard it is? That's all I hear all day! This is


incredibly hard! Dancing the trangow, Robbie Savage and Ola


Jordan. -- dancing the tango, Robbie Savage


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


Robbie! Look, two weeks running! You did it again, son! Ola, what


are you doing to this man?! Right, Len, start us off, please? Robbie


the Savage attacks the tango. You did. You came out with great intent


it was full of attack and aggression, which is basically what


the tango is about. You were saying it is hard, it is hard. No-one said


it is easy, this process. It is hard. You have to work and get


through it, but I tell you what, that was a great effort. Well done.


Thank you. Alesha? Yes, Robbie, you should be


proud. This dance suits you, bundles of attitude and passion.


You came out and strode around the floor with intent and determination,


you are fast becoming one of the strongest contenders in this


competition. Bruno? Robbie, what can I say?


Mamma Mia! Here you go again! How can I resist you?! Stronger and


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Do you know the rest of that?


now! I can carry on if you want though. I could have done without


all that singing, darling. Full of aggression, Len's absolutely right,


it was full of purpose, had attack, it was assertive. Well done. Robbie,


You're a contender now! Strictly Come Dancing here we come! Was it


hard? Yes, but as Len said, I've got to get better. These are great


people here. You are Robbie Savage's hard man from football and


here you are dancing to Abba. Better than last week. Pick up the


phone later and call to keep them in and you want Robbie to dance


again. Show us your teeth, Robbie. There


they are! Still to come, Russell and Jason


and Harry give their regards to Broadway, yes!


But will they get critical acclaim from the judges? We'll find out.


Back to Bruce. Thank you, Tess. Our next couple is


Russell Grant and his partner, Flavia!


Now, after two weeks of impressing the judges with his moves, can


Russell shine with the foxtrot? I wouldn't be at all surprised. Here


they are in training. Last week, Russell embraced his


role as high Queen of the dance floor and I think he enjoyed


himself! Oh, was I in my element, it was like having porridge with


maple syrup. It was that delicious! You put the boy in flamboyant.


I'll take boy! I'll take flamboyant!


Absolutely loved it. Fantastic. A standing ovation again. Amazing.


When you are doing a number like Don't Rain On My Parade, you


shouldn't be in a place like this. Don't stay there, come with us. How


are you, darlings? The Savoy. I played this one. We can't even go


shopping now without breaking into a cha-cha-cha. It's it divine!


Welcome to my world, Flavia, darling. Give me a theatre and I'm


so happy. Oh! It's just so fantastic. How have I lived without


all this for so many years? Just makes you want to go into a number,


doesn't it?! Dancing the foxtrot, Russell Grant


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What about him?! You've done it


again, Russell, look! Look at them. A superstar is born! Oh absolutely,


can't stop smiling, oh, what can I say? Do you sell ice-creams?!


Alesha? Showbiz, Broadway, ballroom, what can't Russell do?! You are my


guilty pleasure, I absolutely adore you and I just want to say, it's so


refreshing to have a celebrity contestant who's so positive and


grateful to be in this competition. No, I love that. He never moans


ever! He's a sweetheart. You are right? Russell, you have the


uplifting quality of blazing sunshine. It was a very good


foxtrot. You went from funny girl to gypsy Rosie Lee. You did it


beautifully. I tell you, I've enjoyed it so much. Thank you!


then, Craig. Don't look so severe? I would advise a more masculine


Excuse me... Pot and the kettle! little less Barbie and a little


more Rambo. You were like a little white cloud drifting across the


floor and your little yellow dicky was the sun! Last week you put the


boy in flamboyant and this week you put the show in show business.


Len, thank you, thank you, very kind, thank you. Go on, everybody


APPLAUSE I don't think anyone could rain on


your parade right now, Russell, I really don't. No, no, I just love


it. I just love everyone out there! I love everyone in here. It just


gets better and better doesn't it, musical theatre, right up your 4


2nd Street? It was. I had a funny do in the middle, I wanted to


become Barbara Streisand and sing the number, you I thought to myself,


no, I'm just going to play in butch but it never worked! Never mind.


Better luck next time. The scores are in.


Ladies and gentlemen, the judges Well done, Russell and Flavia.


The number to call when lines open Remember, if you want to see our


celebrities face the music and dance again next Saturday, they'll


all need your votes. Back to you, Brucie.


Now, time for our next couple, Jason Donovan and his partner,


Kristina. For tonight's dance, Jason is


taking his inspiration from Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. He


starred in this West End show as a female impersonator. I said, what's


it like having to put women's clothes on every night, he said, it


can be a bit of a drag! I love it! Love it!


