02/07/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws.

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Good evening, thanks for joining us on BBC Two. A different channel,


just as good a show. Welcome to The National Lottery Live


with this Saturday's two draws coming up,


Thunderball and Lotto, which tonight And your chance to vote


for the finalists in this year's National Lottery Awards,


which celebrates the success of Lottery-funded projects


throughout the UK. We'll be seeing some of the nominees


in just a few minutes. Our draw master tonight


is Karen Collins and the draws are being overseen by


an independent adjudicator. Excalibur five and set of balls


number five was selected by Thomas Elliott. 420,000 winning tickets on


this game last week, 2.3 million in prices has been won.


Well done to you if you were a winner.


Now, before tonight's Lotto draw, a chance to see how the money


you raise through playing National Lottery games supports


hundreds of thousands of projects across the country.


As part of this year's annual awards, 49 projects have been


selected as finalists in seven categories.


BMX is massively on the rise. Everybody wants the Olympic dream


and that's what everyone is pushing for. This is a standard track, it


can hold regional and national competitions. It is fun and quite a


sociable sport. You get the adrenaline rush and it makes you


very happy. Very family-oriented sport. Maybe on a weekend there is a


beverage involved! We all like that part, socialising. Something that's


pretty unique, the only national standard BMX track in the country.


There is more for the family and staff.


Today has been about making sure young people are more confident and


independent in their wheelchairs when they are out and about. It's


only a small kit, but when you are up there, it seems huge. It's


getting the confidence, really. The instructors were helping me down and


you get a feeling and I had to do it. It's helped me with my


confidence and independence. And made me some new friends, meeting


new people. I've seen a big change, she's a different girl. More like an


adult, sensible, a lot of confidence. The best thing about


these kids, seeing the looks on their face when they do something


they couldn't do before. The Lung Ha the group is based in


Scotland and we have 25 actors with disabilities. -- Theatre group. We


are going for the professional theatre group, everything is


professional like another theatre company. I was nervous but now I'm


confident. It's really fun for me. We don't show how difficult our


lives are but we change people's perceptions because they see the


quality of the work. I can see how more relaxed he is in this workshop


than when he started when he had his hands in his pockets. Now he's


taking part more freely and really enjoying it. Disabled performers can


put on exactly the same kind of high-quality performances as any


actor. It was really good, I enjoyed it, it was good fun. Amazing and I


love Lung Ha. Meeting new actors for the first time, seeing what they can


do, we have a fantastic year ahead. Some great people and causes. You


can find out about the finalists and vote for them by going to our


website. Karen, let's release


those rollover balls! I can't remember the last time we


were on BBC Two, very classy. Here's to Knights Lotto jackpot. --


tonight's. Remember there are even more chances


to become a millionaire now. Tonight's Lotto jackpot


is an estimated ?14.6 million. Over ?13 million has been


won in prizes on Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle


in the last week. We are using set of balls number


five. Congratulations to you


if you were a winner. OK, it's the moment you've


been waiting for. We are not done with the winning


yet. Now, could you be a lucky winner


in tonight's Millionaire Raffle? Don't forget to check your tickets


for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000 in the Millionaire


Raffle tonight too. Full results of all the draws


will be available later via the red button or by


visiting bbc.co.uk/lottery You can catch up on all the results


of this week's draws by watching BBC1 on Tuesday,


Wednesday and Friday straight I will see you soon. Next week. I


will see you on one. Good night!


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