Grand Final Strictly Come Dancing

Grand Final

The Strictly Grand Final 2011 begins, as Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly throw open the doors to the world-famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool for the first of two live shows.

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We thought it couldn't be any bigger? We thought it couldn't get


any better. We thought it couldn't be any more bonkers. We were wrong.


This year, the best line-up ever. Strictly 2011 was out of this world.


A golden year, and our buffed up ballroom stars shone brightly on


Broadway. Treated us on Halloween. Wowed us at Wembley. The biggest


ever live audience in Strictly And all of this came with a royal


stamp of approval. Our famous 14 it took to the tournament in September,


and sold their souls double room. Now, just three gladiators remained


-- to ballroom. All hail, Harry, Chelsee and Jason. For 99 days and


nights, they've been dancing. its gobsmacked really good. Superb.


They survived 11 eliminations. Vanquished 10 rivals, and fired by


the grant clean out of the Coliseum. The judges have relinquished their


power. You're like the government, a lot going on and not all of it is


good. Now only you can give the thumbs up, because your vote


decides who gets the glitterball in Strictly's golden year. The


blackball crowd are baying for ballroom. A dancing hero will rise.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


This is the Grand Final, Strictly Live from the Tower Ballroom,


Blackpool, welcome to the Strictly Come Dancing 2011 Grand Final.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


MUSIC: "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Please welcome our finalists...


Harry Judd and his partner, Aliona Vilani. Jason Donovan and his


partner, Kristina Rihanoff. Chelsee Healey and her partner, Pasha


3 please welcome your hosts, Sir Listen to that! Listen to it!


Amazing! Thank you, thank you. How lovely. Come on! Don't wear them


out! Sit down, you are making me nervous. Good evening ladies,


gentlemen and children. Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing. It's nice to


see you, to see you.... Nice! it's nice to see you, Bruce. Isn't


it exciting? We're in Blackpool. And people are going to be able to


see this in 3D. Yes it's fantastic. Can you imagine seeing such a large,


iconic, national monument, in 3D. You mean the Blackpool Tower?


my chin. If you are watching in 3D, don't


get too close! I could destroy your living room! This is it, the Grand


Final and our three ballroom gladiators have a collosal battle


to come, but who will achieve true greatness and take home the coveted


glitterball trophy, 2011? That's entirely down to you at home,


because tonight it's your votes alone that decides who wins. The


judges scores are just for your guidance. And their self-importance.


Our finalists will come out fighting with the judges'' favoured


dance from the show, and then their showdance, where anything goes! The


phone lines open later in the show, after all our couples have danced


their first dance. And in our live results show at 9:00pm tonight, the


couple with the fewest votes will be eliminated, leaving the


remaining two stars to battle it out for the title. If you're a


digital viewer, press the red button for live commentary. We've


got Karen Hardy and her final co- star is Strictly "Guru", Jimi


Mistry. Hello, guys. Lovely, welcome. Right, to business.


Our first couple is Harry Judd and his partner, Aliona.


Harry asked me if I'd done all my Christmas shopping for my friends.


I said, "I don't buy Christmas presents for friends any more. Not


since the disaster last year. He said, "What happened?" I said, "I


bought Ronnie Corbett a sandwich toaster, and he used it as a


trouser press." He will be so annoyed I said that! Merry


Christmas, Rani. -- Ronnies. Here's what Strictly has meant to Harry


Going through, Harry and Aliona! am really happy that I am in the


final, I have been smiling all week. The semi-final was very intense. My


biggest fear is dancing to 13 million people. It was Charleston


first, which I was pleased about, because I would rather do the more


energetic one first. If you can do a Viennese waltz to that standard,


you will be at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool. I was feeling a lot more


relaxed going into the Viennese waltz, the pressure wasn't of but


it gave me the confidence to embrace it. You are dancing royalty.


The next thing you know, you are in My Strictly experience has been one


of the biggest moments of my life, I never thought I would say that.


When I first started the show, all I was thinking about was the first


dance. I was so terrified. You are When we started dancing together, I


was not sure, because he came in pigeon-toed, and I thought, bless.


He was also quite shy, so I knew I had to get his personality out.


