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Episode 50

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It's the Friday before the semi- finals. They packed a punch with


their paso. Have they got enough fight to get to the final? I will


drop into the BBC One studio for a sneak peek of the samba. The boss


of the ballroom, Mr Goodman answers your questions in Len's dance


Live from Television Centre, this is Strictly It Takes Two. Here's


Zoe. Hello. Hello. Welcome to It Takes


Two. There is an air of pure excitement in the studio tonight,


as you can hear, because in 23 hours, 58 minutes and 35 seconds,


our Famous Five will hit the Strictly dance floor and the semi-


finals will commence. One couple who are in it to win it


are Holly and Artem. I will chat to them live, right after this


reminder of their stomping paso doble.


Finally Holly, you Spanish sorceress. Your hands and arms were


superb. You have stepped it up a notch. Good for you! This is not


about where you start, it's where you finish and I tell you, you're


finishing strong. That, my drlling must be your personal -- my darling


must be your personal best. We got two tens. That's a perfect


score! We have been in the bottom two for


two weeks. We had to bring it and bring it strong. It was awesome. We


got a standing ovation. Two tens, unbelievable!


Please welcome the come-back kids, Holly and Artem.


We thought you'd still be holding your certificate. I wanted to.


James was so jealous, I decided not to bring it. Holly, last weekend


you needed to pull it out of the bag and boy, did you show us all.


An amazing dance, great comments. Craig said your personal best.


There is proof of how good it is, you are now officially joint


highest record holder with Austin Healey for the best paso doble on


Strictly ever. You have beaten Emma Bunton and even Kara as well.


she's good. She was good. She's still good. How did it feel out


there last weekend? I loved every second of it. I went out fighting.


I loved the choreography. I thought if we go out, we'll go out with a


bang. And you didn't. You are still here. Thank goodness! People love


you and they loved that dance last weekend. You are not as


complimentary about yourself. watch myself and think it looks


like a dog's breakfast most of the time. Do I look like a gooz during


that bit. I have turned into an elephant. I look like a rag doll. I


am gripping on like a monkey. No, I am the hunchback, I thought. That


leg looked like a dog weeing on a lamppost. I feel like a dog chasing


its own tail. The reason I am doing that is because in my head I know I


am kicking back like a horse. It is like a cat in a cage, that is what


I'm going to look like. You are hilarious. I do love it. Yesterday


you tweetded to your fellow celebrities, "is anyone else having


trouble walking. Even my eyelashes hurt." I went down stairs last


night backwards. My boyfriend when, What are you doing? You have the


Argentine tango and the charleston. You will dance to this music.


In case you recognise it Arnold Schwarzenegger did a tango to that


music in True Lies. It is in three or four films.


Chelsee was criticised for not having enough intensity. They were


criticised for not having enough intensity in their Argentine tango.


How are you doing? We may get some of our own complaints. Can we see


the passionate look between you? That will.... That will do it!


Artem, what is Holly's biggest... In goes a round of applause! What


is her biggest challenge with the Argentine tang go? I think we have


a challenge in the Charleston. it all comes out, doesn't it?


have made it through 11 weeks and now it goes wrong. This is what you


are dancing to. A nice modern take there. It requires a lot of over


the top characterisation. You are very laid back. How are you getting


on? This is annoying me all this laid back stuff. If you cut my head


off I'm doing the amount of hard work, if not more with all the


stuff, I can not ham things. I am probably just a bit... What is a


British thing. I am basically beige. You are so complimentary about


yourself! Is it going well? It is a party tune. We want to get the


party started. This could be it. I am grateful, I cannot believe we've


got this far any way - we want to have a party, giggle. Kick some


flicks. Do all that stuff. It is being muted as the toughest semi-


final yet in Strictly history. How are you feeling about the yds that


two couples will go home this -- fact that two couples will go home


this weekend? It is OK if we go out because it is further than we


thought we'd get. How will you get the judges' scores up? How will you


make sure you are in the final, Artem? I don't know. You are


exhausted. He's saving it all... There is a lady at the back saying


"Ah!" don't feel sorry for him, this is his profession. How much do


you want to be on the black board? A lot, if it doesn't kill us first.


Holly and Artem. APPLAUSE


Come on! So excited. Now we have a very


extra special Friday treat for you. All series this man has been


critiquing our celebrities, now for one night only Len Goodman is


answering your dance dilemmas in He's the first man you want on the


scene of a dance emergency, please welcome Len Goodman.


Thank you so much, Len. I shall go here and perch. It is wonderful to


have you here. Thank goodness Russell Grant has not sat on one of


these! You will answer some viewers' questions for us. What is


the Dance Clinic ailment that bugs you most? Technique. It is in all


the forms, the posture, the hold, all the technical fuddy-duddy


things that I am picky about. So technique. Let's work on some. The


first question: We do a lot of cruising and find the dance law is


a little smaller than we are used to. How can we best modify your


dancing style to make best use of the space available yet still


appear graceful. That is from Julian. Doing a bit of cruising,


are you. I guessed he would be. Julian, it's like driving your car.


