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Episode 47

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It's Tuesday. Coming up: Alex and James are here.


Karen Hardy will be getting her teeth into the weekend's routines.


She may look sweet, but she knows how to fight with her feet. Flavia


takes on the Pro Dance Challenge. A fashion designer, Ben De Lisi, will


be critiquing the weekend's outfits. This is Strictly: It Takes Two.


Please welcome your host, Zoe Ball. Hello. Welcome to It Takes Two.


Strictly was full of movie magic at the weekend leaving us with plenty


of box office hits to review. I will be chatting to the kind of


people I like to meet - "Pretty Woman" Alex and "Pretty Boy" James.


Here is a reminder of their Saturday night moves. You came out


and sold it. Well done to you. APPLAUSE For me, you have been


consistently improving in this competition. There was a tiny


incident. But I tell you, it doesn't spoil the gorgeousness of


this dance. You have learned how to put sexy into dance. Well done!


comepts were pretty positive. I wish -- the comments were pretty


positive. I wish we could have shown them how good it could have


Luckily for us, she did. Please welcome Alex and James! APPLAUSE


are still here! Congratulations. You did brilliantly on Saturday


night. You seemed so disappointed. What happened out there? Well, I


mean, there was a point. It wasn't going incredibly well from two-


thirds of the way through. The dress got caught in the heel, the


same old. It is annoying when that happens! Then, I glanced at James,


lovingly, and saw him doing something completely different.


was when we were side by side. We were supposed to start on the right


leg. I said to her, it's got to be the right leg! If you do start on


the left, keep going. She started on her left leg. Off we went. Is


this it? Here it comes. Look at the face! I'm smiling. Then she turns


here. Then she came at me on the wrong leg. It was lovely. Listen, I


admit, your choreography was better than mine! That wasn't what we were


supposed to do. LAUGHTER I tell you, I lost the plot by that point! I


didn't know what was going on. good that was! None of us had any -


we were none the wiser. Rachel said, "Alex was the epitome of elegance,


love it!" You were much happier with the scores this week, James?


was. I said to Alex, "I hope they haven't overmarked us this week!" I


want it to be consistent. I was worried because I knew there were a


lot of mistakes in the routine, but I didn't realise how well she did


them wrong! LAUGHTER That shows me how much she has moved on as a


dancer. If that had happened week one to five, you would have freaked


out. I would have stopped! Recue the band! Let's start again.


carried on. And got to the end. I was very proud of you. Thank you.


Still second from the bottom, that must have been tough knowing how so


many of you want to get through to the semifinal. How were you feeling


after the whole evening? That is the disappointment. I had to


convince myself - even if we didn't go, I felt there was a good chance


Robbie and Ola and us would be in the bottom two. Why couldn't we do


a nice dance to go out with? I thought oh no, I can't believe I


have messed our last dance up! I believed we were off. When you


heard your names called out... First! I know. How good is that?


Shock. You can see me mouthing to James, "How did that happen?"


LAUGHTER You said to Claudia, you wanted a recount because you were


worried it wasn't true. Have they counted the votes wrong?! It was a


brilliant feeling. Just so grateful that obviously my choreography


worked well. LAUGHTER Oh no... can choreograph this week! We must


talk about your bruised ribs. Going up into that incredible lift, you


have bruised your ribs. How much pain were you in? Quite a lot. A


few painkillers were taken before. It is part and parcel of the


experience. You can't go 13 weeks when I have no clue what I am doing.


He has this habit of telling me what's going to happen! I stiffen


like a board. It is natural there is going to be... It's the


intercostal muscles. It was very painful. I kept saying I didn't


want to talk about it. I don't like going for the sympathy vote.


Toughen up! Is he being serious? Take the pain. And take a couple of


pills, you'll be wonderful. You were? Na is why I went on the wrong


foot! LAUGHTER -- That is why I went on the wrong foot! This week,


waltz and salsa. Sounds lovely. Waltz, lovely dance. In hold,


beautiful. Salsa, I just think - shall we freestyle it? You are good


at that! Alex's choreography! LAUGHTER He gets scared! I didn't


know what a salsa looked like until this morning. Your friends go,


"Let's go to salsa nights!" No. I'm gutted I didn't go. You have worked


miracles before. There is only three places in the final. How much


do you want to be in that final? Well, now that we have got this far,


it would be incredible, just as well to shut you up! I'm joking.


