Episode 34 Strictly - It Takes Two

Episode 34

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Robbie and Ola are on their way to Wembley.


I will be finding out what the the costume department have up their


sleeves for the weekend. We get the latest news on Artem's injury. This


is Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes This is Strictly Come Dancing: It


Takes Two. Please welcome your host, it's Zoe Ball.


Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. There is just 48


hours to go until Strictly's biggest ever show. The lights are


going up. The dance floor is being laid and the stage is being set for


Wembley. No pressure for our couples of course, they are putting


the finishing touches to their routines. I will be catching up


with Artem, but first this is how the girls are getting on.


This week, I'm dancing the samba. I can't wait for Pasha to let me go


loose and let me do my thing. It is not an easy dance, but you


can do it. Chelsee is struggling the most with


her mindset because she tried it and it didn't work the first time


and she said, "I cannot do it. I am giving up.". I don't like it. The


technique, I can't get. The steps are really hard. This is a hard


dance, you know. It is hard to make samba look like samba just like


that, you have to put practise into that, you have to put practise into


I just want to get it right. I want to nail the dance. I want to keep


it sambaish. It is getting better and better. It


just needs some work. This is probably one of the


This week we're dancing the tango. Naturally, I find the happier


dances easier so I think the main problem this week is going to be to


get the right, into the right zone. Why are you pouting your lips like


that? Be like me and get more assertive.


I'm not naturally a very assertive person.


No, how are we going to do all this before Saturday? I just became


I've choreographed it, I'll lead it. Look at you following me!


This week, we are dancing the samba. The samba is probably one of the


hardest dances to teach the male and the female celebrities because


it is bounce action and it is all these cross rhythms and there is


lots of steps. This is a busy routine. But it is


such a happy, vibrant dance that Anita always seem to fit into


really well. That's awesome. Five and six and seven. Ah, I like


Seven and eight. We've made it to Wembley. I should


pat myself on the back actually and say, "You've done well to get this


far." I'm very proud and very blessed, I think, that I'm going to


be part of it all. I'm really be part of it all. I'm really


be part of it all. I'm really looking forward to it.


This week, I'm dancing the quickstep.


The quickstep is going to be her dance. I think she will feel more


comfortable. I think I'm better at dancing quick


dances. Holly Valance, that was nice.


I hope my dress is long! I've got two trainers telling me


things from every angle so it is just extra hard for me.


I'm sure Holly is enjoying herself, hanging out with the boys.


I thought we were over this. Artem, stop getting your pole out.


Artem and I are very different in our way of teaching and dancing.


Oh that worked nicely. That was beautiful, guys.


Towards the end of the week we will make a decision as to which lucky


bloke gets to dance with me. I'm So that's how the girls are getting


on. We will find out how the boys are doing later on. First of all,


one man who really wants to be out there on that dance floor on


Saturday is is Artem. We have him on the glitter phone now. Hello,


Artem, how are you? I'm very good. How are you? He sounds positive.


You have finished in training, where are you right now? Right now,


I'm at Wembley and looking at the venue for Saturday.


How did it go yesterday? What did the doctors say? The doctor said


that he thinks I'm going to be able to do it.


Yes! He says yes! But there sounded like there was a


but in your voice? He said, "It is up to you. It depends on the pain


levels." I think it is looking good because after the first rehearsal


with Holly, I danced with her. So far I'm OK. I will wait to see how


I'm feeling in the morning, but I think it is good.


It does sound good. Yes. The people are very, very excited.


I must ask is Brendan still waiting in the wings just in case?


Yes, he is being a trooper. I appreciate all his help and he has


been amazing and a terrific teacher. . When are you going to make the


final decision? I think it is going to be Saturday, to be honest with


you. OK. Well, make sure Kara puts you


to bed early tonne and makes you soup and looks after you. OK, rest


up and we'll keep everything crossed. He is hopefully going to


dance, everybody. Night.


Bye. He is Russian. He is so going to


dance. We like to keep the pro dancers on their toes and what


better way to do if with the help of your questions and our master


Answer the question. Charlotte wants to know, if you


worked in a supermarket, what section would you like to work in?