You know, obviously we'd like lots of room and we can swan along at


the speed we want, but that doesn't happen when you're on a cruise


liner or whatever. The floor's going to be crowded, so you have to


modulate where you can. You move swiftly on.


A little bit of congestion, then you... But even so, you can still


be thinking about your posture and this and that. Then, when a gap


comes along, off you go again. You have to cut your cloth to suit the


customer and the floor. Question answered. Next question is from


Nick. My question is: When I do my ballroom dances, the quickstep and


so on, I get told that my hands are in the wrong place. Could you


demonstrate a good hold for me, please?


A good hold. Nick looks quite a burley chap. Well he did. Well


built. Well built and burley. First of all, your hold will change with


the height of your partner. You would not hold them if they are


small as you would someone who is tall. It is about balance. If I


take hold of you. Please take hold of me - someone should! I would


locate your brassier. The back of And then, this arm, this hand


should be up. What we want then, if I moved, so they see my back, the


distance from my spine to my right elbow should be basically the same


as the distance from the spine to my left elbow. That's what gives


you balance in the hold. Now, if I had a very small person, of course


this hand would have to come a little.... If I was like that.


I am down a bit. This hand wants to be adjacent to your nose with you I


am up here. With this one, I'm down here. I am not sure how long I can


hold that pose. Oh, my ties! A, to -- Oh my thighs. A, to it is


to do with your partner and B to do with your hold. Another question: I


seem to struggle doing the tang go and making my move -- tango and


making my moves look quick. What we are talking about is the sharpness.


It's partly to do with the head, especially the lady's head and


partly to do with the feet. The feet should have this, what we call


a delayed foot action. You don't just close up, you snap it closed.


Now what I will do is I'll do a step called "the link" with you.


What I will ask you to do is move that glass stall backwards.


Of course the tango hold is different. This hand is going under


this. This is here. I vaguely remember. I go down. You will go


back with your right leg. Step it back. Step to the side.


As we do this, your head is going from the left to the right.


Let's do that again. It's been a while. I am a bit rusty.


As you step to the side jerk that head around.


No.... Bigger step. It is my massive feet. Sorry, Len. Step it


back. Not yet. Go! How was that? Now we're in promenade position.


This is side by side. Let's do it once more. It's all


about your head and ya-da! Whooo-hoo!


Here we go. Let's hear it for Len. Thank you, Sir. My pleasure! Just


for fun, for you at home, can you guess which one of our pros is


Dancers in disgieds. -- disguise.


# Do you come from the land Down Under? #


Find out later in the show! Who is the little roo!? Now it is


time for our last Friday Panel of the serri.


It's a -- series. You are in for a treat as we welcome Su Pollard.


Chart topper Pixie Lott and Mr Entertainment, Lionel Blair.


Entertainment, Lionel Blair. Welcome.


I have loved the series. It has been a Corker. Su, you are doing


the Christmas special. My dear, talk about anxiety. I had


the wrong pair of shoes. If your shoes don't fit in the right pair


you cannot do your steps. I had pointed shoes, I said, this is


going to be no good. Can I sing? They got me a pair. I improved, I


am happy to say, but not enough. can't wait! There you are in your


frock though. Did you get to keep that? That is incredible. I think


it's going to an old people's home or something. It will be on


Christmas Day. You will not want to miss it. Holly danced to Cry Me Out


on the show. She did her Viennese waltz to it. How is it to hear Dave


Arch and his band perform one of your numbers on the show? Fpbl


Twitter went -- My Twitter went crazy.


She is a great talent and so young. We saw you on the series helping


out Rory. He did his best dance out Rory. He did his best dance


that week. D It has been one of the best series from the point of the


non-dancers, improved so quickly. Quicker than any other series. You


were wonderful,vy to tell you. You're pretty good yourself!


I have to say. They did improve very quickly. The last five are


really terrific. They are really good. Let's look at them. Semi-


finals tomorrow. They are all tackling two dancers. First we will


talk about Chelsee and Pasha. Let's see their paso training. Here they


are, paso doble, this will be good for Chelsee. They are dancing to


this music. Like it! What do you think - can Chelsee get


to grips with the dominant paso, do you think? I think she can. The


paso doble it's a feisty one, isn't it. Didn't you do it? I used to do


ballroom and Latin when I was ten. I used to do little competitions. I


remember doing the paso doble. It is fiery. She's an actress....


thing I love about Chelsee is she finishes her step, zoom. She has a


sharpiest to her which is very -- sharpness to her which is very


important. Her hands are beautiful as well. They are dancing to this


music. It's Cyndi Lauper. What do you want to see in American smooth?


Smooth and they have smooth. For the youngest couple, they are


terrific. As I say, she moves it beautifully. What do you think


about the romance here? Straight away as long as you can get a


characterisation, she does not is to be who she is in real life, she


takes on a character. Are vow have you -- have you seen how her whole


body is fluid. Mine is like this. I'm loving having you here! Let's


look at Harry and Aliona. Here's their charleston training. This is


the music they are dancing to. I can see you are desperate to say


something about Harry. This is Peggy Lee.


