22/06/2013 The National Lottery Draws


Myleene Klass presents the National Lottery draws, with a performance by Jamie Cullum. Includes Thunderball and Lotto, and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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your host, the gorgeous Myleene Klass.


Thank you very much. Not only have we got two chances for you to make a


serious amount of money with the Thunderball and Lotto draws, we also


have a special musical treat lined up for you. The incredibly talented


Jamie Cullum is going to be performing. What have you got in


store? Hey, everyone. I'm going to be playing my new single, Edge of


Something, from my new album, Momentum. I am sure you are going to


enjoy it even more if you win one of would. However master is Julie


Hamilton. The draw is being overseen by independent adjudicator Chris


Williams. Excalibur and set of balls number seven were selected by Jack


White from Croydon. Over �2.5 million in prize money has been one


on this game since last Saturday, congratulations if you were one of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


the lucky winners. Best of luck from increases your win, no matter how


many numbers you have matched so for the national lottery awards and


your favourite good cause product... Projects are in need of


your help to win their category. It only takes a few minutes, so head on


line after the show to vote. Now, the main event. Tickets at the


ready, it is time for the live Lotto The Lotto jackpot is estimated at


�3.7 million. Thanks to Jack from Croydon, we are using Merlin and set


of balls number eight. In the last week alone, there have been four


millionaires created through Lotto, including Mr R, from Surrey, who


played online and had a share of the winnings on Saturday. Good luck,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


social media with your questions for Jamie. We asked him a selection


earlier on. Head online after this to watch that interview, after Jamie


treats us to a stunning performance # What you're finding out, what


you're finding out # I've got some ways of believing


# What you're leaving out, what you're leaving out


# So take a reach down inside your soul


# What you gonna find, what you gonna find?


# And it's so deep down inside your soul


# What you leave behind, what you leave behind


# I can hear it calling # Can't you tell?


# I'm on the edge of something # So I just keep running


# Every time I lose my head down


# In the frozen ground, in the frozen ground?


# Under a cold moon and a fractured # There's a universe there, behind


those eyes # You're gonna make good on promises


# That you know you could, that you know you could


# Cos no-one here worships suddenness


# Though you wish they would, though you wish they would


# I can hear it calling, can't you tell?


# I'm on the edge of something # So I just keep running


# Every time I lose my head # I'm on the edge of something


# So I just keep falling # I don't need a vision


# I'm just waiting on collisions of the brain and the heart


# In the valley I was born # I'm on the edge of something


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