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Episode 48

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Coming up on tonight's show, despite the high score, Jason and


Kristina ended up in the bottom two. Find out how Brendan did in our


botafogo challenge. Ian Waite gives us a sneaky peak of


the couples in training. This is It Live from Television Centre, this


is It Takes Two. Please welcome your host, Zoe Ball.


Hello and welcome to It Takes Two. Not long until our famous five take


on the Strictly semi-final. This weekend our couples will perform


two dances and attempt to make it into the Grand Final. Jason and


Kristina performed a stunning American smooth, but ended up in


the bottom twoment here is a reminder of what happened.


Gene Kelly's shoes are hard to fill, but I I loved it. Jason, you did


really well. It was elegantly played and you


made it look easy. The foxtrot was excellently


executed. It was a very, very special performance.


I really loved it, for the charisma, it was really fantastic.


This woman's choreography is outstanding. It is a great piece of


story telling. When I get into that groove, I get a a buzz and that's


what I live for in this competition. Amazing. Perfect.


Please welcome Jason and Kristina. Thank you so much. Hello. Well done


on Saturday night. I was dewey eyed watching that. Lots of people were


shocked that you were in the bottom two. Were you surprised yourselves?


Yeah. As Holly said, it is not the


greatest feeling in the world, but I think it is a public vote and you


just, any of us at any stage could be in that position, you know. I


think as the competition has gone on it has become more difficult and


you know, we found ourselves in the middle of the leaderboard. I am not


making excuses, but I guess I'm trying to find reasons, I guess


that's the main thing Christine narks Kristina you were


visibly upset during the results show. How pleased were you? It is


one more chance. I think I was convinced we were going home


because I said to Jason "we're out. Just make your final speech.".


you have a speech written already? Yes. Yeah, it is a wonderful


opportunity. One more time to go out there and entertain together


with him. One more time, it could be two more times. Alesha was in


the bottom two and went on to win, remember that Donovan!


A lot of support for you online. Carole said, "Wow, wow, that's the


best dance of the night. You should have got more tens." You didn't get


any negative comments from the judges and they were dishing the


tens out. I think they would have rewarded us with better scores. I


did a long solo by himself and he takes chances and I'm so proud of


him because it was a beautiful special dance.


I love the way you say proud. Can you say it one more time? I am very


proud. You always give your all. How


difficult is it at this stage because you are exhausted, going


into the training room on a Monday picking yourself up and getting at


it again? That's really tough. The cycle of this week and these weeks


just keep sort of going on and going on, but I think what keeps me


going and keeps us going is just that magic when you dance, you know.


It is a skill for me personally that I'm going to take for years


and years professionally ahead of me, but you know, it is that sort


of, that magic, we are doing the Argentine tango this week. As I


refer to it as the birth of a dance. There is some dance that you just


connect with and that's one of those dances and that's what gets


me excited about this competition. And our relationship.


I heard, a little birdie told me, you learned the Argentine tango


routine in a day. Is that a record for you guys? Well, by now he is


learning quick. I think the Argentine tango is one of those


dances which kind of came together with the music and the storyline


and everything, you know. It is just a really special dance. The


second dance, the samba is more difficult as we all know.


Let's talk about the samba. It is very tricky.


Some people really struggle with it. Tell me, do you love it, not so


much? It is a dance that requires very little sort of effort, but at


the same time I I guess not knowing where to place your body is part of


going too far sometimes. I guess less is more, but it is a hard


dance to know where to pitch it, really.


You have that straight hips going side ways, rotating.


He has good hip action so that's a big plus. The music is wonderful.


Let's hear your music. Are you doing that move?


I love it! Well done. Now you are a family man.


We know you are a big family man, what did your kids think of daddy


getting into the semi-finals? they haven't been embarrassed by


dad's shapes on television so far and that's unique. They can get


embarrassed by my singing and acting, but the dancing has been


good. It means a hell of a lot to them and they were devastated last


Sunday night, but you know, onwards and upwards and I think hopefully,


they are going to be voting for us this week ten fold!


