Grand Final - Results Strictly Come Dancing

Grand Final - Results

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present the exciting live final from Blackpool's Tower Ballroom, as one couple are crowned the 2011 champions and lift the glitterball trophy.

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TESS DALY: Step after step, dance after dance, week after week. All


after this, the Glitterball Trophy. We are one hour away from crowning


the champion. This is Strictly Come CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: All right. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and


children. Welcome back to the Tower Ballroom Blackpool for the Strictly


Come Dancing Grand Final. APPLAUSE Yes. Tonight, either Harry and


Aliona, Jason and Kristina or Chelsee and Pasha will be crowned


Strictly Champions. Thank you so much for all your votes. The phone


lines are frozen. So please don't call or your vote won't count.


are about to eliminate the couple with the lowest number of votes


from our viewers so far tonight. The phone lines will re-open and


the votes will carry forward and the remaining finalists will have


two more dances each in their bid to win your votes. We are also


welcoming back our famous cast of stars who will be reunited on the


dancefloor one last time. Yes. APPLAUSE All I can say is Blackpool


brace yourselves! You better! We have a special performance from the


amazing Jessie J. APPLAUSE first, it is our biggest final ever


and it has already been packed with show-stopping entertainment. Take a


look at this. Ready! Nearly. This is quite possibly the biggest


moment in my life so far. Here we go. Good evening, ladies and


gentlemen and children. Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing. It is nice


to see you, to see you... AUDIENCE: Nice! I'm pretty nervous.


This is it! The final. That is a very strong start, a very strong


start. Our first 40! Showdance. will survive? I tell you what, you


have survived 14 weeks of blood, sweat and tears. That is a great


start. We have to go. Showdance! That was a premium grade jive of


eye-popping vibrancy. You were great! Our next dance is the


showdance. I'm nervous. atmosphere is amazing. It is like -


it is almost as good as a McFly gig! If you were a stick of


Blackpool rock, you would have talent written through it! We have


done our first two dances. It is up to the public. Next is our


showdance. That was a showdance! have aged in three hours. It has


been possibly the most special night of my life. This competition


is so close. Everyone of you tonight has given your all. I went


out and enjoyed it. If this is our last dance, I will be very proud.


Hopefully, I have two more left in me. I know Aliona has! I hope we


get that opportunity. APPLAUSE Well that was worth looking back on.


Sadly, one couple is about to be knocked out. I can now reveal the


couple with the lowest votes Jason and Kristina.




Kristina, will you come over here? Jason, Kristina! Jason! Jason!


Kristina! Please. Come over here. I know you are all so close. Come


over here. APPLAUSE A standing ovation in the ballroom! Look at


that. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You can't ask


for more. I can honestly say I have been dreading this moment all day


because whatever couple it had been I would still feel the same because


you are all winners tonight. Absolutely. APPLAUSE I feel


terrible at this moment. What about it! We have asked you a million


times. Has this really meant something to you? This has been the


most incredible experience other than my children and my wife, of


course, in my life. I want to take this opportunity to thank the


public first and foremost for voting for us. APPLAUSE Wow! We


have come so far. I want to thank my family, my wife and my two kids


and, if I don't, I might get emotional here, but they have been


with me the whole way through. is wonderful to know. Have you got


something to say to this little lady? To Kristina, who has been so


patient, who has remained focused, who has one of the most incredible


talents and visions of how to sell a story and work with someone like


myself... She has done you proud! She has done me so proud. I will


never ever forget this journey. would like to celebrate your


highlights. Let's do it! Enjoy. This experience is nothing like I


expected it to be. Stu-pen-dous! Dancing has never been my comfort


zone. I have faced my fears full-on. This isn't something I am scared of


any more. Getting this far has meant a lot to me. I mean, I


seriously thought I would have gone out in week one. It built and it


built. You owned that dance! would love you to put a photograph


of me doing the launch day and look at me now. I mean, I am a different


human being. What I love about this show is to go out in front of so


many people on live television and then go wow, that was fantastic, we


really loved it. It gives me shivers. That is what I live for.