You have had so much patience and we have had such a laugh. To be


able to enjoy the experience to the end would be the perfect outcome. I


mean, as you say, there's incredible dancers left. Only three


places. There is more chance of hell freezing over than us being


there. You have said that before. You never know! We couldn't help


but notice during that dance the Pretty Woman nod he gave you a box


of jewels. This is what we think perhaps James should have given you


on Saturday. It is not a spider? Open it up. Yes! It is your very


own James Jordan medallion which you must wear with pride at all


times. Look at how good I was! will never pull this off! LAUGHTER


We want to see that on The One Show tomorrow. Can you wear that


tomorrow? Yes! I bet you don't! Say now on TV that you will wear that


on The One Show. I will wear it on The One Show! Good luck. Alex and


James. APPLAUSE In a moment, we will be finding out how Flavia


fared in this week's Pro Dance Challenge. Our experts are great


gossipers but who are they talking about. This dancer was born and


raised in Poland but lives in England. This dancer claims her


favourite pastime is yoga, I know better, it is shopping! This dancer


was once accidentally headbutted by her celebrity dance parter. She is


best-known for her sexy dance routines. This person is always


telling me off! She can get away with it. Who do you think it is?


Find out later in the show. In over a week-and-a-half, one couple will


walk away with the glitterball trophy. The prize our professionals


want to win is the It Takes Two Pro Dance Challenge. It is time to


welcome our next contender, Flavia "Fast Feet" Cacace. APPLAUSE Hello,


Flavia. Welcome back. What a frock! Thank you. How nervous were you


before the Pro Dance Challenge? was really nervous. I was the first


one to do it. I got dl in the morning. I thought it was going --


I got there in the morning. I thought it was going to be a bit of


fun. There's all these serious people there. This is a world


record. I know. It is a serious business. We had this square


dancefloor and they told me the rules and they said if you don't do


it correct, we will deduct points. OK. Shall we see how you have done?


No. You are desperate to know! It is time to see how you did in your


Guinness World Record Botafogo Challenge. Let's take a look.


have the world record at stake. The most botafogos in 30 seconds. We


As a competitive dancer, to have a world record would be pretty


special. It would be another thing to tick off the list. Will the next


challenger please come to the floor? Hello, Flavia. Hello.


nervous? No. I'm going to wish you all the luck in the world. Thank


you very much. Please take to the floor. Dancer ready? Adjudicator


ready? Ready. For the record, three, How did you find that? Good. A good


workout. You were tearing up the floor! Fantastic work. Really well


done. Thank you. Precise. Thank you. I have no idea if I have the world


record. I went as fast as I could in the space that I had. I'm going


to keep my fingers crossed. APPLAUSE You could barely look at


the screen. Top at the moment is Pasha with 65. He is fast! Do you


think you could have beaten him? I don't know. I have no idea. 65


sounds a lot. OK. Shall we find out? Can I hide? Flavia, your


botafogos have been counted and verified. Oh no! How do I find out?


Where do I look? I can now reveal Flavia your result. You received


two disqualifications giving you a total of - cushion-down - 67


botafogos! Wooh! Look, lady, at the leaderboard. You are the top.


Well done. You still have Brendan, Artem and James... That says it all.


Who would be the top out of those three? Brendan went mad. Doesn't


mean... All I am hoping is he got lots of disqualifications. James is


always up for a challenge. Artem would be quite precise. I don't


know. I have a feeling it will be one of the boys. Give it up for


Flavia! APPLAUSE Give my love to Russell. I will. At the weekend,


the Strictly dancefloor almost froze over when Craig complimented


everyone. Was our choreography critic, Karen Hardy, impressed?


Here is our girl, Karen Hardy! the music! APPLAUSE Can't be The


Monkeys! On the whole, Karen, did movie week deliver? It delivered


far and beyond anybody's expectation, including mine. One


great big fight and it will be all the way to the final! It is so


gripping. I think we got a happy from Craig, did we not? Craig


seemed pleased. Let's start talking about the routines from Saturday.


