Episode 51 Strictly - It Takes Two

Episode 51

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It's the aftermath of a double elimination. Coming up: I'll be


talking to Alex and James, sadly defeated by Strictly gladiators.


Holly and Artem talk to me live about missing out on their spot in


Blackpool, and Bruno Tonioli gives his take on the finalists.


Live from Television Centre, this is Strictly It Takes Two. Please


welcome your host, Zoe Ball! Welcome to It Takes Two. What a


semifinal weekend it was. I don't know about you, I loved it. Every


second. No room for error. Our Famous Five pulled out all the


stops to mike it to the Strictly final. Craig dusted off his ten


paddle not once but twice. He was good! In a moment I'll be talking


to Alex and James, the first casualties. Tensions were running


high on Saturday night. All oo our cameras caught all the nerves.


too tired to be nervous. In an hour's time I'll be depriving


myself of food due to the nerves that will be killing me for the


semifinals. Upset it could be the last one. James and I have spoken


this morning. He feels anxious as well. Nothing about tonight will be


easy. We have come this far, you have got nothing to lose. There's a


nip in the air but it's going to be red hot in the ballroom. Semifinal,


two dances to do, and what is amazing, I haven't any idea who is


going to make it to Blackpool. pass ya, it's not really friends


with me, I can't do it. I like the bit where you go aah down the


stairs! The salsa, not my favourite. Five fabulous celebrities. It's


going to be brilliant. Pause, I have a poorly back and neck. Polly


has a bad knee. I I think I have to fake an injury. Otherwise the guys


will get sympathy. I've got a bad shoulder. Jason! Jason! It's a


nightmare, I'm telling you. Attacked. Attacked. By Jason


Donovan fans. The pressure is on. We have got... Royalty. He has to


do well. I'm proud of this. Bruce and Leonardo on the wall of the BBC.


I don't think Pasha is best pleased. I like this better. Prettier.


minutes to show time! To get to Blackpool everyone has to just up


their game. They have all been good. But they have got to become great.


It ain't over until it's over. I'm not giving up. It's show time. It's


the semifinal. I think the semifinal is going to be great. It


Takes Two, this year, fantastic. Well done. Please welcome Alex and


James. Firstly, can I say, Alex, huge congratulations for being such


a clever brilliant girl and getting this far in the competition. You


have been amazing. How was Saturday night for you, two dances, were


they nearly the death of you? Saturday I was incredibly nervous.


All of a sudden, I thought we're in the semifinal. And I better get a


grip. That made me completely nervous. In the walz especially.


Then we got the salsa. The walz was a dance I really enjoyed learning.


I'm annoyed with myself for getting so nervous. What can I do. Bottom


of the leaderboard, were you hoping the public would save you?


course we did. We did want to get to Blackpool because it would mean


we would have another week and could see the experience through.


We were never going to win. It was never about winning. Never about


winning. We were happy to get to the semifinals. We had fun doing it.


It would have been a bonus getting to the final. The three dancers in


it, they deserve it. It will be fantastic. They deserve to be in


the final. We I wasn't strong Taken it. The right result took


place. Those three people deserve to be there on Saturday. It has


been incredible adventure, I'm not using the "j" word. Despite working


on The One Show, you have given so much fun and energy. Don't cry


James. James is cheeky chappie which makes the session fun. She's


so easy to work with. Always in a good mood. That rubs off on me.


Normally I'm a miserable person. There were parts that were really


good and nearly good. It's lamb to the slaughterhouse. I thought it


was starchy and stiff. Only one way to go, upwards. I'm having problems


with holding me arms up. Like being in Madame Taussauds. Ms Jones I had


no idea so you were such a glamour He's like an annoying older brother.


No! It was simple, but it was simply beautiful. Let's get ready


to rumba! Sexless, cold and stiff. I think James' job is quite a lot


harder this week. We 4 -- had quite a knock. The confidence is not


there. You need to channel a lost anger and aggression. I will get


her to think of one person... Craig Revel Horwood! It was the


antithesis6 last week. I almost found it erotic. You have puped --


upped your game. She has difficulties doing one step let


alone 100. Elegant... Frisson running up my spine. This week it


would be a good idea to have the int -- St on's ambulance poised.


was full of ver verbgs and gusto. - verve. Sharp. I don't want her


moaning in the stoofplt It's because of the shoes. My ribs.


You're lucky you don't have a nag for a partner. I love the goofiness


you put in. You have been consistently improving in the


competition. Strictly is quite an intense experience but I literally


can say I've loved every single day. It's everything I thought it would


be and more. You have danced beautiful and you deserve to be in


this semifinal. The first couple leaving tonight is... Alex and


James. The first time I met you Alex we clicked and got on really


well. It has been an honour, a pleasure and privilege, and I've


enjoyed every single second. I thank you for that. I would like to


say a huge thank you to James, he has become a really close friend.


To get me in the -- to the semifinals he deserves a medal. I


love him to bits. I will miss him. Tissues. How proud of Alex are you?