APPLAUSE Wow! Thank you. Jason and Kristina. Everyone! Be proud of


yourself, guys. Jason Donovan! APPLAUSE Go and join your fellow


stars. Thank you again. Jason and Kristina!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Emotional. So we are down to two couples,


Harry and Aliona, and Chelsee and Pasha. They go head-to-head in


their bid to become our Strictly Champions. Your earlier votes have


been carried over and the lines have re-opened. So you can start


voting again for your favourites. If you want Harry and Aliona to win,


call 09015 22 20 09. If you want Chelsee and Pasha to


win, call 09015 22 20 04. Calls cost 15p from a BT landline. Other


operators may vary. Voting details can be found on


You can vote for your favourite any time until the lines close later.


was going to say all that! Thank you. I wish you had! So Harry and


Aliona and Chelsee and Pasha are left in the ultimate ballroom


battle. They have each got two more chances to impress you and win your


votes. They will be attempting a brand-new dance they haven't done


before and when they have each done that, they will then perform their


favourite dance from the series. So, first, to tackle the new dance, an


American Smooth, it is Harry and Last day of training. Let's make it


a good one! This is our last ever week of training and I'm going to


miss it. Who will miss a face like that?! We know each other very well


now. We have spent every day together for the past four months.


Thank goodness we get on really well. Oh, you are so cute! When


this is all over, I don't know what I'm going to do because there will


be no-one to giggle at! LAUGHTER have had so many highlights on this


show. I have been Danny Zuko to Aliona's Pink Lady, I have been


Robin Hood to Aliona's Maid Marion. I have learnt how to do the waltz.


This is week 12 and I am struggling to stand. It has been an honour to


dance with Aliona. If we were the ones to lift the Glitterball Trophy


in the final, it really would be the perfect ending to our Strictly


story. We have had a lot of fun together. LAUGHTER He is genuinely


a very sweet, caring guy. Get off! And definitely going to miss that


about him. Time for Blackpool. Thank you, training room. Thanks


for having us! You have been good to us. Off to Blackpool. APPLAUSE


ALAN DEDICOAT: Dancing the American Smooth, Harry Judd and Aliona


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


MUSIC: "Can't Help Falling In Love" SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: What about it


again! Couldn't be better! AUDIENCE: Harry! Harry! That was


beautiful. It was very emotional. They have fallen in love with you.


It's a wonderful night. Now, then, over to you judges. Their scores


are just for the public's guidance. So, let's hear from you, Len?


you did an American Smooth to a Viennese waltz. When you did the


Viennese waltz before, I loved it. Now, add the elements you can now


do lifts, you can part company, I tell you what, you made what was a


great dance into an unbelievable dance! APPLAUSE Yes. OK. Alesha?


You are such an accomplished dancer and a true talent. As the song says,


I think the nation has fallen in love with you. I really do.


APPLAUSE It was beautiful. Forgetting Bruno, of course! Harry,


the Viennese waltz based on an American Smooth is the perfect fit


for your charms. Romantic, beautiful movement, I salute you,


Your Highness! APPLAUSE And what about Craig? Well, if it wasn't the


final, there is a plethora of things I could say about your


hands! LAUGHTER I loved it. It was gentle, it was romantic. Gorgeous!


APPLAUSE Did you enjoy doing a new dance? What a pleasure! The new


dance suits you! Thank you. Off you go. Why didn't you do it earlier?!


APPLAUSE The phone numbers are on the screen now. So vote for your


favourite. We can't help falling in love with you, Harry. Len said


"unbelievable". You are in the final head-to-head battle. Is there


anything you want to say to the viewers at home? What can I say? It


is so humbling to think that people are voting for you. It's something


I have never experienced before. It is overwhelming. I can't thank


everyone enough. Aliona feels the same. Thank you. Thank you. I can't


wait to see your favourite dance of the series. The judges' scores are


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE 39 out of 40. Fabulous score. Harry


keeps on giving. The judges don't decide tonight's winner, you do. If


you want Harry and Aliona to take the crown, then you need to vote.


They have one more chance to impress you. They will be bringing


back their favourite dance later on. Will it be your favourite? Bruce.


Now, then, next to tackle their brand-new dance, a rumba, is


Chelsee and Pasha. APPLAUSE Here they are in training. It's the last


week and I'm going to miss so much, especially the buzz of the show


days. I have a lot of tension. Just embracing the backstage atmosphere


is just fabulous. I love it. For me and Pash to pick up the Glitterball,


it would be such an incredible end. I will really miss training. We


have had a lot of fun. It is more of a hanging out with my mate as


well as learning to dance. Two, three... Why do you always feel


yourself when you do that? I don't. She is fun. Snorting! She is like a


little sister. Put your phone down! The highlights have been definitely


when I got painted as Princess Fiona. A lot of people didn't think


I had make-up on! In a funny way, it suited her. Look at me! You look


perfect. Don't tell her, please. makes me so sad to think our rumba


will be the last new dance that Pasha and I have to do together.