I have always been sat behind the drums. I performed as a drummer. To


be out there at the front, or my own, performing, I didn't know if I


could do that or not. Harry, you The highlight would have to be the


week that I got three tents for my quickstep. -- three tens. I was


always embarrassed to dance but this has given me the opportunity


to dance, something I never thought I would be able to enjoy. That, for


me, has been an absolute pleasure. Strictly has been refreshing, and I


absolutely loved it. And I feel very lucky. The first time we


watched him, we cracked up laughing. Now we are gobsmacked at how good


he is dancing. We are very proud of Paris. It is like when you have a


kid and you see him play football for the first time. You're like,


that is my boy. Would I do it again? Genuinely, it is a once-in-


a-lifetime opportunity, that is why you can't do it again. I will hold


Dancing the quickstep, our first finalists, Harry Judd and Aliona


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


MUSIC: "Don't Get Me Wrong" by The I tell you... You can't stop this!


They love you. Harry and Aliona, they love you!


That was quite something. Marvellous, what a start. Why don't


you take a breather. It is a good time to welcome our fabulous


singers, Dave Archer and his wonderful orchestra. -- Dave Arch.


I've promised to buy them all a drink after the show, I just need


to remember what they have. Bruno, a Campari. Alesha, a fruit Pimm's.


Len, a pint of stout. And Craig, a bitter lemon.


Len, what did you think? Throughout history, there has been epic


battles, Waterloo, Trafalgar, and this, the Battle of Blackpool. You


have come out all guns blazing. I tell you what... That was brilliant,


You look beautiful tonight. What do you think? Congratulations on


making the final. Your quickstep is stunning! It is one of my


favourites. You maximised the floor space brilliantly. That is a very


strong start. A very strong start. Thank you. APPLAUSE Now, then,


Bruno? Harry is in the ballroom! You came, you danced and you


conquered, with a quickstep of timeless elegance, delivered with


flash and dash! Loved it! APPLAUSE Well, now, we are all wondering


what did you think, Craig? Well, I only had one problem with this


particular dance - it was that lazy left foot of yours, darling. You


seem to have improved that, thankfully! APPLAUSE And I


absolutely loved it. Brilliant. Well there you are. A wonderful


start. Thank you. Off you go. Harry and Aliona. APPLAUSE


They are all here to cheer on our three finalists, it is the class of


2011. Harry! All guns blazing, said Len. First out, you have laid down


the gauntlet. Did it feel good? did. Everybody has been saying to


me all day to enjoy myself. I'm so pleased because I really enjoyed


myself. Thanks to everyone that said that. APPLAUSE Can you explain


to everyone at home what the atmosphere is like in here tonight?


The atmosphere - imagine the best night so far on Strictly and double


it, times it by ten. It is incredible in here! What an honour


to dance here. I'm overwhelmed. Thank you. They enjoyed your dance.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Almost perfect last time. Perfect


this. How does that feel? Amazing. Thank you so much. That lazy left


foot has gone! It's come good. Our judges will be scoring every


routine tonight. But it will be your votes that decide the 2011


champion. If you think Harry should waltz off with the Glitterball,


write down this number: 09015 22 20 09. Please don't call until the


lines open. You two better get changed for your show dance.


APPLAUSE I have high hopes for that final countdown. The clock is


ticking. I can't wait! Now, for our next couple, Jason Donovan and his


partner, Kristina. APPLAUSE Another wonderful, wonderful couple. What a


final! Jason is very proud of being Australian. He's been boasting


about it all day. He said, "In Australia, we've got Bondi Beach."


I said, "We've got the Golden Mile." LAUGHTER He said, "We have


the Sydney Opera House." I said, "We have the Tower!" He said, "In


Australia, we've got the most terrifying seaside monster of all,


the Great White shark." I said, "Have you ever tackled a Blackpool


landlady?" Have you? APPLAUSE No contest! No contest. "She would


have you for breakfast!" Anyway, let's find out what Strictly means


to Jason. TESS DALY: We will see you in


Blackpool. I'm in the final. That is amazing. The semifinal was a


mixed affair. Could have done without the awkward daddy dancing.


I did feel like this was going to be tough. But I think a little bit


of magic happened and, for us, it happened at just the right time.


you are going to do your best dance of the series, what better time


than the semifinals. I wasn't expecting the scores we got. Even


the mention of it now gives me shivers. We are in the final!


would describe Strictly as the most incredible ride of your life. The


first three weeks was amazing. Strictly is in business! Starting


with the cha-cha-cha, getting such a great reaction. That was a


beauty! My kids could not believe it. They weren't embarrassed for me


to drop them off at school. It was not an embarrassing dad dancing


scenario. You keep delivering. along came the paso and the walls


came tumbling down. You tried to make a big meal out of this paso


and you got indigestion. My life has had ups and downs. I think


things are special when you have had the downs. I got a little bored.


