Week 2 Strictly Come Dancing

Week 2

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly host a live dance extravaganza as all 14 couples hit the floor to try and impress with either a fanciful foxtrot or a sizzling salsa.

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Last weekend, Strictly kicked off. Now were Strictly is in Business!


Everyone brought something to the party. Bottoms Up! Summer came out


of their shells. You could not be more can be if you tried. Others


were spitting feathers and won a Boreham a bird brain forgot how to


fly! Nothing to shout about. A bad case of the number twos. And worse.


But it was a truly amazing bash. Beauty, mate! Tonight, the ballroom


dancers. The competition has just got serious! It is knockout timer.


It is enough to make grown celebrities cry. Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


welcome your hosts. Bruce Forsyth. What Are you wearing? It's


embarrassing, please. Good evening ladies, gentlemen and children. And


welcome to Strictly Come Dancing. It's nice to see you...


AUDIENCE: To see you nice! And it's nice to see you, Bruce.


Are you OK? You look a bit annoyed. Well, I am a bit annoyed. The


producer came rushing up to me today and asked if I'd seen this


great show on TV. She said, "It's fantastic, Bruce. And it's set in


the time when you were a child". And I said, "Oh, you mean Downton


Abbey?" She said, "No, Planet And there was one dinosaur called


camposaurus. He had a bit of a mince. Come back over here, please.


Tonight something big is about to happen. All 14 couples dancing on


the same bumper ballroom bill. Boil? Bill. It must be a big


boiler. That's right. Last weekend, 14 dancing stars were born. But


tonight it's a fight for survival because one couple will be the


first to leave the competition. Harsh but true. Adrenaline is


coursing through their veins. And blood is pumping through their new


buff ballroom bodies. Shall we let them rip, Bruce? What was all that


about? Enough talk. It's the stars of our show! Astrologer to the


stars Russell Grant and his partner Flavia Cacace. Singing Legend Lulu


and her partner Brendan Cole. Comedian and Impressionist Rory


Bremner and his partner Erin Boag. Waterloo Road's Chelsee Healey and


her partner Pasha Kovalev. TV presenter Dan Lobb and his partner


Katya Virshilas. Actress and Pop Princess Holly Valance and her


partner Artem Chigvintsev. Olympic champion boxer Audley Harrison and


his partner Natalie Lowe. Former MP Edwina Currie and her partner


Vincent Simone. McFly's Harry Judd and his partner Aliona Vilani.


Actress Anita Dobson and her partner Robin Windsor. Premiership


football's Robbie Savage and his partner Ola Jordan. Italian siren


Nancy Dell'Olio and her partner Anton Du Beke. The One show's Alex


Jones and her partner James Jordan. And finally, stage and screen


superstar Jason Donovan and his How about that? Yes. There they all


are. I hope you've all got over Craig's comments. He upset half of


our dancers last week. Mind you, he's promised things will be


different this week. He's going to We've got at mutiny on our hands.


Last week the judges scored our celebrities, and those scores will


be carried over to tonight. Our 14 couples will perform either a


fabulous foxtrot or a sexy salsa. And then you'll have the chance to


have your say when the phone lines open at the end of the show.


celebrity with the lowest combiined points will be the first to leave


the competition. If you're a digital viewer, press the red


button for live commentary from ex Strictly champ Karen Hardy. And


joining her is last year's finalist Pamela Stephenson. Welcome back.


That's nice. But there they are. I'm a come all over the place. --


I'm looking all over the place. Whatever you are saying, I'm saying


yes. Our first couple tonight is Chelsee Healey and her partner


There she is in her pyjama bottoms. Chelsee said to me today, "If I


manage to get to the final I'm going to sing with joy". Typical


Chelsee. They only sing when they're winning. Here they are in


I was absolutely terrified. look like a princess. I don't sound


like one but I looked like one. The comments, I didn't understand.


started off like Petula Clark. don't know who she is. Turned into


Lady GaGa. I don't look nothing like Lady GaGa. The new dance is


the Salsa. It is fast, with lots of hip movement. I look after doing it.


We have only one week to get this dance ready. She could so easily


distracted. Put your telephone down. Can I go to the toilet? It's hard


for me to keep your focus. I wish I had eggs and bacon. I lose my


concentration too easily. As you can probably tell. At school, I


used to lose a dead quick. Don't confiscate my telephone. To be


honest, it's a good thing, because it makes me work harder. The that


is so much better. I'm going to concentrate on myself such and the


Dancing the salsa, Chelsee Healey MUSIC: "Higher"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


How about that? One of four. -- one before. That was great. -- one


before. Issues like a little swizzle stick. It's a good time to


welcome our singers Dave Arch and his wonderful orchestra. And of


course we have our judges. We all know that Craig is Australian. What


we all don't know is that recently As a citizen of this country may I


welcome you. And on behalf of Great Britain, I'd like to ask, any


chance we can appeal? The sorry about that, Craig. Len,


what did you make of this? They let anyone in nowadays, don't they? I


was a bit chilly around a Willie, but it warned me up a treat. What's


wrong with that? You came out and it was full on Nov. For me, your


hair was going like crazy. Your trousers were flapping about.


You've got to calm down, dear. It was too much. You've got to take


good karma. Having said that, it Now then, birthday girl, Alesha.


Fund, flirty and fearless. It's all about the personality. Let me tell


you, Chelsee, the section you did here was so impressive on your own


there. So impressive. I have to commend you for your lifts for the


sometimes you do need to watch your control. I would rather you go for


it than held back so, overall, for me, it was brilliant. You're doing


a good job. Bruno of. I love you thought you had the energy of a


wild kick them. Vivacious and wild boars have every Tom Dick and Harry


are very hot under the collar. Your timing is good. Your underarm


passes were very good. At times, you went slightly off the but for


good reasons because you put That a bit at the start, it nearly


blew his hat off. A Craig, what did you think? A bit bouncy for me.


