Week 2 Results Strictly Come Dancing

Week 2 Results

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This is Strictly Come Dancing the results! Please welcome our


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MUSIC: "Edge Of Glory" Yes! What a storming start to our


Strictly Sundays! This is our first results show of the series, which


means our first elimination. Your votes have been counted, combined


with the judges'' scores for the last two weeks, and the couple with


the lowest score will be sadly leaving tonight. No one wants to be


the first to go, but first some people we can never get rid of,


Craig, Len, Alesha and Bruno. Looking fine and dandy, thank you,


Bruno. We will hear from them in a pit, but I'm thrilled to welcome


back my Sunday night park their in crime, it is the luscious Claudy!


Thank you, it is fantastic to be back. Coming up tonight, a


performance from the wonderful Will Young! Plus we have a brand new


feature, the Church's' legs and the rest of them will join me up here


for Sundance dissection, but first for the action but on stage and


You have the energy of a wild kitten! Fun, flirty and failures.


Everything she has got, amazing. That was the first time ever that I


have dance they foxtrot. Make the most of that meal, it could be the


last supper. It is not me, the foxtrot, this idea of doing what I


am told, every fibre of my being All they can let loose, yes!


look like you have got a groove going, you enjoyed it. Give me


positive comments for you will get Then we go that way, like that, and


then... We are not telling you! Miss Jones... I had no idea he was


such a glamour puss. I sat on John Prescott's lap, I gave him a right


smacker, he seemed happy with that. I think Craig is going to find


words to befuddle all of us. the Builder, that is what you will


like, you were swinging hair around like a bag of cement! It is a lot


of hard work for 21 points. Thanks, coach. Oh, my goodness! Mirror,


mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? The what an


improvement on last week, well done. They were being gentle. It is not


You flew through his legs, then he flew through yours, he was like a


mechanic checking for an oil leak. Please just let go, do not be


afraid. I didn't even break my neck! It was like the rat caught on


a sticky strip. By was throwing around my hits as much as I can,


You little beauty! That was showbiz Well done! Oh, my God. I am still


shaking. Excited... Nervous... All those things. A tropical cocktail


full of flavour and spice! picked it up straight away, that is


all that matters. The art was so much fun, I don't care about the


mistakes. It was like Bonnie Langford being chased by a barking


Dalmatian, actually. I am not sure I resemble a Dalmatian. Fund and


enter tournaments and enjoying themselves, that is what we got. --


fun and entertainment. Just channelling my energy into positive


thoughts. It was a very seductive foxtrot, and you completely seduced


me, it was wonderful. Now, can you be top of the leaderboard two weeks


I cannot work out if you were trying to be funny, or is it just


was funny. I have never been so Absolutely no idea where you were!


You were great, I thought you did Harry, you can dance. It is really


hard at there, I know I can do it 10 times better. Let's be honest,


you are one of the best dancers in this competition that we have seen


You put the boy in a flamboyant, it was really fun. Dancing Queen, you


were tonight, definitely. I love the music, I love the rhythm, I


love the audience, I love life. Talk about finishing the show on a


high, I thank you for it, I What a night! All our 14 stars


David Astle at four, but for one couple that best just was not


enough. -- couples gave it their In no particular order, the first


couple safely through to next week Surviving another we can't... --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 161 seconds


another week are... Lulu and Back on the dancefloor next


Now, finding themselves in the bottom two tonight and in danger of


Orderly and Natalie. The rest of you will discover your fate a


So, Alesha, they find themselves and the bottom two, what are your


thoughts? I think it is really disappointing, actually. He was not


the worst dancer we saw last night, he improved, he came out, he tried


so hard, and that is always endear him, so it is a shame. He brought


the party. He was not the worst dancer, so I do not think he


deserves to be in the Barton two. - - bottom. He is not out yet. Bruno,


Alex is safely through. You're all said there had been a huge


improvement since last week. stunning. How does she keep that


up? She has to keep refining and polishing her performance. This was


a ballroom dance, she has the safety of the part not all the way


through, so she has to keep the confidence, and when she comes back


doing Latin, retain that kind of energy and self-confidence. The


talent is there, and she looked absolutely stunning last night,


stunning. Keep the confidence, thank you very much. Over to you,


Claudia. I have six very relieved couples here, all safely through to


next week. I would like to have a little chat with you. You clever


human! Are you happy? The doors all down to the choreography, to be


fair, with the umbrella. And you hated the umbrella. You would just


go out and say, let it have played havoc with my hair! You did


absolutely brilliantly. It is worth saying to you, Alex, I think you


might be the most nervous person I have ever met. May and Robbie


together. You are terrified, but you must be so relieved.


