Episode 46 Strictly - It Takes Two

Episode 46

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It's Monday, coming up: Robbie and Ola were sharp-suited but sadly


booted out of Strictly. And Bruno Tonioli here with his verdict on


the weekend. And Botafogo ya or bust Pasha discovers the verdict on


Live from Television Centre, this is Strictly, It Takes Two. Our host,


Zoe Ball Hello, and welcome to It Takes Two. What a triller movie


week it turned out to be -- action, drama, suspense, green ears and a


donkey who will not leave! We have our life semifinalists. Sadly a


wrap for Robbie and Ola. Their quickstep landed them at the bottom


of the leaderboard, and they are the latest to leave the competition.


They are here live. It was like a rabbit doing a trot around.


have given me a lot of pleasure through the series. You didn't


disappoint tonight. You turned something that was tragic into a


bit of magic. Due to the tightness just that little incident. Well


done. You have finally learned how to put sexy into dance. Finally


Holly, you Spanish sorceress. Totally in character. You stepped


it up. Gene Kelly's shoes big to fill. I loved it. I genuinely


believe you zerb to be in the semifinals. You found your dance.


This was incredible. Leaving tonight, Robbie and Ola. Welcome


Robbie and Ola. Well done, it's always sad to see people go. Be


encouraged because you have had so many -- many amazing messages.


Beverley says: You have done yourself proud. And allie texted me


to say Noah said you're his favourite. You had a look on your


face, saying, I'm going. Me and Alex were the two non-dancers left,


and when Alex went through, deservedly so, I knew it was our


time. And I was a winner anyway. This show has been a tremendous,


and Ola has been great. I loved it. I was -- it was our time. If I


stayed in, it would have been wrong for the other people. They are


better than me. Craig's final words to me, I know how you have craved


his approval. I did love the concept. I did your performance of


the dance. Was that a nice consolation to leave with it?


It was! He was horrible to us all through the competition. He picked


on the littlest things. I'm bitter with Craig. That's what this show


is for, therapy. 30 was still a good score. I was happy with the


performance, unfortunately it wasn't enough. Bless you. Have you


seen a change in Mr Savage since the first time he walked into the


training room? Massive change. I don't think he could do the


quickstep in week one and other dances, he's improved so much. I'm


very proud. So you should be? Has it been tougher than you imagined


it could be? All the dances, and athletes... You're an athlete. A


footballer. It was hard for me. My hat goes off to Russell Grant, even


ee Anita, to perform. If anybody asked me about the show, I would


say it's very, very hard work but do it. People don't realise how


much it takes out of you. I've lost nine pounds. Some might say from


where! Robbie Williams came to see you, Lord Sugar said unlucky Robbie


but you have done well. Has the attention from the public surprised


you? It has been amazed. I've been spat out in the street, just


walking for a paper. Now people stop me and say nice things. It's


very nice. I wanted to do the show for my family and mother. Your mum,


Val, evening, Val is she proud of her boy. She took my dad to


hospital today, he fell over and broke his hip. Bishe loved it. My


little boys were crying. My five- year-old was crying his eyes out.


We loved having you on the show. Robert William Savage. You're been


tackling your dances with Jordan. My partner is probably thinking


she's sweet. He is in for a boss. When she says good, it's like a


manager! All about the look and absolutely no dancing. I -- being


annihilated by a judge was hard to swallow. He has to run up. It only


takes practice. If it means we have to do it 100 times we will.


little beauty. That was show business and I loved it. One of the


best nights of my life. I can't spin. That is horrible. Even one


spin I don't know where I am. I struggle with businessness


massively. Yur fast becoming one of the strongest contenders in the


competition! The jive make very, very, very nervous. I need him to


go for it, and I'm sure he will. You supposed to stop me before the


camera, and give me love. Straight into the camera, nose. I would like


to think I'm a masculine dancer, even though I tend to look like a


girl. My hair is better, and teeth are better, and eyes are better,


and body is better. Because I'm worth it. I... I would have --


could have done without the hip movements. I need to impress Craig.


Treat him mean and keep him keen. Devoid of any emotion, and you are


tense and angry on the pistols. Have it! -- on the pivets. I


thought that the whole routine was rather good. Wembley, yeah. I am so


pumped from this week, I think people will be blown away by this


routine. You went at it as if it was a primeval... You can't teach


somebody to have natural rhythm. I'm the entertainment factor. It


wasn't completely successful Samba you can keep on stripping. When


Strictly goes, part of your life goes. I have fallen in love with it.