Sadly, after a reverse lift, getting into the second one was


almost a disaster for the but you save it. I really, absolutely loved


the alternating under terms Burma. I thought it was brilliant for the


High praise. Get off quick why you Commander, Chelsee. First Micro,


what a beautiful, uplifting start to the party. Yes, that is what I


wanted. Kicking of the show, it is a lot of pressure. Did you enjoy


it? I did, I am knackered now! Elegant last week in the waltz,


sexy in the salsa, what more have you got to give us? I have got a


lot more. If we have something up our sleeves. If she allowed a


celebratory phone call home if she gets through to next week? She is


allowed one phone call? Only one. These calls are in. It is time to


29! A great score. Well done, a great start. This is the number to


note down. That is if you want to see Chelsee score next week on the


dancefloor. The phone lines to not open until late in the show. Your


vote will not count and you may still be charged. Nobody wants the


first to go, but the couple were the lowest combined points will be


leaving tomorrow night. Someone has got to go! OK, now for our next


couple, Edwina Currie and her Now, I... I told Edwina, you. She


said, was it when you spoke to the judges? No, when you flashed your


knickers, red ones, too! You came on the wrong night, John! What did


David Cameron say to expel her from the party? We will find out, here


they eye in training. Last week, I did not feel that I did Vincent and


me justice, because it was not supposed to be a comedy routine, it


was supposed to be a dance. It is a red hot curry. That is how my feet


felt by the time we had finished. The Old Cougar Got To Dance with


the toy boy! Tasting the merchandise! You ain't seen nothing


yet! It is going to be a challenge to restrain the Cougar. All yours.


It is a lovely idea, the predatory older woman during off bits of her


toyboy. I wish I was 36 again. only a baby. I want my mummy.


your money! He is too easy to flirt with. All the wrong images come in


to mind. Look closely. I dare not! She is scared of me. I will take


control of you. I am scared of what my husband will say! It will be a


challenge, but we will control you. As long as Edwina can restrain her


wild side, this foxtrot could be very beautiful. This could get his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Dancing the foxtrot, Edwina Currie Wonderful! Oh, Edwina! Romantic, it


was beautiful. That was the first time ever that I have dance Dave


Arch tart. The first time ever? Oh, and it could be your last! I did


not mean that. I just read it, I do not mean it. What did you make of


it? Well, I don't worry, I realised it was the first time you had dance


they foxtrot. Make the most of that meal, because that could be the


last supper. Oh, that is a bit strong. Too much messing about on


the table. I knew he was going to say that. I wanted more content of


the foxtrot, and unfortunately I did not get it. I thought he might


say that. She was going to pay the bill. What did you say to me?


Alesha? They are having a little chat. He said, I don't know nothing.


That is all of us! Alesha. Getting into character is brilliant, but


Len is right, it was too long getting into the dance. But when


you're dancing, it looked really nice. So you should be proud. Next


time, yes, dancing a little bit longer. Bruno. Naughty Edwina,


spending all the time playing under the table. You forgot about the


foxtrot, that is what happened. The foxtrot has to have a smooth flow.


The little there was, it was like watching a bendy bus negotiating a


tight roundabout. You could never quite getting to it. It is true!


You have to put a little bit more dancing into your dance show!


the first time ever, I would like to see some of you for the first


time doing a foxtrot, and she was wearing Tory blue. Grey. Well, when


you finally got into it, you're very hunched in your shoulder, your


balance was questionable. If you are brave enough to put that leg in


the air, make sure you are pounding the foot at least. The one, point.


That is it. Not enough Fox. We all loved it, didn't we? We all loved


it! Our crew go, it was marvellous. Come on, Edwina. Give us a roar.


think you should have this. Show them what you are made of. Too much


messing about, Len said. You used to be a politician, you're not


going to let him have the last word. I would have said, you really ought


to think about supporting the people who do all the hard work,


especially Vincent. I tell you, doing the foxtrot for the first


time is just an amazing, terrifying experience. She is living every


woman's dream. I think so! Oh, yes! Have a look at this. She is not


disagreeing, is she? Wait until you see what we can do next time.


Exactly. She teases us, the scores Same as last week. Same as last


19 out of 40, an improvement on last week, that is what it is all


about. Out of interest, Edwina, what would you have for dessert at


the Italian restaurant? I would have been sent! What woman


wouldn't? This is the number to call when the phone lines open.


That is if you would like another helping of Edwina Currie next


Saturday and you want to see her back in the ballroom. Over to you,


Bruce. Our third couple is Audley Harrison and his partner Natalie


I found out... I found out that Wardley has an 86 inch reach, that


is from one fist to the other, 86 inches. I wanted to find out just


in case I made a mistake and caught him Audrey. Here they hark, that


could have been nasty, here they Last week, Audley took it on the


chin. Hands, hands, hands! Flat- footed. The left the judges to


fight it out. When you walk by, Punch Craig, would you? I should


have! I look at Craig Revel Horwood like a pantomime villain. With


constructive criticism, I will knuckle down this week. I will give


you a Pass this week, but if you don't like me next week, this left


hook is coming for you. Oh, my God, Michael Jackson! I am really


excited for the salsa, it will be a I am trying to get into it, what


you want from me?! I have flat and lazy feet. In boxing, to have


placement with your feet? course! Natalie has forced me to


get my feet working. That is the only sure you could find in my size,


clown shoes? I wanted to find out what it was like to have a size 17


shoe. I am not dancing with the windows. I thought I would try and


see what it was like! I cannot take you seriously! Craig Revel Horwood,


you are going to be surprised this Dancing the salsa, Audley Harrison


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


MUSIC: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get How about that? Audley, I have seen