On the phone constantly. The thing we love about you, how


you keep yourself focused during the week with a range of


inspirational man tras. Let's remind ourselves of some of our


favourites. It is about the journey and not


necessarily about the destination. Keep on keeping on.


Bring on the tools. Fortune favours the brave.


Sometimes when you you jump, you fly.


You have alnumber of savings -- a number of sayings. We have a range


of Jason merchandise. Here is a very special person to model the


collection. In he comes, Mr Russell Grant.


Such lovies, get back to the catwalk, Grant.


Pause. Pause. Pause. Right, here he is, wearing a


fetching T-shirt with the the slogan "it's about the journey, not


the destination with a matching tote bag." There is an apron which


says, "Fortune favours the brave. Sometimes when you jump, you fly."


Which goes delightfully with the rest of the outfit and it is


suitable for most occasions. Not forgetting the the the handy place


mat, reminding you keep on. All available in a store near you!


APPLAUSE You can take those home with you.


He is back. Good luck this weekend. Thank you.


He will teach you how to do a samba!


Jason and Kristina, he is samba. Only one man has the real low down


on how they are getting on this training and he is here now. Mr Ian


Waite. Not only have I I been ruffled by


Russell, Ian Waite is here. Hello blondy.


I want Russell Russell round my house.


Everybody needs a Russell Grant. Let's start with Alex even though


her shoe got stuck in her dress. The judges and ladies have


struggled with the salsa. It is a difficult dance to master and co-


ordinate and be smooth with it. What I wanted to emphasise the hips


basically. She needs to be able to be loose and give lots of rhythm


and a little bit later I'm hoping they will get together and do a


little bit of salsa. It is all in the hips. She does a


ballroom dance so well Alex. How is her waltz looking. She is looking


really good. Her eye levels. She has really improved her posture and


her arms. This is a great step running around the man.


Is that his technical term, running around the man? It is an easy dance.


James has been clever with the steps because here they have just


done a changing step around the outside, but without closing which


makes it easier. I'm hoping later on they will do a few more closes


because it is waltz, but doing very well.


Chelsee seems unstoppable. You were Saying last week, that you were


looking at her jive training and you knew it was going to be a goody.


She got three tens. She did an amazing job and we will all all


agree she was fantastic. She was. Looking at this... What are we


looking at first? American smooth. They did a lovely lift at the


beginning with a hug. What I love is everything is rerched towards


him -- referenced towards him. She is becoming one with Pasha. I want


to emphasise and slow this down, all her arms have finished off and


she is acting the part already. She has really got the character of


this American smooth and it is very smooth as you can see and she is


finishing off the arms there, look at her.


It almost looks like they are falling in love. Fingers crossed.


It would be so nice to have a bit of romance. The paso doble, it is


hard to follow Holly was so good. How is it looking in rehearsals?


She has has got a prop here. Hopefully she won't throw it in the


wrong place and it will fall over like you did Zoe!


I never did. You fell over. He fell over, not my fault, thank you!


need to throw it out of the way the next next time. She has got very


straight arms. We need to lift up this arm with


the fans so she has a a more the fans so she has a a more


Spanish arms. Creating space with the flamenco arms.


Good luck to Chelsee. Let's talk about Holly and Artem.


She was shocked she wasn't in the bottom two. Well, she should have


watched Wednesday's programme, I watched the footage and I said, "I


would be amazed if they are in the bottom two this week." They weren't.


Sure enough. It is spooky. They have changed their music at


the last minute yesterday so we can't see any of their Charleston,


but we can see their Argentine tango, what do you think? This will


be a great dance for her. It really does, I talked about it before, but


it is all about the legs. A lot about the leg extensions and stuff.


For Holly she has the advantage of the great, lovely long legs, a bit


like you, Zoe. I stopped it here because I wanted


to show that lovely length of line that she is creating throughout the


dance and she is stretching the inside of her legs. Nice and low.


can't get low, I'm seizing up. Can you help me back up


Join in, everybody. Have you ever thought about doing a


DVD? You never know, there might be one in the pipeline, darling.