It is about the shelf stacking and getting the labels facing the right


way. Nice attention to detail, Brendan.


I used to work in a supermarket. I used to be an in store baker.


Very interesting, bye. Probably working in the meat


cutting area. Oh. Just chopping because after


every single rehearsal, you need to release the stress of it. So just


take a steak and chop it, chop it. Maybe I should call the police.


Holly Valance, are you listening? Run for your life.


I'll pick the till because hopefully lots of people don't take


take their change and I can pocket Unparliamentary.


Ann, you can come to my till any time.


No, thank you, I'd rather shop What is he like? I'm worried about


Artem, "chop it, chop it." We are half-way through the series. What a


better better time to look at the good times, the laughs and the


great dancing and the sad goodbyes and who better to take us on that


journey than superfan, Miranda Hart. In a ballroom-style palace, far,


far away, there were 14 couples all laughing and dancing and loving


each other. Smashing. But there was a problem, isn't


there always? .king Bruce of the ballroom issued


a decree, only one couple can stay here and inherit my ballroom crown.


Now between you and me, this was a problem because King of the


Ballroom had hooked up with a younger woman.


I know, saucy. So it was causing a kingdom problem.


It is all happening here. So said the king, "I can't choose


on my own." I have appointed four examples of to help me. Sir Len of


Goodmen, Count booUn roe, one and only.


Sir Alesha Dixon. And Dame Craig Revel Horwood.


She is quite mean, isn't she? She was mean, but she knows all about


armography. I don't know what that is. Challenge one, they dance their


little socks off, but I'm afraid Edwina was the first one to go. No


one likes a politician. It want that surprising, but I miss the


Italian, he is lovely. Challenges two and three, now here


is where it it gets interesting, viewer. There is a pattern forming.


Everyone loves a comedy duo and this couple, just sort of kept on


dancing. But it was sort of dancing. Sort of dancing in inverted commas.


I loved it. So So, "Down." The Daybreak Crier. Rory, the funny man


was out. Between you and me and not his wife, I loved his hip action. I


did. Challenge four, on the spookyest


day of the year, the luck ran out for our court jester and his


Italian mistress, one bad rumba was the final nail in their coffin.


Then there were ten, surely the little Scottish songbird was safe.


There are no fairytale ins this story. That's what makes it so


exciting. Challenge five and she was bye-bye.


In the next challenge, the big fella got knocked out. Well, come


on, he he really put his foot in it this time. You know what they say


about men with big feet - can't can't dance. So now the road to


Wembley is paved with good intentions and our couples keep


whirling and twirling like extras from the red shoes. Who will be


crowned king and queen of our ballroom kingdom? Can you guess? It


is too exciting for words, but I'm going to have to pause our little


story here. I know, it is sad. Don't cry. Please, don't cry. Good


Thank you Miranda. And Miranda will be here next week.


Earlier today, I managed to grab a few minutes with Strictly's head


designer to find out what is coming Time for us to have a good nosey at


what our favourite celebrities will be wearing this weekend. Vicky, how


are you? I'm all right. A big show this weekend. A big


floor at Wembley. Is that an extra big job for the costume department?


A bigger job. Everything has has bigger, brighter bolder to create


an impact on the Wembley Wembley floor pt.


. Tell me about the logistics of moving your kit over to Wembley?


move house. All the lovely ladies are packing around as we speak. It


is like packing up to go on tour for The One Show.


I believe Chelsee is leading the way. Tell us what she is going to


be wearing. Chelsee will be wearing the Union Flag.


Jerry Spice? Yes. We are not using traditional red, white and blue,


because we have that in another number. We are using pale, hot pale,


pink and pale blue. What's going on up top there?


the crystal details on a section on the top of Chelsee's dress and it


scatters down into the Union Flag. The dress is small and fitted to


accommodate all of the detail on the back.