You're getting better! You can't get worse... Here they


are in training. I have to say, I didn't expect it


to go as well last Saturday, if I'm really honest. Can you be top of


the leaderboard two weeks running? I think so. Getting the nine from


Alesha last week was a very special moment. Well done, babe. Give me


five. It's Broadway Week. We are visiting a musical in which I spent


18 months in. Hello. Hello. I'm going to take Kristina to somewhere


special. Kristina, I don't have to say too much. You know, welcome to


Priscilla. Let's go. This week is a wonderful opportunity for Kristina


to come into my world. Kristina, I'm ready. I can't believe my eyes.


Dressed for the occasion, to tango. I just looked at him... There's


someone I want you to meet. Priscilla. Never seen anything as


camp as that.: she'll get fun, feathers, frocks and tango.


I hope she has fun. Dancing the tango, Jason Donovan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds




Well, there they are! Standing ovation. Oh, I tell you, that was


wonderful. Come here! Come here! Absolutely great. Wonderful. Thank


you. Oh! I was trying to remember, I saw you in that show dressed up


as a woman. Did you, Bruce? Yes, I thought it was Dame Edna! Bruno?


Jason, you will more than survive, you will thrive. Look at you,


strong, powerful, aggressive, driving and then camp as Christmas,


brilliantly back into character, takesing us to a fantastic ending.


Fan-tas-tic! What about that? Yes, I think I can


follow that with three sill billions stu-pen-dous.


I'll call you the midwife because you keep delivering!


Good one! That's a great one. Alesha? Incredible tango with a


twist. Kristina, so clever, Jason keep blowing me away, well done.


Kristina was spot on, spot on. you go. Be proud! Thank you so much.


Thank you. Wow! That was fantastic. Amazing.


Audley's left his high heels over there on stage!


About a size 70! Strictly leading man, Strictly


Broadway special, this is home from home for you, isn't it? Look, the


audience just drive you every night and people at home, for all their


support, has been absolutely amazing, but I have to say,


Kristina's choreography tonight was spot on in terms of the change of


character, you know, it's trying to find the theme in the song, but I'm


amazed. Thank you. Thank you so much. Top of the leaderboard for


two weeks, do you think you did enough to do it again? I don't know.


The scores are in! Time to get the 36 out of 40! It's looking like it


might be a hat trick! Call when the lines open later in the show if you


want the boy from oz to survive into next week and dance again! In


tomorrow's result shows, we'll see the second couple leave the


competition. Don't worry yet, still two star turns to come, Chelsee and


Harry, but will they bring the house down? Let's find out, brutey.


We'll find out, Tess. Don't worry. Next up, it's Chelsee Healey and


Now, Chelsee is very young and trendy. She told me she went to see


that wonderful mblgal, Wicked! I said how was it? She said Wicked!


She just kept on. Wicked! Now, I can't stop myself! Here they are in


training. Before the show I was feeling very


nervous and my legs like jelly. came out and it was full on. Calm


down, dear! I think that I do get excited and it make most me lose


control. So I do agree. I put my all into it, so I felt on a high


after. This week it is Broadway Week, so we are doing the ch-cha.


My gran loves the show and loves Pasha, so I thought I would invite


her to training. I do quite like him. 7 I'm going


for it. It was great to find out that her grandmother loves to dance.


Now I need to keep up with the grandmothers! She is better than me.


I have never, ever not once seen my gran dance properly, but she pulled


it off. She was fabulous. Now I can't wait it show her the dance on


Saturday night. You're my favourite! Dancing the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


khaHcha -cha it is Chelsee Healey What happened? That was wonderful!


Magnificent. There you are, Chelsee. Lovely,


darling. Look at them, they adore you, that was Wicked! I can't stop


myself! Right, Craig? Your timing, energy and spirit of that is


absolutely fantastic! However... Oh,? It is very haphazard, very hit


and miss and just too disco, sadly. She said that was OK! Len? I've


just written down you need to take more attention to the details of


the dance, but what I love, you come out and you give it some welly.


You don't mess about. You come out and go for it. Just work on some,


you know, you have a step called the Cuban greats and lovely strong


footwork and Pasha, she is fidingling about. You know what I'm


saying? Yes. Chelsee so close to being a great


cha-cha-cha, no-one can deny that you come out and sell the dance,


but the guys are right, you have to tighten up a few little things and


you are a joy to dance. I love watching you! Bruno? Chelsee focus


on the positive, the cha-cha-cha is cheeky, saucey and playful. You


have all of that, you little tease! Right, get off quick! Pasha, you


are doing a marvellous job. Up you go, there.


