28/09/2013 The National Lottery Draws


The National Lottery Draws presented by Matt Johnson. Includes Thunderball and Lotto draws and Lotto Plus 5 results.

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Welcome to Lottery HQ. We are live with your host, Matt Johnson. Thank


you very much. Good evening to you all. In moments, we will be bringing


you very much. Good evening to you you the first of tonight's chances


to become considerably richer. Yes, folks, it is almost time for the


Thunderball draw with a top prize of £500,000. We will be looking at the


seven-figure prize courtesy of tonight's Lotto jackpot. Will it be


you? We will be looking around the UK for the National Lottery projects


that have secured vital funding and all thanks to you. And we will be


bringing you some exciting news ahead of next week's special The


National Lottery Live hosted by Chris Evans. Right now, it is time


for Thunderball. OK. Julie, start up that first


machine. Our Draw Master is Julie Hamilton and toes's draws are being


overseen by Sian Fleet Milne. -- and tonight's draws are being overseen


by Sian Fleet Milne. There have been over 437,000 winners on Thunderball


since last Saturday. Congratulations. Julie, are we


ready? We are. Good luck, everybody. Here we go. Round and round they go.


There is the first one. 29. A total of 39 balls to pick from in this


first machine. You just choose five of them. Here is the next one. That


is 39. Three opportunities per week to play the game. There's 38. We


need a couple of more from our first machine. There is the first of them.


30. How are you doing so far? Well, I hope! Here is the last one. There


it is. Number 5. Julie, let's get the second machine started.


Excellent. You are still within a chance of winning a cash prize even


if you haven't matched a single number so far. If you have matched


every number, you could be seconds away from winning £500,000. Take a


deep breath and good luck. Let's see if we can't make this a weekend to


remember. Which will it be? Up pops 13. So here are tonight's


Thunderball numbers again in ascending order:


Now, many more of the hundreds of thousands of projects that you help


support have received vital National Lottery funding recently. Let's look


at some of them, starting in Northern Ireland - boom - it is


great news for the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry who have been


awarded £147,000 for the Reading Rooms. This fantastic initiative


encourages people of all ages to read and provides training for


volunteers to set up reading allowed group. Up to Scotland, to the Isle


of Tiree where the Tiree Windsurfing Club has been awarded over £1,400.


This has enabled young islanders to take part in swimming lessons.


Because there is no indoor swimming pool on the island, they were taught


to swim out in the open water. I expect it's probably thawed out by


now! In north Birmingham, £280,000 was awarded to the Acacia Family


Support. They provide telephone support and a weekly befriending


service for mothers, fathers and families affected by pre and


post-natal depression. In London, My Bank has received more than £285,000


to teach young people about the benefits of saving and budgeting and


when I say My Bank, I'm not referring to my bank, the National


Lottery project, so congratulations to all four projects and to any


other projects who have benefitted from National Lottery funding. Come


with me, follow me. You may have heard the news about a number of


exciting changes that are about to take place with Lotto, giving you


more ways to win more money. Let's take a look of what you can expect.


New Lotto will have e jackpots, you will win £25 for matching three


numbers and there is a brand-new Lotto raffle which guarantees 50


ticket holders will win £20,000 every draw. The launch of the new


Lotto will take part on a very special event next Saturday on 5th


October. That night the jackpot will be a whopping £10 million. On top of


that, the Lotto raffle will create 1,000 raffle winners winning £20,000


each. Just in case you are thinking that isn't a celebration enough,


there will be another chance to win Lotto with a special additional


National Lottery event called 49-1. Registration has closed. For those


who have entered, you could be taking part on the show from the


very comfort of your own homes having the chance to win up to


£50,000. So whatever you do, don't miss next Saturday's event. As ever,


more information about the new Lotto can be found by going online and


following the links. Here is tonight's Lotto Draw.


OK. Let's release those big-money balls. The jackpot is estimated at


£3.6 million. We are using Merlin and set of balls number three.


Julie, is Merlin ready? Yes. Good luck, everybody at home. Here we go.


There's the first one, number 14. Here is the next. 12. Next is 48.


This time it is 46. Fifth to be drawn is 10. The sixth one is 25.


The bonus tonight is 31. So millionaire's row looks like this in


ascending order: Exciting times. Good luck,


everybody. If you have played Lotto Plus 5 this week, Alan will reveal


the results of that at the end of the show. Chris Evans will be here


next week. Until then, it is a good night from me. Take it easy.


Here are the results from this week's Lotto Plus 5 draws:


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