Very. I never thought we would get that far. You have sproifd me. I


didn't think you would be able to dance the way you did in the


semifinal. I've enjoyed -- hand on my heart, I know lots of people say


"I've had a wonderful experience" it has been so much fun. That is


what this show has been. It has not been about winning. I have loved it.


Will you keep on dancing In if you want to give me a few lessons. I


think he's at the end of his tether. Not at all. Who are you rooting for


out of the finalists? All great. Anyone could genuinely lift up the


trophy. For me personally I would like to see Harry win, but if


Chelsee or Jason won, they are wonderful people. I think Harry has


been slightly undermarked. He's consistent 6789 and tried. You have


to work now on The One Show. We get to see a side of you we don't see


on The One Show, it has been a joy to watch. Brilliant! In a few


moments... So so sad. I'll be pieces in the end of the show. I'll


talk to Holly and Artem. Double the dancers this weekend, there was


plenty to get your tongues wagging. Get it together Ball. Go Jason good


luck. I was going to say how much I enjoyed the video. I'm a former


rugby player, and explayer, imagine how I feel watching Harry's dance


with tears down my cheeks. Go Harry. Anyone notice when Vernon Jordan


pulled a face in the camera and Chelsee got lifted up at the end.


We're coming around yourself to watch the final. Welcome Holly and


Artem. Tissues at the ready. I'm sorry to see you here. You were


exquisitite on Saturday night. My dad was in the audience. He's


furious you did not get into the semifinal. Were you happy with your


performances?. I would have loved to have gone out with a bigger bang.


I had a feeling I was probably going to go, if I could have


switched them and gone out with the tango rather than the Charleston.


What didn't you like about the Charleston. Not I didn't like it.


It was a difficult dance for me. It would have been nice to start with


it, and go out with something I loved. The judges praised it. How


did you think it went? We walked off last! It went better on the


dress run I think. We'll not ask more... The thing is performing


live it's such a difficult job to do. You never know things can go


wrong. I sometimes do a dance and think what is next and don't


remember. It's so difficult. To do two dances after 14 weeks, you must


be exhausted. It's getting to the point where it's not so much


physically, but mentally. Everyone is starting to get colds. I dropped


like a fly in the Charleston. Live. Let's talk about your Argentine


tango. It was stunning. Did you love it?. I absolutely loved it.


It's one of the dance styles I would like to do after the show.


This and paso. The flamenco stuff. The Spanish or Argentinian things.


You excelled at those. How far has Holly come since the first day she


walked in the training room? have to walk back and see cha-cha,


and paso. How dodgy I looked! you -- are you very proud you are


of her? Absolutely. Seriously. People don't understand how


difficult it is to do the show. It's such an uncomfortable thing to


do in the beginning. You don't know what you're up to. And to go for 11


weeks straight and perform, and do a good job. It's phenomenal.


was working with Artem. Hardcore. He's -- he is strict. He is strict.


Do I want to work with someone hard, or float along with -- and not get


better. The point is to become a better dancer. If anyone is going


to do it, it's that man. You have treated us to memorable and frankly


stunning performances. Holly here is your story. Who will your


partner be? Artem. It's so happy. He pushes me. Artem doesn't give


compliments out. You really have to be good to get them. Flowingly


sensous the footwork was good. The extensions excellent. But it needs


more bite. I'm not grasping the salsa as quick as I thought. Even


when I ask her, can you keep dancing, and look at me. She finds


that hard. I might look here or there. It's quite upsetting and


depressing. What is whropbg wrong with the face. You move your body


so well. Please just let go. your head up. I'm going to lose it.


He gets strict when he is stressed. People think I'm rude, I'm not rude


I'm just Russian. I want to be a criminal. Everyone will queue up to


join you in jail! The Viennese waltz is not my cup of tea. At a


party, at home. At a party, at home. I'm a lady, you see, I do lady's


things. I'm not lady like at all. You could be amazing. You need to


focus and give even more power. going to be black swan for the


American Smooth. We have a lot of turns and it's tricky to come out


and not throw up. Very high risk. You made it work. This shows you're


a major contender. Very creative, very different. Very, very cool.


The girl's tough. Artem has hurt his back. My knight in shining


armour arrived. Brendon and Artem giving each other lots of attention.


Me in the corner... I'm loving this new partnership! Artem is fit and


ready to go. It looks like you're overthinking. Stop it! Dancing


again, next week are Holly and Artem. One, two,... The judges are


saying Holly is holding back. don't know why I can't let go.


-- trying to get over the barrier of trying to be safe. Foxtrot,


demure and alluring, you totally owned it. The paso style of dancing


I like to do. I love it. That my darling must be your personal best.


It was absolutely gorgeous. But the final couple leaving tonight is...


