15/06/2013 The National Lottery Draws


Matt Johnson presents the National Lottery draws, including Thunderball and Lotto, and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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for the live National Lottery draws. Your host for tonight... Matt


Johnson Thanks, Alan, and hello everyone at home. We are ready, here


with two chances For you to win big on tonight's draws. First up,


Thunderball, followed closely by Lotto. And we'll be featuring


another of our National Lottery heroes. This time it's a large group


of motorbike enthusiasts who are giving up their free time to save


lives. But first it's time to try and get hold of some of that cash up


tickets have won a prize on Thunderball. Congratulations if you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


were one of those lucky winners. Heroes come in the form of


leather-clad bikers. There's over 150 of them and they have combined


their love of the open road with saving lives. They do that by


providing an out-of-hours transport service of blood and other medical


requirements. They are the North West Blood Bikes and this is their


bike please? Is it very urgent?For an emergency. Will get one under way


as soon as possible. I'm Keil, and I am a blood bike. I'm Paul, I'm a


blood bike. Yes, would you like the details? Thank you very much.


2012, we started with four people and one motorbike. It has progressed


ever since. We now have 150 riders, seven dedicated bikes and we are


going from strength to strength. I had a serious accident a few years


ago where I broke my neck. I've seen how this can benefit the patient.


June 2012, I was really impressed with the service and the staff.


the bikers are volunteers, totally unpaid. We do this 365 days a year.


Irrespective of the weather. Up to today is 1160 seven. I'm very proud


of doing what we do. It makes you feel good. It gives you goosebumps.


Because you've done something to be proud of. When you think on a nice,


sunny day when you'd rather be out riding your bikes for fun, they are


sat by a phone waiting for recall. It takes a lot of dedication.


involved because I think what they do is fantastic. I felt that it was


something I wanted to join in and help. In a trauma, we can't wait for


blood. We needed there and then. It is essential, the service that they


provide. They are keeping the lab retrieves full of supplies. The


lottery funding has been essential to them. The guys that I work with


are a great bunch of guys. We have fantastic camaraderie. It is great.


Everybody gets on really well. Paul and I'm a blood bike.


Graham, and I'm a blood bike. effort they have put in have


you've been inspired by the work they do and want to find out more,


contact the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes - I'm sure they'd be


delighted to hear from you. And don't forget that it's National


Blood Week this week too, so look out for places to donate near you.


It's time for tonight's live we're playing for a jackpot


estimated at �3.7 million. Fantastic, let's do this. Release


those big money balls. We are using Arthur. In the last week there have


been in incredible 901,000 winners on Lotto, including four jackpot


winning tickets and 35 matching with five main numbers plus the bonus.


Congratulations to them and everyone else lucky enough to win a prize


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


this week. Is after ready? He is week, get those tickets ready


because Alan is geared up to reveal this week's winning numbers for you


right after the show. The Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions draws


for the week can be viewed online on the day of the draw from 9.30pm. And


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