Episode 49 Strictly - It Takes Two

Episode 49

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It is Thursday, coming up: Chelsee and Pasha had a fairy-tale ending


to their jive on Saturday. They are here live. I will be taking a sneak


preview at what they will be wearing on Saturday. It is time to


set a brand-new, world record. We reveal which of our pro dancers has


won hour botafago challenge. This Live from Television Centre, days


is It Takes Two. Hello and welcome. The pressure is now on. Our five


remaining couples have two dances to perfect for Saturday night, one


ballroom and one Latin. With just three places up for grabs in the


Blackpool final, the training rooms have become their second homes.


Here is how they are getting on. The it is the Argentine tango, a


very precise dance, it is very passionate and fiery. It is like


you are showing your power to meet. It has to be powerful and strong,


but not aggressive. I need to make sure his frame is smoother and


drops down from the elbows. Elbows down. Elbows down. There is a story


to be told as always. I like the strength of character. Nothing is


coming easy, but if something does not come easy, you dig a little


deeper and get the result you want. That is really good. Whatever


happens on Saturday, I am going to go out and give it won big shot.


This week I am dancing the American Smooth. It is very nice and it is a


love story. It always makes you a bit more nervous knowing you have


got lift. I hope to God I can pull it off. Slow down, slow down. I


think Chelsee is OK with picking up the steps. The challenge is to


become the character. And trying to find something. Trying to find


something. That is perfect. The judges have picked up on the lack


of passion. I am going to try my best and put it out this week.


is concentrated love in a minute and a half on the dancefloor. Save


it for the next dance. The Paso Lots to learn this week. First up


is the Viennese waltz. Harry is looking smoother than ever. He is


becoming quite a little ballroom dancer. The main problem that


usually people find with the waltz is getting dizzy. At the beginning


we did a section where we were going round and round and you come


out and you are like... He is coping with motion sickness pretty


well. We have to nail both of the dances. If we mess up, we could be


going home. The first dance we are doing is the


waltz and I am looking forward to this one. We have only done a


little bit, and so far it seems OK. When I watch James doing it, it


looks lovely and beautiful and I think, I can do that, and I cannot.


Alex has improved massively since the beginning of the show, but she


does not believe in herself. There are these bits where you do your


arms. I just feel like a crow and that is not the idea, but it is


supposed to be romantic and beautiful. I have 100% faith in


Alex now. In this waltz potentially she could get her first 10. I have


got the Charleston and the Argentine tango this week. I think


I relate more to the Argentine tango. It is very strong and


serious, but I love that. As long as we can get the usual aspect of


tango and the intensity of last week, it might be a good dance for


us. The hardest part of the tango so far is my chair dancing. I think


this is going to look awkward. I can barely bounce standing on my


feet, let alone on my bottom. We are cramming too learnt everything.


You are facing this way. It has not happened yet. I am hoping that on


Saturday it will. 10 days ago we launched the it takes to Pro Dance


Challenge to see who could set a brand-new world record for the most


number of botafagos in 30 seconds. Please welcome our last two


contenders, Mr James children and Mr our temp Tiggerdine said. --


Artem Chigvintsev. You can tell it is getting competitive because the


guns are out today. He said, I am sitting in the celebrity seats will


stop how nervous are you about the results? This is a big deal. James


is worried because he lost to Brendan. Brendan did pretty well.


It did not really resemble a botafago to be fair. Let's have a


She stopped and had another cup of tea. Flavia beat Pasha. Do you


think you will be Brendan? I do not know. Flavia said she but you might


be the most accurate. We will see about that. Technically mine were


perfect. My heel was going on the floor on every single one. Shall we


find out for real? I am not competitive at all. Artem is going


first. We have the world record at stake.


The most botafagos in 30 seconds. We want a world champion. It sounds


amazing to have your own world record. I will believe it when I


see it. Will the next challenger please make their way to the floor.


Artem, how are you feeling? I am feeling good. I am intimidated by


this flawed. Do you think you are going to fly to Russia with Love,


darling? Hopefully. Good luck, please take to the floor. Are you


ready? Hopefully. OK, for the How do you feel? I am exhausted.


Did you feel the burn? Yes, my feet are burning. You did very well.


This is the hardest thing I have ever done. It was so hard. At first


you expect it to be easy. Then 10 seconds a new deal, I am exhausted.


Hopefully I kept the pace. Fingers crossed. Well done, Artem. Having


seen that, how anxious are you now? It did not look great, did it?


Let's be honest. The arms are women sing about and everything. Fighting


talk, let's see how James got on. don't want to look. I want to win


and I want to be in the world record book. The most botafago's in


30 seconds by James children. the next competitor please come to


the floor. How do you feel? Nervous. Please, take to the floor. Dancer


ready? Yes. Ready. For the record, It is actually more difficult than


it looks. There are some really fast dancers out there, but whether


or not they are as fast as me is another question. Artem, what do


you think? I think it was impressive. It was technically the


best I have seen so far. You would say that. It is the moment of truth.