It was tricky! Come on, my little darling. What a night, Chelsee.


Alesha said you sold it and you are a joy to watch. Do you reckon that


your gran is proud? I hope so. Is she watching? She is there.


Pasha, you turneded in another stunning front of house performance.


What do you think of her? I think Yes! 30 out of 40. A great score.


Look at those legs going. I guess that means you're happy with that.


The phone lines are opening later, you will get to have your say


shortly. Back to you, Bruce. Finally, it is Harry Judd and his


partner, Aliona. Come on, Harry. Let's have it, Harry. Now, Harry


said to me earlier, he was dancing to a song from the musical, Grease.


I said oh, Tell Me More, Tell Me More! Yes? Right! Oh, the last one.


Here they are in training. When we came down the stairs at the


beginning of the show, I saw Tom and Dudley at the front of the


seating. I had to concentrate on Aliona and really concentrate.


You could be fantastic. If you swing the camera around that


way, you will see why it is hard for me to be interviewed.


Everyone wanted to be a T-Bird once in their life. When I was 16 I


auditioned to be a T-Bird but I didn't get that, so now is my


chance I tri that Daniel Gimeno- Traver is a big -- I think that


John Travolta is a big Strictly fan! I left Harry a note to help


him come with mow and get in character.


, "Come prepared, Aliona .". I never thought I would be doing a


jie pretending to be Danny Zuko, but I'm doing Grease and now I know


how John Travolta felt. Dancing the jive, Harry Judd and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


There they go again! Look at them. Harry, look! Did you get that after


a drum solo? Never! The last four routines have been incredible. Len,


what did you think of Harry? Larry, I'm impressed. Lovely sharp kicks


and flicks. I would have liked a little less messing about, if I'm


honest, but overall, I tell you what, I'm very impressed, and


that's your best dance. Well done. Aliona, what you are doing with


this guy is marvellous. Alesha? Yes, there was a lot of


messing about, but I liked it. Harry, it is so good to see you


letting go and having fun. When you were driving you were right on the


money. I have nothing bad it say. Now we know at that Alesha like as


bit of messing about. Bruno? All growsed up, leather


pants, rippling muscles and action- packed expressions, I almost hate


you! But... A very good performance! Thank you! Be careful


of Bruno in the bar, darling! Harry, you have finaly arrived.


What about that ?! Was that it? That's enough. From him that is


great praise. Off you go, it was wonderful. Wonderful! APPLAUSE


Well done. Harry, that was hot! Thank you.


Do you reckon you might get that part of Danny Zuko if you audition


for it now? Well, I had so much fun and that is the most important


thing to me. It is really scary, but if you can go out there and


enjoy it is the most important thing.


And do you think that the jive suited you? I hope so. I had so


much fun. I think it suited him, did you,


ladies and gentlemen? APPLAUSE We love it, Harry, the scores are


Ladies and gentlemen, the judges' 33 out of 40, happy with that? It's


a great score. What do you reckon your band mates


made of that routine? I think they are at home watching and hopefully


cheering. Maybe a Grease covering in the


future, perhaps? With me singing and dancing! Yes, do it all, Harry.


Call this number if you don't want this T-Bird to fly the nest.


What about you, guys? Do you want to be here next week? Yes! Right,


that's it. All of our couples have given everything in our Broadway


spectacular. Let's have a look the at the leaderboard. Up there in the


Remember, on of course, you can change all that and it's time to


have your say because the phone Line es close at 8.45 tonight. What


time's that everyone? Yes, quarter to nine there, you go. Voting


details can be found at www.bbc.co.uk/strictly. Behave!


Right, to help you decide, I'll look after this lot, here is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 180 seconds


reminder of the show stoppers and Wow! Wow! Thank you all. What a


show. Thank you. What a night. We have had a


Broadway smash delivered. Sadly though, the celebrity with the


lowest votes from the viewers, combined with the celebrity judges


will make the final curtain call. Pick up the phone. It could all


change. Nobody is safe. It could be you. Tess and Claudia will bid a


fond farewell to another couple tomorrow and I'll be back at 6.25


next Saturday in the ballroom. magic continues on BBC One with


It's Broadway week on Strictly Come Dancing! Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly invite you to settle in to your front row seat as the remaining 13 couples take to the stage with a musical-themed routine.

Who will get top billing, and who will be taking their last curtain call?

Voting lines open at the end of the show, and another couple will leave in Sunday's results show.

Plus, all 13 celebrities and their professional partners take part in a spectacular Broadway-style opening number which you won't want to miss.

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