"The comeback kid"s, Holly and Artem in their paso doble. Such a


great night for Holly. A disagreement between Bruno and


Craig about her looking down and whether that is a paso thing?


simple, in a nutshell, basically, we dance the paso doble, which is


depicting a bullfight. The audience is up in the air. The eye line


should be up to where the audience are, we have the flamenco work here.


Once you start flamenco work it is an influence within the dance of


paso doble. The entire dance is not flamenco. When we do a lot of


flamenco work the eyes are down. The important thing we were looking


for from her here, the great choreography I got to say,


fantastic... Well done, Artem! you are going to do the flamenco


you have to finish with the grand elevation out to that audience of


the bull ring. Yes. And then the audience. That is the big thing we


work on. The main thing I loved here, he brought some great


choreography into this. There was a moment where we had no music at all


and then she was having to keep the beats going. Oh! Fabulous! That was


clever. Very difficult to do. and Kristina and their American


Smooth. A bit of a shocker that Jason was in the bottom two. In


hindsight, do you think it was a mistake for Jason to try and


replicate Gene Kelly's moves? at all. To be given that


opportunity, to show the youngsters this great music, this great


choreography, that they wouldn't have seen from back in the 1950s,


this is what I want you to look at. The brolly lift! The brolly! Now,


how I relate to that, that is like having three people in a


partnership now. You have Jason, Kristina and the umbrella. That


means three people, three of those, one of those could go wrong. Could


have missed the umbrella, could have got the connection wrong.


What's important for me to highlight here, an American Smooth


is all about the lift work. Don't think it is more difficult for the


ladies than it is for the men. The male celebrities if they get the


timings wrong, if they get the connections wrong, and if they


remember - they haven't had their Shreddies, the lady goes nowhere!


Jason should remain a front-runner. I was upset to see him down there.


The thing to highlight, a competition is not only about how


much you are improving yourself, you have to watch what all the


others are doing. Keep an eye on the competition. Alesha was in the


bottom two and she went on to win. Exactly. Don't assume they are


making it. Harry and Aliona did an incredible rumba. Alesha said one


of the best she has seen on a male celebrity for a long time. He still


hard for a male and how did you think he coped? Harry was fantastic.


Aliona with her choreography, again, my gosh, she is on a roll! Look at


this, he does not stop. He is assertive. I will die for you! I'll


pertrued my chest for you! The secret to this rumba, when a male


celebrity is dancing it, you do not make them static at any time. You


keep them active, assertive. We had everything from the body moving,


the arms moving, dropping into lines, elevations. For me, that was


a top rumba. I was shocked to see him in fourth. Chelsee and Pasha's


jive. Jam-packed with content. loved this jive! It was brilliant.


How tight is this competition? know. Everybody brought something


great. This is what I want to show you. Kick, kick, but there is is a


slow-motion, see that bit there, that... What do you call those?


It's kicks but it is what we dropped in our era. It took a lot


of work. I'm going to show you! I have the worst outfit ever! I will


do the impossible. This is a normal jive kick that we can get a lot of


effect from. She kicks forward, twists back, kicks forward, twists


back, all on one foot. At high speed. How you jump up-and-down at


the same time and you twist your body. APPLAUSE That is why she is a


goddess! Everyone said I should come back and dance, they should go


quiet now! Moment over. Semifinal this weekend. I can't sleep at


night. Two dances for our couples. What would your advice be to them


this week? They eyes are on the final? It is a lot of psychology


versus physical energy now. Your mind is saying I'm exhausted but


the mind is also saying I have a chance now. It is only now that you


suddenly believe I could make that final. Then you know what it takes


to make that final. And suddenly you feel there is this heavyweight


on you. Don't think about anything else. You deliver the steps you


practice. It will be over in a heart beat. I can't wait! Will you


see us next week? I will be here. Karen Hardy! APPLAUSE Now, believe


it or not, the quickstep has been performed on Strictly over 75 times.