When the ups happen, you appreciate it. It was very good. When ever I


have had moments in my life, I probably have been single. This is


one of those special times when I have actually got my family around


me and they have been incredible. We are really proud of dad


because... Because he didn't really dance before he did the show and


now he's in the final. Good luck and we love you.


Very special performance. I loved I have worked with lots of people


and I can tell you, Jason is the hardest-working person I have ever


known. I'm going to go... I think it would be the most wonderful


experience either way. I have thrown myself at it and I have


exceeded my own expectations and that is something I will always be


proud of and I certainly know that I will never forget it.


ALAN DEDICOAT: Dancing the tango, our second finalists, Jason Donovan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


MUSIC: "I Will Survive" SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: What are we


going to do here? Well, wonderful! Absolutely wonderful. You must be


so thrilled. Jason and Kristina, that was wonderful. Alesha - what


are you laughing at? Jason, this is one of the dances where you


excelled for me. Clever choreography. It is not often we


see a tango which is fun and joyful. It is a rarity. I loved it. Well


done. APPLAUSE Now, then, Bruno? You pushed yourself to the limit.


Talk about a tango with split personalities! LAUGHTER It was like


watching Hugh Jackman and then it was a disco diva! LAUGHTER It is


just incredible and mad! I loved it. APPLAUSE Well said, Bruno. Would


you like me to bring you one of your pills? LAUGHTER Craig, we are


waiting? Your bottom was sticking out a lot.


AUDIENCE: BOO! I have to say it is a fantastic number. I loved it. I


know through determination and good old-fashioned hard work you have


got there. APPLAUSE Len? I will survive? I tell you what, you have


survived 14 weeks of blood, sweat and tears. You have been totally


committed. Full of energy. You give those other two 20 years in age and


yet you have got energy to burn. I congratulate you. Fantastic!


APPLAUSE You can't say more than that. A full house. Well done,


Kristina. Lovely choreography. Jason, such energy. APPLAUSE


He's still in the persona. That was incredible. You have survived,


haven't you? You are in the Grand Final. Can you believe it? I can't.


Thank you to everyone that's put us here. It has been the most


incredible experience. There are still a few dances to go. Can I say


- to share it with this gorgeous, lovely lady, a great choreographer,


it has been a very special thing for me in my life. To see my kids,


you know, that really... They are proud of their dad. The judges'


We are not having the nines! It is a fantastic score. You, the


ballroom-loving great British public are the only judge tonight.


Your votes will decide who wins so call this number - 09015 22 20 14.


Call if you think Jason should win Strictly Come Dancing. Later


tonight, the class of 2011 - this little lot behind me - they will be


treating us to a brand-new routine. I think it will be unmissable.


Bring it on. Bruce? Thank you, Tess. For our next couple, Chelsee Healey


and her partner, Pasha. APPLAUSE Everybody loves her! Pasha as well!


Another great couple. I tell you, what a final three. Chelsee went to


the casino last night. She was asked to leave. I said, "Why were


you asked to leave?" She said, "I went to buy ten pounds worth of


chips and I asked for extra gravy." Was that a good accent? Was it


good? Let's find out what Strictly means to Chelsee.


TESS DALY: Chelsee and Pasha. in the final, it really makes me


excited. The best feeling ever. The semifinal was really nerve-wracking.


You are glowing when you are dancing. It was gob-smackingly good.


Never in a million years did I expect that I would be in the final.


Dancing is me now. This is way up there with anything that I have


ever done before in my life. When I first started, a lot of people


didn't know who I was. Like, who is Chelsee? People are saying it to


this day! First dance, people didn't expect me to be able to do a


waltz because it is very graceful, elegant. Your phrasing is excellent.


I did show an elegant side. The quickstep was a highlight. Getting


four nines and being at the top of the leaderboard - I never expected


that. Pasha is one of the most genuine men that I have ever met.


Chelsee is very honest. She is brilliant. I am so proud of her now.