He is unbelievable. The wonderful thing, the reason I think he's so


good, when you play the drums you do that with your feet and that


with your hands. The co-ordination. And hands. He's got to give it a


bit up here then he'll get it. not ugly.


He's all right on the eyes. It must be all right to have somebody


holding you, when you think "You're all right, mate." He wants to beat


his partner who has just won the jungle. Yes, King of the Jungle.


They are dancing to this year's Love.


-- This Year's Love. I had no idea. McFly are not known


for dancing, they rock out on stage. I had no idea that he could dance


like that. Do you think at future McFly gigs they will all be dancing


- a different crowd in the audience. Let's look at al election and James,


who are doing -- Alex and James, who are doing the salsafplt this is


what they are dancing to in the salsa. Would this get your hips


going? Come on. Oh, yes! You won't see this anywhere else


this time on a Friday night. know what is so good about that,


you are in a sex pot, hopefully if you have got one. Your inner sex-


pod makes you want to get the rhythm. If you don't have any fun


with that, then that is really sad. To watch that I think it will be


stunning. It will be stunning. Come on, Alex.


They are doing the waltz and dancing to a Aretha Franklin


classic, written by Carol King, who was on The One Show this week. Are


you a fan of this song? What do you think of her steps? I am a massive


fan of this song. When you get to dance to such a great song it is


such a great motive. The steps follow. I am a massive


fan of the song. When it sweeps like that you want to sweep along.


She does sweeping really well. It is what it may come to. You


dance with Anton on the Christmas special. What is it like to be in


the arms of a pro dancer? Straight away, he said "Su, follow me. I


will take you. I lead." I kept forgeten. I said you're Butch, I'm


Fem. I was always dancing with the girls there were no blokes at


school. It is a nightmare. He is so confident. He said, "Don't look


down." Anybody to win or not, to take part and come this far and not


have discipline like this ever.... It is hard. Jason and Kristina this


week take on the argentin tango and the samba. Here is their --


Argentine tango and the samba. Here it is.


It is very good. I would like his flick to be flickier. He's improved


enormously! He's got to have more... And forget counting the steps -


he's got to dance. Live it in the face. Look who he is dancing with.


They are all doing the samba, which we will see a sneak preview of


later on. Oh, wow!


They are liking it. Su is happy with that. Holly and Artem are


doing the charleston and the Argentine tango. They are dancing


here to Americano. Oh, it's gone. Never mind we've lost the CD.


did that record Kiss Kiss. She should do that. How do you think it


will go - will it be good for Holly? I think absolutely excellent.


I can have... I don't want to give too much away, but in conversation


with Holly, she thinks, she loves You all ought to tell me at the


same time who you want to win? Harry.


Such a great panel. APPLAUSE Amazing. Next up we get an


exclusive peak. The final is nearly upon us. All they want to do is


# Stay now # Baby, if you've got to go away


# Don't think I can take the pain # Won't you stay another day


# Stay now # Stay now # Don't you know we've


come too far now # Just to go and try to throw it


all away 8 # Thought I heard you say you loved


# That your love was going to be here to stay


# I've only just began to know you # All I can say is won't you stay


just one more day # Stay now


# Baby, if you've got to go away # Don't think I could take the pain


# Won't you stay another day # Stay now


Stay # Don't leave me alone like this


# Stay for a final kiss # Would you stay another day


# Stay now D they are, your five semi-


finalists. I think you would agree, telly gold. I have popped to the


BBC One studio for the last time. This time last week the whole of


the circus will be up at the ballroom. We have a special next


week for you live from Tess's area. I thought I would come and get


acquainted. Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihanoff


are here. Are you more nervous than before? I think in a funny way,


having been in the position we were in last week, we are going to go


for it this week. Have some fun and enjoy ourselves. You are doing the


samba. I did have a sneaky look around the corner earlier on. I


want to do a samba check for you. Promenade runs? Check. The frilling


of the skirt? Check. Vol ters? Just say yes. It will be a whole in one.


Fingers crossed. Are you enjoying it? I soo to say the run-through --


I have to say the run-through today has been a pleasure. Whatever


happens, this weekend that will be the last time you dance in this


studio here, here in London. Sad times. How does that make you feel?


I have done some shows during my time. The atmosphere here on a


Saturday night is unbelievable. Maybe it is due to anxiety. Nervous,


shock and fear. You know, it's a wonderful show. I'm very proud to


have been part of it, to work with this one. She is good. You are a


very lucky boy. You had a sneaky look at the competition. Do you


look at the dancers and get an idea? We were in a bubble today. We


enjoyed our run-through. It was great. We had a fun dance. You are


dancing to the Jackson Five. It is a happy tune. Listen, good luck


this weekend. I will be your alarm call tomorrow morning. I will speak


to you on my radio show. 6-8am. I will wake you up. You will give us


a sneaky peek of the samba. While they prepare themselves we'll


have a reminder of who was dancing Who needs Skippy when you have


Robin Windsor? As promised, you can have a sneaky peek of the samba, as


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