Mastering this speedy dance is no mean feat. Here is Erin Boag with


her tips on creating the perfect Hi, it is me, Erin Boag. Welcome to


my step by step guide of my favourite ballroom dance, the


quickstep. I love the quickstep more than any other dance because


it is full of energy, it is fast and it is fun to do. Three very


popular steps you would see in the quickstep on Strictly Come Dancing


are the Charleston. The Lockstep is done going forward or backward in


hold. You can do a single lock, or maybe a double lock, or you can do


a pepper pot. It gets harder and harder. You definitely see it in


probably every quickstep that is ever done on Strictly. Quickstep


Runs, couples are in promenade position, they are facing the same


way and they run down the side of the floor. There's so many


different variations of a kick and rush. Be in tune and dance with


your partner in harmony. If you are doing different things but your


body is together, it will be a disaster. My favourite quickstep of


all time was the Christmas Special with Colin Jackson and he received


four tens. We were perfectly in harmony with each other. Colin


Jackson is probably the King of the Quickstep! I hope you have enjoyed


my step to step guide of the quickstep. I love it. Bye! Action


Jackson! Thank you, Erin. Have you guessed who wur professionals were


talking about? -- were our professionals were talking about?


Did you guess it? It was me! Cheeky Mrs Jordan. Strictly was


reminiscent of the Oscars. Pasha dressed as Shrek! Ben De Lisi will


be reviewing the weekend's frocks. Here is is a reminder of Saturday's


show-stealing looks. Please welcome Ben De Lisi and our resident


fashion fact expert, Oonagh O'Hagan. She is senior fashion editor at


Central St Martin's. First, Chelsee. Was this an outfit suitable for a


princess? I loved this one. One of the reasons I loved this was that


amazing bright green which was brighter than the colours we


associate with Shrek. I loved it. It reminded me of a designer who


used a neoc lace and he's done loads of stuff. I loved it. Give me


some more details about what was going on in Chelsee's frock? --


neon. We are looking at the bodice here. The beads gave it texture.


Then there was that skirt, where it is all about the legs and the


bounce. It enhanced and added to the movement of that dance.


little bit longer than your traditional jive dresses? That's


right. It was longer to give it that princess feel. You had the


layers, like Ben was saying. It had the godets in. All these crystals.


There were three colours to give it depth and 4,000 crystals altogether.


There's a fact! I know. Stamp it with a big fact stamp! Such an


energetic dance. This will hit the High Streets any moment now! I love


a green man! I had heard that about you! Let's talk about Alex and her


American Smooth dress. Very reminiscent to one Julia Roberts


wore in Pretty Woman? It is very similar but not exactly the same


and that is because this dress has a function - she has to dance in


it! You might have this in the movie, you can see here it is off


the shoulder, but it's got - we can make a comparison. It has this


halterneck as well to hold everything in place. That goes


round the back as well. For support. It is reminiscent but they have to


tailor it to the needs of the dancer. You can see this beautiful


sweeping back here. I loved this one. They are not randomly put on,


they have this pattern. It is very beautiful. Very classy. Look at


you! It is all about the glamour, the American Smooth. How did that,


this dress, capture that for you, Ben? It was considered and very


precise, all the beading was very accurately done. It had the sort of


a tapestry effect. The skirt, to me, not having seen it close up, looked


like it was a full circular skirt that had a tape to it. You do need


that halterneck to keep everything. I thought the very low back had a


really alluring slant to it. Holly's dress from her paso doble


with Zorro. It is here in the studio. How did this style help


with the drama of the dance? It was that high split I think. It was


Catherine Zeta Jones. That was genius. On television, it looked


velvet because of the sheen to the fabric, but then it is not velvet,


it is a satin Lycra which is really lofty and heavy. It swings. I think


that whole edging of red just sort of made you think of a swish of a


sword! The slashes to it. That was spot on! Great. Didn't she have her


the bottom half of the dress changed at the last minute on the


Friday? Yes, I know. They had to do it on the Friday because she had


been in rehearsal using a flamenco skirt which she loved. They had to


re-make it with this paired-down layers. It's quite a modern take on


the flamenco. You have the traditional colours, but less of


the layers. I loved the hem because it looked like a gymnastic ribbon.


I used to do that! I was brilliant! That is another show! Thank you so


much for coming back, Ben. Looking gorgeous! I am liking the country


look. Oonagh, one more week next week. I'll come back. Ben De Lisi


and Oonagh O'Hagan. APPLAUSE Thank you to all my guests tonight. Join


me tomorrow on BBC Two whenly be chatting to Harry and Aliona and


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