We get on really well. Let's never do that again. I love my Pash!


are ticking all my boxes. Well done. Definitely leaving the competition


a different person. I have grown up a lot - maybe not inside - but I


have grown within. The whole experience helped Chelsee to learn


more about herself. She never danced before and she believes in


herself a little bit more. I'm more confident. To win would mean the


world to me. It means a lot to know Chelsea's dad passed away when she


was young, but he would have been so proud. Strictly has been one of


the best times of my life, I will treasure it and remember it for


ever. Our third finalists, Chelsee MUSIC: "I'm a Believer" by Smash


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Come on, they are waiting for you, look at them! I think we have got


three winners! Three winners tonight! You are a little


firecracker, you really are. Lovely choreography, brilliant stuff.


Chelsee, believe me, that was a premium grade jive of eye-popping,


vibrancy. You were great! For fear Great! A complete and absolute


bundle of joy to watch. It was sharper -- it was sharp, I think


there were 1,000 stabs a minute, it was incredible! -- steps a minute.


You were actually moving to the music. I was smiling, all the way


through it! It must have been such a strain! Len. I have judged in


this room many times, I have judged British championships and all sorts.


Watching a girl like you, who started out with no dance


experience, and then performing a jive as well as that, gives me as


much pleasure as judging the world championships.


Chelsee, don't get embarrassed, you deserve it. I can see that was


emotional for you, you did so well, you are adorable, that is my


favourite jive of the series, you should be really proud. They said


it all for me. Off you go. Well done, Pasha and Chelsee! Yes,


Chelsee! That was a premium grade jive. You have now got a one-in-


three chance of winning this final. Do you believe you can dance?


believe I Can dance! I wanted to be able to dance without him. Amazing,


choreography. How amazing was it out there? The best night of my


life, I really enjoyed it. How are the nerves? I am dancing my way


through them. Will the judges believe relieve -- please reveal


39 from the judges. This little lady is a dancer. Those scores are


just for guidance, your Vokes will create our new champion tonight. --


you'll votes will create. If you think that should be Chelsee, call


this number went the lines open shortly. All three finalists have


performed once and we are moments away from opening those phone lines.


Let's look at how the judges Of course, it is going to be your


decision that counts. The time has come, you can start voting for your


favourite, the lines are now open, In the live results show, the


couple with the fewest votes will be eliminated. The lines will then


reopen and the two couples will fight for the right to be crowned


the glitterball champion. Here are the numbers you will need to vote


Please dial those numbers carefully. The lines will freeze at 8:30pm


tonight. Please welcome back, our Russell, the last time we saw you,


you were being fired out of a cannon. Are you enjoying soaking up


the atmosphere? My goodness, we are in the Palace of showbiz, in


Blackpool, Brighton's capital of showbiz. With you! Showbiz itself!


Anita, three worthy finalists. is going to be so close tonight, we


love them so much, they are so fantastic. A tough competition


tonight, how are they going to pull it off? They have got to dance four


times, they have to be focused, keep their composure. They are


looking great, I am looking forward to the rest, they are going to be


great. Group dances coming up, how is it shaping up? This is too


exciting, too emotional. That is much later. This is the most


beautiful experience, to watch these people shine. We have only


just begun. Russell said, I'm so nervous. You are not even dancing.


I love them or! I know! I am counting down to the group routine.


Are you ready, at Brucie! I certainly am. It has been a


pleasure to sort out their accommodation. Nancy is in a five


star hotel. Robbie is in a golf and country club. And of course Russell


Grant is camping. No, he loves it! He does! He makes a cup of tea and


cucumber sandwiches, it is marvellous! Don't forget lines will


freeze at 8:30pm tonight and then re-open in the results show later.


So they've all danced once, now our three finalists are rolling out the


red carpet for their showdance. They can rip up the rulebook with


this one, anything goes. First up is Harry Judd and Aliona. Their


show dance is ambitious and packed with lifts. But first, here is what


The show dance is a chance to just let go. It is full of some crazy


lifts. I need some momentum for that one. There are no rules,


anything goes. Hopefully it will be a real crowd-pleaser.


This is the line, and we are about We have chosen to dance to a 50s


rock'n'roll song. We are going with a kind of rock'n'roll vibe, quite


rebellious. It is the most exhausting dance we would have done


in the whole of the series. It is absolutely crucial that we go out


there and nail this show dance, because it could be the last dance


Dancing the their showdance, please welcome back, Harry galette and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


MUSIC: "Great Balls Of Fire" by Look at this, again! Oh, great!