It is time to find out. But the curtain down. Which of our strictly


pro dancers has set a new world I feel I am under the red light.


You have already got a trophy. can reveal that you both had two


disallowed for a start how can I have two of mind disallowed? They


were perfect. Shatter it. The brand-new record holder with 79 is


a... Artem. No, I disagree. You have already got a trophy at home.


Why couldn't you just pull out? you want to know how many you got?


No, I am not bothered. You got 66. Artem, you are either new world


record holder. Here to present your certificate, from the Guinness Book


of World Records. Were you impress? Yes, as you can tell it is a very


technical dance. There was no technique when he did that. It is a


brand-new world record achievement and we are thrilled to present you


with your certificate. Congratulations, 79. Whatever.


will you be celebrating your record tonight? I am going to go ordinaire


with my girlfriend. You brought me all the way here to tell me that I


lost. I do not want to touch it. Well done to everybody for taking


part. Well done James and well done Artem. James only got 66. Sorry.


Our five remaining couples will be negotiating a quick costume change


on Saturday night. I caught up with the head designer Vicki to find out


what wonders you will be working this weekend. I am with a Bickley,


the head of costumes. The semi- finals, two dances each. How easy


is it for them to change? It is not that easy, but our wardrobe ped


make sure everything is under control. But their hair, make-up


and everybody has to make sure they work as a team. Maybe we can show


you next week how quick it is. You have got to know them all. Is it


easier to design for them now you know them well? I think it is. They


might disagree with me tomorrow. I feel over the series we learnt a


lot about them, what they liked and what they disliked and how they


feel. Alex was amazing last week in American Smooth. This week she is


doing a waltz. It is a similar theme. We worked with lines that


work well for her last week. This is a nice, long line. It fades down


into the skirt. The skirt is a little bit fuller than last week


because it is the waltz. Yes, I think it should make for a very


The colour is called champagne, she has not worn that this series, it


is a first. Holly had an incredible buzz adobe last week and this week,


she is doing the Argentine tango -- incredible paso doble last week.


Really tight fitting, long-line dress, but she has got a very high


split. Although the rest of the dress is quite covered, in terms of


fabric, but we have sheer mesh alongside a matt crepe. Although it


is covered it is very revealing that the same time. It references


when she did the Cell Block Tango. And Chelsee, let's look at her paso


doble dress. They are not traditional colours, although it is


a traditional silhouette. Fullness in the skirts so she can use it as


a cape. The dress itself is quite modern. And a bit quirky, to suit


Chelsee's personality. Because she is so young as well. I am loving


these colours. And I like the lacing up the side. We have a tape


which runs down the right side and on the left hip, it is quite


revealing but covered at the same time, shouldn't have any wardrobe


malfunctions. Fingers crossed. Harry and Jason, the only boys left


in the competition, what is Harry wearing for his Charleston? They


contrast. Harry is quite classic, in a navy shirt and tie. Very


officer like. Not YMCA? No! Days and is at the other end of the


spectrum, he is very flamboyant -- Jason is that the other end. He is


doing the samba and his outfit may go with this one... Here we go...


That is Kristina's Sam Bird dress. What do you call the material?


is called Crane. -- Sam Bird dress. -- samba dress. You are off on the


bus up to Blackpool, we will see them, enjoy the semi-final.


She is amazing. News just in, next week's final is going to be so big,


it is in an extra dimension. Yes, it will be shown in 3D, live on the


BBC HD channel. Impressive. And... It is also going to be live in 3D


in selected cinemas across the country. I know! It is incredible.


I want to come with you. Tickets are available now. For more details,


are available now. For more details, are available now. For more details,


go to the strictly website. Before our celebrities clamber into their


costumes, there is the nitty-gritty of learning the routines. I will be


chatting to Chelsee and Pasha in a moment, but first, here is how our


couples are getting on with their Latin dances.


The samba is quite a difficult dance. 7, 8... Oh, confused.


think it is definitely more difficult because there is so much


more content in it. But it is a party dance as well. I think that


kind of happy mood always suited This is one of those dances that


people fear, lots of hip movement. It is all about hips. And back, and


back. Last week's situation definitely knocked our confidence,


but we are fighting and we are going to go out there and perform


The Charleston is a funny dance. It is a lot of fun, a lot of character.


It is kind of taking a laugh at yourself. Right now, the Charleston


is going pretty badly. I am not catching on to anything Artem is


telling me and I think I have about 15 moves to remember, which have


not quite sunk in. I am going to have to dig deep, to get the


Charleston looking good. Hopefully she is going to pick up quick and


we will be able to do it on Saturday. I have to pick my game up


and make sure there is no reason for anyone to think I don't deserve


to be here. This week, we are dancing the salsa.


