Episode 45 Strictly - It Takes Two

Episode 45

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It's Friday, tomorrow night is movie night. Coming up, it was


raining 10s. Aliona and Harry, d can they do it again? And I'll get


a sneak preview of the slow dance, and Chris Hollins and Tess Daly.


Lights, camera, action, this is It Live from Television Centre, 24 is


Strictly, It Takes Two. Here's... Zoe!


Hello and welcome to It Takes Two. There is only 24 hours, 26 minutes,


and 34 seconds until the big screening. Everybody wants to be a


part in next week's sequel. One couple sure to get pullss racing --


racing are Harry and Aliona. Let's remind ourselves of their action


packed quickstep. You have a lazy left foot. That's all I could find


wrong with it. Wide elbow, great movement. Lovely sway. That was


outstanding. Tremendous assurance. Polish of detail. Moving


beautifully. Superb. Swingathon! First 10's of this series and


winners of Swingathon. I can't help but sometimes doubt myself, so when


you do it and it goes so well, it's an amazing feeling. Give it up for


team Hali! You're sat there laughing. In that clip you're


speech little. You look a little bit annoyed. Were you a little bit


annoyed you did not get a ten? was speechless and overwhelmed. It


was such a great night and quite frankly exhausted. You didn't have


a chance to celebrate three ten's, it's off... Literally straight off


and getting back on. Well done. You did the double. You won the


Swingathon as well. When you were doing the Swingathon how soon did


you think, hang on we could win this. I was definitely in a bubble.


I had no idea who was going off the floor. When we were the last one's


standing, that was "I think we won it ". That was the best finish to


the Saturday. The bad thing anyone had to say was Craig who said


something about his lazy left foot. You were nodding? I broke into


laughter. It was so funny that comment. Why do you think it was


funny. Because he was desperately trying to find something. Exactly.


Haven't you said... Craig hasn't missed a trick. I do have a


slightly left foot. The first day I walked into training on day one she


was Oh, pigeon toed. Every day we stretched. We did exercise and


stretched. Have you tried putting the shoes on the opposite feet?!


No... Not a great top tip. My poor children. Tomorrow you're doing the


rumba, much faster pace... No much slower. Another top tip! A much


slower pace than the quickstep. How are you finding it, how are your


rumba walks. As you can see pretty average. As always I'm trying my


hardest. I'm enjoying it. I really am enjoying the dance. I like the


song we have, and the movie. are dancing to Bryan Adams classic


from the Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood we haven't been able to help


notice you really love this song. When I say really love this song.


He really loves the song. I lover the song, I love the film. There's


a chance I might be getting too into it actually... -- lover the


song. I have to apologise in advance -- if I do a lot of singing


# For you... APPLAUSE. Not impressed. There's a


reason the rest of us are growning. It was number one for 16 weeks.


Does it bring become any memories for you, apart from the fact you


were six? -- groaning. When I was 12 and started going to discos, and


black tie events,... Posh. These slow songs come at the end of the


night, and I was getting the courage to ask girls to dance.


you looked like this, do you mean? You look like the end of Big when


he turns from Tom Hanks. That was literally it. I think I got 23 slow


dances out of that. Do you feel the pressure to do as well, or better?


I think there's pressure every week. I do want to keep improving. At the


same time as we always say we're trying to do our best and have fun


really. It is notoriously tricky, the rumba. No male dancer has got a


ten. Colin Jackson got close. dance is tough. It helps to have


rumba later in the competition. When you know how to dance and


understand your body more, the movement. Have you managed to bring


out the romantic Harry. It is the dance of love? This routine is love.