estranged, because we do a live show every night, but this is a


whole new ball-game. -- it is really strange. You are doing


something you have never done before, and you only get one go.


You do not even know if your legs are going to work, let alone


anything else. I loved your face when she said your name, you went,


what, is that my name? I am not sure! How shocked are you? We were


third from the bottom, nothing is a given, who knows? I just thought, I


could be home next week watching everybody. We have a treat now, get


ready, he is one of Britain's best loved singers. He has sold over 8


million albums worldwide, and here he is performing his brand new


# Walk away. # That's what you do.


# And it looks like I'm. # Somebody you once knew.


# You're caught in a corner. # With nowhere to hide your eyes.


# Do you think you want to? # Say goodbye.


# Hey. Always the last to say. # Everything makes you feel like a


walking away. # Come on, come on, come on, come


# Hey, always the last to say. # Everything makes you feel like a


walking away. # Come on, come on, come on, come


# There's a bit of me. # That will always be with you.


# And something tells me. # This is long overdue.


# Hey, always the last to say. # Everything makes you feel like a


walking away. # Come on, come on, come on, come


# Hey, always the last to say. # Everything makes you feel like a


walking away. # Come on, come on, come on, come


# Come on, come on, come on, come # Come on, come on, come on.


# Come on, come on, come on, come # Like a dream.


# The sky is falling. # Is it you who's talking?


# Can I take these words away? # Hey.


# Hey, always the last to say. # Everything makes you feel like a


walking away. # Come on, come on, come on, come


# Like a dream. # The sky is falling.


# Is it you who's talking? # Can I take these words away?


# Like a dream. # The sky is falling.


# Is it you who's talking? Absolutely brilliant.


The judges have been released from their desk to join me up here.


You have got legs. Yes, fully functional. We should say, there is


up at the member of the group. Who is it? Prick Up Your ears, it is


Len's Lens. That's lovely. Every move they make, every step they


take, en brie rule they break, we will be watching them. They won't


get away with anything. We can talk about details. You want to


specifically mention Nancy and Anton. This is them through Len's


Lens. Talk me through it. Look out. I didn't want it in a slow-motion.


I wanted speeded up, it went wrong. This is where the heartache began.


It was as though they were doing two separate dances. A sell sign


and a Foxtrot. It all went pear- shaped. -- a Salsa. We have a clip


of Nancy backstage. They are completely wrong. Completely wrong,


yes. Completely wrong, boys and girls? She is at crazier than I am!


I think this was pretty unanimous. I have never scored lower than


Craig. You were very harsh. You want to talk about Chelsee. Yes,


eat your heart out, Beyonce. Look at her. It takes a lot of


confidence to do that. For Pasha to let us start a routine night that


on her own is fantastic. Down she does. Polishing the floor. There


are some things you can't teach. She is dancing with her heart and


soul. Great energy. Fantastic. Craig, you were very harsh with the


Robbie in week one, and then you said he was brilliant. He's having


the time of his life. I didn't go that far, actually. It's a vast


improvement on last week, definitely, and he was dancing in


that time with panache, style, and he copes with the umbrella very


very well. A very difficult thing to do with and I thought he did


spectacularly well. Bruno, you want to talk about a metre. -- Anita.


She got her knickers and a twist but she never really dropped her


performance. She covered it other beautifully and carried on like a


true professional. Look at her face. She's having a great time. That's


what you have to do. Are some things can go wrong but it can't


stop you carrying on of. Yes. That's hard. It's very difficult to


put up most people collapse and then can't keep it up. They go into


a terrible mess but she carried on. She is a performer. When things go


wrong, you just get on with it, cover them up and do the best you


can have. Thank you. This is for Russell Grant. He is so happy. Look


It is ecstasy, he's hires a kite. - - he is as high as a kite. Go on,


Russell! He is a beauty. You scored him well for the entertainment


factor. He was fun, entertaining, he came out and danced with gusto.


