21/09/2013 The National Lottery Draws


The National Lottery Draws presented by O J Borg. Includes Thunderball, and Lotto Draws and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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With your host, OJ Borg. Thanks very much, Alan. Hello to everyone


at home. Tonight, we have a packed show in store. Not only will there


be two chances to boost those bank accounts with both the Thunderball


and of course the Lotto draw. We will also take a look at some Good


Cause projects from around the UK. Thanks to you, they have recently


been awarded National Lottery funding. But before that, one of


you could be about to finish the weekend half a million pounds


richer. Grab your tickets. Here comes Thunderball. Start up that


first machine, if you would, please, Matt. Our draw master tonight is


Matt Chamberlain and the drawers are being overseen by independent


adjudicator Chris Williams. Excalibur 5. Set of balls number


six. Since last Saturday, over £2.7 billion in prize money has been won


on the Thunderball. Congratulations if you were one of the lucky


winners. Congratulations, indeed. Are we ready?


We can get the second machine started, please. If you have


matched all the numbers drawn so far, you are on the way to becoming


a top prize winner. You just need to match with this next ball, the


Thunderball, as well, and that half a million pounds is yours. Good


luck. By playing National Lottery games,


you have helped to raise money for hundreds of thousands of good


causes across the UK. Here are just a few that have benefited recently


from National Lottery funding. Starting in Wales. Over £3,000 has


been awarded to Newport's Regeneration Association Somerton


Community at Large. RASCAL for short. The money will be used to


fund their Inspired project. It will engage young people at risk of


committing crime, to help to stamp out local anti-social behaviour


problems. In Sheffield, more than £269,000 has been awarded to the


Heeley City Farm, who, among other things, provide education, training


and social opportunities for disadvantaged young people. They


help to make them more employable. The money will go towards the


creation of a learning centre. Further south in Watford, the


Dolphina gymnastics club has been awarded a grant of £50,000. The


club has been running for over 21 years. It has 200 members. The


funding will extend their reach among the community, giving many


hundreds more the chance to learn gymnastics. Finally, this week, it


is great news for the Family Deaf Centre for Deaf Children down in


Bristol and the surrounding areas. The centre delivers British Sign


Language courses to families that live with a deaf child or parent.


They have been awarded more than £42,000 to ensure that they can


continue to not only provide, but improve these courses.


Congratulations. Keep up the brilliant work that you are doing.


Well done to you at home, as well. Since the National Lottery began,


almost 20 years ago, you have helps to raise more than a mind-blowing


£30 billion for over 400,000 grants. Remember, it is your help that


makes this funding possible and a huge thank you for that. It is


almost time for the Lotto, but just before that, some important news


about Lotto Plus 5. Tell us what is happening, Alan. The final Lotto


Plus five draw will take place on Tuesday, 1st October. The last date


you will be able to plus-five your Lotto numbers is this Wednesday,


25th September. Where can people find out more? Head online. You can


follow the link. And now we is the main event, it is time for Lotto.


Alan, how much is the jackpot tonight? £3.6 million is the


estimation. Thanks to Adam from Bracknell, we


are using Merlin tonight. Last Wednesday's double rollover


jackpot was shared between two very lucky ticket holders. Each won more


than £4.1 million. How is that for a midweek pick-me-up? Hopefully,


you are ready at home. Good luck. lucky ticket holders. Each won more


than lucky ticket holders. Each won more


you are ready at home. Good luck. next week's show, we will explain


news of a special next week's show, we will explain


hosted by Chris Evans. Whatever next week's show, we will explain


EuroMillions draws for the week


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