a few boxes in America, but you are the best we have ever had, I tell


you that. You really are. You have a rhythm about you. Alesha. You lit


up the room and put a smile on everybody's face. You tried so hard


and you did your best. Of course, lots of improvement but you on the


right track. You are enjoying it. And I enjoyed it. Bruno. He cannot


lose. You can't do it. The thing is, it was more like disco night down


the local pub. The cell set is a different, you lost the Sile --


style of the Salsa. There are certain things like the hip action,


the smooth movement of the arms of. But the energy was great and it's


All right. I think we know what you mean. Craig. Very flat footed but


I'm not surprised with those size feet. All for coming down the


stairs. When you run it in a dance routine, you can't run it like a


Norman person. -- like a normal person. Very plodding. They are two


good they must put up this is only so you don't punch me on your exit.


You look like you have got a group going, which is fantastic. And a


bit of hip rotation, which we like. Len? When I heard the song, I


thought, I would have another this up about five seconds but no, I'm a


saying no, it is easy for a bigger man to look clumsy, but you didn't.


It was nicely placed. Everything was orderly, Audley, and for a


bigger man, you did a good job. wasn't hunched up like a boxer.


Wonderful posture. I wish I had posture like that. Well done.


They were on their feet appear for you, and that was all some. You


brought the ball and fight right here. I had to go for it. I gave it


my best shot. It was great. Great fun. It look like you are loving


every moment. Audley, how much do you want your size 17s on the floor


next week? A Yes, I really do. judges scores are in. Let's have a


look. The judges have their scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Len Goodman.


23. Is it Craig going to get that left hook? He gave me to good


comments. He's off the hook. That's a relief. Call 09015 22 20 07 when


lines open later if you think Audley is a force to be reckoned


with and you want to see him dancing next week. Remember, one


celebrity must leave the competition, which means the


pressure to perform is huge. The judges' scores are only half the


story. Your votes can help save your favourite couple. Back to you,


Bruce. Sorry, right. Now for our next couple, Alex Jones and her


Last week, they performed a chat chat chat. This week it's the


Before last week, when I stood on the actual studio floor, I felt


paralysed with fear, and then, of course, it was a lamb to the


slaughterhouse. Very starchy, very stiff, and lacked any excitement.


They were not great. Alesha encouraged us to go forward in the


competition. You're a sexy woman. Next three, go for it. There's only


one way to go and that's upwards, hopefully. The Foxtrot is the most


technically demanding of all the ballroom dances. I keep going right.


I go left. I have a problem with left and right. Left leg. Right.


Today, he has brought in some props. How can I be elegant Indies?


don't know but it will be funny. They are weighing me down.


should try dancing with you. Which way? Let's go to. Right.


slightly irritating at the while -- after a while. Shouldn't have to


think what armour to move. I did it Dancing the foxtrot, Alex Jones and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


What are you doing over there? Well done. Very good. Lovely. Can you


dance, Miss Jones? You certainly can. Lovely. Bruno. Oh, Miss Jones!


I had no idea you were such a glamour puss. Equal part


sophistication, sex-appeal, elegance, great flow like a young


Joan Collins. You lost your frame a couple of times, otherwise, I was


pleasantly surprised. There we are. Ballroom are definitely suits you


You do go a little bit wobbly sometimes. You get willowy in your


body and have to firm up a bit. The key to this competition is to


improve each week and that is what you have done. You are much better


than last week. Yes, OK. Alesha? was understated and charming. Alex,


you can dance, you have just got to believe it. Yes, you are a dancer,


He yes! Electrifying, Miss Jones! New


training methods there. It worked. There's a long way to go. I know my


left and right. Did she get off on the right foot James?! Finding it


nerve-racking. Everyone is finding it nerve-racking. I could tell she


was nervous. John Nott was ready for a kiss. -- John was ready


I was lucky to pick two good ones in the audience. The judges have


their scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Len Goodman. Alesha Dixon. Bruno


Very happy with those? Very happy. Call 09015 22 20 13 if Alex was


your Welsh ONE-der. And you want to see her cutting it on the


dancefloor next Saturday. You would like that, wouldn't you, Alex?


would love it. Remember lines aren't open yet though. Back to you,


Bruce. Next up is Dan Lobb and his Last week he made quite a good job


of his ballroom but how we cope with his first Latin dance? Here


Firstly, he did an amazing job. found the judges' comments are


confusing. Craig battled me -- baffled me. But it did feel as if


I'd worked really hard on my transitions. Can I give you some


criticism? No. He's a sensitive soul. Should she be more


understanding? Yes. I used to be a tennis coach. Show me your forehand.


What is that? These are two different things. We have a lot of


different works to do. Different Welcome to my world. Have you heard


of Tim Henman? No. I beat him. That's not the correct footwear for


tennis. Well done, super. Can you see the positive reinforcement I'm


giving you. I'm good! But the best one yet. Tennis or dancing? Dancing.


Dancing the salsa, Dan Lobb and MUSIC: "Upside Down"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Lovely, well done, Dan Lobb! Really great, I loved the tennis pit as


well. Start as off. Thank you so much of the hand spring and the


smile, darling, that was nice to save. The rest of it, unfortunately,


was not good. That round and round step, I would cut that, that was


just horrific. That was his favourite, he was so proud of it!