You have to respond to the audience, as well. We do it for the public.


The audience were on their feet to. He must have done something right.


Thank you very much, judges. Now, next week is Broadway Week where


our couples must embrace the world of musical theatre. And auditions


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 161 seconds


I always preferred Phillip I am not practically perfect in


There is still hope. I want to make you popular. I'm going to be


popular! That green no one has really nailed her character. --


The boy on the left has got no control over his feet. Lovely hair,


So ungrateful. Where was your motivation? I couldn't see where I


was going, could die? Don't call us, That is absolutely brilliant.


Broadway is made for you. It it's going to be a lot of fun. Can you


give us a clue? A bit of a tango experience. OK, brilliant. So it's


Broadway next for these six couples, but what about the rest? Back to


you, Tess. Thanks, Claudia. Seven couples left. But who is safe and


In no particular order. Safely Rory and Erin. The next couple safe


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 161 seconds


Dancing again next Saturday are... Nancy and Anton and Edwina and


Vincent, One of you is safe. One of you is in the bottom two. I can


reveal that the couple in the Congratulations. You are through to


Edwina and Vincent are in danger. Are you surprised? I don't want to


see Edwina leaving in a hurry because a dance can change from


week to week. She could get a dance which suits her style and on she


goes. Poor old Edwina. Craig, next week for the first time ever, we


are going to Broadway. What are you looking forward to seeing? That's


my genre. We are looking for great storytelling, a beginning, middle


and an end. Of course, it's all character-driven. Brilliant dancing.


On top of that, have to tell a really good story. Thank you,


judges. I can't wait for Broadway. Claudia. Thanks, Tess. Tonight's


bottom two couples are with me now. You must have loved Len saying he


didn't want you to leave. I wish to give any higher marks and said it


sooner. Vincent, you said you devastated. We have so much more to


show. I'm so proud of her and she has been working hard. We have got


some great stuff coming if we stay in. Audley, have you got lots more


to give? Yes, 100% up. It has been great. It has been fun. I don't


think I deserve to be here, but, you know, it's all good. Thank you.


Sadly, we are about to say goodbye to either Audley or Edwina. Here's


how they've entertained us. I don't want to go home tonight. I've come


from California and I do wonder go back on a plane tonight. My


confidence has improved because I am training more, feeling more


confident. I'm starting to get into Strictly Come Dancing. I want the


people at home to be excited by my routines. I want the public to


support me. If I was the first to leave, I would be gutted. I feel


I've only just begun to get into it, to figure out what I'm supposed to


be doing. Since last week, I have got stronger, but I am not a


ballroom dancer, but a Latin chick. I can't wait to get back to that. I


don't want to go home because the chance to learn to dance,


especially with somebody like Vincent, it's just unbelievable,


One of you is about to leave the competition for good. It's the


Audley, Craig said you can't run it like a normal person or a boxer.


Edwina, Bruno said it was like watching a bendy bus going around


the roundabout. I can now reveal the first couple leaving a Strictly


Edwina and Vincent, please come and I'm so sorry. Nobody wanted to be


the first to go. Edwina, how do you feel saying goodbye to Vincent?


feel sorry for Vincent because he has worked very hard, been a


terrific teacher, he really has, anything we did wrong, it was


entirely my fault. No. Whoever Dances With Vincent is a very lucky


lady. I just want to say I had so much fun with the which I didn't


expect, because you wear a politician must. That's hard for me.


I thank you for that and I will always remember you. It has been a


pleasure. Off you go and prepare for your last dance. Thank you so


much. Edwina and Vincent will join Zoe on Monday's It Takes Two, 6:0pm


on BBC Two. I'll be watching. And for non-stop exclusives, news and


Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host the first results show of the series. After the judges' scores have been combined with the viewer votes, the 14 couples find out who will be back to dance another week, and who will be the first to leave the competition. Plus, the professional dancers come together for a spectacular routine, and Will Young performs his brand new single.

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