You know what face this is? It is emotional! We have got so far. One


more stop. The end of seeing my Pasha every day, it will be so


upsetting. I'm gutting thinking about it. Chelsee is one of a kind,


one in a million! There is nobody else out there just like Chelsee


and it was so much fun working with her. Off to Blackpool now. APPLAUSE


ALAN DEDICOAT: Dancing the rumba, ALAN DEDICOAT: Dancing the rumba,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


MUSIC: "Because Of You" Oh my word! How about this!


APPLAUSE How about this! Why did you leave him? I've had... You've


had enough? Never! Right, Alesha? You put your heart and soul into


every single dance that you do. That was dramatically romantic and


you have been a joy to watch this entire series. Thank you. APPLAUSE


Bruno? Baby, you nailed that rumba! Expressive, fluid, musical. You


acted it like a movie star! I loved it! Thank you. APPLAUSE Craig, when


you look like that, anything can happen. You pulled that out of the


bag! It was magnificent! APPLAUSE Well done, Chelsee. Len? The rumba


is like Len's Lens, it is so slow. Everything is magnified. I watched


that and there was nothing I could see I didn't like. Thank you.


you enjoy your new dance? I loved it. I'm so glad I got to perform it.


You performed it so brilliantly. Pasha, what a job you have done!


Off you go. APPLAUSE And the voting numbers are on the screen now. So


vote for your favourite. You pulled it out of the bag. You made it to


the final two! How grateful are you to the viewers for keeping you on?


I can't express how grateful I am for everyone that's voted and


supported me. To know people like me means a lot to me. We Loch you!


You have your favourite dance of the series. What have you picked?


I love the shoulder shimmy! I like it. It is you, not the judges, with


the power tonight. Our final is have got one more dance each to win


your votes -- our finalists have got one more dance each to win your


votes. There can only be one winner. Chelsee and Pasha, go and get


changed for your final dance. APPLAUSE Right, question: Where


would you find an Italian glamourpuss in a coffin, a batty


singing sensation and an astrologer reaching for the stars while being


fired out of a cannon? That's you, Russell! Answer: Strictly Come


Dancing 2011! Yes, this is Strictly Come Dancing 2011. It is going to


be huge! The best series yet! Naughty Edwina. Make love to the


camera. It is a red hot Currie. first couple leaving Strictly Come


Dancing 2011 is Edwina and Vincent. You have so much potential. Welcome


to my world. You were swinging her around like a bag of cement!


and Katya. Rory, you are like a cocky rooster! Get down there!


Beautiful. The gyrating wasn't my cup of tea! Rory and Erin. Nancy,


emerging from the coffin, looking like the Queen of the Night. You


danced like the walking dead! you try to resist, I will use this.


It is like a plodding mule. Nancy and Anton. Lulu, you drive me


crazy! I don't know what they are putting in your porridge, but I


want some! Lulu and Brendan! Audley can let loose. Yes! That is what


you do under pressure! Audley and Natalie. Just when you think you


have seen it all... Russell! People will always say, do you remember


when Russell Grant flew out of that bloody cannon? Immortal, darling.


Russell and Flavia. Anita unleashes her basic instinct. You brought the


dance to life. I really liked it. Leaving tonight is Anita. You are a


smooth operator. You loved it. I loved it! Robbie and Ola! Double


elimination. Alex, the funny girl. Improving each week and that is


what you have done. Alex and James. Finally, Holly, you totally owned


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back. Our stars of Strictly


2011! Here they are. Alex, this has been your first week without dance


training. Any withdrawal symptoms? It has been horrible. We were


grateful we stayed in so long. It is great to be back tonight. It is


lovely to see everyone back together. The gang! Robbie, you


were playing football last time in Blackpool. This time you are


ballroom dancing. Has the welcome been different? Yes. Every time I


have been to Blackpool in the past I have lost. But we have all come


back as winners! Are the clothes staying on tonight? Yes. That is a


relief. Rory, you are performing a group dance later. Have you been


dusting off the dancing shoes? The standard tonight, I feel lucky


to be in the same building on the same night! For us, it is exciting


to dance, but it is also sad. It will be the last dance we will have


with our partners. We have to dance in 3D. I have never danced in 3D


before! Nancy lives in 4-D! LAUGHTER Can we see one of your


signature moves in the group dance? Perhaps. Which one would you like?


