Episode 3 The Apprentice: You're Fired

Episode 3

Dara O Briain meets the candidate who failed to perform in the task to find 10 items for a top London hotel. Joing them are Sean Lock, Tara Bernerd and Jane Moore.

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Where is your brains? This is a disgrace. The failure is down to


Good evening and welcome to The Apprentice, You're Fired. As ever,


with the help of unseen footage, we will delve into the debt titters of


what derailed this week. When Karren said this... �1,389.20.


entire country went, "what was the first number again?" they need a


big buzz or of some description. Before we meet the Casualty, let us


meet the panel. Tara Bernerd, Sean Lock and Jane Moore. Welcome.


Tonight's task of buying 10 items for a top hotel left one man on the


shelf. I have to judge this on this task and on that basis I have


concluded that because the task was out of hand, Gavin, you are fired.


Gavin it, a genuinely warm welcome from the audience because there


were weeks when they were... We got rid of him! Were you surprised?


wasn't surprised because we lost the task and I was project manager.


I was disappointed but not surprised because we lost the task.


Let us look back at what went wrong Gavin, you must be six. It was a


disgrace. Three hours of pontificating. Is this the right


decision to go out, collectively? what are they doing? Let us go.


Where? You said you were a good manager of people? I told people


what to do. But now one took any notice. That is correct. You let


What happened in those three hours? We tried to phone round businesses


to locate the items but we couldn't find anywhere. Where I come from,


Liverpool, we have one level -- Yellow Pages and we were dealing


with six or seven. I thought everyone was looking at the same


one. People were looking at different parts of London... Yes, I


didn't realise London at 25 million different Yellow Pages. The only


place to get eyes in London was... Every London we travel down to the


south London massive ice factory, the ice quarry, it to remove our


eyes. That was during the north London ice shortage. It was a tough


time. That is why supermarkets were invented. You run to businesses?


Yes, I sell glasses online and have a high street store. It was just


completely unbelievably difficult to locate the items. Would you sell


them to the six people you are wearing identical -- identical


glasses in a row five? Are they related to you? You bought them


from his website? I just noticed that. Thanks for that. Why weren't


you, during every shot, taking of a pair and putting on another pair of


glasses. One minute they were on and the next they were of, make


your mind up. Ivo wear them or don't. That is my rule. I wear them


because I can't see. I can't see a thing. Is that a tactic. Is it the


type of thing, I will withdraw to my happy place. For the land, no


one can hurt me here. Light soft play area. I used to think I became


invisible when I tipped them off. You supply to hotels. How did you


think of how they handled the task? The most important few hours were


at the beginning. In those instances, strategy is everything.


Prioritising. It was a shambles. I felt you were disorganised. I'm not


sure if you had a hard group because you do run a business well


but those hours at the start seemed to be key. Was it difficult? It is


not rocket science trying to open a book and locate items but when


everyone is looking at different books and when people make phone


calls and are not getting luck in locating the items, it does come


down to luck. If someone had the item, one team would have been a


way to get it. Is it that or initiative? When I watched --


watched it, I thought the task seemed easy because I come from a -


- the days before internet Andy used the phone to five things


quickly. We do relied -- and we used the phone. There was also a


lack of leadership and they needed more guidance whether your hat the


internet or the Yellow Pages. It seemed no one quite knew what they


were looking for. The other team had a job each. I don't think the


internet would have helped you. I don't think a team of but this


would have helped to. 10 personal shoppers. What is the strangest


thing you have been asked to source? Extraordinary things from a


casino owner who needed a TV that had to be disguised as a mirror


with a gold gilt frame. Binoculars for penthouses that were antique.


All kinds of things. Were these people difficult to manage? Would


you employ them? I would avoid them because they got me the sack.


enough. Your audition, you were full of get up and go. It is very


soft the down south. La-di-da celebrities. I will make as much


money as possible. Try and knock them down and they will try and


knock you down. If you win every task, you will get to the final. If


you get to the final I will way in the Apprentice. -- will win the


Apprentice. Thank you for the motion sickness! Do you always bob


around? Yes, when I was in that... I can't stand in the same place.


Looking at that audition tape, you are really funny and easy-going.


That didn't come across in the show. He wasn't doing that with his foot!


You come across well and in the show it looked like you were


sitting on a nail. I think you realised that a one. You went, calm


down. And then you thought you wouldn't be able to walk the


streets of Liverpool again. There was panic as soon as I said those


words. As soon as you said it... They banged a big jump. You hire


and fire people and you have to be decisive. I can't hire and fire


people who were or might team because it would it have been me


ringing around. In the real-world, if you ask someone to do something


and they don't do it, it is not just a case of saying, it do it for


me, they have got to do it otherwise they are consequences. I


couldn't say to Vincent, you are suspended and we will have a chat


when you come in tomorrow. You have to read direct them back to the


task. Is it a take -- case of inspiring them? These people should


be wanting to win because they do not want to go back into the


ballroom. -- boardroom. In terms of inspiring people to pick up a phone


and asking them if they have a cloche or whatever it was. Can we


nail this, it is cloche. You still haven't got it? No, we kept getting


the word wrong. Every time you put down a pair of glasses or shower


Pope glasses, it should be under a cloche. "your glasses are ready, so


there" let us move to the saga of the top hat.