You have the sportsman'slogical Robbie go. He will be sorely missed.


Could he entertain an audience. He gives it everything he has got. It


has been brilliant to watch him. I'm going to miss Ola, she has been


amazing. I have a friend for life. Savage satisfying thank you so much


for being a fabulous partner. I have enjoyed every single day --


Robbie Savage thank you so much. Apart from the spray continues a,


what are you going to miss? I am going to miss everybody. People


don't understand the programme. It's not just the dancers, the


make-up behind the scenes, and runners, and everybody, They're big


fans of yours. They're nice people. I love Craig really. He does love


Craig. Literally loves Craig. Who would you like to see in the final?


You're all such good buddies. Everybody has been so nice. I would


like to see Harry win it. They're all great. Holly and Chelsee...


rocked it Robbie and Ola. Thank you so much. Bless them. Rocking a polo


neck as well. In a few minutes Pasha will be here for the results


of his prochallenge record attempt. In the semifinal nerves were


jangling more than usual on Saturday night. Our cameras were


there. It's movie week. Strictly come dancing, lights, camera,


action. I feel sick with nerves. I've been up all night. Absolutely


hideous. Everybody is so good. Almost thinking it's probably going


to be us this week. Proud owner of a very bad back. At the moment,


kapblt walk let alone dance. No-one knows who is going to go home.


That's a movie within itself. Who will be in the bottom two this


week? One of the best things about doing Strictly is getting to see


the pros do their thing. It makes you feel insignificant but also to


slightly inspiring. I'll take the positive from that. Smile through


I feel like a star. -- I don't feel like a star, hopefully I'll act


like one, perform like one. I'm an old Neighbours fans. Craig has got


a chance. Ow! Pick on the new boy! Ouch. That was good. Going to make-


up. Wait and you will see. Pasha is in make-up in the minute. Getting


his green make-up on. For Shrek. Ready! Actually I was never really


voted out, so I could still dance. True, who would you have to dance


with! Guys life minutes. The fun is tinged with panic. This is the


fight for the semifinal. Anyone can get knocked out. It all comes down


to 24 one live performance. To get kicked out early is disappointing,


to get kicked out near the end, devastating. Last week we kicked


off our pro-dancer challenge, who could get the record number of


Botafogos in 30 seconds. It's time to welcome our new contender,


Pasha! Disappointing not to see you in the green ogre. Well done on


Saturday. Incredible. Will talk to you and Chelsee later in the week.


How confident are you you've done well in the challenge? Not at all.


I'm thinking back, can I do it again? No you can't do it again.


Come on, let's see how you did. have the -- world record at stake.


The most Botafogos in 30 seconds. We want a world champion. Think


people need to prepare very, very intense before this one. Never been


done before. That's why we're going for it. Will the next challenger


please make their way to the floor. Hello Pasha. How are you feeling?


Feeling good. You're going for a world record. Remember that.


Absolutely. Take to the floor. Richard record We're ready.


Guinness book of world Records, Stop! You did very, very well. That


was real quick. Did you feel the burn? Not yet. Any discrepancies.


You were very fast. I think there could be been seven possible


illegal Botafogos there. It will be checked. Well done. Attempting this


record was actually so much harder than I thought. You would like to


have a person in that mind, thinking I would like to beat that


person. Only one person here to beat, it is myself. I salute those


faces. Naughty faces. You must have been thinking of someone? Nobody, I


was just like concentrate... Ready to find out? Can I come back


tomorrow. Your Botafogos have been counted and verified. It is time to


get your result. I can... Reveal... That you had three Botafogos


disallowed. And there was a spell where you were going too fast and


lost control and weren't performing complete Botafogos, but... You


still scored 65 Botafogos! You looked slightly disappointed there.


It does make you top of the leaderboard! That's exciting.


do you feel about that? Well, 65 is good. Only one more than the girls!


Flavia is here tomorrow. I didn't want to say it, but thank you for


voicing it. Flavia is here tomorrow. Do you think you can beat her?


She's quite a fast cracker. I've heard that said. You have American


smooth in the week and pasa doble. Give my love to Chelsee. What did


you make of the Strictly movie weekend. It's Points of You.


ringing to say Len lighten up. Your face is like a pickled walnut when


face is like a pickled walnut when Bruno is doing his wonderful stuff.