I hope they are all in there! LAUGHTER We might see them again!


can't wait. Anton, are you looking forward to that?! Oh! Fingers


crossed! They always are! It's been an incredible year for tonight's


guest star. With a BRIT Award and the biggest-selling debut Album of


the Year, here with Price Tag, please welcome the brilliant Jessie


APPLAUSE OK? Merry Christmas, # Seems like everybody's got a


price # I wonder how they sleep at night


# When the sale comes first # And the truth comes second


# Just stop for a minute and smile # Why is everybody so serious?


# Acting so damn mysterious # Got your shades on your eyes


# And your heels so high # That you can't even have a good


time # Everybody look to their left


# Everybody look to their right # Can you feel that, yeah


# We're paying with love tonight # It's not about the money, money,


money # We don't need your money, money,


money # We just wanna make the world


dance # Forget about the price tag


# Ain't about the cha-ching, cha- ching


# Ain't about the ba-bling, ba- bling


# Wanna make the world dance # Forget about the price tag


# OK # We need to take it back in time


# When music made us all unite # And it wasn't low blows and video


# Am I the only one gettin' tired? # Why is everybody so obsessed?


# Money can't buy us happiness # Can we all slow down and enjoy


right now? # Guarantee we'll be feelin' all


right # Everybody look to their left


# Everybody look to their right # Can you feel that, yeah


# We're playing with love tonight # It's not about the money, money,


money # We don't need your money, money,


money # We just wanna make the world


dance # Forget about the price tag


# Ain't about the cha-ching, cha- ching


# Ain't about the ba-bling, ba- bling


# Wanna make the world dance # Forget about the price tag


# La-la-la-la-la-la-la-eh # Price tag


# La-la-la-la-la-la-la-eh # Price tag


# It's not about the money, money, money


# We don't need your money, money, money


# We just wanna make the world dance


# Forget about the price tag # Ain't about the cha-ching, cha-


ching # Ain't about the ba-bling, ba-


bling # Wanna make the world dance


# Forget about the price tag # It's not about the money, money,


money # We don't need your money, money,


money # We just wanna make the world


dance # Forget about the price tag


# Ain't about the cha-ching, cha- ching


# Ain't about the ba-bling, ba- bling


# Wanna make the world dance # Forget about the price tag


# Ahhhh-ahhh # Yeah yeah


# 0hhh ohhh # Forget about the price tag, yeah




That was great. Harry and Chelsee each have one more dance to perform.


It is their very last chance to win your votes so they are bringing


back their favourite routine of the series. First up, with their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


Argentine tango, it is Harry and SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: There you go!


There they go again! What a night! What a night! That was superb.


Their favourite dance of the series. I wonder if it is yours. Bruno?


Harry, so cool, so strong, so sharp, so cutting like a steel blade and


yet bubbling underneath all the repressed lust. I think I have been


tangoed! APPLAUSE Oh dear. Craig? Like the nation, I have fallen in


love with you too, darling. APPLAUSE Brilliant. I have never


seen that look in Craig's eyes before. LAUGHTER Len? You know,


last time you did this I said I wanted more intensity, not in the


choreography, but through the expression. And you listened to me.


You came out - go on my son. Beautiful. Well done. APPLAUSE Len,


everybody listens to you! Except Bruno! LAUGHTER Now, Alesha?


loved it the first time. I love it more now. Perfect choice for the


final. APPLAUSE Go on, get off! Get away! APPLAUSE The numbers are on


the screen now. Lines are open so get dialling for your favourite.


Your favourite dance of the series. Did you enjoy it more that time?


Absolutely loved it. Now that we have done three, I was much more


relaxed and I thought I have to enjoy this because it is my last


chance and it was really good fun. Your last dance ever with Aliona!


How does that feel? APPLAUSE Wow! Craig, he's in love with you!


40 out of 40! Wow! Perfect score. What a way to cap it off! Remember,


the judges' scores are only for guidance. Harry and Aliona's work


now is done. You can do nothing more. Yours isn't. If you think


they are worthy of the Strictly crown, it is time to pick up the


phone and vote. Over to you, Brucie. Thanks, Tess. Tonight's ballroom


showdown certainly hasn't disappointed. But could it all come


down to this? Performing their favourite routine from the series,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


their quickstep, it is Chelsee and SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: You've got your


ticket! She doesn't want to leave you. Fantastic! One of your


favourite dances. Craig? I said it before and I will say it again,


first-class, darling. Oh, first- class. APPLAUSE Len? It is your


favourite dance and it could well be my favourite dance as well!