Jason and Kristina ended up in the bottom two, but they were saved.


Jason has been talking about the samba being tricky. What are you


thinking of his training? This will be a challenge for him. Tas


difficult dance to master. -- it is a difficult dance to master. You


are one of the rare celebrities that mastered the samba. But it is


a difficult dance, but he has the bounce in there. I'm more concerned


about his arms really. I would like to see, he needs to keep them


compact so at times they flail around. Show us the samba arms?


Every time you go into something, you are creating a line with the


arms. Can you watch him do that for


hours? Yes, watch him doing that for hours. He is doing the


Argentine tango which he does like. This is better for him. It suits


him. He is creating fantastic lines. He is precise and clean which is


what you need in an Argentine tango and what I love here is look at


that. Now look at all that passion going into that dance. I want to


show everybody at home. Come in here. You get around me this.


happily. Turn around. Bring it in. Hello, smoulder. Can you take me


home? I didn't ask about the leg. They have got that intensity


between them. That's what you need, intensity.


Harry and Aliona and he has been training so hard. It has been


paying off. Amazing rumba last week. Two dances for Harry, va The waltz.


He is up on the balls of his feet too much. He does the correct


footwork, brilliantly, just a bit flatter in the feet.


Did you get that Judd? With his headline, sometimes he is


looking at Aliona as he is turning foo the natural turns -- into the


natural turns and I would like him to look out more. He is looking out


to the direction that he is going on a natural turn, out towards the


corner of the room. A bit more. It is looking fantastic.


It is just that little bit extra which I I would like to see.


And also doing the Charleston this week. We love the Charleston


generally. I can't find my card. You know it.


It is looking fantastic and I am loving these moves that he has got


here and it is going to be humour. There will be lots of humour. I'm


hoping that will come out in Harry this week. We don't tend to see a


lot of expression from him. He has had serious dances and


romantic dances. This time he gets to be daft.


I am hoping he will come out with the smiles and razzmatazz. When he


is going the Charleston steps, he is doing it brilliantly. He has got


the swivel. He has got the swivel, ladies and


gentlemen. He has got the swivel.


Do you do chicken arms? He has the lovely swivels with the feet.


And of course they want to get to Blackpool. We never had the chance,


but we have news just in, we're going too! Yes, we are, ladies and


gentlemen. We are packing up the It Takes Two team and next Friday we


will have a one hour long show live from Blackpool Tower. We're very,


very excited. Thank you very much blondy, we will see you soon. Ian




As well as lifting the Strictly glitter ball, there is another


important competition that our pro pro dancers want to win. It is our


2011 It Takes Two World Pro Challenge. We have the record at


stake. The most botafogos in 30 seconds.


And we want a world champion. Please welcome Brendan Cole.


Come on Coley. How are you? I am amazing, thank you very much.


You are quite amazing actually. This could be a year you will never


forget super pro. In the the title will you be able to live up to your


your... This has been the best year of Strictly, dancing with Holly and


dancing with Anita. And dancing with Lulu. Let's see you you you


got on with your record attempt? would be lovely to have a world


record. I make no bones about it. Second place is a loss.


Would the next challenger please make their way to the floor? Hello


Brendan. Hello Craig.


How are you feeling about this? Very good. Very confident.


Anyone you want to beat. Irrelevant question, they will all be be


beaten. Please take to the floor. Dancer


ready? Ready. Adjudicator, are you ready? I am


ready. For the record, in three, two, one


Well done. Are you feeling the burn I'm feeling the burn.


I saw three possible possible dodgy botafogo, but we will review that


in slow motion. It is exhausting. A long time to


move at that intensity. You start running out of steam and when you


lose the steam, you start not not being able to control wru control


where you put your legs which is integral to dance.


How do you think you did there? That looked fast? I felt like I did


really well. Like I have just seen in the video there, you have no


control over your legs, they just go. The fake tan, I just had it


done! We won't mention that.


