18/06/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws. Kate Garraway is joined by singer-songwriter Rick Astley who performs as well as pushing the Lotto button.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


Two live draws coming up - Thunderball and Lotto.


Plus there's a very special performance from


His new album, the first in ten years, is to help


And it went in at number one yesterday.


Rick Astley will be performing his new song later.


So, let's get started with the first of tonight's two draws.


So start up both machines, Tony. The draw is being seen by an independent


adjudicator. There have been more than 452,000 winning tickets on this


game in the past week, and over ?2.4 million in prizes has been won.


Congratulations if you were a winner. Let's start the draw,


please, Tony. Which of these is going to be first to appear?


39 balls to pick from in this first machine.


Three opportunities per week to play the game, of course.


Finally, from this, our first machine, 30. Now the turn of the


Thunderballs themselves. There are 14 of them inside our second


machine. Let's draw one of them. That is 12.


So, here are tonight's Thunderball numbers in ascending order:


Now, please welcome Rick Astley. So good to see you on such an exciting


weekend. Yes, it's been crazy. Album went number one yesterday, which


must be specially rewarding for you, you sung on it, produced it, wrote


all the music on it and played the instruments? I did. It was a


challenge at times. It was great, it's made the album feel my album.


It's been great. You have had some greet reaction from the industry,


Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue all tweeting... It is really nice. To


get that from your peers is amazing. It's made it extra special. We will


hear your new single, which is a very different sound from the music


people will remember you for? It is. If you go back to Never Gonna Give


You Up, that was such a long time ago and I'm a different person. I


wanted to do something that felt a bit fresh for me. It is brilliant.


It is number one. Can't beat it. Fantastic. The album is called 50.


What is 50 like? It is good. 50 is the new something else! I will say


the new 21! Alright, thank you very much. We will look forward to seeing


Rick's performance very soon. First time to play Lotto.


The Lotto game is now making more millionaires than ever before,


Over ?35 million has been won in prizes on Lotto


and the Millionaire Raffle in the last week with one lucky


winning ticket holder scooping the ?21 million jackpot last


Congratulations to them and to you if you had a winning ticket!


OK, Rick, it's time to push that button!


The first one tonight is 17. Fifth number drawn last weekend.


Next, 26. Last time that appeared was eight weeks' ago.


The third one - 10. Part of the winning line-up three weekends back.


35 - to date players have raised over ?35 million. 38. 31 is the


sixth one. The bonus is 47. Now, do you have a winning ticket


for tonight's Millionaire Raffle? Now, here's Rick Astley


with Angels On My Side. # Sometimes I just don't


feel like waking up # Sometimes I feel


like I am breaking up # I need the people


that I really love Amazing performance,


thank you, Rick! Don't forget to also


check your tickets to see if you've won one of the 20


prizes of ?20,000 in Full results of all the draws


will be available later via the website too or the Red


Button. Have a good rest of your weekend,


and I'll see you soon.


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