Fabulous! Thank you, Len. APPLAUSE Oh! Alesha? That was the perfect


combination of a great dress, great song and a great dance on what has


been the greatest series. You have all danced incredible tonight.


Amazing. Bruno? My darling, Strictly stunning! Great finale for


the greatest season! APPLAUSE You are a cracker! Off you go. Go on.


Off you go. APPLAUSE The numbers of both our finalists are on screen


now. Lines are open for you to vote for your favourite. Deafening


applause from this lot here. Len's favourite dance of the series. Is


it still your favourite? Definitely. I loved the rumba as well. And...


All of them! LAUGHTER How long have we got? This is the very last dance


with your Pash! How does that make you feel? Really upset. I couldn't


have done it without Pasha. He's helped me so much. He's made me


become a dancer, more confident and without him, I couldn't imagine


doing it with anyone else. He means a lot to me. It is a pleasure.




39 out of 40. A big smile from Chelsee. They have danced their


last Strictly dance. If you think they deserve to lift the


Glitterball tonight, get dialling. Your votes alone will make them


victorious. So our finalists have danced four show-stopping dances.


While they have a well deserved rest, let's have a look at the


However, it is you tonight, not the judges, with the power. Whoever


gets the most votes will be crowned Strictly Come Dancing Champions


2011. Here is a reminder from both shows tonight on what has been the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


To vote for Harry and Aliona, call To vote for Chelsee and Pasha, call


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


To vote for Chelsee and Pasha, call What an incredible night! The


standard has been amazing. The lines will close in five minutes.


It has been a tremendous night and a fitting finale to what has been a


truly amazing series. Here is what you, the great British public, have


loved about another wrufl Strictly year. -- another wonderful Strictly


year. It's blown me away! Bigger, better, more! I am so excited.


more could you want?! Best Entertainment Show on TV. It is the


biggest show on earth. It is one of the few programmes I can sit with


my mum, my gran and my daughter. We all love it. It has the lot. Keep


dancing! This will be amazing. Really top notch line-up. You know


your Saturday nights have started for the winter. Jason, the dancer


we have chosen for you is Kristina Rihanoff. Did you see her, she flew


at him! I would throw myself at Jason Donovan! Flavia and Russell


made a great pair together. When Lulu got Brendan, she nearly


dropped through the floor! This year's Strictly has been the best


because of the eye candy. Jason Donovan can come round any time he


likes! When Holly came up that cage, I thought she was tasty. Chelsee


seems like a nice girl. She is fit! I'm wild about Harry! He's got a


bit of a body! After being married for so long, a bit of stuff like


him would be OK! LAUGHTER I wish I could dance like that. The older


ladies have done us proud this year. Edwina Currie, game old bird!


got egg on her face. Nancy was interesting. Keep going! Nancy came


out the coffin on the Hallowe'en show. When Holly did the Black Swan,


that was a highlight. Holly looked incredible. It was more like


watching a ballet dance. Lulu like a bat out of hell! She was better


in here than on the dancefloor! Brendan, the shining knight. First


with Lulu, Holly and then Anita. Anita did really well. I can't get


over the stamina that she had. are a huge example. Each week, you


kept on thinking it can't get any Best moment for me was Robbie


Savage opening Wembley! That was a highlight. When Robbie leaped over


Ola's head, I thought he was going to fall. Surprised at how over the


top he was. I liked Robbie's legs the other week as well. I thought


that was so comical. My Strictly highlight was everything Russell!


When I was ballroom dancing, we didn't get shot out of cannons. For


all there was a war on. I don't think I would have liked to have


done that. He has a lot of guts. Astonishing! Craig Revel Horwood is


so funny! Disaster, darling! Disaster! Very harsh judge. Sexless,


cold and stiff! I will show you what sexless, cold and stiff is!


Jason Donovan put his mind to everything. I thought that was


wonderful. Jason and Kristina! didn't deserve to be in the bottom


two. No, no. I loved Chelsee's Shrek dance. Those kicks and flicks


were amazing. It summarised the fun that has been Strictly Come Dancing


I will miss Strictly Come Dancing when it finishes. It's been amazing.