Not sexy, it's more of a passion and a sweet routine. And he is a


remantic. I can tell. How much would it mean to get a ten from


Craig? He really does look for perfection. It's tough. I'm so


pleased when I see him pulling out a nine. That is amazing. So -- I'm


so happy the way it has gone. would mean perfection. Dougie in


the jungle, and you do this is it becoming a bit of a McFly


competition among you both? He will be back in the country I think next


week. In time for the semifinals. If I'm still there. I hope he does


well. Of course I want him to win. If anyone else from McFly wants to


do reality shows. Wife swap? How are rehearsals going at the big


studio. Really good. They feel set. You said that last week, look what


happened. Have your taught your mum and girlfriend moves 1234 After the


Swingathon I was quite excited. I really, really enjoyed the


Swingathon. I tried out lifts on I ZZY, within six times she was


screaming each time. With joy? pain. She said it hurts! Good luck


tomorrow. If you can get a ten for a male in the rumba. Good luck. It


is time for another It Takes Two teaser. Can you guess which one of


our nutty pros is dancing in the skies. -- dancing in disguise.


# Nut bush city limit # I'm a nut bush


# Who is the dancer in disguise? Find out later in the show. I love


Fridays. Please welcome our Friday panel this evening. Specially


picked. Strictly's leading lady, Tess Daly and a radio legend a dear


friend of mine Sara Cox, and our 2009 winner Mr Chris Hollins!


down, you're making me look small. There you are a thorn between two


roses. This is fantastic. Invite me every Friday night. Everybody has


been saying this series has been spectacular. What do you think has


made it so special? I think it's the personalities. Brilliant,


brilliant casting. You genuinely can't call it who is going to take


it through. Sometimes it's obvious from the beginning. Sometimes it's


can. It changes from week to week. You have won before. You know what


everybody is going through. I can't believe. Yeah. It was the dance. Do


you think one dance can win it for you. You can power along or cough


and splutter along, and you hear a piece of music and you look at each


other, it was great to see Aliona and Harry there, that's what


happened. It took off. Everybody loved it it. Michael Caine, and he


came up to me and said "love your Charles ten mate". That was a


terrible impression! It's impressive. It's been a while since


we have been allowed on telly together. You will have to come on


a radio. We can have a catch-up. Who have you been backing? Harry


and Aliona. All the way? Yes. you close personal friends. Me and


McFly. Did you know how we met. I think you were there. Probably for


after hours. To be fair he came to my radio show Radio One before he


started. He was so nervous, to watch him blossom and be brilliant.


And I saw him in make-up before, and he showed me a rumba move, up


close, and he bumped into a radiator! He will be fine. Alex and


James, she took a knock-back last week. Craig said mediocre, so mean!


I think one is James Jordan and the other is Alex. James I know very,


very well. His American smooth is always great. I saw the programme


the other day with Ian, and I they durb think his lifts look fantastic.


Here's the music they are dancing to, Pretty Woman. Do you think it


could be a winning song It's her all-time favourite movie. There are


a million woman going I love Pretty Woman! The chick flick. I think she


will be brilliant at it. And there are a couple of spectacular moves.


I think she will pull it off. hope they don't make a mistake, a


big mistake, I was was doing thinking... Holly doing the paso


doble... The judges want more passion from her. Can she pull it


out the bag? I get confused who is the cape and who is the bull. If


she draws on the acting experience. She has that Aussie laid backness


about her. I think that's why the people at home are not picking up


the phones as much. She's not gushy. Not very gushy. But she loves the


dance. This is a dance she has waited to do. She's an actress.


Come on Holly! From the legend of Zorro, you have done the paso, and


when you did it, did someone say you looked like a child having a


tantrum. I practiced all week and I got cape burn. Got it stuck on my


neck. And Bruno said it -- I looked like a child having a tantrum. You


looked at me. And Ola and Robbie. He says this is possibly his


favourite dance. I can't look! you get jelz. She was all mine and


now she's off with a long haired lout and she fancies him probably.


I love Robbie, I think he's great. He doesn't care and he gives it


everything. It's really hard... tried to grow a ponytail for this


episode. Have you fallen for Robbie. I love Robbie, he's the ultimate


crowd pleaser. The atmosphere when he dances in the studio, he really


lift itself. He takes the roof off, standing ovations every time. I


think the dance will suit him. He's safe in ballroom. Quick tep is in


the show. They have been confident in the show. Harry scored highest


in the quickstep. Chelsee did well with his, come on the Robster.


Jason doing the American smooth. Dancing to this. (swinging in the


rain) What do you think of the tune? You grew up with the song.