Was he? He was so proud! attractive, sadly, some of it,


especially getting in and out of the lists. Len. Well, for a nice


change, I cannot quite agree with cougar over most of that. He is


correct that the Doe's Kido was a little bit... But having said that,


at is that the word for it? All the staff, the bottom line is this for


you, I reckon this is the one dance that is going to least suit you,


and if that is going to be your worst dance, you have got a long


way to go. All right, lovely! Now then, Alesha. I do not think my mum


would think that was an attractive. I really wanted to be great,


because you have got the goods, the lists were great, the flare at the


beginning was really brave. Wasn't it? Latin may not be your strongest,


you may be stronger in ballroom, but you have that somewhere to


start. If that is your worst one, you have got somewhere to go.


missed the rehearsal, but you nailed it there, a true performer.


Bruno. Dan Lobb, it rhymes with Bob the Builder, that is what you were


like. You were swinging hair like a bag of cement! It was lumbering and


heavy. Salsa is smooth and flowing. Good effort, but not a good result.


Don't worry about that, you do not look worried. No. There are one,


off you go, be proud, it was Come on! It is Dan Lobb the


builder! Did you enjoy these somersaults? Yeah, we landed them,


that was enjoyable, but the most important thing is that neither of


us need hospital treatment, and as far as I'm concerned that is a


resounding success. I am very proud of you. Did you enjoy the freedom


of the Latin more than the ballroom? I did, yeah, that was


quite nice. Disappointing that they thought it was our worst dance. Oh,


that is a positive, sorry, I was confused by the judges again!


Backhanded compliments, tennis 21, four from Craig. Can I go and


sit down? You can in a moment, this is the number to call at the end of


the show if he wanted to be a case of Play It Again Dannah next week.


Still to come tonight, Oglaigh na Our next couple tonight is Lulu and


Now, Lulu is one of those performers who is so successful at


singing and so popular with the public that they becomes superstars


and unknown by just one name. She is up there with the likes of Kylie,


Don't be like that! I will clear the space, sarcasm. Here they are


Last week's show was a reality check. Len's words run through my


ears. You cannot go wrong, that is the first word of. I have got to


nail the steps. You are a great performer. I do not want to hear


that a great performer, I am a dancer. My brain cannot take it.


is a lot to learn, the foxtrot. feels very weird. It is going to be


a tough week. There has got to be a breakthrough in How I learned. I


have to write and go over it like a mad thing. And a desperate woman, I


will be trying everything. Obviously, with Lulu forgetting


most of the routine last week, I had to come up with a bit of a


solution. Brain food! And what you're going to enjoy is some


lovely berries, but you might not enjoy the Brussels sprouts. Would


you least going to enjoy... Me and my friend Ted. You took too long.


Nice, that is looking more like a foxtrot. I do think that I have


made progress. Are you getting the feel of it? A bit more. I think it


is working. You just did the whole thing on your own. I might not have


a down completely, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Dancing the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Lovely, Lola! Great job. Brendan is pleased with you, and I am. That


was so good, it really was. Len. Last week he went to pieces, but


this week you have got through the routine. That is the start. Now you


have to work on the Polish, you have got to work on your feet, they


need more conviction, your posture needs to be stronger. But what an


improvement on last week, a great improvement! So pleased. Alesha.


Yes, so much better than last week, you looked much more focused and in


control. It was very atmospheric, and I thought you would not make it


through without singing, you cannot help it! But it was lovely. Yes,


well done. Now then, Bruno! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the


prettiest of them all? Star! you were tonight, because you


played it with the emotional fragility of a teenager in love


whose heart is about to be broken, and you were on it all the way


through. Len is right, it needs polishing, but you can dance if you


want to. That is it. Now then... Craig. I felt like you were trying


to keep up with Brendan, and you ended up chasing in a little bit


through the dance. Also, you were looking into his chest a lot of the


time. You need to make a decision, either left or right. But lovely


pivots, a really gorgeous standing spin. You are still my favourite!


Off you go, the pair of you, be Nice one, Brendan, well deserved.


You remember it all the steps, how relieved are you? We are so happy


for you! I know you are. Don't call it a comeback! Wardley is saying do


not call it a comeback. Great storytelling, quite right.


Seriously, though, how have you found this? Tougher than you


imagined? Oh, believe me! I thought it would be difficult, but not this


difficult, and I think my nerves kick in this week. Last week I was


trigger-happy, and I screwed it all up, but, yeah, much more difficult.


Are you kidding?! You do not know until you come near. The scores are


Eddie five out of 40, well done! Do not be shy, says Brendan. We have


still got plenty more action to come. Bruce. Next tonight is Holly


Valance and Ed Parker Artem Chigvintsev. -- her partner. Last


week, highly finished near the top of the leaderboard with their cha-


cha-cha, but how will she affair with the salsa? Here they are in


Last week, I was the first to perform, and to be honest I look


like a fold the Thursday it looked out to walk. It is not the best


first as I have seen. I thought it was going horribly wrong, he did a


little reversal on me. I tell you what, it was close, well done.


makes you feel good, it makes you want to keep trying and do better.


I am happy with this. He is never happy! I really want to impress the


judges, but I'm not grasping the salsa as quick as I thought I would.


It feels so wrong. It is all about performing the dance, selling it to


the crowd. You need to go for it, give it 100%? She feels a bit funny


to try to be sexy. I do not feel sexy at all! Can you just keep


dancing and looking at me? She really finds that hard. I might not


look at you, but I might look here. It is quite upsetting and


depressing sometimes. What is wrong with his face? Because she is an


actress, she has to act it out sexy. I will be selling overpriced


tickets. It has to look like our little party on the dance floor, so


I really need to go for it and Saturday night. Dancing the salsa,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Be happy! That was lovely. It was really good. Really good. Alesha.