What a second glance. Oh, Aliona and Harry. So, you can play the


drums. I thought that was a load of newspaper nonsense!, that is great,


I didn't know. Len, start us off. If you were a stick of Blackpool


rock, you would have talent written right through you. You gave that


you'll, full on. I thought that left over there, a little bit


sticky getting into it, but other than that, everyone was up because


everyone was so impressed, it was fantastic.


Harry, I loved the concept, it really suited you. The drive was


fabulous, the letters were verging on dangerous but you pulled them


off, it was exciting to watch but smoothly down! The lifts were


verging on the dangerous. Oh, great guns, Harry, the rock god!


Impressive strength and physicality. I loved the mix of jive and rock


and roll. There was a tiny lift that could have been slightly


smoother but the impression of the performance was magnificent.


Craig. Len is right, you have an enormous amount of talent and you


proved it in that routine. As transitions could have been a lot


smoother in all of your lifting, but I thought it was an amazing


routine, really fantastic. They all loved it, we all loved it. A great


choreographer, be proud of her. The lines are open. The numbers are


on the screen now. Great guns, Harry. Did you enjoy


it? I loved it! What an experience. The audience were doing cartwheels


with you as well! That was another Strictly first. Did you think


drumming and ballroom would go so well together? I thought I would


have to give it a quick go. It was only short. It could be a whole new


direction for McFly! Possibly. Nines are getting booed! Those


scores are just for your guidance. You have the power tonight. Voting


for your favourite will bring them one step closer to making their


Strictly dream come true. Do you fancy your name on that Glitterball


Trophy? I would love it. I want to take this opportunity to thank the


amazing and gifted Aliona because, without her, honestly, without her,


I'm nothing. I'm a hopeless drummer. APPLAUSE Let's hope you have two


more routines to treat us to. You can visit the official Strictly


site or follow us on Facebook. Brucie? Next up is Jason Donovan


and Kristina. They have thrown caution to the wind for their


action-packed show dance. Here is The showdance, showbiz. It is a


great combination of different steps and lifts and tricks. Why did


I make it so difficult? There is no rules and I'm going to take full


advantage! Oh yes! There are no rules. So let's dance. I think


Jason takes it a bit too literally. Jason, not the Glitterball. There


are no rules! We are in the finals. The pressure is on. Come on, Jason!


There is no Strictly next weekend. This is the time to pull it out of


the bag. The showdance is make-or- break. This could be the last


opportunity in the final to have a ALAN DEDICOAT: Dancing their show


dance, please welcome back Jason MUSIC: "Dancin' Fool"


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: What a finish! What about that?! Oh, look! Hello!


Hello! You have done it. It is over! What a success! APPLAUSE That


was fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! Well done, both of you.


I tell you, well... Start us off, Alesha? If this was a marathon, you


would have won already! Full of energy. I loved the canes, the


suits, the lifts. That was a showdance! APPLAUSE I tell you... A


bit more music, it could have been the full monty! LAUGHTER I know


what Len was thinking. Bruno? was more than a showdance. It was a


showbiz extravaganza! APPLAUSE could open on Broadway tomorrow!


And break box office records! LAUGHTER Brilliant. You are


expressing yourself. You are so much quieter this week! Craig?


Ferocious and full on, darling. Get that woman a restraining order! I


don't know how you did that. It was a-ma-zing! APPLAUSE Len? I have got


very little to add. Jason, you are a showman. This is a showdance.


It's the perfect combination. Well done. APPLAUSE It was incredible.


Great choreography. Jason, thank you for doing what you were told!


Away you go. APPLAUSE The phone numbers for all our finalists are


on the screen. Stretcher for Donovan! Wow! Incredible. Showbiz


is your business. That was a showdance! Yeah, I think it's great


to be able to use all the elements of the personality and I think


Kristina got that choreography right. We had fun and... We had fun.


We had fun with you. The final feels a bit anxious and nervous.


When you get out there, everyone is so on your side. Really exciting.


You have talked about the welcome party when you go home. What do you


think it would mean to them to have the Glitterball? It would be very


late in the morning. They should be in bed! I am sure they would be


over the moon. The judges' scores CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Perfection! Safe to say, he is very happy. Yes. The welcome party might


happen. Those scores are just the judges' opinion. You have the vote.