Always been there in your life. Not as regularly now. Must be a joy to


dance to. Do you think he will be able to channel Gene Kelly? I came


out of Watchdog make up room eight weeks ago. Saw Michael Caine


bumped into audley Harrison, and others, and they said how do you


win it? They have all gone out. Come on Jason! And let's have a


look at Chelsee and Pasha. They are doing the jive. Do you think it


will suit her? It's doubly, and full of personality. I think she


will own it. She's brilliant. like in a Fairytale, where a dancer


was taken out of a pocket and told dance. She's so lovely. She lights


it up. Great track this week, from Shrek The surprise third member in


the -- on the floor. I think the jive will suit her personality.


Efficient vestant. Harry and Aliona doing the rumba. I think the it the


first week. My thinking was grab hold of Ola for dear life, and look


sexy. I grabbed hold of Ola, and could not do the second part. I was


called constipated and sucking a lemon. Give me your rumba face.


LordY, LordAway. No I'm fine. do you want to win? My heart says a


Jordan but my head says Harry. heart belongs to Harry. I can't ask


you, I want them all! I do. There have been so many twists and turns


in the Strictly story this year. Who will be in a box office hit or


straight to DVD. Here's how the couples are finding it. If I was to


play a role on Strictly the movie I would like to play Craig. I think


we share a similar dry sarcastic humour. A rebel. I like to be


naughty. Bruno the judge. I would be the hero unless Craig was


hanging on to a cliff. And I would go, sorry mate. Harry is my perfect


leading man. He always delivers on the show day a great performance.


All leading men have to have a dense of -- sense of confidence


about them. She has style and glam. She's pretty and a lot of fun and


never afraid of challenges. acting skills can come through and


always deliver on Saturday a wonderful entertaining performance.


What will the twist in the plot be? I believe there will be no twists


to the storyline this weekend. could turn into a horror movie.


hoping it will be more of a thriller. Get it wrong it could be


nightmare on Strictly Street. will it end? Robbie doing a fan --


fantastic step. A great judge reaction. Where all the judges lift


up the ten paddles. For anybody a happy ending to finish in the


finale with something glittery in your hands. It's going to be so


good. I'm in the kos tuem department where everybody gets the


final fittings. You are a vision, possessed by the spirit of Gene


Kelly. I'm into the groove. Dancing to Singing in the Rain tomorrow.


How is it going, have you got your prop? -- prop? We did a rehearsals.


It's good to have a good rehearsal. It makes you sleep. That's the most


important thing. I remember many sleepless nights. Sheer terror.


Have you checked out the competition 1234 I saw James and


Alex. They are looking pretty hot. Pretty hot. I haven't had a lot of


insight on too many of the others. Been checking out the Chelsee... I


think she... Don't look too closely. She's going to storm it. She's


going to storm it. Good luck both of you tomorrow. I'm so jealous


he's dancing to singing in the Rain. I might trap Kristina in a cupboard.


And steal the costume. Do you think they will notice. In the last all


they want is to get into the show. How has your Friday gone. Paso.


Really good rehearsals all week, and a dodgy one today. Dodgy Friday,


good Saturday. Hope so. How are the paso arms. They are getting there.


I don't have licence to teach anybody pass ya yo. You do. You --


have you been out canvassing for votes. Touching babies. Picketing


outside my house. I had tomatoes thrown at me... Stop it. Your


boyfriend's dad sends you a card every Friday. That's probably the


only one I can show in public. They get ruder, and ruder. Is that


appropriate.. You haven't met him. He's a big character. He will be so


happy we're chatting about him. He's coming to the show hopefully


if I can get a bit further. It's so draining, you work so hard. Such an


annoying person. I would love to make it through one more week, and


take the next week. We saw your paso, it looks amazing. We would


like to believe. Where is Artem? think he's at group training.


Working very hard. Keep moving on. Working all the time. Good luck


tomorrow. Holly! We asked you who was was the dancer in disguise?


Of course, our little red squirrel was Kristina. As you have been such


good It Takes Two fans, we'll give you a mini glimpse of the pro's


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I'm not quite sure what was going on there. Frankly a shambles.


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