Please don't question whether you are sexy or not. You are a goddess.


You move so well. Everything is well placed, graceful with sexiness.


Please just let go. Don't be afraid of. You have got it in there. You


are still questioning yourself and you could be amazing. That was


brilliant. Yes, amazing. Bruno. are a stunner with a capital S. You


have a top-of-the-range equipment. But you have a few gremlins in they


you need to tune out. It's like a Formula car. You need a few laps to


get going. You have got plenty of mileage in front of you. Q It Up


Baby, because you have got it! Words of wisdom they have. Craig?


Some timing issues there. The limbo straddle you did, you could have


gone further with that idea. Greater hip rotation, though. Great


you're putting those ahead of reps in it, what was good. The routine


was great. And Len? My overriding criticism is that you wanted to go


faster pulls up it's like pulling off a plaster, and you wanted to


pull it off and you kept losing your timing. You flew through


Artem's legs once and then twice balls-up it's like you're checking


for an oil leak! Apart from that, I thought it was great. Oh, Len.


Looking for an oil leak. Thank you, Yes! Salsa suits you. Frankly, all


of it does. Holly, you went for it. It was more fun this week,


definitely. Holly, you're a laidback Australian. Artem is a


steely Russian. How is this working out so well? I do what I'm told and


then it works. He has got the right attitude. Bitten by the ballroom


bug? Definitely. The judges scores are in. Craig Revel Horwood. Len


Goodman. Alesha Dixon. Bruno That says strong score. -- that is


a strong score. Call 09015 22 20 06 if you don't want Holly to be given


the Kiss Kiss off from the competition. Don't underestimate


how much these stars need your vote. Without you they won't be back here


next week. And at bbc.co.uk/strictly you can log on


for all the latest backstage ballroom. Back to you, Bruce.


for our next couple, Rory Bremner Rory asked me earlier who my


favourite impressionists were. I said, "Monet and Renoir".


I will wait! A little high-brow joke to bring some culture to the


show. And it does needed, at times! Nice to see you, to see you nous.


Imitation is definitely the best firm of flattery. That was a first-


class impression of their walls. Your bottom sticks out a bit but


for the first week, that was fantastic. Oh, yes. He was


absolutely right so you take those things on board and you think about


what they are saying and you change it for next time. To be in the show


and get through the dance, it was a 1234567. This week we are dancing


of the hokey pokey? No, the Salsa. I'm not very sexy, I don't think.


The sell side is not a natural dancer to somebody who comes from


Edinburgh. -- the Salsa. We are more used to the Gay Gordons.


best thing about Rory, he can change character any time he likes.


I found out that Erin has a soft spot for Sean Connery. Beautiful.


And tonight, dancing the Salsa, Erin and Sean Connery! Dancing the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


MUSIC: "Vehicle" Well done, Rory. Well done, made


Was fantastic. I loved it that little step you did. There you are.


Stop laughing at yourself, Bruno. You were roaring into action, are


full throttle attack, full of energy, yes, but you went wrong.


Yes, you did. Sometimes, when you push it too much, you lose the


floor and the cells faster have the flow. -- Salsa class to have the


flow. You have got to keep it going. Now he's got it! But your first


lesson from Bruno. Craig? Like a The way too heavily on the floor.


No movement or through any of the steps. I was slightly nervous every


step you took. It did not make it feel comfortable at all for the I'm


glad it made you feel uncomfortable. You know how I feel now sitting


next to you every week! Rory, using exactly what I think about this


danceable the it's not a natural dancer or an English man, in his


fifties, it's not. We flaunt a lot wobbly bits in front of the public.


However, you came out, with high energy, and you gave it a go, and


that's what you have got to do. gave it a go, that's it up. Alesha?


You were a straight in, lots of personality. For me, you need to


loosen up a bit and don't be afraid Up I thought it was a big


improvement. Didn't you? Thank you, Rory and Erin. Off you


go. Come on. Come on. Show us your salsa shimmy again. Well, yes!


got up from the props department. I enjoyed it. I was nervous. If you


want to know why they should teach Latin in schools, ask Erin for fob


what a fantastic teacher. The best Latin teacher I've ever met.


We will take that. I think Sean Connery did too proud in its ulcer.


There's always next week. -- I think Sean Connery did you proud in


that Salsa. Call 09015 22 20 03 when lines open if you want to see


Rory make more of an impression on next week. Please don't call until


we let you know that the lines are open. If you do, your vote won't


count and you may be charged. Back to you, Bruce. Our next couple is


Robbie Savage and his partner Ola Jordan. Robbie asked me if he could


bring his family down to watch the show one week. I said, "Of course.


Bring them all. I've been doing this show for eight years. I'm used


to an audience full of Savages". Last week Robbie Savage took on the


biggest game of his life. I gave it everything. It was very Abercrombie


and Fitch, I'm afraid, darling. Absolutely no dancing whatsoever.


got annihilated. It was hard to swallow. Two. To get a two, I felt


worthless. He took it hard, the judge's comments, and he has got to


man up. I'm going to get into tough on Apple. I'm going to punch him in


the stomach and kick his butt. got an umbrella this week and I'm


really struggling. It only takes practice. Let's throw it away.


If it means we have to do it 100 times, we will. I need hard work


and I will push him as much as I can. Turn around and do what I ask.


I can't do it. I never want to see an umbrella ever again in my life.


