18/05/2013 The National Lottery Draws


The National Lottery Saturday draws, presented by John Partridge with an exclusive performance from Status Quo. Includes Thunderball and Lotto draws, and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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It is Saturday night and time to get some winning under way. Welcome


to the show. We have plenty to try and get you excited about with it


Eurovision will start now be Thunderball and Lotto draws are


coming up. Before that, joining as in the studio is one of the most


successful rock acts ever. It is of course the mighty Status Quo.


Hanover. How are you? Welcome. -- hello. The new single and a new


album. Tara as a parrot it. It is a sand track album. -- tell us about


it. It goes with the movie. What is it about? We meet a crick and he is


getting tramps off the street and stealing their organs. Whose idea


was it? The stunt co-ordinator from Coronation Street. Seven years on,


it is done. It is a caper. Let's take a look at a clip will start


that is a flip-flop! This is your actual job. What do we do now?


they seen us? I think they have! think I am starting to like them.


That looks hilarious. Was it fun to make? It was. We will be chatting


to the boys a bit later on. Now Start up the machines if you were


at. -- if you blew it. -- if you would. Since last Saturday, 554,000


tickets have won on this game. Up congratulations! The pattern is all


yours. We are off and running. 39 balls in order to pick from. You'd


just choose five. Three opportunities per week to play the


game - Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And, finally, have you


got this on your ticket? I hope so. That is 23. OK, chaps will start


one more time. -- chaps. One more time. They are too keen! Here are


the Thunderball numbers again, this Thank you. We are moments away from


the multi-million pound Lotto jackpot. A few more questions for


the lads. You met another Royal recently. You have both been


honoured with a OBEs. That was fantastic. Begot it for the charity


work we had done over the years. -- we got it. Was the Queen a fan?


Apparently. We'd talk in winter. -- we do a talk in winter. Bonnie


Tyler is going for your vision glory tonight. She supported you


will start -- Eurovision. We have everything crossed for you. Right


Tell us what is in that part tonight. I have been in touch with


the number crunchers. We are playing for a jackpot of �3.8


million. That is fantastic. Let's release the big-money ball. Thanks


to Mr Bird of Epson, we are using Arthur and set of balls number five.


Two rollover jackpot winners on Wednesday he won over �4 million


each. His answer ready? Indeed. The National Lottery has created


That is the next one - number 48. Number 31 was first up on Wednesday


before last. Number 24 joined as last Saturday night. The bonus is


That is the winning all wrapped up. I want to issue all the best with


the movie and the single. Would you like to get yourself ready to play


us out? The results will be broadcast on BBC One on Tuesday,


Wednesday and Friday straight after the 10 o'clock News. If you have


played the plus fives, we will give you the results after status quo ah


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