25/05/2013 The National Lottery Draws


Jenni Falconer presents the National Lottery draws, including Thunderball and Lotto, and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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for the live National Lottery draws. Your host for tonight, Jenni


Falconer. Thanks, Alan, and welcome all to the


show. We are ready here with two chances for you to win big on


tonight's draws. The top prize on Thunderball, a cool half a million


pounds could be yours in just a moment. And tonight's Lotto draw


could make you a multi-millionaire with a jackpot estimated at �3.7


million! Also coming up, I'm going to be joined by British sprinter


Adam Gemili. He's going to be here very soon armed with information on


how you could gain a very valuable place in this year's National


Lottery Anniversary Run which is taking place in the Olympic Stadium


in July. But right now it's time for the first draw of the night. Here


you would, please. Our draw master tonight is Matt Chamberlain, and the


draws are being overseen by independent adjudicator Sian


Fleet-Milne. Excalibur six and set of balls number eight were selected


at random earlier today. Since last Saturday, over 451,000 tickets have


won a prize on Thunderball. Congratulations if you were one of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


those lucky winners. Are we ready? Thunderball, is the key to winning


that half-a-million-pound top prize. You just need to have matched with


all the other numbers drawn so far and that money is yours. Good luck,


up. But first, it's almost a year since the Olympic Stadium opened its


doors and welcomed in 5,000 of you for the National Lottery Olympic


Park Run. And now, as we draw ever closer to marking a year since


London 2012, the stadium is opening its doors once again for the


National Lottery Anniversary Run. It means that over 10,000 of you will


get to follow in the footsteps of some of Britain's most talented


Olympians, and I'm joined by one of them right now - sprinter Adam


see you. Now, you were lucky enough to be part of team GB for London


2012, taking part in the 100 metres sprint. How was that? Competing in


the Olympic Stadium at London 2012 in front of a home crowd was a truly


once-in-a-lifetime experience. There were 80,000 people cheering. But you


used to play football. In a football stadium, you are with your team, and


in athletics, you are by yourself. And you made the transition from


football to sprinting at the start of last year. Yes, I had six months


before the games to train, and I really enjoyed it. And you were able


to get there thanks to National Lottery funding? National Lottery


funding has had a truly transformational impact on my life


and allowed me to pursue my dream. They funded where right train, and


fund my medical requirements. It's helped with all aspects of my


training. Let's talk about the national Lottery anniversary run.


is great for the general public to be able to go to the stadium and


race there and following the footsteps of that competed. And the


good news is that although this is a sellout event, there are a further


2,500 additional places available via a ballot? Yes, that's right,


10,000 places were snapped up very quickly but there still a chance


that people can take part by entering the ballot. The ballot is


open now and closes at 7pm on Wednesday fifth June. For details of


how to apply, head online and follow the links. So, Adam, are you in


training right now for Rio? Yes, six days a week, it is intense. That is


a lot. You can have a night off, you just need to press a button. OK,


it's time to get your heart rates up in an entirely different way now,


with the thought of becoming a multi-millionaire with tonight's


Lotto draw. OK, Alan, what's in the jackpot? Tonight we're playing for a


jackpot estimated at �3.7 million. Fantastic. Let's do this. Release


those big money balls. We are using Merlin, and set of balls number


five. In the last week there have been over 713,000 winners on Lotto


including three jackpot-winning tickets. Congratulations to them and


everyone else lucky enough to win a prize this week. Matt, is Merlin


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


wrapped up. Thank you very much for joining us, Adam. Good luck for the


future. The world championships are in Moscow, right? Good luck. The


Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions draws for the week can be viewed


online on the day of the draw from 9.30pm. Scott Mills will be back


here next Saturday from 7.35pm during the start of a brand new


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