I'm going to show Craig I am worth Dancing the foxtrot, Robbie Savage


MUSIC: "Ain't That A Kick In The Head"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Robbie Savage, what about that?! Look at this, Robbie! Look at that,


look at them standing up! Look at this! Wonderful! Ola, well done,


absolutely, that was fantastic. Len! Few little beauty! Oh, yes,


number two, give that a two! Listen, the more you give, the more marks


you get, and you are giving plenty, and you are going to get plenty!


Well done, Robbie, well done indeed. Ola. It is really good to see his


smiling and enjoying yourself, that opening sequence was really good,


you were light-footed, charming, right back on track, just keep


going, Robbie. Bruno. Robbie Savage has gone to Hollywood! Hang


glistening in the light like spun gold, teeth like piano keys!


Confident, debonair! What a transformation! Yes, it was a


transformation. And we don't care what Craig says, do we?! Head


placement needs sorting out. It does, but I have got to say that


was showbiz and showmanship, and I loved it! Yes! There you mark, well


done. Keep it up, you are a great Yes! Robbie is back! Robbie!


Robbie! He shoots, he scores, they are on their feet in the studio and


up here. How did that feel? Amazing! Didn't it? I used


features? Yes, I am. For a man who has only ever dance at his own


wedding, his takes a lot of guts. Three weeks ago I had never danced,


my wedding, that was it. absolute beginner. The scores are


Yes! How about that? 29 out of 40. They are going mad in the studio


audience! Happy with that? Call this number later in the show if


you want Robbie to get stuck in again next Saturday. Still to come,


Harry and Jason's foxtrots, plus Nancy and Russell's salsa! Are you


ready for that? After last week, I think we might be in for a treat.


Over to you, Bruce. Craig gave him seven, go and have a lie down! Our


next couple is Anita Dobson and her partner Robin Windsor. Now then,


Anita was telling me that her husband, Brian May, and by the way,


he is here, how are you? I have always been a fan! He is the famous


musician from the group Queen, and he has agreed to re record one of


his hits in support of all the ladies on this show. Isn't that


nice? I just hope it is We Are The Champions and not Fat Bottomed


Girls. They would be furious! All right, here they are in training. I


It was a fantastic evening. It just seemed slightly dreamlike, that was


made dancing this wonderful dance. I was kind of almost not ready to


take in the Commons, because you are slightly zapped at the end of


the first dance. Elegant, poised, beautifully acted. Boy, oh boy,


that was incredible! I want to do it again, I want to do more. I


cannot wait to learn some more, it This week we are dancing the salsa.


It is kind of mad and natty and slightly insane. I'm going to have


to get Anita to bring out her saucy side, because it is a very sexy


dance. Well, he has said that in order to make me even more at home


with the kind of movements, he wants to vocalise the whole dance.


Whatever makes it work, if that is what he wants me to do, I will do


it. Anita looks at me like I am absolutely crazy, but hopefully


these will make sense to her. much better when you do the noises!


I respond to his voice, if he makes a noise, I understand what that


does. Silently, my body is asking the question, her body is giving


the answer. It is cool, isn't it? Dancing the salsa, Anita Dobson and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


How about that?! Anita Dobson, I tell you! That was wonderful. Why


didn't you ever do that in the Queen Victoria? Nobody would let


me! Not without a drink, anyway. Anyway, Len, start as off. Were, I


don't anyone saying he has got double standards, and I know there


were one or two incidents when there was a faux pas, but having


said that, I thought it was fantastic. It was fun, fun, fun.


Alesha, Maya love. He put us all in the mood for cocktails! That was so


much fun, I don't care about the mistake, that was brilliant, Anita.


It was a tropical cocktail follow flavour and spice that raises the


heat, so much so that he went on the wrong foot a couple of times,


but who cares? We had so much fun with it, and that is what sulci is


all about. I love the bump and grind you gave to Craig. You should


have seen his face. I thought it was like Bonnie Langford being


chased by parking Dalmatian. think that is probably good thing,


actually! Unintentional break for the worst in there, sadly, on the


wrong foot, but I thought you dance it brilliantly. A happy ending,


Yes, Anita, you have got that Strictly smile, that party spirit.


Has it surprise you, how much you have taken to this ballroom lark?


Yes, it has, I love it to bits! can tell. Next week is a Broadway


special on Strictly, or your stage experience, you will be chomping on


the bit to get there. I do not know about jumping, but we will say!


bit of Broadway action? The scores 28 out of 40, the smile is back,


well done. This is the number to call later if you want Anita back,


smiling and starring in our Broadway special next week.


Remember, all our celebrities need your votes to save them from


elimination. Tonight we have still got all this to come. Fancy seeing


Wright, time now for our next couple, Jason Donovan and his


partner Kristina Rihanoff. Wonderful! Now, Jason could not


have got off till a better start than last week, amazing, but can he


keep the standard up? That is the Jason's debut performance storms to


the top of the charts. Now Strictly is in business! Kate even left


Craig a bit sticky. interpretation of the Australian


colloquialisms was not bad at all. A full house, 8! It was one of


those great moments in my career, a special moment. The hips do not


live. Last Saturday was the first time in four years. That is your


elbow leading you. I am going to work Jason really hard this week to


get that again. Sue has asked me to come here for training, apparently


it is all about getting into Put your hat on and start getting


I think Jason got a little bit of a shock when he saw me coming through


When I came in here today, I felt like I was in a Hollywood movie


from 1942. Let's hope we can do as well as we did last week. Smooth,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Dancing the foxtrot, Jason Donovan Hit looked as though he turned it