We saw my local dry-cleaners making an appearance. I took it literally,


Could we get a top hat from here? That genuinely is my dry-cleaners.


The last time I was saying, the King of Tonga was there. He has a


lot of top hats that need cleaning. What crazy clutching at straws was


that? Week tribes the cloche dry- cleaners but it was closed. So we


moved to the top hat dry-cleaners. I was ringing around everywhere and


out of the corner of mime i i saw, top hat. -- the corner of my eye. I


wondered if they cleaned top hat. It is very stupid, right. Imagine


if that they were London's premier at top hat dry-cleaners who do all


of the top hats. And in the boardroom they would say, but you


drove past. A everyone knows you don't should dry-cleaner a top hat.


Everyone knows that, don't they? The ones you probably do dry-


cleaner are the felt ones with Guinness on the side. That would


have been cheaper. I thought it was the funniest thing. I get it


because when you get to the point where you are desperate and use the


word that has been haunting new for however many hours, you run in. You


never know, it might just have been that because it was the name of his


shop, he might just have had a top hat on the shelf as a prop and you


might have said, you can have it for a tenner. You never know. It


was either a worst -- work of genius on act of stupidity and you


are sitting is so we know which one it was. It wasn't just you in the


firing line. We also enjoyed the Can you co-ordinate this Cup team


for me? I can be in charge of three, strong ladies. I heard you is


weighing 10 places. You were grabbing the phone out of the hand


because they aren't doing it properly, you think. He is a bit of


a wide boy. I don't like people that undermine instructions that


people give them and I can't see There was a lot of debate about who


Vincent most looks like. A Karic -- character from Only Fools and


horses. Would you work with a man like him? It's all right. I'll sort


this one out, tar run. -- tyrer. couldn't have said it better. He


seemed to think he had a grip on them but I don't think they were


that impressed. It was odious. He drives me mad. He thinks he is one


of the Three Musketeers. He is this far away from saying, come on winch.


You love it really though, don't you? I was asking for it. He is


like some 70s TV detective. Vincent... What is his name?


Vincent Disneur. He said in his defence when they were criticising


him in the boardroom, he said well I just want to win, like that


cancels out everything else. lover bit when he was on the phone


and said "now then, somewhere that sells stake." are but just


possibly? How is he? A nice guy actually. I get along with him. I


couldn't work with him, day-in, day-out. I would end up killing him


but on a one-to-one basis he is a bit of a lad. We have had three


shows and three men fired already. Yay! It does mean we have hardly


have chance to talk about the girls. Zoe, you were the only one who


ended up not getting into any negotiations. Why was that? I found


a lot of Leeds and silage. sourced my own signage. I did what


I was told and didn't get a chance to shine. That could be your own


fault. A why should I be punished for being professional? One do you


think? It is my first chance to see her. She didn't stand out at all,


and with all the focus on the men at the moment, she has another


chance but I didn't see anything to comment on. Is it unprofessional?


She was supplying the information. She had some attitude at the end,


what comes from that book too early to say. She is a bit like all of


the others, they are all very similar, the girls. Like an


enormous girl band. They are not very distinctive. No yet. They are


doing what women do, keeping quiet, a bit nervous about putting


ourselves forward, but then at the end, as has been proved in the last


two series, we always win. Because ladies are so cool and relaxed.


Let's have a look at this but first. This is the third task, but two


people are already not the best of friends. Zoe is very intelligent


and has decent experience behind her, and I feel it is unfortunate


she has not brought that to the table. Working with Natasha is a


nightmare, I wouldn't wish it on my first -- worst enemy. She has


looked for excuses. She is just a mouth. She never put herself


forward for negotiation. She gets where dirt can't. She doesn't have


any intelligence to her. I don't think she can be trusted. She moans


in between tasks. A I'm not sure if this is a serious thing for her,


but it should be considering her employment status is none. Yes, Zoe


and Natasha getting on like sisters. Moving through the process and


eventually winning it. What was that you were talking about a


second ago? I thought the funny bit was when they were trying to get


the wine cellar plaque and one of her negotiating tactics, she said


"well, there is repeat business". One of those plaques would probably


last about 200 years. When that wears out, we will be back for


another one. You're still here, and the earth is still spinning around,


we will be back for another plaque, another 40 quid in your pocket. I


would have sacked her for that. Allows the tactic. Presumably there


are personality clashes like that in your business, Tara, how do you


deal with them? They are a problem. It can be a real setback and I have


been lucky, we usually spot it had the outset and have somebody can't


communicate, they go quite early. We know that Tom is a bit of a nerd


and more power to him for that. We think he might actually be turning


into a computer. Do you think you have an ability to


think in different ways to other John, what do you think of Tom?


