02/11/2013 The National Lottery Live


Chris Evans hosts a live show including the Lotto draw, Thunderball results and an exclusive first look at where winning Lotto raffle tickets are located in the UK.

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Good evening everyone and welcome to Lottery HQ for another National


Lottery Live. In a moment or two we will be meeting these guy, the the


Belfast Community Circus. Right, OK. Plus tonight's Lotto is a rollover


with an estimated jackpot of ?7 million. Because it's a rollover


Lotto Raffle we have not just 50,000 of ?20,000, but 100 prizes of


?20,000 and we have the Thunderball as well. We had better get on with


it. Let us say good evening to draw


master Julie. Hello. Us about your Belfast connection? My daughter was


Irish dancing at the All Ireland Championships. How about that.


Please release the balls. Is there an Alan in the house? As there


happens there is. Good evening. Our independent adjudicator has checked


all the balls are in our machine. Check out some more of the good folk


of Belfast. We asked Antony from High Wycombe to select the


equipment, that is why we are using Guinevere and set of balls 8. Thank


you very much. Go. This weekend's Lotto winning numbers


in ascending order are: You naughty man. Chris. . As you may


not be aware, every line of Lotto gives automatic entry into the Lotto


Raffle. Because tonight is a rollover we have 100 prizes of ?2 it


0,000 hang on to your tickets to see if you are a winner. Results will be


available tonight on the Red Button or via bbc.co.uk/lottery. You can


look at our Lotto Raffle map showing the majority of winners' locations.


100 winners. We have 10 here. Really good in Scotland. That is the


north-west and the Isle of Man. Where is 13? It's in the east. I


hope you have a nice bonfire weekend. Oh, look... A bit more, go


on. That is good. Check later to see if you have won. I will run away to


the circus, if that is all right. Here we, are the guys and girls from


the Belfast Community Circus, good evening. Thank you for being with


us. Will is the ring master and director. Tell us about the National


Lottery funding and your project? In 96 we were able to by a minibus and


a ring to take the circus out to people across Northern Ireland. We


have been able to fund the Festival of Fools that attracts 40,000 people


from across Ireland and the world to enjoy laughter on the on the


streets. He telling the truth? We thought we had better check. We work


with about 250, 300 young people every week. Over the course of the


year that is many thousands of people benefitting from the work


that we do. There is a lot that the circus gives gives to young people.


It's a fun activity to do. We have had a positive impact on young


people, in terms of their social skills. People who would struggle to


look you the eye are on stage performing their circus skills? I


can come to the community girl I would be really sad and my Saturdays


would be boring. It is a community. People are very accepting. If there


is is anything you see and you want to learn, someone is happy to teach


you. It's probably the funniest place ever. Everyone here, I


couldn't be more proud of them. Thank you. Cal has been a member


since he was 10, he is now 16. What has the circus brought to your life?


Before the circus I wasn't very confident. I went to one of the


Youth Circus shows in Belfast I really, really wanted to join. When


I did I became confident, extrovert, happy. How come you are going to


Bristol tomorrow? I've enrolled in a course called Circus Media m


Bristol. It will be your life. Before the Lottery funding what was


it like? We were in the height of the Troubles all of a sun the circus


opened up the whole world. It was adventure and fun, people weren't


jurjing each other because of their beliefs. You brought the fun today.


Can anybody do this? If you think circus stuff I will be rubbish and


waste everybody's time? Even you could do it. Drum roll, please. You


have to do it quickly. Don't think about it. Do a bit of that. We will


do a bit of that and we will do a bit of that.


APPLAUSE Genius, you have been teaching me


all day. Paul! The big one. YEAS! APPLAUSE


Find out more about these guys at our website, bbc.co.uk/lottery.


Thunderball time now. Let's get Thunderballing. The Let's


do it. Start up the Thunderball machines if you would, please. We


are up and running this Saturday night, folks. Our draw master is


Julie Hamilton. Both of our draws have been over seen by an


independent adjudicator. Let's do it, Jules. Which is it going to be?


Here are tonight's Thunderball numbers again, this time in


ascending order: Thank you. Early indications show


one player, unconfirmed, has won tonight's Lotto rollover jackpot,


winning that estimated ?7 million. Thank you to the guys and the girls


from Belfast Community Circus. Join the circus! We will be back next


week, Saturday, at 8. 50pm, so I can get the early bus home. Stay safe.


Have a brilliant weekend. One more from you guys, three, two, one!


There you go! APPLAUSE


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