I'm not normally that orange. It was pretty intense. I am excited


about this. Mr Cole, your bots botafogos have


been counted and verified and I can now reveal the result.


Boyfriend Brendan Cole, you had ten disallowed botafogos because you


did not maintain your centre meaning your final score is 70.


APPLAUSE He is not happy. Cole is not happy.


Because I didn't maintain my centre. Let's look at the leaderboard. You


are still top. Look, you are top of the leaderboard. I can see this one


may have to go to the committee. disagree because I didn't maintain


my centre? Yes. Tomorrow James and Artem face the


Pro Challenge and the new record holder will be reveal.


Check out my theatre tour online. It is all very exciting. Embrace


the dance of love. I feel like Anton.


The best rumba I have seen from a male celebrity in a long time.


You have obviously been working on your hip action.


A great mix of steps. Great shapes. You turned something that could


have been tragic into magic. It is movie night tonne and


someone's dreams are going to be left on the cutting room floor, but


I tell you what, it won't be you. I'm so happy.


It has been really tough and I have enjoyed it and it is good to finish


on a high note there. Here they are. Harry was saying


that is a Busted record and not a McFly one and Christmas jumper


time! We saw that was one of the best


male rumbas Alesha has seen in a long time. How do you think the


performance went? I was nervous about the rumba because the slow


ones are intense. You really feel like you are under the microscope


and I think it went well. There is only one tiny mistake.


I was pleased. I really enjoyed it. I loved the song and it was a


pleasure. You had a dream the night before


that you got four nines? Yes. And you got four nines. Do you


think a bit of Russell's magic is rubbing off on you? I hope so. And


he is here today. Have you had any dreams about the


semi-final scores? Not yet, I will keep you updated.


Craig pointed out that Harry's hip action had improved. It must be


encouraging when the judges point out something that you have been


working so hard on. Samba is all about hip action and we worked a


lot on that to get the technical lot on that to get the technical


aspect of rumba right. Clearly we did and I'm glad Craig


pointed that out. But fourth on the leaderboard, not


nice at all even with those amazing scores. Were you nervous that you


could be in the bottom to? I was really nervous, yes. I was really


pleased with four nines and especially with the rumba, but


there was brilliant performances so and we were fourth and I was a


little bit scared. I have clammy palms all the the time and they


were dripping. I was really worried when we heard


our name screamed out loud with joy!


This This weekend, the waltz and the Charleston, how are you finding


them both? Good. Yeah, we started on the Charleston and I have been


looking forward to it. It is a chance for me to perform it and


smile a little bit. Yeah, we have been loving it and I think we're


nearly there. I hope it is looking good. Yeah, it is a good fun dance.


This is what you're dancing to. A bit of Peggy Lee.


How are you bringing the funny side of Harry out? I'm not funny.


make Aliona laugh? All the time. You should see him do the cha-cha


cha-cha-cha. You are laughing at him? He really


embraced that dance and when he practises it, he looks so cute,


yeah. Very adorable. The waltz, you did really well with


the waltz. What do you reckon, is it good? I don't know. I hope so.


Is it good? Really good. He is looking smoother than ever. And all


the training from the waltz helps in these Vienesse waltz.


Congratulations to Dougie, king of the jungle. Is he bring bringing


his crown crown? He is coming to the semi-finals on Saturday.


you make it a McFly double and win the glitter ball? We will see. We


are just doing our our thing. We are working hard and that's all we


can do. Taking it dance by dance. There is five of us left and it is


awesome to be in the final. Aliona, you were in the final last


year with Matt Baker and what is your advice? Work hard. I can't ask


anymore of him. He is doing amazing. I love your Christmas jumper.


Thank you very much. Good luck on Saturday. Harry and


Aliona. It is going to be so good. Thank


you to my guests tonne. Tune in tomorrow live at 6.30pm and when I


will be chatting to Chelsee and Pasha and having a look at the


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