She is doing a samba so you need maximum plumage, don't you? Go,


Chelsee. What about Holly, what is she wearing this week? Holly is


doing a quickstep to an Amy Winehouse number. We have tried to


incorporate that. We are mixing emerald and tor quois blues. There


is five layers of petticoat. The top is to create a cardigan feel


really, but it is a nude base covered in Chrisals. It is


Strictlied up. And we have a little nod to Amy


with a leopard print bow. Is a quickstep number she is doing


and the dress only goes to the knee. Are you breaking rules again,


Vicky? Yes, the second time this series there has been a shorter


stage, but it is Wembley. You can do what you like.


What about Anita? Anita has had some quite outrageous costumes. For


samba this week, it is an eloquent piece. We have a black base and it


has has cerise pink. Is that hot pink? Well, we can say


hot pink, but it is probably florescent pink!


And I'm seeing feathers, more feathers. We had lots of feathers


on Holly's number. Are these the ones that fell off? I would say


five times the amount of Holly's. Look at the shoes? Pink shoes. It


is a no, no, really. The proes don't like it. But it is Wembley!


OK, let's talk about the boys. What's our Jason wearing this week?


He has a pale blue suit, T-shirt underneath. I haven't decided on


the the slogan yet. Kind of what he used to wear in the


80s! What about Russell, dare we even


ask. Ask about Russell. Very bright. That is seriously bright.


Egg yolk yellow. He has lots of stars over his shirt.


I heard he is going to be wearing something glittery on his head?


has a sparkly head detail, but I can't tell you.


I know. It is amazing. What is under the gold cloth. Who will be


wearing this at Wembley this weekend?


Ah, look at the size of those sequins. Are they still called


sequins when they are that big? will call them sequins because we


don't know. There is a 60s feel to that dress?


Yes, the pro pro celebs are doing a 60s number.


I would say Kristina. I can't tell you.


Good luck. Thank you, the gorgeous Vicky.


Last Saturday, Robbie's American smooth earned him the praise he


craved for from Craig. Robin and Ola will be here live in a moment.


Here is how the boys are getting on This week, we are dancing the salsa.


It is very free. It is very floaty. Tas very, very -- it is a very,


very fun dance. The last Latin dance we did, the


judges felt I could give it more. This week I have to focus on my


performance and just letting go. P We're going to work really hard,


but I think he is going to be able to let go with this one. I'm sorry.


We are going to perform our salsa in Wembley which means ten times


more audience. I find it it hard to start thinking


about the audience and everything else because then you forget your


steps. I don't want to fall flat. I want to go out there and give it my


all. This week, we're doing the jive.


There is a full energy dance. going to be a sweaty day, guys. I


think the jive works with my character. I have been doing my


homework. This one is quick, quick. If you thought the quickstep was


fast, this is on a different scale! It is so fast, wow. You Russians


are just like hard core, man. I have to work with Jason because I


want this dance to be amazing and for everyone to be on their feet


and clap and have a good time. It really puts a smile on your face.


I'm starting to feel it now. Fortune favours the brave.


I love the jive. I love it so much because it is full of energy. It is


dynamic. It is fast. It is just so wouzer! You give him the fast dance


which most people can't keep up with and he doubles it.


What happens is there is part of the jive where we do four quick


kicks and we're doing little flicks, little deadly flicks.


So far, I've managed to stab Flavia to death four times.


She has not got me once. Flavia This week we are dancing the is


salsa. It is a fun party dance. A lot of


hip actions. A lot of moves. I'm enjoying this one.


I bet you did. Even if I go wrong, I'm going to


dance T I'm going to shake it and give it somg. -- some.


I wasn't that nervous because we practise and practise and when you


get it, you can get it. It is not like something could go wrong


because she is quite light. There is three very difficult lifts.


There is two on my neck and having broken my neck in the past so


that's going to be a tester to be fair. I just hope my neck is strong


enough. What happened?


I am so pumped for this week. I think people will be blown away by


Delighted to see you both. How much did it mean to you Robbie to get


those comments from Craig on Saturday night? It meant everything


because it helped Ola to get to Wembley. You were happy as well?


was delighted. He was.