I can't wait till next year. Another 12 months to wait! What are


we going to do?! I'll miss you Strictly. Remember, keep dancing!


never thought I would get to do that! APPLAUSE Brilliant. A lot of


fun. They were marvellous. Big news, the lines have now closed so please


don't call or your votes won't count and you may be charged.


the votes are counted and verified, let's welcome back this year's


Strictly cast. When they first started on the show, most of them


couldn't dance for nuts! LAUGHTER Now you are going to find out some


of them still can't! LAUGHTER Shame! Isn't it a shame? 11 couples


with varying degrees of skill, all on the dancefloor together. All


that remains for us to do is wish them good luck and quickly get out


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 106 seconds


MUSIC: "I Wanna Dance With Brilliant! Can't beat it. Right, we


are now moments away from finding out if Harry and Aliona or Chelsee


and Pasha are this year's Strictly Champions. One thing is certain -


they have both been sensational Strictly stars. My Strictly


experience has been the best thing I have ever done. I thought it was


fab-u-lous! At the start, a lot of people was judges me before they


knew me. It was disheartening, but to know that I have changed some


people's opinions is one of the best feelings ever. Chelsee "the


pocket rocket"! Mine and Pasha's relationship is quite special, I'd


say. He tells me off sometimes. your phone down. Don't confiscate


my phone. We have a laugh. LAUGHTER He is my boy! Two wards, first-


class. I never expected to get this far. -- Two words, first-class.


never expected to get this far. I am proud of myself. It is one of


the best feelings I have ever had. It is life-changing. I have


thoroughly enjoyed my Strictly experience. That was a samba full


of pecs-appeal! I have enjoyed it so much more. I was dreading it. I


was thinking "Why?" am I doing this? It was filth and I loved it!


I soon realised what an amazing opportunity I had. I'm not entirely


on my own. If Aliona wasn't there, I'd be hopeless. She makes me look


better than I am. She deserves all the credit for where we are. It is


quite an achievement by her. It's been something I will never forget.


To be able to perform and bring pleasure to people is a real treat,


honestly. It is a special feeling. Well, now, they have been


incredible contestants who have raised the ballroom bar every week.


But there can only be one winner. Tonight, you have been voting in


your millions. It's the moment of truth. The votes have been counted


and independently verified and I can now reveal the Strictly Come


Dancing 2011 Champions are: Harry and Aliona!


Get off the floor! Get off! Get off! Congratulations. Thank you.


Congratulations, Harry. APPLAUSE Come on over. Is that your dad?


Clear off! Come here. Can we just say a huge thank you and well done


to our wonderful runners-up, Chelsee and Pasha! APPLAUSE


have been wonderful. We have loved every moment. Thank you, Chelsee


and Pasha! APPLAUSE Come here, you two. Come here. You did it! Now,


then, Harry, how does it feel to be the Strictly Champions? You are a


great drummer. Your boys came on there. Sorry for that! You have had


one career, now you have got a dancing career if you want it?


I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that


has supported Aliona and I at home. Thank you so much for voting and I


have just had the most incredible experience. Thank you to you, guys,


to the judges, all the other pros, everyone working backstage, the


most - I have been on the best show on TV. I'm honoured. Thank you.


APPLAUSE Have you been surprised? Beautifully said. Have you been


surprised at how you have taken to this? Look, I was so nervous when I


first started. I didn't think I would be able to do it. Somehow,


Aliona has got me through it! She has. Wow! We have enjoyed every


moment watching you two together. It has been pure magic. Thank you.


Thank you, everyone! APPLAUSE Well, I have great pleasure in crowning


Harry and Aliona Strictly Come Dancing Champions 2011! APPLAUSE


Hold that high, both of you! APPLAUSE


AUDIENCE: Harry! Harry! Chelsee, darling...


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It's been a truly outstanding


series. Massive congratulations to Harry and Aliona. A huge thank you


to all our couples, to our judges and to you at home for watching and


voting. Don't forget our Christmas Special. That's on Christmas Day.


Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present the exciting live final from Blackpool's Tower Ballroom. This is the last chance for the couples to impress, as the viewer votes decide who is crowned the Strictly Come Dancing champion 2011, with the glitterball trophy up for grabs. As well as a performance from the brilliant Jessie J, all the couples from the cast of Strictly 2011 also take part in a very special group number.

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