Tonight, only one star can win. Who will it be? Bruce! OK, Tess. Next


up tonight is Chelsee Healey and Pasha. APPLAUSE I don't know what


is going to happen tonight. Their show dance should come with a


health warning. There are so many dangerous lifts. Here is what


happened in their training. This is the dance that I have been waiting


for! This is the showdance! don't have any rules. We can do any


tricks, any lifts. Pasha, don't! The fact there isn't no rules makes


me feel naughty. Are you for real? Chelsee, what is going on? Yeah,


just wait there. What's up with the phone? You said no rules! I'm kind


of nervous about this dance. Oh, see, I told you. It is all right.


Getting in-and-out of the tricks is scaring me. I have to convince


Chelsee that it is safe and then she can do it. Remember, it takes


time. Breathe. I don't like it. It could be the last dance we ever do.


So this makes me want to go out there, enjoy it, give it my all and


ALAN DEDICOAT: Dancing their show dance, please welcome back Chelsee


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds




SIR BRUCE FORSYTH: Everyone's a show stopper! How many times can a


show be stopped?! APPLAUSE Pasha, a great routine. Look at them all.


Wonderful! Now, then, Bruno? darling, it was a vision of


seductive beauty emerging from the mists. Then, oh, oh... I loved it.


Hot, now, beautiful. There were a couple of moments, darling, when


you nearly lost it. You covered it up well. It didn't take away from


the wonderful performance. Well done. APPLAUSE Now, then, Craig?


absolutely loved all those lifts. They were fan-tas-tic. The lobster


claw, brilliant. So dangerous as well. This competition is so close.


It is really impossible to call. know. APPLAUSE I agree. To me,


there are three winners. Len? liked the elements of hustle in


there. I thought it was bright and shiny, like the Blackpool


illuminations. What saddens me is that in about an hour's time, one


of our three couples is going to go. Every one of you tonight has given


your all. Well done! APPLAUSE I do agree, Len. It is that close. It is


too close. Alesha? I loved that you were set free in this dance. I


loved the disco element. The beauty of you dancing, Chelsee, is it is


totally natural. You do dance with your heart and people can feel that.


That is a special quality. Thank you. APPLAUSE You are so delightful,


both of you. Off you go. APPLAUSE The numbers are on the screen now.


You can vote for your favourite to win it! Here is our own baby


Beyonce! No! You unleashed your totally unique show dance. Was that


fun? It was so much fun. I loved the lifts. Me, too! I know you did!


All those tricky lifts, she made them look easy! That is the whole


thing. That's the point. Do you reckon your mum and your gran will


be proud if you brought home that trophy? They are proud of me anyway,


even to get this far. I know how much it means to them. To know they


are proud means everything to me. Nice. APPLAUSE The judges' scores


Tension at the Tower is immense. Two of our finalists will dance


again. One couple has already danced their last dance. I can't


bear it! We have heard what the judges think. Let's see how our


stars sit on that leaderboard. Jason and Kristina are at the top.


Chelsee and Pasha are at the bottom. It is very close. Tonight, it will


be your votes that decide who wins. Lines will be frozen at 8.30pm


tonight. At, you will find all the voting details.


If you want your favourite to win Strictly 2011, pick up the phone


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


and vote. Here is a reminder of For four months they have been


dancing and dreaming of this day. They have danced twice already and


To win would mean the world to me. To know that I've got some of the


great British public behind me is such an overwhelming feeling. I


never thought as many people would support me. I appreciate it so much


and I can't thank them all enough. One thing I have learnt is to not


be so conscious of what other people think. When it came down to


it, I thought I do not want to hideaway from this challenge. I


just wanted to embrace it and go for it. I feel genuinely blessed to


have been given this opportunity. I have loved it. I never believed in


myself enough to see that I could possibly get through to the finals.


My family have been incredible. When I'm up, they are up with me.


When I'm down, they are supporting me. If you work hard at things you


can achieve stuff that you don't think is possible. APPLAUSE OK.


Well, well, our fabulous stars have pulled out all the stops and they


have proved time and time again that they are more than worthy


finalists. However, the couple with the lowest votes from you the


public will be knocked out. But whoever that may be, they can leave


this competition with their heads held high. The phone lines will be


frozen at 8.30 tonight and at 9.00 the two couples with the most votes


will dance again. If you are desperate to see your favourite


back for more, pick up the phone and vote because your star needs


The Strictly Come Dancing Grand Final 2011 begins, as Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly throw open the doors to the world-famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool for the first of two spectacular live shows. The three remaining couples each perform two routines, one of which is their no-holds-barred show dance.

The judges will score for guidance only, as it is the viewer vote that will decide who will take home the prized glitterball trophy in the results show.

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