Holly and Artem. I'm just really proud of us. Definitely. All about


the story and getting there. And all the wonderful things I have to


learn. I want to say thank you so much, you have been terrific and


just... Thank you. Well done! Russian has rubbed off on me. I'm


no longer crying. A bit steamy but not. What are you going to take


away? The fitness and health and strength I've got. It's a good


character-building exercise. Something that is hard is worth it,


and you come out of it, think I'm glad I did it. I think even though


day, it's hard. Hard things are good for you. I'll have it printed


on a plate. It's a bit rude. Don't go there... Always me. Who do you


want to win? I don't have a favourite. I think the person who


wants it the most, and dead kaits the most -- it -- dead kaits the


most to getting it. All three of them. -- dedicates. Then there were


three. In a minute I'll grill Bruno Tonioli. First, as it's our final


week, we have decided to launch our award ceremony. The glitterballs.


Each day this week we will pay tribute to the unforgettable


moments that made this so fabulous. Who better to ask than Karen Hardy


and Ian Waite. Please welcome Ian Waite and Karen Hardy. Are you


going to stand on that box. Good. It's such an exciting night, I can


hardly contain myself. The nominees for the big entrance. Craig Revel


Horwood as Brian May, and Lulu, and Russell Grant, and Craig for


arriving on broomstick. Who had the biggest entrance? The winner is


Russell Grant for being fired out of a canon. Russell could not be


with us to pick up the award. He gave us the special message. I want


to thank you so much, for this fabulous, fabulous, glitterball


globey thing, for the best entrance, biggest entrance, the most


humungous entrance. How can I thank you you all. Such a wonderful man.


Hearing it for Russell and his entrance. Making a fabulous


entrance himself, welcome Strictly's Italian dish, Bruno


Tonioli! Look like you. Black and black... Have a seat gorgeous man.


I'm gone all Fosse. Can't help myself. It's you. We have three


finalists. Chelsee, and Harry and jais Johnon. They are brilliant.


All deserve to be there. It will be an amazing final. Nothing to take


away from the other two. Saturday night was amazing. They all were


fabulous. Difficult to call it. We have our finalists. Chelsee and her


American Smooth. You were saying she has a phrasing that can take


dancers years. It's to do how you express yourself through music.


People go one, two, three, she extends the arm and gets to the


last beat of the last moment and then retreats it. It's something


you have, you have or don't have. An instrument played by a God.


Perpaso, and Pasha doblo. It was like a wave, upon wave, wave upon


wave, building, building, to a fantastic ending. She was on top


all the way through. Totally focused. Beautifully danced. I just


loved it. The first time the paso doble had 40, incredible. She has


been to Downing Street tonight. I've never been! Jason, Samba


notoriously tricky and difficult. A hard dance. It is hard for him. In


those full-on Latin dances, like the jive, the dance is technically


very difficult but you have to make it look easy. You have to put a lot


of performance power behind it, but you have to keep it right.


Sometimes the performance power makes you lose the step or the


riefpl. It happened in the jive. In Wembley. And it happened in the


Samba. It was going all so well. That's why it wasn't a ten. He's


doing the salsa in the final. he! You know more than I do. I may


be taken out and eaten! I should be quiet. The Argentine tango, a


record-breaking performance. That wass the other opposite. He was so


into the performance. Playing it as if going for an Oscar. I'm going to


nail this! Every step full of passion and intention. The two


gelled beautifully. 6 to -- you have to give credit to the partner.


At this stage It Takes Two to tango. Both have to be on the same moment,


wanting the same thing at the same time. I was worried he was going to


kill her?!. That's what I called it, death by Kristina. Like watching a


thriller. Wonderful. What a way of ending the show. Especially had the


first dance wasn't so splendid. What about Harry. Aliona, she


kicked off with the checky Charleston. Every time we talk


about the Charleston. We say the swivel. He was just incredible.


Incredible on it. And the performance, all nice, hello sailor.


Hello sailor! Do you think there's extra pressure for him to come out


and give a show stopping performance. He handles it well.


there is anything, you don't see it any more. In the beginning of the


serious - series, there was times he looked a bit tight. I think


you'll forget about it now. The -- in Blackpool, it will be incredible.


His Viennese walz, You have to remember, the Viennese walz only


has three steps, you haven't much to work with, you have to sustain


the performance, but you have to create a mood. He created a mood of


love. I don't think there was a perch in the studio or the country


that wasn't moved by that performance. You called him a


Prince. He looked like a Prince. Prince Harry! A big final on


Saturday. Blackpool tower. I can't wait. What do see from our dancers?


What can we expect? I've heard they're doing four dances each.


new dances, and the dreaded freestyle. And the show dance.


happens if they get that wrong, the wrong concept, the wrong


choreography, and mix of steps, the judges can turn. And it always is


usually if someone falls badly, Colin Jackson,... With the dolls...


It's not something you can throw away. Tom Chapls, the show dance,


stunning. That was a show dapbz. Everybody was this is incredible.


It's very, very important. They really have to work on it. The


special thing about Blackpool is the energy. You have an audience,


the ballroom audience, the Mecca ballroom. They are incredible.


Don't miss a thing. But you have to use the amazing audience to feed


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