31 was your highest score to date. Well done.


APPLAUSE 31 is like I'm in the relegation


zone really now because me and Alex are like relegation and Harry and


Jason, they are Manchester City. Never underestimate the under dog


because Darren Gough, quietly doing your thing. Later on, it can still


happen. Me and Alex have improved. If I go


out Saturday, I have had a great experience and I proved to myself,


I can dance. Don't start talking about leaving


yet. Craig loved Robbie's arm placement, you must have worked


hard on his arms? We have worked on his arms a lot. I was happy for


Craig to mention that and notice that we worked on the arms. They


were very good, weren't they? have just got to work on my feet


now. When you did the waltz, your mum and your wife cried. My mother


is staying with my father because he is not well. She has not had the


opportunity to come that often. I am a ballroom boy. The salsa on


Saturday is is wouzers. Your boys, Charlie and Freddie,


what do they make of their daddy? They love their daddy. I haven't


seen them since last Wednesday. You go to To Strictly and you know what


is going to happen. Hello, I love you.


On Tuesday, talking about your dancing being fabulous, Karen Hardy


said she was impressed with your lifts and transitions back into the


dance moves. How is your dance termology coming on. Are you


picking up the lingo? Well, to be fair I'm like a dog because all Ola


says is, "Sit. Stay. Good boy. Roll over. Roll Roll over. ". Do you get


doggy treats if you are good. Maybe that's what you need to do.


Now it is Wembley, the big W this weekend.


We are concerned that you are notks sited about it because -- excited


because you have hardly mentioned Wembley. What's driving me is


Wembley. I want to get to Wembley. Wembley. I played at Wembley twice


and I won the Carling Cup. I have seen bands at Wembley, you know.


I played at Wembley twice. The final hurdle getting to Wembley. Is


that when it goes to Wembley? Wembley. Wembley is Wembley.


Wembley. Wembley. To Wembley. Wembley. Did you ever play in


Wembley? Yeah. How many times? Twice. Only twice? I wasn't that


good. You did win there with Leicester?


Yeah, Ola was right, I wasn't that good. I didn't play at Wembley that


much! The thing is when you danced at


Reading, a few weeks ago, the TV went to Reading, you said you


weren't that nervous going out there and dancing. Do you think you


will be suited to dancing at Wembley Arena.


Yes, the song is Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams.


It must really help to dance to a record that is this good that you


love, surely that helps the spirit of the dance. Yes, it does. That's


what we will be relying on on Saturday, the spirit of the dance.


It is a salsa, but there is more entertainment. This is for the


public, you know, we're going to give it everything. My hips, I am


not a salsa boy, I'm not, but we're going to give it our best shot and


I think people will love it, I honestly do.


Before we start talk being your hip action, Robbie, I must ask about


Robbie Williams. He is your mate. Has he given you any advance?


can't come, he put it back a couple of weeks because he is busy making


a new album. He e-mailed me. He said attack it with gust yes o go


out there -- gusto and think that you are the best person on earth.


Good advice from Williams. You should have that tattooed on your


arm before you go. When you started your training, you struggled a bit,


but we think we may have uncovered the secret ingredient to your


recent success, Mr Savage. He is a dancer now so he has to get


tough. Oh that's hard, that.


Yes. That's hard. The way my brain works,


I can't do it. I need to toughen up. Toughen up


I've got muscles in my head! It feels weird, doesn't it? Yes.


I'm sorry. APPLAUSE


Give that boy a cake. You are doing the salsa, how is the hip action?


How is it looking Ola? He is looking good, yes. Something to


look forward to. We've got three big lifts. We have seen a sneaky


peak of some of them. I have bruises everywhere and they are


painful. That's a difficult lift when you


have had a broken neck in the past. Please go easy.


What a way to go out! Come on, Savage.


It is every man's dream. Who are you like? How much do you


want to stay in the competition? More than anything. It has been the


best experience of my life and I love it. Ola, she is magnificent.


And she has bruises from that lift. She wanted to show you, but it was


just too rude. Go get them. Thank you to all my


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