up! Come over here. Can he keep the standard that? I tell you, that was


marvellous, it was a little bit of Hollywood there. Alesha. Jason, you


are a real showman, UN character even before the music started. You


commit 100% to your performance, you moved brilliantly around the


floor, you mirror each other brilliantly, and it was a very


seductive foxtrot, and you completely seduced May, it was


wonderful. Behave yourself! In a very nice clean away. Bruno. Jason,


she is not bad, she has just drawn that way. That was so LA


Confidential, the fan fatale seducing the good guy, playing with


him, toying with him and disposing of them. But you are just acting,


this is a piece of acting that you do. It is absolutely great to see,


I love it. Wonderful story. OK, now then, Craig. Your head position


needs attention, especially in the standing spin, it is just a stiff,


but magnificent routine, Class C, stylish. Then, to agree about the


head position? Yes, his head could be to the left a bit more, but it


is not in my nature to be nasty. It was full of flair and personality,


that is what I have got to say, the footwork was mostly good. Now, can


you be top of the leaderboard two weeks running? I think so. Here we


go, off you go, be proud, it was A standing ovation. Come on up here.


How was that? Well, it's tougher the second week around. The Foxtrot


is such a concentrated effort. I think there is more personality


last week. I'm happy with that. What do your children think? They


will be waiting on the footpath for me tonight. As they did last week.


They are waiting for you to come home. Very happy to go to school on


Monday morning with their heads held high a. Embarrassing dad


scenario for the The judges scores are in. The judges have their


scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Len Goodman. Alesha Dixon. Bruno


33 out of 40. The top score of the night. Now we are firing. Call


09015 22 20 14, when phone lines open later in the show if you want


Jason to give it some Ballroom Bonza next week. Loads more to look


forward to tonight. Harry's Foxy Foxtrot and Russell's one-of-a-kind


We are ready. Feeling hot, hot, hot? Bruce? What about you? Don't


mind me. La cucaracha, la cucaracha! I want high marks! But,


you guessed it. Next up is Nancy Dell'Olio and her partner Anton Du


APPLAUSE No, it wasn't Nancy and Anton feather snake wrestling.


It was a mess. Nancy asked me to look after this for her. I said,


"Why?" She said, "It might come in handy when I strangle Craig". A


sorry, Nancy. Oh, that tickles! Lastly, disaster for Nancy when she


found she had unwanted comedy on the dance floor. We had the feather


boa constrictor, as it's now known. -- keep going. It's going well.


word of advice, darling, forget props altogether. Don't come up,


stay there. We are dancing the You are teaching the the language


of Italian. Hell of a teacher, you are. He is not yet good at Italian.


Why are you laughing at my Italian? I think we should pointed at Len to


entice him to give you better marks. I'm going to try with all of them.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Dancing the salsa, Nancy Dell'Olio Oh, come here, my lovely. Nancy.


How are you feeling? Are you all right? What do you mean is she OK?


It's like trying to wrestle a tiger out there. You always complain.


Tell him what you are feeling. It's so difficult. Nancy, champagne,


champagne today. You look like you added two gallons! You had no idea


of where you were. But what grates guile -- but with great style and


glamour. It doesn't matter for I think you broke the record for how


many times a person has gone wrong in this competition. But you did it


beautifully, with style. Yes, style and grace. At Craig. A frenetic


sort of springs to mind, darling. Frantic, frenzied. Any of those F-


words, really. Be careful, Craig. You've only just got your


citizenship, remember that. OK, Len, come in a quick. You've made him


laugh. Be careful. Don't worry, Bruce. The most exciting part was


when I took a crafty glance up your dress. You are a game a girl


because they are a few incidents out there but you ploughed on it


and you kept going, and well done for that. Exactly, you should be


very proud of that. I'm a bit confused as I can't work out


whether you were trying to be funny or whether it was just funny.


never been so insulted in my life! If it was trying to be funny, then


that's different. I'm speechless, sorry. Don't say anything else.


do you feel? I feel fine of. It is not fantastic on my leg but I think


I did it. We all appreciated it. Thank you, Nancy and Anton. Off you


Nancy, we love you. She just said to be on the stairs, what did I do


wrong? Were you trying to be funny? Of curse we were trying to be funny.


That's exactly how we choreographed it. The judges scores are in.


judges have their scores. Craig Revel Horwood. Len Goodman. Alesha


Ups, 14. Two from Alesha, uncharacteristically harsh. I can't


believe Len gave it gorgeous Nancy five, and it looked up her skirt.


If God we worth at least seven. She looks lovely. Call 09015 22 20 12


at the end of the show if you think that the Italian siren should be


voted into next week. The lines are opening at the end of the show,


which means you'll get to have your say. Bruce. Next up it's Harry Judd


A couple of the boys from the ban by here. -- band are here. As you


know, Harry is in the boyband McFly. And he thinks I don't appreciate


young people's music. I said, "I'll have you know I'm a huge fan of


young men who play together in a band". He said, "Really, who's your


favourite?" I said, "The Coldstream Guards". Come on, that was better


than that. You are getting tired! It was better than that. Here they


Harry got the show of to a flying start. It was a very fit


performance. A make my day, Harry. A bit mechanical. I tell you what,


very good, you are, I tell you. was very pleased with my scores.


There's plenty of room for Today I was rudely interrupted by


three young men, my band mates. have come to see him rehearse of


the Foxtrot. It was great to see them for that I've spent more time


with them than anyone on this planet. It was very enjoyable


watching them taking a grilling from Aliona. Something I have been


doing for pushing three weeks now. Lead me. Be a man! I have got lots


of admiration for Harry. That was useless. Harry is good at most


things and I would not be surprised if he won. I'm rooting for Jason


Donovan. I would like to see Holly Valance go all the way. The guys


will be my toughest critics. If I can do it in front of them, I will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Dancing the foxtrot, Harry Judd and Look at this, Harry, look at that,


enjoy it! Even your boys! Look! They loved it. Well done. Thank you.