I really liked Chelsee and Pasha's dance on Saturday. It was great


they got three tens. Me and my family would love to know the name


of the bass guitarist in the park pie hat, with a lovely smile every


time Dave Archer is introduced. He makes our evening special. Ola and


Robbie look -- like a lot like bash -- barbie and Ken. The man in the


-- barbie and Ken. The man in the pork pie hat is Trevor Barry. He


has played with them all. And he rocks. We love all the judges here


but I've been jumping up and down with excitement almost as much as


him, in a moment I'll be joined by the jak in the box judge. Bruno


Tonioli. He's a reminder why we enjoy him so. Let me entertain you.


Frission of excitement. With a hint of madness. Moodier of the thunder


storm... Christmas... Doing this, and you you have got to keep it


going. You never went for it with passion. You're like a cocking


rooster. Glistening in the light like spun gold. Hands are delicious.


Now Strictly is in business. Please welcome Bruno Tonioli! Darling!


Where have you been? Lovely to see you. Busy, busy. You have been


quite busy. Very, very busy. So busy. I love the way you sit on the


somewhere. I have to see quite somewhere. It's quite tight. I got


it from Robbie. You -- I heard him saying if you did not give me that


nice guy. How difficult has 2 been doing Strictly and dancing in


America? I love doing the show. For two months Len and I I are zonked.


It's not the flying. It's the eight hour difference. We land on a


Sunday, and we go on a meeting. It's a long meeting. I don't know


what they are talking about, and then I have to do a big show on the


Monday, praying to get the energy to do it. You always get the energy.


I have to be honest the energy comes from them. I am as good as


they are. They give me all the material. I have no idea what is


going to happen. Especially this year... Amazing this year. They


have been fantastic. You feed -- I feed from them. I thank them for


what I do. If they did not give such good performance. Even the bad


ones are good. There aren't bad ones. In aren't. The dancing


standard is not equal. Especially this season everybody is so in it.


Giving their all. Three tens you gave on Saturday night. Movie night.


Amazing. Let's talk about Robbie and Ola. You said with Robbie you


have seen improvement. Look at the attention to being erect. His frame.


Posture. We all say that. Week one I thought problem -- Robbie is


going to be out. He will never last. He really has applied himself. His


posture has improved enormously. There was meny, plenty content in


the scene. He worked on his footwork and frame. He has improved.


Obviously at this stage everybody is very, very good. Somebody has to


go. It is tough. He look it well. He took it like a man. I like that.


Robbie I -- you can take it like a man. He's a great guy. They all are.


Harry and Aliona. Everybody falls for the man. It's hard.


definition of the rumba is the woman's dance. The man has to be a


frame in which the woman shines. If you push it too far, it's


uncomfortable. If you underdo it it looks stifled. It's a very, very


slow dance. The simplest things are the hardest. The backwards and


forward things they get a little bit jangling. For the men it's very,


very hard. What would he have needed to do to get a ten from you.


What was missing. He got nines. really want to be very, very picky.


It was the basics. All the big figures were great. When he was


doing the slow forward and backwards it wasn't quite as


shrinky. I say! Alex and James. Stop it. I'm not doing anything.


Nothing at all. Alex and James they did the American smooth. Gorgeous.


Somebody who has improved so much. She just is so much more confident


with -- with herself, she allows herself to shine. Being more sexy


is comes from within. Not being self-aware. Her movement has


improved enormously. Her fluidity is good. She had an incident. It


was only a bar or two. Overall fantastic improvement. She has


improved so much. You can see the way you're at ease with yourself.


I'm turning into Kate Bush. Stop! Holly and Artem, 35 -- Paso Doble.


Incredible. You take it a ten. You had gone into a tet atet. The music


started with a paso flamenco session, you a lot of time you


start down before you bring it up. You interpret it misfrom within.


It's like an explosion from within your body. You don't do it all the


time like that. That is flamenco side is correct. Do you think being


in the bottom two twice has pur approximate -- spurred her on.


penny dropped, significant to get to the final I have to ignite


everything. She has all the elements. Great arms and legs, muse


kalt. That extra fire. Now we have seen it. We want to see it again.


Jason and Kristina. You gave a ten. I liked the concept. When you start,


this is such an iconic number. Most people would imitate gene Kelly. He


didn't do that. He went into a very good and simple and correct foxtrot.


They went into a beautiful Hollywood ending. The structure and


the performance worked very well. I loved it. When you do an American


smooth it's the elements you put together. It's subjective. For me


it was great. Chelsee and Pasha. She was on fire. Grand finale, the


timing was just brilliant. She enjoyed it. Sometimes you're


performing, but you don't think about the steps, you don't think


about anything just giving it all. She was dancing and enjoying it.


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