is at the inventor, isn't he? I think the reason is because one day


he looked in the mirror and thought I look like an inventor. I will


become an inventor! He looks like something out of the Beano, he


looks great. Slightly comic. only reason he has lasted this long


is because he has not figured on Lord Sugar's radar yet. He will get


eaten for breakfast. He is really sweet, but just there in the


background, not putting himself forward for anything. He will soon


be flushed out. Gavin, it is time to hear from Lord Sugar about


yourself, and from your former colleagues. Gavin surprised me. He


looked like a contender but in this particular task he completely lost


it. He didn't organise people, they spent hours pontificating over


where to go, what to do. We were in there for two hours planning and he


wasn't doing anything. From the time management point of view, it


was a mess. The team strategy was that there wasn't one, basically.


People were like headless chickens. I think he is a good guy, he was


swamped by this task. Under pressure, he could not control his


people, he could not work out the logistics and that is not the type


of person I can go into business with. Lord Sugar thought you were


initially a possible front-runner, but how do you respond to that?


Obviously he knows what he's talking about. I can accept what he


is saying, in hindsight. I will prove him wrong in the future


hopefully, but at this time obviously he has decided to go with


the likes of other people. What have you learned from the


experience? What a cloche is. Where to get my top-hat cleaned, and


Why did you choose to be PM on this particular task? Every year, I


watch it and I hate this task. I really hate it, honestly. It is the


worst one out of for them, but for the previous two weeks I have been


wanting to do things. Because I wasn't pm, it got delegated to


someone else. It looked like I was moaning of the time and I probably


was because I wanted to be involved. After losing the second task, I


went a bit not and decided that I didn't care what it was but I


wanted to be the pm next week. I wanted to try and win, I wanted to


be involved and it was just stupid. The other team led by Susan started


more decisively but in the end only won by �7.51. Whatever price they


ask for the top hat, I want to get it for a fiver. A as cheap as you


can possibly do it for us? �365. They wouldn't even take one penny


off. You know St James' may fare is not exactly the pound shop area.


�119.50. It is for a very important client. How would that make a


difference? You also went to the rare tea company, very bloody rare.


�990 �909? You should have run a mile when you heard that figure.


Where are your brains? She went to that price, and did she


ring the Turkish guide who takes it incredibly seriously and wants it


to be that price? No, she didn't. Normally when I buy tea outside a


pub, I get it at knock-down prices. I'm thinking you buy tea outsider


pub for 900 quid? It is like a David Boughey lyric. She wanted tea


for �400. The word rare tells you that it will be really expensive


because that is why she has called it rare, and that will have a big


market price added on to the top of it. She should have just gone for


the cheap tea company or whatever, but rare. Of course the cheap tea


company. We sell it in the back of the pub for half the price in the


front of the poor. - Mark the front of the pub. Like in the Sweeney,


you pull up and say "where is the tea?" in the back, you got the


cash? Tara, what did you think of Susan as PM? She was good, she was


organised. She seemed to have her tea under control at the beginning.


She got in those cars and they all seemed to be knowing exactly where


they were going. Everything gets cheaper as you go to East London,


gradually the further east you go, out of the Medway and people are


bartering grain. You don't have to live in London to know that, you


just have to have a monopoly board. Just follow the music. How much?


Tara, do you think Lord Sugar is right? Just this week, do you think


he was right to fire Gavin? Yes, I do. Sean? Yes, definitely. The best


decision Lord Sugar ever made. Well done, Lord Sugar, if you are


in the building. Is he back there? All the time, in a communication


bored listening to everything that has been said. Jane? It was close


run between you and Vincent, but I think it was the right decision.


Sorry. Let me see if you get redemption from our audience. It is


fired, I'm afraid. Every week you do this. You crush the puppy and


then you are really sad that you don't have the puppy any more. We


do have a gift for you, Gavin. Obviously we have to put the gift...


Wait! This is not a cloche, I am sure a cloche is circular. That is


Let's enjoy your highlights. believe I am good enough because I


am representing Liverpool. I always think big. What about the paper you


squeeze and it crackles? What would you pay for something like that?


What you see is what you get. Lovely guy. People believe I am


quite funny. That is enough from him. Ladies and gentlemen, Gavin


That is it for tonight. Thank you to one of my guests. Gavin will be


on Breakfast tomorrow morning. You can visit the website, where you


will find everything you need to know. You can also find details of


how to apply to take part in the next series if you have a great


business idea. Now is your chance to be in the running. Next week,


they get under the skin of the beauty business. Behind me is


Aphrodite and your task is to get a piece of the action. It is what


girls want. You will be professionally trained. Why is it


not working? What is going on? know my cosmetics. You are pretty.


Dara O Briain meets the candidate who failed to perform in the task to find 10 items for a top London hotel. Getting to the bottom of what went wrong are comedian Sean Lock, interior designer Tara Bernerd and columist and broadcaster Jane Moore.

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