So good together. Right, all right, Craig, what did you think? Harry,


you can dance. But, Aliona, you have got to sort his posture and,


he is looking down a lot, his wrists need attention, his thumb


needs attention, there is so much detail that needs to be done, but


you could be fantastic. Yes. All those things need attention, but


whatever you do, don't have an operation. I will not speak to you,


Aliona, because I heard you say that you never listen to the


Church's, so I'm going to speak to you, Harry. There was nothing great


about it, but there was netting terrible. The thing is, it lacked


finesse, your left arm is too far forward, your right arm... And try


to help this chap, we are required for a few seconds? And your chin is


always down, you have got to lift up, stretch up, flat back, why


their elbows. Do that, my old sausage, and you will be all right.


Good. Lift your chin up. Imagine what this is like! What did you


think? Harry, I think you move brilliantly, you are one of the


best dancers in this competition. Yes, you are. One I would say is,


because the judges see the potential, they might be tougher,


but you can turn that into a positive, that is what I would say


to you, because you are going to go far, trust me. Very important. It


was romantic. It was, I think there was something very, very special


about Harry. You are strong, you are focused, you work very hard.


You have got a great feel for the music. With the right nurturing,


you are going to be fantastic. you are, all good, just work on it.


Off you go, well done, Harry and Harry, my boy, they are on their


feet in his studio, another great reaction, I used surprised by how


well you are doing? I'm just trying to enjoy myself, I'm having an


amazing time, Aliona is an incredible coach, I am just happy


to be here. Dynamite on the 27 for Harry and Aliona, call this


number if you do not want Harry flying out of here. Please do not


call and tell the lead to know the lines are open. If you do, your


vote will not count and you may be charged. Time now for Russell Grant


and his partner Flavia Cacace. Yes, I know you want to see Russell,


everybody wants to, but listen, wasn't he great in his dance last


week? We all thought it was fantastic. I said to him, your


performance was like something I saw at Glastonbury. He said,


Glastonbury? You mean I was like a pop star? No, you were as camp as a


row of tents! What did he say?! Diva Russell wasted no time coming


out of the shell for his first for a onto the dancefloor, and the


A standing ovation! Look, look! Russell, look at that! I was amazed


and so thanks for. I cannot believe it, it has taken until the age of


60 to get a standing ovation! This week's dans is the salsa. Well,


hopefully it is going to be more showy than last week. I am loving


this! I have one wish, when I was asked to do Strictly, and that was


It feels like we have known each other for ever, really. We laugh at


the same thing is, we have this psychic telepathy. We both said the


same word at the same time! It is an amazing alliance. This woman,


when this end, I do not know what I'm going to do. I am going to sow


my serve. Hey, listen, don't be maudlin, the best is yet to come. I


am not doing that again! Dancing the salsa, Russell Grant and Flavia


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


High tally a... High tally a... Enjoy this, Russell, look at them!


Everybody upstairs is on their Bow, and even downstairs, the


celebrities there! And may I say, the perfect song! Yes! What you


mean, Bruce? You know what I mean! Camp as a row of tents, yes.


cannot get a better song, perfect. Honestly, what it lacked in


technique and content, it made up for in fun and entertainment, and


you put the boy in a flamboyant. The boy in flamboyant, where did


you get that one from?! You must stay up at night! You are adorable,


clearly you are having the time of your life, and for as it is


brilliant watching you, you light up the room, you really do. Flavia


is having the time of your life as well! And never seen her so happy,


even with Jimmy Tarbuck! Bruce. Russell, you have more collector,


more than a carnival float! Talk about finishing the show on a high,


I thank you for it, and I absolutely loved it! Craig,


whatever you do, don't spoil it, please, I beg you, my Liege! Well,


it wasn't without flaws... The Dancing Queen you were tonight,


There you are up, a lovely couple, off you go, up the stairs, up the


We loved it, save to say! Two weeks, two standing ovations, having the


time of your life, are you? Yes, so nervous, even when you get out


there, but Kinnock, can I just say, I am more thrilled about my friend


Robbie getting such fantastic marks. Honestly! It is very spot in our


view, thank you so much, we loved 25 out of 40, a very respectable


score! OK, you can call this number when the phone lines over and very


shortly if you want Russell to be granted a place on next week's


dance floor. OK, that is it, all of our couples have given it


everything. We are going to carry over the scores from last week and


Remember, you can change all of that by picking up the phone and


voting for your favourite, and there is no time like the present


because the phone lines are now open! Yes! Calls cost 15p from a BT


landline. The lines are going to close at 8:30pm tonight. Voting


details can be found on the website. To help you decide, a reminder of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


tonight's performances and the all- Well, there's only one thing to say,


didn't you all do well! What a wonderful night. They have been


living the boardroom dream for four weeks, but one of our 14


celebrities must leave the competition. Your votes will make a


difference, so pick up the phone. Tomorrow night is our first results


show, and one couple will perform their last stands. To tally the


Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly host a live dance extravaganza as all 14 couples hit the floor to try and impress with either a fanciful foxtrot or a sizzling salsa. Voting lines will open for the first time after the last couple has danced.

Viewers' votes will then be added to the judges' scores from last week and this week. The lowest overall scoring couple will be eliminated in the results show. With nobody wanting to be the first to leave, the pressure really is on.

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