This won't go well, just to warn you. It fills me with absolute


dread, freer and horror. I am not a big fan of Latin, if the truth be


known. Me and my hips are not friendly. It is supposed to be


quite fun. I am not seeing the fun side. Slightly more nervous,


because it is a difficult dance. have got a few lifts in the salsa.


Not sure about this. It is not pleasant, I will be honest.


Hopefully it looks better than it feels. We are just going to give it


a good go, that is all you can do, Bring It On.


Our second dance is the night is the Charleston. It will be so


different, we just have to practise smiling a bit more. The Charleston


is quite a slapstick, cartoon style dance. A lot of the dances I have


done before have been serious and I am looking forward to letting


myself go and having a good time. So acute! As always, we are going


for some tough lifts. My neck is hurting. It is a dangerous sport,


dancing. It is tough, but I think I The second dance I am dancing is


the paso doble. It could be the last time I dance on Strictly and I


want to give it my all. Key points for paso doble for Chelsee, her


posture, their shape. It is a different kind of dance. Of course,


footwork, and most importantly, character. The fact we have to do


two dances is scaring the hell out of me. I am not getting on well


with the paso doble, the attitude, the character, finding it really


But can't do it, I am not an angry girl. Be an actress, for once in


your life! Hold on, you are an actress! I think it will be so


amazing, to get to Blackpool, this is the final stage of the


competition, which you put so much work into. Please welcome, Chelsee


and Pasha. Hello. Welcome, well done. I am sorry about your score.


Don't bring it up again. Julie said after your jive last week,


brilliant, Chelsee is a contender for the final. Did you enjoy it?


you know what? On Saturday, I you know what? On Saturday, I


you know what? On Saturday, I absolutely loved it. I gave it my


all, I really enjoyed being out there. I didn't think about the


steps, I was so in the moment. is how much of a dancer you have


become. You don't have to think about it. Normally, I do. You give


of such amazing energy. Pasha, you looked amazing as Shrek. I know it


is an improvement! I am not sure about that! Craig said your ears


were disconcerting. Was it off- putting, dancing next to him?


wasn't my Pasha! I couldn't take him seriously. You normally taken


so seriously... All right! You got three tens, and a nine. Do you


think this will finally showed that she is doing so brilliantly? I hope


so. I keep telling her and her first reaction is, I don't think so.


Not as much, any more. She is learning to take it. Len said he


thought it was incredible that a celebrity could get to that


standard in just a couple of days of learning and dancing. That is a


brilliant thing to hear, that is how good you are. How gobsmacked


were you to go to the semi-final? was so gobsmacked. Sorry, that is


an excited dance! I was gobsmacked. I was shocked. It is the best


feeling ever. I was made up. I felt Pasha, it is your first series of


Strictly, what a first year. Let's remind ourselves, last year the


gettable Trophy was won by a new boy, Artem. -- glitter ball trophy.


Do you think you are in with a chance? Everybody is on the top of


their game and it is so unpredictable. We can just go out


there and try our best. I have to say, you certainly deserve it, if


your team talks are anything to go by. It is double the time, double


the work, double the pressure. It is all about attitude. That is all


you have got? Come on. You need to be over exaggerated. The hands are


very important. We need to show that we have improved from the


previous week, yes? If you just do it normal, the way you feel, it is


not going to be enough. This is the tricky bit. This dance is like a


mountain, to push hard to get to the top, then you let it go and


roll down the mountain. Focus. don't understand what he is talking


about. Grace, beauty, light on their feet, ready to jump at any


moment. Focus. This stance is going to kill me. If it is not going to


kill you, it is going to make you stronger. Far from positive right


now. So good! It is the way you roll your eyes! You have two dances


this week. American smooth, how is it going? I love it, I love the


music. Yeah, I love it. You are dancing to Cyndi Lauper... She is


singing it and everything. It is very romantic. You do look really


romantic, can you give us your romantic look that you do on the


floor to each other? No! Almost! Let's talk about the paso doble,


what is so hard about it? character, I am finding difficult.


The steps. The anger? I said, I am not an angry girl. He makes you


angry, when he gives you those pep talks! This is Your paso doble


music. James Bond goes to Spain, I love it! Two dances, two couples


are going to go this weekend. How much extra pressure busy placing on


you? A lot, a real lot, isn't it, Pasha? Do you know what, it is


extra pressure. On pressure. are starting to sound like Jason


Donovan. Honestly, I am so scared. I think, if I go out and another


person goes out, I have a bit of support there. I don't have the


feel daft and do the dance on my own. How disappointed would you be,


if you didn't get to the final? would be so upset. I would be


gutted. What can you say? Devastated. Fingers crossed, that


is not going to happen. Good luck with your dances. We adore you both.


with your dances. We adore you both. Chelsee and Pasha. Thank you to all


of our guests. Join me again tomorrow night, I will catch up


with Holly and Artem, and what a Friday panel. Pixie Lott is here,


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