21/05/2016 The National Lottery Live


The National Lottery Live including the Lotto and Thunderball draws, with guest Omid Djalili, hosted by Gaby Roslin.

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Hello and welcome to The National Lottery Live.


The two big money draws are coming up for you very soon -


Pushing the Lotto button is an award-winning stand-up


comedian and writer, who's also been in many


First though, with a top prize of ?500,000, it's Thunderball!


Our draw master tonight is Darren Kelf and the draws


are being overseen by an independent adjudicator.


winning tickets on Thunderball this past week.


Well done to you if you were a winner.


Here we go. The first one tonight to appear before us is right there:


Three opportunities to play the game during the


There is even a prize for matching with just the Thunderball itself,


remember. So, here are tonight's Thunderball


numbers again, only this time in ascending order:


The Lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle are coming up


Before that, let's meet tonight's guest.


For his latest TV role, he's joining fellow comedian,


That's why I'm going to Basra, I'm no-one lackey. I'm my own man, I do


my own thing. With bullets firing around it's not that bad. Don't tell


me any more. I will feel like I'm doing something more myself. I'm


going. Things work out in the end. Everything... When I go to Basra, it


will work out. Because life, essentially, is positive. Look at


us, two negatives, get a positive. Is that right? What a delight


Welcome, What a delight Omid Djalili.


. You two look like you have been married for years? The show going


forward, Jo Brand used to be a nurse, I used to be a show fair.


Neither of us were comedians it would be an alternative world where


we would be unhappy together. It's a follow on from her first series,


that was perfect and beautiful. It carries on in the same vain? It


does. It talks about how everyone is struggling. People who look well,


everyone is struggling, life is a struggle and how we deal with the


elderly and infirm and with her character, how careworkers are


treated. It's very serious, but, as Jo said, she wanted to have a laugh


doing it. I bet you two did? We do. You have to ad lib? A lot were taken


out as we looks like two comics having a good time. You are known


for doing stand-up, you are in the longest tour ever? I am, yes. We did


about 40 dates. Just 40! We will do another 100 throughout August, I'm


going to the Edinburgh Festival and nationwide tour from September to


May. You haven't been to Edinburgh for a while? No, I like Edinburgh.


They discovered me and I developed my stuff there. You have to keep


going back and raise your cap to the town that gave you a career. I'm


embarrassed to say, I was the box office record holder. It was 16,000,


17,000 tickets sold, over a long time. You filled the place. Talking


of box office, you have been in so many Hollywood movies, with Oliver


Reed and Shaun the Sheep? Oscar-nominated Shaun the Sheep. We


are proud of it. It was a character where the humans had to do dialogue


interpretation. We do the sounds of what we think the sheep will hear.


In fact, we had one very tense moment in the booth we want a "um" I


went "eugh" they went, we want a "um." I said I don't think my


character would do that. They said take five. I went "um", are you


happy now. It was a tense situation. It's time to play Lotto. Do I have


to press it? ! Look out for that moment in next


year's Bafta's, ladies and gentlemen. Here we go. Let's release


those big money balls. Remember, there are now even more chances to


become a millionaire. Here's tonight's Lotto jackpot.


It's your moment. If they say winning a lot of money through sheer


luck won't bring you happy, trust me, it will!


If you could do with a bit of a bonus, here's one for you. There it


is. Mill Now, could you be a lucky winner


in tonight's Millionaire Raffle? There are two guaranteed


millionaires for every draw in the Millionaire


Raffle during May. Good luck with the tour


and the TV show. Don't forget to check your


tickets for the further 20 prizes of ?20,000


in the Millionaire Next week, West End and Les Mis


star, Samantha Barks, Have a lovely rest


of your weekend. # The whole world


sitting on a ticking bomb... You should leave the monastery




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