25/06/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. Plus as voting begins for this year's National Lottery Awards, we visit some of the finalists.

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GABBY: Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The two big money draws are coming up ?


Also, a chance to find out how


you can vote in this year's National Lottery Awards.


And pushing the button tonight, very special guests,


Lotto winners Michele and Kevin Jones.


Let's hope a bit of their luck rubs off!


First though, with a top prize of ?500,000,


ALAN: OK, start the Thunderball machine please, Karen!


ALAN: OK, start the Thunderball machine please, Darren!


Earlier this evening in front of our independent adjudicator the first


fundable machine was started in five balls selected -- Thunderball.


Three, 25, 26, 36, 38. And now the Thunderball itself, Darren. We will


see which one is chosen, that is number 13. Excellent.


GABBY: Now, a chance to see how the money you raise as Lottery


funding supports so many projects across the country.


As part of this year's National Lottery Awards,


49 projects have been selected as finalists,


and over the next four weeks we'll be meeting some of them.


Tonight, the categories are: heritage, education and arts.


We're going to meet Rudy. He went to a concentration camp. I stayed in


Barrick 57, which is that one, then I moved to 65 to be nearer Paul and


my dad who were in 68. They are immersed in the history and the time


and it makes it so much more real to them. I'm very grateful for what the


le Terry -- the lottery has funded, because we haven't learned our


lesson and the next generation must know about it. First-hand experience


is important and this is the nearest we can get to it. This is the first


of its kind in Europe, this is all very clever, seven separate


computers and a laser projector, which will now, allow us not only to


show images of our survivors in 3D but for them to answer questions. My


name is Jeff, I'm 92 years old, I teach on a voluntary basis. About


2009 I lost my wife. I'm not normally a very lonely person, but I


do get fed up being by myself. I spoke to a friend of my daughter's


and she said, do you want to go to school and teach the children to


read and I eventually rang Age UK and asked if I could teach at a


school. The best thing is it gets me out of the house, but the second


best thing is I adore being with the children and I hope they say the


same thing about me. I would say anybody who doesn't have anything to


do during the day and has a few spare hours, please go along to your


local school and volunteer. Once you meet the children you won't want to


give it up. The library has always been somewhere he have to be quiet


and the traditional reasons for coming to the library has started to


die out, performance work could take libraries into the future.


Aren't you the librarian? You are confusing me with my sister!


LAUGHTER I feel it is bringing an audience


who wouldn't get to see any kind of performance. It is equally as


rewarding for the performer and the audience.


I'm not in a very good mood because my other half has done nothing but


complain about my snoring, in the end, I said I tell you what, you


arrive. If you take a quick look at the audience today this is


definitely the way forward. It's good, thank you very much.


What a wonderful film. You can find out about all the 49


finalist projects up for awards, and vote for them too,


by going online to bbc.co.uk/lottery Now, the Lotto draw


and Millionaire Raffle are coming up in a just a minute,


but first, let's meet our very special guests, Lotto


winners Kevin and Michele Lovely to have you here. Remind us


how much it was you won, Michele. 6.1 million. If I win the lottery I


will... I will have more quality time to spend with the family. And


that's what you've got? Definitely. Kevin, you didn't stop working when


you won the lottery. I was rushing to start work at 5:30am the next day


and people relied on me so I got up at 4:30am and went to work and went


through half of my shift. You called your boss to tell him, didn't you?


That's right, I told him I needed to get back to the depot to make a


claim for the jackpot and he said, get the bus back as quickly as you


can even if I have to drive it myself. What a lovely bass and it's


a pleasure to meet you. In a moment you are going to be pressing the


button because the time has come to play Lotto.


ALAN: Darren, let's release those Lotto balls!


Remember there are even more chances to become a millionaire now.


Thank you to Tom from Manhattan Beach, California, he just happened


to be passing. We are using Lancelot and set of balls number five. ?30


million have been won in the Lotto this past week and the raffle.


We are very international! It's the moment you've been waiting


for, press the button. Good luck, everyone!


Nice people. The first one isn't the 13, Team GB Paralympic athletes are


being supported with money. The next is 56, eight Saturdays back. The


third to be drawn is 22, also drawn seven Wednesdays ago, that little


beauty. Here is the fourth one, tonight number 14, drawn the


Wednesday before last, folks. You will know if that is one of your


chosen few. The next one is 18, last drawn eight weeks ago, Matt Cardle


started the draw that night. The sixth number to be drawn as 24. And


let's treat ourselves to a bonus, shall we? It's number 16.


Millionairethis Saturday night looks like this in ascending order. 13,


14, 18, 22, 24, 56 and then the bonus is 16.


Could you be a lucky winner in tonight's millionaire raffle?


The winning raffle number is Ruby, 6552 2907.


It has been a pleasure to meet you, thank you for coming in. Full


results will be available later by the red button or on the website,


bbc.co.uk/ lottery. I will see you in a week. Dubai.


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. Plus as voting begins for this year's National Lottery Awards, we visit some of the finalists. Lottery winners Kevin Jones and his wife Michele are on to push the button. The bus driver from Crewe was in the middle of his shift at work when he found out that he had won £6,162,138. The couple plan to buy their dream home and spend as much quality time with their children as possible.

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